WonderWoman: Simultaneous  

By Disciple

WonderWoman: Simultaneous

by Detritus Rex

Chapter I- What has Yet Past

With a deep sigh Diana Prince pressed "play" on her answering machine; and then dropped onto the leather couch in her living room apartment. After a rough day at the Pentagon, she was ready to relax. She pulled the pin out the tight bun of her hair, which sprang immediately into wavy, raven-colored curls that fell around her shoulders. She reached inside of her crisp white blouse and unhooked the bra she wore in order to minimize the size of her bust. Once released, her sizable cleavage reacted similarly to her hair. She then gingerly kicked off her black pumps and laid down putting her feet up on a pillow. As her hand lifted her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her delicate, but unmistakably Mediterranean nose the first recording played.

"Wonder Woman! I know who you are, and you must-!" The voice was peppered with heavy static, as if it where a radio station with poor reception. Diana bolted upright and ran to the machine! Her secret identity was compromised on her own telephone! She quickly repeated the message and then erased it. The voice was female, a bit rough around the edges; the voice of someone who drank or smoked too much. Stranger still she sounded very concerned almost frightened. Diana bit her lip and exclaimed "Great Hera!" to her empty flat.

She had several messages, but the first still weighed very heavily upon her. She listened to each only for a moment just to be certain it wasn't her mysterious first caller; the remainder where left by almost entirely by telemarketers, one was from Steve, and one was from her disgusting, leering boss General Girder. She only tolerated his objectifying comments because doing so helped her maintain her cover.

The final message was again her unknown identifier

"Diana- Wonder Woman, Listen to me! Beware of…" Here the tape was interrupted by another burst of noise. But the sense of urgency was even more obvious in her gravely voice, "…She will destroy you. She knows-!" The message again was swallowed by noise. Diana jumped in surprise as her phone shrieked, even in calmer times its ring was irritating. She answered it.

"Hello!" she said irritably trying not to betray her own growing alarm. It was the rough voice again.

"Oh, finally! Thank the Gods, Diana! I know the reception is terrible, so listen well!" It began to dawn on Diana that this voice sounded strangely familiar. As if to emphasize the point the line belched forth much static.

"Do I know you?" Diana Prince asserting her dominance, for she wasn't used to being told what to do by those who knew her real identity.

"Shut up and listen, Wonder Woman! If our connection cuts out again I'll have to…" more static interrupted the line, "…but I can do it in about 30 seconds. I don't have time to explain So-!" and the line went dead.

Diana pulled the phone away from her face and yelled into it, "Hello? I can't hear you! Hey!" She looked at the display on her caller-id screen, which unhelpfully said "non-listed number". She slumped onto her sofa but without comfort. She lay down and pondered the implications of her situation. Drawing upon her superior training as an Amazon warrior she began to regard her situation, her options, her defenses, and her possible strategies. She found it quite stressful, and was soon even more exhausted by the effort. "What will I do if she tries to blackmail me?" she thought. "And what was all that '30 seconds' stuff about?" she added as the lids to her piercing blue eyes grew heavier.

A hard pounding at the door jarred her from a fitful sleep. Diana prince quickly sprang to her feet and leapt across the room in one bound. "Who is it?" she asked forcefully through the door, which she kept unlocked, because, well, she was a capable Amazon princess.

"Someone you know…" said the voice on the other side.

Diana unlatched and pulled the door towards her s hinges rattling. She wanted to see the one knew her real name the origin of the mysterious calls.

In the corridor stood a woman who was slightly taller than Diana. She was wore a tattered raincoat, not the bright lemon-yellow colored coat but the long, beige ones that were popular in Washington DC. She tightly held the grimy article around her. From her facial features the woman appeared to be in her early forties. She had dark olive skin. Her eyes were icy blue and sleepy-looking surrounded by faint rings. Her eyebrows arched severely coming to rest on her furrowed brow over a prominent, but delicate nose. Her hair was long, black, curly and luxuriant but had a shock of white and silver that ran in several prominent streaks throughout. She showed, ever so slightly, the effects of aging in the delicate crows feet at the corner of her eyes and in the slight droop on her chin.

For the first time in her life Wonder Woman's jaw dropped. "Who are you?" she gasped; already the answer was dawning on her as she glanced towards the other's feet. Diana did this to ascertain why the woman was taller than she. Sticking out from underneath the bottom of the coat where the toes of two scuffed and dull red boots; high-heeled.

Trying to speak, the woman only stopped herself short. She opened her coat to reveal what she could not yet say. She donned Wonder Woman's signature outfit, or at least one very like it, except worse for wear. Her body exhibited the same hints of aging as her face. This woman was heavier than Diana; her breasts were much larger, with light and dainty stretch marks that proved their size. They spilled brazenly over the cups, a hint of dark brown aureoles and traces of blue veins revealed behind; the wings of the brassy eaglet that formed the bodice now heavily tarnished and dull. Her thighs were sinewy and powerful, but fuller brushing gently together at her crotch, above which was a noticeable, yet slight belly. Here the uniform deviated slightly from Wonder Woman's in a two-piece affair. Diana could see that a single chrome barbell piercing the other woman's belly button. The effect of the others uniform appeared to be more of a corset than the sleek one piece Diana wore as Wonder Woman, so voluptuous was its wearer. Diana also realized that the woman's hefty left teat bore a blue-black tattoo that read "Cynos" in ancient Greek in large and conspicuous letters. She wore no tiara and there was no sign of a lariat.

"I'm you Diana!" she exclaimed hoarsely as her eyes welled with tears. "'Only 200 years from now…"

End Chapter I

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