WonderWoman: Simultaneous 2  

By Disciple

Wonder Woman: Simultaneous

by Detritus Rex

Chapter II- Bleak Tomorrows

"By Hippolyta!" hissed Diana "I hadn't planned on this!" She quickly ushered herself, her older self into her apartment. Her older self stifled a sob and gave Diana a powerful embrace, which ended with a peck on lips that went on a bit too long for her. They both stared at each other a moment and the other looked at Diana as if she wanted to bring their mouths together again.

The older version dropped her dirty raincoat on the floor as she entered. "I borrowed this from a derelict. I didn't think that you wanted 'Wonder Woman' being seen entering your building." she explained choking back tears. As her senior self walked by Diana, who was still shocked, was slightly relieved to see that, despite age the other's age, her shoulders were still taut and muscular although her arms had lost some muscle tone. Wonder Woman hissed in surprise as she saw another dark blue tattoo on the body of her older self. The phrase "Slut!" was printed just above her shapely but ample buttocks, in large German gothic letters, except the "u" resembled a stylized broken heart like from an old cartoon. This senior version of Wonder Woman was not only wearing a two-piece uniform, but also one that had a g-string backing, around which this other tattoo could be clearly seen! Diana wasn't sure what to make of this, but felt inside a rising indignation.

The immodest woman walked across the living room to the sofa. Her corset-tight uniform barely contained her ripened body, which despite its rippling muscles and tight sinews gently shook and jiggled in several places to her movement. On the sofa she sat with her legs splayed. Wonder Woman noticed, somewhat offended, that several wispy tufts of black pubic hair poked from the corners of the star-spangled crotch of her elder. As single tear ran down the cheek of the one seated on the couch she gingerly crossed her legs. Diana rushed to her side and instinctually wiped it and a gray-streaked lock of hair away.

"You have no idea how terrible our future is, Diana!" the weeping Wonder Woman blurted throatily. "'Nothing but hard, stiff cocks! 'Pumping and thro-"

"What the Hades are you blathering about?" Wonder Woman yelled, finally losing her composure. "You couldn't possible be me! You look like me a little, but talk like a common street tramp! I would never wear something as unladylike as that! 'Those nasty tattoos! Good Gods, woman, I can all but see your labia and tips of your nipples!" Her face flushed with frustration and anger.

"This is the ensemble you start wearing 30 years from now due to the public's flagging interest in your career as a superheroine!' said the older Woman defensively. "It's too small because I stopped wearing it soon after that, and in fact no longer wore anything…"

"So you are a woman of easy virtue, then, just like it says on your backside!" spat the younger.

The tears of her older self were quickly drying to the growing heat of her impatience, her voice grew husky "Shut up, Diana, you have no idea! Do you see this?" she said hoisting in her left hand a ponderous mammary, which instantly exploded out of its poor restraint. The teat's enormous dark brown nipple began hardening in the cool air. She brushed her remaining hand underneath the "cynos" tattoo in emphasis. "This was put here when the Amazon princess was finally defeated and taken prisoner! Of course you know what the translation…"

"It translates as 'wolf' or 'dog'." Said Diana who was regaining her aristocratic composure.

"And it refers to the angry, bitter female character archetype found throughout Ancient Greek Tragedy." Added the elder Wonder Woman authoritatively. "At first, I, you, well, we fought like caged animals. She gave us this 'brand' to remind us of our plight. But she and our magic lariat got the best of us if even after many years…" her forefinger gently traced the circumference of her saucer-sized nipple and rose to softly tweak the end of the stiff nub, which was of an inch long. She rolled her eyes back into her head.

"Who?" demanded the younger self as she disgustedly slapped the other's hand away from the erect aureole "And, by Hera, put that thing away- you disgust me!"

"Oh-" shamefully gasped this older Wonder Woman , this Wonder Matron, in her gravel-like voice. As she attempted to squeeze her fleshy orb back into her bodice the other spilled out, horrified Wonder Woman noticed a large silver ring that Wonder Matron softly tugged on pierced the other nipple. Wonder Matron then shamefully pressed both of her breasts into her décolletage after much quivering and shaking. "Mentrix!" she uttered hatefully leaning closer to young Diana. "It is she I've come to warn you about!"

"We're enslaved by her! We're her concubines! But she has tired of us for a century! She only wanted us while we had 'fire'! When the Lariat finally broke our will and we begged, oh did we beg, her to fuck us, her lust abated. To monumentalize the occasion she gave us this!" spat Wonder Matron sitting forward she slapped her self on the on the small of her back over the broken-hearted "Slut!" tattoo. Her zaftig, yet hard, buttocks jiggled appreciatively; a motion that echoed in her bulbous tits. Again her cold blue eyes sparkled with tears while her slapping hand rubbed her dark thigh sensually.

We now service her guardrones, who're all male and many in number! So it's throbbing, pumping cocks all around and-" her hand moved towards the front of her generous hip and slowly traveled towards the nexus of both legs. Diana saw Wonder Matron's crotch darkened with moisture.

"Stop it!" interrupted Wonder Woman who couldn't stand to hear another word.

"Hot and sticky showers of thick, ropy come, which at least obscures the tattoos-" tears caressed her cheeks as her hand traveled under the navy blue fabric.

"I said stop!" younger Diana was raising her voice she leaned forward grabbing a lock Wonder Matron's hair in order to force the other to look her in the face.

"Oh Diana, it's horrid! At least with Mentrix it's an Amazonion lust! But these males, they just want to stick me with their pricks and coat me with semen. It's been a century since a woman has had me!" she was nearly hysterical. "I-" Wonder Matron grabbed Wonder Woman's face with one hand and kissed her hard. Diana could do nothing out of shock and surprise as she surrendered to the kiss initially. It was the kiss of a very carnally experienced woman who had seldom occasion to do so. It was strong, hot, and very desperate. The Wonder Matron's tongue probed into younger Diana, but her mouth clamped tightly shut. With all of her might Wonder Woman pulled the other's hair and then pushed her away towards other side of the sofa. Diana saw that Wonder Matron's other hand had moved aside the navy-blue starry bottoms from her crotch and had her fingers buried in her damp vagina. Her pubes were wild, unkempt, and stubbly from lack of shaving. Her fingernails were long and painted gold. Wonder Woman's head spun.

"Uhhh, Diana, forgive me! I'd forgotten how gorgeous we once were, hhhh…" she sighed with ecstasy. "After spending a hundred years eating dick, it's so wonderful to…" All over her body her hard muscles tensed and her flesh quivered in anticipation of orgasm. Her fingers moved faster and faster.

"GET! OUT! NOW! You gutter slut!" Wonder woman screamed and flew to her feet the force of her action knocked Wonder Matron to the floor. "I don't know who you are, you filthy tramp, but I will not have you pleasuring yourself on my living room floor!" Diana's face was red; her features twisted with rage. She reached down and hauled Wonder Matron to her red-shod feet. As she did so, Wonder Matron's huge breast flew fell out of her tights.

"You aren't me!" she growled as she roughly slapped one of the jiggling breasts. A large red welt raised on its surface, in stark contrast to the delicate blue veins and rich olive skin. Wonder Matron gasped in shock and pleasure. Her cheeks flushed with desire.

"I will never be you!" she added and slapped the other fleshy orb with similar results. Wonder Matron raised her arms to protect her huge, heaving teats from the Amazonian princess's assault.

Diana leaned down and picked the raincoat off the floor and threw it at her exposed visitor. "You nasty tramp of a whore! Cover yourself and go diddle somewhere else! You make me sick!" she hissed.

"Wonder Woman- Diana! We've journeyed through time in order to warn you about Mentrix!" Wonder Matron protested as she wrapped her zaftig body in the raincoat.

"I don't care if you have come from Lesbos in an olive basket," Diana grumbled raising a finger to the exit out into the hallway. "I will not be made a fool of by a perverted degenerate- NOW GO! You aren't Wonder Woman; you're a crazy nymphomaniac! Where is your magic lariat? Where are your royal tiara and girdle?"

"Mentrix purloined them from us. I already told you about the lariat! I have the bracers!" she said her rough voice broke into a squeak as she raised her wrists in from of the younger's face.

Diana began to push Wonder Matron towards the door "'Easy to fake. I don't have a gun! Tell me something only we would know!"

"We're Wonder Woman! The time-traveling process is very disorienting. Other than that, I don't seem to remember much besides-" Wonder Matron complained as she reluctantly entered the corridor.

"I can't believe that I become a sexual degenerate- no matter what happens to me! Go back from whence you came you tawdry slattern!" Diana exclaimed as she shut the door and locked it for the first time.

Though muffled Wonder Woman herd Wonder Matron's continuing complaints through the door, "Don't make me prove it any more, Diana! One can only safely time travel once or twice…Please! Oh- all right! By Hera, you'll have your certainty, Diana!"

A bright purple flash shown through cracks in the doorframe accompanied by what sounded like the reverse playback of a stopping subway train. Wonder Matron no longer stood in the hallway. Diana didn't realize this because she was busy peeling off her sopping panties; realizing that she'd been lubricating for some time now…

End Chapter II