An adventure of Wonder Woman: the snake in the Caduceus

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X-rated non-consensual sex / imprisonment and bondage / big breasts / big clitoris / medical examination / mind control / energy|power drain / tentacles.

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An adventure of Wonder Woman: the snake in the Caduceus


**Chapter 1 ** _____________________________________

Princess Diana of Themyscira was not at ease.
She wondered why, as there seemed to be nothing out of place. Her feet ran fast along the dark, deserted alley, her toned body reacting swiftly to every twist and turn. She was pursuing her objective with the firmness and focus which belonged to her very nature: a warrior born, her innate abilities heightened by centuries of battles on her native land and, later, in the Patriarch world. Her mastery in hunting, a gift from the goddess Artemis, allowed her to almost anticipate the moves of her prey; until now, the big figure could elude her just because of a greater knowledge of this maze of narrow streets, and the fact that she could not use her full speed, not to mention her ability to fly, in such tiny spaces. But she knew that her prey, as a human, would soon tire and slow down, while she could count on her Amazonian stamina. In fact, his speed was now a little lower... but, again, a strange feeling of unease overwhelmed Diana: was it something about the way the man was running?... A bit like... he was not used to walk?
It was strange, she thought, that a man of such mass could run so fast; he showed high speed and reflexes, which were more than enough to balance a certain clumsyness in his movements. He was completely covered in a long coat, a bit strange given the fact that it was full summer. Diana was covered in sweat, but she completely ignored it. Her prey was noticeably slowing down. Then, he entered a deserted building. "Looks like the hunt is over", she thought.
Wonder Woman could not help but think there was something out of place. She looked at her surroundings: another small alley completely devoid of life. She had been granted wisdom from goddess Athena on her birth; now she focused on that gift, trying to find out the reason of her unease, something her huntress instinct was hinting... but nothing seemed strange, except for the total absence of life: not only human beings, even rats or insects seemed to have been erased from that place. And still, there was this feeling... like a curtain on her mind, woven of tiny lights and whispers...


It was not improbable. In fact, her prey could even not be completely human. She had to be very cautious then. What seemed to be an easy task - chasing a big man who had attacked some girls - now had a completely different look; someone might have used magic to eliminate every sign of life - so that she could not receive any external help - or even to confuse her perceptions and lead her to a trap.
The building the creature had crept in looked absolutely normal. An abandoned place, with no sign of life. She entered, her senses on alert.
The creature stood there, at the opposite end of a long corridor. The coat was still hiding its looks, but she was now certain there was something more than human in that figure. Its position was oddly balanced, as if its body masses were not distributed like in a man. Diana swiftly put her hand on her magic lasso, but the creature ran into another corridor at her left. In that moment, a woman's scream filled the air.
Wonder Woman reacted immediately. She hoped the building was abandoned, so she could take her time in chasing the creature, avoiding every kind of trap... now she was forced to be careless.
She rushed into the corridor, but she stopped at once. A blind alley, empty and completely covered with mirrors. Even the floor was a big mirror... no, those were not mirrors. It was a room made of incredibly reflective metal, a cage which closed behind her when another panel slid in its place. Someone had captured her.
Wonder Woman realized she was in danger. The false scream, the metal cage, the use of magic: that was a fairly elaborated trap, and she was determined not to give it the time to spring... if it had not already done so. She rushed towards the panel which formed the cage's "door", hoping it was also its weak point... she prepared to hit her reflected image in the metal... and suddenly, a flash of light, incredibly powerful, burst from somewhere in the room, to be reflected infinitely by the walls, floor and ceiling.
Diana was blinded and lost her balance, slamming into the wall instead of breaking it. As she bounced back, collapsing to the ground, something that sounded like a thunder stroke her. A deafening sound came from hidden loudspeakers and filled the air like an explosion, echoing on the metal walls, nearly breaking Diana's sensitive eardrums. She bent on the floor, her hands protecting her ears, trying to forget the pain.
"C-can't see... nor hear" she thought when she could finally focus her mind again. Her sky-blue eyes could see just a white wall; her world was completely silent. "They robbed me... of my senses. I'm defenceless. Must... get away from here."
She managed to stand on her feet. But what could she do? Obviously, she could find a wall and try to smash it. But she would be helpless against everyone - or everything - that could hide behind it. Staying there, at least until her senses returned, wasn't a good option, either. Obviously, she was right where her captors wanted her to be... A stinging pain interrupted her thoughts. It was located in her inner left thigh. She probed with her hand... it was a small, cylindrical object, with a needle on its end, pushed deep into her flesh. She extracted it. A dart! Someone had just drugged her...
Diana's body suddenly stiffened. Every muscle she had, and even some she didn't know she had, was tensing at its limits, nearly tearing her tendons from her bones. She fell, unable to move, hardly capable of breathing. Each fiber of her body was aching, pulling as hard as it could, and fighting against another one which was pulling the other way. She fought the pain and tried to understand what was happening to her. "Must be... a medic once told me... drugs which force muscles to contract... to prevent convulsions...! But with my strength... my bones will break!"
As if in response to her thoughts, a second dart stroke her right inner thigh. A bit at a time, the pain diminished... her muscles were still tense, but somehow their strength had vanished, leaving an almost pleasing sensation of relax. But she couldn't move at all.
Suddenly, strong hands lifted Wonder Woman from the ground, carrying her away. She couldn't even talk, but she found that, gradually, her senses were coming back. She could now see big shadows over her, and she heard a very faint sound which could resemble a voice (though she was not sure it was human) giving orders.
Diana was worried. Obviously these people were not ordinary criminals out of revenge, or else, the darts would have been filled with something worse than drugs. She realized that this elaborate trap had been built only to capture her alive and unharmed, by someone who planned everything with great accuracy... someone who could even be... not human.
Now she was on a hard surface... she felt a weak noise, and the world around her started moving. Was this a takeoff? Whatever her transport was, it was amazingly fast. She felt carried away with brutal strength, like in a jet.
After some time, the amazon's senses had almost completely returned. She was on a medical table, tied with straps (even though the drugs were still working), and an I.V. had been administered to her. Probably more drugs, she thought.
From there, it wasn't possible to see anything else. The transport was not big, and its inside was completely white and full of what looked like medical instruments. "Much like an ambulance", she found herself thinking.
Suddenly, she felt the craft's speed decrease, and then there was a landing procedure. "The flight was short", she said to herself. "Fast as this craft could be, I doubt we travelled more than one thousand miles."
She was transfered out of the small ship, still strapped on the medical table. She found they were on the roof of a big, low building, much like a science lab. Its surroundings, and the hot weather, suggested a small tropical island. Diana was amazed. Obviously, the transport she flied on was MUCH faster than any plane or jet she knew of! She couldn't help but ask herself what kind of resources could her captors dispose of... and what was in store for her.


**Chapter 2 ** _____________________________________

As soon as she entered the low building, Wonder Woman was carried into what looked like an examination room. She recognized some of the machines there as medical equipment, but some were completely unknown to her, made of dark metal and a bit ominous. As she was untied, she noticed (with a bit of relief) that the people around her were humans, dressed like doctors or scientists. All of them wore lab coats, aseptic masks and gloves. Some were men, other were women, but all showed the same professionality and efficiency. This could be good for her... or bad.
They inspected her eyes and ears; then, satisfacted with the result, they started to undress her. Though not pleased, Diana was not shocked, or humiliated, not even surprised; it was obvious that they wanted to carry an examination of her body, and this had nothing to do with sexual harassment. But more of all, she was a warrior before than a woman. Apart from feeling no shame about her tall, toned, fairly muscular body, she knew that as a prisoner, she might have to endure things of which even a rape was not the worst: pain and humiliation were for her things to withstand and endure. She was not afraid by them.
Her boots were removed first; her perfect, arched feet feeling fresh air gave her a little shiver. Then the doctors removed her belt and the lower part of her costume, leaving her genitals covered only by her little star-sprinkled slips.
Her bustier, however, caused a bit of surprise when removed. Diana's breasts, which looked as big as a 38 C size under her costume, suddenly grew up to what could easily be weighted as a 38 F! Not only that, but their shape was absolutely perfect, with no sagging at all, and they were as hard as if they had been a teenager's small tits. Her areolas were wide and a delicate pink; her nipples, now retracted, poked slightly from the incredible mounds. Altogether, on her over 2 meters tall figure, she was a stunning image of both feminine allure and amazonian power.
Wonder Woman was a bit amused at the doctors' awe. That was a spell her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had cast on her costume (as well as on her every other dress) to hide partially her "natural gifts" and to allow her daughter to live, train and fight without any hindrance from them. The size of her breasts, she had explained to Diana when she was younger, was probably due to Aphrodite's gift, which granted her beauty far beyond the standard of any mortal.
After a few moments of surprise, the doctors went on removing the rest of her costume. Her tiara and star-shaped earrings, together with her magic lasso, were taken away for further examination. The scientists seemed to know that her bracelets could not be removed, as they didn't even try. Instead, they took her slips away, leaving her completely nude. She then noted that the doctors were raising two shafts of metal from the sides of the table, turning it into a gynaecological examination table and spreading her legs wide, then positioning them over the shafts, into two small knee rests. She felt a little uncomfortable about that, but there was nothing to be done. At least, not until the drugs in her body wore off.
Again, the doctors were a bit surprised about what they found. Her pubes was completely hairless, not just shaved, but absolutely devoid of any trace of pubic hair, as well as the rest of her genital area and - then they noticed - her armpits and legs. It was like the concept of "superfluous hair" was unknown to the amazon. This was not, however, the only remarkable fact: her clitoris was incredibly big, reaching the diameter of Diana's index finger and the length of her big toe. It was bright pink, and covered by a long hood which left only a small bit of its head out. The amazon princess knew that in the Patriarch's world, women were not this "gifted", but between Amazons it was pretty normal. In fact, as the only form of sexuality in Themyscira was the love of a woman to another woman, the warrior females took great fun in kissing, stroking, licking and sucking their mates' "Kleitorìs", giving them wave after wave of pleasure...
Wonder Woman shivered as one of the doctors unhooded her womanhood. Then he raised it, apparently to take some measurements and photos. "That's... a bit intimate", thought Diana, obviously not turned on by the fact that a man was manipulating the most sensitive part of her body. As an Amazon, she was purely homosexual, and she considered being touched "there" by a man (any man) as absolutely inappropriate. But her body was not of this idea. Her brain still stressed by the kidnapping, her blood pressure and circulation heightened by the drugs' effect, something began to happen... with great wonder, she felt her clitoris grow and harden, swelling under the man's fingers. The doctor noticed it too, and began to massage it, stimulating more and more Diana's aroused femininity. The princess was now breathing deeper, her face a little red... now her clitoris was completely erect, pulsating at the rhythm of her heart; a slow wave of warmth radiated from her womb and passed through all her limbs, giving more red to her face and making her take a deeper breath. She noticed that her clitoris was being measured again, and so were her nipples, now completely erect and as hard as they could be. They sticked proudly out of the mountains which were her breasts, their delicate pink now darker, aching for a woman's mouth to suck them...
The massage continued, Wonder Woman's eyes were now closed shut, her breath fast and light, her vulva and clitoris swollen, over-sensitive; she felt her skin hot, as if on flames, and covered with sweat drops. She also felt something very cold against her labia, and she managed to open her eyes to see a woman doctor moving a small glass tube under her clitoris, then passing it over her labia minora, then sticking it right into her vaginal channel. The tube, she noticed, was connected to a vacuum system, and was sucking out her lubricant juices, conveying them into a small vial. She imagined the tube was the mouth of one of her Amazon sisters... that boosted even more her libido, and her belly began to pulse with the waves of an incoming orgasm. The tube was hastily removed and the mouth of a big glass vial covered her vaginal orifice, just in time to accept an intense flux of feminine juices which erupted from Diana's genitals, squirted out by her powerful inner muscles, while her throat let out a deep moan. The flux decreased, then rose again as another wave of pleasure coursed through the prisoner amazon; then, with a last squirt, it went out. The exhausted princess opened her eyes, taking a deep breath, still wondering about her body's reaction. Then she noticed that breathing was now a little easier. Could it be...? Maybe this acceleration of her blood flux helped her body metabolize the drugs; as the doctors left for a moment to store the data - and fluids - they had just collected from her, she made some tests. She found that now she could move her toes, though not very fast. Her fingers were responding a little too. Some more time, and she would be ready to attempt an escape. "Very well. It was becoming definitely too intimate" she thought with a little smirk.
The doctors returned, one of them carrying a speculum, and the test took its course back. The amazon had never passed through such an examination, but she endured the cold metal instruments the men sticked into her still burning womb, the pain of her cervix and uterus being penetrated, her Fallopian tubes probed to reach her ovaries and steal some of her egg cells... after what she felt like a period of time which had passed a bit too slowly, the doctors finally put her legs back on the table and left. From other swift "tests" Diana made when she was not watched, she could see that now all her major muscles were responsive to her will, though very slowly. "It won't be long", she told herself.
The doctors returned again, but this time there was someone else with them.
Wonder Woman's eyes were wide open as she stared at the figure. Very tall and thin, with a deep purple skin, the thing had an overall human aspect, except for its waving movements and its head: completely hairless, too big to match the rest of the body, it had big black hollow eyes without eyelids or cornea... but what struck the warrior woman were the eight tentacles writhing and winding where a mouth should have been!
The creature approached the prisoner amazon and took a long look at her nude body. It wore a long, custom-made lab coat; from its sleeves emerged something that could resemble a hand, except that it was made of tentacles. The hand cupped Diana's left breast, massaging it slowly and softly, teasing her nipple. Its touch was warm but the amazon felt a wave of disgust she herself could not justify. It was not about her breast being touched, as for her it was just another part of her body; it wasn't even for the creature's looks. She had seen weirder creatures in her life. But that thing's touch conveyed sensations and emotions that spoke about corruption, obscenity and perversion. Her affinity with all creatures, a gift from the goddess Artemis, somehow allowed her to "see" the dark aura that shrouded the alien thing. Shivering, Diana knew without fail that the creature was simply, purely, naturally evil.
Suddenly the oral tentacles writhed a bit faster, and the big head tilted a bit on its side. Something very strange happened, like a soft murmur that resonated deeply into Wonder Woman's conscience. The doctors moved as one, preparing a syringe with a yellowish liquid and rubbing her right forearm with alcohol-soaked cotton. She understood then. Telepathy! The creature detected that she was almost free from the effect of the drugs, and warned the scientists! One of them was now approaching with the syringe in his hand, and she knew she had to escape immediately or she would be lost.
Her body moved slowly, weakened by the sexual experience, her muscles still unnaturally tensed against each other. She managed to repel the syringe and to get down from the examination table; her bare feet against the metal floor game her shivers, her ample breasts swinged free, unbalancing her. She approached the nearest door with uncertain steps, but it slammed shut automatically. She then turned around, and found that the creature was in front of her! The tentacled hands reached her head, and before she could do anything, she felt as if her brain had been pierced by a thousand needles... the pain petrified her, and Wonder Woman found herself paralyzed, mouth open, eyes wide, staring at the malevolent purple face. A doctor took her right forearm and inserted the syringe's needle into a vein, pumping the yellowish liquid into the amazon's blood system.
As she was put back on the table, she felt her muscles tensing painfully again, her tendons and bones almost breaking. Then something similar to a voice resonated deep into her consciousness. She felt like it was made of stinging whispers and roaring echoes of silence, impossibly soft and persuasive, like sweet, sweet searing poison.
"You are just a fool, Diana of Themyscira. You cannot escape. No one could, ever. You are our prisoner and such you will be, for the rest of your immortal life."
She tried to answer, but her mind was clouded with pain. However, she felt a second injection, and after a bit her aching muscles lost their strength, ending their strain.
"The tetanizing agent is very effective in turning your great strength against yourself", said the voice, with a bit of satisfaction, "but it must be balanced by a strong muscular relaxant, or severe damage could happen to your body. Pity. Your pain was very amusing."
"What are you?" was Wonder Woman's answer in her mind. "What are you going to do to me?"
"My name cannot be pronounced by your tongue or your mind. Nor are my objectives, or the needs of the Ones I serve, to be known by the likes of you... at least, for the moment. Suffer knowing this, Princess: you are here because you are our means to enslave your world. And you will serve this purpose, willing or not."
"Enslaving my world? You mean the Earth? So you're from another planet!"
"Naturally. A planet infinitely older than yours, infinitely far from here." For a moment, a sensation of unlimited distance overwhelmed the mind of the prisoner woman, as if this whole universe was no more that a small part of something... else; something very dark, and very unpleasant. She felt lost in an infinite nothing.
"So why would you need to enslave my world? What good may be for you to conquest such a far place?"
"Your mind is deliciously pure and innocent" whispered the creature with lust, while moving away. "Later, we will have another Bond... maybe, then, I will let you know more of your destiny, so that you may taste the pain to come."
The rest of the day passed as Diana was put through the most complete series of medical examinations she had ever seen. She was probed in placed she had never imagined of; samples of every possible fluid or tissue were collected from her; she passed through x-rays, three different types of tomography, and many strange scanning devices she didn't know. The doctors took her oral, vaginal and anal temperature, blood pressure, encephalic and heart diagrams. She was drugged again, twice; every time, she hoped that the effect would last a bit less, as her body adjusted to the chemicals, but the doses were perfectly calculated.
While she was strapped vertically to a strange examination device, a weird creature passed by, made partly from metal and partly from brown flesh; its body had a human-like yet strangely balanced shape, and it walked like it was something not too natural for it... the Amazon immediately recognized the creature as the thing she had followed in the deserted alley, and which had led her into a sneaky trap. "What is that?" she asked to a nearby scientist.
"That is one of our cyborgs" answered the man, without emotions. "Made from a bionic skeleton, enhanced with artificial living tissues. An excellent all-purpose war machine."
She examined again the half-machine aberration. Its skin looked like rubber, its arms and legs were powerful but strangely out of proportions; and in its chests, partially covered by its armor, were... breasts?!? That thing was a female!
At her request, the scientist explained that initially they only produced neuter cyborgs; their Master, though, made them change this, and now only female specimen were produced. He didn't know why, and apparently didn't care.
At last, she was put into a strange device, much like a dentist's chair with a mechanism to hold a person's head completely still. She was strapped to it, and then a mechanical arm rose, carrying what looked like a powerful electromagnet, aimed at her forehead.
"Please don't try to move, it will take just a minute" said one of the doctors, starting the machine.
As Wonder Woman looked at it, the device hummed with power, and projected what looked to her like a battering ram through her head. It was like red-hot iron had been inserted into her brain, leaving a clear, almost tangible mark into it. A moment later, the device went off and she was unchained.
The doctors then administered her another injection: this time it was a white fluid which coursed through her body like a wind, wiping away tension and weakness. With wonder, she found she could move again, and slowly stood on her feet, freed from the cage her body had turned into. More of all, she had been untied! She looked at the scientists for a moment, then she lept with lightning speed towards the nearest door. She concentrated on avoiding every possible trap, as her naked, perfect body raced through the room, radiating beauty in every move, free at last. None of the people around moved to stop her; she was now at the door... one other step... just...
Suddenly she slowed down, then stopped, just in front of the door.
Diana stood there, unable to understand. She wanted to escape with every ounce of her will, but she just could not. It was as easy as it was terrifying. If before she had been a prisoner, restrained by drugs, now she was prisoner again... but into her own body.
She walked towards the doctors, which were still around the machine, apparently not surprised by her attempt. "They knew I'd try something... and they let me, so that I could see myself." Coming near to one of them, she tried to catch him, but her hand refused to. "What did you do to me?" she asked, finally able to talk but - she realized - as defenceless as before.
"It was a restrictive command imprinted into your brain" said one of the scientists. "You can move freely as always, but you cannot disobey orders, harm anyone of us or abandon a room without express consent from us."
Wonder Woman stood there, considering her situation. It was much worse than before. If she didn't find a way to cancel this command, she would be a slave for the rest of her life. "Can it be removed?" she asked.
"If necessary" answered the man. "But now there's no reason for doing it. For today, we are finished. Now, reach your quarters in the next room and have a shower. You will receive some food."
The amazon moved at once, obeying her orders. Anyway, she was more than willing to take a good shower and some rest. While she walked, she tried to oppose her will to the command, probing its resistance, exploring its limits. She found no weak points or ways to circumvent it, and she gave up... for the moment.
She reached her room: a small quarter, completely white, with a bed, a small table, a chair and a bathroom. She immediately turned the hot water on and entered the shower, grateful for the gentle massage on her sweaty skin. She was calm, despite what had happened to her. Amazon war training taught to maintain control and cold blood, even in the face of death itself. At least, she knew that her bonds could be shattered. Moreover, if there was a plan by such dangerous beings to enslave Earth, she was exactly where she had to be. She could discover more about it and subvert it. Her hand passed over her clitoris, awakening sensations that left her confused. She had always despised the idea of a man touching her femininity. She had many lovers on Themyscira, sisters in arms whose touch had set her mind and body on fire... she remembered the warmth of their fairly muscular bodies, their soft lips around her nipples... the games they played, massaging and licking their Kleitorìs, watching their partners' faces becoming beautifully red as they were overwhelmed by Aphrodite's pleasure...
"How could I feel such excitement at the touch of a man?!"
But it had been a while since the last time she had "played" with her sisters. Her body had its needs, which should not be denied. Even now, her clitoris was swelling, tickled by the water droplets and the thoughts about her dear lovers. She unhooded it and let water drops fall over its sensitive head. "MMMmmmmmm..." Diana's sexuality had always been abundant, as she was carrying the gift of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, and of her son Eros. This had allowed her to share pleasure with a lot of her sisters, which found her absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, this gift had its drawbacks, as almost every man in this world found her this gorgeous. But she had never experienced a man's love, and she was not willing to. Even so, when she was paralyzed by the drugs, completely defenceless, feeling her clitoris manipulated... the memory brought her another wave of heat and pleasure, and she started massaging her love organ. Desire became more intense... she slid two fingers into her vagina, searching for that particular spot...
Her nipples were burning when she caressed them; she then took one of her huge breasts and lifted it, taking her nipple to her mouth. She sucked it passionately, remembering her lover Eutherpe's expert lips and tongue... while Amphitryte's long, slender fingers caressed her neck and lips... and Callyope mercilessly struck her clitoris with her tongue...
With rhytmical contraptions of her womb came a shuddering orgasm, while her powerful vaginal muscles produced a feminine ejaculation almost as abundant as the one she had in the examination room.
As the flow of lubricant juices was still squirting from her, the door slid open and a man entered. The shower was in front of the door and there was no curtain; the man looked at her, and she looked at him, a bit annoyed for his lack of manners. She didn't care at all about him watching her masturbate, as she considered it a natural act of self-pleasure in honor of Aphrodite. But the man didn't stop to watch her. He left some food dishes and went away.
Diana was still recovering from her powerful orgasm, but her mind was thinking deeply, a bit perplexed. In the Patriarch's world, this was definitely not normal. No man in that building had showed a bit of interest towards her naked body: neither the scientists, nor this one. From what she had seen up to now, it was difficult to find more than a man in a while which was so virtuous and self-controlled not to give at least a glimpse at her body, even with her costume on. All those men could have been homosexual; but a bit of interest towards her toned body would have been pretty normal. And that wasn't all. More that a woman had showed signs of attention towards her beauty in the past. It could be envy, admiration or even sexual interest... but these people looked like they were more like machines than men! Had they been put through some sort of mind-controlling, such as her?
She took a towel. Well, at least there was something to eat. She knew she would need all of her strength if she wanted to have a hope of escaping from this trap.

To be continued in next part