The Countess Strikes!  

By Juniper

Wonder Woman: The Countess Strikes!

By Juniper

WARNING: The following story contains scenes of strong and/or nonconsensual sex. If such topics offend or upset you, do not read any further.

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* * *

"How are the seating arrangements coming, Miss Prince?" a colonel shouted across the room.

"Better than expected," replied Diana Prince. "I'll have them to you within the hour."

Diana paused from her typing, thinking about the war rally tomorrow. How ironic, she mused, that mousy Diana Prince was planning the mundane details of the festivities - and her alter ego, Wonder Woman, would be the star! And this event would raise awareness of war bonds, and how they could help stop the Nazis. It would be a good day. And also…

Diana sighed softly, thinking that Steve Trevor would be there. She had admired him for years, both for his mind and his… physical qualities. Diana dreamed, as she often did, of walking on a date with him, then twirling around, becoming Wonder Woman in front of him,transforming into Wonder Woman before him, sharing the truth with him. Then he would see how beautiful she was…

"Ah, these fantasies," Diana said to herself, and set her mind back on the rally.

* * *

The rally was also the main topic of another group - but this group had more nefarious plans.

The first man rubbed his temples. "Is this really a good idea?" he asked the group in German. "Every day we remain here in American we risk getting caught. Better to return to the Fatherland, where ve can plan in security."

"But the reward, Fritz!" another man answered. "If we had Wonder Woman, imagine the propaganda! And that body of hers!"

"It sounds good - except that Wonder Woman always beats us. She is so strong, so skilled - she has escaped us every time."

"But not zhis time!"

All the men turned to face Countess Greta Orlaph. With her perfect blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful features, and tall body, she was the perfect German woman. But the Nazis in the room knew how dangerous her mind was too, they had seen her control and crush her every opponent. Their fear of her outweighed any lust.

"I have been studying Wonder Woman," the Countess continued, "and I can use Wonder Woman's strength against her. She is, after all, very predictable. And let me see -" she perused the details of the war rally - "Steve Trevor will be there too? The Wonder Woman has often shown up where he is. I think my plans have just expanded a bit!"

* * *

The next day, Diana Prince was finishing up in the hotel room. All the calls were made, the arrangements finalized. She gave a quick final look at the schedule and, satisfied everything would go well, set it aside. "Now," she thought, "time for the guest of honor!"

Diana spun, slowly at first, then building momentum until a flash of energy filled the room. Where once stood the plain Diana Prince, now Wonder Woman remained in all her glory. The heroine looked at her reflection in the mirror: the eagle-adorned bustier emphasized her ample chest, and her high red boots showed off her legs very well; she thought, again, about Steve Trevor, sharing this wonderful body with him. And of course, the costume was far more than just for looking good. Wonder Woman's bracelets were unbreakable by themselves; with her training, the heroine could use them to deflect the fastest projectiles. Her unbreakable magic lasso compelled all held within its grasp to speak the truth. Her golden belt preserved Wonder Woman's incredible strength and stamina when away from Paradise Island. Even her tiara could operate as a makeshift boomerang. "Beauty and power," thought Wonder Woman, "what a combination."

With all her abilities, Wonder Woman wished she could simply sprint across to Steve Trevor's hotel to pick him up for the rally. But certain ceremonies have their place in this world, she mused, and fans seemed to enjoy a glimpse of their stars emerging from these vehicles.

A quick ride later, and Wonder Woman was at Steve's hotel. Prepared as always, he was waiting outside for her.

"Wonder Woman! It's great to see you again," Steve gushed. "I haven't seen you since - it was the Cyprus affair, wasn't it?"

The heroine smiled; if only he knew that when he spoke to Diana Prince, he was talking to her. "Yes, Steve, it was the Cyprus affair. How have you been?"

"Oh, pretty busy. We're tracking some German agents here in the States, and it's been tough going. This benefit would have been a big drain on my time, but my colleague Diana Prince was able to handle virtually the whole thing herself. Have you met her?"

"No, but she sounds quite talented. Perhaps—"

CRASH! The two of them stopped, as two cars crashed into theirs, one from the front and one from behind. Almost immediately, men were running out of the cars. They were dressed in gray and armed with some sort of gun.

"Stay in the car, Colonel!" ordered Wonder Woman as she flew out of the car. Two of the men began shooting at her - some sort of darts, Wonder Woman noted -- and she easily deflected them as quickly as the men fired. When they stopped to reload, Wonder Woman ran forward and threw the two men effortlessly against a wall. She then ran to the rear car, easily knocking out the driver.

An engine starting made Wonder Woman turn. The front car's driver must have panicked, because he was fleeing. "Not so fast!" shouted Wonder Woman. She sprinted to the car, lifting its back high in the air. The wheels spun in vain, and the heroine began walking the car back, to prop it up so the vehicle couldn't move.

Suddenly the truck opened and a hand reached out. "What th—" thought Wonder Woman, but before she could reach a hand had was on hers, and the amazon felt a slight pinch on her arm. She immediately felt woozy, lowering the car and staggering back. Another guardshot her in the shoulder with a tranquilizer dart, and Wonder Woman slumped to the ground, unconscious.

The Countess stepped from the trunk and quickly removed Wonder Woman's power belt. As her men subdued Steve Trevor - quite easily, with his heroine out of the way - the Countess quickly bound Wonder Woman's hands and legs together with the magic lasso. Her men put their two captives in the trunk, and the villains sped away.

* * *

Wonder Woman awoke, standing. No, not standing, she realized as she tried to turn but couldn't. Two thick, heavy leather straps - one across the top of her stomach, one at the top of her thighs - kept her bound in a standing position to a large vertical wooden table. She flexed her muscles, but the straps didn't budge. "They took my magic belt!" she realized as she wriggled in vain to get out of her restraints. Then, looking down, she noted, "At least they didn't take anything else."

Looking around, Wonder Woman took in her surroundings. The board was attached to some sort of metal frame, with bolts connecting the two about three feet off the ground. She was in some sort of large, gray building; it could be a warehouse, but there were no crates or vehicles, only a large number of doors. The windows were all black, so either it was night or they were shuttered up. Wonder Woman tried shouting for help a few times, but the only response was an echo.

"So, ze great Vunder Voman is awake again!"

Wonder Woman recognized the voice instantly. "Countess Greta Orlaph. I should have known - you always were smarter than the men you work for."

"Zey verk for me now!" the Countess responded, walking forward. As last time, the Countess had her blonde hair braided, weaing a white blouse, black skirt and red suspenders. The red armband she wore reminded Wonder Woman that while the Countess was an impressive woman, she was also a deluded one.

"So, your Nazi masters finally gave you a few thugs," taunted Wonder Woman. The heroine hoped she could provoke the Countess into fighting her; she could then escape, find her magic belt and take down this operation. "How many of them did you have to… service for them to pay any attention to you?"

"Actually, you are the one that vill be doing ze servicing!" the Countess taunted back. "I shall make you my zlave, and you vill fuck everyone I command! Imagine ze allies, seeing zeir champion Vunder Voman as a whore for Germany!"

Wonder Woman stiffened, speaking proudly from her bonds. "I thought you were smarter than than," she said. "I am the slave of no one, man or woman - and I would never work for Germany! Whatever you have planned, you will fail."

"Ve shall see…" answered the Countess. "Of course, vhat good is a catch like you if no one can see it? Film!" she shouted, and three doors opened. Out walked men in the Nazi dress uniform, each carrying a film camera mounted on a tripod. "I am sure zhat such a beautiful fraulien as yourself vill look great in some movies. Both our forces and yours vill see you as my prisoner."

"That's a wonderful idea, Countess," Wonder Woman agreed. "When I escape, I'll use your films as further evidence when I bring you to trial here in the States."

"Zo proud, zo confident," the Countess muttered as she walked forward to her captive. "Yet vithout your magic belt, zhere is little you can do. But vhat about this?" the Countess asked, removing the lasso from Wonder Woman's side. "I believe it can force people to tell the truth, ya?"

Wonder Woman felt fear for the first time: the Countess had clearly done her homework. But the superhero would resist until the end. "It is a powerful tool - for the fight against evil!"

"Ve shall see," spoke the Countess, draping the rope around Wonder Woman's shoulders. "Tell me," she whispered to her captive, "is Vunder Voman your only name?"

Diana pursed her lips, but the belt compelled her to answer. "N- no. My real name is…" She swallowed, but the words kept coming: "My real name is Diana Prince."

"Really? How charming," the Countess said. "I'll have to look into that identity later. For now, though, I have a surprise for you." The Countess reached behind Wonder Woman and grabbed something. "Tell me," she asked the prisoner, "do you know vhat dis is?"

Wonder Woman's cheeks flushed red, looking at the red eight-inch object in front of her. "It is, it is called a dildo."

"And vhat is it used for?"

"It is used for… sexual stimulation."

"Very good, Vunder Voman. I think you deserve a treat for zhat answer." The Countess pushed the tip of the dildo against the top of Wonder Woman's star-studded shorts, sliding it against her pussy. Wonder Woman stiffened, fighting the arousal the hard length was creating. "Resistance vill not help you," teased the Countess as she stroked the device up and down, "you vill submit. Tell me: Have you ever brought yourself to pleasure?"

"N- no," replied Wonder Woman, trying to sound calm as the Countess continued stroking her.

"Has any man ever had sex vith you?"


"Ah. Zhen this vill be a real treat!" And with that, the Countess slid the dildo inside her. Wonder Woman immediately gasped, feeling herself filled by the thick sex toy. She squirmed, but her shorts held the device firmly inside her. "Do you like the vay zhat feels?"

"I - I do, Countess," Wonder Woman replied. She tried to stay still, but her body wanted to feel the device moving in her.

"Vunderbar! Zo, tell me, vhat do you think of your Colonel Trevor?"

"No, not that!" Wonder Woman thought, frantically thinking how to keep her secret desires to herself. "I think that Colonel Trevor is an excellent officer," she answered truthfully.

"Do you think he is handsome?"

Wonder Woman answered "Yes" before she could think of a way around the question.

"Have you ever been… intimate vith him?"

"No, I have not," replied the captive. "We are good friends, but that is all."

The Countess seemed amused. "Really? Vell, let's see vhat he thinks." She clapped her hands, and two guards wheeled in another table. Steve Trevor was on the table, thick leather straps holding him tight as they did to Wonder Woman. Unlike her, though, the colonel was completely naked. He was struggling to free himself, but stopped the instant he saw Wonder Woman.

"Wonder Woman! My God! Don't worry, I'll get us out of here and then—"

"Silence ze fool!" snapped the Countess, and one of the guards stuffed a red ball in Steve's mouth, then tyingit in place with a cord. "A talkative oaf, but a handsome one," the Countess told her female prisoner as Trevor shouted muffled words of protest. "I could use zhe lasso on him to find out the truth, but males are more… visible in zheir feelings. Oh, colonel?"

As Steve Trevor looked up, the Countess pulled down Wonder Woman's shorts, revealing the dildo lodged inside her. The Colonel tried to look away, but Wonder Woman saw his penis start to rise. "I zhink he likes the view," the Countess said wryly. "Don't you, Vunder Voman?"

"Yes," she answered watching Steve Trevor's cock rise higher. She had often imagined what he looked like under his uniform. And now, despite their situation, Wonder Woman felt aroused, knowing that the sight of her turned him on so much.

"Zhat's hardly enough for him," answered the Countess, and she placed her hands on Wonder Woman's chest. The Countess pressed her hands down, and as Wonder Woman felt new sensations running through her, the villain pushed the top of the bustier, exposing Wonder Woman's breasts to Steve Trevor. His cock twitched at the sight, and Wonder Woman felt more aroused at his reaction to her.

The Countess clapped again. "Ve can't leave your… friend in such a state, now can we?" she asked. Wonder Woman had no idea how to respond, but the question was rhetorical. A lovely, tall woman walked to the Countess. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender body. She was also completely naked. Wonder Woman felt a small surge of jealousy as Steve's eyes moved to the new woman.

"As you can see, Vunder Voman, vun of zhe many areas in vhich German people excel is in zheir bodies. And Gretchen here is skilled in many other areas as vell. Gretchen, service him!"

The woman called Gretchen knelt down before the bound Colonel and slowly caressed his prick with her tongue, from the base to the tip and back again. He closed his eyes, but the Countess began pumping the dildo inside Wonder Woman, and the heroine's cries made him look forward again. Gretchen took his prick into her mouth, reaching up to caress Steve Trevor's chest with his hands as her head bobbed back and forth.

Wonder Woman was all but breathless, watching the man she loved being pleasured before her, while her enemy was driving her body hard with pleasure. "So, Vunder Voman," hissed the Countess, "vhat vould you do right now, if you vere free?"

Wonder Woman knew she should say escape, or capture her foes, but watching Steve and the woman before her she could only answer, "I would take Steve in my mouth, like that girl is doing."

The Countess laughed. "Is zhat all? Perhaps later I vill give you zhe chance. If, of course, you are obedient." Wonder Woman couldn't think of a retort, between the dildo sliding in and out of her and staring at Steve as another woman pleasured him. "Anything else you vould do to ze Colonel?"

Wonder Woman's mind was racing. "I would kiss him… caress him… make love to him."

"Perhaps you vould make sweet, beautiful love," the Countess agreed, "but for now, let's see how well he fucks. Gretchen?"

Gretchen stood up, leaving Steve Trevor's cock twitching in the air. She turned around and, smiling at Wonder Woman, slid back onto Steve's prick. He moaned hard from underneath his gag, and Gretchen began pushing forward then sliding back, over and over, smiling and panting as she rode the captive man.

Wonder Woman stared, aroused and furious, watching the man she loved fucking some stranger; but the Countess kept masturbating her, and now caressing Wonder Woman's breasts with one hand while pumping the dildo with the other. At some point the Countess signaled to Gretchen, who slowly slid almost all the way off of Steve Trevor; and Wonder Woman watched, dismayed, as he pushed himself forward, off the table as much as he could, straining to screw the woman before him.

Wonder Woman's whole body was shaking, trembling. "Are you ready to climax?" asked the Countess, and Wonder Woman shouted "Yes!" over and over. "On three then," responded the Countess, "you and Gretchen both. One—"

Gretchen slammed hard back into Steve; the Countess pushed the dildo all the way into Wonder Woman;


Gretchen twisted her hips before pushing back onto him; the Countess twisted the dildo up, stimulating every part of Wonder Woman's pussy.


Gretchen clenched and swiveled herself, and Steve Trevor came inside her tight caress. And the Countess pulled the dildo out of Wonder Woman, leaving the Amazon trembling on the verge of climax, but unable to go all the way.

"NOOOOOOO!!!" screamed Wonder Woman, her whole body on fire as she watched Steve panting and gasping as he came. Gretchen pulled off and stroked his cock, making Steve's come shoot out all over her breasts, her face. As Wonder Woman struggled with her bonds, the Countess slowly licked the dildo that had been pleasuring Wonder Woman.

"Aww, poor Vunder Voman," teased the Countess, lightly caressing Wonder Woman's breasts so the bound woman strained against the light touch. "Still, I do have plans for you. I think, though, that I'm done vith the Colonel for now. Gretchen will take good care of him." The Countess snapped, and two men moved Steve Trevor's table to a horizontal position. As he was wheeled away, Wonder Woman watched as Gretchen lowered her pelvis on Steve's face, taking him in her mouth and making him hard again. "By the time Gretchen is through vith ze Colonel, he'll be too drained to do anything but answer our every question. COUCH!"

Two more men came out, wheeling a thick red couch. "While ze frame is quite useful," said the Countess as she untied Wonder Woman, "I think certain activities require a more… traditional setting." When the straps were off, Wonder Woman tried to run; but she was weak from almost climaxing, and the Countess easily bound the superhero's arms behind her with the golden lasso. "Zere," the German said as she tightened the knot, "zhat will both keep you with us and keep you telling ze truth. And now I'd like to introduce you to Hans."

One of the guards stood directly in front of Wonder Woman: a handsome man, with sharp features, brown eyes, blue hair, and a very visible bulge in his pants. "Ze German beauty is not limited to our fraulines," commented the Countess. "Magnificient, isn't he?"

"Yes he is," answered Wonder Woman, compelled by the lasso binding her. The man was lean and muscular, staring at her with hungry eyes; and when his pants came off, she couldn't help but notice that his erection was bigger than Steve's. When completely naked, Hans lay down on the couch, stroking himself.

"Und now it is your turn, Vunder Voman," spoke the Countess, guiding her prisoner to the couch. Wonder Woman tried to resist, but the Countess slapped her on the bottom and pushed her to the waiting male. With the Countess' prodding, Wonder Woman was soon straddling the man, staring down at his beautiful face, her wet vagina just inches from his ready prick.

"Just a moment!" shouted the Countess. The man held Wonder Woman steady, making her wait. The Countess walked forward and slipped a red armband around the man's arm. "After all," she said, "it is for ze troops. Smile for the camera!" And as the Countess twisted Wonder Woman's head to look at one of the cameras, she pushed apart Wonder Woman's legs.

"UHHHHHH!" moaned Wonder Woman as the man's cock slid into her. The feeling was intense, more amazing than anything she'd felt before. As the man grabbed her hips and began to lift her up and down, the Countess pushed Wonder Woman down against her lover's chest. Her nipples were hard, and the feelings intensified. The man continued to pound himself into her, while the Countess kept massaging Wonder Woman's back, keeping her pressed against the man.

The Countess grabbed the lasso binding Wonder Woman's arms. "Describe what you feel!" she commanded.

Wonder Woman moaned as she rode the man: "So… go good! Great Hera! He's in me… so deep… so much…"

"Do you vant more, Vunder Voman?"

"Yes! I want - ohgoddess! - I want more!" moaned the heroine.

"Then you shall have it. Fritz!" Another German man, as well endowed as the first, walked over to the writhing heroine. The Countess twisted her fingers in Wonder Woman's hair, lifting Diana's face to the stranger's cock. Wonder Woman instinctively took the new man in her mouth, sucking him as she rode the man under her. The Countess pushed Wonder Woman's head up and down, and Wonder Woman felt the man starting to quiver between her lips. She had never imagined anything like it, as she was filled in her pussy and her mouth.

"Are you close to climax, Vunder Voman?" asked the Countess, pulling Diana's head off the man's cock so she could answer.

"Yes, oh yes," the sighed in response, reaching forward with her mouth.

Fritz stepped back, and Wonder Woman felt a pang of disappointment. He quickly stepped behind her, and Wonder Woman felt him spreading her bottom cheeks apart. "What the…" she asked, right before he thrust himself deeply into her anus.

"AAAHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed, as the second man filled her completely. She tried to tighten, to push him out, but the man under her pushed up so hard he lifted Wonder Woman off the bed, and as the delight overwhelmed her she relaxed, allowing Fritz to thrust deeper between her buttocks. The Countess laughed, grabbing Wonder Woman's breasts as the two men pistoned themselves in unison inside the captive heroine. Wonder Woman bucked between the two, rubbing herself against the man under her, the man behind her, the woman touching her, and it was all so much…

"Climax!" screamed the Countess, and the two men thrust hard, harder, and as the two exploded within her Wonder Woman screamed as her whole body was engulfed in sheer pleasure. Her body bucked over and over as one orgasm followed another, her flesh grasping the two men as she twisted and writhed, moaning, lost in pleasure…

"Very very nice, fraulien." The voice of the Countess jolted Wonder Woman back to her situation. "Quite a show! I am sure zhe troops will exjoy watching you being pleasured by our boys. Yah, quite a good start.

"Now come. It is time for you to service me." Hans and Fritz pulled out of Wonder Woman, leaving her lying on her side on the couch. The Countess stepped over to her, unbound her arms, and wrapped the lasso around Wonder Woman's neck. "Follow!"

Still dazed from her pleasure, Wonder Woman could no nothing but obey…