The Beastmistress 5  

By Ksennnin

Disclaimer: I do not own Wonder Woman or any Wonder Woman characters. I make no money from this publication.


"Diana, you came."

The Amazon Princess turned to face the Martian Manhunter. "Of course I did." She looked at the ruined street around her. "There's still much to do."

The Martian glanced down at the white-furred dog standing close by Diana's side, wagging his tail.

"Ah, he came, too."

"Oh, yes." She reached down to casually stroke the short fur of his head. "Came with me."

"Is it wise? So soon after-?"

"Oh, I'm confident he's completely back to full strength."

"Impressive. I did not know he was so powerful."

"Neither did I. Completely surprised me, too. Surprised me a lot."

"Hey, Diana. You ok?" Power Girl flew close, tossing a crumbled city bus onto a growing pile of wreckage. "Heard you got into quite a scrap."

"Oh, I'm fine. Thank you."

The buxom blonde landed a few paces away, staring at the multiple scratches and bruises still visible all over Diana's smooth skin. "Damn. You got it pretty rough."

"Oh, yes." Diana smiled. "But I managed."


In the shadows of the Greek Parthenon, Circe faced Wonder Woman at last.

"You have been in my way too many times now, Amazon." Dark purple fire enveloped all of the witch's body. "I shall enjoy destroying you with my own hands."

She lunged, channeling her power into a punch that would have taken the Amazon's head off, had it connected. But Diana dodged with ease, and diving low, slammed her shoulder against Circe's body. Grabbing an arm with a fluid twist, she threw the witch over her hip, to slam hard against the ground. Quickly taking control of the position, Diana got a knee on her stunned foe's stomach, and without hesitation, started to strike the downed sorceress with the heel of her hand, again and again.

Circe's emotional decision to fight Diana directly, using her magic to match the Amazon's physically power, proved her downfall. Mighty as she could become in sheer strength, sorcery could simply not duplicate combat skills and experience. Coming close enough for Wonder Woman to control the fight, Circe had no chance to change her tactics before she was battered and bound by the magical lasso, her power spent in merely enduring the physical punishment.

"Is that enough?"

"You think you won?" Circe groaned weakly.

"It was not a game, Circe."

"Damn you." Her words under the Lasso of Truth proved Circe's conviction. "You know I'm right! If I had-!"

"No. You are wrong, Circe. Coexistence is needed, not imposed substitution. Men should improve, as men, not by becoming something else, or it would destroy the balance of humanity."

"Bullshit. You say balance but you mean stunted compromise, frustrated self-denial! You deny the chance of a better world, one where females and males exist in their proper places, where women can enjoy true love with each other, and leave crude rough sex to the lower, beastly gender..."

"Oh, Circe." Diana shook her head. "Sex should never be that oversimplified. Nothing should. It's not just about love opposed to animal lust."

"You refuse to acknowledge the truth. Truth you know well; that you have known in your very flesh!"

"I have known both extremes, yes, and enjoyed them: Tender, loving sex with a fellow sister or friend, and rougher, cruder sex with males of wilder natures. But there is so much more, so much diversity in-between, as well. There must be. To allow for discovery. For growth. For individuality. For freedom. For choice."

"What freedom, what choice does this world give us?"

"Much more than you are willing to see! There are many kinds of sex, Circe, and different kinds of love, too. So many nuances, and combinations, Circe. Of love and lust, of the beauteous and the bestial." Kneeling before the bound sorceress, Diana extended her hand, hoping, longing for Circe to see her way, to heal the rift between them.

"That's why, despite everything, despite our fighting... I can still love you."

Circe stared at her for an instant, before looking away, her anger refusing to abate. "Words. Empty words."

Diana smiled wistfully. "How can I make you see, Circe? That the beauty and the beast are in all of us? That they need not be opposed, but can be as one, for the enjoyment of all?"

Circe scoffed in disbelief. "Wishful thinking."

Diana smiled. "Oh, Circe, you just don't know... yet."