The Beastmistress  

By Ksennnin

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Wonder Woman stood before the ceiling-high plasteel windows of the Watchtower's observation deck, facing the blue-white orb of Earth, her tall and graceful figure somehow both imposing and crestfallen at once. The war with Imperix was over, and Earth, with the help of Apokolips and various alien factions, had prevailed, but at no small cost. Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and her mother, had fallen fighting the Imperix probes, and many other amazons had perished when their whole island became a suicide weapon against Imperix himself.

Superman walked slowly towards her, and Krypto, his white-furred canine companion, followed at his heels, but the Man of Steel gestured him to remain behind, and the dog, with unique understanding, complied.

"From here, Earth appears peaceful," she said. "Unblemished."

"Yes, it does."

"It's in our hearts where the scars remain."

"Diana..." At loss for further words, he placed a hand on her bare shoulder, and she covered it with hers, thanking him in silence.

They stood motionless for a lengthy while, until she turned around, her bright eyes moist. She did not speak, choked with emotion. He understood from experience the pain of her loss, and reached out, embracing her. It was uncharacteristic of Diana, always so strong and assured, to seek solace in others, but she accepted the embrace and hugged him back tightly.

"I know," he said, stroking tenderly her long, glossy hair.

After a few seconds, Diana raised her head, her moist eyes seeking his. Her lips parted hesitatingly. "Kal...?"

He drew back, nervously. "Help is needed in the relief efforts."

She stepped back and nodded. Both strode out, keeping their distance.

Krypto tilted his head to a side, staring with curiosity. The female with the sweet scent was in evident distress. He could easily sense her need, her powerful readiness, and how his master responded to it. Yet they failed to act for no apparent reason.

Humans were strange.

New York City also showed the scars of war, as Superman flew over the devastated areas. Luthor's government was doing a decent job with the relief efforts, but the Man of Steel wanted to ensure personally that no live victims were still trapped under the debris. Krypto's senses, even more acute than his, were proving invaluable for this.

He remained worried about Diana, but knew there was little he could to help her, and his power was more useful here. Just holding her could stir again feelings he preferred not to disturb, and Lois was always very touchy regarding his friendship with Diana.

Krypto barked loudly, and Superman followed the noise.

Apparently unharmed, a young girl sat on a clearing, surrounded by tons of shattered concrete and twisted rebar. It was strange that his vision had failed to see her until up close.

"Everything will be alright." He spoke softly, approaching the girl, smiling to reassure her.

The girl looked up with unusual purple eyes, and smiled back. She was clean, too clean for her surroundings. He reached for her, and his hand recoiled at the touch of something enveloping her, a nimbus of strange forces.

Krypto barked suddenly, and jumped before Superman an instant before a flash of purple light exploded at them, making the dog yelp and then fall to the ground, dazed. Immediately, something fell on Superman, too fast and noiseless to be human. Sharp claws raked invulnerable Kryptonian flesh, drawing blood, and a long prehensile tail coiled tightly around his neck, cutting off his breath. The creature was fast and strong, and likely magic-powered, which made it more dangerous.

But it was not enough. He was Superman.

Before the sharp claws could reach his face or abdomen, he flew up, pulling his attacker up with him, and depriving him of leverage before slamming against the concrete slab above them. Grabbing the furry tail at his neck, the Man of Steel, who could survive the airless vacuum of space, pulled the furry being around to face him, and struck with a punch that could shake mountains. The bestial foe cried out in pain, and his clawed limbs flailed at the hero again, but Superman dove down and drove his enemy into the ground at supersonic speed.

Superman stood up, removing the now-limp tail from his neck. The unconscious creature was some kind of were-beast, a fur-covered humanoid with feline characteristics. It resembled the Cheetah, Diana's old foe, but male.

"Well done!" A deep, musical voice spoke behind him. The girl had changed into a beautiful woman with long, dark hair, and shinning purple eyes. She wore a revealing top, tight leather pants riding low on shapely hips, and a strangely disturbing perfume; everything about her exuded an overpowering sexuality.

He stepped back. The trap had become far more dangerous.

"Who are you?"

"A damsel in distress, obviously," she said with a wide, dazzling smile, somehow much closer to him now. Her eyes were impossibly deep and captivating. "-Who must now give her hero his due reward."

She stood on tip-toes to kiss him, pressing her firm body against him, and her blood-red lips were sweet, like roses just past their prime.

"Sorry," he said, pushing her away gently. "But I-"

"Should have known better than to send a male to do a woman's work, of course." She lifted one finger to his face, running a long fingernail along his jaw line, while her eyes sparkled with unnatural light. "I can see what the Amazon sees in you, but really, you could be so much better..."

"Amazon?" Superman asked, confused, his sight clouding. He could no longer hear Krypto's low growl. "Diana-?"

She smiled, as darkness began to claim him.

"Oh, yes. Diana. We go way back, you know."

The Beastmistress part 1