The Break-Up: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Penelope screamed. Brad was unaware of what had happened and was making the bugging more painful by entering and withdrawing from his victim multiple times, and by maneuvering her body to make any resistance more difficult. Wonder Woman rushed to her friend’s aid, spun Brad around and pushed him into the wall. Released, Penelope collapsed onto the floor, barely conscious.

Brad and the other young man stood together, one without a shirt, Brad now totally naked. Wonder Woman, stripped to her star-spangled tights, faced them squarely. Her face showed clearly that she was about to give no quarter to these men who had tormented her and her ally.

Brad was the first to attack her. Rushing at her at full speed, he leapt at the Amazon, his hands reaching at her face. Wonder Woman ducked beneath his outstretched arms and brought up a double-armed blow into Brad’s solar plexus. The air rushed from him and he fell to the floor, gasping. Partially revived, he struggled to his feet a few seconds later. The two powerful young men made a rush at the bare-breasted Amazon, and she met their charge with the flats of both hands, driving them full into the foreheads of the attackers. Brad went down like he had been pole-axed, blood pouring from his broken nose, his face showing evidence of a cracked skull.

But the smaller athlete recovered and prepared to take on the Princess again. ‘Will you kill me, too, Wondercunt?’ he asked. ‘I’ve seen you throw men around like stuffed animals. But now that you’ve tasted blood, will you be able to stop? One thing’s for sure. I’m not going to stop coming until you have killed me. So, let’s rumble.’ He approached her with his fists raised, like a prizefighter.

Wonder Woman realised that she had already killed two men, and quite possibly a third, unless Brad received some aid soon. Confronted now by this malicious opponent, she recognised that hatred for what kind of men they were, for what they had tried to do to her and what they had done to her friend, was the most powerful emotion she felt. This gave her pause, and it gave the man to opening he was looking for.

Standing a few feet in front of the Amazon, he rushed forward, football-style, catching Wonder Woman at her hips and upper thighs. Bowled over by the force of his rush, she lay on her back, and the young man struggled to straddle her body. He leaned forward and held her arms, breathing heavily, sweat rolling over her smooth chest. ‘So,’ he began. ‘Even with all your strength, you’re still just a woman.’ Drawing both knees up, Wonder Woman pitched him over her head. He landed on his back, next to Deborah who was standing by, watching. Deborah handed him a hypodermic, and whispered to him, urging him once more into battle.

Wonder Woman and her opponent circled one another, the Amazon showing a confidence in her strength. She came forward at the powerfully built young man, extending her left arm in an effort to gain control ever him. He ducked under her reach, stepped to his right, and jammed the needle into Wonder Woman’s extended bare arm. The Amazon’s eyes flew wide open, and before she felt the weakness attack her body, she swung her right arm around, catching the now-smiling athlete full on the side of the head. She felt the bone give way under the blow, and he collapsed to the floor, bleeding from his mouth and ear. Then Wonder Woman collapsed, no longer able to support herself.

Deborah approached the kneeling Wonder Woman cautiously. Wonder Woman felt for the floor with both hands, he body swaying under the influence of the drug. Her mind was aware of what was going on around her, but her body refused to respond to its commands. As soon as Deborah realised that Wonder Woman was helpless before her, she smiled. ‘Again the superheroine is not what she used to be. Ooohh, tooo baaadd.’ With that she placed her black leather boot against the Amazon’s chest and pushed her onto her back. Wonder Woman hit the floor hard, left leg bent under her, her right leg elevated at the knee. Breathing heavily under the influence of the drug that had taken away her ability to control her own body, she watched as Deborah approached her and stood over the prone Amazon Princess. The leather-clad blonde next straddled her helpless enemy, then sat down on her stomach. ‘Can’t move?’ she observed. ‘You know, it’s amazing what kinds of drugs you can find on college campuses nowadays, even conservative, small-town ones. Actually, this is a variant of Forbin’s gas, which you’ve already seen in action, Wonder Woman. The graduate student who was killed in the explosion at the lab prepared it. He did it for me, hoping to get into my pants. Boy, was he in for a surprise! He had been working for Doctor Forbin, and one night he started talking about this super-secret project to a bunch of us over at the local pub. Never get a graduate student too drunk. They’re all status-conscious. Who’s working on the highest level? Who’s got the line on the most prestigious job? Who’s closest to completing the diss? It all carries points. So, we had him take us to his lab late one night and he showed us samples being used for research. When we saw it, Kane immediately realised that it was enough for his purposes. He only saw the gas and he knew that he could use it to disable you. I saw the drug, and I knew it would be much more useful for fun and games.

‘It’s time, Princess, for you to learn how this story started.’ Deborah said as she shifted her slight weight on the Amazon. Kane didn’t want anyone to die in the explosion, which he was sure could bring you here because of the Forbin Project. He might have been right about that. But I didn’t want Peter wandering around with information about who might be behind it. He might use it to get a government job. In any case, I didn’t think you would show up if no one were killed. So, I killed two birds with one stone, so to speak. I guess we’ll never know which of us was more right.

‘But now, it’s time for you to pay.’ Deborah straddled the helpless Amazon Princess, moving to her knees in her patent leather thigh boots. ‘Why couldn’t you have loved me like you loved-that?’ She indicated the body of Penelope, lying still about fifteen feet away. Deborah pushed herself off of Wonder Woman, took her tangled legs and straightened them, then spread them. After that, she reached her head down between the Amazon’s thighs and began to lick the sweat and dirt from the powerless Amazon Princess. Working around her perfect thighs, Deborah rubbed the side of her head against Wonder Woman’s crotch, covered by the star-spangled tights. She licked the inside of the tanned, muscular legs, dropping down to the knees, then running her tongue the full length of the inside of the Amazon’s leg, from the top of her boot to her crotch.

‘As an Amazon, you should know the value of power,’ Deborah continued. ‘That’s why I couldn’t understand what you saw in that.’ Again she gestured toward the unmoving dancer’s body. ‘You should appreciate my strength.’

Sh--, sh--, shee h-has… the… capa… city… f-for real… lo-ove,’ Wonder Woman struggled to say, her speech slurred, her breathing heavy.

‘What does love have to do with real power?’ Deborah shot back. ‘Right now I have absolute power over you, just as you should have absolute power over all those male assholes who run this country. You should use your power to do some good-to end this war, to set things right and make things better for everyone in this country, not just the rich white boys sitting in their corporate suites.’ Standing now, she concluded, ‘Let me show you how to use power.’ Wonder Woman could only rock her body from side to side, and shake her head, as the leather girl sank once again to the Princess’ exposed midriff. Deborah licked Wonder Woman’s abdomen, where a small poll of sweat had gathered around her navel. Deborah continued her licking, now occasionally adding little bites, and moved to the top of the tights crossing her captive’s hips. Lifting the top of the tights, she reached her tongue beneath them, feeling for the first time the Amazon’s jet-black bush. Moving from top to bottom of the tights, Deborah’s tongue attacked Wonder Woman’s cunt from above and below, each effort preceded by her drawing the tights away from Wonder Woman’s powerless body.

As this was happening to her, Wonder Woman fought to regain control over her muscles. Straining with all her might, all she could do was lift her head and bend her legs. The sweat created by the strain only further excited her partner. Breathing heavily, the Amazon lay on her back all but unable to move. She felt her tights being drawn down her perfect thighs to her red leather boots. ‘No… no… d-don’t…. Pl-pl-please… don’t,’ she whispered, her helplessness apparent.

Deborah revealed Wonder Woman’s cunt by pulling down her hip-hugging star-spangled tights. The moment Wonder Woman’s sex was revealed, Deborah pushed her face and tongue upward into the powerless Amazon lying before her. Then, withdrawing, she pulled herself away, drawing the tights down past the Amazon’s magnificent thighs, then over her boots. The three-inch heels rubbed against the floor as the Amazon continued her failing efforts to resist Deborah’s actions. Once the tights had been removed, Deborah spread the Amazon’s legs further and then entered her with her tongue. She licked around the sides of Wonder Woman’s vagina, reaching in to draw out the sheath. She held this in her mouth and pulled away from the groaning Amazon. She gave small bites to stimulate her partner, and Wonder Woman, the sensations racing through her body, began to hiss as her breathing raced.

Then Deborah turned her attention to the round firm breasts of her unwilling partner. Running her long fingernails around the nipples, Wonder Woman involuntarily arched her back and neck as new sensations spread through her. Deborah playfully nipped at the hard nipples, drawing Wonder Woman unwillingly into her pleasure. Reaching down, with one finger, then two, Deborah penetrated the insides of the Amazon’s sex, playing with the labia, then penetrating deeply, looking for the Princess’ most sensitive areas.

‘Does it feel good, Princess? Do you like having me inside you?’ Deborah whispered, as Wonder Woman saw the blonde face approaching her own. ‘This is power, Wonder Woman,’ Deborah said as she licked the Amazon’s cleavage, and again pressed her lips and teeth against her nipples. Her hand penetrated even more deeply into the Amazon. She licked her neck. Finally, she reached Wonder Woman’s beautiful face. Placing her lips next to Wonder Woman’s, Deborah reached into her mouth with her tongue, fought past the weak resistance of the teeth, and pushed herself far back into the Amazon’s throat.

Having completed the circuit of Wonder Woman’s body, the leather-clad girl now rose and pulled off her black leather panties. Running the finger which had penetrated Wonder Woman’s vagina over her own lips and into her mouth, she gently passed her other hand first over her own breasts, then down to her own vagina. A visible shudder ran through her body and she stooped, bringing her cunt rushing with her orgasm against the mouth and chin of the helpless Amazon. Wonder Woman, powerless, groaned.

‘You still don’t want me! You star-spangled bitch!!’ Deborah shouted in her face. ‘Well, you better get used to me, because you’re going to be seeing me-and only me-for a long time to come!’ She stood up and walked to the wall, and bent to pick up a brown paper bag.

‘Maybe this will catch your attention.’ From the bag,, the leather girl pulled the 16-inch dildo from the other night. Holding the phallus firmly in her grip, she determinedly walked back to the supine Amazon. ‘We’ll see how this feels. This is power, too, Amazon.’ Wonder Woman could only turn her head away and squeeze her eyes shut. ‘Oh, come now, superheroine. Surely you’re looking forward to the kind of sex games we’re going to be playing.’

Spreading the helpless Amazon’s labia with the ivory sex-toy, Deborah twisted and pushed and withdrew, moving it up and down, back and forth, in and out, inside the powerless Princess of the Amazons. Her victim sweated in the face of Deborah’s exertions, and every once in a while, the tormentor would stop and lick the sweat of her helpless captive.

After many minutes, Deborah stopped and stood up. Looking down on the Amazon Princess, a twisted smile came across her face. Wonder Woman’s hair played across part of her face, stuck to it by sweat, her tiara shining in the light from the ceiling. The captive was naked, except for her bracelets at her wrists and her red leather boots. Both arms and legs were spread out from her body.

Deborah heard the creak in the floor behind her, but only turned slowly, so that when Penelope hit her with the chair, it caught her flush in the face and chest.

Moving with some signs of unsteadiness, the athletic Penelope made her way to one of the doors, then returned moments later with a length of rope. She proceeded to tie the girl in black leather. She also produced a wad of cloth, stuffed it in her mouth, and gagged Deborah. Only then did she approach the motionless Amazon Princess on the floor nearby.

Gently, Penelope ran her fingers down the sides of Wonder Woman’s perspiring face. Then she lightly blew around the edges of that wondrously beautiful face, drying the sweat, cooling the flawless skin. Finally, she pushed back the Princess’ matted black hair. ‘There’s an antidote,’ she said. ‘Wait a moment and I’ll get it.’

‘Wh… where… w-would… I go?’ The naked Wonder Woman struggled to get the joke out, and even Penelope laughed.

After Penelope pressed the hypodermic containing the antidote into Wonder Woman’s thigh, and feeling began to return to the Princess of the Amazons, the two women held each other tightly, relieved at the end of their ordeal. Then they kissed. It was the purest form of love Wonder Woman had experienced since leaving Paradise Island.

But the reverie was interrupted when one of the doors opened. The two women scrambled to their feet. ‘Excuse me,’ said Kane. ‘I think we have something to work out. I have an offer to make.’ Entering the room, he brought with him the young man who had fled earlier, bound in Wonder Woman’s magic lasso.

The two naked women looked at the smallish, bespectacled graduate student. ‘What kind of offer?’ Wonder Woman asked, finding her bustier and placing it over herself.

‘You get your lasso and him. I get to leave.’

‘You ought to know I can’t do that. You were responsible for the bombing of the lab, even though you didn’t intend that anyone be hurt. And you know too much of the wrong kind of information about me. I think you may have to find another topic for your dissertation.’

‘There are quite a few bodies to be buried here, Wonder Woman. What about your reputation? Couldn’t all of us do some forgetting, thanks to your golden lasso?’

‘Deborah will have to go to prison for killing the graduate student.’

‘Without question,’ Kane agreed.

‘And you have to do some time for planning the whole operation.’ Kane looked surprised.

‘Why?!!? It was in the interest of research. No one was supposed to get hurt. They were the ones who caused everything to go wrong.’

‘Someone was killed in the lab. Penelope was raped and almost killed. As you yourself noted, there are some dead bodies here, too. And, I think, if some of your partners had had their way, I would have been killed, as well.’

Kane was silent in the face of this indictment. Wonder Woman went on, ‘What happened to your judgment is the same thing that happened to the thinking of scientists in concentration camps during World War II. They were given human guinea pigs to experiment on and they very quickly forgot that they were dealing with humans.’

Kane and Deborah were made to forget almost all of what happened, thanks to the magic lasso. The police were called and they arrested the students. The police were very concerned about the four dead bodies in the room, but the presence of the hypodermics and evidence of drugs, plus the testimony of Penelope about the sexual assault that Wonder Woman intruded upon, and the confessions about the bombings, all served to assuage their concerns. The frightened young man who had earlier run from the room was made to forget almost everything as well. Much of his frightened testimony supported Penelope’s story.

Penelope led Wonder Woman to the room behind the full-length mirror, where the movie camera had been set up to record the experiments, and where all the films were stored. The films were removed before the police arrived. An inspection of the personal belongings of the dead young men revealed the photos taken the first night. The Amazon was horrified to see herself.

Her horror was increased many times when she saw the movie footage. The humiliation of the first night, the payment rendered to the athletes for their role in capturing Wonder Woman, brought tears to the Amazon’s eyes, tears that were kissed away by her friend and ally. As they watched themselves making love on the second night, Penelope and the superheroine from Paradise embraced and were moved to tears by the power of the love which gripped them.

The most serious discussion they had was over whether Penelope should be made to forget some of the events of the first night. Penelope believed that she should. But the lovely Amazon Maid convinced her that it could not cause a rift between them, and could only serve to strengthen the force of love between them.

Steve arrived in Newark the next day. Diana told him that Wonder Woman and she had solved the case, and that Wonder Woman had left, answering other calls. ‘Did you tell her I was coming?’ Steve asked, almost incredulous, the disappointment clear in his voice.

‘Yes. That’s why she left this for you,’ Diana answered. She handed him an envelope.

‘Dear Steve, ‘I cannot begin to tell you how much our feelings for one another have meant to me since my arrival in Man’s World. Without your constant presence and support, I could not have become the Wonder Woman I am today. However, I now understand some things about myself that have been unclear until now. And, because of this new understanding, I must tell you that I cannot see you again. ‘I have found someone who understands me better than anyone ever has. ‘Thank you for all you have done and I wish you well in the future. ‘My most sincere good wishes, Wonder Woman’

Steve’s jaw dropped. ‘Wonder Woman… gave you… this?’ he asked.

‘Bad news, Steve?’

Steve just turned and walked to his car, parked at the curb about twenty yards away. During the long walk and watching him drive away, Diana could see the anger and hurt in his body and face, and for a moment she felt pity for him.

Wonder Woman and Penelope lay naked in the bed in the motel room. On the bare wall in front of them, the movie of their first lovemaking played itself out. The Princess gently kissed the acid burns on the tips of Penelope’s fingers on her right hand, the fingers which had wound the acid-soaked handkerchief around the links of the chain.

The End