Rebirth 02

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Day One March 1960


The Nazi jailer had asked if Wonder Woman recalled how she had become enslaved all those years ago and it brought back bitter memories, and hatred for those who had done this to her.

She had aided the allies in their war efforts to defeat the Fascist regimes of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo, but when the German's developed their death ray and destroyed the allied invasion fleet on June 6, 1944, it became a lost cause. The ray dissolved PEOPLE, leaving their cloths and gear intact. After it was played over the invasion fleet, empty ships bobbed eerily in the English Channel like thousands of Flying Dutchmen! The Germans merely went out and rounded up what they wanted and sank the rest.

The allied high command had no idea what happened, they continued to send wave after wave of bombers, which proved much harder to target that ships, and there were more of them as well, until the Germans made the ray small enough to use as an anti aircraft weapon, then even smaller and mounted them on large planes.

Their hard won allied air superiority literally fell to the ground in a month, then vast Russian armies simply disappeared from the face of the earth, millions of empty uniforms littered the ground from the Danube all the way back to Stalingrad, which Hitler wiped from the face of the earth, killing every living being in that battered city out of revenge for the earlier defeat there.

When the Germans had developed enough power to increase the weapons range they began to play the deadly beam over the coast of England herself, clearing the way for the invasion that followed. At this point Hitler was sure he had won, so the Germans stopped killing civilians or armies that surrendered, instead he enslaved them.

England, under the threat of extinction surrendered in 1946, and surrendered all the Americans and their equipment on that Island as well.

With all of Europe finally conquered Hitler offered the US a surrender truce, a truce the Americans had no choice but to accept. Hitler had threatened to give the weapon to the Japanese who had the naval power to invade the American Continent Hitler lacked.

The US tried to buy time, to develop a weapon of their own or a shield to the one the German's had. Even their new atomic weapon was useless; there was no way to deliver it that wouldn't be destroyed in flight. So they signed the accord…

For the next twenty years the new Nazi Superpower consolidated its growing strength and subjugated its conquered lands like no other empire since the Romans. They ruled with an iron fist, and they never forgave nor forgot an enemy. Nor did they ever lose sight of their goal, world domination.

Even the Japanese were deferential to the German overlords; they knew firsthand how ruthless they could be.

As Hitler planned his Birthday in 1960 as the US finally collapsed under the weight of the Nazi boot on its throat. Cut off, Isolated, surrounded by armies in the conquered lands of Mexico and Canada they had no choice as Hitler had made it clear, he was tired of waiting. The United States was given him as a birthday present

Wonder Woman would never forget Hitler's birthday again. She was working in the Pentagon when word came down they were finished, the US had capitulated. General Biggs, her liaison at the Pentagon had called her to his office right after she heard the news.

When she was ushered in the General's office by his secretary who asked, "Would you like some water while you wait, the General will be along shortly? He is very busy as you can well imagine! I am so scared Wonder Woman, these Nazis are such beasts…"

Looking at her name tag Wonder Woman tried to reassure her, "Mildred I am sure the President negotiated good terms for surrender, I am sure we will be OK! After all we are no longer a threat right?'

"I suppose so" the good looking blond secretary replied half heartedly, "But you hear stories about what happens when they take over…"

"I am sure the President and congress had no choice but to surrender Mildred, but I am sure they will have arranged good terms" Wonder Woman was trying to convince herself as well as the Secretary. "Thanks for the water Mildred; I'll just wait in his office."

"Thanks Wonder Woman, I feel better now" Mildred answered, "Let me know if you need a refill or anything else while you wait"

The heroine found a nice chair in the General's office and sat down, sipping her water as she thought what the future might bring. She had to admit the future of her nation, and herself weighed heavily on her mind. The first glass of water went down easy and she asked Mildred for some more as she ponder her fate.

She was currently trying to think of a place she could go for a while, maybe Themyscira her native island, to see if there was a resistance movement she could aid. Or perhaps she could stay and act as a voice for her country; it would depend on what the US Government asked of her in that case. She had grown to deeply love he adopted nation; she would hate to leave it in the clutches of the worst tyrant in history.

She sat ruminating about her plight and that of her country for long minutes until the General entered the room. Wonder Woman tried to rise to greet him, but there was something wrong! She could not move, not a well toned muscle would respond! She could move her eyes and breathe OK, but nothing else seemed to respond!

The General saw her eyes widen and the panic in them as he came forward, "I am sorry Wonder Woman, but I have been ordered to hand you over to our new masters, the Nazis! I tried to stop them, but the President insisted. Don't worry, the paralysis is temporary, there is an antidote. "

"But it will keep you controllable for now!" a female voice added. Diana looked past the General who had been her friend once and saw Mildred. But now the blond woman was dressed in a skin tight Black Gestapo Uniform with tall riding boots.

"Y…you drugged me?' Wonder Woman stammered finding she could speak.

"Under orders from Der Fuehrer himself slut!" the blond laughed. "As easily as that I have captured the great, the fearsome Wonder Woman" she laughed. "General, you will be rewarded as promised!"

"You helped them?' she cried looking at General Biggs, "You sold me out?'

"Wonder Woman, my friend, I had no choice, believe me!" he protested sadly.

"You always had a choice!" the blond Nazi growled, "You choose yourself over that red white and blue star spangled whore sitting there didn't you? Admit it to her, don't be a sniveling coward, admit you had a choice!"

"Wonder Woman, they were going to hurt me" he pleaded his case. He realized how craven it now sounded; he had in fact sold her out to her enemies cheaply. He said to the blond Nazi Ober Fuehrer, "Just take her, please, get out of her witch!"

"Careful how you speak to your new commander!" the blond warned, "You will address me as Ober Fuehrer Baroness Paula von Guntherdog. "Kneel and show Wonder Woman how you begged me to spare you! How you offered me Wonder Woman in exchange for your miserable life! Go on! Kneel!"

The middle aged General dropped to his knees in front of the Nazi. "Kiss my boots dog, and lick them clean, as your pathetic county becomes another state in the new REICH! Clean your mistress's boots with your tongue or I will have your family tortured for weeks before I kill them myself!"

"No please mistress!" the General begged as he cleaned her shiny boots with his tongue. "Not my family! Please, I have done as you asked, please!"

"Very well dog!" she laughed,"You have earned a reward!" She sat on what had been his desk and unfastened her trousers. She made him remove her boots and lick her feet, and then she pulled him by his hair into her crotch face first.

"I love making a conquered General lick my cunt like a slave!" she exclaimed. Looking down she notice a large bulge in his pants, "I see servicing your new masters gets you aroused! You Americans will make great slaves! Jerk yourself off as you make me cum you man slut! Eat your mistresses cum, but you better not cum before I do, and you will beg me to let you defile yourself in front of Wonder Whore here!"

The General, his family's lives at stake went to work on the pink folds of his new commander with a will. He was a red blooded American and a tight pink cunt in his face got his motor running at full speed quickly. If he didn't make her cum soon, he would be and that spelled doom for his wife and kids. So he ate her like a piece of his favorite pie, lick and sucking her clit like his wife enjoyed so much. He wondered if his wife would understand, he was licking this bitch for her sake! Her and the kids! But he had seen the disgust In Diana's eyes, and heard it in her voice; he knew his darling wife would not accept his sacrifice either.

"OOOOWWW AAAHHHHHHH AAAHHHHHH!" the German Baroness exclaimed as she spurted on the Supreme Commander of what was left of the Allied Armies in America. "I see you have a talented tongue!" she laughed as she came all over him. "I will keep you as a pet! You will go home tonight without washing your face and explain to your wife I now own your mouth. If you touch her I will have your family gutted and fed to my dogs! Is that clear?'

"Y…yes" he declared as he continued to stroke himself.

"You know what comes next dog!" she laughed.

"M…may I come mistress?' the General moaned.

"You have been a good dog, you may come for me, but point that thing elsewhere" she laughed, "I don't want it anywhere near me!"

The military commander turned and stroked himself, shooting a long thick stream of cum across his dark blue carpet on command of his new master.

Wonder Woman watched in helpless disgust as the once proud warrior defiled himself in front of the Nazi Witch to save his family. She could understand what made him sell her out, to a degree. His treachery had put HUNDREDS of families in danger, not just his. She could never forgive that.

The German put her skin riding jodhpurs back on, then slid her shiny black boots back over her shapely lower legs. "Well, I feel better now!" she laughed as she dismounted the desk and pointed to the sperm stained carpet.

"I think you better lick up your mess dog!" she ordered as she walked toward Diana, still helpless in her chair.

As the general lapped up his own spew behind her the blond sadist stood in front of Wonder Woman, her hands on her hips, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. "My, my, my, do you know how long the Fuehrer has waited for this? He will be ecstatic, you are the one thing he wanted most in the surrender! Without the General turning you over there would have been an invasion and millions of your countrymen would have died, and the rest would be enslaved anyway! So you see Wonder Whore, your sacrifice saved millions!"

That didn't cheer Diana up in the least, it instead sent a chill down her spine, was all lost then?

"As we speak our troops are assuming command of your military, or what is left of it." The Baroness informed her helpless captive. "They are being rounded up and marched into captivity, surrendered by their own commanders, just as you were! They will be gassed with a new concoction our scientists have developed that saps their will to resist. They will be reprogrammed to become slaves of the Reich. Certain specimens will be kept intact; the rest found unsuitable for reproduction will be sterilized to further the master race. The civilians will experience something similar; those with inferior genes will be eliminated or sterilized. It is our law!"

"No, you can't do this!" Diana declared, screaming the first words she had uttered since the display of her power over the General. "Are you people INSANE? What is wrong with you?"

"We have conquered you, an inferior nation!"The Baroness proudly proclaimed, "YOU are the spoils of war! Perhaps you should have fought better!"

She reached out a black gloved hand, "But don't worry little one, you will not be sterilized, Amazon bloodlines can be traced back to Aryan lineage! Herr Hitler himself is on his way here to formally accept the United States surrender. And yours…! BBWWWHHAHHAHAHA!"

The German Baroness touched Wonder Woman's cheek almost gently, then back handed her hard across the mouth. "Perhaps when the fuehrer is done with you he will let me use that pretty mouth! Our glorious leader deserves his prize for all his conquest for the Master Race, the very symbol of American strength, YOU!"

Several black clad Gestapo goons came for her as she sat helplessly in her chair; they lifted her like a limp rag doll. As the burly men lifted her off her feet the German Baroness unbuckled Diana's power belt, "you won't need this anymore, not in your new life as whore to the New Reich!" Along with Wonder Woman's belt she took her golden lasso. "We have heard much of the properties of this bauble; it will make an interesting study."

"Guards, take her to her cell and bind her as I have instructed. I do not want her raped…. just yet!" The Gestapo commander warned. "Give her belt and Lasso to the Major!"

The crimson and gold clad heroine was hauled out past all the Pentagon employees and military staff like a piece of meat to the loading dock. There a truck with a cage mounted on the back was waiting for its new occupant. The big guards chained her upright and spread-eagled inside the thick bars and one attempted to forced a ball gag into her mouth. "I wish this was my cock instead!" he laughed as he tried to wedge her mouth open.

"I would bite it off!" she declared vehemently as her jaws wee forced wide apart finally and the gag inserted forcefully behind her teeth, held in place by a black leather harness, and then black bag was placed over her head and cinched around her neck .

"You will soon learn to service the Master Race like the whore you are!" the second guard slapped her across the face. He slapped her breasts a couple times and then cupped her wide spread sex in his powerful hands, enjoying the heat he felt in his palm. "Your cunt is nice and hot; it will keep the Fuehrer's cock nice and warm in the winter until he tires of it. Then you will be given to the troops to use slut!"

A tarp was draped over the cage as the truck left the loading dock and carried her to where she didn't know. The trip seemed long as the truck roared along between numerous stops the Amazon figured were stop lights or other traffic.

The trip gave her time to reflect on her current predicament. Her body, at least from the neck down was totally unresponsive to her, she could feel everything, but it just would not respond to her commands. Her mind seemed clear, and she could see and speak well enough, but the loss of control over her body that had always been so responsive was frightening! And to have been captured without a fight was humiliating to a warrior like Diana. "How could I have been trapped so easily?" she pondered, not cutting herself any slack for not knowing she had been sold out by her commander.

As she thought of the General all sorts of revenge flashed through her mind, but that would have to wait for now, she was in no shape to extract her vengeance. "But some day" she swore as she moved on to other matters.

As she was tossed and bounced about she came to realize there was very little she **COULD**do at the moment, so she reverted to her training as a warrior and relaxed her mind, her body was already relaxed for her. She retreated into her inner core to save her strength, she was sure she was going to need it in the coming days.

So deeply was she in her meditation she was startled when the truck bounced to a stop against another loading dock. She heard voices as the cage was released from the flatbed of the truck that hauled it there. She felt it jerk and sway as a forklift picked the still covered prison up and carried it into a warehouse.

"I need you to sign the freight arrived in good condition" a male voice spoke, just outside the prisoners enclosure.

"Very well!" answered a voice in a thick German accent, "Remove the tarp and they hood from our guest!"

Bright light blinded Diana for a moment, as her eyes adjusted to the glare she heard the first male voice exclaim, "My god! That's Wonder Woman in that cage!"

"That is right fool, she is a prisoner of the new Reich" the German voice proclaimed. Then Diana heard what could only be the sound of a silenced pistol, "PHHFFFT!" "Unfortunately you cannot be allowed to live now that you have seen her!" "PPPFFFHHTT!"

As Diana's vision cleared she saw a fat man dressed in the coveralls of the trucking company drop to the floor, a puddle of blood forming under him.

"Take the body and truck and dispose of them!" the German in an Gestapo Officer's uniform commanded. "Make sure it won't be found until after the surrender ceremony in two weeks, we don't want anyone spoiling the surprise for this backwards country do we?'

"No Herr Major!" another German voice responded, "Imagine their surprise as their heroine is displayed on stage!"

Diana watched as the driver was dragged away to be disposed of feet first, she wondered if he had a family that would miss him…

"Ah Wonder Woman, I see you are awake!" the Gestapo major exclaimed, "Good! It is time to start your training for your role in your country's surrender! Sergeant, please remove our guest from her cage and bring her to the interview room! Please strip and un-gag her as well, leave her undergarments and boots, for now!"

A huge, thickly muscled non com lifted Diana as another soldier unshackled her wrist and ankles. Her famous scarlet, gold and blue costume was humiliatingly removed and then they carried her out of the warehouse to a smaller room where a stark metal X frame dominated its surroundings, but they didn't put her on that. Instead she heard an electric motor whir and saw a heavy chain descend from the gloom overhead with a large hook at the end of it.

The Amazon's arms were pulled over her head as her wrists were bound together. Her ankles were spread wide and attached to steel rings firmly embedded in the concrete floor. The hook from the chain was attached to her wrist cuffs and the motor whirred again, this time the chain retracted upwards, pulling Wonder Woman's curvaceous body taunt as a bow string.

The huge German Sergeant unfastened the harness holding the ball gag, "Spit it out whore!" When she could not force it back out past her teeth he stuck a finger in behind it and into her mouth and forced it out himself. It felt like her jaw had been dislocated as the red ball gag spread them as it came out. She tried to bite down, but couldn't muster the strength to hurt him as he withdrew it easily.

The German Major then joined them and stood admiring her curves directly in front of her. "You are an amazing specimen Wonder Whore!" he pronounced loudly, "You are worthy of becoming the property of the new Reich!"

"I am no one's "Property" she spat vehemently. "You cannot own me you bastard!"

"Technically that is true," he conceded "for about another fourteen days anyway. Not until your President signs the surrender papers on Hitler's birthday. Until then you are a prisoner of the Reich. By the way, a prisoner that was found guilty of espionage in several trials spanning the length of the war, the penalty for that of course is death!"

"I would do everything I could all over again evening knowing what it means now you son of a bitch!" Diana shouted, her voice her only weapon.

"I am sure you would" Wonder Slut" the major smirked. "I am sure you would! But what you don't know is what is going to happen next. If you did you would be begging for mercy now!"

"I will never beg you for anything!" Diana declared flatly, "Never in a million years, do your worst Nazi!"

"You are wrong slut!" the German laughed. "We have enslaved hundreds of millions and broken tens of thousands as sluts. You will beg for a German cock on command slut, it is a matter of time. And speaking of time, we are wasting it! Bring me my kit Sergeant!"

The burly Nazi handed the Major a large black bag which he placed on a table in front of the hapless heroine where he unzipped it. Diana could not help but quail at the sight of the instruments he produced from its depths.

"I have always felt a good whipping is a good place to start, don't you agree Wonder Woman?' the Major asked off handily. "Oh, of course you wouldn't!" he laughed at his own joke.

A photographer was brought in and recorded her humiliation as her modesty was peeled away until she hung spread legged and stretched tight nearly naked in front of the major.

He reached out and hefted her left tit like it was a ripe melon he was weighing, and then he did her right. "We have so much to work with here don't we Wonder Woman! Now what is your given name, you weren't always Wonder Woman were you? I don't think addressing you as Wonder Woman is appropriate at the moment, give me your name."

She said nothing so he chuckled, "GOOODDD! I hate it when they give in too soon! I can do anything I want to you until you are broken, so please resist! Resist as long as you can so I don't have to turn you over to der Furheur! That means I will have more time to spend with you, so please hold on as long as you can before you beg me"

Diana felt the first glimmering of hatred in her soul, for Nazis in general but for the Baroness in particular. It had been her that tricked her into drinking the glass of drugged water, and of course she felt loathing for General Biggs who had sold her out. She concentrated on other things as the Nazi in front of her prattled on about what he intended to do.

When the whip landed across her tits her attention was snapped back quickly, "Twaacckk!" Thhhwwwaacck!" the small crop reddened her breasts. He stopped for amoment and cupped one of the glowing tits, "Feel how warm already!"

Her slid his hand between her breasts and grabbed her bra, stretching it as tight as he could, then he pulled it under her massive tits. "my, those are magnificent!" he declared. "See how they bounce!"

"TTHHWWWAACCK! TTHHHWWWAACCCK TTHHHWWWAACCK!" his crop landed again and again. Each stroke harder than the last, the pain becoming cumulative, each hurt a little more than the previous on.

At first she had no problem holding her tongue, but each new assault became just a bit more painful. When he landed a blow directly across her nipples, he was gratified to hear her grunt for the first time. "Look at that Sergeant!" the Major laughed, "The whore's nipples are hardening!"

Wonder Woman's face turned darker red than her whipped tits as he pointed out the fact her body was responding to his torment. He whipped her other nipple, again she grunted, and again the nub began to swell.

"Good girl!" the Nazi cooed like you would to an obedient dog, "Your body knows what it is, soon your mind will as well!"

"Never you Nazi bastard!" Diana declared bravely.

When the crop hit her extended nipple for the third time he was rewarded with a sharp little "yip" from his captive. "Good dog, bark for your master!" he laughed as he landed another directly on the other nipple.

Back and forth he went, alternating nipples, and then varying his pattern, giving her a moment to anticipate which was going to be struck next. Each lash brought a bit louder cry from the prisoner as he cropped her unmercifully, all the while mocking her.

"You see Wonder Cunt, strip you and whip you, you become just another whore!" he laughed, "Unable to keep your body from betraying you! All females are weak; you just thought you were something special when all you really are is an attractive set of holes for men to fuck!"

Soon her breasts were a roadmap of red welts, glowing in heat generated by the slow brutal whipping. He paused long enough to grab her mounds in his hand and squeeze them harshly, this time it was a clear cry of pain torn from her mouth, "OOWWW!" she moaned as he crushed down.

Hw kneaded them like bread dough for several long moments, then he slapped them with his open hand, back and forth, back and forth… "SSSLLAAAPPP! SSLLLLAAAPPP! SSSLLLAAAPPP!" until his hand grew sore. He knew her tits had to be burning badly now.

"Sergeant would you like to slap Wonder Whores tits?' the major asked.

When the blond Nazi Giant stepped forward, Diana looked up, tears in her eyes, she wanted to beg him not to slap her, but she knew it would do no good, so she steeled her nerve for more abuse. Unfortunately everything she had gotten so far seemed like a love tap as the Nazi guard swung his arm, his open hand slamming against her bouncing tits sounded like a clap of thunder. "CCCRRRRRAAACCCKKKK! CCCCRRRRRRAAACCCKKK!!"

The fourth swipe tore he first scream from Wonder Woman's mouth"OOOOAAAAWWW! OOOOWWWWW GGGAAAWWDDD!"

The twentieth got her to start pleading, "PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! I WILL TELL YOU MY NAME PLEASE!"

"No one is asking you now are they?' the Major laughed, "You had a chance to avoid this punishment, you should have answered when I gave you the chance. You are learning a valuable lesson; it would be a shame to cut it short wouldn't it? When I ask you a question, answer it immediately, it might be a while before I ask it again, and the time between asking will not be pleasant, well at least for you!'

"Bring me her lariat" the Major ordered and guard handed him Wonder Woman's magic lasso.

"I understand this has some very special properties" the Major stated holding it in front of his captive. "We have all sorts of accounts of how you used this weapon against us, ironic it will now be used to break you!"

Deep fear was clearly etched on Dian's face as she realized they knew, or at least suspected the powers contained in that lariat. She knew they could program her like a zombie, erase her mind completely, they could make her do anything they wanted with that golden loop!

"Please, Major…Major ?' she stammered, realizing she did not know his name.

"Oh, I am sorry, I did not introduce myself properly!" he quipped, "I am Major Swartz of the Gestapo and I am in charge of your re-education Wonder Woman!"

"Please major, I…" Diana stammered

"I know you are afraid I will use this rope to turn your mind into mush, or turn you into a whore?" he asked.

"Y…yes!" Diana answered.

"Or that I will use it to extract State Secrets?' he asked further.

"Yes" she admitted, her concern

He laughed as he answered, "Actually we could do that, we weren't sure if it would work, but you just confirmed our suspicions, thank you for the information!"

The words were like a body blow to Wonder Woman; this Nazi Bastard had just tricked her into confirming the powers of the lariat! Like a FOOL she had walked into his trap, and it wasn't even that clever! She resolved to never let that happen again.

Then he uttered the words that chilled her to her very soul, "When I finish you will BEG me to use the lariat on you bitch! You will beg me to remove your feeble mind so you won't remember what all you have done, what all you have told us! You will beg me to be merciful and wipe your mind clean of the guilt and pain. But I will not give you that relief until you beg on bent knees for the harm you have inflicted on the Reich. Not until you beg to serve as a fuck toy for the fatherland slut! This I promise, YOU WILL BEG! Sooner or later, you will be in front of me, on your knees with my cum on your chin begging me, have no doubt about it!"

NEVER YOU NAZI BASTARD!" she screamed back defiantly, "I would rather die first!"

"Well as property of the New Reich, you will not have that option slut!" the Baroness Paula von Gunther laughed as she entered the chamber. "You are ours now, see?'

She held a piece of paper in front of the prisoner, it was a long legal document, but Diana could see General Bigg's signature on it, write above that of the President of the United States, along with his official seal!

"It was the next to the last official act before he signed the surrender papers!" the Blond Gestapo Ober Fuehrer told her. "Your adopted country has sold you to us; you are ours to do with as we please."

"Not that theses bastards think they needed permission" though Diana bitterly to herself. She could not help the tears welling up in her eyes at the thought of her fate. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons had tried to get her to return to their hidden island, safe from the reaches of the Nazis when it became clear the German's and the Axis powers were going to win. But Diana loved her adopted country and to her mother's dismay she opted to stay and fight to the end. But now she had been sold out, there was to be no fight, only ignominious surrender! She had been sold out by those in charge of the country she had vowed to protect until the end.

Diana's mind wondered as she thought about the other super heroines, were they being rounded up as well? No one had seen Supergirl since the day she blasted off to Europe to stop the Nazi aggression, she never came back, nor was there any word of her fate. That left Aquagirl, the Green Lantern, Black Canary, the Huntress, and a handful of others to battle the black clad hordes of the Axis powers. More than a few had been killed or captured, news reels around the world showed Black Canary being hauled around in a cage from Berlin to conquered capital after conquered capital. Stripped nude in public and whipped for her "war crimes against the Reich". Canary was a famous singer in her other life, and she was made to perform that way for Nazi Axis leaders over and over again at political rallies and other government functions. She was also forced to perform as a whore for them as well.

"SSSSHHHHWWWAAACCCKKK!" pain tore through her left tit, up her spine and exploded in her brain…. "SSSHHHWWWAACCCKKK!! SSSSCCHHHWWWAACCKK!" more blinding pain tore through her tits as she realized the Major was using her own Lariat as a whip on her breasts!

"SWIISSSHHH ! SSHHWWWAACCKK!! SWWWIISHHH SSSCCHWWWACKK!" the improvised whip sang, colliding with her golden orbs.

Ten times, twenty times the lariat slashed at her bruised breasts as the sadist wielded the rope until her bountiful boobs were purple and welted.

"PPLLLEEAAASSSEEE SSSSTTTTOOOPPPPP!!!!" Wonder Woman pleaded after the second stroke. She begged over and over, her voice rising to a scream at each lash.


The German stopped his arm for a moment. "Beg me to let you tell me your name bitch!"

"Please, please, my name is Diana! Princess Diana of Themyscria!" she cried in agony, "Please no more, I told you what you asked… AAAAAWWWGHHHH!"

She screamed again in pain as the major lashed her tits five more times on the already battered mammary glands. "PPPLLLEEAAASEEEE I TOLD YOU!" she wailed.

The German paused, "I did not tell you to tell me, I told you to BEG to tell me you stupid cunt! Do you understand?'

"Please, may I tell you my name!" she sobbed, "Please…?'


"You will answer the Major's question you stupid cow, or I will have him flail the skin off those cow udders you call tits!" the Baroness snarled. "He asked if you understood, it is a simple yes or no question even a stupid cow has a chance to get right!"

"Yes, I understand!" Diana wailed.

"What do you understand cow?' the Major growled.

"I…I understand to answer promptly!" she whimpered, "Please don't hit me, tell me what you want, please!"

"Let us see if your bovine brain can comprehend this" the Major laughed. "You will answer me promptly, and you will call me master, and any female you address is of course mistress., do you understand?"

"Y…yes…m…master!" she managed to choke out, the vile words burning her raw throat, but her tits demanded mercy, she dared not defy him.

"Now remember, since we took the time to educate you, our valuable time to try to teach a stupid cow like yourself, ANY infraction will be cause for severe punishment, you have been warned!"

To his great satisfaction she answered fearfully, "Yes master!"

"Now, would you like to beg me to let you tell me your name?' the Nazi asked coldly.

"Yes Master!" she sobbed, "may I tell you my name?"


"You did not wait for me to answer your first question before you begged slut!" laughed the Baroness. She stepped forward and squeezed Diana's battered swollen tit flesh brutally. "Honestly, I do not see what men find so attractive about a woman with a cows udders, do you cow?'

Diana tried to think of what the German bitch wanted her to say, "No mistress, I do not understand what men like about women with cow udders..." then she added humiliatingly hoping to avoid further pain, "like mine"

"Very good cow!" the blond Nazi laughed, "You are learning, or being trained is more like it! You know you look like a cow, so you will answer as a cow! You will not use "I" or "me" from now on, you will refer to yourself as "this cow", is that clear? Does my big fat cow understand?'

Tears flowed down Diana's reddening cheeks as she formed the humiliating reply, "Yes Mistress, this cow understands!"

"Very good, for a stupid cow!" the Baroness laughed, "Perhaps there is hope for you yet livestock!" The sadist kept squeezing the purple welted tits roughly as Wonder Woman moaned in pain. "Is my fat cow's udders sore?" the Nazi mocked.

Humiliation even worse than the throbbing pain caused more tears to fall as Wonder Woman again formed her shameful response as she had been trained, "Yes Mistress"

"Yes Mistress WHAT!" the German crushed down on battered tit flesh as she emphasized the last word.

"Yes mistress" she sobbed, "Your fat cow's udders are sore"

"Sergeant, come here!" the Baroness ordered. After the huge Nazi guard stood next to her she asked him, "What do you think, are these the breasts of a woman, or the udders of a cow!?"

Te blond giant Nazi guard looked at Diana's swollen tit with disdain, "Udders worthy of a cheap pleasure camp whore Baroness!"

"I do not wish to touch them anymore Sergeant, but the cow clearly needs milked" the Ober Fuehrer stated coolly. "I know it is a lot to ask you to touch this disgusting pig, but would you be kind enough to wring every bit of milk from our cow for me?'

The Sergeant was about as dumb as he was big, "I don't think she is pregnant Baroness, I doubt we get much milk from those udders!"

The Baroness rolled her eyes at the Major and laughed, "I understand Sargeant, but we must make sure, please milk her until I say stop"

"Yes Baroness!" he snapped, finally getting her meaning. He took her left breast in his massive hand and clamped it around the base of the battered breast and slowly pulled down its length, squeezing tightly as he did.

Diana's screams at first muffled, then growing to ear drum bursting levels as he crushed her purple milk sacks while he stretched them to the point she thought they must surely be torn from her chest. At one point she almost wished they would it hurt so badly.

The Major let her be "milked" for nearly an hour, relieved the sergeant once himself. Every guard in the room had an opportunity to maul those world famous breasts. Finally Major Swartz asked, "Would you like to beg me to allow you to tell me your name?"

"Y…yes! Yes please, I… I mean…this cow means… Yes master, this cow would like to beg you to let me…it….it! Tell you its name!" she sobbed.

"All that time training a worthless piece of livestock and the cow still can't remember how to address its Master!" he laughed. "Well e have to move on, we will punish your stupidity later. But for now you may beg to give me your name, but be warned, you had better do it correctly!"

"Please master, may this cow give you its name?' she sobbed tearfully, her face red with shame.

"You forgot to thank me slut for allowing you to beg!" he snarled in response, "I am afraid your punishment will have to continue, you need further training before we can converse. And I had such high hopes we were making progress too!"

"No! Please master NOOOOOO!" Diana cried, actually pissing herself in fear! As soon as she said it she regretted her outburst, begging a man for mercy was a shameful thing to an Amazon Princess! But it was worse than she thought, the results of her outburst that is.

"You insolent COW!" screamed the Baroness, "He did not give you permission to beg for mercy! HANG THE BITCH BY THOSE COW UDDERS!"

"NNNOOOOOOOO!!! PPPLLEEEAAASSEE NNNNOOO!" Diana cried in terror now, until the big guard back handed her across the mouth to shut her up.

"For that last bit of unauthorized begging I have an addition to your punishment Wonder Udders!" the Major warned. "Remove her boots as well! Then give her the antidote for the paralyzing drug"

The guards lowered the chain stretching her up towards the ceiling and she collapsed in a heap, she still was unable to move a muscle as they pulled off her famous red boots. She actually shook in fear, something the Amazon had never experienced in her life.

"Odd" she thought almost distractedly as the boots were removed, "Odd how much those meant to me, even after all the humiliation thus far!" It was like they took the last of her Wonder Woman persona…

Burly guards held her upright while the Major took her own lariat and wrapped it tightly around the base of her breasts. They almost instantly swelled even further and grew a deeper shade of purple. The blood trapped in them forced her nipples to swell as well; they were nearly the size of the last joint of the Major's index finger. Her hands were bound together behind her back; a bar with cuffs spread her legs wide. She was rapidly regaining the use of her limbs; well she would have if she wasn't so tightly bound.

The hook dangling from the ceiling was fastened to the end of the golden lasso and when they hoisted her off the ground by her tits, the coils of the rope constricted to tiny loops around the base of her breasts barely three inches across!

"AAAAWWWWGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed the dangling heroine as she was lifted off her feet, her full weight hanging from her milk bags. "GGGGAAAAWWDDDDD! AAAWWWWWWGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" She thrashed wildly now, but all that did was stretch her tits even more, when she realized thrashing about only hurt her more, she relaxed and stopped thrashing, swinging slowly like a clock pendulum.

The major produced two small blocks, with many tacks protruding from the wooden rectangles. He placed them under her feet and lowered her far enough that if she stood on the blocks, it would relieve some of the awful pressure on her tits, but of course she would have to stand on the tacks…

The needle like nails were not very big, but in the soles of her feet the felt like rail road spikes were being rammed through her feet! She stood on them for as long as she could stand, then she had to step off, "AAAWWWGGGGAAAAAWWDDDD!" she screamed as her own weight tore at her tits again. After just a few moments she had to swing herself back on the blocks and its sharp spikes.

"Very ingenious major" the Baroness laughed as she saw Wonder Woman's plight, "Very ingenious indeed, you are to be commended on your inventiveness!"

"Thank you Baroness!" he replied, giving a small bow from the waist, "but we have used this before as you may recall!"

"Ah yes, now I remember Black Canary trying to sing in this rig!" the female officer laughed. "It was greatly amusing, a hit a Stalin's execution as I recall! Then everyone fucked her, she must have been fucked by three hundred men that night!"

"And at least one woman!" the Major chuckled as he looked at the blond baroness, undisguised lust in his eyes!

"She did look lovely with that cock gag sticking out of her mouth didn't she?' the Nazi woman laughed. "Now I am getting hot, I may have to use the General's mouth again. May I borrow the Sergeant? I need a body guard and driver, I think I will have the General eat my cum in front of his wife!"

"The baroness is second to none in inventiveness'!" the major laughed. "My poor efforts pale in comparison."

"After the damages he wrought on our armies in the past he has it coming!" she declared.

As they two