Supergirl vs The Demon: Chapter 1

Author: Steve Morley
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Supergirl versus the Demon




Karr's sprit withered under the searing pain of the vortex in which he was trapped. How long he'd been here he no longer remembered. His father was master of time on this plane, it could have been five minutes or five centuries.

What was left of his mind thought back to the defeat that had led him here. How could a mortal be that strong that powerful. They had fought for an hour back and forth across the sky above the city of metropolis . Then she had thrown Karr's broken and battered body to the city streets below .The legs and back of his material form had been broken by the fall. All he could do was half turn his head and open one catlike yellow eye. She was standing above him, her long shapely legs slightly apart her hands upon hips. The strange "S" symbol on her chest slightly distorted by the swell of her full breasts. He looked up at her face framed by her long blond hair to see a slight smile play across her lips. She had enjoyed destroying him Karr could sense that much . He left his body to die and fled back to hell.

His father had been furious when he returned throwing Karr to the vortex the pain he was sure had long ago driven him mad.

Lazurus pulled on the long black ceremonial robe of his order and approached the pentagram drawn in chalk upon the floor. Kneeling before it he begins to chant the words of summoning repeating them faster and faster . The room grows cold and the candles placed around the pentagram flicker and die.


"I hear you Lazarus" . The voice sounded cold and emotionless in Lazurus's mind

"We your servants are in need of aid ".Lazurus could barely keep the anticipation from his voice

"What is your desire Lazarus".

"It has been two years since your son was defeated and his sprit banished from this plane. These have been hard years for us master Our plans have been stifled our power made impotent. Time after time Supergirl has defeated us. We desire revenge and we wish your son to be the instrument of our vengeance".

Lazurus paused he caught his breath awaiting the response.

"My son has already failed to subdue this mortal once I would spare him more humiliation".

Lazurus drew a deep breath. "Master I pledge my soul that this time it will be different please listen .Six mouths ago one of my operatives working in area51

on a government project studying telepathy came across a remarkable child. His name is Paul and he has the power to control men's minds. We have already tried to use his powers against Supergirl but unfortunately her mind is to strong to control. However Paul was able to weaken her. In this weakened state your son will defeat her easily. Please Master help us rid ourselves of this troublesome pest."

"How is it you are able to control this Paul if he has the powers you claim", whispered the voice ".

"The government scientists at area 51 have built a device that can prevent Paul from using his powers against us .His guards and any of my people who deal with Paul are issued with it. As to controlling him that is not a problem, at the moment he thinks we are his friends, if however this were to change I suspect he will prove just as susceptible to the usual vices as an ordinary boy."

"Very well Lazurus", the voice whispered, "I will send you my son, but I warn you , you have promised me your soul and I will take it if you fail".

Karr's sprit rushed towards the light. His fathers forgiveness making his sprit sore. He was to be given another chance and this time he would not fail, he would crush that female insect into the dust ,he would take her powers and leave her broken.

Yes, he thought death would be too easy let her suffer as he had had too, lets see how you cope with humiliation and defeat Supergirl. Karr's laughter boomed out as he whirled faster and faster towards the light.

Lazurus eyed the creature laid out on the massive stone slab before him. It was at least 15 feet tall its huge leathery wings spread out around it. The body its self was massive and powerfully muscled, the horned head small in comparison.

It was lifeless at the moment but soon thought Lazurus it would have life ,a bright and terrible life.

Paul was bored "I'm bored", he said to his red haired companion. "Why's it taking so long anyway".Paul glared out the window down upon the roof of the neighbouring skyscraper he could just make out Lazurus's people busy preparing their surprise for Supergirl. He remembered their first encounter how he had been unable to control her mind , she had the strongest will he'd ever encountered. All he had managed was to project waves of weakness at her mind ,it had worked she had become visibly weaker but it had not affected the outcome Lazurus's thugs were still easily overpowered by the girl of steel.Paul had thought at the time that Lazurus would be angry with him, but no he had seemed satisfied enough.

The red haired guard looked down at Paul "we've just got to be patient Lazurus said to wait so we wait how about another game of chess".

Paul ignored him and continued to stare out of the window.

Karr opened his catlike yellow eyes and sat up , he flexed his powerful arms admiring the rippling cord of muscle beneath his green flesh ,and beat his wings until they were outstretched to their full 30 foot span. He glanced lazily around him taking in the rows and rows of his black clad kneeling followers

"At last" ,he hissed "I'm alive"

One of his followers stood, "I am Lazurus lord , chief among those who serve you here."

"My father has informed me of your plan Lazurus, and of your part in my reinstatement I am in your debt." Lazurus fell to his knees his head bowed.

" Come Lazurus I am keen to set things in motion, as long as that woman has power here I will have no peace let us set about her destruction I am eager for my vengeance".

Lazurus stood and led Karr from the hall.

Linda Danvers jogged effortlessly along the beach towards the beach house she was renting for the summer, although jogging was unnecessary from a fitness point of view she found it helped her to relax and gave her time to think.She reached the back door and let herself in pulling the top of the jogging suit over her head as she did so.

"Boy could I use a shower , she thought, as she removed her jogging bottoms revealing her long shapely tanned legs. Her panties and sports bra soon followed and Linda paused to admire her body in the bedroom mirror, the large firm breasts, the flat stomach ,the slight flair of her womanly hips ,and those legs. Your just too gorgeous , she thought as she blew a kiss at the mirror.

After she'd showered Linda switched on the television to catch the news.

"And now for the main story of the day", said the slick MCN anchor man."International terrorists have taken over the top floor of the of the Pegasus building here in Metropolis taking about a hundred hostages. These scenes took place about 30 minutes ago and I should warn you , you may find their content disturbing.

The scene abruptly changes to an aerial view from above the Pegasus building. An armed gunman frog-marches an obviously terrified woman on to the heli-pad on the roof and without a pause blows her brains out the back of her head.

The horrible scene is replaced by the concerned features of the MCN anchor man.

"The terrorists made this demand shortly after the shooting".

The picture again changes this time showing a masked gunmen.

"Supergirl I hope your listening because unless your here within the next hour theirs going to be a lot of dead hostages around here", the gunman points his gun at the camera for emphasis.

Careful what you wish for buddy, thought Linda as she rushed into the bedroom and rapidly changed into her supergirl costume.

Five minutes later she was flying over the pegasus building in Metropolis city centre. She spotted one of the gunmen on the rooftop, swooped down and with a gentle flick of her wrist sent him flying against the wall on the opposite side of the building, he sank slowly to the deck and did not get up again.

"So we meet again mortal", a voice hissed from behind her. Supergirl whirled in time to see Karr land gracefully on the rooftop. "I thought I'd finished you at our last meeting", replied the girl of steel, as she took up her usual stance legs slightly apart hands on hips.

"Before this is over your going to wish you had",said the demon and in one mighty leap covered the distance between them. Fast as he was , Supergirl was faster she caught his huge taloned hands at the wrist just inches from her pretty face.The muscles in her arms swelled and the demons clawed hands were pushed back. A slight smile played across Supergirls lips as she realised she was the stronger.

From the window of the skyscraper overlooking the pegasus building Paul watched as Supergirl and the monster friend of Lazurus squared up to each other. Quickly he established a link between his and the girl of steels mind. Again Paul marvelled at her colossal will power, her mind was so strong it was beyond his ability to control. He knew >from their last encounter though that he could weaken her enough for Lazurus's friend to defeat her.He began projecting wave after wave of weakness into Supergirls mind.

Karr shook off Supergirls hold and they both circled each other warily . The petite form of Supergirl dwarfed by the muscle bound bulk of the huge demon.This time when Karr attacked Supergirl was too slow , the huge fist smashing into her face sending her spinning out of control .

Supergirl landed awkwardly on the street below her head still reeling from the force of the blow. I don't remember him being that strong , she thought as she climbed to her feet and launched herself back towards the rooftop. Still I've already defeated him once I can do it again.

Supergirl gritted her teeth and swooped down on the demon, but with incredible speed Karr reached up and grabbed her around the throat with one huge taloned hand. Supergirls eyes flew wide as she tried with both hands to dislodge his grip. His strength was incredible he just held her powerless. Suddenly Karr pulled the struggling superheroine towards him and smashed his head to the bridge of her nose. The stunned Supergirl went limp as Karr grabbed her by one of her shapely legs and began spinning her rapidly above his head. When she had reached sufficient speed Karr released her sending her spinning towards the skyscraper opposite. The girl of steel crashing through two concrete walls before coming to rest partially embedded in a third. Before she could break lose Karr had grabbed her by her long blond hair and began smashing her head against the partially demolished wall. Karr released her hair and Supergirl fell stunned to her knees before the huge demon.

Karr took a deep breath and exhaled, releasing a thick cloud of green gas totally enveloping the prone superheroine. This power had been given to him by his father as it was necessary if their plans for Supergirl were to succeed. The gas was not a weapon that would effect Supergirl herself, it would however break down the complex molecular structure that made her costume indestructible.

Supergirl climbed unsteadily to her feet only to be met by another series of crushing blows ,again she was driven to her knees. Karr grabbed her by her cloak and dragged her through the building and launched himself into the sky.Again he began whirling the helpless Supergirl above his head this time by her cloak. Before he could release her the fabric of Supergirls cloak ripped sending her crashing towards the ground.

Karr pulled the dazed Supergirl from the Supergirl shaped hole in the road, twisting her round so she was facing away from him. He then pulled her arms behind her back and twisted them slightly to keep them straight,before launching them both skyward

Once he had gained sufficient height, he reached under Supergirls skirt and ripped away the thin strip of blue fabric with one hand while pinning both her wrists with the other. Supergirl began to panic as she felt the cold air on her now naked pussy surly he was't going to rape her, she thought. Karr reached around Supergirls hips and began rubbing the girl of steels clit with one long taloned finger, while at the same time his huge misshapen penis drooped from its internal protective sheath. It grew rapidly to its full two foot length, the huge green head covered in wartlike protuberance's.

Supergirl thrashed around wildly in the demons vicelike grip.

"You can't do this to me I'm Supergirl" , she gasped as the demons finger continued to massage her clit.

"No nooooooh" , cried the helpless heroine as the demon inserted first one finger and then another into her now sopping wet snatch.

I can't be enjoying this I can't, thought Supergirl as she felt her orgasm begin to build under the demons relentless finger fucking. Karr held the lips of Supergirls pussy apart while he positioned the head of his huge penis. Then in one brutal thrust he rammed himself deep into the girl of steels pussy. Supergirl froze , as she felt the Huge penis ram into her. "No nooooh ",she cried as a huge orgasm wracked her body ,sending her head flying back as she let out a scream of total defeat.

Karr felt the surge of power as he brought Supergirl to a shuddering climax , little did she realise that with every orgasm she had she was transferring her superpowers to him. Not giving her a chance to recover the huge demon began pound into her defenceless pussy, forcing her to pant as with each savage thrust the air was knocked from her lungs.Supergirl began to feel weaker and weaker as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body.

Paul felt Supergirls will suddenly snap, at last he had full access to her mind. Eagerly he began to rifle through the contents of her pretty blond head like a hacker through someone else's files.

Mmm this is interesting, he thought as he delved through the girl of steels sub conscious ,so the mighty Superbitch has a rape fantasy dose she. A mischievous smile played across Pauls lips as he removed the strong psychological blocks that had enabled Supergirl to suppress this fantasy so deeply. Your going to go from Supergirl to Superslut, thought Paul as he broke contact with her mind .

Karr felt the last of Supergirls power drain from her body and into his, he had never felt so strong so powerful. Lifting the defeated heroine from his still hard cock he turned her round to face him, holding her one handed by her wrists so she dangled before him. How could this ever have defeated him, he thought. He whirled her once round his head and the released her, watching as she disappeared over the horizon.

For a long time the destruction of that mortal had been the only goal of Karr's life he felt strangely empty now that he had destroyed her. Still with her out of the way he'd be free to do as he pleased on this world , these human insects have no idea whats coming, he thought. His booming laughter rang out as turning he launched himself skyward.