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The Domination of Wonder Woman - Part 1.

Diana had just finished another exhausting day at the defense department and plopped herself down on the brown rattan sofa that dominated the living room of her downtown apartment. Colonel Trever, Steve to her and to all his closest friends, had put poor Ms. Prince through several weeks of extensive paperwork. Field duty was one thing but three weeks of filing, filling out reports and cataloging old cases totally devastated the voluptuous amazon as she lay on the couch, half asleep, starring up at the white stucco ceiling.

“Only men could invent such a hideous torture.” thought Diana as her head slowly pounded from the hours of typing and reading. “All the Nazis have to do is come up with something that will destroy carbon-paper and the free world will crumble.”, she mused.

Suddenly she heard a dull thud from the bedroom as what seemed like something heavy hit the plush carpet. Slowly she got up. “I wonder if who ever that is heard me come in...”, she thought to herself as she stealthily moved down the hallway of her apartment toward the bedroom.

At the end of the hall she could see the door to her bedroom half open, The light of the afternoon sun lit up the room making the hallway much darker than the rest of the apartment. She dared not turn on the hallway light, fearing this would give her away.

“THUD-THUD”. This time she was sure she was not alone and she quickly retreated back down the hallway, through the living room and into the kitchen. Being careful to close the door behind her, Diana quickly removed her glasses and placed them on the kitchen table and, in the same fluid motion, she began to spin in a graceful, ballerina style twirl.

At that moment, a blinding white ball of light engulfed her and in a flash, Diana Prince, defense department liaison and secretary, changed into the insatiable Wonder Woman. “I think things will be on a little more even level now.” Diana softly exclaimed as she steadied herself.

Reaching up she checked her head for the feminim barrette that she always wore, making sure it had materialized. At the same time she checked her magical belt to make sure it was on and secure. Her transformation process was directly proportional to her concentration level and she had to make sure everything appeared.

Most of the time she changed and had no problems with the magical process but a few times, under one or two distracting circumstances, she had changed, not pulling some of her costume or accessories from the mystical plane that stored them. One time, on a crowded street, during an intense fire fight, she changed and forgot to summon her feminim bracelets, leaving herself in a very distressing position.

The most important accessory, the one she could not do without however, was her magical belt. This mystical item was the embodiment of her psychic spirit and, while away from paradise island, was the only way she could draw psychic strength from the elements, giving her the incredible strength, skill and stamina of Wonder Woman.

Now ready to meet her new ‘guest’, Diana slowly, but confidently, moved through her apartment and toward her bedroom. Reaching the door to the room she shifted to one side to see through the open crack but all she could see was the summer breeze blowing the curtains in waves across the window.

Suddenly, a hand slipped around her waist and firmly grabbed her solar plexus, pulling her backward. At the same time another hand reached around her head and clamped itself down over her mouth, taking her by surprise.

Confidently thinking her assailant was just a burglar, Wonder Woman held back using her full strength and tried to throw her much weaker attacker against the wall with just enough controlled force to stun them. To her surprise however, she was held fast by her assailant. In fact, her attacker seemed almost as strong as she was.

Diana stepped up her struggling, twisting and pushing while trying to pull the attacker’s hand from her mouth. Instantly she noticed her attacker was not a man but a woman, a very strong woman.

The two danced about in the darkened hallway as each one attempted to gain control of the other, pulling and pushing each other into the walls, trying to throw the other off balance. The assailant’s grip, however, began to weaken. Sensing her opponent faltering, Diana grabbed the arm from around her waste and in a massive, adrenaline induced effort, spun the attacker around and flipped her head first into the sun lit bedroom.

The attacker hit the floor of the bedroom with an incredibly loud ka-thump which could only have been made by Diana throwing a body, with her full strength, to the floor. She immediately panicked as the thought of this poor sole having every bone in their body smashed to bits rushed into her mind.

Her fears were instantly quelled however as a childish, school girl giggle rang out from the bedroom. Walking into the room, Diana took one look at her determined attacker and a grin of relief and surprise came across her face. There, sprawled on the floor and sitting on her rear like a big raggedy Ann doll was her little sister Drucella.

“Dru! What are you doing here?”, exclaimed the pleasantly surprised heroine. “Oh Diana, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I’d stop by.” replied Drucella as she sat rubbing her rather sore rear end.

“Oh come now little sister. Do you honestly expect me to believe that?” Diana asked folding her arms across her chest and cocking her hips to one side.

“Well, actually, mother sent me to remind you about the Paradise Island flower festival coming up next month. The royal princess must attend to receive her yearly honoring of flowers from our people” said Drucella.

“But mother didn’t need to send you here. She could have just sent me a telepathic message. You didn’t pester her to come did you?” asked Diana suspiciously.

“Oh... well... just a little pestering...”

Diana shot Drucella a guilty stare.

“Oh but Diana, I did so much want to come. The outside world is so fabulous, so mysterious.”

“And also dangerous!” sternly replied Diana. “You remember what happened to you the last time you were here don’t you?” “Well, yeah but... nothing really bad happened and besides... it was kind of exciting getting kidnapped by those Nitzies.” jokingly replied Drucella.

“That’s Nazis and they’re nothing to laugh at. They are extremely dangerous people and they’re the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing.” Diana walked up and embraced Drucella, holding Dru’s head to her chest.

“I don’t think I could bear it if anything bad happened to you. I know you can take care of yourself but, these men are not honorable. They don’t play fair.”

“I know Diana but mother did say it would be good for my education. Besides I’ll be extra EXTRA careful this time, honest.” pleaded Drucella in her best puppy dog whimper. She was always able to get what she wanted from Diana or mother this way. The way her big brown eyes lit up with the slightest hint of tears melted almost any one’s heart.

“Well... OK. But be CAREFUL. Mother would kill me if something happened to you.” Diana said strictly.

“Oh thank you Diana! Thank you! Now can we go and get a, what do they call it, an ice cream sundae?” Drucella replied, hopping up and down like an excited school girl.

“Oh Dru! You’re so incorrigible. OK, if it will keep you out of my hair.” said Diana in a tired, half hearted voice. “I can’t go with you now, however, I’m waiting for a call from Pamela Sanders, one of the women I work with at the war department. She said she’s tracking down a lead on an old case and will let me know what she finds.”

“Oh, what ever.” said the young, half interested amazon as she looked about Diana’s bedroom at the various decorations and items Diana had collected during her stay in the outside world.

“Here, take this. A couple of dollars should do it.” said Diana as she handed Drucella the money she kept in a drawer in the night stand next to the bed. “Just enough to keep you in ice cream sundaes all day.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. They use money. Gosh Diana, I’ll never get used to that.” Drucella hastily grabbed the bills and headed for the door in a rather childlike skipping motion.

“Ehem... Dru...” Diana said in a remindful tone as she stood leaning against the door frame of the bedroom staring at Drucella in the hall. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Drucella stared back at Diana curiously as Diana held up her hand and twirled her finger about in a circular motion.

“Oh! Silly me.” and with that the young heroine began spinning in place. After the white flash died down, Drucella stood wear a Sunday dress, bobby socks, sneakers and her hair in ribbons, her costume stored in the mystical plane until needed again.

“Now I might be out when you get back. There’s a key under the mat out back. Just let yourself in.” Diana informed her.

“Wonder Woman work?” eagerly asked Drucella?

“Maybe. But nothing I want you involved in. Now SCOOT!” and with that, Diana patted Drucella on her rear and escorted her out the front door.

Pamela Sanders was one of the only female field agents the defense department used. Sometimes it was easier for a woman to do undercover work than a man since less suspicion fell on women. The US. government didn’t normally use women so the enemy usually expected men as agents and this was a plus for Pam.

She had been working with Diana Prince for the last 3 weeks reviewing files and they had found something that might be a lead. Diana had pieced together several bits of information from several files and through a certain degree of logic, she had deduced that there might be a Nazi spy headquarters located in the private beach communities north of town.

Several people had reported unusual activity and what they called “strange lights and sounds” emanating from some of the cliff side beaches along the ocean. Since most of these communities weren’t being used during the war because of constantly annoying blackouts and noisy ocean bombardment drills by naval vessels on old tankers, it seemed strange any activity at all would be there. Also, most of the beaches that were reported to have the strange activities were inaccessible to most people due to high cliffs and rough water conditions.

Pamela was heading north along the coast highway in a small desoto. After about two hours of driving she pulled off down a small road that lead steeply toward a bluff that overlooked the thin strip of beach below.

It was about six o’clock as Pamela brought the car to a stop at the edge of the bluff and got out. The mid summer sun was still high in the sky but the steep cliffs behind her hid its decent, causing a dark, cool shadow to cast over the bluff, cooling off the blazing heat of the day.

Looking about at the steep trail that wound its way down to the distant beach below, Pamela sighed heavily, knowing she had a major trek on her hands. “These high heels and skirt aren’t going to hack it.” she mumbled to herself as she pulled a small bag from the passenger side seat.

Unzipping the bag she removed a small pair of black, cotton shorts, a khaki, light blue shirt and a pair of sneakers and proceeded to remove the heavy gray skirt and cotton shirt. The highway was nearly invisible from the bluff and she figured if she can’t see the road, nobody on the road could see her. With her bra falling into the passenger seat, she now stood completely naked on the bluff except for the thin pair of underpants she had been wearing under her skirt.

Pamela was a very fit, fairly attractive woman in her late twenties with a very short, curly head of blondish, white hair which was always permed and sat high on her head. She was rather tall, but not as tall as Diana, who stood a towing 6’4” in heels. Even though it was not vogue for women to be overly muscular or fit, Pamela worked out on a regular basis in order to compete as best as she could with the male operatives she worked with.

Her muscularity didn’t show however, being covered by a nice soft layer of body fat. It was hard to maintain this balance of fitness and softness, however. It wouldn’t do to have an agent play the role of a wife or mistress with hard, bulging muscles. This alone would be a dead give away as to her identity.

She had long firm legs which ran up to a nice, round set of full hips. Her waist was rather tiny and ran up toward a rather wide set of shoulders and an impressive pair of firm but soft breasts. She was large breasted as women go but she always felt that Diana was much larger. She managed to confirm her suspicions one time though it was extremely difficult since that mouse of a woman never wore anything revealing. There were times, however, when she could catch a glimpse here or a stare there as Diana would bend over to pick up a file folder or stretch back to yawn.

One time, she even invited Diana to a steam sauna, hoping to catch her naked in the shower or get a peek under her towel. “I’m from a very religious family,” Diana would say. “Its wrong for us to disrobe in front of anybody, including other women.”

“Totally absurd,” Pamela thought at the time. “That woman is going to be a spinster, poor thing. She can’t even take off those ridiculous glasses in the steam room. How can anyone claim to need a pair of fogged up glasses to see with?”

Pamela had grown up in a family of cops. Her father was a police captain and her three brothers were all police officers. Boys were everywhere in her life and she had little exposure to women when she was younger. Her mother had died of polio when she was young and she had become the woman of the house until she was old enough to set out on her own.

When she was about 14, she had an experience where she was tied up by the neighborhood boys while playing cops and robbers. They left her bound and gagged in a tool shed while they played like they were rescuing her from one side or another.

While she lay helpless, one of the neighborhood girls snuck in and started to tickle her with a feather. At first it was very uncomfortable since the girl was tickling her feet but it started to feel real good as the feather moved up along the inside of her bare thigh. The other girl was fascinated by Pamela’s reaction and began tickling her breasts in experimentation. This was the first time Pamela had ever climaxed and she always remembered it being extremely intense.

She figured this was why she had such a strong fascination with bondage and having sex with other women. She had outward relationships with men, which usually amounted to nothing at all, but, behind closed doors, she and her female friends played out the fantasies that really made her excited.

This was also partially why she worked so hard to join the defense department. The thrill of being caught, the excitement of the danger was a narcotic she could not resist.

Diana was a fascination to her. She knew there was a great body under that drab uniform, dull hairdo and dumpy glasses. “I just know she’s a wildcat waiting to burst,” Pamela would say to herself. “She’s like a powder keg ready to blow, I just know it. But how do I set off the fuse?” Pamela remembered one time. however, when she got very close to doing just that.

One evening, after working her undercover assignment as a barmaid to break a spy ring, Pamela had returned to the office only to find Diana working another one of her dedicated overtime nights doing some ridiculous research assignment for that dullard Steve Trevor.

After talking with each other for a bit, Diana sat back in her chair with her head leaning over the head rest, and shut her eyes to get a moments rest. Pamela could see her well pronounced profile and became instantly aroused by the situation.

Slowly she sauntered over to the relaxing brunette sitting so serenely in her chair. Putting her hands on Diana’s shoulders, she began to slowly massage her back. Pamela was sure Diana would jump 10 feet in the air, get all flustered and tell her something like “Where she comes from people just don’t do that kind of thing”.

For several moments, however, Diana said and did nothing. After a long period of silence, Diana’s shoulders relaxed and she let out a low, soft moan. It was like an ice cube melting and shifting its weight in a glass of warm, intoxicating bourbon. The large woman below her slowly relaxed and sank deeper into the chair. Her neck began to slowly rotate rhythmically as Pamela’s hands worked their way around Diana’s shoulders.

Then Diana let out another sigh which surprised Pamela and almost made her stop her massage. The first one was expectantly low with the sound of relief attached to it but this second one was different. It was higher in pitch and very heavy as though the mysterious woman was thinking something deep, almost dark in nature. It said to Pamela one thing, the thing she wanted to hear, the thing that made her tingle with excitement and anticipation; welcome.

This was too good to be true. All her fantasies were becoming reality as this shy, beautiful girl below her slowly weakened and submitted. With her left hand massaging Diana’s left shoulder, Pamela slowly slid her right hand across Diana’s right shoulder and down her right arm, stopping at her upper arm. She grasped it firmly but gently and paused for a few moments holding Diana’s upper arm in such a way as to say “Hello, may I come in?”

Diana responded with another soft moan and at the same time she relaxed her mouth and let her jaw drop causing her full, red lips to part. Her facial muscles totally relaxed along with the muscles around her eyes giving her a kind of dreamy, entranced look.

At this point Pamela proceeded to move her hand along Diana’s long arm down to her right hand. Placing her hand over the back of Diana’s, Pamela slowly caressed it. This drew a heavy breathe from the large brunette.

At the same time Pamela leaned into Diana, placing her mouth close to Diana’s right ear and she began to slowly but lightly rub Diana’s earlobe with her soft, dry lips. Diana was breathing heavily now through her mouth and moaned again in another low, dull moan of enjoyment.

To Pamela it was like trying to sneak up on a frightened deer. Slowly she had to earn Diana’s trust before she could move closer. Too much boldness would scare her off. Too little would make the actions predictable and boring. Either way she could loose the spell she had over this incredible woman if she wasn’t careful.

Watching Diana at work, Pamela sensed that maybe this woman was like her. Maybe she too enjoyed pleasures only women of her day could experience behind closed doors. The way this woman moved, the way she reacted to touch all said the same thing to Pamela, a message she enjoyed seeing in another woman.

Risking it all Pamela decided to send a message to this hypnotized girl sitting in front of her, a message that said: “I’m like you. Don’t be afraid.” Slowly wrapping her fingers around Diana’s right wrist, Pamela gently slid Diana’s right arm back behind the chair. As she did so, she placed her thumb in the palm of the other woman’s hand and gently squeezed it.

Diana’s breathe quickened as she let out a short sigh.

Her legs squeezed together ever so slightly as her hips rocked. This cuased her legs to slowly slide back and forth. Her lower legs curled lazily to one side of the chair as her thighs gently rubbed together. Her right hand curled closed, wrapping her fingers around Pamela’s thumb squeezing it gently.

Pamela let go of Diana’s left shoulder and slide her other hand down Diana’s left arm, gently grasping her other wrist. She pulled the other arm back behind the chair, careful not to scare this incredibly shy woman.

Diana responded by shifting slightly, rolling her wide shoulders back over the back rest of the wooden chair. Pamela crossed the woman’s hands and held them in place with the thumb and fore finger of her right hand, clamping Diana’s wrists gently together.

Diana’s hands curled slightly shut as Pamela reached up and pulled her scarf from around her own neck. Using the scarf she slowly wrapped it around Diana’s wrists; twice across the outside and twice between the arms in a vertical direction, making the scarf cross her wrists in both directions. Then, releasing Diana’s wrists with the other hand, Pamela tied both ends of the scarf together with a single, symbolic knot, securing the brunette’s hands.

Diana still lay motionless in the chair. Pamela was utterly shocked this had gone on this long. “Doesn’t this girl ever get any?” she thought, “Poor thing. I’ll just have to fix that.” Returning her lips to Diana’s right ear, she again began to gently nibble the woman’s earlobe.

Diana responded by breathing heavier. She slowly slid her head back and forth, complimenting and enhancing Pamela’s movements around her ear. Her head then turned to the right, rolling farther back and Pamela found her lips lightly touching Diana’s soft, warm cheek. Her mouth was so close, so tempting. Those full red lips, moist and shiny, sat helplessly entranced and at Pamela’s mercy.

A wet kiss at this point would certainly break the spell and fearing the loss, Pamela refused to risk it. Instead, she moved her mouth across Diana’s cheek, lightly caressing it with her lips. As she did this, she reached around to Diana’s front and slowly unbuttoned her blazer, being careful not to tug or pull the material, so as not to give away her actions.

The blazer fell open and slid to either side of the woman’s chest. Looking down, Pamela was amazed at the spectacle before her. This girl was huge. Not distastefully large like some women she new but very pleasantly ample. In fact the size of her breasts coupled with the angle of her back, forced the sides of her blazer to fall completely away to either side.

Looking down the girl’s shirt, Pamela could see an amazing canyon of cleavage. The tan gap of skin ran outward and curved downward as the two spherical glands came together in an impressive union of smooth, plump flesh. Even with her breasts pushed together by her bra, they still were large enough to extend past the sides of her rib cage.

Pamela’s hand found itself moving slowly up Diana’s chest, lightly gliding the fingernail of her middle finger over the fabric of the shirt. Upon reaching Diana’s right breast she stopped for a moment, then, ever so lightly, she ran her finger along the bottom curvature of the breast, stimulating it with a slight touch.

Diana surged at this point, rolling her chest and pushing her right breast toward the stimuli. She let out a deep, heavy moan as she began to slowly roll and arch her back. As she pushed her right breast forward, her nipple grew hard and protruded through the bra and shirt causing a noticeable rise to appear, forcing her shirt to stretch tighter around her plump breast.

Pamela slide her nail over the erect nipple and, in a circular pattern, began teasing it with a slight tickling motion. Diana began to sigh and moan rhythmically as Pamela quickened the pace, tickling the helpless nipple faster and faster.

The woman’s breathing grew lighter and quicker as her back arched higher and higher. Pamela was amazed at the sensuality of this meek girl and was enjoyably astonished as this sheep of a woman began to moan loudly and erotically.

Suddenly, without warning, a loud CA-THUNG rang out from under the chair and both girls fell backward as the spring under the chair broke sending Diana piling on top of Pamela. Almost as quickly as she landed on top of Pam, Diana sprang to her feet, twisting and wiggling her shoulders as she untied herself.

“Um... uh... I have to go... Its late...” nervously stuttered Diana as she snatched up her glasses and quickly shoved them back on her blushing red face. In a panic she looked about the room and grabbed a handful of files from the desk, and used them to cover her chest.

“I... uh ... I have to go over these files by morning... I’m sorry I can’t stay.... Could you lock up... thanks?” and with that, the stuttering, nervous brunette grabbed her purse and the wrong coat from the coat rack and head quickly out the door.

Pamela stood up slowly and walked over to the half open door and watched as Diana strutted down the hall like a skittish chicken, trying to balance forty file folders in one arm and putting on a navy overcoat that was 2 sizes too big with the other. Her hair hung in disarray from the bun tied in the back of her head and her right wrist still had Pamela’s scarf tied to it.

This was the closest Pamela ever got to Diana. The weeks afterward were filled with dull, uneventful conversations and quick hellos and good-byes. It was as though something enormous was dominating this woman and she could not let herself go.

One time, as a joke, Pamela asked Diana bluntly if she could have her scarf back. The big brunette blushed at the request and quickly pulled the scarf from her desk drawer, plopping it on the desk in front of her never making eye contact with the amused agent.

Pamela changed into the black shorts, tennis shoes and shirt. The shorts were basically men’s cotton pants cut off just where the legs met the waste. They were rather snug but comfortable and showed off all of her long white legs.

She put on the shirt and tightly tied the bottom halves together in a knot around her lower chest to support her breasts. This left her stomach exposed along with a good deal of cleavage. It was hot and she felt the more ventilation the better. Besides, getting sand out of a bra was a pain and she always hated that feeling. Anyway who was going to see her. This was probably a wild goose chase anyway.

The Domination of Wonder Woman - Part 2.

Pamela slowly started to make her way down the cliff’s winding trail toward the obscured beach below. As she got lower and lower she could hear the surf pounding on the rocks. Seagulls soared upward on pillars of air toward the mid afternoon sky and then took dive after dive into the ocean water to catch fish.

After about 10 minutes of slow decent, Pamela reached the narrow beach that lined the base of the cliffs. From this point not only could she not see the road but she couldn’t see her car as well. The cliffs rose vertically for 40 or 50 feet forming an ominous wall before her. Without the trail to take her back up, she would probably be trapped on the beach and be washed out to sea when the tide came in.

Picking up a piece of driftwood and using it as a cane, she climbed over the rocks and plodded through the sand toward the northern end of the beach. There, looming in front of her were tons of boulders blocking her progress north. “Oh well, nothing down here except a bunch of dead, smelly fish anyway.” Pamela huffed as she turned and started back over the boulders toward the south.

As she turned, her foot slipped out from under her and her rear end came down hard on the boulder she was just standing on. Sitting there for a moment contemplating what kind of inept clod she was, she grabbed a nearby boulder and proceeded to get up. Her hand suddenly slipped out from under her weight and again her rear pounded into the rock.

“What the?...” she said in frustration as she held her hand up. Dripping from her hand was a clump of dark, black ooze which slowly rolled down her upper arm. Wiping her hand back and forth several times she shook the ooze onto a nearby rock. She rubbed the remnants between her fingers and then took a quick sniff.

“Lubricating oil? Its almost fresh. How can....” and looking out at the shore she saw the seagulls diving in and scooping out dead fish after dead fish from the water. “The fish!”. Pamela got up, walked to the shore and dipped her fingers in the churning water. Her fingers came out covered in a thick rainbowish film of oil. Looking out across the water along the shore to the north, she could see the same rainbow effect in the water beyond the wall of boulders that blocked her path.

With her walking stick in hand she proceeded to climb the boulders to see what was on the other side of this wall. After climbing 10 feet with ease, her progress was suddenly met with an impassable wall of rocks. There was no way to get a foot hold nor any way to skirt around it short of jumping in the water and swimming around. The though of jumping in that slimy, oily, rotting, fish infested water and swimming against the current quickly changed her mind about that idea.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to come back with some rope in the morning. Its probably nothing anyway. Just some fishermen dumping oil or something.” but as Pamela turned to leave she could faintly hear a very soft ‘ting’ from behind the wall of rocks.

Out on the beach the surf’s roar was so loud she could barely hear herself think but up against the rocks, the surf was deadened and the ‘ting’ continued to repeat. Now curiosity drove her to get past the rocks. Looking for a moment she suddenly noticed a white, hard substance between some of the rocks. “Mortar? On a beach?” and she began to feel along the mortared seam, tracing it around the rocks. Then, at mid level, she noticed one rock protruding outward. It seemed very unnatural as it jutted straight out of a solid block of rock. What’s more, there was a gap all the way around where the stone met the rock wall. It was as though the stone was floating sideways in a hole in the wall.

After examining it a bit, she put her hands on it and gave it a slight shove. Surprisingly it moved inward making a slight grinding sound. She then pushed on it again, leaning completely into it and forcing the stone to flatten against the surrounding rocks. At that moment she could hear a grinding noise to her left as a section of the rock face swung open to reveal a door.

Slowly and cautiously Pamela picked up her walking stick and, holding it like a club, proceeded to enter the dark and mysterious doorway. As she went from daylight to pitch dark it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust. After a few moments, she could see she was on the other side of the rock wall. On this side however things looked a lot different.

Apparently the outside wall was built up to wall off the entrance to a cave that ran through the cliff from one side to the other. On the inside she could see the wall was built up of various rocks into a vertical wall with various metal Ibeams and struts supporting it. The weight mechanisms for the door were clearly visible from this side of the wall.

Along the roof was strung a thick electrical cable with a string of light bulbs hanging from it. This probably explained the odd lights people reported seeing from the beach. As the door opened at night, the light from the bulbs would escape onto the pitch dark beach.

Pamela stealthily moved through the tunnel, keeping to one side so as not to be seen easily. The ‘ting’ sound she heard earlier grew noticeably louder as she approached the other end of the tunnel. As she reached the other end she quickly ducked behind a small pile of rocks.

The tunnel opened onto the side of a large, underground grotto which was apparently formed by tidal actions over several thousand years. The deep, almost cylindrical tunnel ran from the ocean, through the side of the mountain and into its depths for several hundred feet.

The mouth of the tunnel was covered with a huge camouflage net with what appeared to be various large brown sponges attached to it. From far away, the sponges and netting would probably look exactly like the surrounding rock.

At the other end of the tunnel was the source of the ‘ting’ sound. Anchored, and almost dry docked, was a German Type IV U-boat. It sat on several large I-Beams that ran underneath it and which acted like a giant cradle holding the boat right side up in the low tidal water. The water level was extremely low, low enough for several men to walk chest deep in the water and work on the sides of the hull. The ‘ting’ sound came from the upper deck of the U-Boat as a man, with a huge sledge hammer, pounded away at something or other.

Pamela sat for a minute in awe of this spectacle. She hated the Nazis and what they stood for but sometimes, like in this case, they pulled off some pretty impressive feats. This secret dry-dock was no exception and it had to be shutdown immediately. If that sub could maneuver into the shipping lanes, it could torpedo freighters and warships and return here to rearm and refuel. It could harass shipping for years.

Suddenly Pamela noticed some activity on a wooden dock that ran along the front of the U-Boat at the far end of the grotto. She spied the mingling of people intensely and froze in shock. There, wearing a black raincoat and hat, was one of Nazi Germany’s most ruthless spies, Countess Gretta Orlaph.

This woman could be considered her Nazi counterpart except for the fact Pamela would never conceive of doing a tenth of the horrid atrocities this woman was credited with. Not only was this woman a murderer, she was a cold blooded psychopath who took great enjoyment in torturing her victims. Being at the hands of the Countess meant certain slow and painful death.

The Countess stood with two gentlemen and several Nazi workers. The two gentlemen also wore black raincoats and were unrecognizable to Pamela. They had to be top operative though since the great Countess never worked with “amateurs and thugs”.

“Boy I can’t wait to turn in this base’s location. Not only will we nail a secret U-Boat base, we’ll also nail the Countess herself and her gang of goons.” Pamela softly whispered to herself. But as she sat watching the spies on the dock, she felt a small, cylindrical object press into the middle of her back.

“Get up frauline and keep ze hands vhere I can zee them.” said a deep German voice behind her. Pamela’s eyes lit up as she slowly rose to her feet with her back to the gunman.

“Hey... Hey Franz.” shouted the gunman, “Comin z here.

I have caught a little spy.” And with that shout several workers began racing down the gangway toward the side tunnel entrance. They were several hundred feet away but, at a good jog, they would be on her in only a few minutes.

“Turn around slowly frauline.” ordered the gunman, “let me have a look at you.” Pamela slowly turned to face the mysterious man behind her. The man was one of the workers, apparently using the tunnel to travel to and from the highway. He was a stocky, rather disgusting gentleman wearing large, blue overalls, a ragged, oil soaked T-shirt and tattered work boots.

As she turned to face him his face lit up with a small, perverse smile as his eyes shifted downward toward Pamela’s bare legs and tight shirt. “You American girls are most attractive. I do so much enjoy being in America.” the pot- bellied worker slurred as he gaped at her shapely body.

Thinking quickly Pamela realized she had an edge. Her arms were held up at her sides with her hands about level with her head. Swinging her elbows inward, she slowly squeezed her large breasts together, creating a rather impressive canyon of cleavage. At the same time she cocked her hips to one side, bring her legs and thighs together and bending one leg slightly at the knee. She then bent slighlty forward toward the worker and her full red lips sprouted a small, dreamy smile. With this stance she could probably pose for any cheesecake, war calendar and probably be the most popular month.

“Oh please don’t hurt me.” Pamela said softly and slowly as she batted her long eyelashes innocently, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I promise. I’ll do anything you want if just don’t hurt me.” She looked deep into his eyes with her best ‘who me’ school girl look. Her eyes blossomed into two, big, blue pools of pure helplessness.

“Don’t worry my dear.” said the worker as he approached her, reaching out to grab her upper arm with his free hand. “We won’t hurt you. We just want to ask you a few questions.” he continued staring intensely at her large, round breasts.

“Oh I’m not worried,” Pamela replied.

Suddenly, with blinding agility, she let out a powerful

front kick that landed between the workers legs. At first she thought he was going to scream like a wild animal and maneuvered herself so she could knock him out with a karate blow.

The worker didn’t scream, however. Instead, he froze in a prone, hunched over position and slowly tilted over, falling with a low, dull thump to the dirt floor like a thick oak tree crashing to the ground.

“Gets em every time.” she beamed as she picked up the gun and shook the sand off of it. As she did so she could hear the other workers climbing up the catwalk that connected the side tunnel entrance to the grotto. “Oh boy. I’d better beat it, but quick, or I’m going to end up the guest of honor at a Nazi gang bang party.”

She bolted for the entrance door and, as she reached it, she could here the workers at the other end picking up their stunned friend. “Damned American bitch!” she could hear “We’ll fix her good!”

Getting outside was a lot easier than getting in but she had to do something to slow them down. There was no way she was going to make it up the cliff without them taking a shot at her. Maybe Wonder Woman could handle these thugs but not her. One lone girl with a Lugar wasn’t going to hold off 20 or 30 men.

As the door shut, she noticed the stone switch extending itself back out from the rock. “If I could jam that switch...” she thought. Quickly using the only hard thing she had, Pamela wedged the barrel of the Lugar into the crack between the switch stone and the surround rock.

After securing the pistol, she headed back for the path, bolting and bounding from rock to rock like some adrenaline pumped mountain goat. Stopping for just a moment, she looked down the cliff to see if she was being chased or, worse yet, being fired upon. The pounding surf was so loud the workers could have been firing cannon shells at her and she wouldn’t have heard them.

At first she thought the wedged gun didn’t work as she could see the door opening. But it quickly stopped after only a few inches and she could see it opening and closing as though the men were trying to force it open. “Good thing he was carrying a Lugar instead of a 45,” she thought as she continued up the rocks “I never would have gotten the barrel jammed in the rock if it was a 45.”

Reaching her Desoto, she whipped open the door and fired up the engine, slamming it into reverse and flattening the gas pedal in one swift, fluid motion. The car’s tires spun in the soft dirt spraying up a large shower of dirt and gravel as the she maneuvered the car at high speed in reverse back up the dirt rode to the highway.

“Oh NO!” she gasped as she looked through the back window of the car. Between her and the highway, two men stood with machine guns. Instantly, they opened fire on the car. Instinctively, Pamela ducked her head behind the seat, hoping she could keep the car on course.

An array of ‘plunking’ sounds rang through the car as the spray of bullets punched through the thin steel of the body. Glass showered all over Pamela and the front seat as the bullets went through the rear and front windshields. Amazingly enough, none of them went through the seats, as she had hoped, and she continued to barrel the car like a small, black juggernaut up the dirt road.

Bthump, Bthump.

She could hear the bodies of the two men role over the top of the car as she rear ended them. “What idiots.” she thought as she backed the car out onto the highway. “I would have at least gotten the hell out of the way.”

Sitting back up she slammed the car into first and headed south down the highway toward Bricksburg. This was the closest town, and the closest phone, and she had to let someone know what was going on. Since it was a Saturday and the defense department would be closed, her only hope was to contact Diana at home, that’s of course, if she was home.

As the car sped off, three figures walked onto the rode.

Bending down one of the men wiped his fingers on a wet spot on the highway. “Petrol, her car is leaking.” the man in the raincoat said in a deep German accent.

“Good” said the countess in a deviously, pleasant voice. “Our little spy won’t get far. Tell our agents in Bricksburg to expect a visitor. I want her brought to me ALIVE!”

Drucella sat at the drugstore counter, her hands cupped in her lap, her legs crossed at the ankles and her head bent over a huge chocolate malt. She didn’t move a muscle except for her mouth which slowly sucked and slurped away at the ice cream desert in front of her. Around the drugstore various businessmen, housewives, the shop owner and several teenagers stared in awe.

Surrounding Drucella was a plethora of 10 or 12 empty malt, sundae and ice cream dishes. Never in their lives had they seen such anyone eat so much ice cream in such a short amount of time, at least no one that didn’t head for the rest room holding there mouth.

“Uh, Hi. My name is Daniel.” at first the feasting amazon didn’t even notice the young man who sat down next to her.

“Uh hello... yoo hoo..”

Drucella shifted her head to one side to see the person talking to her. Raising her head she turned slowly around to look the other way thinking he was addressing someone to her other side. “Are you talking to me?” shyly asked Dru as she pulled the straw from the half empty glass and licked the ice cream remnants from it.

“Yeah um.. my name is Daniel but everyone calls me Danny” stuttered the boy as he held out his hand to Dru.


“Why what?”

“Why do they call you Danny?”

“Cause that’s my name, Danny.”

“I thought your name was Daniel.”

“It is.” Danny said sheepishly retracting his hand.

“How strange. You have two names?” Dru remarked as she returned to slurping up her ice cream treat.

“Well at least I can’t eat a dairy’s worth of ice cream.” replied Danny, “how can you eat so much?”

Dru quickly stopped and stared in embarrassment at Danny.

She then looked about the store at the gaping customers.

Then she leaned toward Danny and whispered.

“You mean this is a lot?”

“Maybe where you come from it isn’t but around here

that’s a kids allotment of ice cream for a whole year.” replied Danny.

Dru daintily plopped the straw on the counter and pushed the glass away in a quick, non-chalant manner. “Oh, well, I was done anyway. Besides, where I come from we don’t have anything like ice cream sundaes or chocolate malts or rootbeer floats ....” and as she listed off all the desert treats in the store she stared hungrily at the half empty cup with her big brown eyes in an almost hypnotic trance.

“Well... uh... I was wondering if you’d like to go for a ride with me in my car?” sheepishly asked Danny as he slowly waved his hand in her face in a vain attempt to disrupt her craving stare.

“Ride? What ride?” asked Drucella as the spell was suddenly broken.

“My car. I have a car. Would you like to go for a ride in it?” asked Danny again impatiently.

Remembering what Diana said, Drucella thought that running around town with a strange boy could be construded as ‘getting into trouble’ though the idea sent a slight tingle down her spine.

“Oh, I better not. My sister’s expecting me to come home soon. In fact, I think I hear her now.” Dru said as she perked her ear toward the door in a kind of pretend listening motion.

“Uh, I don’t hear anything. Are you sure you can’t go for a ride? I know you’d love it.” the boy pleaded.

“Oh believe me, when my sister wants your attention, you can’t refuse it.” said Dru as she walked out the door of the drugstore and headed for Diana’s apartment.

“And I bet it would have been fun too.” Dru thought in disgust, “Oh, Diana, why do you have to be so boring!”

After several minutes of figuring out how the key worked in the lock, Drucella plodded into Diana’s apartment and plopped down on the couch. Immediately she sprang up and headed for the icebox. After perusing the contents for several minutes, she slammed the door in disgust.

“Diana you eat like a rabbit. No ice cream at all just vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables!” Drucella blurted out.

As the door slammed shut, however, Dru noticed a note stuck to the handle. “Its a note from Diana.” Reading it semi-out loud in a bored, droning way, Dru tossed it down on the kitchen table and stomped angrily back into the living room. “Got to work late... Got to work late” she mockingly repeated the note’s message. “I guess I’ll just have to sit here and read...”

At that moment the phone rang. At first Dru had no idea what was going on. The bell sound rang out like a crying baby wanting attention. Dru sat up and in a panic twirling about the room in a frenzy.

“OK, Diana told me about these things. A phone... yeah she said its a black thing...” and Drucella began to hunt for the source of the ringing sound. Seeing what she thought was it, Dru picked up the handset and brought it to her face.

“Diana... is that you?” Dru said as she closed one eye and stared into the receiver. The voice on the other end appeared to be blurting out tons of indiscernible information and rambled on frantically.

“Uh, hello..” said Dru again slowly as she put the handset to her mouth. “Diana... Diana... You’ve got to send help quickly.” blurted the frantic voice.

“Um... uh... this isn’t Diana, I’m her sis....” Drucella started to say.

“I’m in grave danger. There’s a secret Nazi base here at Bricksburg, off Goose Island road on the beach. A U-Boat base and everything. And you’re not going to believe this but the Countess is also here.” rambled Pamela, “Oh my God... I’ve got to go. Come to Bricksburg...” click.

Dru held the phone away from her face and stared at it again in complete confusion. “What was that all about?” she thought. “Hey, wait a minute. That woman said Nazis. Those are Diana’s enemies.” “If I could catch them that will prove to Diana I can take care of myself!” exclaimed Drucella.

“But how do I get to this Bricksburg?” she wondered.

Suddenly, a childishly, devilish gleam came to her eye and picking up a pen and paper she quickly jotted down a note:

Dear Diana:

Gone to catch some Nazi named the Countess in Bricksburg.

Will be back for dinner (or at least desert). Love and Kisses Drucella

Propping the note on the phone, she bolted for the door and headed for the drugstore. “I hope that Danny Daniel boy still wants to give me a ride.” she said to herself. - - -

Pamela quickly hung up the dime store phone and darted around the back of the phone booth. The two men who walked in the front door looked awfully suspicious but her paranoia was confirmed when the courteous store owner happily pointed toward booth and the two men started back toward her.

Looking about frantically she noticed the backdoor and made a bee line for it. The two men would have to zig zag past several aisles of canned and grocery goods to reach the phone booth and she was sure they didn’t see her duck down the little hallway that led to the rear exit.

Watching behind her she quickly opened the door and bolted out. Halfway out the door into the alley, she felt a strong arm grab her from one side of the exit. The arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her off to one side, throwing her off balance.

As she was pulled over to the side, another man wearing a black raincoat rushed her from the front and wrapped both his arms around her bare legs, lifting them off the ground and firmly holding them at bay. Her hips and thighs twisted and gyrated against the man’s superior grip as she fought to get away.

At the same time, the man behind her reached up and place a folded handkerchief over her nose and mouth. The overpowering waves of chloroform fumes blasted into her lungs and she struggled in vain to escape their anesthetizing effects.

The three combatants formed a wriggling mass of arms and legs as Pamela thrusted and twisted to free herself. Her bare legs and round, full hips surged up and around in massive arcs as the two men held their prey from escaping. Like a snake pinned from both ends, her shapely body could only twist and wiggle in futile defiance as she continued to breathe in the anesthetic.

As the three continued their gyrating dance, a black sedan quickly pulled up with the rear door flying open to scoop up the helpless blonde. The man holding Pamela’s legs backed into the rear, pulling in the struggling girl while the other man forced her upper body into the back seat, making sure the chloroform stayed over her mouth. He then climbed in himself and sat down, laying Pamela’s upper body on his lap. The other man, with his right arm clapped around her thighs, pulled her hips onto his lap and held her thrusting body down with his other arm. At the same time the rear door slammed shut and the car took off toward the north.

After about 20 seconds, Pamela’s darting, frantic eyes began to grow heavy from sleep. Like a sponge, the handkerchief slowly soaked away her consciousness until her fiery struggles were stilled. Pamela sank into the back seat, letting out a low, dull, muffled moan as she surrendered to the chloroform.

As soon as the blonde agent was unconscious, the man holding the handkerchief, continued to hold it in place. He then removed another handkerchief from his coat pocket and proceeded to tie it around her mouth. This kept the drug soaked handkerchief in place while also gagging the sleeping girl.

At the same time the second man rolled Pamela over, pulling both her hands behind her back. He then produced a length of thin, white rope and, while crossing her hands behind her back, he wrapped it several times horizontally and then vertically around her wrists, tying it just tight enough as to not cut off her circulation but tight enough to keep her securely bound.

He then brought the long end of the rope down the back of her legs and wrapped it several times around her ankles, securing her bundled legs with several tight knots. The two men then rolled the bound and gagged Pamela over on her back and slid her down their legs onto the floor of the car, laying her on her back between the front and rear seats.

Both men stared down at Pamela and their gaze moved slowly over her helpless body. “These American women are so beautiful eh Fritz.” said the one man as he put his hand on her bare knee and began sliding it slowly up and down the inside of her firm, soft thigh. “Ya, I will enjoy, ehem, interrogating her.” the other said as a deviantly wicked smile came across his face.

The Domination of Wonder Woman - Part 3.

As Danny’s car sped away, Drucella made her way down the dirt road that ran down to the beach. She had a difficult time convincing the boy she lived here and that she didn’t want to ride with him anymore. “I don’t know why everyone’s so protective. Nothings going to happen to me. I can take care of myself.” she blasted as she stomped down the road.

After about 20 or 30 feet, past the visibility of the road, the young amazon stopped and began to twirl. In a blinding flash, Wonder Girl stood where Drucella once was.

Running at an amazing speed she bounded and leapt down the road and cliff faces as she headed for the beach below. In a matter of a few minutes she had leapfrogged her way to the bottom and stood in the white sand of the beach.

The sun had gone down at this point but the moon was full and it lit up the beach like a huge, soft spot light. Of course Dru didn’t actually need that much light to see since her amazon physique gave her super vision along with her other abilities.

“Where should I start,” Dru said as she slowly moved around the beach. So anxious was she to lay her hands on a few Nazis she hadn’t noticed a sentry sitting halfway up the hill that overlooked the beach.

Since Pamela’s unannounced visit, the countess had decided a sentry would be a good thing to have. At first the guard didn’t see the young nymph coming down the hill since his vision was only normal and he could only see pale shadows and silhouettes. He continued to sit puffing away slowly on one of those delicious American cigarettes until Dru nearly landed on top of him as she did one of her 40 foot leaps down the cliff. All he could see was the underside of a very shapely girl passing nearly 3 feet overhead and shooting past him going down hill.

He quickly snuffed out his cigarette and slid behind some rocks, grasping his field phone. “Damn!” he exclaimed as he slowly cranked the phone and picked up the receiver.

 -     -     -

The countess sat at her desk as she reviewed various photographs of US government personnel when her field phone rang.

“What is it.” she said bluntly.

“Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is coming up the beach.” said the whispering, stuttering guard on the other end.

“WHAT!” screamed the countess as she quickly stood up “Keep an eye on her! I’ll be at the entrance.”

As she slammed the phone down in its case she called out to her two assistants. “Hanz, Fritz! Come with me!” she ordered. All three of them bolted for the side tunnel entrance.

The countess was an extremely attractive woman in her late 30’s. Her family was the richest and one of the most influential families in all the third Reich. She stood about 5’7” and had very long, jet black hair that ran down to the small of her back. Her face was wide and full with two large, dark brown eyes and a wide, full mouth. Her eyes, no matter what expression, always had a slight tilt to them that gave her a devious look giving anyone the impression that this woman always had something wicked and sexy on her mind.

Her body was stalky but fit with two above average sized breasts and a set of wide, motherly hips. Her muscles and fat hung lazily on her frame giving her a constant relaxed and satisfied look. It was as though you could come up behind her and grab her literally anywhere and she would not jump once.

Everything about this woman was dark from her hair and eyes to her tight dress and skirt down to her silk stockings and black stiletto shoes. This woman’s main weapon, besides her wits, was her body, which she took pleasure in using to get whatever she wanted.

She peered through the peephole out onto the moonlit beach. “Ah, this is not Wonder Woman.” she said slowly as she continued to study Dru.

“Then who is it?” asked Hanz.

“It is the Wonder Girl our agents reported to us on their last visit here. She’s not what I had expected but, I have an idea.” the countess said as she stepped away from the peephole. “Quickly, we haven’t much time!”

 -     -     -

Drucella walked along the beach, twirling and scanning it as though ready for anything. Like a kid playing a game she pretended that every rock had a Nazi behind it.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she could see a light shinning out of a doorway in the rocks. “Ah ha!” she said to herself as she stealthily entered the doorway.

The hallway was poorly lit except for the one bright bulb at the entrance. Along the sides were several tall crates which formed a narrow corridor running down the center. At the other end she could spy a female form facing her.

“Come into my web said the spider to the fly.” the countess mussed.

“I don’t know who you are but if you’re the countess, I’m going capture you and your group of Nazis!” Dru proclaimed as she stood with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly apart.

“OOOOOO! I’m so afraid.” mocked the countess as she hunched her back in pretend fear and wiggled her fingers at the young girl.

Like a steam locomotive blowing its stack, Dru snarled and bolted at the countess. In a matter of moments she was on the dark haired woman but, as she went to grab her, her hands bounced off a hard, flat surface.

The mirror fell backward and hit the soft dirt floor as Dru stood stunned and confused. At that moment she felt a hard pull from behind as her magical belt left her waist.

The countess stepped out from behind one of the crates holding the belt. “Get her!” she cried.

At that moment a mob of 5 men jumped out from behind various crates and pilled on top of the now helpless Drucella. Dru wiggled and gyrated in futility as the mass of arms and legs wrapped themselves around her struggling body, holding it in place.

As they pulled her to the floor, a hand came from behind her head and a handkerchief clamped itself down over her nose and mouth. She struggled wildly as the ether took effect, sapping the girls strength.

The mass of bodies surged as the struggling girl fought in hopeless desperation to escape. At last, though, the overwhelming odds were too much and the young amazon’s struggles stilled. Drucella let out a soft, dull moan as she slipped unconscious.

The countess stepped up to the pile of men as they picked up the unconscious heroine. “Take her.” the countess said non-chalantly as she examined Wonder Girl’s lasso. “You’ve earned some ehem... entertainment.”

With that the men reveled in their captured prey and carried Dru down the dark, murky hallway toward the grotto.

“Yes, my dear Wonder Woman, you will come to save your sister.” the countess said holding up the lasso, “And I’ll be waiting.”

 -     -     -

“Dru, Dru...” Diana called out as she walked into the living room. “Where is that girl.” she thought as she looked about the apartment.

As she walked back into the living room she spied Dru’s note on the telephone.

“Damn!” Diana cursed and with that the large brunette bolted out the door and down to her car.

 -     -     -

The countess slowly sauntered down one of the curved tunnels that made up the tiny maze of hallways in the underground base. The base wasn’t built by the Nazis. Apparently, years ago, this cave was constructed by gangsters during the prohibition to smuggle and make liquor. In researching a place of operations, the German high command had found out about the grotto and made sure all records of it were removed from the local police records.

She made her way toward a large wooden door at the end of the narrow hallway. As she approached, a slight smile came to her face as the sounds of moans and grunts grew louder and louder. She knew the sound of torture when she heard it and a slight tingle of excitement shot down her back and between her legs as she opened the cell door. She stood in the open doorway staring and biting lightly on her lower lip as she watched in deviant, satisfaction at the tantalizing spectacle before her.

Drucella was on the floor. Her hands were tied together and over her head and securely anchored to a large ring that hung from the ceiling. This left her in a doggie-style kneeling position with her upper body weight supported by her hanging arms.

She was stripped naked and was in the company of three of the dock workers. The first was laying on his back, parallel to Dru and underneath her. His legs were spread wide apart and they lay to either side of her knees. This put him in a position where his face rested almost right under the young captive’s large breasts.

In each hand he had firmly cupped each breast and was feverishly squeezing and massaging them. The large round orbs flattened and squished together violently as he took insidious joy in molesting them. His fingers pinched and pulled at her ripe, hard nipples making each gland shimmy and slosh about as she reacted to each teasing tug with a twist of her torso.

Every now and again he would wrap his arm around her back and pull himself up, landing his mouth hard down over an exposed nipple. Like some wild animal feeding he would suck and squeeze her tit violently in some vain attempt at milking her dry.

Drucella grunted and moaned but her helpless cries were muffled.

The second worker was poised in front of her with his pants down around his ankles. With his hands clamped around her brunette head, holding it still, he slid his penis in and out of her mouth slowly, forcing the member deep into her throat with each pump. Drucella breathed heavily through her nose as the member completely blocked her mouth. Her lips wrapped around it tightly and she could do nothing as it penetrated her mouth again and again.

Behind her though, was the main reason for her struggling and moaning. Another dock worker was crouched behind her, his heavy, hard hands wrapped around her waist. He twisted and pounded his cock inside of her over and over as he viciously penetrated and raped her.

Her hips surged and wiggled about in defiance as he continued to thrust himself deeper and deeper into her defenseless vagina. With each intense thrust came a cooresponding moan of resistance from the bound girl.

“Ah the great Wonder Girl, HA!” gasped the enraged worker.

“I’ll teach you a little lesson in manners BITCH!” he exclaimed as he stepped up fucking her.

As the worker increased his pumping, Dru began to wiggle about frantically. As she did so her head bobbed and rocked back and forth, intensifying the second workers experience.

Like a balloon ready to burst the pressure began to build. As each man thrust his cock into her, she reacted by gyrating in resistance. This excited the men even more and the vicious spiral continued to climb.

Then, almost as though she knew what would happen next, Dru began to moan wildly, grunting objective sounds of resistance as the two men began to arch their backs, surging in excitement.

Sensing the coming flood, the first man under her, grabbed her firmly around her back and plunged a breast into his mouth, sucking on it as hard as he could. Dru began to yell at this point, knowing she could not escape.

Swelling higher and higher, the mound of men and one girl surged inevitably upward. Then, in a moment of tension filled silence, both men let out a low, dull cry as each exploded inside her.

Drucella gulped and choked as the cum filled her mouth and forced itself down her throat. The man in front of her reached his hand down under her chin and slowly caressed the lump in her throat, forcing her to swallow heavily. The rest of the cum poured out around her mouth and trickled down her chin forming a trail of semi white liquid. This trail added to the already existing trails, made over the last few hours, that ran down her neck, over her chest and down each breast. That pretty little mouth had tasted several of the countess’s men and this was most definitly not the last.

The worker behind her grabbed her buttocks with each hand and continued to penetrate her, making sure to pump every last drop inside. “How’s that you American slut!” gloated the worker. “Maybe you like some more eh!? Maybe I let you lick it clean?!”

Dru rocked back and forth slowly as the two men continued to relieve themselves inside her. She had spent the last few hours at the hands of her tormentors being relentlessly violated. At first the experience was painful and rough but, as each man took his turn, she slowly began to slip into a state of semi-euphoria. Each penetration brought her new, overwhelming experiences as the shock passed and the waves of ectasy poured through her.

“Enough.” The countess said slowly and softly, “Can’t you see our little guest is enjoying herself too much as it is? We don’t want to over indulge her now do we?” she said in a sadistically, sarcastic voice, letting out a deviant chuckle as she entered the room and waved off the three men.

“Ya Vole.” blurted the three men as they forcefully pushed the defeated female to the floor and stood to their feet, getting dressed.

They stood around the helpless female in a protective semi-circle as the countess walked around to Dru’s front and knelt down to face her. Reaching out with one hand she softly grabbed Drucella by the chin and forced Dru to look her in the eye.

“Now you don’t want to do this all day do you?” asked the countess.

“I would think the few hours you’ve had to get to know my men and to find out what kind of nice people they are would make you just anxious to be our little friend.” she said smiling.

Drucella let out a defiant, animalistic snarl as she pulled her head away from the countess’s stare. Drool and cum dribbled out of her wet mouth as she gritted her teeth and stared rebelliously back at the woman.

“When my sister gets here, you’re going to be real sorry!”

Dru exclaimed in protest in a low, rasping voice.

The countess pulled her hand away and looked at the cum on her fingers. Then, staring back at Wonder Girl she slowly plunged her fingers into her own mouth and sucked the cum from them, licking the remnants off each finger tip and off her lips.

Drucella mouth opened slightly in surprise at the depravity of this woman.

The countess stood back up and smiled a cool, wide smile as though patronizing Drucella. “Don’t worry my dear, your sister will be joining you shortly.” she giggled as she walked to the door. She then gave one of the men behind Dru a quick stare and a nod.

With that, the three men pounced on the helpless heroine. Untying her hands they wrestled her to the floor pulling her hands behind her back and tying them, first at the elbows, then at the wrists. They then proceeded to gag her, first stuffing her mouth with a rolled up rag and securing it in place with a long white handkerchief.

“Seeing how you don’t want to talk, you don’t mind being gagged now do you.” chuckled the countess as she reach into her coat pocket and produced a long, thin, nicely decorated, black box about 12 inches long.

After trussing Drucella up, the men rolled the

struggling amazon on her back. Two of the men each grabbed a

leg and pinned her limbs down while the third held her down

by the shoulders.

The countess walked around to Drucella’s feet and knelt down between her legs. “And just so you don’t get bored with your own silence, I think you should meet a very, very close friend of mine.” said the countess as she opened the box and pulled out its contents.

The dildo was about 12 inches long, made of ivory and was carved with several wicked bumps and ridges that ran all down its length. At the end, a special protrusion ran from the base, back up the length and to the top. At the end of the protrusion was a large ball that clamped down on the phallic with a kind of spring tension. The whole thing looked like a huge, wide ball point pen with a pocket clip running along the outside. Also from the base ran two thin elastic strap loops.

“I call this my bitch tamer.” said the countess as she leaned toward Dru and looped each elastic loop around Drucella’s feet and slide the dildo up her legs. Dru surged and cried muffled cries of resistance as the over-sized dildo plunged into her. The clip portion slid up along the outside of her vagina, between her lips and the ball clamped down hard on her exposed clitoris.

The countess then took the loop ends and hooked them over Dru’s wide hip bones, strapping the diabolic phallic in place. She then gave Dru a couple of affectionate pats on her tummy and stood up.

The two men holding her legs forced her legs together and, using several lengths of rope, they tied her legs together at the thighs, knees and ankles. They then returned to holding her down.

The bound and gagged nymph struggled and gyrated slowly as she tried to work the dildo out. “Oh you’ll never get that out.” the countess mused. “Oh by the way, let me show you my favorite feature.” and with that the countess reached between Dru’s legs and flipped a switch at the base of the dildo.

Drucella’s hips surged uncontrollably as the phallic went to work vibrating and thrusting in a relentless attempt to defeat its victim. The countess then leaned over Dru’s face and, kissing her two fingers she placed them on Dru’s cheek and said “Good-bye my sweat. Soon you will be broken and you will tell me everything I want to know.”

With that the three men let Drucella go and stood out of the way.

Like a wild, bucking filly being let out of its shoot, Dru flailed and gyrated frantically on the floor as the waves of uncontrollable ecstasy pounded away at her will power.

The four left the cell staring and laughing at the bound and gagged heroine struggling and moaning on the floor. As they left they could hear a low dull moan from the helpless Wonder Girl as the first of dozens of climaxes claimed a little portion of her will power.

“She will break soon.” the countess softly said to her men. “The real challange will be Wonder Woman and I have a very special surprise in store for her.” “It will be a pleasure bringing that American bitch down off her high pedestal.”

The Domination of Wonder Woman - Part 4.

Wonder Woman landed hard on the sandy beach as she practically flew down the side of the cliff. “Don’t worry Dru!” Diana whispered desperately. “I’m coming for you.”

Diana stood on the dark, cool beach, scouring the hills and cliffs for any sign of her mischievous sister. As she slowly moved along the shore, she could see a small glint of light coming from a pile of rocks ahead. Where as Drucella had lumbered toward the light like a bull elephant, Diana stealthily approached it like some exotic jungle cat.

She could see the light was coming from a man-made stone door that was slightly ajar. Pushing gently on it, she opened it just enough for her body to pass and she quickly slipped inside.

The light came from a single bulb that hung down from a cable that ran along the ceiling from the door, down the tunnel and into the darkness ahead. Suddenly, a figure appeared ahead of her, blocking the narrow tunnel.

“Ah, the famous American avenger Wonder Woman. I’ve heard so much about you.” said the man as he stood in her path. He was tall, lean and wore a thick black raincoat with a Stetson hat. “Is this what you are looking for?” he said as he held up Drucella’s barrette, balancing it on his finger and sprouting a wicked smile.

“YOU!... What have you done with Dr... Wonder Girl!” Diana blasted almost blurting out Drucella’s name. “I’m going to make you all PAY!” and with that Diana bolted for the mysterious gentleman.

Suddenly, like a train slamming on the brakes, she slid to a stop about 3/4 the way to her target. Stopping for a moment she spied the man more closely. “The buttons...” she thought to herself. Looking about she could see a stack of crates between her and her antagonist, a stack of crates that would be a perfect hiding place for what she suspected was going on.

Standing upright and confidently putting her hands on her hips, she cocked her hips to one side and sprouted a suspecting smile. “I didn’t know women’s clothing on men was the main fashion in Germany these days?” she asked coyly.

“Vas is this?” The man said looking very puzzled at himself. “Vat do you mean?”

“The buttons on your raincoat. They’re on the wrong side. Either you like wearing women’s clothing or...” Diana leapt forward, ignoring the man in front of her and headed straight for the hidden area behind the crates in front of her.

“’re a reflection...” she stated as she pounced on the knook.

With a burst of speed and agility she twisted him out from behind the crates and flipped him hard over her head and down the tunnel back toward the entrance.

At that point, two men stepped out from behind the stacks of crates between her and the exit and began shooting at her. She effortlessly deflected the first round of bullets with an arrogant smile.

The two men paused for a moment and then took steadier aim, firing continuously at the amazon. This time the task was harder as each shot was much better aimed and the two men fired at separate areas.

Shortly, however, the satisfying sound of “” rang from both guns as both men expended their rounds. They dropped their guns and headed back toward the exit. Wonder Woman shot after them in hot pursuit as the two agents bolted out the secret entrance door and out onto the beach.

She forcefully plowed into the stone door, forcing it wide open as she emerged onto the stone ledge that overlooked the beach. As she jumped down into the sand, she unhooked her magic lasso and began twirling it. She couldn’t use it in the tunnel since it was too narrow but, out here, she was free to wield it.

“Big mistake boys,” she said confidently as she threw the line, “at least in the tunnel I couldn’t rope you.” The lasso coiled around both the running agents and, with a quick tug, she pulled the rope closed, smashing the two men into each other and flipping them backward onto the ground.

Slowly she sauntered up to the dazed men, reeling in the rope as she walked. “Now gentlemen, we’re going to have a nice talk and you’re going to tell me everything I want to know starting with where is Wonder Girl?”

Picking one of the men up by his coat collars Wonder Woman pulled him close to her, staring him straight in the eye. The agent dangled his feet as the amazon held him off the ground. “I guess its too bad for you I didn’t fall for your little trap.” Diana said arrogantly.

“On the contrary, THIS is the trap...” and with that the agent pulled a small pin from out of his coat and turned his face. The gas from the canister under his coat shot out like water from a fire hose directly into Diana’s surprised face.

The buxom heroine reeled in shock as she staggered backward, taking the full blast from the canister. She dropped the half stunned agent as she tried to cover her mouth in a vain attempt at blocking the gas.

At that moment, she could feel something wrap around her shoulders as Drucella’s lasso coiled around her. Instantly she could feel the effects of the magical item as her will quickly faded. Thrashing and reeling like a roped stallion she twisted and struggled against both the gas and the magic rope.

“Don’t fight it my dear,” calmly said a female voice, “you cannot win.”

“How do you like our new gas?” the countess asked teasingly. “You see it works by skin contact and not by breathing it in. Since we’re all wearing these nice thick raincoats and you’re wearing that skimpy little outfit, the gas hardly affects us but I’m sure its taking its toll on you.”

The countess was right. Diana’s bare legs, arms and upper chest were covered with a thin layer of the white powder which quickly impregnated her skin, causing her to feel intensely dizzy. She could feel the beach spin out from under her as she rolled to the ground struggling.

As she hit the ground, several of the agents piled on top of her, rolling her on her stomach. With a quick yank she felt her magical belt slip away from around her waist. At that moment her strength went to normal and the men easily subdued the defenseless heroine.

“Tie her.” ordered the gloating countess as she tossed the men Diana’s loose rope. The men first took Drucella’s rope and continued wrapping it around Diana’s shoulders, pinning her upper arms. They then pulled her arms behind her back and bent each arm at the elbow, folding them into a box like configuration with her left hand resting near her right elbow and visa versa.

Using the remaining end of Drucella’s rope, they tied her left hand to her right elbow and her right hand to her left elbow and then wrapped the rest around her parallel fore arms, binding the two arms tightly together.

Scooping up her thighs they wrapped her own rope around her legs, first at the thighs, then at the knees and finally at her ankles, securing the rope with a series of very tight knots.

Diana gyrated slowly as the anesthetic gas took its toll along with the effects of both ropes. By the time the men were done, the fallen heroine had barely enough will power to struggle slowly in desperation. Then a rag was forced into her mouth and another rag was tied around her head to hold it in place. The amazing Wonder Woman lay on the beach; bound, gagged and defenseless.

“Stand her up.” ordered the countess. The men easily lifted the bundled heroine and stood her on her weakened feet. The countess looked deeply and coldly into Diana’s defiant eyes. “I have looked forward to meeting the world famous American heroine Wonder Woman. I will look forward to breaking you.” and with that the countess slide her hand between Diana’s legs and firmly cupped her vagina.

Diana surged backward in shock as she realized what the countess meant. The men scooped up the struggling heroine and carted her like some bagged prey back toward the tunnel entrance. - - -

“Not.... not... not AGAIN!” Drucella cried out in muffled squeals as another intense climax took a small portion of her will power. The young amazon lay gagged and bound on the cold, stone floor of her cell. She gyrated and struggled against her bonds as she slowly slipped further and further into domination. The insidious device between her legs relentlessly pumped away at its helpless victim, continuing to rob her of climax after climax.

“Never felt like this...” she thought, “so weak....”

Even though she had been raped by the countess’s men, she was not feeling at all in despair. In fact, the incident kind of excited her. She had never had such intense climaxes before and being bound and helpless like this made her feel excited and intensely turned on. Back on paradise island, sexual stimulation was never like this. Yes the women had sex and yes it was mainly a lesbian culture but, sex was always so prim and proper always orchestrated and honorable. “If I wasn’t in so much trouble,” Dru thought wickedly, “this would actually be a lot of fun.” - - -

The door to the men’s barracks burst open as the agents carried in Diana’s bound and struggling body. Her hips surged and thrust as her bundled body was carted into the middle of the room. The 30 or so men stood around and gaped at the magnificent woman as she was stood up to once again face the countess.

“Untie her legs.” calmly ordered the countess. The agents quickly untied Diana’s lasso, leaving her legs free. Instantly, Diana let loose a forceful kick that sailed very close to the countess’s head. The agents quickly wrapped their arms around her legs and forced her to stand still.

The men in the barracks let out a wave of obnoxious laughter at the spitfire as she stood helpless before them, twisting and struggling against her capture’s grip.

“You men say I never let you have any fun.” the countess yelled out to her men jokingly. “A Wonder Girl was not enough so I have brought you a Wonder Woman.” she said, turning to look Diana in the eye.

Diana stared in shock at the countess. “What did they do to you Dru?” she thought to herself as horrid images of her younger sister at the hands of these men shot through her mind.

“Oh that’s right my dear,” said the countess with a wicked smile,

“I just hope your sister wasn’t a virgin cause she certainly isn’t one NOW!”.

The crowd of leering men burst into another wave of laughter as Diana kicked out wildly at the arrogant woman.

As the men wrestled the amazon back to attention, Diana’s eyes shot open wildly in shock. She could feel her costume get looser as the zipper running up her back was slowly pulled down.

The one piece boustier and tights slid slowly down her back and her large, full breasts rolled out like two hostages being freed. They floated and rolled slowly to either side of her chest, assuming their natural almost perfectly round form.

As her costume continued to slide further down, she could feel the hands of her undresser slowly and smoothly pass over her back, down her spine and over her buttocks. Every inch sent a chill down her spine as more and more of her was revealed to her captures. The man slid her costume the rest of the way down over her wide hips to her feet, slowly stroking her bare legs with his large coarse hands. At the same time her boots, bracelets and baret came off and hit the floor, stripping the heroine of her only remaining protection.

A dead silence hit the room as the men stared in awe at the almost perfect physical specimen before them. Even the countess was taken back by this woman’s incredible body as she slowly walked up to Wonder Woman.

“Incredible,” she said slowly, speaking to herself as she cupped one of Diana’s large, globular breasts and slowly massaged it. For what seemed like an eon the woman stood there, slowly squeezing and caressing Diana’s breast, stroking and sliding her fingers over her bare and aroused nipple.

The men stood about drooling with anticipation. This Wonder Woman was one thing but, seeing their boss who was also quite attractive, performing this incredible act with another woman was too much. The crowd began to bustle with excitement like a pack of dogs waiting for the first piece of meat.

The countess slowly sauntered to the exit, giving Diana a wide, evil smile as she walked past her and to the door. Then, stopping for what seemed like an eternity, the countess let the room grow silent. Diana’s fear grew like a volcano as her heart pounded away each agonizing second. Then her heart sank to her stomach as the words hit her ears. “Break Her!”

With that, the horde of men let out a horrendous, Viking’s yell of celebration as they all rushed toward the helpless heroine. Diana let out a few masterful kicks that sent one or two of the men to their knees but it was a token effort at best. Arms and hands enveloped the heroines naked, struggling body and she fell backward into the vicious crowd.

At first she could feel dozens of hands all over her, sliding themselves up her legs, along her thighs, over her knees, around her buttocks, across her stomach... they were everywhere. She struggled and gyrated frantically in a futile effort to resist her captures. This alone was worth the price of admission as the incredible brunette’s body put on an irresistibly erotic show. Just the pleasure of grabbing a soft, struggling thigh or a plump, tightening buttock, made most of the men greatly aroused.

The men then began to get organized. They soon realized that too many hands reaching for the cookie pot would leave no one with a cookie. Holding Wonder Woman up at all times, two of the men wrapped their arms around her back to support her. One arm went under her back while the other was free to play with the prizes that lay helplessly before them.

Each man cupped a breast, forcing the nipple into his mouth, squeezing and massaging the large gland frantically. These were the most amazing prizes in the universe and the men were not going to let this opportunity go to waste. Each tit surged and flattened, swelled and sloshed as her breasts were sucked and squeezed feverishly and relentlessly by the two mindlessly aroused men.

Diana moaned and screamed viciously as the barbarians continued to molest her breasts. Her hair splashed about in waves of violent emotions like water on a stormy sea as the men bit and sucked at her ripened nipples.

Then, suddenly, a hand grabbed a clump of her hair at the back of her head and pulled her head down, curling it toward her back. From an upside down view she could see a large, callused hand unzipping a pair of pants as the dock worker standing over her head pulled out his penis.

Diana’s hips rose in a stiff, defiant arch as the worker’s hard, swelled member plunged itself deep into her soft, warm mouth. She grunted and moaned heavily as he began to slide it back and forth in a rhythmic, pulsating fashion. Her large, full, red lips wrapped themselves tightly around his penis and she began to suck on it in an almost instinctual, reactive way.

She was not as frightened of situation as she was frightened of the fact that this whole predicament was turning her on. On Paradise Island she was a princess, a person of royalty who could not permit herself one personal pleasure or allow herself to fall to the weakness of the flesh.

Most temptations she could resist, like the incident with Pamela (part 1)  but this was different. So many hands, such barbarism. The sensation of all those hands groping and molesting her royal body. She had never felt like this before and it excited her. She fought the sensation however, knowing she could not give in to her temptations.

Her thoughts were harshly shattered however as the unthinkable occurred. Her hips surged again as another worker slid his bare hips between his legs and began entering her. Diana’s hips slid about wildly and frantically as his penis slowly worked its way deeper and deeper past the tightened, defiant muscles in her vagina. Irresistibly she yielded to his overwhelming strength as his member hit home, fully penetrating her.

She grunted and moaned in futility as he began to slowly and rhythmically pump in and out, her defiant hips slowly thrust with each insertion. The two began to form a rhythm and her resistance began to wane as the worker continued his relentless assault on her virtue.

The workers now formed a large mass of bodies as the naked, helpless female in the middle thrust and surged as her body was forcefully entered. The erotic moans and whines from the amazon were the only sounds coming from the group, with none of the men speaking or making a sound so as not to disturb the arousing noises coming from the struggling heroine. The men that could not participate were not without entertainment however as the vision of this incredible woman being gang banged was as good, if not better, than actually being in the act.

The capture, tying up and assault were taking their toll on Wonder Woman as she began to wiggle about violently. The heavily, fatiguing activity she was going through; her mouth being entered, her breasts being maliciously violated and her vagina being ruthlessly penetrated began a heavy, tingling wave which started at her pelvis and slowly moved toward her chest. “NO!” she screamed in her mind. “How can I do this... I can’t be enjoying this...” she thought in disbelief as the climax began to build. She fought to resist the oncoming event but her will was severely weakened by her attack and Drucella’s rope, which still bound her hands tightly behind her back.

Suddenly, her hips thrust and surged quicker and quicker as she blurted out moans of defiance. Both men feeling the oncoming wave began quickening their pace along with the two sucking her breasts. The sensations were overwhelming, the powerlessness, the bondage, the hands groping her, the defenseless position she was in, these all raced through her mind as her body plunged upward in one last defiant surge. Then with a monstrous release, she collapsed into the arms of her rapists as the first climax took a piece of her will.

At that same moment, her struggles had excited the two men penetrating her and, at the pinnacle of her climax, they discharged, relieving themselves inside her.

As the two men relaxed into a slow pumping rhythm, the man violating Diana’s mouth was forcefully pulled away. His discharge sprayed over her face as he was pushed aside and the next worker moved into place, plunging his member deep into her gasping and helpless mouth.

The other man was also forcefully asked to step aside and she thrust again as she could feel a new penis enter her. Her struggling quickened as she slowly began to regain her wits and her two new assailants began enjoying their captured prize. Thinking the climax was over and now she could fight, her heart sank in hopeless desperation as the next wave of sexual excitement rushed up and overwhelmed her.

Each man finished enjoying himself and another took his place, then another, then another until the waves of climaxes and multitudes of sensations made her lose count. Hand after hand groped her breasts, mouth after mouth sucked her nipples. Her mouth and face were covered with heavy streams of cum as she was taken advantage of over and over again. Each penetration brought her new sensations and each climax took away a small piece of her will. The heroine continued to come in hopeless despair as her body was raped again and again.

The Domination of Wonder Woman - Part 5.

The countess slowly entered the barracks. It had been over four hours since she had last talked to Diana and she felt even an amazon like Wonder Woman could not last that long against such a ruthless onslaught, especially since she didn’t have her magical belt to help her resist.

The men lay about napping, each one sprawled out on their bunks in a lazy, relaxed posture and having a satiated look on their face. She knew something was up when she saw several smiling faces returning to work on the submarine.

She walked around the small kettle stove that dominated the center of the room and walked up to a 4x4 post that supported a cross beam in the ceiling. Diana was tied against the post. Her hands were still tied behind her back with Drucella’s rope in the same position they were in when she was captured.

Her upper chest was secured to the post with a thin, white rope that was wrapped several times around her chest and the post, pinning her to it. The rope continued snaking down around her waist, around her hips several times, around her thighs several times, around her knees and finally around her ankles. She was like a fly, cocooned in a spider’s web, all tied up and sucked dry.

Her head hung down with her matted, wet hair flopped over her bare chest and shoulders. Her breasts were still shapely and firm but were red and tender and they had lost a certain amount of perkiness. They lay loose and low over her stomach.

Her legs and hips were very loose and hung in a defeated posture against the post. Streams of dried cum and sweat stains streaked down the insides of her full thighs, along her shapely legs and to her ankles.

The defeated woman began to moan softly as the countess grabbed her prisoner by the hair and raised her head. Wonder Woman’s mouth was gagged with a rag stuffed inside and a thick terry towel tied around it to secure it in place. Her eyes had thick, dark circles under them from the hours of fatigue and torturous climaxing she had gone through. Her eyelids were heavy and dull from exhaustion.

“The great Wonder Woman. HMPH! Look at you NOW!” scoffed the countess. “I always knew you Americans were weak. We Germans are much stronger. Breaking you was too easy.” and with that she roughly pulled Diana’s gag off.

Dried streaks of cum and saliva stained Diana’s chin and neck. Her dull, dried mouth slowly began to speak. “I’ll never break.” she rasped slowly. “You’ll never defeat my will.”

A smile of absolute delight burst from the countess’s lips. “YES!

You are strong!.” and with that, the countess grabbed the back of Diana’s head and forced Diana to kiss her. The kiss was long and deep and slow. The countess oscillated her lips heavily as she drew out the long, passionate kiss. She then sucked on Diana’s lower lip, slowly pulling it outward with her own lips and let it slip back with a slight pop.

“Take her to the room.” the countess ordered as she strutted away with delight. The two agents, carefully untied the defeated heroine and carted her off, one caring her bound arms and chest, the other her thighs and legs.

Diana could only see hazy images of lights as she was carried down several corridors. Soon she was stood upright again as the four reached their destination.

The room was rather large, about 20 feet in diameter, and was very circular with the only apparent exit or entrance being the door they came in from. The middle of the room was dominated by a large, unidentifiable, rectangular shape that was covered with a thick, black cloak. The shape was about ten feet tall, 6 feet across and about two feet thick.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” the countess gloated as she grabbed Wonder Woman by her chin and forced her to stare into the witch’s black eyes. “Remove the cloak.” she ordered, unaltering her gaze.

The two men removed the cloak and stepped aside. The countess slid around behind Diana and wrapped her arms around her chest, cupping each breast with her hand. “Take a look my dear. This will certainly tame you.”

Diana’s eyes widened in utter horror as she staggered backward in shock. Before her was a machine shaped very similar to an old, medieval rack. It had a basic outer frame with crossing I beams from each corner. On the upper corners were two straps that resembled leather handcuffs. The bottom two corners had two stirrups and more leather straps. The whole frame was tilted back about 15 degrees and was propped up by two large supports. The whole thing looked like a large, metal picture frame. Running along its length and between the beams were several hydraulic cylinders, cables and pulleys. Various other mechanical devises were attached to parts of the frame and a whole band of cables ran from the frame to a control panel that was anchored to the side.

“OH YOU FIENDS!” Diana cried out as the two agents picked up her weakened, struggling body and carried it to the machine. Untying her hands, the two men forced her arms into the leather cuffs and secured them in place. They then slid their hands down and clamped Diana’s legs into the stirrups, spreading her legs at about a 30 degree angle from each other. They finished binding their victim by wrapping a leather belt around her waist which clamped her gyrating pelvis tightly to the frame. They then stepped back and all three stared in amusement at the restrained heroine.

Diana surged and thrust wildly giving the three a very entertaining show of female struggling. After a bit, and after totally exhausting herself, Diana settled down and growled defiantly at the countess and her two lackeys.

“I demand to be freed!” Wonder Woman exclaimed, “I will never yield to you or the Nazis!”.

“Oh, but we don’t want you to.” replied the countess. “You’re so much more entertaining this way.” and with that all three burst into a chorus of humiliating laughter.

“Here, let me show you my latest creation.” said the countess as she walked up to the control panel. After flicking a few switches, Diana’s eyes popped open as she could feel the whole apparatus come to life. Then, sensing some movement below, she looked down and gasped in horror.

Between her legs, a mechanical arm extended out from the frame.

On the end of the arm was mounted a cylinder with various tracks on it. Each track had another arm extending from it but, what shocked Diana the most was what was on the end of each arm. Mounted ominously to each mechanical arm was a large dildo. Each arm sported a different a wicked model which was wet with lubricant and oil. Some were just large, smooth and round while others were rigged and insidiously curved. Each one rose like cobra snakes rearing their threatening heads toward the bound heroine.

Diana again began to twist and wiggle at her impending fate. “Yes my dear Wonder Woman. I’m sure these will finish you off. I just hope you last as long as I did. It took almost two hours for me to break.” said the countess as she stared long and admiringly at the device.

The machine continued to unfold, like some insidiously deviant Swiss army knife. Two arms on either sides of Wonder Woman’s breasts curled forward from the machine’s sides and two large suction cup devices, mounted to their ends, positioned themselves ominously over Diana’s plump, bare breasts.

“My machine can break anyone, including you Wonder Woman, if it has a sufficient amount of power and I think we have the perfect little dynamo right here.” and with that the countess clapped her hands and the door to the room opened.

Drucella slowly sauntered into the room and walked up to the gloating countess. She was stripped completely naked except for her red boots, her baret and her magical belt, which sat snugly around her thin waist. Her hands were tied in front of her with Diana’s magic lasso and she wore a glazed, hypnotic stare which made her oblivious to Diana and everything else around her.

“Your magical rope is quite amazing Wonder Woman.” noted the countess. “After breaking this little nymph’s will, it was quite easy to control her mind with it. She’ll do anything I ask.”

The countess stepped back and looked at one of her agents. “Satisfy my man!” harshly ordered the woman. Without a moments hesitation the young amazon walked up to the agent and knelt down in front of him. She then unzipped his pants and wrapped her full lips around his enlarged erection.

The man grabbed her head and held it firmly as he took advantage of this girl’s magical mouth. Diana starred in shock, not at the act, but at how well Dru was performing it. “Where the heck did she learn to do that!” Diana wondered giving her bonds another desperate tug.

After a few moments the agent let out a deep, low grunt as he released. Drucella finished up by licking him absolutely clean. She then stood up running her tongue over her wet lips and stood at attention.

“Come my dear.” said the countess as she took Wonder Girl by the rope tied around her hands and lead her to a treadmill which stood off to one side of the room. The treadmill had several leather straps and rings attached to it and the countess attached the straps to a leather collar that sported several rings. She then ordered Dru to stand on the treadmill and she affixed the collar around her neck, securing the girl in place.

Walking up to Diana, the countess picked up Drucella’s lasso and began wrapping it around the brunette’s upper chest, securing it in place with a decoratively looped bow. Diana lurched as the effects of the lasso began to again dominate her mind.

“I assume her lasso works the same way?” the countess asked with an arrogant gleam in her eye. Stepping back she sprouted a wicked smile. “YOU’RE HORNY!” she ordered.

Diana surged uncontrollable as the lasso compelled her to obey.

Waves of sexual excitement rippled through her bound body as she softly moaned and cooed. “Never... thought of... doing this before...” Diana thought to herself wondering about all the other possibilities this could open up for her.

The countess then walked over to the hypnotized Wonder Girl and gave her a horse’s swat on the rear. “YA MULE!” she ordered and Wonder Girl began to trot along at a mild pace.

The machine sprang to life as the mechanical arms began to move into place. Diana thrashed and wiggled frantically as the arms moved closer and closer to her unprotected body. To anyone else, running the treadmill would have been exhausting but having her magical belt on, Wonder Girl wasn’t even breaking a sweat.

The first things to go were Diana’s breasts. The large suction cup attachments plunged down on her tits and sucked them inside, almost totally engulfing them. The cups began to squeeze and massage her tits, sucking and pressing them up and down in a rhythmic pumping fashion. She could feel her nipples being pinched and sucked as some sort of devious attachment inside acted like a mouth, gorging themselves on the massive glands.

She shifted and twisted her chest in a vain attempt to shake off the mechanical molesters but her struggling only added to her stimulation as the implanted command from the lasso continued to pound away at her will.

Suddenly, the room echoed with an enormous female scream of excitement and shock as Diana yelled out defiantly. A large, white dildo forcefully enter her defenseless vagina. Her hips thrust and wiggled violently against the forceful entry but the leather strap around her waist prevented her from moving about, restraining her struggles.

The moaning and yelling continued as the large round phallic traveled deeper and deeper. Diana’s head thrashed from side to side as the uncontrollable experience overwhelmed her.

“CLIMAX!” the countess ordered. The fettered Wonder Woman let out the most erotic and sensual, moaning cry any of them ever heard. Diana climaxed hard and wildly as she was commanded to and streams of lubricant poured down the dildo as she heavily discharged. The sound alone was incredibly exciting as the two men shifted their erections in their pants. Diana began panting and grunting as the dildo began sliding in and out, pumping her higher and higher toward another overwhelming climax.

“Faster, faster!” ordered the countess to the obedient Drucella. The harnessed amazon stepped up her pace, switching to a quick jog. The machine responded by squeezing Diana’s tits more violently and by pumping the dildo faster and faster. Diana thrashed and moaned uncontrollably as the relentless onslaught continued.

Too overwhelmed to notice the activity behind her, Wonder Woman squealed a cry of shock as another phallic came from behind and inserted itself in her rear. She immedialty clamped down hard on the ridged dildo with her plump buttock muscles but her efforts were to no avail as her anus was deeply penetrated.

Every part of the heroine’s body was now gyrating and thrusting in futile defiance as her vagina and her anus were both being penetrated and violated by this insidious machine. The machine made whirring and grinding noises as its raped victim thrust about in desperation. Then with a violent surge, Diana swelled upward and another climax claimed her.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHA!” bellowed the countess. “Your moans and cries are music to my ear. It will be a pleasure destroying you! Now I want you to come again!”

Without hesitation the buxom amazon exploded with another climax, yelling even deeper and louder than before. “My you are a moaner aren’t you,” teased the countess, “we’ll just have to fix that. Gag HER!”

One of the men walked up to the machine and produced a large leather bondage gag. He grabbed Diana’s thrashing head and forced the mouth piece in place. He then wrapped the leather pad over her mouth and strapped it tightly to her head.

Wonder Woman’s cries were reduced to muffled moans and grunts as the machine’s first dildo removed itself and a new, curved one slid forcefully into place. This new one was bad enough but the machine also slid another, smaller one underneath it, filling her with two phallics that both slide back and forth like the pistons on a steam locomotive. The ridged phallic in her rear also retracted and was replaced by a fatter, smooth one which sent her hips surging in erotic pain.

As she gyrated helplessly, the countess continued to blurt out commands. “CLIMAX! CLIMAX! CLIMAX!” Again and again the bound and gagged heroine came. Helpless to resist, her will power grew weaker and weaker and the machine tore her down like a child knocking the blocks out from under a large toy tower.

For what seemd like hours the two fought, machine against woman, the amazon climaxing again and again as her futile, gryating westling match with her mechanical rapist feverishly continued. Suddenly, the countess gave her a new order, an order Diana was fearing and one she was helpless to resist.

“SURRENDER TO ME!” slowly ordered the countess and with that the tower came tumbling down. The magic lasso blasted the order through every part of Wonder Woman’s tortured mind and she cried out in futility. The climaxes, the bondage, the torture and the lasso were too much and nothing could save her.

The bound and gagged super heroine surged upward one last time in a final death throw of resistance, but, like a soaring bird being shot down, she collapsed in defeat as the last climax blasted away her will power. Diana stared out into the distance, a hazy, hypnotic trance came over her eyes. The unthinkable had occurred. The great Wonder Woman was DOMINATED!

The countess ordered Wonder Girl to stop and walked up to the motionless Wonder Woman. She removed the amazon’s gag and stared into her hollow eyes. “You will obey me. I am your mistress. I own you and your will.” softly spoke the countess.

A long silence passed, then, slowly Diana opened her mouth. “I....


must obey.... You are the mistress.”

The countess jumped back and screamed in triumph. “I have WON! I have defeated the great Wonder Woman!” Then, looking back at her dominated foe she ordered Drucella to continue. “Enjoy my dear. You’re going to be fucked like this FOREVER!”

The machine continued to pound away at its defeated victim. Climax after climax again overwhelmed the helpless Wonder Woman and she soon fell unconscious, totally defeated, the last sounds being the triumphant laughter of her dominator, the countess. - - -

Diana’s eyes slowly began to open. Her head swirled and throbbed as her dazed and numb body came to life. She did not struggle or even think to resist. Her will was broken and it would take a long time to gain it back.

She was laying on her back, in a packing crate that was slightly larger than her dimensions. Her hands were tied behind her back with her own lasso. Her legs and feet were securely bound together and her naked body lay bound and tied with several coils of rope which looped dozens of times around her ankles, knees, thighs, waist and arms. Her mouth was covered with a medical oxygen mask which fully gagged her and prevented any noise or screaming. A hose ran from the base of the mask down her body and to a small tank of gas which sat in the crate next to her.

Looking up she could see the countess through a thick haze of dizziness. Her eyelids rocked heavily and slowly as she fought to stay awake.

“Ah, I see you’re awake. Good.” said the countess as she reached into the crate and caressed Diana’s bare breast. “Its time for us to return to the Father land and we are taking you and Wonder Girl back with us.” “Good night Wonder Woman. Get your rest. You will need it.” and with that the countess reached down and turned the valve on the tank.

Diana could hear a hollow whistling sound as the anesthetic gas coarsed through the hose and filled her lungs. Her body wiggled slightly as the effects of the gas took affect. Slowly her eyes slide shut and the amazon fell asleep.

The countess stepped away from the crate and turned the valve on Wonder Girls canister, putting the naked young amazon to sleep as well. The dock workers then covered the crates with wooden lids and nailed them shut.

“We are ready to depart my mistress.” reported her man. “Good! Load our precious cargo on board and keep them asleep. They will make good breeding stock for the master race when we get back home.”

The men hoisted the crates on board and the countess slipped into the hatch and closed it. The sub blew its tanks and headed out to sea and headed for home with its kidnapped cargo on board.