The Domination of Wonder Woman Part 6 - 9

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This story starts off where the previous story “The Domination of Wonder Woman” ends. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have been captured by the Nazis and taken as prisoners to Germany. The previous story explains their capture.

Part 1 of 9. * * *

The dull ball of soft white light swayed back and forth like the slow swinging arm of a pendulum as it cast waves of dark and light shadows across her hazy, sleepy vision. After a time the light began to sharpen and the outline of the overhead lamp came into focus as Wonder Woman slowly regained consciousness. The stone floor was bitter cold and, as the numbness in her body wore off, the chilled feeling shot through her skin like needles, forcing her to sit up and curl herself into a semi-fetal ball.

Diana’s first reaction was to reach for her magical belt.

Still dazed and confused she jumped slightly in shock at it was nowhere to be found but, she quickly regained her senses and remember how she had lost it. “Of course they wouldn’t give me my belt back.” she thought scolding herself like she was an idiot.

She was suddenly surprised by the fact that, except for her bracelets and her lasso, she was wearing the rest of her costume. She remembered she had been stripped naked by the countess and thought it odd that an enemy like the nazis, especially that deviously, filthy witch, would have allowed her the decency of remaining dressed after all they did to her when she was captured.

Being raped was not that much of a shock to Diana. Being in the world of men, she knew these things happened to women in such a dangerous profession. Besides, her costume didn’t exactly say hands off and she knew it was very sexually provocative to men. She also knew she was very sexually provocative to men and she knew it made a very effective weapon. Most male opponents became very distracted when faced with a buxom woman wearing something resembling a skin tight bathing suit and high heel boots.

At her home on Paradise island, the amazons would actually combat each other by forcing each other to climax. The one who lost was the one who was climaxed into submission. Long ago the elders decided this would be a more humane way of settling disputes. The winner got what they wanted and the loser was so placated by the sexual act that she did not want to fight anymore. Plus the two combatants were forced to share an intimate bond, forcing them to deal more closely with each other. How can you hate a person who just made you pass out from climaxing. This eliminated a great deal of animosity, jealousy and hatred in their society and brought them closer together as one sisterhood. Of course women could still settle arguments through standard physical combat but that was always thought of as “the man’s way”. The only bad thing about this system was the fact that there ended up being a great deal of “disputes” over minor things. Still, no one on the island ever argued about the process and it was extremely popular.

Their attempts at tearing her down were not just a base sexual act however. She knew she was also an icon, a symbol to the Americans. Breaking her will and dominating her was a show of strength, a way to humiliate her and the U.S.A. She knew she had to fight harder next time and the only way to do that was to beat them at their own game and not to break.

The physical exertion she had gone through had completely subsided. Even without her belt, her meta-human body was able to regenerate quickly. Except for the dull and slightly dizzying affects of the anesthetics they used, she had fully recovered.

As she wiggled about, she could hear the clinking of metal as the iron manacles and chains she wore slowly slid down her body and toward the floor. Her hands were shackled and chained behind her back and they were attached to a heavy iron belt that sat snugly around her waist and rested on top of her curvaceous hips. Her upper arms were pinned together by another set of shackles that were clamped just above her elbows and which kept her from moving her arms about.

A thick, heavy chain ran from her cuffs, through an eye loop in the belt, down the back of her legs and to two sets of iron cuffs which were clamped around each leg just at the top of each knee and around each ankle. The shackles at her knees and her ankles were clamped together keeping her long, muscular legs bound tightly into one shapely mass. Another chain ran from the front of the ankle cuffs, back up the front of her legs and into one of several eye loops that bordered her iron belt. From the belt, on each side of her hips and from her front and back, four chains ran up her body and hooked to an iron collar which sat tightly around her long, tender neck.

Over her mouth was clamped a wide, leather gag. The inside of it was lined with a soft, foam padding which formed tightly over her lips and cheeks, preventing even the loudest sound from escaping. The gag also had a Y shaped depressor affixed to the inside which was inserted in her mouth and which prevented her from making any form of audible sound. The gag was attached by several thick, leather straps which ran around her head, past her cheeks and over the top of her head. They were clamped securely in place with several small buckles and her long, brunette hair sat lazily over them, hiding them from view.

She sat in a ball, her legs curled to one as she examined the cell she was in. The walls were made of thick, huge stones and the door was big and massive. Even with her belt on it would be and impressive obstacle to overcome. The lamp overhead was a simple light bulb with a metal hood dangling from a thick cord that hung from the ceiling. It continued to sway back and forth indicating to Wonder Woman that she was a very recent visitor to this cell. The shackled remains of a mummified skeleton in one corner told her she was also not the first.

As she scoured the room, she spied something shiny laying on the floor. Slinking down and wiggling across the stone floor like some exotic snake, she made her way toward several, small glass fragments which twinkled like diamonds under the swaying lamp. Upon closer inspection, however, she let out a slight gasp of shock. They were burned out flash bulbs.

“Obviously, the Nazis decided to take some propaganda pictures of their bound and gagged prize.” she thought. “I wonder how many of them were of me WITH my clothes on?” she mused knowing full well how vulnerable she was and how easy it would have been for them to take advantage of her.

The world of men had many things that were unheard of on Paradise island, locks were one of these. Paradise island had none but the outside world was full of them. Dealing with these new obstacles forced Diana to acquire some less than noble warrior skills, one of which was lock picking. After sliding about a bit she picked up one of the flash bulbs with her fingers and relieved it of its spent wire filament. She then relaxed and proceeded to work on her manacles.

After about an hour of frustrating picking, the manacles around her wrist slackened as the locks opened. Suddenly, just as she was about to pull her hands free, the door to the cell opened and two Nazi SS soldiers walked in and stood at attention to either side of the doorway. Following them was a tall, dark hared woman Diana easily recognized as the countess. Behind her, two men wearing high ranking uniforms followed her in and all three stood over the prone and helpless heroine.

“Zo! This is the BIG American secret weapon Wonder Woman eh?” said one of the men causing the others to chuckle in amusement. Diana stared up defiantly at her kidnappers. “How dare you mock me! By Hera I’ll have your heads!” she thought to herself, twisting her shoulders in a show of resistance.

“I zee she is very... spirited.” said the other officer as he stared slowly and lasciviously over her bare legs and full chest. “Quite well endowed too I might add. You are right Frauline, she will make excellent breeding stock for the Third Reich.”

Diana’s eyes bulge in utter shock at his statement. “Oh Great Hera! What have I gotten into?” she thought as a sinking feeling of intense gloom came over her.

“Take ze woman to ze lab.” ordered the countess as she flicked her hand at Wonder Woman and walked out the door with the two officers. “We have much work to do and I’m eager to get started.” she added.

The two guards picked up the twisting, thrusting heroine by her shoulders and stood her up. As one held her in place, the other unshackled her legs so she could walk. Then, with brutal shoves from a rifle butt, Wonder Woman was forcefully coaxed down a maze of hallways and into the lab. The guards brought her to a heavy wooden chair and she let out several objectionable grunts as they forced her to sit.

The lab was a large, bland, rectangular room about 30 foot square. Down the middle of the room were several long tables draped with white, doctor’s table clothes. A whole plethora of beakers, microscopes, operating equipment, text books and the like dominated the tables. Along the back wall of the room, three operating style tables sat under a set of overhead doctor’s lamps. Several bottles of oxygen and anesthetic, along with other breathing apparatus surrounded them and a row sinks sat off to one side. Along the walls, at various points, were very small, iron cages embedded in the walls which resembled small holding pens but which were tall enough for a person to stand up in. The walls were lined with bookshelf after bookshelf of textbooks, equipment and documents.

At this point the countess had slipped out of her coat and was busy putting on a blue operating smock. “You may unshackle her elbows. She will not be able to escape.” ordered the countess as she tied her apron ribbons.

“Vat are you going to do vit her?” asked one of the officers. “She is a valuable prize and one the Feurer will be proud of!” he barked.

“Don’t worry my leibshin.” she replied running her hand under his chin. “Your fuerer will get is precious PRIZE, though she may not be as spirited as when she first arrived. I simply want to find out what makes her “tick”.” she said shooting the bound heroine a wicked grin.

“Go NOW! All of you! My assistant and I have much work to do.” the countess ordered as she began to slip on a pair of rubber gloves. As all the men left, a young, attractive blonde came into the room and walked past them without paying any attention, turning her nose up at them like they were inferior scum. She was rather thin, tall and wore a white lab coat with a blouse and tight skirt underneath. Her hair was pinned up on top of her head and a pair of thick glasses dominated her face making her look older than she really was. She walked up to the countess and, as the door shut, the two women gave each other an affectionate peck.

“Remove her gag.” ordered the countess.

The assistant walked behind Wonder Woman, unbuckled the bondage device and removed it. Diana made several odd puckering gestures with her mouth as she tried to loosen up her lips and get them wet again.

“I hope your stay here at castle Orlaph isn’t too unpleasant.” the countess said leaning over Wonder Woman and grabbing her by the chin. “We’re saving the unpleasant parts for later.” she said smiling. Suddenly, she took her hand and smacked it hard across Diana’s cheek, causing the large brunette’s hair to splash across her face like a tidal wave of angry water. The Amazon quickly jerked her head back forward and stared defiantly at the countess without shedding one tear. For a slight moment, the countess’s face lost its air of superiority and she was taken back slightly at the woman’s stone faced demeanor. She then stepped backward and walked to the center of the room.

“This, and the surrounding catacombs, used to be the royal dungeon. This room was the Baron’s torture chamber.” she said waving her hands about as though she were showing off a model home in anywhere USA. “Great, and I bet its got two baths and a garage.” thought Diana as she stared angrily at the woman.

The countess continued to recite her families history unaware that Diana was slowly working her hands free of the only remaining shackles that kept her bound. The assistant had walked over to one of the tables and was busy doing some paper work on a clipboard.

After about ten minutes of the life styles of the rich and perverted, the countess finished her explanation of her family’s history and walked back over to Wonder Woman. “Zo, what shall we do first?” the countess asked rhetorically, fully expecting not to get a reply.

“How about “tie up the countess”.” calmly replied Wonder Woman bouncing her head from side to side and sprouting a dopey smile like some oversized barbie doll. The countess’s eyes grew slightly puzzled at the unexpected response. Suddenly, with blinding speed, Diana fired off a powerful high kick, sending the dark hared woman rolling to the floor.

The assistant dropped her clipboard and immediately rushed the seated amazon. Like a leopard, the now free Diana sprang to life and wrapped one of her free chains around the assistant’s neck, putting her in a dire choke hold. The two women twisted about with Wonder Woman having the definite upper hand.

Then, from the side, the countess plowed into Wonder Women sending the two of them to the floor and the assistant staggering off gasping for life.

The two brunettes rolled about the floor like a pair of hissing alley cats. Punches, kicks, clawing and hair pulling dominated the wrestling match as both women fought feverishly to control the other. The two traveled about the room, rolling over the lab tables and sending each other into the walls and furniture as they held onto each others hair in an intense cat fight for life and death.

Both women rolled about wildly as they grabbed and choked each other, writhing and twisting in a feverish attempt to gain the upper hand. After several minutes of kicking and punching, they both sailed over a table and formed a pile of twisting, wiggling legs, arms and hips on the floor. The assistant, now recovered and eager to help her mistress, stood over the two combatants holding a large blackjack in a ready position waiting to land a winning blow against Wonder Woman. Like some frustrated camper waiting to swat an annoying mosquito, she stood over the two women, raising the club up and down as she tried to take careful aim. Then, with a forceful swing she struck.“BLAM!”

Both women lay motionless on the floor as the assistant dropped her guard and leaned over the pile of legs, hair and ass to examine her handy work.

“Mistress... “ squeaked the blonde in a soft, mouse like voice as she reached down to examine the two girls. Suddenly, a large, muscular leg shot out and Diana side kicked the assistant in the stomach, sending her staggering backward, stunned. With her cat-like reflexes, Diana jumped up and plowed into the much smaller girl, sending both of them into a large bookcase. Like a dam bursting, the books poured off the shelves and came crashing down over both struggling women, burying them in a pile of tech notes and journals.

The pile surged and pulsated as the two women fought. Then, both girls burst to the surface with Wonder Woman behind the young girl, having the definite advantage. Diana’s left arm was wrapped around the girl’s upper chest, clamping the blonde’s arms to her sides at the elbows. The young blonde twisted about wildly as Diana settled down and leaned into her younger prey.

“My you’re spunky.” said Wonder Woman sarcastically. “Maybe you would like a taste of your own medicine.” she continued as she reached around the front of the girl with her free hand and sliding her fingers between the girl’s legs.

The assistant let out a defiant squeal as Diana pushed her fingers past the girl’s underpants and slipped them deep between her sweaty, wet lips. The girl’s hips bucked and pushed as Diana started rubbing her slowly and forcefully up and down in a wildly erotic fashion.

The amazon’s first three fingers slid inside the girl and Diana began oscillating them in and out of her, pumping them in a ruthlessly rhythmic fashion. At the same time, Diana’s thumb slid up the girl’s vagina and over her clitoris. Using her thumb, she began rubbing and pushing hard on the poor girl’s clit, sending the young assistant into a spiral of overwhelming sensations.

The assistant was panting and moaning heavily now as Wonder Woman stepped up her forceful massage. As she masturbated the young girl, Diana pulled her wide, motherly hips over the blonde’s tight, small rear and began sliding them slowly up and down over the young girl’s ass, riding the girl’s gyrations. Both women lost all sense of reality and time as Diana forced the young girl to build toward inevitable defeat.

The amazon then loosened her left arm’s pinning grip and ran her hand across the young girl’s breasts. The girl let out a shriek of sexual excitement as each nipple was brushed. Diana then slid her hand down the girl’s blouse and under her bra, cupping the assistant’s left breast and used this grip to pin the girl. Diana’s hand squeezed and massaged the plump, little breast as she continued to feverishly stroke the girl.

The assistant’s struggles grew more violent and Diana knew the end was near. Stepping up her efforts, the amazon began slamming her three fingers in and out of the girl, expanding and twisting them as she increased the pumping to an ever intensifying pace. At the same time, she grabbed the young girl’s nipple with her two finger and began pinching it wildly.

“NO! I will never surrender!” screamed the assistant as her breathe began to quicken.

“Oh you don’t have a choice.” replied Diana. “Now you know what they did to me. How do you like it?” she barked rubbing the girl even harder.

“You deserved it! You were captured! That’s what happens to prisoners!” gasped the feverishly twisting assistant.

“Maybe so but now you’re MY prisoner. So long!” Diana replied.

With a change in her rhythm, the amazon pushed her fingers deep and hard into the girl and, at the same time, she squeezed the girl’s breast, pinching the nipple incredibly hard. The young blonde surged upward in one last defiant effort, tightening her body in a futile attempt at resistance.

“GGGNNNNNNUUUUUGGGHHH... NNNOOOOO!!!!!” the girl screamed as she exploded upward in climax and wailed in ecstasy. Diana let the girl go and she dropped hard and fast to the floor, curling up into a small ball of quivering defeat, clutching her crotch and her breasts as she rode out the last of the sensation.

Suddenly, Diana went staggering face first into the bookshelf as the countess plowed into her from behind. “She’s MINE! How DARE you!” screamed the countess as she slapped Diana hard across the face several times. Diana fought back, diving into the countess and slapping her hard in the face and head. Both girls grabbed each other in a heavy wrestling choke hold and both plowed into more bookcases and tables.

Diana, having a far more muscular body, finally gained control and flipped her weaker opponent onto one of the tables. Leaning over the struggling countess, Diana grabbed the woman by her hands and pinned her flailing arms over her head to the table. Using one hand she held the countess’s arms there as she pulled the woman’s lab coat open and lifted up her skirt.

“Now for you, you BITCH!” screamed Wonder Woman as she forced her hips between the countess’s legs to hold them apart. With her free hand she gave the woman’s panties a quick yank and ripped them off her hips.

“UUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! HOW DARE YOU!” spat the fiery madam as Wonder Woman relieved her of her undergarment. “I am a QUEEN, a GODDESS! No one takes ME! NO ONE!!!” she screamed.

“No one until now.” Diana replied. Raising her fingers like a snake, she formed them into a pointed, cone shape and plunged them hard into the gyrating countess. The dark hared Nazi screamed wildly as Diana’s long fingers slide slowly and deeply into the woman. Diana then began pumping her hand in and out as she slammed wave after wave of erotic pleasure deep into the helpless countess.

The countess panted and hissed as Diana continued to build the pressure. The experience of being taken was turning her on but the added vision of Wonder Woman’s massive cleavage was overwhelming. As she pumped and pushed, the amazon’s large breasts heaved and rippled with the same rhythm. Seeing the Nazi’s line of sight Diana looked down at her cleavage and back at the woman.

“You like these don’t you?” Diana said sarcastically as she stared the woman in the eye. “I bet you’d love to touch them. They are so much better than yours.” she mocked.

The countess leaned her head up and replied with a heavy spat that hit Diana above her left breast and trickled down slowly over its spherical curvature. Diana simply grinned at this futile act and then looked about the room. Then, with a wide, wicked smile her scanning stopped. The countess turned her head and stared at what Diana was fixated on.

A large mortar sat loose on the table. It was about two inches in diameter and about 6 inches long. Most of it was cylindrical except for the end of it, which narrowed and then widened to a ceramic ball. Diana reached out and grabbed it with her free hand. At the same time, the countess realized her fate and began struggling wildly in an effort to escape.

“Remember what you did to me?” Diana said holding up the mortar to show the countess. “Now its my turn.”

Part 2 of 9. * * *

With a forceful thrust, Diana plunged the ceramic implement into the countess’s wet vagina, sending the Nazi into a violent, screaming frenzy. Her hips bucked and surged frantically as the rounded head parted her lips and slid slowly inside. Diana twisted and slid the mortar up and down and side to side maliciously as she inched it deeper and deeper into the screaming countess.

“NO! No one breaks ME! NO ONE!” the woman continued to scream as the implement went all the way in. Diana then pushed her hips deep in between the countess’s legs and held the mortar in place with her pelvis. Using her pelvis, she began sliding the end of the mortar around in a violently circular fashion, driving the woman insane with ecstasy.

With her free hand, Diana then cupped her own breast and began taunting the countess, knowing the woman’s infatuation with it. She squeezed and massaged it slowly, letting the woman see it bulge and ripple as it shifted about.

“I’m going to bang you really good for this you American BITCH!” screamed the tightening countess. “Just wait till I get my hands... my hands... no... No... NO!” The countess began panting and barking NO over and over as the climax began to build.

Suddenly Wonder Woman reeled in pain as the assistant broke a heavy wooden chair across her back and sent her staggering and spinning backward toward one of the wooden, shelf lined walls. With a loud KATHUNK the amazon’s wide back slammed into the wall sending a huge shock wave through it. As she shook off the blow and righted herself, the support for one of the shelves over her head gave way and the shelf tipped, sending its contents plummeting downward. With a loud crash, a series of glass beakers, books, pestles and other brick-a-brack broke over Diana’s head, sending the heroine inch by inch to her knees like some humorous three stooges gag. The dazed heroine was naturally caught completely off guard as the two revived women plowed head on into her.

The three fighting women went to the ground in a tangle of flailing arms, legs and hair. For several minutes there appeared to be no clear victor as the incredible cat fight continued. Then, the countess, using some combat training of her own, and also feverishly driven by the near climatic experience she just went through, slipped her body under Diana’s and wrapped her arm around the amazon’s neck. Using her other free hand she grabbed the woman’s right arm and pulled it hard behind her back and up between her shoulder blades.

“I can’t hold ze bitch for long!” the countess screamed at the assistant as Wonder Woman kicked and twisted, “Quickly, get ze chloroform!”

With that the assistant sprang to her feet, letting go of Diana’s thrusting legs, and ran to one of the tables. Picking up a small bottle and a cotton wad, she soaked the cotton with the anesthetic as she rushed back to help her mistress.

Diana surged and writhed as she saw the young girl approaching. With all her remaining strength she twisted her shoulders and arms in an attempt to free herself. The countess was too good however and Diana began to thrash her head about wildly in panic as the young girl brought the pad closer to her face. Again the girl sat waiting for the right moment to strike. Then, as Diana’s head turned toward the front, the girl clamped the cotton over Wonder Woman’s nose and mouth, pinning her head straight and forcing the amazon to breath in the anesthetic.“MMMMMMMMBBLLLMMM!!”

Diana’s chest surged upward defiantly as she twisted about in a vain attempt to escape. After a few moments, the heroine’s struggles began to slow as the fumes sapped her strength, drawing away her will power. Her loud mumbles turned to soft moans and her wildly darting eyes began to relax and slowly close as she surrender to the drug. As the buxom heroine relaxed, the countess and the assistant loosened their grip, confident in the fact they had won.

Suddenly, with her last ounce of strength, Wonder Woman elbowed the countess in the gut and, at the same time, kicked the assistant in the abdomen as hard as she could. The young girl collapsed to the ground in agony dropping the anesthetic soaked wad. Quickly, Diana picked up the pad and shoved it into the countess’s face. The countess twisted and cried wildly as the cotton soaked away her strength. The fumes took their toll and soon the dark hared witch’s eyes grew heavy. With a low moan the countess collapsed into unconsciousness.

“GUARD!” cried the assistant roughly as she gasped to regain her breathe. Diana lunged on top of the young girl and smothered her face with the pad. She too struggled wildly but soon surrendered to the overpowering fumes. The girl collapsed and Wonder Woman sat back in exhaustion staring at the two unconscious Nazis.

“Hera! They almost had me.” Wonder Woman said softly as she held her head and clumsily got to her feet. “Whoa, still dizzy woman. I’ve got to shake this.” The chloroform had severely weakened her and it was an act of shear will power that was keeping her awake. After a few moments, she regained her senses and the dizziness faded.

“I guess the guards were ordered not to interfere. So much the better.” she said wrapping her arms under the countess’s shoulders and dragging the woman’s unconscious body to one of the lab tables. With a degree of effort, Diana picked up the woman and sat her on the table. Picking up a roll of surgical tape, she placed the anesthetic soaked cotton over the Nazi’s nose and mouth and taped it in place, wrapping the spool several times around her head. Then, rolling the countess on her side, Diana crossed the woman’s hands behind her back and wrapped dozens of loops of tape around her wrists, arms and shoulders, securing her upper body. Rolling the countess onto her back, Diana then grabbed the woman’s legs and cocooned them with a few dozen more loops of tape. She then picked up a white towel and tied it around the Nazi’s eyes, completely blindfolding the woman. The countess moaned and slid her legs slightly as Diana continued to secure her. As a final precaution, the amazon took the leather restraint straps from the table and lashed the woman down, securing her from falling off the table.

“There! You’re not the only one who’s good at bondage.”

Diana chuckled to herself as she stood with her hands on her hips gloating over the bound and gagged countess. At home, when she was a young girl, Diana and her friends would often ambush each other in the jungle and tie each other up. It was much more humane than hunting and it taught them valuable tracking and capture skills. Sometimes she liked to lose and let the others tie her to a tree or leave her bound and gagged in the grass. Other times it was an incredible turn on to ambush and tie her friends. She got very good at stalking and capturing them. Of course the loser had to be taught a lesson. There were penalties for being captured and the victor would often take sexual advantage of her prize. This was the real turn on and these memories always stayed in the back of Diana’s mind. Maybe that’s why she loved this kind of work and why she would take risks the way she did.

“nnnmmmmm...” moaned the blonde assistant as she shifted slightly on the floor. Diana rushed over to one of the lab tables and quickly made up another cotton of ether. Picking the girl up, the amazon carried her to the chair that Diana was first seated in and plopped her in it. Using more tape, she secured the cotton over the blonde’s mouth and taped it in place. She then taped each of the girl’s arms to the chair’s armrests and each leg to a separate chair leg. After she was done, Wonder Woman stood back and stared proudly at her handy work. “Now to find Dru and get out of here.” she said as she slipped out another door at the back of the lab.

 *     *     *

Drucella awoke an hour ago. She had spent sometime trying to free herself but with no success. The device she was tied to held her too firmly in place and now she sat staring in curiosity at her strange surroundings and rolling her eyes every once in a while in sheer boredom.

Wonder Girl had awoke in a cell similar to Diana’s. She, however, was not shackled. Instead, she was tied into an incredibly, unusual machine. The machine was made of steel tubing with rubber padding and resembled a really odd weight training machine. She was in a standing position with her legs spread at about a 30 degree angle. Her ankles were shackles and held in place by two stiff rods that were anchored to the base of the machine.

Her upper body was bent at her thighs and her stomach rested on a soft padded seat leaving her large, plump breasts dangling in mid air. The seat and her ankle clamps forced the girl’s rear end to stand high and out from the rest of her body. From the side she looked like a human number 7 with her rear being the bend at the top.

Her arms were stretched out in front of her at a wide angle and shackled in place by two more thick, firm rods which were anchored to the base of the machine. In her mouth was inserted a soft, clothe ball which was held in place by leather straps that were buckled around her head, effectively gagging her. Unlike Diana however, Dru lay shivering slightly as she was completely naked, her costume and belt being nowhere in sight.

In all, she was in a very prone and helpless position but the young heroine seemed more curious and perplexed than fearful of the situation. The last couple of days’ events seemed fascinating to her. “Why were the outsiders so curious up about sex?” she thought. “Hera! We never do anything like that on Paradise island. Its SOOOO boring. Ritual this and ritual that.” she thought as she jerked her arms and legs every once in a while to test her bonds.

After a few moments, the big, oak door to the cell creaked open and two women slowly entered. Drucella had never seen them before and was slightly astonished by their outfits. The first woman was tall, thin and had waves of curly red hair that flowed over her head, shoulders and back like water over a slow, gentle waterfall. She seemed older and had a very firm face with a strong jaw and narrow, sophisticated eyes. Her body was shapely but nothing compared to Dru’s or Diana’s. Instead it was very thin and defined with very little body fat.

Her outfit was very skimpy and made from a very dull, black leather material. Her bra was a halter made from two leather cups tied together and around her back by several thick leather straps. The straps were buckled to two steel rings, one between her breasts and the other on her back. Her crotch was covered with a thick, leather pad with four straps, two on each side, which ran over the top of her hips and around the sides where her legs met her hips. The straps buckled together just above her buttocks to a third ring and a thick strap ran between her small cheeks, between her legs and buckled to the front leather pad, completing her bottom. A thick strap ran from a metal ring between her breasts, down her stomach and buckled to the top of the leather patch over her crotch. More straps ran from the ring on her chest, over her shoulders and to the ring on her back. A third thick strap ran from the same ring to a studded collar around her neck. Her legs were very long and were covered up to the middle of her thighs by a pair of shiny, black, leather boots with 6 inch, hi heels. Around each wrist she wore a pair of leather bands similar to the collar around her neck.

The other woman was shorter and had a head of short black hair which was worn almost like a boys except it was much fuller and thicker. One side of it hung lazily over her left eye, almost blocking it out. She had a full wide face with a petite nose, full thick lips and big brown eyes. Her body was more robust than the red heads with a thick pair of thighs, a wide, motherly set of hips, a narrow waste and a wide chest. Her breasts were very large and globular and were pushed together to form a grand valley of cleavage by a pink laced support bra. The bra was some sort of undergarment made from some soft, semi transparent material which revealed parts of her nipples, and was decorated with a series of frilly laces. Her panties were made of the same pink, frilly material and hung loosely around her wide hips. Over her stomach she wore a pink hose support. Two support clips ran down each leg over the front and back and clipped to a pair of pink, fish net stockings. These ran all the way from her thighs to her feet and were capped off by a pair of shiny black 6 inch heels. She wore a very sheer, pink robe which dragged along the floor and which was transparent enough to allow one to see her shape as a silhouette underneath it.

“Zo this is the little kinder they told us about.” said the red head teasingly, “Ze great Vunder Girl. She doesn’t look zo dangerous too me Inga.” she said bending forward with her knees locked and looking sarcastically into the young girl’s face.

“Oh I don’t know Gretchen.” said the dark hared woman as she walked around to the back of Wonder Girl, staring intently at her young, plump rear end. “Looks can be deceiving. I zink we should interrogate her very carefully.” she added letting out a slight chuckle.

“Ve have ways of making prisoners talk my dear.” Inga said to Dru, “You should not have let us capture you.”

“No matter Inga.” said Gretchen, “She will soon learn what happens to pretty, costumed heroines who make the mistake of being caught.” she giggled.

“MMMMMM” mumbled Drucella as she curiously stared around the room and tried to follow the two strange women. The red head sauntered around the other side of Dru, sliding her long black fingernails slowly under the young girl’s chin, and walked up to Inga. Inga pushed a button on the wall behind Dru and a large panel slid open revealing a set of shelves containing an impressive array of various “sex toys”. Still unable to see the impending collection of paraphernalia behind her Dru wiggled about calmly, wondering why these women were acting so strange. Suddenly she tightened slightly as she felt a hand slowly caress her left buttock.

“Very nice.” said Inga in a pleased voice. “Very responsive.” Inga gave the cheek a slight slap causing a small wave to ripple through it. Dru let out a gruff “MMMMBLM” in defiance. “By HERA! What are they doing..”



Dru screamed in panic as the first paddle board came down hard across her ass. As soon as Inga’s board swung back, Gretchen’s board hit home sending another huge wave through Drucella’s cheeks and caused the helpless heroine to scream again in shock.

Her head thrashed about in desperate panic as the two women continued to slap her rear. Again and again the boards came down on her ass sending wave after wave of sharp pain through Drucella’s mind. With each whack came an accompanying “MPH!” from Dru as the rhythm increased.

Like two railroad workers pounding away at a spike, the two dominatrix happily swatted the feisty young heroine, teaching her some unspoken but understood lesson about obedience and the fate of a prisoner.

After several minutes, the two women stopped and patted the young girl’s rear affectionately. Dru’s buttocks were now cherry red and she could feel them hum softly as her numb cheeks resonated from the rhythmic spanking. She shook her hips back and forth in defiance as she tried to free herself from her bonds.

As the young heroine continued to struggle, the two women walked back over to the cabinet and returned the paddles.

“She’s so feisty.” said Inga looking sideways at the gyrating Wonder Girl and sprouting an amused grin.

“Ya, but I have just the thing to... ehem... calm ze little spitfire down.” replied Gretchen slipping Inga a devilishly wicked smile and reaching into the cabinet. From the shelf she picked up an odd, black leather belt and slipped it around her waist. Then, reaching up, she grabbed a large white dildo and attached it to a mount at the front of the belt. This caused the belt to hang low over her crotch and gave her an impressive, artificial erection.

“Ooo..., I do so love your imagination.” said Inga as she slipped Gretchen a big, wet affectionate kiss and lightly stroked the fallic with her finger tips. She then slowly sauntered around to the front of Wonder Girl and stared wickedly back at Gretchen as she ran her long fingernails lightly over the young girl’s bare ass and back as she walked around to her front.

“Zo... You are such a sveet young thing.” said Inga as she bent down in front of Drucella and held her chin with her hand. “Ve can be such good friends you and I.” she continued as she removed the young girl’s ball gag.

Drucella couldn’t help but stare in astonishment and curiosity at the woman’s enormous cleavage. Most of the women on Paradise Island were very well endowed and this was a trait that turned Drucella on. When she was younger she would always sneak peeks at Diana taking showers in the nude under the water falls or watch her laying out naked on the beach. Diana was very large and she loved the way her breasts would roll about like two soft balls of plump flesh as Diana turned over or stood up. At times she would even catch her older sister lying naked under a shaded palm, lightly stroking and masturbating her breasts to bring on a climax. When she blossomed, Drucella would spend hours caressing and teasing her own breasts, making herself cum from playing with them. Mother would scold her for over indulging herself but this only heightened the activity since she was doing something her mother said was naughty.

Seeing the girl’s line of vision, Inga reached up and ran her finger’s over her ample breasts. “You like?” she asked, unbuttoning her bra. The breasts burst out toward Drucella and lay firm and full on Inga’s chest. Inga gently grabbed Drucella by the hair and, with her other hand, moved one plump breast toward the young girl’s mouth. Drucella’s head twisted and thrashed. “No... don’t! I can’t .... MMMBBLLM...” her cries were muffled, however, as Inga inserted her nipple in Drucella’s mouth.

At first Dru continued to twist her head in defiance but, like being subjected to some odd aphrodisiac, her struggles slowed and she began to suck on the woman’s large nipple. Drucella had never actually done this before and her immediate fate was forgotten as she began indulging her fantasy.

Gretchen’s walked up behind Drucella and her hands slowly slid over the young girl’s slightly red buttocks as she approached Drucella from behind. So engrossed was she with Inga’s breast, Drucella simply ignored the other woman’s activities.

Then, with a sudden, forceful thrust, Gretchen slid the dildo between Dru’s legs and parted her young, tight lips, plunging the fallic deep and hard into the defenseless heroine’s vagina. Dru screamed and gyrated frantically as the shock of this action brought her immediately back to reality. Almost as quickly as she pulled her head away, Inga grabbed her hard by the back of her neck and forced her breast again into the young girl’s gaping mouth.

“NNNNNMMMMM!” screamed Dru as she was forcibly raped by the two dominatrix. Gretchen began sliding the dildo in and out of Dru, relentlessly slamming it home again and again into her gyrating, thrusting hips. As she pounded away at the young heroine, Gretchen gave the helpless girl an occasional brutal slap on the rear, like some deranged cowboy breaking a wild filly.

After a bit, Inga removed her breast and stood up, keeping her firm grip on Dru’s head. The young girl continued to gasp and whine as the woman behind her forcefully penetrated her. Inga then reached down and pulled her own panties off, revealing her large, wide vagina.

“You like using your mouth little one?” asked Inga mockingly, “Vell, use it now!” she ordered as she brutally thrust her hips forward and forced Drucella’s face into her pussy. “Lick ME! Lick me NOW!” screamed Inga as she began sliding her vagina all over Drucella’s face.

“Ya, c’mon Bitch! Lick my friend!” ordered Gretchen as she thrust her point home with an even harder penetration.

“MMMMMMMMGLM” screamed Drucella as she slowly gave in and began sliding her tongue over Inga’s thrusting vagina. Dru was moaning and crying muffled screams of resistance constantly now as the two women began to form a vicious rhythm.

After several intense minutes, Gretchen withdrew herself and walked back over to the cabinet. Drucella sighed slightly in relief as the physical pounding lightened. Gretchen removed the dripping wet dildo from her belt. She then grabbed a second dildo and walked back over to the restrained young girl.

Gretchen approached Wonder Girl from the side and slid her fingers roughly over the girl’s vagina. Her fingers ran between her lips and her anus as the red head stroked the young teen like some dominated pet. Dru’s hips surged again, twisting about slowly as the woman started to tease and tickle her.

“OOO You’re zo hot.” teased Gretchen. “You’re such a naughty little bitch. I bet you love being banged don’t you?”

Suddenly, the same dildo plunged back into Dru’s defenseless vagina and the fiery redhead began viciously sliding it in and out. Dru started to scream and thrash about again as she was taken a second time. Her struggles also heightened and fed Inga’s experience and the busty dominatrix began to moan with excitement as the young girl wildly thrashed about.

Part 3 of 9. * * *

“Make my friend come you American BITCH!” growled Gretchen as she continued to slam home the dildo. “Oh you are such a horny little girl aren’t you?” mocked the redhead.

“Oh GOD YES!” screamed Inga as she slid her hips up and down hard over Dru’s twisting, thrashing face. The large breasted dominatrix then released her grip on Dru’s head and grabbed her own breasts. With wild, unrestrained abandonment, Inga massaged her huge tits, masturbating herself as she forced Dru to lick and suck her wet vagina.

NO!” cried out Dru under a heavy veil of hair and flesh but, deep down, she knew she was lying. These women were so brutal, so blatant, and combined with the struggling and bondage, Drucella began to tighten as the wave of climax began to build inside her.

“Ya, so horny. I bet you could take two of these couldn’t you?” said Gretchen. No sooner had the redhead finished her sentence then Wonder Girl began thrashing about wildly at this horrific thought. Her hips exploded upward, however, as the second dildo slipped under the first and forced its way deep inside her. Then, without letting the young girl get her second wind, Gretchen grabbed both vibrators with one hand and brutally sliding them in and out of the young, defenseless nymph’s pussy.

Pump after pump forced Dru’s hips to twist about frantically in a vain attempt at resisting the inevitable. The implements plunged deep into her womb and back up her vagina causing her lubricant to pour out over the two fallics and down Gretchen’s arm. Stroke after stroke brought her closer and closer to the edge. This act was too cruel, too unfair the dildos were too big. She had no way to resist being taken and defeated.

“HERA! Can’t take this...raping ME!...”

Overloaded and unable to deal with the overwhelming rush of pain and pleasure, Wonder Girl’s climax rose higher and higher like a soaring bird reaching for the highest cloud. She tightened up so much that Gretchen had to put more muscle behind her pumping. Inga was nearly ready to burst as well as she let out wail after wail of erotic moans and screams. This aural stimuli added to Dru’s already heavy barrage of sexual stimuli. The young girl soared higher and higher. Then, with one last forceful plunge, Gretchen drove the two dildos deep into Wonder Girl, wiggling them about wildly, forcing her to scream frantically and thrash about helplessly as she was cruelly forced to climax against her will.

At the same moment, Inga exploded in climax with a loud, animalistic moan that echoed throughout the cell and she sprayed vaginal cum all over Drucella’s face. Wonder Girl slumped down in defeat as the intense climax claimed a piece of her fiery will.

“My turn!” cried Gretchen as she walked around front and bared herself. At this point Dru sprang groggily back to life and started panicking at the thought of being forced to go through this again.

Inga calmly staggered back behind Dru and knelt down between the teen’s legs. Grabbing the sides of her buttocks with her hands, Inga pulled the young girl’s hips back and plunged her tongue and mouth into Dru’s dripping wet vagina. The fiery teen’s feisty hips twisted and bucked as Inga viciously licked and sucked the young girl dry. “You’re zo wet my dear. Zo wet and zo delicious... MMMM MMM MMMMMGNM”.

Gretchen worked from the front and forced her red pussy into Dru’s wet face. Dru began again to struggle and writhe in agony as the two merciless dominatrix continued to rape her. Both women continued for what seemed like a half hour, licking and masturbating the young, helpless teen.

After several minutes of driving Drucella insane with her mouth, Inga stood up and licked her herself clean of lubricant, sucking the fluids from her fingers and from around her mouth as though she just finished feasting on some wonderful desert. She then picked up the two dildos and plunged them hard and viciously into the teen’s defenseless vagina and began mindlessly barraging Wonder Girl again with pump after pump from the two, dripping wet dildos. She also continued to masturbate herself to keep up her climaxed state squeezing and massaging her own breasts in erotic stimulation.

Gretchen twisted and swayed up and down as her experience grew more and more intense. Her red hared pussy slide slowly over Dru’s chin, across her full red lips, over her nose, over her eyebrows and back down the same path. Dru could do nothing more than suck and lick the woman’s vagina and clitoris with her tongue as it passed hard and forcefully over her mouth. Inga continued to push and pull the two vibrators in and out of Dru’s wriggling rear in a feverish attempt to claim another climax. Both women formed another rhythm as they pumped the young teen toward another hard discharge.

After several minutes, Inga withdrew the dildos and licked them clean, making a yummy “MMMM” sound as she suckled them dry like ice-pops. She then walked over to the cabinet and grabbed the belt Gretchen was wearing and slipped it on. Picking up another vibrator, she hooked it in place at the front of the belt. This vibrator was thick and black with several rounded studs running along its length. She also picked up a short riding crop with a small loop of leather at the end and walked back over to the defenseless heroine. She raised the threatening device and forced this new, formidable weapon into the young girl’s vagina.

“BLMMMMMMMMM!” wailed Wonder Girl almost bursting into tears from the miss-shapen implement’s sensation. She began thrusting up and down mindlessly now as the vibrator worked its way deeper and deeper.

“YA!” screamed Inga as she slapped the riding crop across Dru’s shaking rear. Like a cowgirl breaking a wild filly, Inga rode behind Dru laughing and slapping the young heroine across her ass again and again.

“Oh GOD You dirty BITCH!” screamed Gretchen as she neared climax. She squeezed Dru’s head even tighter into her crotch, almost suffocating the deranged young girl. Then, with an explosion of screams, Gretchen burst and her climax echoed throughout the cell. The guards outside could barely stand still just thinking about the activity that must be going on in the room and how they’d love to get a piece of that young, little Wonder Girl.

Gretchen was now panting heavily and dropped to her knees in front of the now screaming heroine. She grabbed Dru’s head by both cheeks and, like some love sick dog, she began licking the cum off the girl’s cherry red face. As she did this, the perverted redhead also began kissing Dru deeply and heavily, sucking her lips and tongue as she madly smacked her mouth.

Inga continued pumping the vibrator in and out of Dru, smacking and spanking the young girl’s ass in sick amusement. Then, with a vicious jerk, she quickly yanked out the now soaked dildo from the panicked child, giving her a small love tap with the riding crop on her vagina. She then knelt down and wrapped her arms around Dru’s thighs and, like some crazed animal, she began licking and slurping the cum from Dru’s vagina.

“NNNGGHH! No! HERA NO! Why are they doing... can’t think... NO!!!” Drucella cried to herself as overwhelming waves of sexual sensation pounded away at her mental resistance. Inga continued to lick Drucella, shoving her nose and mouth inside the heroine and violently licking her tender clitoris with her wiggling, twisting tongue. Dru could do nothing to resist as the stimulus tore away at her will.

After several minutes, Inga stood back up and cupped Dru’s plump, red buttocks. “Zo virginal, zo young. It is time to POP your little cherry.”

“NO!!!!!!!!! Not THAT!.... DIANA!...” screamed Dru as Inga spread the girl’s soft, plump cheeks and inserted the enormous dildo into her vulnerable anus. Wonder Girl began to kick and buck wildly, snorting and gasping with each cringing sensation as the fat vibrator worked its way deeper and deeper inside her. At first the going was met with valiant resistance but Inga maliciously twisted her hips wildly until the implement began forcing its way past the young girl’s defiant anal muscles.

At the same time, Gretchen slid under the young, gyrating girl and sucked one of her ripe breasts into her mouth. Like some wild animal on a feeding frenzy, the redheaded dominatrix sucked and squeezed the young girl’s tit frantically in some insane attempt at milking the bound heroine dry. The other breast met with the same vicious assault as Gretchen relentlessly violated the heroine’s unprotected tits. Both breasts were squeezed and milked, being pushed together then pulled apart violently and mercilessly.

“HERA NO!” screamed Dru as the next climax began to surface.

“No... No!.... NO!!!” she screamed again and again as she grew nearer to the edge. “Why are they doing this... “ she thought, “Can’t concentrate... can’t take this! I won’t surrender! I WON’T SURR....”


The cell and surrounding corridors echoed with the young girl’s scream of utter defeat. Both guards were now so enthralled by the erotic noises coming from the cell that they completely ignored the other as they rubbed themselves listening to the young girl’s cries.

Dru lay slumped and lifeless, like a discarded rag doll, over the small padded bench that supported her stomach. Drool and sweat trickled slowly from the dazed heroine’s mouth as her head lay bent over in defeat. The two satisfied dominatrix removed their paraphernalia and returned their toys to the cabinet.

“Spirited young thing.” Gretchen said giving Dru another love pat on the rear as she walked around to the young girl’s front.

“Ya, quite entertaining. These American girls are so wild, so in need of taming. I will enjoy breaking her.” replied Inga as she walked to the side of the restraint machine and opened a control panel.

Gretchen knelt in front of Dru and grabbed the girl by the hair, raising her to eye level. Dru stared back, dazed and delirious, her eyelids just barely able to stay open. Gretchen stuffed a rolled up ball of cloth into Dru’s lax mouth and tied a shiny black leather gag around the heroines head, silencing the helpless and devastated young girl.

As the redhead gagged Drucella, Inga began flipping a few switches at the base of the machine. Suddenly, a series of motors started up and a metal arm began to raise up from the base of the machine, between Dru’s legs. Like a scorpion’s tale it raised higher and higher until the end of it was level with Dru’s hips. At the end was mounted a cylinder with an array of smaller, robotic arms attached to it. Each arm had a different “feminine toy” attached to it. Some of the dildos were thin and smooth while others were fat and ridged. All of them came to life and pointed their heads toward the unsuspecting heroine.

“I hope you enjoy our little friend.” said Inga with a giggle. “Gretchen tied me into it once and it took 4 hours for me to break. That’s my record.”

“Ya. It broke her real good. She was my absolute slave.” replied Gretchen shooting Inga a sly smile.

“Ya, she made me fuck EVERYTHING.” replied Inga closing her eyes and envisioning her defeat with fond memories.

Gretchen then grabbed Dru’s head and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Inga did the same and both women walked to the door. As they left they blew Dru a sarcastic kiss and flipped off the lights, bolting the door behind them.

“MMMMM!” moaned Dru as the first fallic penetrated her and its robotic arm began sliding the torturous implement in and out of her. The young girl had caught somewhat of a second wind but the machine made short work of that as it stole another climax from the feisty heroine. Just as she finished whining her climax, another dildo moved into place and began making short work of the girl’s will power. Each time she recuperated a little, the machine would pound away her will. For each step she made forward, the insidious device would knock her two steps back. Penetration after intense penetration whittled away at her spirit. Both her vagina and anus were violated without mercy. Wonder Girl struggled in vain in the lonely darkness as she slipped deeper and deeper into mindless, savage domination.

 *     *     *

The castle was like some demented maze. Tunnels ran everywhere and interconnected all over the place. First she was in some kind of dungeon, then some kind of sewer, then some ventilation shafts. It was as though the castle structure on top was just a tiny portion of the real fortress underneath. Diana remembered reading about such fortifications. They were designed to confuse attacking armies so the occupants could either escape or ambush the attackers. Only the residence knew the way through the maze.

“I didn’t have time to interrogate that woman.” sighed Wonder Woman. “The good thing is, I haven’t seen any guards around either. I guess they don’t venture this far in for fear of getting lost.” she thought as she slinked her way through the dimly lit hallways.

After a few moments she entered a wider section of hallway.

It was almost perfectly square and was about 30 feet on each side. It seemed almost more like a room with two large archways at both ends than a hallway. A torch dimly lit the room and the huge, monolithic arches that lined the walls disappeared quickly into the eerie darkness that masked the roof.

“I don’t like the looks of this.” Diana thought as she slowly entered the room, keeping her eye on the ceiling. “Dark ceilings make for nasty surprises.” she thought as she took each step carefully and walked slowly across the floor.

Suddenly, as she reached the center, a loud, dull snap under her boots broke the tension filled silence and Diana dropped a few inches into a mire of reddish brown mud.

“What THE!...” she gasped as the tops of her boots were immediately engulfed and she slipped into the mud. “Hera! What a mess.” she cursed as she raised each foot to shake off the mud. Wads of heavy Earth splattered on the walls and floor as she raised each leg and shook it clean. She then started to walk forward, only to find her legs slipping deeper into the brown muck.

“What’s going ON!” she barked angrily as she raised her legs again to free herself. “This stuff... its too soft to walk in.” she thought as she fought to move forward.

She looked about the room and her heart sank slightly with a sharp realization. She studied the floor and quickly ascertained that the room’s floor was a pit of mud with a very thin board running over the surface. It was covered by a thin layer of dried earth to fool any unsuspecting victim. The board could support a person until they reached the center where it would then break, leaving the victim stranded in a small sea of soft quicksand.

“This must be some old medieval trap used to snare invaders.

Hera, I feel real sorry for the pour souls who must have gotten trapped in this.” she said calmly as she looked about the room. She then tensed up slightly as she realized she was one of those poor souls.

Wonder Woman twisted her hips in slight panic looking for some means of escape as she sank deeper and deeper into the quagmire. She tried to pull her legs free from the liquid mud but as she pulled up on one leg, she would push down on the other causing it to sink deeper.

“I don’t believe this.” she said angrily putting her hands on her hips and staring about desperately. Her legs slipped a few more inches and she gasped slightly as the cool mud flowed over her boots and touched the bottom of her bare knees.

She began to twist frantically now, pulling and pushing her muscular legs in and out of the mud in a vain attempt at freeing herself. The mud bubbled and slurped as it sucked her legs down and she found it harder and harder to move them as they got deeper into the goo.

“I think I can work my way forward...” she said as she reached out into the mud to feel for the rest of the wooden floor. Her legs had now sunk a few more inches and the mud was smoothly hugging her firm, shapely, bare thighs.

“YES!” she cheered as her hand connected with the edge of the broken floor. “All I have to do now is pull myself...” but as she pulled on the edge of the board, a loud, mechanical “CLUNK” resonated throughout the room. Almost immediately, a large, rope meshed net dropped from the darkness above and covered the stunned amazon. Her hands flailed about frantically as she tried to pull the net off of her. This accelerated the sinking process and her bare legs slipped below the surface.

Her wide hips and full rear now sat in the mud and offered a little bit of resistance as the creeping substance worked its way around her widely curving form. It was as though some monstrous snake was slowly swallowing her feet first, and found her hips to be an ever widening obstacle that it had to work its mouth around. The mud continued its unrelenting digestion of its victim and the pressure of the ooze began squeezing her plump buttocks upward as she sank deeper and deeper.

Diana continued to struggle in vain as she tried to pull off the entangling net and free herself from the ever consuming muck. She thrust her hands into the goo hoping to push her way out only to find her arms sinking like two poles into the mud. Her chest and hips twisted and wiggled wildly as she fought in desperation to escape but this only caused her to sink deeper and deeper into her liquid grave.

As the mud slipped over the curvature of her ripe, bulging rear, it made its way around her wide hips and full upper thigh and began to again accelerate its ascent as it consumed her large hips. Wonder Woman quickly sank to her waist with a shocking “blup” sound as the mud finally pushed past her wide struggling form.

“Ok, wait woman! Don’t panic! That’s what’s going to get you killed!” she said to herself in an attempt at calming herself down. “To think, women in Hollywood pay hundreds of dollars to get this kind of treatment.” she mused as she picked up a clump of mud and tossed it half heartedly across the room looking around again for some means of escape.

She twisted her waist back and forth feverishly, holding her arms above the mud as she tried to move her legs and hips. Her hips surged and surfaced every once in a while from the gooey mass as she gyrated in futility. Her thighs would shortly come to the surface, exposing her soft brown skin slightly, but the mass of the mud pulled them right back down straight, pinning them motionless. She was like some poor fly caught and struggling helplessly on a sheet of fly paper.

Suddenly, with an incredibly obnoxious farting sound, the trapped air around Diana’s body blurted to the surface with a loud “BRAPPPP” sound. Diana let out a slight gasp as she quickly slipped further into the mud and all the way up to her large breasts. Her arms flailed about frantically now as she tried to swim toward the edge of the pool. This was to no avail however as the weight of the mud was much greater than her buoyancy.

Her tits sank slightly and rested like two perfect spheres halfway in the mud. The same resistance she felt around her wide hips and buttocks now tingled around her chest as bubbles of air escaped around her skin and the mud slowly gained ground over this new, extremely wide obstacle.

“UUUGH... NO! HERA! Must free MYSELF..” she screamed as she rested her arms on top of her breasts and twisted about frantically looking for some kind of escape.

As she sank, her breasts began to bulge upward from the force of the mud like two large balloons being sucked through a narrow straw. The force pushed them out of her costume’s bra cups and her nipples rolled forward and upward as her breasts were squeezed out. The two large tits rolled out of her costume and slid softly into the cold, gooey mud, bulging upward as the mud’s force squeezed them ever tighter.

The mud continued to rise higher and higher, however, creeping slowly and steadily over the surface of her bare breasts and around their curvature toward her exposed nipples. The cold ooze rippled over her bare skin as she was sucked deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, with another obnoxious “BLUB”, both breasts were swallowed up by the mud and her whole body sank to the tops of her shoulders.

“NNNNUUUGHHH!!!! By the GODS! It can’t end like THIS!” she cried as she raised her arms above her head in hopes of attaining some kind of equilibrium. Under the mud, she continued to twist and wiggle her chest and hips, hoping to push herself out of the ooze. This caused the whole sea of mud to jiggle and oscillate slowly like a giant slab of jello pudding being shaken in a bowl.

“There’s got to be a way out of this.” she growled in a desperate voice. Her hands were now above her head and were supporting the net like two tent poles.

Part 4 of 9 * * *

“Wait, the NET!” she screamed in hope. Grabbing the rope strands she started pulling on them one by one. “This thing can’t be perfect. If I can just... YES!” Diana began giggling in excitement at finding a loose rope. She pulled the length through the weave until she had a length of rope about 15 feet long.

As she struggled with the net, however, her wide shoulders slipped below the surface and now only her head and lower arms remained visible.

“Now if only I had something I can use as a hook.” she muttered spitting bits of dirt and mud out of her mouth as she wiggled about desperately.

“I KNOW!” she screamed as she reached up and removed her head band. After a few moments of tying, she lashed the rope to her curved barrette.

“Now if I can hit that torch sconce...” she exclaimed as she twirled the rope. With her last ounce of strength she thrust upward and tossed the head band and rope toward the torch holder. This last act of desperation exhausted her last few inches, however, and her face and head slipped completely under the mud leaving only her hands exposed. Slowly she reeled in the rope, desperately holding her breathe in hopes of snagging the sconce.

With only a few moments of air left, she continued to pull in the cord, Her hands growing weaker and weaker as the blood rushed from them. Suddenly, the head band made a clinking sound as it hooked around the sconce and the rope tightened.

The dazed amazon began to pull hard against the mud’s death grip with her last ounce of strength. Her body slid slowly forward and then, with a loud “BLURP!”, her head popped out of the mud. She let in a huge gasp of air as she continued to feverishly pull herself from the middle of the pit. Her legs and hips kicked and thrust about like a fish on the bank of a muddy river as she tried to use every muscle to move herself forward.

After several long minutes of exhaustive pulling she reached the hardwood floor and rested her arms on the wooden edge. With a monstrous effort she pushed upward, pulling her mud soaked body from its liquid tomb and collapsing in utter exhaustion on the floor of the room.

After a few more minutes, she pulled herself completely free and slowly got to her feet. Her body and hair were absolutely covered with a thick, rich layer of creamy brown mud. It flowed and glistened like a river of slow moving ooze over her huge, plump breasts, down her flat stomach, over her large buttocks and down her long, shapely, shiny brown legs. The suction of the mud had also pulled her costume completely off and she spent the next several minutes fishing her mud soaked suit from the trap.

After shaking it off as best as she could, Diana plopped down on her ass like a grumpy school girl and lay back against a pillar. “Hera, I need a bath!”

 *     *     *

The countess shook the cobwebs from her head as the guard finished removing the last of the medical tape from around her legs.

“We saw nothing Madam!” said the guard unraveling the tape, “No Vonder Voman went past us outside.”

“Zat’s impossible you OAF!” screamed the groggy madam as she shakily stood up from the table. “There is no other vay out of zis room! Where could she have gone!”

“Madam! Over here.” said one of the guards standing at the back of the room. The countess, the other guards and the lab assistant walked over to the small, thick metal door on the back wall and the guard pointed down to a woman’s boot impression in the soft mud at the base of the door. Suddenly, like some wicked witch of the east, the countess broke out into a chorus of insideous laughter.

“Zat incredible BIMBO!” she cried as she continued to laugh wildly.

“Vas is this laughter about?” asked one guard of the lab assistant.

“That is the doorway that leads to the catacombs under the castle.” the blonde replied with a chuckle. “The madam disposes of some of her more exotic experiments down there. We keep them alive in case we need to study them. They are sick, perverted mutations and are too horrendous to keep in cages.”

“Ya! And zat big breasted American slut is going to find out how perverted they really are.” the countess added laughing even louder. “I couldn’t have planned this better myself.”

Suddenly the assistant’s eyes bulged in shock and she quickly rushed up to the madam and began whispering in her ear.

“Dear God, you are right!” gasped the countess as she went instantly from tearful laughter to intense seriousness.

“Quickly guards! Form a search party. We have to recapture her before my pets spoil her usefulness. I want her ALIVE and UNTOUCHED!” the countess screamed. The nervous guards jumped to attention and saluted as they bolted for the door.

“Also, bring the young Vonder Girl to my lab. We can start the “process” with her first.” she ordered. The guards signified their obedience and left to round up a search party and to also fetch the helpless teen.

 *     *     *

Diana’s mud soaked costume hit the stone floor hard with a loud “whap” sound as she dropped it and dove into the water. The underground pool was very cold but the water was fresh and the mud instantly came off her body. She swam about the large pool for a long while as she looked about the large cavern.

It was a dome shaped, hollow cave about 200 feet across by 50 feet high. Streams of clear water poured from cracks in the ceiling, down the back wall, and into the pool which dominated most of the cave. A smaller 20 foot square area of dry land acted as a beach and several tunnels, including the one she came through, connected to this dry area. The cave was relatively dark causing the water to look absolutely black except for the dry area which was lit by two small torches and which provided more than enough light for the rest of the cave.

After a long, relaxing swim, she slowly rose out of the water and walked back up onto the dry stone floor. “Now to clean my...” she said softly but then, with a start, she looked about nervously. Her costume was gone. The sand still showed the outline of it but it had definitely been taken. Looking about, she notice a trail of drag marks in the sand leading off toward a small cave. Following it, she slowly walked toward the cave entrance that faced the underground beach.

Diana grabbed one of the torches and held it out in front of her as she stealthily walked inside. The cave was a natural formation and was about the size of a normal garage but with a very high ceiling. It was formed from some sort of reddish, brown clay and the color of the clay, coupled with the soft glow of the torch, turned her a dull shade of orange-red. As she walked deeper into the cave, she saw a small, brown lump laying on the floor. Walking up to it and bending down over it, she realized it was her costume and she slowly picked it up.

“Strange?...” she thought looking about the cave in confusion. “How did this end up here?”

Suddenly, Diana froze as a faint sliding sound broke the eerie silence. Turning to her side, she held the torch out to part the darkness. A few feet to her left, she could see a large, cylindrical mass laying on the floor. She slowly walked up to it and knelt over it to examine it.

The mass resembled a bean pod but was much larger, about 8 feet long and 4 feet in diameter, and was covered with some sort of cream colored, fleshy skin. It seemed to pulsate and throb as though it were breathing slowly and the whole thing gave off wisps of pinkish colored gas that smelled surprisingly good to Diana.

The aphrodisiatic mist began to relax Diana as she continued to examine the incredibly odd creature. She leaned in closer and closer as she felt its skin in curiosity. As she got nearer, the plant began to pulsate more intensely, swelling and throbbing bigger and bigger at the presence of the amazon. With an almost eerie light, the giant pod began to glow slightly as Diana leaned over it, examining it.

Suddenly, with a blinding explosion of fluids and vines, the pod shot out several long, fleshy tendrils from a small hole on the front of the plant at the unsuspecting heroine. The tentacles snaked out quickly and coiled themselves around Wonder Woman’s bare calves and ankles. Several more shot out and wrapped around her bare thighs, binding the heroines shapely legs together into one twisting mass.

“UUUUGHH!! What...!” screamed Wonder Woman as the vines enveloped her legs. She pulled and twisted her legs frantically and clutched the vines with her free hand as she tried to free herself from the plant’s tendril grasp. The vines were too strong and slippery however, and they continued to snake around her bare legs, wrapping themselves tighter and tighter as they slithered further up her hips.

She then stood straight up in a desperate attempt at running away. This, however, totally threw off her balance and the shocked and panicked heroine began to gyrate her hips in wide, circular orbits like some uncoordinated go-go girl as she tried to keep her balance. The writhing and struggling was too much for her balance however, and Wonder Woman went falling backward with her arms twirling about frantically in a vain attempt at stopping her fall. The torch went shooting into the air and landed a few feet away to the side of the fallen amazon.

Diana’s wide hips bucked and twisted on the ground as she tried to pull her legs free. Her hands groped and pulled at the vines as she tried to escape the plant’s super strong grip but, as she pulled one tendril free, another slippery one took its place.

Suddenly, the small opening at the front of the pod began to curl open and the plant blossomed, widening its maw to the diameter of its body. This gave the plant the appearance of a large, fleshy tube with one end being wide open and the other end coming to a narrow point.

“By the GODS! NO!” screamed Wonder Woman as she sat up slightly and gapped in shock at the inside of the plant. The inside of the plant was cylindrical with large, sack like shapes of white, fatty flesh that lined the inside all the way to the back. The sacks pulsated and throbbed and were covered with bluish veins and cellular patterns. They reminded her slightly of big, white pillows but these pillows were quivering and dripping with some kind of white, oily liquid. The vines that were holding her legs ran from her feet, to the inside of the creature and toward the back end of the tube. Dozens more tendrils sat hovering about, twisting and writhing like a pit of hungry snakes and the whole inside seemed to glow with a dull white light of its own and pulsated slowly as the creature breathed.

“UUUGHHH!” she screamed as the tendrils around her legs began pulling her bare ass slowly, through the dirt, toward the creature’s opening. As she sat up to pull at the vines, more of them shot out and wrapped around her shoulder’s, neck and chest. Several more then shot out and wrapped around each of her arms, pulling on them as well. Diana continued to scream and gyrate frantically as the creature pulled her struggling, bound body closer and closer.

“AAAGH! NO! Hera, HELP!” Diana screamed in utter panic as her bare feet entered the creature’s mouth and she felt the warm, wet, fleshy tissue touch her bare skin. Her head thrashed about violently now as the tendrils continued to pull their prey inside.

Her long legs slowly slide through the opening followed by her twisting, struggling hips. As she became more and more engulfed by the creature, more and more of her underside became slippery and wet. This increased the speed of her consumption as the creature gained each inch.

Diana’s mind raced in absolute fear and panic as she thought about her horrendous fate. “Hera! Being eaten ALIVE! If this is like any other plant, it could take weeks for it to digest me. I could spend days slowly DYING!”

She pushed and thrust about wildly now as her large, rippling breasts and wide shoulders disappeared into the creature. As she slipped inside, the maw began to close, pulling her head in and sealing her inside the fleshy tomb.

The fiery heroine continued to fight as more and more of the slippery, wet tentacles wrapped around her bare, gyrating body. Several vines began pulling her arms behind her back and pulling her hands together. Weaving and wrapping, they coiled themselves around her wrists and arms, effectively pinning and tying her hands behind her back.

The vines around her legs then began to uncoil and she started to feverishly kick and twist her free legs as she tried to gain her freedom. Her tantrum was short lived however as the same vines coiled each leg and wrapped them separately, pinning them slightly apart.

More and more tendrils lashed out, wrapping themselves around any and every writhing, struggling part of her shapely body, pulling themselves tighter and tighter, restraining her, like an army of Lilliputians securing an enormous and voluptuous female Gulliver.

Mistaking her plump, massive, jiggling breasts for threatening limbs, the tendrils coiled themselves around the base of each tit and wrapped themselves up around each breasts’ curvature, snaking and twisting toward her bare nipples. The vines then began constricting her tits, squeezing each one tighter and tighter in an attempt at restraining the sloshing, unprotected glands. Her soft, fatty breasts began to bulge and squeeze through the gaps between the vines as they were squeezed and contained. The vines then began pulling hard and up on her breasts, pulling them tight and long just like they were pulling her legs, in an attempt at rendering them harmless.

Diana’s thrashing head was the last to fall as the vines wrapped over her cheeks, forehead and neck and began to tighten, holding her head firmly and helplessly at bay.

Diana now lay completely restrained. She twisted and wiggled in defiance but each movement was met with tightening resistance. She snorted and gritted her teeth as she lay a restrained and beaten mammal at the mercy of this insidious plant, awaiting her fate as this things next meal.

“UUUUGH! Got to get free! These vines... they’re too tight... Hera! What a way to get tied up!” Wonder Woman grunted as she twisted about in vain.

Suddenly, from the side of her head, a large, white stalk slowly rose up over her face and hovered over her. She looked about frantically and saw at least a dozen more moving from orifices in the side of the plant toward various parts of her body. They were all fleshy white with various blue veins running along their lengths. The ends of each of them was curled inward and reminded her of the curled lips of a small mouth.

“That’s it. These stalks are going to eat ME!” she gasped as she surmised what was happening. With renewed vigor she began to again twist about in hopeless desperation. This new wave of struggling was met with more tendrils and more tightening which quickly restrained her again.

As Wonder Woman shifted about, she continued to stare at the ominous stalk in front of her face. Suddenly, like some new year’s eve’r blowing into a curled party favor, the end began to roll outward to reveal a large, bloated, pulsating white proboscis. It twisted and writhed about like a worm and streams of soupy, white cum dripped from a small opening at the end as it hovered over her face. Diana looked about frantically as the other stalks revealed the same, insidious surprise.

“Hera! Its not going to eat me! Its going to... UUUUGLMP!” she gasped in horror as she realized the plant’s true intentions. Indeed, the bound female was not a meal but a host, a host to the plant’s devilish seeds. Before she could finish, however, the large, wiggling member in front of her plunged down hard and deep into her mouth. The warm, white, fleshy penis forcefully pushed past her large full, red lips and deep into her gasping throat. It then began throbbing and sliding in and out of her mouth as streams of creamy, white lubricant began trickling past her lips and over her chin. “MMMMMMGN!” she screamed and moaned as the member slid in and out, writhing about as it beat and pulsated in her mouth.

At the same time, two more proboscises pushed into each of her ears and began twisting and wiggling about as they tried to enter those two openings. Another one, mistaking her belly button for an opening, slammed itself deep into her stomach and began pushing inward on her belly button. Its was as though the plant was trying to find any opening it could to penetrate.

Even her armpits her mistaken for potential target sites as two more organs pushed themselves between her bound arms and her sides and began pushing up into her pits. Another two began concentrating on her restrained breasts, probing her nipples. Thinking these odd protrusions must serve some purpose, they began pushing down on each nipple in a vain attempt at entering her from this point.

As she moaned and wiggled about in utter panic, her hips bucked and thrust about violently, attracting more attention. Another proboscis, seeing her rear and the crack that ran between her buttocks, slid underneath her and began entering her. Diana began screaming muffled cries as the member slowly and forcefully parted her cheeks and pressed against her anus. With a phenomenal amount of wiggling and burrowing, it inched its way past her tightened muscles and worked its way deep inside her rectum. Relentless and unstopping it moved deeper and deeper, painfully entering all the way inside her.

Her hips were pounding and slamming about desperately now as the plant forcefully raped her rear end. This caused her pelvis to raise up and expose her bare vagina.

Seeing her lips and her obvious opening, another member moved into place and pushed its way, like a snake, into her defenseless vagina. Finding this opening to be much more inviting, the member slid deeper and deeper as it inched its way through her vaginal path and toward her unprotected womb. Streams of white, viscous fluid poured out around the stalk as it pumped more and more lubricant inside her to ease the penetration.

Wonder Woman was cringing and screaming wildly now as she knew the plant had found its target. The proboscis moved deeper and deeper. It passed her vaginal track and entered her womb and now it had moved up inside her uterus. Then, it began to slide back and forth and twist about as it attempted to induce itself into climax. Diana could see her lower stomach bulge slightly as the member moved about inside her in a frantic attempt at discharging.

The other stalks began wiggling about as well as the plant primed itself for the inevitable. The penis in her mouth plunged in and out feverishly, along with the one in her rear, as they kept pace with the member inside her womb.

“NO! NO!... Can’t let it...” Wonder Woman thought as she struggled in vain to resist. The intense stimulation was now driving her beyond insanity as her mind was overloaded and ripped away. She then gasped and clenched in shock as a new, horrible sensation crept between her legs.

Another member had moved toward her cunt and it now began forcing itself under the first one and into her vagina. It slid itself mercilessly along the length of the first one toward her womb. When it reached its target, both stalks then began sliding in and out in an alternating rhythm. Like two pistons, they began building up intense sexual pressure, driving Wonder Woman mad with sensation.

All the proboscises were now feverishly pumping their respective openings, building toward an inevitable, climatic defeat. After several long, agonizing minutes of terror and sensation, the first member in her mouth began to stiffen and vibrate. Knowing her fate, Diana began to moan and scream in futility at the impending peril.

Her cries were quickly silenced, however, as the member swelled and then discharged, forcing her to swallow massive amounts of its creamy, white cum. The substance poured out past her lips and over her mouth and chin. The lower half of her face was completely covered by the demonic fluid as it oozed its way down her neck and over her cheeks.

Each of the other organs began bursting like a chain of fire crackers exploding. Cum sprayed all over the sides of her head as the ones in her ears discharged. Rivers of cum poured down her breasts, out of her arm pits and out of her belly button as those members also relieved themselves.

Then, the deeply inserted penis in her rectum swelled and, with a vicious, ruthless thrust, it exploded hard and mercilessly into her anus. For a short while nothing happened as the stalk continued vibrating and pumping its alien seeds inside her but, as it continued to pump, streams of white, oily cum, began pouring and oozing out of her rear, trickling down her legs and staining her clenched buttocks white with the liquid.

The worst was yet to come however as the two members in her vagina began to stiffen. “Dear Hera! No!... Not inside!!!..” she thought in horror as the two began to vibrate.

Part 5 of 9 * * *

With a massive surge of twisting and pumping the two members began pushing in and out of her with an ever quickening pace. Diana couldn’t resist any longer and her hips swelled upward in undeniable climax.

The two organs plunged in and out, faster and faster. Streams of white lubricant shot out between her cunt lips as the bloated penises plunged inward forcing the liquid out. The members twisted about as they pounded mercilessly against the inside of her uterus, causing her low stomach to bulge slightly with each plunge.

Tighter and tighter she swelled like some over inflated balloon as the irresistible sexual sensation brought her closer to her defeat. Then, the unthinkable, the unimaginable became reality. The two proboscises froze, stiffing for the inevitable as the plant reached its pinnacle.

The stalks vibrated like two water pipes as the plant’s alien seminal fluid slowly flowed up their lengths and toward their target. The creamy white liquid darkened the center of the stalks as the insidious substance traveled through the hollow tube that ran up their centers. The fluid flowed along their lengths, past her thighs and disappeared inside her vagina.

As the substance reached the stiffened organs inside her, the two members swelled as they filled with the liquid. Like two water balloons they grew bigger and bigger, filling themselves with the alien fluid.

Then, like toothpaste exploding from a tube, the plant’s impregnating cum burst from the tips of the bloated organs and oozed into her defenseless womb. The organs twisted and curled, pumping like two fire hoses as they poured the creamy substance into her, covering the walls of her uterus and filling her with the plant’s demonic seeds.

This pushed Diana over the edge and sent her spiraling downward as the incredible climax almost tore her mind apart. Her body burst with sexual ecstasy as the overwhelming climax utterly devastated her will and forced her down screaming and moaning in defeat. Mammal fell to plant as her viney rapist penetrated her and ejaculated its seeds inside her.

Wonder Woman collapsed in defeat, moaning and groaning erotically as the plant continued pumping away every last drop into her in hopes of mating and inseminating its prey.

After several minutes, all the members retracted and rose above her stunned and prone body. Still pumping they sprayed more of the viscous fluid over her naked body, soaking her from head to toe with the cum. Streams of it sprayed into her face, over her chest, onto her pelvis and over her legs as she was coated with the substance.

“UUUUGHH!!!... Wha... Where... Got to get free...” she groggily moaned as she twisted about slowly. “What’s it doing ..... GREAT HERA NO! NOT AGAIN!” she screamed.

With a renewed vigor she again tried to get free but it was to no avail as the stalks moved back into place and began again to impregnate their helpless female host. Apparently they had failed the first time and were going to continue until they succeeded or they were spent. From the outside, the large, tubular pod, rocked and bulged as the doomed Wonder Woman struggled in vain to escape. Another animalistic female cry broke the silence as the buxom amazon once again fell to her flowery rapist.

 *     *     *

The two dominatrix escorted the young, teen avenger into the countess’s lab. Dru’s hands were handcuffed and she had a leather, bondage gag firmly strapped over her mouth. She was wearing a small, pink bikini made of silk and it was held in place with several thin strands. The only wide pieces of material were the two triangular patches that just covered each nipple and a triangular piece that barely covered her vagina.

Dru herself was basically beaten. She had spent the last several hours at the hands of her merciless, mechanical torturer and entertaining the two sadistic female dominators and she now staggered along with a dazed and defeated gaze in her eyes. Her body was slack and limp and she stumbled about like a stunned cow as Inga pulled her along with a leather leash and collar. Inga lead Wonder Girl into the lab and stopped her in front of the countess. With a swat from a riding crop she brought the teen to her knees and into a very submissive kneeling position with her head bowed down in obedience.

“Good... GOOD... Your toy has done well to “tame” our little guest.” smiled the countess as she leaned over and cupped the young girl’s face with her hand.

“Ya Mistress.” replied Inga, “She is broken for now but her will is strong. Even now she is regaining her strength and becoming more resistive.”

“Yes but we like girls with spirit.” chuckled the countess as she stared up at Inga. “They are much more fun to “play with”.” All four women broke into a chorus of laughter, half laughing at the countess’s comment and half laughing at the young, broken heroine at their feet.

“To the table vit her!” barked the countess as she clapped her hands to drive her order home. The two dominatrix picked up the young girl by each arm and pulled over toward a large, operating style table.

Suddenly, without warning, Drucella let out a blindingly fast round house kick which connected squarely with the side of Gretchen’s head. The redhead’s hair sprayed about from the blow as the tall woman went staggering sideways and into a table.

With the same fluid motion, Dru plowed into Inga and forced the dominatrix into a bookcase. With expert agility she then grabbed the keys off the woman’s belt and darted across the room like a wild gazelle.

“Get HER! GET HER NOW!” screamed the countess as Dru worked

her way into a corner and began unlocking her cuffs. Her chest

rocked back and forth and she gritted her teeth intensely as she

twisted the key about trying to free herself. This made her look

like some deranged bull with its head bent forward and shifting

back and forth in anger as though it were going to charge at any


“C’mon kinder.” taunted Inga, “Ve won’t hurt you... at least not right away.” she added walking slowly and confidently toward the now free Wonder Girl.

“OOOOO! I’m PISSED!” screamed Wonder Girl as she pulled the gag off and threw it to the floor. “You women are not FAIR!” she screamed striking an aggressive pose and pointing an accusing finger at the four women who were now slowly encircling her.

“Playing around is one thing but you... you... you NAZI have gone TOO FAR!” she continued protesting. “You almost did me in that room back there and now you’re all going to PAY!” she continued gritting her teeth in seething rage.

“OOOOO... We’re so scared.” said all four women as they wiggled their fingers at the young, fiery avenger in an obvious attempt at sarcastic fear.

“Well, if its a fight you want... Its a fight your going to get!” she exclaimed bounding forward and plowing into the two dominatrix.

The two women, not taking the whole thing seriously, were actually caught off guard and went crashing to the floor as Dru smashed her body into their knees with a diving tackle.

The lab assistant rushed in and jumped toward the young girl only to find the swift teen not where she was five seconds earlier as Dru quickly rolled out of the way. The slightly stunned blonde came crashing down on top of the two dazed lesbians, sending them all back to the floor in a pile of legs, arms and hair.

With blinding agility, Dru grabbed a nearby tarp and threw it on top of the twisting pile of cursing women, ensnaring them temporarily in the heavy brown cloth.

“Remarkable!” noted the countess in a cold, almost scientific tone. “All that sexual punishment and you still have such spirit!” she continued. “Any normal woman would be a vegetable by now. You must have the constitution of a horse.”

“Well, at least I don’t have the ASS of one.” Dru said smirkingly, staring at the countess’s rear.

“How dare you, you little BRAT!” screamed the sneering woman. “I’ve got something that will really teach you a lesson!” she screamed.

“I don’t care about your little TOYS!” replied Dru taking more of a relaxed stance and folding her arms over her chest. “I demand to know what you did with Wonder Woman!”

“Oh she’s none of your concern.” answered the countess taking on an unusually arrogant and relaxed tone. “I’d me more worried about my prissy little ass if I were you.” she added.

“Oh really well we’ll just see abo.... ummmmph!” started Dru but before she could finish her sentence, her speech was cut short by a heavy, hard thump that rang through her ears. Dru reeled in pain as the blackjack came down over her head and she went swiftly to the floor like a nail slammed by a hammer. The countess’s plan worked. She had kept the arrogant girl so busy arguing that Dru didn’t notice the other three women getting out from under the tarp.

“Quickly! Bring her here.” the countess ordered walking past the girl and toward a panel imbedded in the wall. As she pressed a few buttons, the three women picked up the groggy heroine and carried her to the panel.

A low, clunking sound echoed throughout the room as the panel slid to one side and a vertical metal table rolled out from a recessed room. The table was made from shiny, cold steel and had several, heavy, leather restraints on it. The women picked up the groaning spitfire and place her in the machine. After a few moments of strapping and binding, Dru was bound to the table with her arms spread out over her head and her legs spread apart, like a person strapped into a modern day rack.

Dru gasped as the bucket of cold water hit her bare skin and yanked her from her forced sleep. “Vake up BITCH!” screamed Gretchen as the red head slapped the young girl across the face to get her moving.

“OOOOOMPH! Let me GO, then I’ll teach you all a good lesson!” screamed Drucella as she yanked on the super strong leather restraints in futile defiance. The young girl began twisting and gyrating about as she pulled and yanked on the straps. This, of course, was a very entertaining and very erotic show for the four ladies, who just stood and watched the teen wiggle about.

The countess then stepped up to Dru and, with one quick yank, she ripped both the girl’s bra and G string off, relieving the young girl of any remaining protection. “Sorry for ze rough treatment sweaty.” the countess said sarcastically. “We’ve got to, how you say, soften you up a bit before we start with the “process”.” she said running her hands lightly over Dru’s bare and vulnerable breast.

“Let me introduce you to “The Stimulator”.” she continued as she flipped a few more switches. The table began to hum and Dru could feel some sort of mechanical activity behind her as she flipped her head back and forth frantically to get a look. The whir of motors and the sound of pulleys caused a series of mechanical arms to raise up and over the table and over Dru’s ripe, jiggling body.

“By HERA! What is this!” she exclaimed staring curiously and nervously at the robotic arms in front of her.

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough Wonder SLUT!” blasted the countess as she threw the on switch with a brutal effort as though she were using the switch to drive her point home.

Two of the mechanical arms started down toward Dru’s plump, sloshing breasts. As they got near her nipples, a series of very fine, soft filaments extended from the tips and bridged the distance to her skin. They then began to gingerly tickle her nipples and the area around them with soft, teasingly quick strokes.

Dru rocked and twisted her upper chest as she attempted to move her breasts away for the feelers but, this only allowed the feelers to slide along the underside and curvature of her spherical breasts, causing more and more tender areas to be stimulated. The young girl began to coo and moan slightly as the light touch of the feather like ticklers sent tingling sensation through her breasts and her skin.

As she rolled and gyrated slowly, the other arms moved into place and began tickling the other erogenous parts of her tender, firm body. One set concentrated on her knees and full thighs, stroking and teasing the skin between her legs and sliding along the outside of her thighs with light, glancing strokes.

Another set went to work on her pussy, sliding lightly over her firm, sensitive lips and dancing like soft feathers over her clitoris. The sensation of the filaments intertwining softly with her vaginal hair and caressing the tender skin between her thighs and her vagina was too overwhelming to bear.

The rest of the ticklers went to work on other parts of her body, moving about like moths dancing about a flame. The arms also made sure they did not over stimulate any one area, making unpredictable moves to new targets as they continued their onslaught. The feelers on her breasts, for instance, moved about their globular targets, finding more and more untouched and unprotected areas to tease and tickle.

Soon Dru was slack and relaxed and her head was rocking back as she moaned and groaned at the intense stimulation. She could feel her climax mounting as the teasers drew more and more of her will away from her. As she grew closer and closer, the feelers stepped up their pace, tickling faster and more mercilessly as they attacked her. But then, as she almost reached the pinnacle of her climax, the arms immediately backed off, leaving her without fulfillment.

“Wha... NO! Please, Hera... You can’t do this..” Dru moaned as she slowly settled back unsatisfied and so very tender.

“Oh yes I can.” answered the countess making sure not to touch the teen for fear of bringing on her climax with but a single touch. “This machine will continue to stimulate you but, I’m afraid it just won’t give you what you want most.” she explained. “Don’t worry my dear, you’ll be cuming soon enough but it will be when I need you to.”

“Come along my dears.” said the countess as she walked away from Wonder Girl. “I need some “attending”.” she said coyly as she put her arm around Gretchen and walked out the door. The other women followed and the door slammed shut, sealing Drucella in the dungeon with her tormentor.

“NO!” moaned Dru. “Don’t leave me like this... UUUGHH! NO UUUGH!” but all the young girl could do was rock about and moan erotically as the machine continued to mindlessly toy with her ever sensitizing body.

 *     *     *

After about an hour, and after dozens of mind ripping climaxes later, the pod began to swell and bloat. Then, with an explosion of fluids, its maw opened up and a female figure shot out. Wonder Woman rolled out, along with a river of white fluid, as her limp body slid across the stone floor. She came to a rest, naked, fucked and beaten.

She lay stunned and motionless in a puddle of sticky, viscous cum for several minutes as she slowly rolled about, sliding her legs back and forth and letting out soft erotic moans of defeat.

“UUUGH! Hera... I’ve been tamed... can’t think...” she groaned as she put her palm to her dripping wet forehead and tried to shake off the dizzying effects of being so violently climaxed. She slowly sat up and propped herself up with her other arm, curling one leg for support.

“What no foreplay.” she grumbled sarcastically as she looked back over at the now motionless pod and shot it a scolding stare. She began wiping the viscous substance off her wet, shiny body, throwing white lumps of oily, pudding like slime back at the plant in disgust and spitting the last remnants of the plant’s uninvited intentions from her mouth. As she started to get to her knees, she suddenly doubled over and cringed in pain.

“NUUGH! My abdomen... so tender...” she moaned reaching her hand between her legs and clutching her pelvis just below her stomach.

“That THING!... Fucked me too hard... tried to impregnate me... I’m so tender and sensitive now.” she complained.

“Well I’ll just have to deal with being in an aroused state, at least until it wears off that is. That thing penetrated me so many times that now I can’t shake the sensation. It broke my will hard and its going to be a while before I can regain my spirit.” she mumbled as she slowly got to her feet and staggered toward the cave exit clutching her stomach.

“I’ve never felt anything like that.” she thought wickedly as she sauntered along. “This countess must be one sick woman, but I got to hand it to her, she’s got one heck of an imagination.” she mused.

“I wonder where she got that thing from...” she started to ponder. Suddenly, the buxom heroine stopped and looked back over her shoulder. “and I wonder if there are anymore down here?” she gulped.

After taking another much needed swim, Diana washed off her costume and slipped the outfit back on. The material was amazingly resistant to wear and tear and she looked almost as good as new, as soon as her hair and clothes dried.

The corridor she chose was very old and lined with ancient brick work that covered the walls and formed a curved ceiling. Along the walls were several 6 foot long cavities dug sideways into the earth and covered with the same intricate stone work. Each recession was filled with the remains of some dead, long forgotten soul whose bones now lay ancient and rotted in the dank and musty caverns. Rats scurried about as the flames from her torch showered them with light, sending them burrowing and hiding in the boney remains.

After about a half an hour, Diana came upon a large cavern. The cave was dimly lit by some unknown light source and tunnels ran off like holes in a piece of Swiss cheese in all directions.

Suddenly, her heart stopped as she heard a noise coming from one of the other tunnels. In a frantic haste, she snuffed out her torch and threw it into a pile of bones in one of the burial tombs. Then, like some caged animal, she began twirling about, looking for some place to hide.

“Hera! I’ve got to get out of here QUICK!” she cursed as the sounds of booted footsteps grew closer. Then, almost too late, she spied a tubular hole in the side of one of the walls. It appeared to be natural and just big enough for her to slide into.

Without thinking she made a bee-line for it. As she started to climb into it, she realized it curved downward at a sharp angle. “I’ll be standing on my head if I slide down there.” she thought as she looked down the hole. “It doesn’t look like I can turn around either.” she continued.

The sound of rustling military gear and clunking rifle butts gave her a new incentive to climb into the hiding place. She grabbed the top of the hole with her hands and swung her long legs inside. Then, with a nimble twist, she turned herself over onto her stomach and she slid her shapely form down the tube. She stretched out her feet along the sides of the narrow hole and pressed her boots up against the rock until her feet came to rest on two rough protrusion along the sides of the shaft.

At this point, she had sunk deep enough that her head was just below the lowest edge of the hole but, the shaft was too narrow and her wide shoulders and long arms prevented her from lowering her hands from over her head. This wasn’t a problem for her since she knew she would have to climb back out again anyway when her unwelcome visitors had left. She simple let her arms fold in front of her as she peered out the natural window which looked out into the cavern.

Just as she stopped moving a group of 4 German soldiers came plodding into the cave, rifles hoisted and flashlights dancing about.

“Vhere is dat American BITCH!” one soldier exclaimed as he stopped and propped his rifle against a wall.

“Ya, she can’t be too far ahead. I can’t wait to get a hold of her.” said another pulling a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket.

“Ve’re not allowed to harm ze Wonder Woman. That is the countess’s orders.” barked another loyal guard.

Part 6 of 9. * * *

“Countess Smountess,” scoffed the first soldier, “here’s vat that countess bitch can do with her orders.” he laughed yanking his hand over his groin in an over-exaggerated jacking off movement.

“This is the master race?” Diana thought listening to their incredibly juvenile and manly conversation. “Petty little men talking big.” she whispered, scoffing her unwanted visitors.

As she continued listening, the insides of her thighs began to feel slightly itchy. Thinking it was some torn piece of costume rubbing lightly on her legs, she shifted her hips and thighs annoyingly to brush the material off.

“Ya, have you seen those breasts!” said one of the guards holding his hands way out in front of his chest. The other men rolled their eyes at the thought of Diana’s enormous endowment.

“I bet they feel zo good, zo firm. Those American women are incredible!” another guard added holding one hand up and making a squeezing gesture with it.

“Damn! I wonder what’s ripped now?” she whispered to herself as she kicked the annoying piece of whatever away with her left leg.

Then, with a cold chill, Wonder Woman froze in shock.

Something touched the underside of her vagina. She tried to look down but her ample cleavage was an enormous blockade.

“HUH!” she gasped as she felt it again. “Hera, there’s something in here with me...” she cringed as she tried to remain absolutely still.

“Vat I love is that ASS!” continued another guard. “You could grope that plump piece of butt for days.” he added making another clutching gesture. The four men broke out into laughter as they settled down and started to take out a canteen and pass it around.

“Nooo...” Diana winced as she heard them stop and sit down.

“Go away you idiots.” she added biting her lower lip and hopping about like some school girl waiting impatiently to use the bathroom.

“Hey WHAT THE..” she whispered loudly, almost in an audible tone as she tried to twist around to see behind her. Luckily the men were rather noisy so her little outburst went unnoticed. Diana continued to grunt slightly as the unusual object below her pressed up into her vagina. Her costume prevented it from going inside but whatever it was, it was making a good effort at entertaining itself.

“Vat do you think the countess wants vit her anyway?” asked a guard as he took a long drag from his cigarette.

“I hear its for breeding purposes.” answered another.

“Nein! Really?” asked the first.

“Ya, both the girl and ze woman are slated to be mated with some of the countess’s personally selected males.” he continued. “Zomething to do with creating a master race.”

“I vouldn’t mind having zat job ehhh?” laughed one of the guards as he held his hands out in front of himself and thrust his pelvis upward as though he were grasping some woman’s hips.

“Hey Grudder, you should volunteer for zat duty seeing how you’ve got 8 kinder at home.” the first guard chuckled, slapping his knee. The other men began to join in the laughter as they watched the slightly blushing sergeant grin.

“Ya, every time I zee Gretta she is pregnant.” another continued laughing.

“HERA!” gasped Diana as she could feel the zipper on the back of her suit being pulled slowly down. Grunting and struggling, she tried to lower her arms down her sides to try and stop whatever it was that was undressing her but her arms were too long.

“I do know zat brat Wonder Girl is getting it right now up in ze countess’s lab.” continued the first guard.

“Ya I know. I vas on guard duty outside her cell when Inga and Gretchen paid her a visit.” added the other guard. The other three leaned in closer as the young guard began describing in intricate detail what he heard from the cell.

The cold stone walls of the tube sent more chills through Wonder Woman as her costume slipped down her legs and to her calves and the soft, tan skin of her bare breasts touched the surrounding rocks. Listening to the plight of Dru added to Diana’s distress as she heard how her younger sister was treated. “Oh Dru,” she whispered sucking on her lower lip. “What did they do to you...”

“Zen they both mounted her vit these huge vibrators, one from ze front and one from ze rear. I never saw a girl buck so much in my life.” he continued as he told his erotic story to his now drooling buddies.

“I have a daughter zat looks her age.” said another guard.

“Zometimes I dream about her being in zat cell vit those two hoars.” he admitted.

The fleshy tendrils were now wrapped all about Wonder Woman’s wiggling hips and chest. They writhed about like snakes as they coiled around her thighs and legs. Several strands had worked their way up her sides and had wrapped themselves around her breasts, lassoing her large glands and rolling them about slowly like two watery sacks.

“UUUGH! NO!” Diana gasped as she again felt the hard protrusion touch her vagina. “Oh Hera I can’t go through this...”

Suddenly, the hard penis pushed its way past her tightened vaginal lips and plunged itself up into her pussy. Diana reeled and thrust upward as the fleshy member slid deep inside her.

“Vat about ze Wonder Woman?” asked another guard of the first. “I want to know vat happened to zat BITCH!”

“Vell, that’s ze good part. Ze countess really hasn’t had a chance to play vit her yet since she escaped. She’s fresh meat waiting to be fucked.” he blasted letting out a hellish laugh.

“I do know they took zome pictures of her all tied up. Some propaganda thing. I helped vit the camera man.” said one of the other guards.

The long penis continued to slide in and out of Diana’s defenseless vagina as she struggled in vain to resist her alien tormentor and to resist making any noise. The organ was uncontrollable and irresistible as it plunged inside again and again, like some relentless piston, between her quivering legs. All she could do was clench her teeth and pant softly as she continued to listen to the guards mock her and her sister.

Then, her eyes bulged wide open as she felt her buttocks being parted and another member being pushed deep into her anus. “NNNGH! Hera... I can’t UUUGHH! stop it...”

“Vell, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got to do vat a man’s got to do.” grunted one of the guards as he stood up and unzipped his pants. Looking about a bit, he spied a convenient hole in the wall to perform his task.

Diana continued to gasp as the two organs ruthlessly penetrated her pinned and helpless hips. She lay tense and prone in the tube as her body rocked up and down from the pounding she was receiving from below.

Then, with a slack jawed expression, she looked up just in time to have a stream of warm piss spray down like a small shower over her face. The salty liquid poured all over her face and into her gapping mouth. “GAWWK! Ohhhhhh!” she cried silently as she spit the spray out and lowered her head to avoid the stream.

The other three men continued to talk as they walked up to their pissing buddy. Then, like some unspoken club ritual, all four men began pissing into the dark hole.

The urine continued to shower down on Diana as she tried to avoid the spray. Her intense penetration, however, continued to force her to gasp and moan, causing her to open her mouth and swallow bits of the horrid streams.

“I don’t believe this...” she gasped as she started to tighten. “I can’t... I can’t.... no NO!” she pleaded as her climax grew closer and closer. Then, her whole body began to swell, filling the tunnel completely, as every muscle in her body contracted. At the same time, the penises inside her started to stiffen as they readied themselves, swelling toward the inevitable.

Then, with one last intense thrust, both proboscises plunged deep into her and discharged. This pushed Diana over the edge and the amazon nearly exploded from the immeasurable climax.

At that same moment, one of the men spat his wad of chewing tobacco into the hole. The gooey wad bounced off Diana’s wet face and sprayed over her ample chest. The soft, brown spit rolled slowly over the curvature of her breasts as the goop dribbled down between her cleavage. The penises continued to pump their discharge into her and she could feel the slippery substance oozing, like liquid soap, from her vagina and anus, down her thighs, and to her feet.


The three guards stopped and stared at each other as the erotic, female scream blasted outward from the hole in front of them. Then, one of the guards peered cautiously into the hole. The dark hared, female form wiggling and panting could only be...

“Vonder Voman! Well vat do we have here.” he said sprouting an insidious smile as he reached in the hole and grabbed the struggling amazon by her raised arms. The other men joined in and all four pulled the heroine free from her unknown rapist. The now naked Wonder Woman came rocketing out of the hole like a cork from a bottle and all five went staggering backward as she piled on top of them.

Almost as soon as she was free, the fiery femme-fatal started to bolt for the cave exit but the guard that had pulled her free grabbed her about the waist and held her tight with his strong arms.

“Let me GO! I command IT! Release me at ONCE do you hear!” she screamed as she twisted about like a captured snake in the laughing guards steel grip.

“Whoa, vat a spitfire.” laughed the guard as he moved his left arm up across her upper chest and grabbed her right breast, using this new grip to pull her upper body back against his chest. Diana’s head went back over his right shoulder and her hair sprayed about wildly like tall grass in a violent hurricane as she continued to twist defiantly.

As she continued to kick her long shapely legs in all directions, another guard slid his hips between her thighs and grabbed her left leg with his right hand, hold her leg at a 90 degree angle and effectively pinning it. She tried to kick the soldier with her right leg but his hips were too close to her body and her leg only managed to slid high and close along his right side.

Both her legs were now wrapped around the wickedly grinning guards chubby waist and all she could do was squeeze and twist her hips violently in an effort at resisting his advance.

“I... don’t believe... THIS!” she thought as she continued to struggle. She didn’t know which was worse, staying in that hole with that THING or being at the mercy of these pigs. Either choice was a nightmare.

The guard behind her continued to massage her huge tit as he enjoyed groping his wildly writhing captive. His callused hand squeezed the breast slowly and firmly, pinching the woman’s hard nipple between his index and middle fingers as he teased it. His fingers squeezed the nipple and pulled it up and down as he pushed her ripe, firm gland in and around in huge orbits. Her breast bulged and stretched as it pressed up against her heaving chest and her other breast, forming erotic circular and oval shapes of succulent flesh as his hand massaged it wildly.

He then held her firmly by his left hand and quickly pulled her right arm with his right hand behind her back, pinning her arm. Then he quickly reached down with his left hand and pulled her left elbow hard behind her back, forcing her chest and head forward as he did this. His right arm slipped around her right elbow and, grabbing her left elbow with his right hand, he pinned both her arms behind her back. All Diana could do was reach out helplessly with her hands, grasping fruitlessly at freedom.

“Zo sweat and spirited.” said the guard in front of her as he grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her to stare him straight in the eye. His comment was answered by a hefty spat that sprayed into his eyes and across his cheek.

“OHHH! You are going to pay for that you American BITCH!” he hissed driving his threat home by pulling the hair on the back of her head even harder. Diana continued to grit her teeth and snarl as she stared back defiantly.

The guard then pushed his hips in deeper as he pulled his penis from his boxers. Wonder Woman surged upward as she tried to use her hips and thighs to squeeze the soldier away from her. The guard grabbed her plump buttocks and pushed closer, aiming his cock with his hand as he gained each inch.

“AAAAAAGHHHH!!!!!!!! NNNOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed like some wild, erotic animal as the disgusting guard’s member pushed hard into her pussy and started its intense penetration. His enlarged penis forced its way slow and hard past her tight and defiant lips as she tried to resist his irresistible advance. This caused her hips to soar upward and roll from side to side as the cock slid deeper and deeper inside her. Then, with an erotic, female grunt, her hips slumped back against the guard behind her as the cock was fully inserted and her rapist’s hips pressed hard against hers. She gyrated and moaned as he slowly pumped his pelvis forward, rubbing his lower stomach over her already sensitive clitoris.

As she hissed and moaned, the guard behind her reached up and pulled her head back against his shoulder. Then he began making light circular orbits with his finger over her full, red lips, teasing her mouth with his fingers. “I think maybe this mouth was meant for something else besides kissing.” he mocked letting out a chuckle.

Diana spat and snarled at the thought and thrashed her head from side to side as she tried to avoid his fingers.

“Here, let me get some of that.” said a third guard as he walked up to her right side and grabbed her right breast hard with both his hands. He started to violently massage the tit, clutching and squeezing it relentlessly as he played with it. Then, like some half starved animal, he barreled down on it, sucking her rip nipple into his mouth. In a wild, feeding frenzy, he began sucking and milking the defenseless heroine’s tit, ruthlessly pushing it hard against her chest as he tried to suck her dry.

The fourth guard decide the left breast need the same attention and he joined in, violently molesting her other bare tit.

Diana began screaming and twisting about as the four men continued to rape her. The man fucking her also began stroking her firm, bare thighs, sliding his hands slowly over the soft, tan skin under her thighs and running them over her plump and jiggling rear. His hands cupped her buttocks, squeezing and massaging them as he continued pumping hard and viciously into her.

“I vant something special.” said the guard behind her as he reached down and pulled out his penis with his bare hand. Pulling hard on her arms, he forced the thrusting woman’s hips down toward his own, and with his free hand, he guide his hardened cock into her bucking ass.

“NO! STOP!... NOT THAT!” Diana screamed as the penis parted her buttocks and pushed into her anus.

“UUUUGHH!!! OH HERA!!!” she screamed defiantly as her hips shot upward with the sensation.

“God vat and ASS!” panted the guard as he continued to pound his cock home.

“Ya, vat an amazing FUCK!” replied the other guard as he groaned and pushed harder into the resistive female.

Diana began to feel the sensation of being penetrated as the waves of erotic stimulation poured like chilling water over her tingling skin. She couldn’t help but moan and groan as the two men stepped up their rhythmic pounding. The erotic sounds of this amazing amazon, cooing and wailing began to drive the four men wild with passion. The guards started to increase their rhythm, raping the helpless heroine harder and faster as the woman grew nearer to climax.

Her hips were now almost perpendicular to the ground as she thrust upward, growing prone with the intense sensation. They rolled and swayed slowly about as the penetration continued and the guard could see his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy as he looked down on his lunging prey.

Then, the inescapable began to build. Her panting and moaning grew quicker and quicker as the climax grew nearer and nearer. Her large hips bucked and thrust faster and faster as she soared higher and higher. The men responded by stimulating her more intensely with each surge. Clenching her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut tightly, Diana grew wet with tears as the sensation pushed her uncontrollable toward the edge. Then, with one last defiant surge, the doomed heroine tightened inexorably toward her fate.




The caverns echoed with Wonder Woman’s erotic cry of release as yet another climax claimed her. The men were driven mad by the incredible female cry of sexual release and both men exploded, thrusting and pushing mindlessly into the taken heroine.

Almost as soon as they finished their intense climax, Wonder Woman began fighting again, pushing and twisting to escape. Driven by uncontrollable sexual urges, the four men pulled the gyrating woman to the ground and piled on top of her. The guard behind her slipped out from underneath her and pulled her flailing arms up over her head, pinning her punching hands to the dirt.

The man in front, pulled himself free and was instantly replaced by one of the guards on her side. The new man slid in place and pushed his cock hard into her twisting hips as he began mounting the buxom amazon.

As she stared up at her four attackers, Diana thought about her sister and how she must be receiving the same, ruthless treatment. This enraged the femme-fatal and she continued to fight her sadistic tormentors as they again began molesting her.

The fourth guard then pulled his pants completely off and straddled the woman’s chest. She gasped in horror as the man sat down on her huge chest and slid his hips down toward her face. With his left hand, he grabbed the woman’s thrashing head and pulled it forward toward him. At the same time, he guided his penis into her soft, gasping mouth.


Diana could only moan and grunt as the cock forced its way past her plump, red lips and deep into her throat. Driven by the intense sexual sensations being forced on her, Diana instinctively began sucking the member as she submitted to its encroachment.

The four men now formed a pile on the floor as they massed the slowly gyrating heroine. Wonder Woman moaned and groaned softly and deeply as her rape mercilessly continued. After several minutes of pushing and pumping, the horrid orgy began again to swell as everyone reached their pinnacle.

Diana grunted and gulped harshly and sporadically as the combination of her climax and the guard’s discharge in her mouth forced her to gasp and swallow deeply. The other guard finished his climax, pumping away slowly as he completely relieved himself.

After the men were satiated, the two penetrating her, stood up and loomed over the heroine’s naked and fucked body. Diana could only roll about slowly as the sensation of being penetrated made her groggy with sexual stimuli.

Part 7 of 9 * * *

As she groaned defiantly, the guard holding her arms, flipped the dazed woman on her stomach and pulled out a long strip of leather. He pulled her long arms behind her back and tightly tied her hands together at the wrist. He then used another strap to tie her elbows tightly together, rendering her arms useless.

The woman was then sat on her knees. Her head was held with a firm grasp as the guard’s hand clenched the thick hair on the back of her head. “You know what to do.” he said in a low, intense voice as he stared into the heroine’s dull and heavy eyes and pulled is penis toward her mouth. Without resistance, Wonder Woman began sucking the man’s hard cock and she settled down into a mindless state of entertaining her tormentors.

As soon as the first rapist was done, the next took his place, then the next. Soon, all four men were satiated and they started to get dressed and gather their supplies.

Diana sat on her knees in an almost hypnotic trance with her eyes heavily shut and her jaw open and slack as though she were half asleep. Streams of cum ran down over her chin and her neck as she quivered helplessly. Her trance was rudely broken, however, as a balled up wad of cloth was shoved into her mouth. She responded by twisting her head about but this was a futile effort at best. A thick, heavy terry towel came down over her mouth and the gag was tied in place behind her head, holding the cloth ball in her mouth and preventing her from forcing it out.

One of the guards then removed his belt and looped it around her long, delicate neck. He then buckled it tight, making a make-shift collar for his captive. He then took a long piece of rope and tied it to the buckle, leashing the now defeated and captured avenger.

“You vere very good. Now that’s vat a woman was meant for.” said the guard as he grabbed Wonder Woman’s bound body and pulled her close to him.

“Ya, and this is just the start.” said another as he pushed the woman forward down the passage by her ass. Diana trotted along for a few steps and then struggled and moaned as they continued pushing her along with their convincing gun butts.

-     -     -

Wonder Woman staggered along for what seemed like a half hour as they neared the exit to the catacombs. Her incredible physique had already allowed her to regain some of her will and she was now resisting her captorers as they pushed her along.

Suddenly, she was blinded by the intense rays of the mid day sun as she was pushed from a doorway into the castle’s main courtyard. The courtyard was huge and was made into a make-shift bivwack for the contingent of soldiers that were stationed there. Several rows of tents, trucks, crates and other military equipment lined the walls of the grounds. Several dozen men were hanging about doing things such as cooking, cleaning equipment and relaxing.

As the buxom heroine emerged from the tunnel, the men stopped with their daily activities and stared in gaping awe at the incredible woman walking out into the courtyard. Dozens of cat-calls and whistles followed her as she was forcefully escorted toward the center of the grounds. Then, with a heavy thrust from a gun butt to her legs, Diana was forced to kneel down in front of the main building.

The squad of about 40 to 50 men began forming a circle around the woman like a bunch of sharks smelling blood and readying themselves for a feeding frenzy. They bustled about anxiously and all Diana could do was stare forward intensely and rebelliously as she listened to their lude comments and insulting jokes.

“We’re going to fuck that bitch good.”

“What a set of jugs!”

“I bet that American bitch could do us all, the SLUT!”

“Hey hoar, I’ve got a marc. How about a good time!”

With that last comment, Diana sprang to her feet and rushed the part of the crowd the comment came from. With a wild kick, she took a shot at one of the men only to have her bare leg grabbed and her body pushed hard to the ground. The men began massing the woman, picking her wiggling body up over their heads and holding her up with dozens of groping hands. Their hands were everywhere as they grabbed her breasts, legs, buttocks, face, hair and pussy. Diana screamed wildly under her gag as she could feel several fingers being pushed inside her vagina.

Suddenly, the wild crowd was silenced by a single gun shot.

The entire crowd turned and stared at a balcony window that overlooked the courtyard. Diana stared in utter despise at the countess as the woman sauntered toward the rail.

“The Wonder Woman is not to be touched!” she order harshly.

“Any man who accosts her will be punished SEVERALLY!” she added.

The four men who had just finished entertaining themselves with the avenger, looked at each other sheepishly and gave each other a look that said, “Nothing happened, it was those things in the cave.” The men knew how harsh the countess’s punishments were and they did not want to face her wrath.

“Sergeant!” she screamed. A burly man stepped forward and gave the woman a Nazi salute. “Yes mine Mistress.” he answered.

“I vant the captive cleaned up. Bring her to my room to be cleaned and fed, then bring her to my lab” she ordered. She then raised the lugar and fired four shots into the crowd. Each shot was deadly accurate and the four men that had captured Wonder Woman slumped down dead at the heroine’s feet. “And I do mean UNTOUCHED!” she screamed.

The rest of the crowd stepped away from Wonder Woman and the sergeant stared in fear at the four dead soldiers. “At once mine Mistress.” he replied with a gulp. “You men, get her and follow me.” he ordered, waving his hand at a few, scared privates.

The men rushed up and grabbed the heroine’s leash. Hurriedly they forced the woman along through a set of heavy, oak doors, up several flights of stares and down a few corridors. They then came to a stop at the countess’s bedroom. The sergeant knocked on the double oak door and waited as it slowly opened.

The countess stood in the doorway. Her body was relaxed and incredibly erotic as she stood wearing a shear, see through teddy and panties. She stood leaning sexy against the door giving Diana a warm but evil stare. Diana stood straight, with her hips to one side and one leg slightly bent as she stared forward in defiance, refusing to look at the countess. She was a prisoner and she was not about to surrender.

“Vell, I can see you’re no worse for wear.” the countess said coyly as she caressed Diana’s bare breast. “You men can go!” she ordered, waving her hand at the already fleeing guards.

The countess then circled behind Diana and gently removed her gag. Diana responded by wetting her lips and wiggling her jaw lightly to get the circulation going.

“Whatever you have planned, I’m not about to let you win!”

Diana said sternly as she continued to stare forward.

“Oh, I don’t expect you to.” the countess replied. “Its much this way.” she added. “By the way, I have something I owe you.”

“Something she owes me?” Diana thought as her gaze started to shift to her side. “What could...” but then her eyes widened as she remember what she did to the countess in the lab. Almost at the same time, a cotton pad came down over her nose and mouth and the heroine began to scream in resistance.

The countess continued to hold the anesthetic in place as Wonder Woman struggled against it. Her body squirmed about under the countess’s powerful grasp and she moaned erotically as the drug drained her will. The days events and the harsh experiences she had just gone through were too taxing, however, and Wonder Woman began to yield. Almost wanting to sleep from exhaustion, Diana let the fumes drain her spirit and put her to sleep. The countess then pushed the chloroformed amazon forward into the bedroom and watched as her lax, muscular body slumped to the rug.

At that moment, the stiletto booted legs of Gretchen and Inga walked up from inside the bedroom and stood over Diana.

“Give her a bath.” the countess ordered softly as she gave the two dominatrix a wicked, evil grin.

 *     *     *

Wonder Woman’s eyes slowly blinked open as the drug began to wear off. “Hera, I hate the smell of that stuff!” she cursed as the fuzziness around her turned into sharp images of a white bathroom. She could see the fine, stonework decorations of the ceiling and she could tell instantly she was laying on her back. As she started to get up, a nippy chill kissed her bare shoulders as she raise her body upward. Looking about more, she realized she was laying in a very large bath tub.

The tub was almost circular and shaped like a giant sea shell. Her body sat in the shell end while her head rested on a thin pillow on the hinge end. This part was even with the water and her head was the only part of her sticking out of the mountains of soap bubbles. The whole tub was quit shallow and her nipples would pierce the surface of the warm water as she moved slightly about.

As she started to get up, she tried to pull her arms down.

She was instantly aware that her arms were securely handcuffed just over her head to a ring at the tile base of the tub. It was a comfortable position but she knew she was bound. The ball, bondage gag in her mouth also reminded her that crying for help was unacceptable. She noticed that her long, silky, brunette hair was curled up and tied in place on top of her head with a silk bow, the same kind used by women to hold their hair up while taking a bath.

After several groggy moans and testing tugs on the handcuffs, Diana accepted the situation and settled back down. After all, the water was quite warm and she was quite a mess. “This isn’t so bad.” she thought, “At least I’m not getting banged again. Of course I shouldn’t get too comfortable. I seriously doubt the countess really wants to just give me a good bath and hair doo.”

After several minutes, the large, white double doors to the huge bathroom opened and two women slowly sauntered in. They placed a few towels and other items on the sink’s tiled counter top and they looked lazily over at Diana as they whispered to each other. Inga and Gretchen were each wearing only a pink towel and that was soon discarded as the two women disrobed in front of Diana. They walked slowly toward Diana and slid into the steaming hot tub, sliding along either side of the puzzled amazon.

“She zo beautiful.” giggled Inga as she gently put her hand on Diana’s right shoulder and slid it softly over her right breast, letting her fingers lightly glance Diana’s ripe nipple. Diana turned her chest in response as she became slightly distressed by this.

“Ya, so beautiful and zo delicate.” added Gretchen as she glided her hand over Diana’s bare, soap covered thigh.

The two women giggled and glared longingly at Diana, licking their lips slightly and slowly as they continued to gently stroke Diana’s wet, bare body. After a few minutes, they both reached around and picked up a sponge and a bottle of soap. They soaked the sponges in the soap and started slowly sponging Diana.

“So good... Hera that feels good.” she thought as they dabbed the sponges over her bare chest, down over her huge breasts, across her stomach and along her long, shapely legs. Each stroke cleaned away more and more sweat and grime along with a little bit of her resistance. The strokes were so gentle, so tender. The water was so warm and soothing. She couldn’t help but lay back and close her eyes and dream of the many times on Paradise island she had bathed with the other female inhabitants. Being in the tub brought back many erotic memories of exploration and enjoyment with her female friends.

The two women continued to clean Diana, sweeping the soft sponges over her tan body, like a car enthusiast waxing the perfect automobile. With each pass of the sponge came a follow up stroke with a hand. The two nymphs caressed and petted Diana, enjoying the feel of her muscular body and the vision of her exquisite form.

Inga then picked up a bar of soap and started slowly lathering the bar in her hands. After a few moments, the woman’s hands were dripping with a frothy mound of bubbles. She then leaned over Diana and placed her hands on the amazon’s rib cage, just below each breast. Gently, she slid her hands upward and followed the curvature of Diana’s soapy, gleaming breasts, barely moving or shifting them but covering them none the less with a thick coat of soap. She then started massaging them slowly, polishing and caressing each breast as though it were a fine piece of china.

Diana responded with a low, feminine moan that sent erotic chills down both dominatrix spine’s. She was so ripe, so vulnerable. She could be taken so easily. All three women knew this, especially Diana.

Inga and Gretchen, however, didn’t pounce, instead they toyed with the heroine, teasing her with ever increasing levels of tension. Inga continued slowly massaging Diana’s tits, moving and pushing them about gently into huge spherical mounds of delicate, tan flesh. As she did this, she also used her fingers to toy and pinch the woman’s now erect nipples. With a gentle blow and a light kiss now and then, the nymph sent waves of chilling sensation through Diana as she lightly teased each gland.

Gretchen move downward and was now slowly running her soapy hands up and down the length of Diana’s curvaceous legs. Using her cheeks and hands she glided along, stroking the woman’s limbs like a harp player playing a song of intense sensuality. Her gentle kisses and soft strokes caused Diana to slid her legs together erotically, rubbing her full thighs and muscular calves together as she shifted her hips in sexual response.

Diana was now in a state of utter bliss as she moaned and cooed softly to the other women’s overwhelming caresses. “If this is what the countess meant by being a prisoner, I should never have tried to escape.” she thought, “I just hope Dru is getting at least a little of this treatment.”

She then started to chuckle lightly as the combination of the two women’s light touches and the images of the last few weeks events came back to her. The image of Dru giving that Nazi agent a massive blow job along with her own experiences began to excite her.

“Never been through such intense treatment before..” she thought as she let herself drift. “The climaxes, the bondage, the force and power,... Hera I can’t believe I’m so turned on by this.”

“Those men, raping me... the machines,... and those plants.” she cringed at the thought of those disgusting things touching and penetrating her but, the sensations were so erotic, the images so intense. No control at the hands of something so primitive and base. It was an overwhelming image. The memories of the raping machine vibrated her very soul as each remembered penetration sent quivering chills between her legs. She suddenly began to visualize her sister being bound and gagged into that tortuous machine, the same machine that broke her, dreaming of her being mercilessly raped and climaxed relentlessly by that tireless tormentor.

Her visions then shifted to her friends on paradise island.

Each aloof, picturesque female took a turn in the machine as she fantasized wildly about them all being taken. The images would interchange as she fantasized about each of them replacing her in the situations she had experienced. Trina, her noble, angelic friend since childhood, being forcefully gang banged by the submarine crew. Lewanna, her cousin and idol being molested and raped by Inga and Gretchen.

Then, Diana surged slightly as the regal image of her mother, Queen Hypolitia, popped into her seething, erotic mind. The incredibly beautiful and noble woman’s image filled her wicked thoughts as she watched the Queen being entered again and again by the insidious pod that had raped Diana. Over and over she envisioned her mother being taken, her statuesque, perfect form being pulled down from its royal pedestal as the plant ejaculated its viscous, white fluid into every orifice...

“UUUUGGMMM!” Diana sang out as Gretchen’s gentle hands slid under her thighs and over her buttocks. As with her breasts, Diana’s firm cheeks were softly stroked and massaged as the woman went about cleaning their spherical surface. As she pushed and squeezed her rear, Gretchen pulled up on one side of Diana’s hips, politely asking the amazon to roll on her side. Then, with a soft, cloth covered brush, Gretchen began cleaning Diana’s rear, gliding the stiff handle carefully over her tender anus.

Inga continued washing Diana’s upper half but now the amazon was rolled to one side and was facing the smiling dominatrix. Inga soaped up Diana’s breasts again and began massaging them slowly as she wiped and cleaned them. As she did this, the nymph stared longingly into Diana’s heavy, inviting eyes. Diana stared back, never breaking eye contact as she looked deep into the woman’s gaze. Inga smiled and then leaned in, giving Diana a long, gentle kiss on the cheek.

Inga moved across Diana’s face as she gentle kissed the heroine. Her soft pecks and full, red lips soon found their way along the amazon’s neck and over her broad shoulders. Diana breathed heavily as the woman continued to kiss her and her eyes slowly closed as she again slipped back into her fantasies.

Her mother groaned and moaned as her dripping wet body was again penetrated. The penises pumped faster and faster, ruthlessly gang-raping the helpless queen as she struggled in futility to escape. “How you deserve this mother.” Diana thought. “How I would love to see you explode with passion.”

Gretchen turned Diana over on her back and leaned over the heavily panting avenger. She then reached over to the side of the tub and picked up a long fallic shaped bar of soap. Wetting it with warm water to start it frothing, she slid it teasingly over Diana’s bare thighs and stomach. Diana watched longingly as the enticing form taunted her will. Then, Gretchen slid it down between Diana’s legs and slowly inserted it into her soapy, wet vagina. The amazon responded by surging upward slowly and letting out a heavy, dull moan of enjoyment. At the same moment, Inga sank down and sucked one of Diana’s rock hard nipples into her mouth. With both hands she gently cupped the huge gland and began slowly sucking the life from it.

Wonder Woman was now moaning rhythmically as the slow sliding of the soapy dildo and the erotic suckling overwhelmed her already aroused mind. Gretchen continued her thorough job of cleaning by hugging Diana’s surging hips and gliding her tongue slowly over the amazon’s sensitive clitoris and through her soft, vaginal lips. The woman’s mouth was absolutely magical as it sucked and licked Diana clean of her resistance and control. The dildo continued its rhythmic pumping, forcing the amazon’s hips upward with each irresistible stroke and the three women settled down into a mass of thrusting, gyrating hips, legs and bare skin as Diana grew closer and closer to overwhelming bliss.




Diana’s moans turned to deep screams under her ball gag as she soared higher and higher. The two dominatrix, sensing the woman’s nearing climax, tightened their grip on her soft, naked body, offering sexually exciting resistance to her uncontrollable thrusts.

Tighter and tighter Wonder Woman grew, squeezing each muscle near to breaking as the powerful wave of sexual energy swelled inexorably. Then, with one last cringing gasp, Diana seized, forcing her hips upward into a high back arch, surging like a ballerina making a high, dramatic leap...



Even under the gag, the climatic yell of release echoed throughout the room. Diana collapsed and rolled about erotically as the two nymphs dug in hard and began massaging and suckling the heroine with a heavy, intense zeal. This brought on another, overwhelming climax as Diana again exploded with sexual energy.

As she moaned and groaned in sexual defeat, Inga gentle untied the ball gag and removed it from Diana’s loose, half open mouth. Then, slowly and passionately, she leaned in and began kissing Diana hard and deep on the lips. Diana responded without hesitation, returning every movement and sensation to Inga’s wet, red lips. Both women began to moan slowly as they continued to passionately exchange affections.

Gretchen slid herself up and unhooked Wonder woman’s cuffs from the holder imbedded in the cement. Diana’s hands were still bound but she could now move her arms about in front of her. She immediately reached forward and cupped Inga’s cheeks with her hands, holding the woman still as she continued to kiss her.

Part 8 of 9. * * *

Gretchen then reached across and grabbed Diana’s chin, pulling her head softly toward her. Without question Diana let go of Inga and cupped Gretchen’s face as she began kissing the red head. Both woman hugged and caressed each other as they slowly shared their passions. Inga then pulled Diana back toward her and they continued their exchange. This went on for what seemed like forever as the three aroused women pleasured each other.

Gretchen and Inga then sat back and up on the sides of the tub, allowing Diana to get to her knees. Inga reached out and gently kissed the heroine, pulling her closer. Then, with a soft push, she guided Diana’s head downward. Diana instinctively knelt down between Inga’s legs and began gliding her tongue slowly over Inga’s warm, went vagina. Then, with a burst of sexual excitement, Wonder Woman pressed her mouth deep into Inga’s pussy and she began pleasuring the dominatrix.

Gretchen moved in behind Diana and began stroking her raised rear end. The amazon’s cheeks were full, round and shiny wet with soap, making the sensation of massaging her buttocks even more exciting to the red head. She then began kissing the woman’s smooth, soft skin as she slid her hand between Diana’s thighs and masturbated the heroine.

Diana reciprocated by increasing Inga’s already overwhelming blow job. Inga thrust and moaned slowly as Diana wildly licked and massaged the woman’s vagina with her sensual lips and mouth.

As the two women moaned and shifted about, Gretchen picked up the soap dildo and slid it back into Diana’s warm, wet pussy. Diana let out an intense groan as the fallic plunged deep into her vagina. With wild abandonment, Wonder Woman wildly intensified her falacio, bringing Inga closer and closer to climax. Then with a massive surge, Diana forced a wild scream of passion from Inga as she plunged the woman into climax.

Insane with passion, Diana sat up and turned toward Gretchen. Driven by an overwhelming desire to please her tormentors, Wonder Woman pushed the red head back and buried her face in the woman’s pink pussy. The dominatrix’s curly red hair shot back in a scarlet wave as she thrust her head back in ecstasy. Inga quickly moved behind Diana and resumed the dildo’s path, pumping it slowly in and out of Diana’s gyrating hips. Gretchen was soon screaming uncontrollably as the amazon exacted a ferocious climax from the red head.

Still stimulated, Gretchen clamped her hand down on Diana’s head and held the amazon in place, riding out the avenger’s incredible wave of passion. Inga then removed the foaming soap dildo from Diana and placed it on the side of the tub. She reached over and unfolded a towel and picked up a larger, red vibrator. Stroking Wonder Woman’s jiggling rear, she slowly moved the implement into place, lightly touching Diana’s vagina with the tip. Then, with a forceful, steady thrust, she pushed the dildo into Diana’s innocent and unsuspecting hips.

Diana thrust her rear upward as the large vibrator inched its way relentlessly forward. As she tried to raise her head, Gretchen pushed it back down, securing the struggling heroine in place. Diana’s plump buttocks shifted from side to side as her distressed hips tried to valiantly resist the toy’s irresistible charms.

As soon as the dildo was fully inserted, Inga pulled back on it, reversing the pressure and sending new waves of stimulation through Wonder Woman’s mind. Then, like a mad woman, Inga began pumping the dildo in and out of the panicked heroine. With each pumping cycle, Diana let out a muffled moan of animalistic emotion. They were too rough, too intense, but Diana couldn’t help but let the experience overwhelm her.

After a few minutes, Inga looked up and gave Gretchen a sly wink. Then, reaching over to the side of the tub, she picked up another large, red vibrator and moved it toward the already writhing heroine.

An intense cry of resistance announced the insertion of the second vibrator underneath the first as Inga mercilessly plunged the new stimulator along the length of the first one. Diana’s vagina was now expanded to its limits and it stretched like a gaping mouth as Inga twisted and shoved the dildo’s in and out of her. The amazon was panic stricken now as the implements sent her totally out of control. Each thrust drove her mad with sensation as she was penetrated over and over again. Then, with an unreal tension, Diana tightened ever muscle as the surging climax began to surface. A long silence passed and the amazon squeezed as tightly as she could....


Diana screamed her defiance as the climax was ruthlessly exacted from her. As soon as Wonder Woman released, Inga removed one of the vibrators and plunged it hard and swift into Diana’s rosy, pink anus. Wonder Woman let out a pig like squeal as her rear was savagely penetrated. Her hips continued to buck and thrust about as Inga slid and twisted the phallic around mercilessly. This intensely horrid treatment brought on yet another fiery climax. Diana then slumped down into the pool, dazed, defeated and raped.

Inga then removed the sex toys and rolled the amazon on her back. The two dominatrix then slid on top of her and began passionately kissing their moaning captive.

After several minutes of caressing and kissing, Gretchen stood up and sauntered slowly out of the steaming tub. At the same time, Inga slid in behind the avenger and wrapped her left arm around the woman’s shoulders, forcefully, but not painfully pinning her arms to her side. She then gentle cupped her hand over Diana’s mouth, pulling the heroine’s head back against her shoulders. Both women knew there was no need for this but it was a symbol, a sign of power. Inga was the dominator and Diana was the prisoner. Diana accepted her role and sank back, letting the sensation of Inga’s huge breasts on her bare, soapy back stimulate her some more.

Gretchen toweled herself dry and slipped the towel around her body, pinning it with a fold at the top. With another towel she coiled her long, red hair up into a beehive. As she did this, Inga escorted Diana out of the tub and stood behind her on the white, fur rug, holding her hand over the woman’s mouth. She then stepped aside and Gretchen quickly took her place, re-gagging the prisoner. As Inga dried herself off, Gretchen started to kiss and nibble Diana’s ears, entertaining the dazed heroine.

After Inga wrapped herself in a towel, she picked up a silk strip of cloth and walked toward Diana. Gretchen removed her hand and Inga pushed the cloth into Diana’s mouth. Gretchen then took the ends and pulled it behind Diana’s head, tying it off with a firm but comfortable knot. Diana now stood naked and soapy wet with her hands cuffed in front of her, her mouth gagged and her hair tied up high on her head.

The two women then picked up some towels and started drying Wonder Woman off, using the towels to massage and stimulate the heroine even further. After a few minutes, they were done and they dropped the towels to the floor.

Gretchen then walked to a closet and, after some rustling, came out with a coat hanger sporting a set of pink lingerie. They gently slipped the shear, pink panties over Diana’s wide, motherly hips, sliding them slowly up her quivering, tan legs. The pink, laced bra corralled Wonder Woman’s enormous endowment and the huge breasts were pulled up and together forming two perfectly round, spherical mounds of flesh. Her skin was still wet and glistening making her bulging breasts shiny and smooth under the rooms soft lights. An intricately laced robe was slipped over Diana’s wide shoulders. It was beautiful but did nothing more than slightly hide her gorgeous shape behind a vale of shear, pink silk. Her hair was then fixed up again on top of her head, seeing how it was all astray from her bathtub encounter. The final touch was a pair of 6 inch, high heel, pink, stiletto shoes which skyrocketed the already taller amazon to a new, impressive height and which instantly caused the muscles in her long legs to shape and tighten, turning them into incredible showcases of form and beauty.

The two dominatrix got dressed in their usual black, leather outfits. They then affixed a black, studded collar around Wonder Woman’s long neck and pulled her gently by the leash, leading her into the next room. A tray of food sat at an elegant oak table. Diana was escorted to a chair in front of the food and was securely bound to it. Her arms were strapped to the chair’s arms with silk binds and her legs were crossed and then tied at the knees and ankles. The gag was removed and the two women sat down and started spoon feeding their prisoner. Diana was famished and didn’t hesitate to eat every delicious morsel.

 -     -    -

Wonder Girl was almost comatose at this point. She stood against the table, her hips instinctively thrusting forward as the ticklers continued their ruthless onslaught. Her mouth was dry and slack as she stared out into space with her now glossy, tear filled eyes.

“Oh Hera PLEASE! Somebody please... I’ll do anything just let me cum.” she cried as the teasing sensations drove her mad with desire. She had never felt like this before, so vulnerable and so turned on. This countess was insidious and she dreaded the woman’s next move as she lay there moaning and cooing.

After what seemed like an eternity, Drucella shivered as the sounds of the lab door opening broke the mind numbing spell and told her that the worst was yet to come. The countess entered the lab escorted by her blonde assistant and three German officers. The men were much older and looked very important.

“I don’t know anything about Nazi insignia so I have no idea who they could be but, they must be pretty powerful to make the countess nervous.” Dru noticed as the dark hared witch hemmed and hawed as she talked to the stoic men. The group approached the slowly twisting teen and stood in front of her, staring long and hard at her firm, naked body.

“Zo, this is the amazing Vonder Voman.” said Colonel Wilmeiter with a look of unimpressed disinterest as he stared at the young girl through his monocle.

“Oh Colonel, zis is not ze Vonder Voman, only ze Vonder Girl.” the countess said laughingly waving her hand at the girl as though to brush her off.

Dru shot them both an angry and annoyed stare. “I’m just as good as Diana you... you...” she thought as she let out a hissing, fiery snarl.

“You vill meet Vonder Voman soon enough.” the countess continued. “But first, the girl.”

“Guards! Untie the girl and secure her to ze table.” the woman ordered, pointing to a medical style table sitting against the wall of the lab. The guards stepped up and unstrapped the now super tender heroine. As they did so, the teen began twisting and kicking in a vain attempt at escape. The guards picked the girl up by each arm and carried her fiery form to the table where they began strapping her down. Her wrists went into two leather cuffs which secured her arms above her head. Two long, leather straps were then tied around her ankles. Dru could move her legs but only in a small, restricted way. The young girl lay twisting and gyrating as the guards inserted a special cloth wad into her mouth. They then secured the cloth in place with a leather strap that completely covered her mouth and prevented her from pushing the gag out. Dru could only moan and mumble as she fought to get free.

“Spirited little thing.” one of the officers noted.

“Ya, but her fire will be doused soon enough.” the countess gloated. Then she made a sharp, loud clap with her hands. The doors to the lab opened and Wonder Woman was slowly escorted into the lab and presented to the crowd.

“Magnificent! Simply magnificent!” the Colonel gleamed as he stared indecently at the semi-nude amazon. “You have indeed earned the respect of the Third Reich.” he exclaimed grinning at the defiant woman.

“A great honor sir.” she replied obsequiously.

“You will never get away with this.” Wonder Woman proclaimed staring forward in pride and determinations.

“America will never yield to your.. MMMNMBLMMMMMM!...” but as Diana tried to finish her sentence, another special wad was shoved in her mouth from behind and the same kind of leather gag was securely affixed around her head. Diana could only hiss and moan as she stood helplessly in front of the Nazis.

“You Americans are zo arrogant. You vill learn who your master is.” the Colonel said in a gruff tone as he brutally grabbed Diana by the chin and forced her to look him in the eye.

“If you vill allow me...” the countess said bowing her head and motioning to the two dominatrix. The women pushed Diana toward another table next to Dru’s and wrestled the gyrating femme-fatal onto it. As they secured her, Diana and Dru stared at one another in fear and hopelessness. They had not seen each other at all since they were first kidnapped and the bondage reunion they were having was not a very warm one.

“Hold on little one.” Diana’s eyes seemed to say as she stared at Dru. “They will never win.”

With a final, tightening yank on Diana’s straps, the two Dominatrix stepped away from the table and the crowd watched as the two heroines grunted and groaned as they tested their bonds.

“Now you vill witness the power of ze Third Reich.” the countess proclaimed. “Now you vill seen the creation of ze new master race.” and with that the lab door opened and two men entered the room and walked up to the countess.

The men were nothing less than perfect physical specimens.

They were huge, completely muscle bound with no sign of body fat what so ever. They stood completely naked and at attention as the countess circled them slowly, lightly caressing their wide chests with her soft hands.

“These specimens and their brethren represent the culmination of the Aryan race.” she explained. “Carefully raised and bread, these men will sire a new, super race for ze glorious Reich.” she continued.

“Now my children, look at your new mates.” she said slowly as she stared past them toward the struggling Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. “Now its time for you to do what you’ve been bread for... IMPREGNATE THEM!”

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl began wiggling and struggling wildly against their bonds as the two men approached them. They pushed themselves up the table as far as they could in a futile attempt at escape but the act was in vain as each men climbed onto the table from the end and started to move toward each woman, parting the captives’ legs as the moved into position.

With a forceful hand, Diana’s attacker clamped down on her breast and began squeezing it ruthless as he pulled himself on top of her. The woman’s strong pelvis thrust and twisted as she tried to push her much larger opponent off but his size and strength were too over whelming. Her long, muscular legs slid about wildly as she tried to kick him away but the leather straps binding her ankles only allowed her to bend her knees slightly.

As he maneuvered forward, she could see his enormous member growing hard with anticipation as she stared down in horror between her legs. Then, with a low, dull moan of defiance, Diana reeled her head back and gasped as the rapist guided is penis between her lips and pushed his rock hard erection into her unprotected vagina.

Her rear shot up and about as the muscle bound attacker continued to mount the heroine. Inch by inch he slid deeper and deeper, forcing Diana to moan and grunt erotically with each intense thrust. Then, the two began to surge in unison as her attacker’s member became fully inserted into her vagina.

As she swayed and thrust, she looked across and watched as her younger sister squealed and gyrated frantically from her penetration. The teen’s head thrashed about wildly, spraying her long brunette hair about as she bucked and surged under her assailant.

Both women were now moaning and screaming under their gags as they writhed and struggled under the two rapists. The attackers added to the heroines’ agony by grabbing and viciously massaging their huge breasts. Like wild animals, they sucked and squeezed the women’s tits, milking them in an uncontrollable frenzy of passion.

The maddening gang rape continued for several minutes as each man began to build toward certain triumph. Then, Diana’s attacker grabbed her buttocks hard as he began thrusting faster and faster into her. Diana knew defeat was near and the panic stricken amazon thrashed about wildly in desperation.

“Nature at vork.” demonstrated the countess. “They are incredible.” The audience, however, ignored the woman’s prattlings as they gazed in utter amazement at the erotic spectacle before them.

Then, the unthinkable started to build as the two men began pumping faster and faster. The two bucking women screamed louder and more feverishly as the end grew near. Growing tighter themselves, both Dru and Diana began to seize, gasping and whining short breathes of protest as they tried in vain to force their attackers off of them. Their moans and grunts were complicating the situation, however, as hearing the erotic sounds of the other woman’s rape sent chills of sensation through each of them.

Diana’s mate then reached up and under her, grabbing her shoulders hard as he pushed deeper into her. The man grew tighter and tighter and he pulled harder and harder as he swelled with tension. Diana rolled her head back and squeezed her thighs together in panic as she neared climax. Then with one last massive thrust, Diana screamed uncontrollably as her attacker exploded wildly inside her, ejaculating his fertile seed into her defenseless and unprotected womb.

Drucella cried out with the same scream of defeat as her attacker came inside her. Both women then slumped down in exhaustion, moaning slowly as the men continued to pump away.

“That’s it my children,” the countess said coldly as she walked between the two tables and stroked both the males’ plump, muscular, pumping buttocks with her hands, “finish depositing every precious drop. Finish them for GOOD! Sire the master race!”

After several moments of long, deep thrusts, the two men got up, dropping the two defeated heroines to the table and stood back at attention, their firm erections glistening with the remnants of their triumph.

“Good!” the countess said staring at their dripping members.

“Send in the next group.” she ordered. The two men saluted and then left.

“Next group?” asked the puzzled Colonel.

“Ya, this will take several attempts. Of course the whole thing will be quite entertaining so sit back and enjoy.” she smiled.

Diana and Dru both stared at each other in horror at this prospect and both avengers renewed their attempts at gaining freedom. Their fiery spirits were soon doused as the next two men mounted and penetrated them, sending them both into another exhausting, spiraling, primal downfall. The gang rapes continued relentlessly after that as both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were forced to procreate with their attackers.

 *     *     *

Diana’s body hit the stone floor hard as she was tossed into the cold, damp cell. Her battered and bruised body ached as she lay dazed and stunned on the floor. Dru’s slack body came crashing down on top of her as the teen followed her sister.

Diana’s hands were firmly tied behind her back with several straps of leather. Straps bound her wrists and elbows together and several straps around her bare shoulders prevented her from moving her arms. Her sore legs were tied tightly together with several lengths that wrapped around both limbs like twine wrapped around a spool. She was still gagged with the leather gag and mouth piece she was fitted with in the lab. Her sister lay helpless and prone in the same way, completely bound and gagged.

Both women moaned with exhaustion as they lay slightly shifting about on the floor. It had been several hours since the rapes began and Diana surmised that they had gone through every one of the countess’s “perfect specimens”. The streams of dried cum now stained the insides of her full, tan thighs as she lay fucked and beaten.

“They’re not going to stop.” Diana thought testing her bonds.

“I must get free of this hell before they do succeed in impregnating us.”

As she thought in horror at her predicament, the previously transpired events’ draining experience forced her to fall into a deep, heavy sleep and both women lay unconscious on the dark cell floor.


Part 9 of 9. * * *


The door burst open forcing Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman to wake with a start. Inga and Gretchen rushed in and brutally picked the two women up, untying their legs and carrying them carelessly out of the cell and back toward the lab. Each girl knew their fate and they began to twist about as they neared the room. The two struggling heroines were brought into the lab and stood in front of the countess.

The countess stood fuming, her arms crossed in front of her and her foot taping on the floor. She then waved at Inga. Inga untied and removed Diana’s gag.

“What ze HELL is going on!” screamed the countess as she grabbed Diana’s hair and yanked her head toward her.

“Wha... what do you mean?” asked Diana coyly batting her eyes like an innocent southern girl.

“How dare YOU!” screamed the Nazi as she slapped Diana’s face and pushed her back into Inga’s arms. “You are supposed to be PREGNANT! My men fucked you both enough times to make any woman pregnant. There’s no way either of you could have avoided this. I want to know what’s going on? What’s the SECRET!”

“Go to hell WITCH!” Diana said angrily spitting at the countess and taunting her with a patronizing grin.

Dru stared at her sister in utter shock. “What are you doing Diana! Don’t piss her off or she’ll try and mate us with some farm animals or something” Dru thought shooting Diana a “shut up” gaze.

“You’re an IDIOT and I’ll NEVER tell you “the secret”.”

Diana continued defiantly, knowing what the countess’s next move would be.

“We’ll see about that.” she said as she stomped way. She crossed the room and knelt in front of a blocky, steel safe which she frantically dialed. Soon she whipped open the heavy, metal door and pulled out what Diana was hoping for, her belt.

“This will make you talk like it did before.” she screamed as she yanked the golden lasso off the belt and threw the belt like an angry child onto one of the lab tables.

“I’m going to use this to mess you up real good Wonder Woman!” the countess hissed as she held up the loop and brought it toward Diana. “You’ve humiliated me in front of my superiors and you’re going to pay!”

“I’m going to make you do things you never thought poss...”

But before the countess could finish her sentence, Diana’s muscular leg shot out and her bare foot connected square with the countess’s chin, sending the woman back hard and to the floor.

Inga, startled by the amazon’s amazing constitution, was caught completely off guard as Diana jumped backward plowing her body into the dominatrix and sending her back against a bookcase.

Gretchen, seeing this, started toward the feisty avenger but fell flat as Dru stuck her foot out, tripping the tall red head. Dru then piled on top of the girl and began bouncing up and down on her back, slamming her hard against the floor.

Diana made a bee line for the belt was caught short as the countess plowed into her with a diving tackle. Both women went to the floor but the countess was triumphant seeing how Diana’s arms and hands were still firmly bound behind her back. The countess sat on top of the struggling heroine, her face bleeding from the brutal kick.

“You’re really going to pay this time BITCH!” the countess screamed as she again raised the lasso and brought it toward Diana. “I’m going to find out where you came from and I’m going to do the same things to them that I’ve done to you.”

“NNNOOOOOOO!” Diana screamed as she tried to push the witch off of her.

Inga started toward the countess to help her. As she ran across the room, Dru shoved her legs out and tripped the big breasted nymph, sending her staggering toward the two women on the floor. Inga slammed into the countess and tumbled over her, causing the dominatrix to reach out to grab something for support. Her hand connected with the edge of the table but her weight toppled it, causing its contents to catapult through the air.

The countess and Inga both looked up in shock as Diana’s belt soared straight up and came down with a slight “whap” on Diana’s chest. Diana, grinning with triumph, began to swell as she pulled against her bonds. Like a string of lights bursting, the straps popped off her arms and flopped to the floor. Then with her free hand, she grabbed the belt and slipped it on.

“Get HER!” screamed the countess as all the women rushed the now free Wonder Woman. The lab assistant was the first to reach the heroine and was the first to go sailing across the room as Diana easily flung her like a discarded Kleenex.

Gretchen and Inga became very intimate for a brief moment as Diana slammed them together into a dominatrix sandwich and then flung them apart, slamming both dazed nymphs against opposing walls.

“GUAR...” screamed the countess but Wonder Woman’s super strong hand came clamping down over her mouth.

“Now we’ll see who pays.” said Wonder Woman as she stared ominously into the countess’s eyes. Holding the Nazi firmly with one hand, Diana reached down and tore her sisters bonds, freeing the plucky teen.

“Get some of that anesthetic.” Diana ordered. “We’ve got a little work to do.”

The countess began to scream in horror under Diana’s hand as Dru picked up the chloroform bottle and began putting Inga, Gretchen and the assistant to sleep.

“Before I put you to sleep, I thought I’d let you in on our little secret.” Diana said, pouring the bottle’s contents into a rag. “You see, we amazons have very slow metabolisms which allows us to live extremely long lives. It also causes us to ovulate only once every twelve years as opposed to every month for you.” she explained.

“Yeah, and when WE’RE on the rag, WATCH OUT!” added Dru with a childish smile.

“Nighty night.” said Diana as the sickly sweat cotton wad clamped down over the countess’s face.

  *     *     *

“All done” bragged Wonder Girl with a gleaming smile as she wiped her hands and walked into the lab.

“Did you do what I told to with those two?” asked Diana as she slipped on the last of her costume.

“Oh yeah and they’ll be really surprised when they wake up.” replied Dru with a prankster’s grin.

  *     *     *

Inga moaned softly as the chloroform wore off. As she began to move, she found that she was both bound and gagged and tied to a lab table. Not only that, she was stripped completely naked and a cloth bag was tied over her head, completely obscuring her face. Only two small eye holes allowed her to see out. Looking about, she saw her cohort Gretchen reviving on a table next to her in the same condition.

Both women jerked and twisted as they tried to free themselves. As the writhed about, Inga noticed a note taped to her bare chest. Examining it for a moment and trying to decipher the upside down writing, Inga began to scream in horror.

“My children. Here are two new specimens.

My orders are to impregnate them.The Countess”

Just as Inga finished reading, two of the Aryans walked into the room and immediately began mounting the two dominatrix. Both women screamed uncontrollably as the two men penetrated them and each couple bucked and thrust about as the impregnation continued. With a final, brutal thrust, both men finished and the next pair took their place. The women screamed and cried in agony, knowing the horrid fate that awaited both of them.

 *     *     *

“And what about that bothersome lab assistant? What did you do with her.” asked Diana.

 *     *     *

The young blonde screamed as a new vibrator pushed its way deep inside her and sent her reeling with pain and sensation. As the machine pumped its dildo into her, another vibrator lunged forward and plunged itself into her tight, clenched anus, parting it wide open. The naked, gagged and banged lab assistant squirmed helplessly in the cold darkness as the insidious machine exacted climax after climax from her.

 *     *     *

“Now you have to tell me what you did with that countess woman?” Dru asked eagerly as the two amazons slipped through the castle’s hallways and out into the early morning fog.

“I simply introduced her to an old friend of mine.” Diana said with a smirk as she started telepathically summoning her invisible jet.

 *     *     *

The drug’s effects lifted and the countess slowly raised her hand to her head and let out a low moan. “Wha.. where am I?” she asked as she clenched her naked body and stared around the dank, brown cave.

Suddenly, with a eerie whipping sound, several tendrils shot out from the pod and they enveloped the shock and confused mistress.

“Dear GOD NO!!” she screamed as the pod pulled the twisting countess across the dirt floor and into its gaping maw.

The tentacles wrapped themselves hard and tight around everyone of her flailing limbs and bound her into a submissive, ready position as she slid inside the creature.

“NO! Not this!” she screamed as it enveloped her. Like Diana had explained, the amazon had a slower metabolism and so she was relatively safe from the creature but, the countess knew she was a normal female and this meant the plant would succeed.

The proboscises entered her hard and brutally as she was forcefully raped by the insidious plant. The silhouette of her twisting, struggling form being penetrated illuminated from the glowing pod as the plant’s seeds were deposited and the countess was inseminated. The now pregnant woman wiggled about helplessly in the sack as the unholy union of plant and mammal continued undisturbed.

After what seemed like hours, the dark hared woman came spewing out, her body dripping wet with cum and lubricant. She lay moaning and wincing as her 9 month, swelled abdomen surged and bulged from the alien embryo moving about inside her.

“I’ll get you for this Wonder Woman” the countess screamed in agony. “You’ll PAY!!!!!”

 *     *     *

“I love IT!” laughed Dru as both women climbed into the plane. “I wonder if its going to be a boy or a girl.” she asked jokingly. Both women broke out in laughter as the jet soared off into the sunrise.