Chapter 7 - Laugh and the Whole World Laughs with You, Crawl and You Crawl Alone!

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Note - Some readers may notice the repeated use of amnesia, drug-induced memory loss, etc. among certain characters in this story. This has been deemed necessary to maintain some integrity within the framework of an ongoing story line. It is not logical to “break” a heroine in one chapter and then have her return to her heroic self in the ensuing chapter with no effects, unless such an, admittedly contrived, plot device is used to erase the memory of defeat. A heroine cannot continuously lose battles in a realistic manner without soon becoming washed up as a crimefighter. Though this scenario is also explored in the story, with new characters entering and leaving as the tale progresses, to have a true ongoing saga, some characters must remain in place, thus necessitating the use of selective amnesia so they remain heroic figures. Please keep in mind, IT’S JUST A STUPID SUPERHEROINE STORY, GET OVER IT!



Agent 73 never knew what hit her.

The woman and her four companions, all minions of the Savage Sisterhood of Sapho, were finishing up brewing a fresh batch of the ultra-dangerous BTS drug in one of their secret lab facilities somewhere in Sin City, when the front door crashed open and a tall, powerful, very female figure burst in upon them.

The mysterious female, clad in navy-blue spandex pants, a dark blue spandex halter-top, and a blue mask, leapt across an intervening table and sidekicked Agent 73 in the head. Before any of the other agents of the sinister criminal organization could react, their nameless attacker was on them in a blur, dropping opponents with kicks, punches and devastating acrobatic maneuvers. The whole fight was over in less than 30 seconds.

When it was finished, the spandex-clad dynamo quickly secured the five criminals with some rope, pausing only to modestly adjust a small tear in her halter-top before grabbing a cellular phone from the corner of the room.

The lone woman dialed police headquarters. When the night duty sergeant answered, she said, “I’ve got a lead on the BTS drug suppliers. Send some officers to 1220 Main Street. They can pick up five drug dealers who may have some answers.”

“Who is this?” replied the duty sergeant.

“I’m a friend. You can call me... the Guardianess.”

Valerie Christiansen got back to her small apartment just after 4 a.m. It had been a long night for the policewoman. She had busted crooks at three different locations. But at least she felt as if she were making progress. She finally believed she was getting closer to the heart of the BTS supplier. The name the Savage Sisterhood had come up at each location. Valerie had never heard of them before but that didn’t matter.

If this Savage Sisterhood didn’t fear the police, they’d learn to fear Sin City’s newest protector - the Guardianess - thought the gorgeous police detective as she removed her mask and spandex outfit. She placed her new “uniform” in a gym bag. There was no time to mend the small tear in the top. She had to get to work in a few hours. After that, it would be time for the Guardianess to get back into action.

The Red Avenger slowly awoke into a painful consciousness.

The first thing the dazed young superheroine noticed was the agony in her arms. Looking up, she realized her hands were cuffed above her. She was dangling from some kind of pulley system. The next thing the battered female crimefighter noticed was the slight poking feeling beneath her.

With a start, the heroine realized her situation. She was dangling off the floor and located directly beneath her shapely bottom was the cone-like stalagmite she had noticed earlier on in the evening, before her brutal beating at the hands of the Iron Maiden. The semi-pointy tip of the stalagmite was located right below the vulnerable crimefighter’s anus, a mere millimeter from that sensitive orifice. Her bikini bottom had been pulled down and off of one leg, left dangling around her left ankle. Both ankles, she noticed, were chained loosely to the floor on opposite sides of the stalagmite. As the defenseless young girl swung helplessly from the ceiling, suspended about 8 inches off the ground, she felt the tip of the stalagmite poke slightly along the inner crack of her bare ass.

The worried heroine began to squirm in desperation, but this only served to increase her swinging, causing the vicious, unyielding implement below her to poke harder into her delicate flesh.

“Ah... Ah...” gasped the nervous teenage crimefighter.

“Having fun, are we?” came a taunting metallic voice.

Turning her head slightly, the weakened young girl saw her conqueror, the fierce supervillainess known only as the Iron Maiden, step into view.

“Wh... what are you doing to me, you fiend?” said the Red Avenger.

“I’m teaching you a lesson, little girl,” said the criminal. “After this, you’ll never interfere in the operations of the Savage Sisterhood of Sapho again... should you survive, which is doubtful.”

Hoping to buy time so she could formulate an escape plan, the Red Avengers said, “Who is this Savage Sisterhood of Sapho? I’ve never heard of them.”

“Nor were you meant to,” replied the Iron Maiden striding over to a control panel in the corner of the room. “We are a vast criminal conspiracy ruled by myself and three more of the greatest supervillainess on the planet. Our goal is the eventual domination of the world by the followers of Sapho, whom we, of course, control. Do you realize what it means to be a Sister of Sapho, little girl?”

“No. But I’m sure you’ll tell me,” replied the defiant heroine. With time it just might by possible to...

“Watch your tone, red bitch!” snarled the Iron Maiden. The villainess quickly stabbed a series of buttons on the control panel before her.

The Red Avenger noticed a whirring sound from the floor beneath her and realized the chains restraining her at the ankles were being drawn downward a bit more. At the same time the pulley that held her hands above her head slowly began to lower the startled heroine.

“Aaaiiieee!!!” screamed the shocked teenager as she was dropped down upon the pointy end of the stalagmite, the tip now pressing up into her tiny, puckered little anus. Though the end of the cone-like structure wasn’t truly sharp, it was still narrow enough to “easily” enter the frightened girl’s rear passage.

Striding forward to face the squirming superheroine, the Iron Maiden said, “I call this my ‘stalagmite of fright.’ I’ve found it very useful in dealing with nuisances like interfering crimefighters. It’s quite simple, really. You’re slowly lowered downward by the pulley above you on to the stalagmite. Gravity does the rest. You’ll notice it is only mildly uncomfortable now - much like a finger sticking itself into your dainty little asshole - but the stalagmite gets thicker the further down you go. Eventually, you’ll be split wide open back there. Hahahaha!”

The villainess’ fiendish laugh sent a chill down the helpless heroine’s spine, even as she felt a bit more of the horrid stalagmite press up, into her sensitive anus. It wasn’t truly painful yet, only extremely uncomfortable. But the Red Avenger knew that would soon change.

To halt her inexorable slide down, on to the stalagmite of fright, the resourceful crimefighter squeezed her lithe legs against the sides of the cone, her bare, milky skin pressing into the cold, hard surface.

“Ah, yes,” said the metallic criminal. “You try to slow your descent by squeezing the stalagmite between your legs as if it were your lover. But a merciless lover it is. No matter what you do, you shall slowly be drawn down until you’re completely impaled!”

It was true, thought the worried heroine. As more slack was let out from the chains above her, a tiny bit more of the stalagmite entered her asshole, causing yet more discomfort. Desperately, the heroine grabbed at the chain which connected her handcuffed hands to the ceiling, pulling herself upward a bit to ease some of the dreadful pressure. But in her weakened state, the poor teenage crimefighter didn’t know how long she could hold out. “Got to find a way out of this, fast!” the Red Avenger thought to herself, trying not to panic.

The trapped superheroine looked up in mounting concern as the Iron Maiden came toward her.

The villainess continued, “I was saying what it meant to be a true Sister of Sapho, little girl.” The criminal paused in front of the redheaded heroine. “It means surrendering to your womanly instincts, your wants, your lusts, your base desires...” Slowly, the metallic monster extended one iron-gloved hand toward the helpless crimefighteress.

The Red Avenger was now squirming in dread, attempting to somehow move her body away from her vile assailant, even as she strained to keep herself from sliding further on to the stalagmite of fright. The poor young girl’s toned but lithe arms trembled overhead as she continued to pull herself upward, trying to continually support her 112 lb. weight. Perspiration moistened her supple, shapely legs as she kept squeezing the stalagmite between them with all her might.

Looking on in mounting fear the helpless heroine watched as the Iron Maiden extend one long, metal finger forward toward her vulnerable crotch. The young girl whimpered silently, trying not to show her fright as she felt the cold metal touch her most private place.

“Ah... ah... don’t...” the defenseless superheroine mewled, writhing in horror as the Iron Maiden’s cool metal digit stroked along the outer edge of her vagina lips. She’d never felt so helpless, so degraded. The young crimefighter attempted to choke back a sob, trying to put on a brave front and resist her captor’s torture, even as her fear grew.

Continuing to stroke her defenseless captive, the Iron Maiden said, “My, my, such a tight looking little fuckhole you have, Red Avenger. You must be virrrrgin... Hahahaha!”

Suddenly, the trapped teen gasped in shock as she felt the cold finger part her lower lips and poke inside her just a little. The heroine jumped and in so doing, lost a bit of her grip and dropped another half-inch down on to the stalagmite.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed the superheroine, now in true fear and pain. The stalagmite was becoming agonizingly wide, pushing her small, tight asshole to the limit. Then there was the terror of having a foe invade her vagina and begin the horrifying process of lesbian rape. It was all too much for the battered, overcome teenager’s. Despite her attempts to remain brave, a tear rolled down the pretty young girl’s fair cheeks. As she felt more of the horrible stroking inside her vagina, a small sob escaped from the Red Avenger’s throat.

“How does this feel, Red Avenger?” taunted the Iron Maiden as she continued to obscenely wriggle her finger around, inside the terrified heroine.

“N...Nooo... Sob!... D...don’t... p...please...” the young girl whimpered, trying not to further degrade herself by begging her sadistic rapist, hating herself for the fear and weakness she was showing.

“Oh, but we’re just getting started, super slut,” announced the Iron Maiden, suddenly pulling her finger out of the Red Avenger’s vagina and turning from her foe.

The overwhelmed heroine shivered in fright, attempting to steel her nerves even as she strained with all her might to keep from sliding down any further on to the dread stalagmite. Meanwhile, the metallic supervillainess had moved to retrieve some items from a table across the room. The Red Avenger had noticed this table - and the ominous implements it contained - earlier in the evening and now began to shake in renewed worry as she realized these same implements were about to be employed on her helplessly exposed body.

“First, I’ve got some lovely jewelry for you, dear,” said the Iron Maiden returning from the table. In her hands she held two large clips that resembled small mouse traps.

“Wh...what are th...those,” sniveled a suddenly scared Red Avenger. “Noo! K...keep away from meee... No! Pleassse! Nooo...”

The youthful female crimefighter began to scream in fright as the Iron Maiden yanked the front of her skimpy red bikini top down to expose her small but shapely breasts, roughly grabbing the left one in a cold metal grip.

“Ahhh! Nooo! Pleassse... Stopppp! Pleassse!!!” the beaten superheroine pathetically wailed as the nipple clip was snapped shut around the sensitive flesh at the tip of her pert left breast.

“How’s that feel, super slut?” taunted the villainess.

Tears rolling down her youthful, pretty, lightly freckled face, the horrified heroine moaned, “It h...hurts... Sob! Ohhh... It hurts! P...Please s...stop...p...”

Laughing fiendishly, the sadistic criminal grabbed hold of the poor, captive superheroine’s shapely right breast and pulled her nipple to get it erect.

The anguished Red Avenger could only look on in helpless terror. “N...No please... please don’t... Oh please don’t do this... Don’t... Aaaiiieee!” the agonized crimefighter shrieked in suffering as the second nipple clamp bit into her delicate flesh. The once proud and mighty superheroine could do nothing but squirm and snivel in pain, fright and humiliation. Her concentration momentarily broken, her slim form slid another half inch down, on to the stalagmite, the hard object thrusting further up, into her rear.

“AARRGGHH!” shrieked the overwhelmed heroine feeling the increased torture on her sensitive little anus. But heroically, she managed to pull herself erect to keep from sliding any further downward.

Chucklng at her foes’ discomfort, the Iron Maiden again strode over to her table of torture devices and then quickly returned with a leather flogger.

“Oh God, no! You... you can’t wh...whip meee!” cried the fearful superheroine upon seeing this new weapon to be used against her. “Don’t... no... NOOO!!! AHHH!!! NOOO!!!” the defenseless Red Avenger could do nothing but shriek in pain as the leather straps cracked down viciously across the exposed, pale flesh of her youthful, unblemished body.

First, her evil assailant whipped the screaming, terrified young heroine across the back, the wide straps leaving no permanent marks upon the girl’s vulnerable body. Then, as the Red Avenger hung in her bonds, sobbing pathetically, the Iron Maiden moved around to the front of the teenage crimefighter’s body.

“Oh please no... Sob! Please, I beg you...” sniveled the now quivering crimefighter. “Pleasssse, Iron Maiden! Oh please, don’t wh...wh...whip meeeeeAAAIIIEEE!!!” The tortured screams of the poor, defenseless superheroine were pitiable as the leather flogger cracked down across her already agonized bosom.

“Aahhh! Gasp! No!” the Red Avenger cried as the whip continued to strike the soft, smooth skin of her vulnerable chest and belly.







Finally, when the pathetically battered superheroine was reduced to a simpering, pleading little girl, the villainess halted her vicious assault. For her part, the Red Avenger merely drooped in her bonds, her head hung low in shame and fear, her form occasionally shaking with sobs as she strove, with the last of her might, to hold her body up and keep from sinking further down on to the stalagmite of fright.

But the evil Iron Maiden was far from done with the captive heroine. Reaching out with her gauntleted left hand, the villainess grabbed the devastated teen by her mane of long, fiery, reddish/orangish hair and yanked the tormented girl’s head upward.

The now sniveling female crimefighter looked up in fear, her tear-filled eyes wide with horror as she gazed upon the hideously masked countenance of her captor.

“ more... Sniff! Please... no more...” whimpered the shattered superheroine. Then, to her complete terror, she noticed that the Iron Maiden’s eyes, dark and partially concealed behind her metal mask, were staring downward, toward her crotch.

“Oh God! No! Sob! Not that! Please not that!” gasped the frightened heroine. Her furry, red, virginal pubic mound was pushed vulnerably forward and well-exposed due to her awkward position, anally impaled atop the stalagmite.

The Red Avenger saw the Iron Maiden staring with intensity at her defenseless groin. As the villainess began to pull the flogger in her right hand back to her ear, the terrified crimefighteress screamed, “Nooo! Pleassse! Not there!!! Anything, just don’t whip me there! No... AAAIIIEEE!!!”

With a savage CRACK! the flogger slashed into the traumatized young girl’s highly sensitive pubic area drawing pitiful shrieks of pain and fear from her. After a dozen strokes of the lash upon her inflamed vagina, the beaten heroine was beyond screaming. She hung limply in her bonds, having dropped another quarter inch upon the stalagmite which now threatened to split her buttocks apart. The only sound to be heard in the room were the pathetic mewling sounds of suffering coming from the broken superheroine.

The Iron Maiden left the young crimefighter hanging there, perched atop the stalagmite, as she returned to her workbench filled with torture devices.

The Red Avenger merely clung to the chains above her wrists with the last of her faded strength, hopelessly attempting to slow the inexorable plunge which she knew would ultimately be her doom. Her eyes were closed in a combination of fear and concentration as she tried to shut out the frightful world around her. But a sharp whirring sound, drew the battered young girl back to reality.

Not wanting to see what new tortures her tormentor had in store for her, the fearful crimefighter nevertheless could not help herself. She opened her lovely green eyes, only to confront the most terrifying sight she had yet witnessed. Standing before her was the evil Iron Maiden and in her hand was a huge power drill. But instead of a drill bit, the end of the motorized tool contained a gigantic metal phallus.

The villainess turned the drill on and the phallus came to life, humming and spinning at an alarming rate.

Approaching the quaking young superheroine, the criminal crowed, “And this little device, my dear, is a special tool I call my Power Drildo! It’s the perfect thing to finally rid you of your virginity. Hahahaha!”

Wide-eyed with more fright than she had ever known in her young life, the poor, helpless Red Avenger could do nothing but cry out in terror, “NOOOOO!!!”

“Wh... what are you going to do to me?” whimpered a captive Ninja Girl, as her hands were bound behind her back. After receiving a whiff of the potent, strength sapping BTS drug, the young crimefighter had easily fallen to her worst enemy, the vicious Rat Girl, and now lay at the criminal’s mercy.

Using a strong piece of rope she had inside her handy briefcase, the villainess had expertly tied the young heroine’s arms behind her back, crossing the petite 18-year-old’s slim wrists over each other and securing them at the base of her spine. The thin cord bit painfully into the captive girl’s fair skin, making her wince at the discomfort and humiliation. Never had the brave superheroine been so shamed.

She had been battered and overcome by a single female, scarcely larger than herself, a criminal she had easily handled in the past. And not just physically overcome, the proud Ninja Girl had been tormented and made to beg for mercy like a sniveling coward. The thought made her cry with shame on the inside. But the spirited crimefighter tried to bite back her fears and put up a renewed resistance, despite her captive position.

“You’ll never get away with this, Rat Girl,” declared Ninja Girl with more courage than she secretly felt.

Finishing the triple knot that secured the heroine’s hands, Rat Girl laid Ninja Girl on her back and stood over the captured crimefighter. “Oh yeah? Who’s going to stop me?” taunted the villainess. “Not some wimpy little brat like you. Why don’t you cry and beg me some more, Ninja Brat! I love it when you say how I beat your ass. It makes me hot.”

Slowly, the villainess lowered herself until she was again on her knees, straddling the defenseless superheroine.

“Nooo...” squealed Ninja Girl, “I won’t beg for you any more! I... I’ll get out of this and then... then...” Suddenly, the defiant heroine stiffened in stunned surprise as Rat Girl began to stroke her helplessly vulnerable body.

“Oh, come now, Ninja Twerp, don’t you like this just a little bit?” taunted Rat Girl as she drew her long thin fingers, with their razor sharp nails, lightly up the helpless heroine’s bare legs, across the firm, exposed flesh of her pale belly, around the sides of her ribcage and up over her black, spandex covered chest.

“Nooo...” whined a mortified Ninja Girl, who could do nothing but writhe helplessly beneath her foe’s vile touch. “Stoppp... Get away from meeee...”

“Ah your cries are like music to my ears, Ninja Twat. You sound just like the pathetic little girl I always knew you were.”

Still writhing helplessly, the trapped teenage superheroine could do nothing but squirm in humiliation. “You’ll never get away with this. I... I’ll...”

“You’ll do nothing but lie there and beg me for mercy, bitch!” screamed an annoyed Rat Girl, who cruelly slapped her defenseless captive across the face.

The painful blow quieted the crimefighter’s bravado, making Ninja Girl snivel a bit. Wide-eyed with fear, the captured superheroine turned her head, looking around desperately for some means of escape. None was forthcoming. Trapped as she was flat on her back, beneath Rat Girl’s body, the teenager could not even work at escaping from her bonds. All she could do was lay there and suffer further degradation.

“First of all,” said Rat Girl, reaching down to grab the heroine’s black spandex halter top, “let’s get a look at those little titties of yours.”

“Nooo! Please!” cried the captive crimefighteress in growing fear. “Don’t do thaaaaa...!

RIPPPP!!! The defenseless heroine was brutally stripped of her top, leaving her perky breasts exposed before her vile enemy.

Slowly, the villainess took up one breast in each hand and began to gently squeeze them. Writhing in humiliation beneath her foe, tears began to well up in Ninja Girl’s lovely brown eyes. Suddenly, she gasped in further shock as Rat Girl took first one breast, then the other in her mouth and began to suck on them.

“No! Noo! Stop that!” screamed Ninja Girl, squirming madly at the disgusting warm and wet feel of her most hated opponent’s mouth upon her sensitive little breasts.

Pulling her head back, Rat Girl snarled, “So, you don’t find this pleasurable, hmmm? Perhaps you’d prefer something less comfortable?” With that, the criminal slowly began to squeeze Ninja Girl’s sensitive breasts, digging her nails into the soft, pale flesh, causing the helpless superheroine to shriek in horror.

“Ahhhh! Nooo! Stoppp! Please stoppp!” cried Ninja Girl, the tears of pain and humiliation now freely flowing down her cute face.

“But I thought the ‘mighty’ Ninja Girl wasn’t going to beg Rat Girl any more,” taunted the villainess, exerting a bit more pressure on her defenseless captives delicate bosoms.

“Aaiiee! Sob! Oh Please! Please... don’t hurt my b... breasts... Sniff!” Ninja Girl pleaded.

“Say please don’t hurt my pathetic little titties, Rat Girl, and maybe I’ll stop,” offered the villainess.

“No! I won’t... Ahhhh!!!” screamed the shamed heroine as Rat Girl dug her nails yet deeper into the yielding flesh of Ninja Girl’s breasts. “Oh... okay... Sob! I’m begging... please don’t hurt m... my titties...”

“Say it right!” commanded Rat Girl.

“Sob! Please, Rat Girl! Please don’t hurt my pathetic little titties! Sob! Please don’t hurt them!” cried the utterly degraded crimefighter.

“Much better,” declared Rat Girl, finally releasing her grip on the now sobbing superheroine. Running her hands back down the young girl’s body, Rat Girl said, “Let’s see what else I can do with you.”

Feeling her foe’s long nails slip beneath the waistband of her black spandex short-shorts, the masked heroine shuddered and gasped in fright. “N...No... Sniff! Please don’t...”

Ignoring her captive, Rat Girl gripped the heroine’s garments and savagely yanked them down around her ankles, panties and all. All Ninja Girl could do was whimper in horror, terrified and humiliated to be completely exposed like this before anyone, let alone a dangerous villainess.

Rat Girl’s eyes glistened with excitement as she drank in the deliciously quivering nude form of her masked captive. Lust filled the villainess as she thought how she had finally reduced her previously brave and mighty opponent to nothing but a helpless and fearful little girl begging for mercy.

The criminal leaned forward, once again running her small hands up and down Ninja Girl’s nubile young body, drawing more shutters of disgust and terror from the youthful superheroine. Rat Girl slid the long nail of one finger down the length of Ninja Girl’s slit, slowly working it between the outer lips of the heroine’s tight labia, even as she bent to cover the teenager’s mouth with her own, forcing a deep kiss upon the helplessly terrified crimefighter.

Ninja Girl squealed in fear, squeezing her eyes shut as Rat Girl attempted to force her tongue into the heroine’s mouth while her finger pried its way into the heroine’s resisting little vagina.

Though her eyes were closed, Ninja Girl felt tears again welling up in them as Rat Girl viciously bit down on the young girl’s lip, forcing the heroine to open her mouth. Savagely, Rat Girl thrust her tongue deeply into the defenseless teenager’s mouth, playing it around the heroine’s warm cavity while Ninja Girl could do nothing but quiver in revulsion and shame. Rat Girl’s fingering of Ninja Girl’s delicate nether regions became more intense as well, her digit obscenely wriggling around deep inside the heroine.

Ninja Girl bucked and quaked but could do nothing to dislodge her vile molester. The female superhero cried openly now, totally demeaned and overwhelmed by her situation. Nothing in her career of crimefighting had prepared her for this horrible specter of lesbian rape, yet here she was a weak and helpless victim of sexual abuse. The thought made her sob even harder.

Finally, Rat Girl broke the kiss and pulled her hand from Ninja Girl’s groin. The young crimefighter lay gasping and panting in fear, her body wracked with pathetic sobs. As she noticed Rat Girl slowly sliding down her body, the fearful heroine whimpered, “Wh...What are doing... Sob! Please... leave me alone... Sob!”

In response, Rat Girl brought her head down to just above the young girl’s vulnerable cunt, looking up and smiling wickedly at the horrified heroine. “I bet this tastes good,” taunted Rat Girl.

“No!” cried a panic-stricken Ninja Girl. “Oh please! No more! No... Ahhhh!!!”

Again, the helpless superheroine could do nothing but writhe and buck madly as she felt her vile attacker’s warm mouth make contact with her body, this time pressing down on her most private area. The 18-year-old had always been a bit shy, feeling emboldened only when she wore her crimefighting costume. Now, to be exposed like this as an evil female criminal performed oral sex upon her was too much. Ninja Girl wailed in complete horror as Rat Girl forced her probing tongue deep into the heroine’s warm, tight, pink, little hole, working it around while Ninja Girl cried out, “Ohhh... Sob! Please stop thissss!!! Nooo!!! Waaaah!!!”

After what seemed like an eternity to the helpless superheroine, Rat Girl finally relented standing erect and licking her lips in a lewd manner. The pitifully cowering crimefighteress could do nothing but stare up at her tormentor and weakly beg, “P...Please let me go now R...Rat Girl... Sob! Oh please! I’ll be good. I’ll leave you and the Queenpin alone... Sob! Please just let me goooo!!!”

An evil smile on her face, Rat Girl said, “Oh, but I’m not quite through with you yet, my dear.”

The wicked Iron Maiden approached the cowering form of the Red Avenger, displaying the fearsome, whirring power drildo before her.

“Oh God! Please! Please don’t! Not that!” cried the terrified heroine as the villainess bent before her, unfastening the shackle around the young girl’s right ankle.

“This will allow easier access to that nice, tight, virginal cunt of yours, Red Pussy” taunted the Iron Maiden.

“Wh...Why are you doing this to meee...” whimpered the scared young heroine, her legs still clutching tightly at the stalagmite to keep from sliding any further down upon it.

Stopping suddenly, the malignant countenance of the Iron Maiden stared into the eyes of the frightened teenage crimefighter. “Why?!” snarled the villainess. “You ask me why I take my revenge on pretty little bitches like you?!” The now angry criminal cast the power drildo aside and reached up to undo the latch on her face mask. “I’ll show you why, slut! I’ll show you the truth that you can take to your grave!”

The Red Avenger gasped as the tall woman removed her iron mask to reveal her true appearance. The heroine could do nothing but stare as before her stood what had once been a beautiful woman, who’s face was now hideously disfigured on the left side.

“You see, bitch?! You see?!” screamed the insane villainess. “I was once beautiful like you. I had anything I wanted, merely because of the beauty of my face. But that ended one night in a car accident. I was killed that night and the Iron Maiden was born. I learned all there was about metal work so I could craft this iron shell for myself to keep the world from learning the truth. And I’ve devoted myself to making the world pay, ever since. Now, you shall experience what I have experienced!” The irate criminal turned away from the heroine, returning to the work bench for another tool of torture.

Meanwhile, the Red Avenger hung helplessly from her bonds upon the stalagmite of fright. But the young girl noticed the chains that she hung from had become quite slack. She had to reach further up on the chain to keep her body supported.. A surge of desperate hope went through the teenage adventurer as she realized she might have one last chance to free herself. If she could reach the hairpin she kept hidden in the bushy red mane of her hair, she just might be able to pick the lock on the cuffs that held her hands. But to do that, she’d have to stop supporting herself from sliding down further on to the stalagmite.

Gritting her teeth, the brave superheroine made her decision. Gripping the stalagmite as tightly as she could between her lithe, trembling legs, she let go of the chain above her. The 17-year-old gave a muffled squeal of anguish as she felt herself drop another half-inch down upon the stalagmite. Her anus was now fully impaled, her buttocks split apart as far as they could possibly be. Fighting back the tears of agony, the Red Avenger struggled to keep her head erect as she brought her hands down toward her hair. Desperately, her fingers strained to reach into the tangle of her red locks to remove the hairpin. But it was no good, she couldn’t reach it.

In one last hopeful act, the resourceful crimefighter tossed her head forward, whipping her long hair upward, allowing her to pluck the hairpin from its hiding place. She worked quickly, sliding the pin into the lock on her handcuffs. It was a simple mechanism and she was quite accomplished at lockpicking. But still, given her precarious situation, it took all her abilities and determination to open the lock.

Just as she felt the last tumbler click into place, the Red Avenger saw the Iron Maiden turn from the workbench holding a lit blowtorch.

“Now I’ll show you what it’s like to live your whole life as a hideously scarred freak, Red Avenger!” snarled the Iron Maiden as she approached.

The villainess had failed to replace her metal mask and the redheaded superheroine realized she had one chance now. Keeping her hands inside the metal cuffs, the heroine awaited the villainess’ approach.

“Now, my little superheroine,” said the Iron Maiden, leaning forward with the blowtorch, “I’ll...Unghh!”

In one explosive movement, the Red Avenger tore her hands free of the cuffs and crashed a two-handed smash into the supervillainess’ exposed face. The Iron Maiden tumbled backward, the blowtorch skittering across the room, even as the heroine used the last of her strength to grab the chains above her and pull herself up, painfully rising off of the stalagmite that impaled her anus while swinging her freed right leg up and over..

As she cleared the stalagmite, the Red Avenger dropped to the floor. She immediately popped the simple lock on the shackle around her left ankle and stood erect, pausing only to pull her bikini bottom up her legs and straighten her top to again cover her breasts. It was then the weakened crimefighter noticed the fire.

The blowtorch had ignited the puddle of BTS which had pooled on the floor of the warehouse, setting off the highly flammable liquid and filling the entire room with noxious fumes.

Coughing, her head spinning, unable to see the Iron Maiden through the haze, the battered and dizzy Red Avenger somehow managed to stumble toward the front door. Pulling it open, she gasped, sucking in breaths of fresh air as she staggered away from the now burning building. Using the last of her reserves and determination to force herself toward the shadows, instinctively following a deserted path in the direction of her home, the heroine plunged on into the night. After nearly a mile, the almost delirious crimefighter collapsed into some bushes, concealed from onlookers, her head swimming, body awash in pain. A couple of hours later she awoke, just before dawn.

Pulling herself erect, the heroine could not remember where she was or what she had been doing. Her body ached all over and she had a dim memory of breaking up some criminal activity between the Rambettes and a villainess known as Iron Maiden. Otherwise, the last few hours of her life were a blank. The exposure to the BTS fumes had been enough to wipe her memory clean of the whole harrowing event.

Believing she had merely been in an extremely brutal fight - the typical price of her nighttime occupation - the 17-year-old Jenny Williams, a.k.a. The Red Avenger, slowly made her way home in secret, hoping to get at least an hours rest before school.

By an odd coincidence of fate, at the same time the Red Avenger was freeing herself from her bonds and escaping from the Iron Maiden, Ninja Girl realized she too had a chance to free herself.

Her tormentor, Rat Girl, had momentarily turned away from the young crimefighter to rummage around inside her briefcase. Without the weight of her captor upon her, the martial arts mistress finally had some room to maneuver.

Though still weakened by her exposure to BTS, Ninja Girl was nevertheless able to employ her incredible skills. Using ancient techniques of body control her sensei, Master Yama, had taught her long ago, the lithe young heroine managed to dislocate her own wrists, thus slipping her hands free of the bonds that restrained her.

The superheroine remained where she was, still fearful, knowing in her weakened condition she might only have one chance to escape from Rat Girl.

Just then, the vile criminal turned toward the apparently captive heroine, displaying several large viles of the BTS drug. “I’ve got something for you, little Ninja Girl,” called the villainess in a lilting tone.

The teenager struggled to remain calm as Rat Girl drew closer, displaying the opened viles of BTS. The rodent-like woman leaned forward, purring, “Once I make you drink all this, you’ll be a catatonic vegetable for the rest of your stinking life. Hahaha!”

The heroine fought to control her emotions as the wicked villainess drew closer... closer... until...

WAM! Ninja Girl rammed both her petite hands into the sides of Rat Girl’s neck, stunning the surprised criminal. The villainess fell backward, the viles of BTS splashing upon both women.

The dangerous liquid spraying all over her face, Ninja Girl was unable to avoid getting some in her mouth. The heroine turned away from her stunned foe, gagging and coughing from the ingested drug. But Rat Girl, having gotten an even bigger dose in her own face, was unable to do anything except lay on the floor and convulse.

The battered crimefighter finally managed to roll away from her foe, yanking her costume into place and staggering across the room to an open window. The dazed heroine barely managed to slide out the window and crawl down the fire scape to ground level. There, she somehow managed to crawl into a deserted alley and hide amidst a pile of garbage. It was some time before the bruised and confused crimefighter came to her senses.

Still suffering from the effects of too much BTS exposure, Ninja Girl, as with the Red Avenger, found herself unable to remember the evening’s goings on. All she could recall was she had battled the Queenpin’s minions, Pink Pantheress and Rat Girl. Judging from the way she felt and the numerous scrapes and bruises upon her body, it must have been a hell of a battle, the heroine thought.

None the wiser for her close call, the plucky, young superheroine was able to drag herself back, through the shadows, to her college dorm room unnoticed. Though she couldn’t recall the evening’s events, she knew she owed the Queenpin and her henchwomen some payback.

Early that morning, the mysterious robed figure known only as Number One received the various reports from her underlings.

“A total failure,” observed Number One to the female agent standing before her.

“It seems that way, Number One,” answered the mid-level operative known as Agent 52. “Both Ninja Girl and the Red Avenger escaped. The Iron Maiden survived the fire at the warehouse and is now awaiting your judgement.”

“She has failed the Savage Sisterhood,” said Number One. “If she were not Number Two in the organization we would have her killed for her incompetence. For now, her status within the Sisterhood will drop. What else do you have for me?”

“As you said, we were able to procure this videotape from the lab facility on main street before the police officers entered it into evidence.” Agent 52 produced a videotape and placed it on the table before her superior.

“Very good. You are dismissed.” As the agent left, Number One placed the tape into a VCR and hit the play button.

It was standard procedure for the Savage Sisterhood of Sapho to keep all their facilities secretly monitored. It was also an easy matter to procure the tape from underneath the noses of the police who showed up in response to the tip from this mysterious Guardianess. The police were of no concern whatsoever to Number One.

The Guardianess, on the other hand, was a different matter. She was new on the scene, a recent addition to the female crimefighters of Sinner City, and was quickly becoming a nuisance to the Savage Sisterhood. Number One needed to learn more about her... so she could destroy her.

The leader of the vast criminal conspiracy watched carefully as the tape showed the Guardianess bursting into the hidden laboratory and easily dispatching the five Sisterhood agents. When the tape got a closeup of the Guardianess wearing her navy blue spandex pants and halter top uniform, Number One leaned forward as if she recognized something familiar. “Interesting,” was all she said.

The tape ended and Number One rewound it a bit, hitting the slow motion button as she again watched the Guardianess adjust her slightly torn halter top. Number One used the controls on the expensive VCR to zoom in the picture so she go a closeup look at the tear in the heroine’s halter. There was a bit of an orange label showing from the interior of the halter.

“Just as I suspected,” whispered Number One to herself. With that, she shut off the VCR and began making plans.

The Queenpin stood in her office wearing a gigantic terry cloth robe. It was several days later and the crimeboss was still not pleased.

“Apparently this plan was a complete failure,” she said aloud. “Not only did Ninja Girl escape our clutches but this mysterious new group, this so-called Savage Sisterhood, failed to eliminate the Red Avenger. I’m going to have to learn more about these fools. They may have created this BTS drug, but they are still dangerous incompetents.”

The villainess was alone, save for her towering twin bodyguards, the leather and chain-clad Twisted Sisters, Ax and Slash. Her chief assassin, the Pink Pantheress was off licking her wounded pride after her defeat by Ninja Girl. Meanwhile, Rat Girl was still recovering from BTS poisoning. Though she suffered no permanent damage, she was still unable to do much except lay in bed and vomit.

“Yes, this has not been a good week,” said the Queenpin in an ominous tone. “Now, even my exercise partner has canceled our scheduled workout. The coward said I hurt him too much the last time and he still hasn’t recovered.”

Suddenly, a commotion could be heard from outside. The Queenpin viewed her desktop monitor and then hit her intercom. “It’s alright,” the crimelord said to the secretary in the outer office, “I’ll see them.”

The door to the Queenpin’s office opened and in strode Commander Cora, leader of the Rambettes, along with her assistant, Colonel Kelly, as well as Marsha the Marine, Corporal Clara and Lieutenant Lorraine. All five women were dressed in camouflage fatigues and had their faces painted with green tiger stripes as if ready for war.

“My, Commander Cora, I’m so glad to see you,” said the Queenpin.

“Knock off the bullshit, Queenpin. I’m here to straighten some things out. My gang’s out a lot of money from these costumed bitches busting up our drug deals. And I figure since you got your hand in everything that goes down in Sinner City, you’re behind it all!” said the imposing gangleader. The Rambette was 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, nearly as large as either of the imposing Twisted Sisters. She was also a universally known and feared street tough.

“Ah, but Cora, I really am glad to see you,” replied the poised Queenpin. “My training partner, the sumo grand champion, Yakitori, failed to show up for our workout today, so I need someone to spar with.”

“You don’t fool me, you fat bitch,” snapped Commander Cora, advancing forward. “I always figured you were nothing but hot air mixed with a quarter ton of cellulite. I never thought you were so tough.”

The other four Rambettes advanced forward to support their leader when suddenly, the Twisted Sisters stepped into their paths. Before any of the Rambettes could react, the Queenpin’s bodyguards were restraining them. Though all four gang girls were large, powerful women, the Twisted Sisters easily manhandled them. Ax grabbed Marsha and Kelly by the throats, holding both women helplessly off the ground. Slash did the same with Clara and Lorraine.

The Queenpin, meanwhile, shrugged off her tent-sized bathrobe to reveal her hideously bloated body. The crimeboss’ incredibly obese 500 pound form jiggled before the advancing Cora, disgustingly naked save for the diaper-like sumo garb around her loins.

The gigantic crimelord spread her massive thighs as she calmly awaited Cora’s attack.

“Take this, you fat bitch!” shouted Commander Cora as she fired a devastating haymaker right hand at the Queenpin’s head. But almost casually, the humongous villainess raised her left hand, capturing Cora’s fist in her own huge palm. Gradually exerting pressure, the Queenpin forced the shocked Cora down to her knees.

The on looking Rambettes couldn’t believe it. They had seen their leader defeat three male criminals at the same time without working up a sweat. Yet here was this one, lone, massively fat woman casually dominating their leader with one hand. For her part, Cora was equally stunned. In a long career of streetfighting, she had handily won every battle, save for her recent encounter with the Red Avenger. And even in that fight, Cora had briefly held her own, proving she was one of the toughest criminals in Sinner City. Yet she was completely overwhelmed by the girth and power of the Queenpin.

“Ow... Owww! Let go!” screamed Cora in pain, the bones in her hand cracking.

“Certainly, dear. There’s just one thing I’d like you to do for me,” answered the Queenpin, pulling aside the sumo garb that hid her privates. “Lick me!”

“No!” gasped Cora in shock as she stared into the hideously drooping lower lips of the Queenpin’s disgusting pussy. “Not that! Nooo!” But feeling the bones in her hand start to break, the defeated gangleader had no choice but to obey. Trying not to wretch, she forced her face forward into the crimelord’s obscenely fetid snatch.

“Glug! Glugh!” gasped Cora as the Queenpin used her free hand to force the woman’s face around in her cunt. Finally, the crimeboss released the degraded Rambette and allowed her to collapse to the floor gagging.

Replacing her robe, the Queenpin stepped behind her desk and said, “I trust I’ve answered all your questions for you, Cora!”

Laying on the ground sniveling, Cora said, “Y...Yes Queenpin. I’m sorry...”

The boss-of-all-bosses waved her hand in dismissal and the shattered Commander Cora crawled out of the office, followed by her chastised gang.

“Now back to the business at hand,” said the Queenpin, sliding down into her reinforced chair. “What to do about these superheroines, particularly that bothersome Ninja Girl.”