Chapter 8: The Chapter So Big We Couldn't Come Up With A Title!

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Jenny Williams had gotten out of high school early on Friday and had made plans to meet her best friend and sometimes crimefighting partner, Cindy Adams, over at Sinner City University where the latter girl was a freshman student. The two attractive young ladies strolled across the campus toward the cafeteria, chatting about the normal things teenage girls spoke of. Jenny was telling Cindy all about her new friend, another college student named Molly. It was rare the two teens got the chance to converse merely as innocent girlfriends. Usually they were engaged in the slightly more intense pursuit of crimefighting.

But this day proved to be no different than any other in Sinner City. That is to say, evil was afoot.

As the two girls walked across the patch of grass that served as the school’s quad, an explosion rocked the entire campus. Both young women were knocked to the ground by the force of the blast. Quickly regaining their feet, they saw smoke coming from the nearby science department building. Without a word being spoken, the pair raced toward the building even as everyone else was fleeing in the opposite direction.

As they entered the now seemingly-empty building, the two girls ducked into a side alcove. Working quickly, Jenny stripped off her blue jeans and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal the familiar red bikini and knee-high footwear she wore beneath. Cindy, meanwhile, kicked off her sneakers, stepped out of the skirt she wore and pulled her sweater over her head to reveal her own costume of black spandex shorts and halter top. The girls reached into the backpacks they both carried and each pulled out a mask that matched their costumes. Donning the masks, the two heroines were ready to swing into action as the crimefighting duo of...

The Red Avenger and Ninja Girl!

The twin superheroines dashed up the stairs of the science building to the deserted second floor. It was here that top secret experiments were occasionally conducted for the government behind heavily secured doors. Rounding a corner, the heroines saw a huge hole blown into the armored door of one laboratory. Before the two girls could react, though, a dozen women dressed in dark robes and hoods that concealed their features emerged from the lab with stolen equipment.

“Damn!” shouted one of the robed women, “It’s those interfering do-gooders, the Red Avenger and Ninja Girl!”

“That’s right,” said the Red Avenger, standing before the criminals, her slender, shapely, bare legs spread defiantly apart, fists set on her slim but attractive bikini-clad hips.

“And you’re going to jail,” added Ninja Girl, standing next to her partner in a similar pose, her lithe, milky thighs also planted firmly, her fists sat proudly upon her own spandex-covered hips.

The robed woman replied, “I think not. Instead, we shall teach you never to defy the Savage Sisterhood of Sapho! Get them!”

At the woman’s command, the other cloaked criminals attacked. Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds, the twin crimefighters threw themselves into the fray with abandon.

Her long reddish/orangish mane of wavy hair streaming behind her, the Red Avenger took to the air, leaping forward with a flying sidekick that felled one villainess. As soon as her feet hit the ground, the young heroine was again airborne, this time turning in the air, her right leg lashing out in a shattering spinning heel kick that dropped another female goon.

Meanwhile, her puckish partner threw her own form into the air, laying her petite body out almost horizontally, twisting in mid-flight, her legs spinning wildly much like the blades of a helicopter. Her bare feet connected with first one, then a second criminal, laying them low with the devastating butterfly kick.

But the remaining eight agents of the Savage Sisterhood pressed their attack, hoping to corner the heroines in the narrow hallway. Suddenly, two of the criminals groaned and fell forward, clutching their backs. They had both received smashing blows from...

“The Guardianess is the name and crimefighting is the game, ladies,” announced a tall, powerful but very feminine woman clad in navy blue spandex pants, athletic bra and matching mask. Rapidly, the newcomer cartwheeled across the floor to stand beside the somewhat surprised Red Avenger and Ninja Girl.

The Red Avenger appraised the late-arriving superheroine and said, “Good to finally meet you, Guardianess. We’ve heard all about you.”

“Thanks,” replied the auburn-haired beauty. “I know you could have handled this yourselves, but I couldn’t resist joining in.”

“The more the merrier,” said Ninja Girl, smiling innocently.

The remaining six criminals had regrouped and managed to mount another charge. But they were greeted by six pairs of fists and feet. Standing her ground, the Red Avenger performed another spinning heel kick, this time dropping two women in the same motion. Ninja Girl, on the other hand, leapt into the air once again, splitting her shapely legs, each bare foot connecting with the face of a separate villainess. Finally, the Guardianess dropped to the floor, executing a spinning sweep to upend one criminal, then regaining her feet to nail the final villainess with a one-two knockout punch combination.

Dusting their hands, the three masked superheroines congratulated each other.

“Thanks again for the help, Guardianess,” said Ninja Girl. “Twilight Woman herself couldn’t have done any better.” She was, of course, referring to the near-mythical west coast superheroine. As all three women well knew, it was the mysterious Los Angeles-based heroine, Twilight Woman, who, over 10 years ago, had become the first well-known female crimefighter. She had operated up and down the west coast for some time, defeating not just supervillainess but many of the most powerful supervillains, before dropping out of sight a few years back. She had been a major influence on all three heroines.

“Yeah, we’d be glad to have you fight on our side anytime,” added the Red Avenger. “Why don’t we get together and talk about teaming up in the future?”

“I’d love to. But right now, I’ve got to go. Secret identity stuff, you know?” said the Guardianess.

“Ah, I understand,” said the Red Avenger knowingly.

With that, the Guardianess turned and disappeared down the hallway.

Together, the Red Avenger and Ninja Girl waited for the police to arrive. They spoke briefly with the first detective to appear on the scene - none other than Valerie Christiansen - then strode from the building. A group of students greeted them with appreciation.

“You’re just terrific!” shouted one onlooker.

“We love you!” cried another.

The heroines graciously accepted the well wishes of the crowd, managing to slip away as best they could. Soon, they were changed back to their civilian identities and continued across the campus.

“So much for lunch,” said Cindy.

“Yeah, I’ve got to get going,” replied Jenny. “Are you sure you won’t join me and my new friend Molly, tonight. We’re going out for pizza and a movie. Then I’m going to have a slumber party at my house, just like a real teenager.”

“Sorry, not tonight, Jen,” answered Cindy.

“You’re not planning on going after any dangerous criminals without me, are you,” asked the redhead, with concern.

“Er... no. But there have been a number of incidents on campus recently, somebody using one of those date rape drugs to molest innocent girls. I think I’m just going to keep an eye out around here this evening.”

“If you ask me, you need a break from crimefighting for an evening. I know I sure do. Won’t you please join us. Molly seems really nice.”

“Next time. I promise.”

The two friends parted company, Jenny heading home to get ready for her big “date,” and Cindy heading for her dorm room to prepare for her evening.

The young brunette known to the world as Ninja Girl had not been entirely honest with her partner. Though she was going out crimefighting that night, it wouldn’t be looking for any simple campus rapist. Ninja Girl was going after the biggest criminal in Sinner City. She hadn’t told the Red Avenger about it because she felt she had a personal score to settle with the Queenpin.

Detective Valerie Christiansen was emerging from the shower in the ladies locker room at her police precinct following her shift. Stepping into the near empty changing area, the gorgeous, auburn-haired policewoman noticed most of the locker doors were opened as if somebody had been searching them. She rounded the corner to where her personal locker was located and came face to face with Captain Weatherby. The Captain had apparently just finished going through Valerie’s articles.

“Is there something I can help you with, Captain?” the detective said coldly.

“Drugs,” the Captain muttered. Weatherby was a tall, hard-looking woman who intimidated most of her subordinates with her abrupt and domineering mannerisms. She looked the tall, athletic but quite sexy, detective up and down, staring at her powerful, shapely body, barely concealed behind a white towel.

But Valerie was not a woman to be easily intimidated. “Pardon me?” she said. “What are you talking about and what are you doing in my private locker?”

“I’m searching everyone’s locker for illegal substances. Performances in this precinct are down and I’ve heard rumors of drug use among some officers. The only thing to do in this sort of situation is check on everyone and make sure you’re all clean. No one should be above suspicion.”

Though Valerie had, in the past, compared her superior to Captain Bly, at the moment she was thinking Weatherby was acting more like the madly obsessed Captain Ahab. “She’s gone around the bend,” thought the detective.

“I think your information is wrong, Captain.” answered Valerie. “There’s no one taking drugs around here that I know of.”

“All are guilty until proven innocent,” snapped the Captain, who stormed out of the locker room.

Detective Christiansen shook her head as she let the towel fall away from her, revealing her spectacular 5' 9" 134 lb. form. She reached into her locker to don her street clothes, noticing the blue spandex pants and athletic bra she used, both as workout gear and her Guardianess crimefighting costume, was lying disheveled on the floor. Picking it up, she again noticed the small tear in the bra.

“I’ll have to fix that before I go on patrol, tonight,” she thought. “I bet spandex is going to be tough to sew. Probably should get a new costume, anyway, before someone notices the similarity between my workout clothes and the Guardianess’ uniform.”

She moved through the darkened corridors like a wraith, formless and soundless, a lithe but deadly specter. Ninja Girl blended into the shadows on the first floor of the QP Towers Building, as if she didn’t exist..

The 18-year-old heroine was there to finally meet - and arrest - the head of the vast criminal empire that was slowly sucking the life out of Sinner City. Her timing was perfect. Earlier in the day, the famed Hopeless Diamond had been stolen from its display case at the Sinner City Museum. The crimefighter knew that only the master thief - and Queenpin employee - Rat Girl could have accomplished such a theft. She also knew that the only place the Queenpin would trust to stash such a priceless jewel was her own office on the 90th floor of the QP Towers. Thus, Ninja Girl would pay the crimeboss a late night visit and settle their score once and for all.

Entrance into the building after hours had been no challenge for the stealthy girl ninja. Nor had passing unnoticed by the surveillance cameras, silent alarms, or various guards stationed on the first floor presented any problem. However, in order to gain access to the upper floors, the plucky crimefighter knew she would have to run a deadly gauntlet. The elevator was turned off and could only be opened or accessed by a command from the top floor. All the windows, too, were made with heavy-duty, shatter proof, bullet proof glass. So entrance from the outside was also out of the question. That left the stairs. But access to the staircase on the first floor had a price. Three burly female guards sat, lounging around a desk by the door to the staircase.

It was finally time for Ninja Girl to make her presence felt.

Swooping down on the guards like a great, silent bird of prey, the smallish superheroine was a blur of motion, kicking the first guard in the back of the head before she could rise, chopping the second guard in the side of the neck and using a nerve strike to the carotid artery to render the third and last guard unconscious. Without looking back, the heroine opened the door to the stairs and proceeded upward. Little did she know, the three guards who now lay unconscious were supposed to signal the upper floors all was well by hitting a hidden button beneath the desk every 20 minutes.

As an alert went out on the upper floors, Ninja Girl quietly but quickly made her way up to the 30th floor. Here, the staircase ended and Ninja Girl would have to enter the 30th floor and take a second set of stairs upward.

The heroine slowly opened the door and slipped into the darkened hallway. Suddenly, lights came on illuminating the passage. Knowing she’d been found out, the young heroine instantly dropped into a fighting stance, legs spread wide, arms before her in preparation for any attack that might come her way.

To her right, the teenager sensed a presence approaching. She shifted her attention in that direction, her small body still taut and prepared for action. The heroine didn’t have to wait long as she saw, striding casually down the hallway, the supple, grey-clad form of her arch-nemesis, Rat Girl.

“So, Ninja Bitch, you’ve come to play,” taunted the rodentish villainess.

“This time, I’m not playing,” answered the poised, young martial artist. “I’m here to take you and all your friends to jail.”

“Not so fast, Ninja Slut,” answered Rat Girl, “You’re on our turf this time.”

Suddenly, Rat Girl pressed a remote control in her hand and a dozen deadly arrows shot out of the wall toward the heroine. But quicker than the eye could follow, Ninja Girl was ducking out of harm’s way, diving, somersaulting, and then cartwheeling over, under and around the shafts, gracefully flipping her way down the hall until she landed directly before a stunned Rat Girl.

“Enough of that,” said the heroine, kicking the remote out of Rat Girl’s hand.

“You bitch!” cried Rat Girl. “You’re finally going to get it this time!”

The villainess attacked, using her claw-like finger nails to swipe at the female crimefighter’s head. But Ninja Girl ducked out of the way, redirecting Rat Girl’s arm and tossing the criminal across the floor.

Rat Girl quickly sprang to her feet, again lunging at the perky heroine, her claws extended like a spear in front of her. But the teenage avenger waited until her foe got close, ducking low at the last moment, allowing Rat Girl to sail over her.

Once again, the villainess rolled to her feet, again swiping at Ninja Girl. This time the superheroine blocked the blows. Eight, nine, ten times Rat Girl swung her lethal nails at Ninja Girl, her attacks coming in a dizzying blur. But the young crimefighter managed to block every strike, finally countering with a straight palm strike to the bridge of Rat Girl’s nose that stunned the criminal.

Quickly, Ninja Girl followed up, sweeping Rat Girl off her feet and standing over the stunned crook.

“This settles our account for good,” said Ninja Girl raising her hand and thrusting it down into the side of Rat Girl’s neck, instantly rendering the villainess unconscious.

But Ninja Girl didn’t have time to gloat. She rapidly made her way across the floor to the second staircase and continued to ascend. The going, she thought, would only get rougher now that they knew she was here.

The second staircase ended at the 60th floor. Ninja Girl realized she would again have to enter the main hallway to access the next set of stairs that would take her to her ultimate goal on the 90th floor. The superheroine cautiously opened the door to the 60th floor and stepped into the hallway. It was already lit, telling the martial arts expert she was expected. Ninja Girl did not have to wait long for her greeting.

Stepping into the corridor to face Ninja Girl was the pink spandex-clad, pink masked form of...

“Pink Pantheress!” called Ninja Girl. “So, are you next on the goon parade?”

“I’m next and I’m the last thing you’ll ever see, Ninja Whore!” shouted the arch-assassin as she cartwheeled down the hallway toward the heroine.

The pink killer ended her flipping motion in a savage flying kick, aimed at Ninja Girl’s pretty little head. But the superheroine avoided the blow, countering with a kick of her own, which the Pantheress managed to slip. The two lethal, spandex-clad forms slowly moved around each other in a deadly type of ballet, each probing for a weakness. Suddenly, the Pink Pantheress pulled a sharp throwing knife from behind her back and hurled it at the heroine. But the ever-aware crimefighter pulled a throwing star from the small pouch she wore on her hip and countered, hurling it in the direction of the attack.

With incredible accuracy, Ninja Girl’s star intercepted the flying knife, even as Ninja Girl threw her own body at her foe, leveling the Pink Pantheress with a leaping sidekick. But the Pantheress executed a backward roll, regaining her feet as Ninja Girl lunged toward her, seeking to finish the fight.

However, the Pantheress did not gain her position as the Queenpin’s chief assassin through luck. She was, indeed, among the most dangerous and capable fighters in Sinner City. The killer in pink thrust a knee into Ninja Girl’s open belly, momentarily stunning the young heroine. The criminal attempted to follow up with a lightening finger thrust toward Ninja Girl’s throat. But the skillful heroine blocked the deadly strike, countering with a backfist to the face that sent the Pink Pantheress slamming into a wall.

As Ninja Girl came forward to finish off her opponent, the Pantheress suddenly hit a concealed button on the wall behind her. Instantly, whirling buzzsaws flew across the corridor, aimed at the heroine. But again, Ninja Girl’s reflexes were beyond imagination. She ducked and rolled out of harm’s way.

However, the attack had served its purpose, allowing the Pantheress a few seconds to slip around, behind the crimefighter. Pulling a concealed garrote wire from a small compartment in her wrist band, the Pink Pantheress managed to loop the deadly cord around the temporarily distracted heroine’s slim neck, savagely choking her.

Ninja Girl gasped for air as the thin wire bit cruelly into the pale skin of her neck. She clutched desperately at the cord, trying to pull it away from her throat, even as she felt it crushing her windpipe. The Pink Pantheress, meanwhile, seized on this opportunity to ram the young crimefighter’s cute, fresh-looking face into a wall, further stunning Ninja Girl as she drew the garrote even tighter.

Gurgling like a fish out of water, seeing dark spots before her eyes as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness, the dazed superheroine made one last attempt to escape. Grabbing the choking wire in both her small hands as best she could, the resourceful crimefighter kicked up, placing both her bare feet against the wall and then pushing off, sending herself and her assailant tumbling backwards. Behind her, the Pink Pantheress hit the ground with a thud. Using the momentum of the fall, still clutching the wire, Ninja Girl continued to fall backwards, executing a backward roll, and ripping the wire from the Pantheress’ hands.

Before her stunned foe could recover, Ninja Girl wrapped the garrote around the Pink Pantheress’ own neck and quickly choked her unconscious. Then, gasping a bit, taking only a moment to massage her sore throat, the petite but powerful crimefighter regained her feet and headed for the staircase that would bring her up to the 90th floor.

Deep in the sub-sub-basement of the mysterious mansion that served as the headquarters of the Savage Sisterhood of Sapho, a high-level meeting was going on. Gathered around the long oak table were the four robed women who made up the evil organization’s inner council. At the head of the table, the woman known, so-far, only as Number One, spoke up.

“It is time we removed these interfering superheroines from our path. Just today the three crimefighters the Red Avenger, Ninja Girl and the Guardianess disrupted our attempts to ‘liberate’ some vital germ warfare material from the Sinner City University science building. This is intolerable.”

There was a general consensus around the table so the woman called Number One continued.

“First, we shall begin by bringing down this so-called Guardianess. For this, I believe Number Three is best suited.”

To the left side of the table, the tall, powerful, hooded figure known as Number Three nodded her ascent.

“Wait a second,” snapped the robed figure on the right side of the table. This woman stood up, allowing her robes to fall away and reveal the metallic armor beneath. “As Number Two, I, the Iron Maiden, should be allowed the honor of disposing of this bitch!”

“You had your chance and failed, Iron Maiden,” replied Number One. “For that, your position within the Sisterhood must suffer. We must all obey discipline. It is Number Three’s chance now. I will speak with her alone to outline my plan.”

Grumbling in disgust, the Iron Maiden, along with the mysterious Number Four, left the meeting room.

When the two remaining women were alone, Number Three said, “What is your plan. This Guardianess is quite difficult to pin down. One never knows where she will strike until it is too late.

“You’ve already begun hunting her on your own time?” asked Number One.

“Of course. You know that’s what I do. It’s why you recruited me for the Sisterhood. I enjoy hunting, either animals or particularly luscious young ladies.”

“Yes, I’m well familiar with your past reputation both as the world’s foremost big game hunter and your obsession with hunting down young starlets for your own particular... purposes, shall we say. It is why you are perfect for this plan. I’ve come into possession of some information regarding the Guardianess. With it, you should have no problem tracking her down and teaching her a lesson.”

“Very good.”

“But one thing, I don’t want her permanently harmed. I have long-term plans for the Guardianess. I merely want you to do what you do best and give her something to think about.”

“Oh yes, I shall,” answered the tall woman, standing up and allowing her robes to fall away and expose her powerful form, encased in a bizarre latex uniform. “And when I’m finished, she’ll never forget... The Stalkeress!”

“I’ll be down in a minute, Molly” called Jenny from her upstairs bedroom.

“Take your time. I’m just making us some warm milk and cookies,” replied the tall, dark-haired girl from the downstairs kitchen.

It was nearly midnight and the two young ladies had just arrived at Jen’s home from the movies. Overall, Jenny had so-far enjoyed her night as a “normal” teenager, though one thing had left her a little uncomfortable. Earlier on in the evening, as they sat in the darkened movie theater watching Titanic, Molly had oddly placed her arm around Jenny’s shoulder during one of the movie’s more romantic scenes. Jenny had been a little surprised and felt a bit awkward, but she chalked it up to the other girl’s seemingly friendly attitude.

Other than that, the evening had been a load of fun, thought the 17-year-old redhead as she descended from her upstairs bedroom wearing a pair of silky boxer shorts and an oversized tee-shirt. The sometimes-superheroine was prepared for a quite evening, doing the typical high school girl, slumber party kind of thing - staying up all night, doing each other’s hair, talking about boys. It was the type of activity she had always missed out on, growing up on military bases and then assuming her role as the masked crimefighter, the Red Avenger, so Jenny looked forward to it. It never occurred to her to wonder why Molly, an 18-year-old college freshman at Sinner City University, would be interested in spending her own evening in this sort of adolescent pursuit.

When Jenny entered the living room, Molly offered her a glass of milk. The older girl was quite tall, almost a half-a-foot taller than the 5'5" Jenny. She had long, curly black hair and a somewhat muscular physique. While Jenny’s form was well-toned but lithe like that of a very athletic but otherwise normal teenager, Molly’s body had the powerful look of a woman who lifted weights quite seriously. At 165 lbs. the young brunette had not yet fully developed into the massive, overly-muscular physique of a professional female bodybuilder, but she was well on her way. Perhaps to hide her seemingly over-proportioned body, the college girl wore a baggy pair of pajamas and a large robe.

Jenny took a sip from the proffered glass of milk and sat on the large, plushy couch. “So what do you want to do now?” she asked, enthusiastically.

Sitting on the couch, quite near the redhead, Molly said, “How about a game of truth or dare?”

“Oh...kay,” answered Jenny, a bit tentatively. She did, after all, have some big secrets. But she figured the subject of crimefighting was unlikely to come up.

“I’ll go first,” said Molly, quickly. “Question one: Ever gone all the way with a boy?”

Jenny took another sip of milk to hide her surprise, not so much at the question but at the abrupt way Molly had asked her. “Well, er... no, I haven’t. I’ve had a few boyfriends but we never went past kissing. I guess I just wanted to wait until I was married. Okay, my turn. Have you ever gone all the way with a boy?”

Moving a little closer on the couch to Jenny, so their thighs lightly touched, Molly replied, “Yes, a few. But I didn’t really enjoy them that much.”

“Wh...” Jenny started.

“My turn,” said Molly quickly, moving even closer to the 17-year-old, so their shoulders touched and their faces were less than a foot away. “Ever been with a girl?”

Growing uncomfortable, Jenny drank some more milk and tried to move away from Molly on the couch. But she was already pressed up against the armrest. “Of course not,” answered Jenny. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I’m not...”

Before Jen could finish answering, Molly was pressing in against her, taking hold of the smaller girl and planting a kiss on her lips. Immediately, Jenny jumped to her feet, so shocked by this sudden turn of events she failed to even take notice of the momentary feeling of lightheadedness she experienced.

“Look, Molly, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression,” said the redhead. “But I’m not that type. I’m just not interested in you... that way. I hope you’re not hurt because I still want to be your friend.”

Coming to her feet, Molly again grabbed hold of the redhead and tried to force a kiss on her lips. Growing annoyed, Jenny once more tried to push the larger girl off her. But she was surprised when she had trouble breaking the girl’s grip. Though Molly outweighed her by over 50 lbs., the redhead had easily dealt with far larger opponents in her crimefighting activities. Still, she had to use just about all her strength to push the brunette away from her.

“Stop that!” said the stunned high school girl. “I think it’s best if you leave, now.”

“You’re just like all the rest of those bitches,” sneered Molly, her face slowly transforming into a far harsher countenance.

“What are you talking about?” said Jenny, regaining some of her composure.

“All those damn college sluts! They act like they want it and then they get cold on you! I thought a sweet, innocent young thing like you would be different! But I guess I was wrong. Well, we’ll just have to do this the hard way.”

“What are you talking about, Molly. I...”

“And don’t call me Molly, anymore! Only my close friends can call me that!” screamed the now-enraged brunette. “Call me by my full name. Call me... Molestra!”

“Molestra? I don’t under... Ungh!” Jenny was caught completely unaware by the backhand slap that smacked across her cheek, sending her sprawling across the couch. She couldn’t believe her magnificent reflexes had failed to block the blow of some over-excited college girl.

Upset with herself and this whole situation, Jenny jumped to her feet, prepared to set “Molestra” straight, only to feel herself momentarily swoon with weakness. “What’s wrong with me?” the redheaded girl thought to herself.

Standing before her, Molestra merely gave an evil, knowing grin. “How do you feel, Jenny?” taunted Molestra.

“Wh... what are you talking about? What’s going on here?” said Jenny, leaning against the armrest of the couch for a moment to steady herself. She was feeling a bit dizzy.

Still smiling, Molestra said, “Just wondering if that drug I put in your milk was kicking in, yet.”

“D...Drug? What... drug? What are you... talking about?”

“Oh a special combination of mine. I take some Ruffies, that date rape drug, and combine it with the BTS drug. It makes a pretty good mix. Leaves the girl conscious through most of the night, but too weak to resist much. Then, the next morning, they’re so out of it, they have trouble remembering exactly what happened to them. But enough talk. Off with the clothes!”

Detective Valerie Christiansen left the precinct house late that night. She had hung around until after midnight, ostensibly to finish up some paper work. But in actuality she was waiting for word from one of her many informants.

The sexy, 25-year-old policewoman left the station wearing a bulky overcoat. Beneath it, she wore her navy blue spandex costume. She took the subway to the downtown harbor and got off at the last stop, exiting into the deserted waterfront district. The attractive, young detective quickly stashed her coat in an alley, donning her dark blue mask and emerging as the costumed superheroine... The Guardianess!

The crimefighter quickly but quietly made her way toward the loading area near pier 69. Little did she know, she was being observed the whole time.

From the shadows behind her, the Guardianess failed to notice the tall, powerful form that silently emerged and trailed after her.

Blithely, the masked heroine approached the loading area. It was the only part of the harbor that seemed to have any activity going on at this late hour. A group of women were hefting some large containers, proceeding to place them in position to be hoisted on to a waiting ship.

The cautious crimefighter stayed at a distance from the commotion, carefully observing the goings on until she was sure no ambush had been laid for her. She never thought to check behind her, not realizing she had been tailed all the way from the police station.

Finally, the Guardianess decided to make her move, disengaging from the shadows and slowly making her way down toward the docks. At the entrance to pier 69, two burly women, each holding a large crowbar, stood guard. They never knew what hit them. The Guardianess silently took them out with a pair of well-placed karate chops to the base of their respective skulls.

As the two guards collapsed to the ground, unconscious, the heroine slipped past them, on to the pier where all the activity was taking place. Before her, five more large women were using a crane to lift the last of several large containers on to a ship, which the Guardianess knew was bound for France. Her informants had told her the Savage Sisterhood planned to take their BTS drug network global. This was to be their first major shipment of the stuff to their European customers. But not if the Guardianess could help it.

“Do you have an export license for this?” the Guardianess called out, emerging from the shadows at the foot of the pier.

Stunned the five women looked up to see the tall, athletic figure with the long auburn hair and the dark blue mask approaching them.

“Shit, the Guardianess!” called out the first woman.

“Why don’t you ladies make this easy on yourselves and surrender?” offered the heroine.

“Uh-oh, I heard this bitch is pretty tough,” gulped the second woman to her companions.

“I don’t care how tough she is. There’s still five of us. She can’t be that tough. Let’s get her!” said the first woman.

The five female criminals attacked in unison, only to be met by a veritable human buzzsaw as the Guardianess decked the first thug with a straight right hand, then ko’d the second with a hard roundhouse kick to the face. The third attacker tried to grab the Guardianess by the arm, only to have the heroine counter by grabbing the woman’s extended hand, twisting her wrist and pivoting so the criminal was thrown across the dock, lest she have her wrist broken.

The fourth thug came at the Guardianess wielding a club, but the skillful superheroine, dodged the attack, catching hold of the woman’s arm and redirecting the force of the attack so the club-wielding crook accidentally clobbered the fifth and last criminal. Then, still holding the fourth girl by the arm with her left hand, the Guardianess threw a short right hand punch that clipped the point of the criminal’s chin and dropped her like a stone.

Dusting her hands, the Guardianess proceeded up the gang plank to the nearby ship that had been receiving the illegal drugs. After a quick inspection determined there were no more employees of the Savage Sisterhood present, the masked crimefighter stood on the bow of the ship, preparing to leave and notify the police. But as she turned toward the gang plank, a rock hard object smashed into the side of her skull, sending the gorgeous superheroine sprawling across the ship’s deck, her head ringing. Looking up through bleary eyes, she saw a tall, powerful, bizarrely dressed form standing over her.

The women was dressed from head to toe in a form-fitting, black latex outfit that included boots, gloves and a mask which covered her face save for the eyes, nose and mouth. Around her waist was a large metal belt with several compartments. The belt ran down snugly between the woman’s legs like an odd kind of chastity belt. Strapped to the woman’s right leg was a large hunting knife. Tied around both upper arms were what appeared to be strips of leopard skin. Lastly, draped across her shoulders like a cape, was the pelt of a dead tiger.

Shaking her head, attempting to clear the ringing, the dazed heroine looked up from the deck of the ship and groaned, “What the...? Who are you?”

“The name, my dear, is the Stalkeress,” said the odd-looking newcomer. “And the ‘what’ is what I’m going to do to you.”

With that, the imposing villainess lashed out with her latex-booted foot, kicking the prone heroine in the face sending her, once again, sprawling across the deck of the ship.

It was at that very moment that Diane Franco finally finished unpacking the last of her personal possessions in her new penthouse apartment located in one of the few remaining decent neighborhoods of Sinner City. A recent arrival in town, the attractive 28-year-old had purchased not just the penthouse, but the entire luxury apartment building through an anonymous holding company. But it wasn’t some selfish whim. The woman, whom some might call an heiress, had bought the building with the intention of turning the apartments into rent-controlled dwellings for those who couldn’t afford overpriced condos.

She pulled the last of her private mementos out of a box, placing an 8 x 10 photo on the mantle where she’d be sure to see it. The picture showed Diane posing next to another young woman. The other woman was in a wheelchair.

“I’ll have to give Stephanie a call, “ Diane thought to herself.

The young woman ran a hand through her black hair. It was cut very short and brushed back on her head which only served to accentuate her classically high cheekbones and dark eyes. Along with a trim, well-toned physique, the short hair gave her a slightly tomboyish quality. Yet that was the only thing masculine about Diane. Her tanned, 5'4" 112 lb. body was slender and well-defined, though not overly muscular. Her medium-sized breasts were perfectly rounded, sitting high-up on her chest. Overall, she had the look of a top-flight female athlete, which, in fact, she had once been.

But that was a long time ago. Now, she was starting a new chapter in her life. She’d moved across the country to Sinner City for the exclusive purpose of helping rejuvenate what had come to be known as America’s poorest, most crime-filled, drug-ridden city. Diane was using the vast family fortune that had been left to she and her sister, to start the Franco Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to revitalizing Sinner City.

Finishing up the last of her unpacking, Diane picked up the cellular phone from the corner of the room and dialed a long distance number. “I’m three hours ahead, so Steph should still be awake,” she thought.

On the fourth ring the phone was answered. “Hello,” came the sweet feminine voice on the other end of the transcontinental call.

“Hi, Steph. It’s me,” said Diane.

“Hey, how’s my favorite little sister,” answered Stephanie.

“Fine. Just checking in to see how you’re doing.”

“I’m just in a wheelchair, I’m not helpless, you know,” replied Stephanie.

“I know,” said Diane.

“Sorry. I’m tired and a little grouchy. So, how’s Sinner City? As bad as they say?”

“Worse. It’s got more poverty, drugs, corruption and crime than you could imagine.”

“Diane, I hope your not thinking about... well, you know...” said Stephanie with a note of worry.

“No. You know I’m finished with all that. I’m here to set up this foundation and help people the old- fashioned way.”

“Good, ‘cause I worry about you too.”

“Well there’s no reason to worry. I’m just a businesswoman trying to help the community. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay. Bye.”

Diane hung-up the phone feeling a twinge of guilt as she often did when talking to her sister. It was silly, she knew, for Stephanie had never begrudged Diane any of her phenomenal accomplishments in life, even though it could have easily been Diane who was left physically and emotionally crippled those many years ago, rather than Stephanie. If anything, her sister had lived vicariously through Diane, taking pride in her success as a world-class athlete, not to mention her “other” activities.

But all that was behind her now, as Diane settled down to help Sinner City the best way she could, as a philanthropist.

At the entrance to the 90th and last floor, Ninja Girl paused, rubbing her still sore throat. There was a bright red line where the Pink Pantheress’ garrote had bit into her neck. But the stalwart heroine ignored this discomfort, just as she did the exertion of climbing 90 flights of stairs. She calmed herself, using ancient Zen breathing techniques to slow her heart rate down and block out any pain.

After several moments of silent meditation the female ninja was ready to proceed, opening the door and stepping into the hallway of the 90th floor. At the far end of the hall was the Queenpin’s office. The brave heroine slowly made her way forward, realizing this was too simple and some trap might lay ahead.

When she got halfway down the corridor, a door opened 15 feet ahead of her and into her path stepped a huge, tremendously muscled woman dressed in leather and chains, and sporting a blue Mohawk hairdo. Ninja Girl heard a door open behind her and spun around, only to see another large woman, identical to the first except with her hair done in bleached blonde spikes, step into the hallway 15 feet behind her.

Looking archly from one to the other, the spunky young superheroine said, “The Twisted Sisters, I presume?”

The woman ahead of her said, “That’s right, Ninja Cunt. I’m Slash...”

“...and I’m Ax,” called the woman behind Ninja Girl. “And we’re going to enjoy fucking you up.”

“My, such language,” replied Ninja Girl, calmly as the two muscular women gradually advanced on her. She knew these were the Queenpin’s personal bodyguards, reputed to be among the toughest criminals in Sinner City - working together perhaps the toughest. With each one standing 6'1" and weighing around 215 lbs., they also had a tremendous size advantage over the 5'2" 102 lb. Ninja Girl. Add to that the fact they had her trapped between them in a narrow hallway and the heroine knew she was in considerable danger.

Thus, as the two huge women continued to advance, the masked crimefighter realized the only thing for her to do was to no longer be trapped between them. With lightening speed the petite heroine sprinted toward Slash, at the last moment executing a handspring and flipping over the shocked hoodlum.

As Slash turned around to pursue her, Ninja Girl sprinted straight down the hallway toward the end of the corridor. When she reached the wall, Ninja Girl continued sprinting, placing her bare feet on the wall and actually running several steps up the surface of the wall like some sort of lizard. Then, suddenly, the martial arts mistress pivoted, turning and bouncing off the wall, lashing out with her lithe, shapely legs, smashing one of her seemingly delicate little feet into Slash’s face. The criminal fell backwards to the ground, landing in front of Ax.

Before the second assailant had time to step over her fallen sister, Ninja Girl was already acting, hurdling over Slash’s prone form to hit Ax with a flying sidekick to the chest. The hoodlum tumbled backward, even as Ninja Girl spun around to dish out more punishment to Slash.

But the muscular, mohawked criminal recovered quickly, unfurling the chain she wore around her waist and whipping it at Ninja Girl’s feet. However the cute crimefighter was again to quick, leaping over the chain. Then it was Ax who swiped at her with a chain, aiming a vicious shot toward the heroine’s head. But once more, Ninja girl avoided the blow, ducking out of the way so the chain hit nothing but air.

The poised, young superheroine stood between her two chain wielding foes, calmly weighing her options as both women spun there lethal weapons in the air before them. Abruptly, the two sisters lashed out in simultaneous strikes, each wrapping a chain around one of Ninja Girl’s slim arms.

As the teenage crimefighter stood between the two sisters, her arms ensnared, pulled out to her sides, the savage pair slowly began to reel her in, advancing on their small foe. But they had underestimated the crafty heroine who suddenly leapt straight into the air, splitting her bare legs, kicking both of the Twisted Sisters in the face.

The duo fell backwards, releasing their grips on the chains. Ninja Girl freed herself from the steely restraints, letting them fall to the ground, when suddenly another of the hidden traps that lined the Queenpin’s corridors went into effect. From above, a large net dropped down toward Ninja Girl. But displaying her uncanny sense of awareness, the masked heroine was already back flipping out of danger as the net narrowly missed snaring her.

However, in avoiding the net by somersaulting out of the way, Ninja Girl landed directly in the clutches of Ax. The blonde enforcer seized on this opportunity, grabbing the tiny frame of Ninja Girl from behind in a crushing bearhug.

The heroine strained to free herself, preparing to dip to the side, throwing Ax over her, when suddenly Slash lunged forward, driving one huge, brass-knuckled fist into Ninja Girl’s bare little belly.

“Oooph!” gasped the stunned heroine, the air driven from her lungs.

Again Slash reared back and fired a brass-covered punch deep into the pit of the vulnerable girl’s stomach.

“Unnngh!” gasped the heroine, once more.

And again a third time the merciless criminal drove her encased fist into the defenseless teenager’s tummy.

“Aauunngghh!” wretched the agonized superheroine, her body nearly paralyzed as she was unable to get any air in her lungs.

Then Slash stood there, admiring her handiwork, watching the trapped crimefighter gasp and struggle, her small, firm stomach, bare and exposed, heaving in and out as she struggled to suck in a bit of oxygen.

Still clutching Ninja Girl tightly to her, pinning the heroine’s arms to her sides, Ax said, “I always knew this bitch wasn’t so tough!”

“Yeah,” agreed Slash, picking up one of the chains from the floor. “Now let’s see how much she can take.”

With terrifying fury, the mohawked lady thug lashed out with the heavy chain, striking the helpless heroine in her pert breasts.

“Aagghh!” screamed Ninja Girl as pain flared through her chest.

Again the villainess whipped the chain forward, this time cracking it across the poor girl’s already sore belly.

“Ahhhh! Noooo!” shrieked Ninja Girl as the chain crashed into her unprotected midriff.

“Hahaha!” cackled Slash, fiendishly. “Take this...” She shouted, living up to her name by slashing the merciless chain across Ninja Girl’s bare thighs.

“Owww! Nooo! Stoppp! Aarrgghh!” cried the agonized heroine as she felt her slim, shapely legs horrifically battered.

Finally, the overcome heroine slumped in Ax’s arms, seemingly on the verge of unconsciousness. Slash dropped the chain, stepping forward and gripping the helpless heroine’s jaw in her large left hand. The villainess drew back her brass-knuckled right hand for the coup-de-grace, crowing, “Not so tough, now, are you Ninja Bitch? Say goodnight!”

With that, the powerful criminal fired a devastating right hand punch that screamed toward Ninja Girl’s pretty little head. The punch flew toward its target and struck...

“UUNNGGHH!” cried Ax as her sister’s brass-knuckled fist smashed directly into her face. For the wiley Ninja Girl had bided her time well, feigning defeat, waiting for the last possible second and then managing to just slip her head to the side enough to avoid the finishing blow.

The heroine fell from Ax’s grasp, dropping to the ground as the blonde villainess toppled over, completely unconscious. Meanwhile, before Slash could realize what had just happened the masked crimefighter spun around from her prone position on the floor, sweeping Slash’s legs out and upending her.

As the second villainess fell to the ground, Ninja Girl was on her in an instant, kneeling astride the criminal and driving devastating punches into her wide-open face, shouting, “This is for the brass knuckles,” POW! “And this is for the chain whipping!” BAM! “And this is for just being such a rotten person,” KABLAM!

Finally, as Slash lay unmoving, Ninja Girl rolled off the beaten henchwoman, kneeling on the ground as she attempted to collect herself. She again breathed deeply, in the fashion of the ancient Zen monks, calming her spirit and focusing the last of her internal energy.

“Almost finished,” she thought. “Now it’s just me and the Queenpin.”

The courageous heroine rose to her feet and pridefully made her was down the rest of the corridor. The door to the Queenpin’s inner office was locked but that presented little problem.

With a CRACK! the heavy oak door crashed inward and into the Queenpin’s inner sanctum strode the small but fearless form of...

“Ninja Girl. So glad to meet you, at last. Do come in,” said the massively fat woman who sat behind the large antique desk at the far end of the room.

The confident teenage crimefighteress strode into the middle of the room and stood there, fists planted proudly on her slim hips, calmly assessing the Queenpin. Though her slender form was marked with red stripes and bluish bruises, still the young heroine was the picture of composure and assuredness.

“This is it for you Queenpin. I’m here to finally bring you to justice,” she said.

The gigantic crimelord merely chuckled in amusement. “Hahaha! You have quite a sense of humor, my dear. For one so small and youthful, you certainly have quite a high regard for yourself.”

“It’s no laughing matter, Queenpin. You’ve broken the law and now you have to pay. You can’t run from... Ninja Girl!”

Growing more serious, the Queenpin said, “I see you’re in serious need of a lesson little girl. It’s one that should have been taught to you long ago. But I think I’ll rather enjoy teaching it to you now.”

With that, the massive crimeboss rose and came out from behind her desk to stand before Ninja Girl. One of the heroine’s eyebrows arched slightly as she looked up, assessing the size of her foe. The Queenpin must have stood at least 6'4" and weighed in the neighborhood of 600 lbs. Still, the crimefighter was not overly intimidated. She knew many techniques for bringing even the largest foes down to size. And most of the Queenpin’s mass seemed to be fat, anyway. Overall, Ninja Girl hardly saw reason to worry.

For her part, the Queenpin shrugged off the tent-like robe she was wearing, leaving her immensely fat body bare, save for the sumo loincloth she wore. “Come and get it, little girl,” she taunted.

“You’ve been asking for this,” said Ninja Girl striding forward and throwing a hard kick to the leg. But the heroine was shocked as her bare foot crashed into what felt like reinforced concrete, bouncing harmlessly off the Queenpin’s massive thigh.

As Ninja Girl stumbled back, off balance, the Queenpin said, “Something wrong, Ninja Girl? You’re not very good, are you? Why don’t you try again.”

Weary from her many battles already this evening, and angered by the Queenpin’s taunting, the young heroine lost a bit of her composure, attacking wildly with a kick to the head. But the Queenpin, seeing the sloppy attack, managed to raise her shoulder so the kick again bounced harmlessly off her massive body causing Ninja Girl to clumsily topple to the floor.

Humiliated and angered even more, the crimefighter scrambled to her feet while her foe merely stood there, infuriatingly inactive.

“And I thought you were supposed to be some sort of superhero, my dear,” taunted the Queenpin. “Perhaps you should go away and come back when you’re all grown up and have learned how to fight.”

“I’ll show you!” shouted Ninja Girl in even greater anger. She now attacked all out, all thoughts of technique and strategy gone as she sought to finish this great, bloated, egotistical villainess. But as the Queenpin well knew, a fighter, no matter how skilled, can never afford to lose their head in the heat of combat. She capitalized on her young foe’s brashness, easily avoiding most of the wild, uncontrolled blows.

The few blows Ninja Girl did manage to slip in were undisciplined strikes against targets that did little damage. The superheroine bounced harmless blows off the Queenpin’s rock hard thighs and massive chest, finally lashing a foot into the Queenpin’s massive stomach. But the blow was useless as her foot merely sank in up to the ankle, causing the heroine to once more lose her balance and fall to the ground.

The crimefighter again got to her feet, this time a bit slower. Sweat was streaming down her lithe, battered form and her small belly was continually heaving in and out as she gasped for air. She was growing tired and frustrated and more careless as the seconds went by.

“I can’t lose to this big, fat, windbag,” Ninja Girl thought. “I’ll get her.”

Wanting to end the fight as quickly as possible, the overanxious heroine summoned up all her waning strength and fired one last, desperation right hand punch toward the Queenpin’s annoyingly smirking face. But the criminal saw the hasty blow coming a mile away. Almost casually, she raised her gigantic left hand, catching the punch in her palm. She closed her huge paw, engulfing Ninja Girl’s dainty little hand inside her own and slowly exerting pressure.

Ninja Girl, could not believe what had just happened. No one, let alone someone so fat, had ever had the reflexes to pluck her punches from the air like that. Before the heroine could overcome her shock, she felt the Queenpin’s grip, like that of a hydraulic vise, begin to squeeze her hand.

“Oh...Ow...Owwww!!!” screamed the stunned superheroine as she felt her hand being crushed. Filled with pain, totally exhausted, the battered heroine was unable to try and escape from the terrifying hold the Queenpin had on her. As the villainess gradually increased the pressure of her grip, the brave and mighty Ninja Girl, who had overcome all manner of powerful foes in her crimefighting career, slowly sank to her knees in painful defeat.

“Owww! Oh the pain!” cried the agonized heroine, her hand still being mercilessly crushed.

Standing over her pained and overcome foe, the Queenpin said, “Just because someone is fat, my dear, doesn’t mean they’re not strong. You have made the same mistake underestimating me that many have. Now you will pay the price. Hahaha!”

Jenny knew she was in a difficult situation, but the teenager still believed she was in control. Even drugged, she believed she could still fend off the amorous advances of one lone college girl. She was, after all, a superheroine who had defeated many of the city’s most powerful criminals with no problem.

“Look, Molestra, or whoever you are, I... Ungh!” Jenny’s head rocked back, her long red hair whipping across her face as Molestra brutally backhanded her.

“I said enough talk, slut!” snapped Molestra. “I want to see some skin!”

Wiping a trickle of blood from her lips, the young heroine realized her reflexes and fighting abilities were truly compromised. Still, she believed she could handle this situation. The normally mighty crimefighter was unwilling to believe she could be overcome in her own home by another teenage girl.

“All right, Molestra, you asked for this,” said Jenny, winding up and throwing a right hand at the other girl’s head.

But in her drugged state, the punch seemed to be moving in slow motion. Molestra easily avoided it, allowing Jenny’s blow to pass harmlessly by her head, causing the rapidly fading heroine to lose her balance, twisting and stumbling as her blow missed.

Molestra stepped in, catching hold of Jenny, grabbing her from behind in a bearhug, holding the smaller girl tightly to her. Jenny writhed and tried to struggle out of the grip but it was useless. She was having trouble merely standing erect. With growing concern, the redhead’s eyes bulged wide as she felt Molestra’s hands snake down her body, slipping beneath the elastic waistband of her boxer shorts, slowly working their way down, over the thin covering of her satiny, bikini brief panties, toward her soft pubic mound.

“Noo! Stoppp!” gasped Jenny as she felt the girl’s vile touch on her most private parts. “Let goooo!”

The teenage superheroine struggled uselessly as the larger girl’s hands stroked and rubbed her crotch through her panties. It only added to her horror and repulsion when she felt Molestra lean forward and begin to blow in her ear from behind.

“Y...You can’t do this!” cried Jenny, still writhing desperately. “Stop ittttt!”

Finally, Molestra released her grip on the redhead, spinning her around so the two girls were face to face.

“Come on, baby,” purred Molestra. “Relax and enjoy it.”

“Y...You get out of here... right now,” Jenny said, trying to sound forceful. But her head was swimming and her heart pounded in her chest with anxiety. This couldn’t be happening to her, she was the Red Avenger, a brave and powerful crimefighter she was a...

“Little girl, we’ve got a long night ahead of us,” said Molestra, again lashing out with a vicious slap to the face, sprawling the near-defenseless Red Avenger across the floor. It was then Jenny realized just how helpless she was. Her strength and speed had been completely stripped by the date rape drug. She was, she finally realized, as vulnerable as any other teenage girl faced with the prospect of a larger, more powerful assailant bent on sexual aggression. The realization filled her with a feeling of helpless terror.

The 17-year-old rolled on to her hands and knees, attempting to pull away from her attacker. But Molestra reached out, grabbing a handful of the younger girl’s silky boxer shorts, yanking on this outer garment, pulling it down and off Jenny as the heroine wildly tried to crawl away from her.

The boxer shorts came off with a final, humiliating RIP! as Jenny managed to scoot across the floor, away from Molestra.

Looking back at her assailant, her eyes wide with growing terror, Jenny cried, “S...Stay away from me!”

Slowly advancing on the prone girl, twirling the torn shorts on her finger as if they were a trophy, Molestra grinned, “Oh no. The fun’s just getting started.”

In total panic, the Jenny pulled away from her foe. The fear, heightened by the drugs in her system, made her knees feel too weak even to stand. So instead, the normally-proud and brave superheroine crawled desperately across the floor of her own living room, reaching the stairs and struggling up them, crawling along like a helpless infant, the whole time pursued by the relentless Molestra.

“You can’t hide from me,” taunted the larger girl.

Gasping in terror, Jenny made it to the top of the stairs and managed to stand erect and stumble into her own room. She was looking around for a weapon, for anything to stop the crazed assault of her new-found “friend.”

Suddenly spinning around, the young heroine let out a gasp of fright as she saw Molestra standing in the doorway.

“Enough playing around, Jenny,” said the evil girl, sauntering into the room. “It’s time I made a real woman out of you.”

“N...Nooo!” cried Jenny, raising her hand to throw a last desperation punch at her attacker. But before the weakened girl could even begin her strike, Molestra again casually backhanded her across the face.

Dazed, Jenny sprawled back, across her own bed. Instantly, Molestra was on top of her, pinning the smaller girl’s slim wrists above her head and out to the sides in a spreadeagle position. She leaned forward and kissed the frightened heroine, forcing her tongue deeply into the younger girl’s warm mouth. Feeling the tongue swirl around inside her mouth Jenny writhed with horror and repulsion. This couldn’t be happening to her!

“Wh...Why are doing this to meeee!” whimpered Jenny when Molestra finally broke the kiss.

“It’s what I do best, honey,” said Molestra. “It’s what I’ve been doing to those little bitches at Sinner City University all year.”

Finally realizing the full weight of her predicament, the horrified and helpless Red Avenger cried out, “It...It can’t be. You... You’re not... But he’s a man!”

“Wrong, bitch,” said Molestra, releasing Jenny and quickly pulling off her robe and pajamas to reveal herself wearing a huge strap on dildo. She adjusted the dildo so it pointed straight at the helpless heroine, then said, “I’m the campus rapist!”

The Guardianess came to her feet on instinct. She was still quite dazed from the Stalkeress’ vicious surprise blow but nevertheless, determined to even the score. Before she even had time to raise her hands, however, the savage Stalkeress lunged forward with a brutal sidekick into the heroine’s vulnerable midsection.

“Oooph!” gasped Valerie, doubling over, clutching her stomach in pain. She was unused to being on the receiving end of such harsh treatment. Usually, no matter who her foe’s were, she was the far superior fighter and could end a contest without so much as a scratch.

No such luck here, she realized. “If I’m going to beat this woman,” thought the masked crimefighter, “I’d better get my act together. She’s fast and she’s dangerous.”

The still doubled over Guardianess warily eyed her opponent, taking note of the woman’s size. At about 6 feet and over 200 lbs, the Stalkeress presented an imposing figure as she gingerly removed her tigerskin cape then taunted the injured crimefighter, saying, “Don’t give up so quickly, Guardianess. I deplore an easy kill.”

Angered by her enemy’s words, the superheroine tried to shrug off the punishment she’d already received, forcing herself to straighten up and strike at the other woman. But the heroine should have taken a few more seconds to regain her strength. Still feeling the effects of the villainess’ blows, her attack was slower than usual.

To the Stalkeress, who had faced the deadly charges of full-grown jungle cats, the heroine’s attack was easy to predict. She waited until the last second and then, almost casually, sidestepped the oncoming female superhero and disdainfully tossed her cape over the girl’s head.

The Guardianess, missing her target and now sightless beneath the cape, stumbled awkwardly. Before she could toss off the tigerskin, the Stalkeress crashed several vicious blows into her defenseless body. The wounded superheroine fell to the ground, finally managing to fumble off the encovering cape, looking up at her foe through glazed eyes.

“Hahaha!” gloated the Stalkeress. “You’re no where near as tough as they said you were, Guardianess. You’re certainly no match for me. I’ve hunted kittens that were better opponents than you!”

The wicked villainess’ words energized the injured heroine, who forced herself to her feet once more, again attacking her foe. But this time, the Guardianess was smarter, faking a punch to the Stalkeress’ head, only to go low, driving a knee strike into the woman’s midsection.

The latex-clad criminal staggered backwards. If not for her superior size and strength, the blow might have broken her ribs, she knew. It was now the Stalkeress turn to be enraged. “You’ll pay for that insult, bitch!” she snarled.

“Talk is cheap, rubber girl!” replied the fiery heroine. “Let’s finish this!”

The Stalkeress came forward, with a barrage of punches which the female crimefighter barely managed to deflect. The Guardianess countered with her own punches, which the skilled Stalkeress was also able to defend against. It was obvious the two women were fairly evenly matched. But the Stalkeress size, combined with the punishment the Guardianess had already taken seemed to indicate the villainess would eventually triumph.

But no one could convince the Guardianess of that. The valiant crimefighteress fought heroically, throwing kicks and punches for all she was worth, driving the Stalkeress across the deck of the ship.

“Very good,” offered the criminal, blocking a punch to the head, only to receive two more glancing blows to the ribs. “You’ve made this a most amusing little encounter, Guardianess. But I believe the time has come to end the affair.”

“It’s time to end it, alright. But not the way you want,” said the heroine, winding up to deliver her best knockout punch, even as the Stalkeress reached into one of the side compartments of her metallic belt.

As the Guardianess unleashed her finishing blow, the Stalkeress suddenly tossed forward a small, metal object. Too late the heroine realized what the Stalkeress was doing as the small object exploded in a dizzying flash of light.

“Ungh!” screamed the Guardianess, staggering back, temporarily blinded by the flash grenade. The Stalkeress, meanwhile, knew what was coming and had managed to close her eyes and was thus unaffected. Seizing on her treacherous opportunity, the villainess savagely laid into the Guardianess, driving a kick into her unprotected belly, followed by a pair of crunching punches to the head.

The still-blinded heroine stumbled backward, rubbing her eyes, attempting to clear her vision, even as the blows sapped her strength. Another vicious punch to the face staggered her and then a brutal kick to the leg buckled the auburn-haired crimefighter’s knees, dropping her hard to the deck of the ship.

Laying on the deck, her eyesight finally clearing, the brave superheroine realized with a sense of worry, her body was too badly battered to even stand up, let alone continue the fight. She felt as if several ribs were broken, her knee was dislocated and she sensed the dizzying effects of a mild concussion. Staring up from where she helplessly lay, the Guardianess gulped with unaccustomed fear as she saw the Stalkeress pull the huge hunting knife from her leg holster.

“S...Stay away... from me...” moaned the wounded Guardianess with growing concern. Slowly, the once-powerful superheroine dragged her battered body backwards, attempting to pitifully crawl away from her foe. But the Stalkeress lived up to her name, carefully following her prey across the deck of the ship, just as if she were a wild beast, stalking some injured animal.

Then, suddenly, the Stalkeress leapt into the air, crashing down with her full weight upon the prone, defenseless form of the Guardianess, her knife poised to finish the contest. The heroine gasped in true fright as the glistening blade screamed down toward her exposed neck, only to stop, a bare millimeter from the soft flesh of her throat.

“D...Don’t...Please don’t...” whimpered the Guardianess, a shiver of fear running through her proud form.

“Oh don’t worry, Guardianess,” said the savage Stalkeress, still holding the knife to her defeated opponent’s throat, “I’ve got other plans for you. Hahaha!”