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Something's not right, thought Wonder Women. It was just a simple bank robbery but something felt odd about this. For one thing, the robbers were way too happy to see her show up - usually they tried to run out the door when she showed up. These though ran into the vault. Maybe they were afraid to try and run past me, she thought.

As she approached the vault, she could hear them planning their attack. OK Tommy, once she comes in here, close the vault behind her and we'll all jump her at once - there's no way she can take all of us at once in this little vault. Wonder Woman couldn't help but chuckle - not a very smart bunch, she thought. She walked into the vault ready to rumble. On cue, the vault shut behind her but to her surprise, nobody did anything when she walked in. They just stood there with grins on their faces. Then she realized it. It was a trap! _Dammit, such a simple trap,_she thought as gas started coming into the room and the robbers put on quick-don masks. Wonder Woman tried to hold her breath and re-open the vault but it was locked. Then all 8 men jumped her and held her down. She fought like a she-devil but she was weakening and they were all over her - grabbing her legs, arms, hair, neck, waist, and anywhere they could get a grip. Somebody punched her in the stomach and she let out her last breath of clean air. The last clear thing she remembered about the robbery was a damp cloth appearing over her mouth.

She kept fading in and out of consciousness over the next few hours and had vague feelings of being carried somewhere. She felt someone slap her on her ass while she was hauled in a fireman's carry. Next time she came to, she realized she was laying on her side in the back of a large moving van - probably a big 18-wheeler, she thought. The drug was so strong, they didn't even bother to tie her up or remove her belt. Her head ached but she couldn't move and felt soo sluggish - this must be what it's like to be really drunk, she thought. Then she felt hands groping her and feeling her up - gliding over her legs and inner thighs. Somebody grabbed her crotch and then she felt her zipper go down her back as her halter top was lowered. No! These men plan on raping and violating me, she thought! This had never happened to her and for the first time, she was actually scared. She felt hands on her breasts now, squeezing and groping. She could feel flashes going off - Hera no! they're taking pictures! Then she felt herself being pushed onto her back and a warm long, object put between her breasts. The thug was living out his wildest fantasy - he straddled Wonder Woman and started to titty-fuck her. He couldn't believe he was actually holding her fantastic breasts up against his dick. Wonder Woman vaguely heard the sound of laughter and cheering through her cloudy senses. She then felt a rush of hot creamy liquid pouring onto her breasts, chin, lips, and face. Instinctively, she licked her lips and tasted the salty cum. No! what have I done? Gratefully, the men stopped*. Thank God… I'm still a virgin…*

ooohh… groaned Wonder Woman. She didn't know where she was or what was going on. But she did have a huge headache and felt so strange all over. Damn this drug, she thought before passing out again.

The next time she felt herself coming too, she felt much better. She felt like she was getting a massage and felt warm all over. Then she felt a tongue prying open her mouth and tangling with her own. She also felt warm hands caressing her body and feeling her breasts and thighs but was too sluggish to resist. Strangely, she thought she kind of liked it and let herself relax, as if she was in a pleasant dream…

Oh! exclaimed Wonder Woman. This time, it was a much ruder awakening as she felt the bucket of ice cold water splash on her face and drip down her body. She could feel her nipples immediately harden. She saw that she was in a dimly lit jailed off part of a much larger room. There were cameras everywhere and numerous large video monitors which now showed a live broadcast of herself from several angles. She was standing with her arms tied above her head with something so strong, not even she could break the bonds - even with her belt on! Well, well, well. Look what the cat drug in she heard a familiar voice crackle - Catwoman! Selena, what are you up to now demanded Wonder Woman.

Well, it's actually quite fascinating Wonder Bitch. I take great pleasure in filling you in. There are many people in this world that want you dead - or worse. Count me in as one of them. Make no mistake about it, I can kill you at any moment. You are helpless and your ass is mine. Your bindings are some of LexCorp's newest offerings to the criminal world. So are the drugs we used against you - quite effective, aren't they? Well, believe me when I say, you ain't seen nothing yet, gloated Catwoman.

WW: Get to your point Catwoman, what stupid idea do you and Lex Luthor have now? World domination or petty theft?

Catwoman: Ha, ha, ha! You wish! Do you know what one of the fastest growing industries in the world is? No, you're too dumb so I'll tell you - it's pornography and we've found a nice little niche in it. That's right Wonder Bitch - we've got a totally legal business we're running here. And guess what - you're hired! We're going to make you a star. Look around, the cameras are already running. People will pay big money to see you dead. But they'll also pay big money to see you fucked and sucking cock. They'll pay even bigger money to bend you over themselves and watch you lap up their own cum.

WW: What! Are you crazy? That's preposterous! I'll never do it. Just how much of Lex's new drugs have you been taking?

Catwoman: Oh but you're wrong. You not only will, you already have. Just watch.

Catwoman pointed to a large screen in front of WW which then started to play a recording of WW that was several days old:

WW saw herself standing bound as she was now except she was also blind-folded. A woman in a short lab coat walked up to her. She wore sexy glasses and high heels. She was very pretty and had nice long legs which were visible under her skirt. She was also endowed with very nice, large, natural looking breasts. Why did I notice that? a surprised Wonder Woman mused. The woman stopped in front of her and pulled Wonder Woman's top down exposing her breasts. Then she produced a needle and injected something into both of them. Ow! said a surprised Wonder Woman on screen, it burns! It'll go away quickly Princess. She then went behind the amazon and pulled down her bikini bottom and thong. Bend over she instructed. Why? What are you doing? asked a nervous Wonder Woman. The woman simply produced a large oval pill from a bottle and with one hand, spread the amazon's butt cheeks. The screen zoomed in for a close up of Wonder Woman's ass and butt hole which was tightly shut. With the other, she slowly inserted the pill into Wonder Woman's ass hole. Then she stuck a tongue out and licked the rim of the amazon's ass hole. Please don't! gasped a visibly shaken Wonder Woman. With a laugh, the woman removed the blind-fold and left. How dare you Catwoman! demanded an angry Wonder Woman as she continued to watch the screen:

On-screen, Catwoman then entered the room and stood in front of her. Wonder Woman, did I ever tell you how beautiful I thought you were? If I weren't such a tough bitch, I'd be jealous, said Catwoman in the screen. No you haven't, you're quite striking yourself - you've got such a hard body, replied WW. Did I say that?! thought an incredulous WW as she continued to watch*. God you turn me on seeing you all tied up and helpless. Can I kiss you?* asked Catwoman. Yesss,_slurred WW with her reply. Then the screen filled with a close up of very open, wet, and sloppy kissing between the two gorgeous women. At one point, Catwoman stuck her tongue out through her open mouth and Wonder Woman sucked and slurped on it like she was giving head. Then WW saw Catwoman reach behind and stroke and squeeze her ass. She also ran her hands through her hair and stroked her back and neck. WW was utterly stunned at this point as she watched with her mouth open from shock - but she couldn't stop looking at the screen. She then saw Catwoman reach down between her legs and start to fondle WW's crotch. Soon, she could see her star-spangled panties become visibly moist as WW moaned softly through Catwoman's french kisses. WW looked on in horror as Catwoman then teased her bikini bottom down to her knees. That exposed her tiny blue thong which was at this point completely soaked. It was sheer and see-through - Wonder Woman wore it for comfort and because it showed no panty lines - she never imagined someone would ever see her in them. _No!_thought WW, _No one's ever seen me like this! Next, Catwoman slowly pulled down the zipper in Wonder Woman's back and stripped her of her red halter top to expose her beautiful and full white breasts. The camera lingered on them while Catwoman kissed and sucked each one. She then knelt in front of WW and started to kiss her vagina through the skimpy fabric while Wonder Woman continued to moan and sway her hips. As Catwoman pulled Wonder Woman's thong down, a string of sticky fluid stretched from Wonder Woman's pussy to her thong. Wonder Woman was now naked except for her red boots, tiara, and golden belt and lasso. Pleeaase… murmured Wonder Woman. Catwoman happily obliged by kissing her pussy. Ohh! gasped WW as she pulled away slightly. This is new for you isn't it, Catwoman asked while she licked her pussy and reached up to grope Wonder Woman's heaving chest*. You're still a virgin aren't you? Yesss,* groaned WW, drunk with desire. Well, we'll just have to change that. She stood up and snapped her fingers. Wonder Woman, meet Tommy, he's going to rock your world. No, please don't do this Selena, begged Wonder Woman. Relax Princess, you'll love the taste of his cum, I promise.

Hello Wonder Woman, said Tommy, I've been really looking forward to meeting you. He stood in front of her naked with a huge hard on. WW had never seen a naked man before, let alone a hard on and she stood there, staring and afraid. Slowly, Tommy circled WW, rubbing his dick over Wonder Woman's belly, thighs and back. Wonder Woman was terrified but at the same time, felt an incredible hotness coming from her vagina and wherever Tommy's dick touched. She was so shocked, she started to drool from he slightly open mouth onto her breasts. When Tommy got behind her, he stuck he dick between her legs and slid it through, sliding it up against her pussy. Oohhhh…_moaned a stoned and dizzy Wonder Woman, _pleeeaassse… dooonn't… Too late now replied Tommy as he reached up and grabbed her tits from behind. He couldn't believe how firm they looked and how soft they felt. He was happy to be a criminal that night! He grabbed and cupped Wonder Woman's ass and marveled at her perfection. He slapped her ass and pinched her hips. Wha- what are you doing? gasped Wonder woman. He pulled out without penetrating and continued to stare at her body while circling her. Wonder woman could feel his stares and suddenly felt very self-aware and embarrassed - she had never been naked before a man and looked down in shame. When Tommy stopped in front of her he grabbed her by her chin gently and pushed her head up. You're so beautiful he told her gently as he caressed and massaged her tits and body. Wonder Woman felt herself blush and didn't resist when he slid his tongue down her throat. She thought she would suffocate but felt so delirious with pleasure she could only return his kiss. Wow, you're really soaking wet, let's see how tight you are Tommy said as he slowly slid a finger into her pussy. Wonder Woman snapped her head back in horror, No! Please don't! I'm a virgin… she begged. She felt so strange- She know this was wrong and she was being violated and about to be raped. She was proud of her virginity and ashamed to be so helpless. At that moment, she hated this man and Catwoman. But she also felt a strange burning in her pussy that had to be satisfied. Ever been finger fucked Wonder Woman? Asked Tommy as he slide his middle finger in and out of her pussy. No gasped Wonder Woman*. You do like this though, right?* said Tommy with a coy grin. Although she was ashamed of it, she couldn't lie - yesss, she replied. That's my girl said Catwoman as she came alongside the two of them and started kissing the amazon. Wonder Woman stood there with her panties down at her ankles while the two criminals kissed her, massaged her breasts and ass and took turns finger fucking her. She felt very flushed and hot and tingly all over. She breathed in quick pants and moaned to the delight of Catwoman's camera crew who recorded it all. She started to get light headed and felt her knees weaken. She didn't understand what was happening to her but she felt absolutely delirious. Aaauuuoooohhhhh ooooohhhhhh oooooohh she blurted out as she felt her body and pussy explode in orgasm. She felt her vaginal fluids drip down her left thigh as Catwoman kneeled down again to lick it all up. Wonder Women hung there weak and limp while Catwoman fucked her pussy with her tongue. She was at this point too weak to even moan - she could only whimper each time Catwoman's tongue went into her soaking pussy. Catwoman gathered her juices in her mouth then stood up and kissed Wonder Woman, delivering her own pussy juices into her mouth. She felt wonderful all over but now had a strange needy feeling. You want to fuck now don't you whispered Tommy into her ear. She couldn't believe what she heard but even worse couldn't believe how she felt. What is it with this man she wondered. What power does he have over me - oh no! have I just been tamed? Say it Princess whispered Tommy. Yesss_whispered the cock hungry amazon. She needed it. She had never had it before but knew that she had to have it now. _Say it again instructed Tommy. Fuck meee slurred Wonder Woman. Please. De-flower my pussy she begged while at the same time surprising herself with her language and feelings. Tommy stood in front of her and lifted one of her legs to his waist. He slowly slid his cock up to her pussy and pushed. Uh, uh, uh, uh… it's too big… panted Wonder Woman. You are sooo tight! exclaimed Tommy Uh, uh, uh, uh… Slowly Tommy pushed himself all the way in. Once in he paused for a minute, taking it all in. Here lay (hung) in front of him, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen , with the tightest body he had ever seen, squeezing his cock with the most incredible pussy he had ever had access too. Slowly, he began to pump her vagina while he grabbed her hips and ass. Catwoman continued to squeeze her breasts and alternately kiss and suck her nipples and mouth. Catwoman, I'm not going to last much longer, she's too damn hot! said Tommy. Please, don't cum inside of me, begged Wonder Woman. Too bad Wonder Woman, he's unloading inside of you and you'll like it_said Catwoman. _Please Selena… Hmmm, I tell you what, he shoots his load inside your pussy or inside your mouth. You choose - and you better hurry - he's almost there. OK, OK… you win… I'll take it in the mouth… I'll drink his cum… Just don't let him cum inside of me_gasped the defeated Wonder Woman. _Now instructed tommy. Wonder Woman felt herself lowered onto her knees though her arms were still tied above her head. She kneeled there with her mouth open and immediately had it stuffed. Mmphh! She agreed to it but was still surprised when Tommy's dick entered her mouth. Instinctively, she wrapped her lipped around the meat and was surprised at how large, heavy, and hot it felt. It's not even washed, she thought, disgusted at herself. Yet she couldn't help but also feel so turned on by it. Catwoman kneeled behind her and massaged Wonder Woman's breasts again*. We're making history here boys - Wonder Woman's first fuck. Caught right here on film. And her first blow job and facial - you go girl!* Wonder Woman could only kneel there, humiliated, waiting for her first mouthful of cum*. You really don't know what you're doing, do you, you dumb bitch. Suck on it!_ordered Catwoman. She then grabbed WW by her hair and forced her head up and down the length of the shaft. Although humiliated and embarrassed by the sounds she was making, WW could only continue her first blow job and slurp up her pussy juices and Tommy's pre-cum. She was surprised to find she actually didn't mind the taste at all. _Here we go* warned Tommy just before he erupted into Wonder Woman's now open mouth. He poured his cum onto her tongue and into her mouth and splashed it all over her face and hair. Stunned, Wonder Woman knelt there with her mouth open, tongue hanging out, and drenched with cum. She was now aware of several flash bulbs going off. Swallow it ordered Tommy. She obeyed and again felt very ashamed of herself. Good girl, now clean off his dick. Wonder Woman again obeyed and gave him another blow job, cleaning off all the cum and covering his cock with her saliva. How did they do this to me_she wondered. I should be able to crush them with my left hand_. Strangely though, she couldn't force herself to fight. She only felt humiliation - and a glowing satisfaction from her pussy.

Ho- how did- how- stammered WW when the video ended.

Catwoman: The drugs, stupid. It makes you want to have sex - turns you into a sex slave. It's really quite effective, but then you know that now. Here are my terms: You agree to make fuck films for me and I agree to let you live. I also agree to only sell the movies for a very handsome profit: $50,000 each. You're going to make me very rich - Ha! Ha! I also agree not to drug you up anymore - you see, one of it's side effects is your memory loss. And really, we want the real you - giving up your body and fucking with feeling. We'll tape everything you do: eating, sleeping, pissing, and especially, giving it up.

WW: What! No way Selena - how can you even think I'd agree to defile myself like that?

Catwoman: You already did - you saw for yourself. You asked to be fucked, remember? You begged for cock. Come off it - it's not luck your still a virgin, you little slut. Besides, you've really got no choice. If you agree, I promise the films and pictures will only be sold to a very select clientele who will not spread them or make them public. In fact, they can't - the media will be only sold on LexCorp's x-discs. They can't be reproduced at all. If they're tampered or damaged, they become useless and the folks will simply have to buy more from me. If you don't agree - really, you don't want to go there. All the pictures and film we've got so far will become public and you will be ruined. And let's get serious - I can whip you to death right here and now - with your own belt no less. Believe me when I say people will pay big money to see film of that! Be a good little slut and I might even let you out once in a while to fight crime - small petty crime off course - to keep your good name and reputation unharmed.

Wonder Woman knew she lost. She could be stubborn but eventually even she would break - especially if they took her belt off. Then she'd be dead and Catwoman and the crime she stood for would definitely win. If she agreed, then she at least has the hope of staying alive and somehow getting out of this. But the shame! She couldn't bring herself to agree. Catwoman sensed this and anticipated it. Well, Wonder Woman, I see you still say no. You give me no choice. Jake! Get in here. When Jake entered, Wonder Woman instantly recognized him as a big, giant thug that she had beaten up and sent to jail a few years ago. He was now happy to get his revenge - hi Wonder Bitch, remember me? He removed her belt and stripped her to her thong. He then began slapping her around and seemed to be amused at having this opportunity to torment her. He then stuck his hand down her thong and roughly groped her vagina. Nice cunt! When her thong became soaked through with her pussy juices, he ripped it off and stuffed it into her mouth. Wonder Woman tried to escape Jake's fingers by standing on her toes but it was useless. At one point, Jake picked her up by her cunt - clean off the ground with his two middle fingers up her pussy. He then started slapping her tits - laughing at how they bounced around. OK, let's make this even and re-do that fight we had he said as he untied her. Although Wonder Woman was now free to defend herself, without her belt, she was no stronger than Catwoman and definitely weaker than Jake. Also, not properly fed for several days, she knew she was no match for Jake. But she was proud and met her attacker with fierce skill. She landed several blows but could not hurt Jake. Laughing, Jake swung and punched her clean in the gut - lifting her off the floor. Like a rag doll, Wonder Woman collapsed, coughing and clutching her stomach. Jake was all over her and soon pinned her to the ground. Wonder Woman was forced onto her back with her hands trapped above her head by one of Jake's hands. Jake was on his knees, between her legs and with his other hand freed his snake. NO! gasped Wonder Woman. Rape is illegal! She was stunned not only by Jake's blow but also by the size of his cock. She understood now why he was called 'Jake the Snake'. That's right Wonder Bitch. And after I rape you, I'm going to kill you which is also illegal. Oh yeah, I'm going to enjoy this! Jake brutally shoved his oversized dick into Wonder Woman's tiny pussy and started to fuck her like a jackhammer. Aaarrggh! cried Wonder Woman, you're hurting me! Please, stop! Jake only smiled and slapped her face, nearly snapping her neck. Shut up Bitch! He then used his free hand to squeeze Wonder Woman's neck and slowly start to suffocate her. The scene was incredible, thought Catwoman, there lay Wonder Woman her greatest enemy, on the floor, actually being raped brutally by a common thug - all caught on film. "The Rape of Wonder Woman" she'd call it. Her large tits bounced up and down wildly while Jake fucked her and her long sensuous legs kicked wildly into the air. Just as Wonder Woman started to black out, Jake would release his grip around her neck, wildly bringing her closer and closer to climax. Wonder Woman could only make a gurgling, choking sound which mixed with her moaning and groaning from getting the roughest (and only second) fuck of her life. Can you feel your pussy stretching from my cock Wonder Cunt? Can you feel my cock opening up your cunt lips each time I go in and out of your bitch-cunt? mocked Jake. You're so fucking wet, you must really be liking this you whore. Do you realize the last thing you'll see and feel before you die is me fucking you? Wonder Woman couldn't hold out any longer and she climaxed and came all over Jake's cock. Wonder Woman was at this point almost out of her mind. Full of shame at being beaten like a college girl being date raped and also afraid for her life, she was getting the fuck of her life. She was literally getting the life fucked out of her and having her body rocked by orgasm after orgasm. Aaaaoouuuuaaaooo_she moaned. 10 minutes of this felt like days and she knew she wouldn't last much longer, she was now tamed without the influence of drugs and utterly defeated. Puhleeaassse… Se-li-na… OK, OK… you win_, she managed to get out.

That's enough Jake, Catwoman ordered. Good, I'm glad you see it my way. Trust me, you'll have fun with this. We're going to turn you into a whole new woman. Now, first things first, you need to learn how to give a good blow job.

Jake: Service me bitch.

Jake stood over WW and watched her struggle to her feet and wipe away her tears. She was utterly disgusted with herself and grossed out at having to suck a man's cock but she new she was defeated and had no choice. Jake's cock was easily 8 inches long and WW stared at it, pointing at her forehead and covered with her cum, almost in a trance. Kiss it bitch ordered Jake. She obeyed and puckered her lips and kissed Jake's cock at the tip. Use your tongue stupid! Jake yelled. Wonder Woman immediately stuck out her tongue and tried her best to french kiss Jake's snake. She then started slowly bobbing her head up and down Jake's shaft. She was amazed at how hard it was and how it filled her mouth. Her lips stretched to fit it all in and she did her best to suck and drink up Jake's pre-cum. OK, like this, Wonder Woman, said Catwoman. She grabbed Jake's cock and took it into her own mouth and started working it. Moaning and slurping as she worked her way up and down Jake's cock. WW watched in amazement as Catwoman's experienced tongue licked everywhere, made swirls and lapped up everything. She was wide-eyed at seeing her take all 8 inches and actually stick her tongue out to lick Jake's balls. After a few minutes, Catwoman stopped and looked over at WW. She grabbed her by the hair and kissed her deep and hard, spitting a load of Jake's pre-cum into her mouth. Tastes good doesn't it, asked Catwoman. Yes, blushed WW as she swallowed it down. She then grabbed Jake's cock and started mouthing it. She rolled the huge cock in her mouth with her tongue and stroked the base of it with her hand. A blow job by WW was the ultimate experience for Jake and before long he was ready. With a grunt, he shot his load into Wonder Woman's mouth and then pulled out to continue spurting her face, hair and breasts. Don't waste any of it ordered Catwoman. It's sexy to show it like that all over your face and let it drool out of your mouth but in the end, you are to lick it all up and swallow every drop. Don't forget to clean off every man's cock either, instructed Catwoman. Wonder Woman obeyed as ordered, first scooping up the cum from her breasts with her fingers and then licking her fingers. She then cleaned off Jake's cock by wiping it clean with her tongue.

Not bad for a first day's work. This film will be a best-seller. Now I want you to watch these pornos and study what the women do, ordered Catwoman. I want you to be better than they are. You're already the best fuck on this planet just because of who you are but you can learn a lot from these girls. WW was left alone in her cell to watch hours and hours of hardcore pornography. She watched in a trance - amazed at what these girls did. She was surprised to see that she recognized most of the men - thugs that she had put away*. Damn that Jake - he raped me!* WW thought. She was sick to her stomach and felt like a failure. She was no better than the girls on film or prostitutes on the street. She wondered how this was happening to her and what was to become of her…