The Capture of Wonder Woman  

By The Willow

Wonder Woman


Here's one I wrote about Wonder Woman (late '70s - early '80s comic version). It's more "serious" than some of the other super-hero stories that have been posted in the past.


They had been tracking her movements for weeks. Wonder Woman had defeated the "Warlord" many months before by forcing him through a dimensional portal, which closed before he could return to this world. She had thought the issue settled then, and had moved on to other crises. Unfortunately, she hadn't been aware that, before battling her, he had left behind a Servant to care for his hideout and equipment. Through this equipment, he had contacted his servant with a plan for his revenge. Following his master's instructions, the Servant had built up a detailed dossier on her background, her fighting techniques, and her movement patterns and tendencies. He also had assembled the equipment needed for his Master's plans. Now, all was in readiness.

The Servant waited patiently on the skyscraper's roof. The dossier indicated that she would be flying by this 'scraper soon, as she always did. He looked around, at the twin beam machines and the mini-helicopter he had used for transport...and for escape, he thought, if things went wrong. He shivered at that thought; no, if he failed, with a super being like Wonder Woman, there would be no escape. His thoughts were interrupted by the tracking radar hooked to the beam machines: a plane moving at high velocity and following the same approach she usually followed. He scrambled to the helicopter, dug out a pair of night-vision glasses, and rushed back to the radar. He looked up, waited. Then he could see her appear, apparently piloting her 'invisible plane' through the night sky.

He set the tracking program for the first weapon, energized it's coils, and fired.

A high-frequency sonic burst enveloped her plane. He could see her put her hands to her ears to try to ward it off, but the shock was too powerful, and she slumped in her cockpit, unconscious. As the plane began to fall from the sky, Servant activated the second beam machine, and a tractor beam caught the plane and brought it in for a touchdown on the rooftop. Servant moved to the cockpit, fumbled around for a handhold, then found a grip and opened the cockpit "canopy". He lifted the unconscious Wonder Woman from the plane and carried her to the helicopter, where he quickly placed manacles on her wrists, for all Amazons lost their strength when chained by a man, the Princess Diana included. The Servant set a bomb to destroy the evidence when he had left, placed Wonder Woman across his lap, and flew off into the night sky.

Servant looked at the controls in the cavern, and smiled. Yes, everything was going as planned. He swept his gaze across the room: it was a triangularly-shaped cavern, with his part of the room spanning one side of the triangle and separated from of the rest of the cavern by a thick pane of glass. On the other side of the glass, a state of anti-gravity had been established, with the intersection of the other two walls shrouded in darkness; otherwise the cavern was well-lit.

Diana/Wonder Woman was in the anti-grav part of the room. She was naked and chained, spread-eagle, within a circle of iron. This ring of iron floated about the anti-grav chamber but was prevented from colliding with the sides by magnetic spikes which rimmed the iron ring; they reacted with sensors in the walls to constantly keep the ring moving slowly in three dimensions. Her "magic lasso of compulsion" and tiara were secured near the dark corner.

Servant had prepared her upon their arrival. First, after being stripped she had been injected with a drug which would keep her in a mental state halfway between consciousness and unconsciousness; his Master explained this as "while her mind is her most dangerous weapon, it can also be our window into her self..." Second, she had been chained within the ring so that her bonds would drain her strength, as the manacles had done. Third, and most important, he had attached a device called the "mesmerizer" to her. This was a device which covered her eyes and ears, and so created a feeling of sensory deprivation, as well as serving a more...sinister use, which would manifest itself shortly.

She gently floated and spun within the anti-grav chamber, her naked body exposed in all it's beauty and vulnerability. As the shock from the sonic blast abated, she almost recovered her senses, but then fell into the semi-conscious state induced by the drug. She found her mind growing rapidly more hazy as she opened her eyes to find only blackness.

"Uhhhh... where, am I?" she asked. For long moments her head moved around groggily, searching for clues to her situation but finding none, thanks to the restraints on her sight and hearing. "What IS this?" she asked again. She tested her limbs and found them bound, and she could feel her super-strength pulsing through her flesh as it was drawn away, pulled into the chains and dissipating. "My strength is g-gone. Gone! Being siphoned away..." she whispered.

Gradually she realized how helpless and vulnerable she now was, and tugged weakly against the steel imprisoning her. Another part of the Warlord's careful preparations had revealed itself: by being chained within the drifting ring, her sense of direction, already impaired by the sensory deprivation device, was totally destroyed, making escape almost impossible. She had a vague sense of floating, but this only added to her disorientation and confusion. Finally, spent for a time, her head slumped down and her long dark hair cascaded across her breasts as she moaned, "C-can't break free! Bound too well! But w-why? Why?"

Seeing that she had awakened, Servant activated the link to his Master. On the view screen before him, a figure nearly invisible in darkness appeared. Servant hesitated, as he always did whenever confronted with the Warlord's presence, then asked "Master? She has awakened, and appears ready. All you have instructed has been done."

A deep, foreboding voice responded, "Excellent. Energize the portal...and activate the mesmerizer."

With the flip of a few switches by the Servant, two things occurred. The darkened portion of the triangle within the anti-grav section began to glow, then to alternate colors, as if in a river of rainbows. Also, the unit which had thus far served to deprive Wonder Woman of sight and sound, activated. A small computer in the headset switched on, and began to track her eye movements. A series of low-intensity eye beams locked her gaze and followed her eyes wherever they ventured. She attempted to avert her eyes from the beams, without success; the computer was too fast for her now-sluggish reflexes. The beams then changed in their intensity, and the computer began to slowly probe her mind, in a program designed to weaken her will, lower her resistance, and make her vulnerable and malleable to another's will. This was an Amazon, though, the beams held her eyes, but even in her weakened state her will was still strong enough to ward off the machine's attempt to control her. The strain began to show through her body, though, with every muscle tensed and tight as she fought this inner battle. The chains which bound her continued to siphon off her willpower and strength, making her situation more desperate with each passing moment.

Meanwhile, the rainbow portal behind her had reached a crescendo of colors and light, then froze in mid-stream. Through it, a large masculine figure emerged, dressed in warrior's gear which strained against his muscles, gloves of leather and steel, loincloth, and a mask like grinning death--the Warlord had returned. He seemed immune to the effects of the anti-gravity, or at least was very skilled in navigating that environment. He floated near the iron ring imprisoning the princess, and admired her for many long moments. Her body was well-muscled, but also exuded femininity and vulnerability. By most men's standards, she was beautiful, especially naked and chained as she was, and though they were enemies, the Warlord could appreciate her beauty, and want her.

The Warlord extended his hand, and lightning leapt from his fingers to touch the spikes on the edges of the ring, causing the ring to stop floating and bring its captive before the Warlord. He smiled as he noted her tense, taut body and how her head writhed slightly from side to side, seeking release from the mesmerizer's psychic assault but finding no respite.

He floated to the edge of the glass, where the Servant waited for his command. "Slave, you have done well. What does the mesmerizer report?"

The servant consulted the control panel before him. "She is presenting substantial resistance, but her will appears to be gradually wearing down with fatigue, as expected. She appears ready for conversion into the desired molecular patterning."

The Warlord nodded. "Reduce power on the mesmerizer. It must not be damaged during conversion". As his servant sped to fulfill the command, the Warlord floated back before the ring.

As he floated close again, he noted that even in her struggle Wonder Woman was vaguely aware of her surroundings, moving her head now in attempts to seek out why her floating sensation had abated and why the intensity of the attacks on her mind had stopped. He extended his arms wide, and lightning enveloped the ring and it's captive. She cried out and redoubled her efforts against her bonds. 'The first conversion,' he thought to himself. 'It converts material objects, but only partially shifts flesh. Thus, more is needed...' He dropped his arms and the lightning ceased. She was now breathing heavily, and sweat began to cover her body in evidence of her ordeal. He moved the ring so that now she was slightly above him and her back to him.

He placed his gloved hands a few inches from her feet, and more concentrated electric shafts began to caress her flesh, beginning her molecular conversion to the Warlord's dimension. He slowly moved up her body, and the chains holding her feet tinkled slightly as she moved her legs in response to the sensation she was feeling. The hairs on her legs rose to touch the currents which kissed and teased them even as they did their work. "What's h..happening to me?" she asked, her voice tinged with a mix of curiosity and desperation. She could sense that something was happening, was changing, but could not tell what. Her legs, her thighs and ass, then her back and arms were touched and changed by the electricity. He grinned in anticipation as he rotated the ring, so that now her front was to him.

He began again with her legs, which repeated their sensuous dance with the electricity. He moved up, with the white lightning tracing her lips, then gliding around her head and touching the soft curves of her neck, causing a slight shutter to run the length of her body. He shifted to her arms and shoulders next, then halted for a moment. He moved closer, and placed his hands just above her chest. Electric tendrils enveloped her breasts, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her. The tendrils snaked out to encircle her waist, and playfully approached, then entered, her femininity. She emitted a long moan and she leaned her head back, nearly overcome by the flood of sensations which cascaded over her.

After a few moments, he lifted his hands and the electric tentacles withdrew, then disappeared. Diana's head fell into her chest; she was obviously weakened. He turned to the glass. "Slave, was the conversion a success?"

"Yes, Master. The instruments indicate she is fully converted to your side."

"And her physical condition?"

The servant consulted another panel of instruments. "Weakened, but that plays into your plan. She should be able to endure...the remainder."

Warlord drew himself up imperiously. "Excellent. You have done very well. Power is yours, in full measure. You shall be my emissary in this world." Servant fell to his knees, overcome. "Master, thank you, Master!".

"Now go, and begin preparations for the next operation, as I described before!" The servant scurried off, and the Warlord turned back to the woman.

He floated close, and reached out to adjust the mesmerizer. "No...please, no..." she whispered as the mind probe returned with even more power, now seeking to stimulate her sensual and sexual centers. The Warlord drifted back and released his loincloth, revealing an erect penis, obviously oiled and lubricated in preparation beforehand. He floated to her, and his hand gently grazed her side, enjoying her start as she gasped and shifted quickly away from his touch, which had surprised her, appearing to her as if out of nowhere. Now she knew she was not alone, and the mesmerizer played on her moment of uncertainty to chip another piece away from her resistance. Satisfied with that, he unexpectedly changed tactics and grasped her fisted hands, forcing her fingers apart with his. With this leverage, he captured her legs with his own and moved against her body. Her breasts touched his chest, which caused his erection to grow even further.

She felt him sliding against her body, his sudden presence against her causing her concentration to break for a moment, which allowed the mesmerizer to drain away more of her willpower. He moved his face near hers, so that she would smell and taste him with every breath. Slowly, he began to move into her body. Feeling the first probes of his member into her, she grimaced and tensed her muscles to resist, and for a moment, she was too tight for him to progress.

As she concentrated on preventing his possession of her body, she again was forced to divide her concentration between her battle with the Warlord and her struggle with the mental conversion powers of the device strapped around her head. Given the power of the mesmerizer, there was only one possible outcome: at the machine's bidding, she slowly began to climb to orgasm, her body readying itself for sex. Her nipples hardened against his chest, and he could feel her vaginal muscles start to lose their resistance, despite her determination to resist him. He felt this loosening, and began to slowly drive into her. Caught between the Warlord's assault on her body and the computer's assault on her mind, she was pushed to the threshold of her limits, then past them. "No...c-can't resist...anymore...too s-strong...ahhhh!" she cried as she was overwhelmed.

She gasped as her muscles relaxed and he thrust deeply into her, then her muscles contracted to hold him tight. They floated thus for many moments, he slowly and deeply thrusting in and out of her, the only sound being the "uh! uh! uh!" she moaned as his hard penis flowed in and out of her. He rubbed his chest against her breasts, then released one hand and cupped one soft breast in his leathered hand. He caressed and teased it, reveling in her vulnerability and helplessness. All this while, the mesmerizer was following it's program: with full access to her mind now, the Warlord's program implanted subliminal triggers and explored her subconscious, coaxing her to new depths of sensuality and awakening parts of her sexuality long hidden from herself...a seduction of the soul as complete as the Warlord's ravishing of her body.

They climbed to orgasm simultaneously, he propelled by his own desire and she pulled by the mesmerizer's machinations. At the machine's command, she arched her back and surrendered her flesh to him; his thrusts were so powerful that her hips developed a rhythm with them quickly, which allowed him to penetrate even more deeply into her. As the intensity of their activity grew, their sweat mingled and pooled over her belly, as well as drifting off into the anti-gravity space, creating the strange illusion of a kind of salty rain coming from their bodies. At the height of his possession of her, they climaxed at the same time, and she cried out with a scream that filled the chamber. She felt drowned in the sense of him as her womb expanded and was filled with his seed, overwhelming her sense of self and being. Her hips quivered with each powerful injection, and he put his hands on them to steady her as he continued to pour his sperm into her.

After a time, finally spent, the Warlord withdrew and examined his captive. Diana was covered with sweat, her long, dark hair cascading over her shoulders as her head sagged in defeat, and her pubic region was wet with oil and desire. He was satisfied, a good start. He retrieved his loincloth from its drifting, and moved toward the flowing portal. As he passed the ring, he reached out with the lightning and began to drag the ring, and her, with him towards the dimensional portal. As she moved towards it, some last vestige of resistance welled up within her and she desperately moved in her chains, trying to escape from being drawn beyond a portal she could sense but not see. He moved into the gateway, waited for the ring to catch up to him, then grasped her naked body. As he pulled her through she screamed, then collapsed in his arms, unconscious, as the portal sealed. Servant's computer automatically shut down as the portal de-energized, and the chamber fell into a deathly silence, marking the passing of Wonder Woman into the Warlord's realm.


They emerged through the dimensional portal into another anti-grav area, this one deep within the Warlord's stronghold. After pulling Wonder Woman's unconscious form through the portal, he sealed it, then stabilized the gyrations of the iron ring holding her body, until the ring was again floating in the weightlessness. Having accomplished the immediate tasks at hand, he allowed himself a few minutes of admiring his captive, enjoying the shape of her well-toned muscles under the smooth curves which defined her magnificent body.

He left her chained to the ring; after the shock of transference had subsided, her bonds would keep her powerless until he was ready again for her. He moved into an exit passage out of the anti-grav area, sealed off the anti-grav chamber, and walked through his citadel to his personal chambers. He cleaned and washed himself, removing the sweat and grime of the past few hours exercise and refreshing himself. He ate a leisurely supper, in no particular hurry to rush into the next step of his plan for her.

Presently, he returned to the anti-grav chamber, this time holding two long lengths of chain. She was conscious again, as evidenced by the rattling of her chains as she struggled. He tied the chain lengths securely to his belt, entered the anti-gravity area, and floated to where Wonder Woman was bound. He leisurely glided his fingers along her bare body, enjoying the feel of her warm skin in his hands. While she could still see and hear nothing, she could definitely feel his touch, and as he stroked her perfectly round ass, she gasped and redoubled her efforts to break free. He continued to caress and stroke her body, and the sensory deprivation state forced her to focus all of her attention on the sensations she was receiving from her body, total focus which only intensified her sensitivity to his touch.

Her body fascinated him, and he marveled at how her strength had melted away under the chain, leaving the soft form which was responding with an amazing animal eagerness to his touch. She moaned as he slowly moved his hands across her flank again. Clearly, she had tremendous sexual potential, and the prospects of bringing that potential to full fruition caused his cock to swell with excitement. He struggled against taking her again then and there, but satisfied himself with the knowledge there would be plenty of time for that, later.

After playing with her for a few moments more, he untied the chains from his belt and linked one length to her bracelets, the other to her ankle restraints. Having done this, he tripped hidden triggers on the links holding her to the iron ring, and she was released. For a moment he allowed her to free-float, then he grasped the curves of her waist and moved her towards the exit to the chamber. Though one part of her was excited at having his strong hands around her again, she was again thinking of escape. Approximating his position, she tried to aim a kick at his groin, but her new ankle restraints stopped her short as he pulled her into the exit portal.

As they entered the exit, she felt the full weight of gravity return, the chains now weighing her down. She struggled and twisted in his grasp, but her naked body was chained too well, his grip too strong, for her to slip away from him. The Warlord touched a dial on the mesmerizer and the machine hummed to life. Again its eye beams danced into her eyes, establishing contact, and she sighed deeply as her will to resist was drained from her. He lifted his now-pliant captive over his shoulders and carried her from the chamber, deeper into his stronghold...

The next day, the Warlord came to her. She was inside of a holding tube, dressed in her Wonder Woman uniform (minus her tiara and lasso). Wires encircled her bracelets, and through them an electric current flowed into her body, paralyzing her. Her vacant eyes stared blindly back at him, her consciousness taken from her by the electric power which kept her body in thrall. Around her hips was wrapped a device which looked very much like a chastity belt; this machine delicately stroked her clitoris and pubic area, not enough to cause great arousal, but enough to keep her body pumping out sexual hormones at a high level, making her sexual needs more and more urgent, needs which he would cultivate and use to break her. Judging from her ragged breathing, the machine was having its desired effect on her.

After checking the equipment to be sure she would remain neutralized, he turned and left the room, to prepare for the next stage in his program for her conversion. Her eyes never moved as he left, unconscious to the danger she was in...

She awoke, awareness gradually coming back to her. One of the first things she noticed was how stiff her entire body felt, almost as if she hadn't moved for days. She tried to stretch out, but found it to be a massive effort. She noticed that some kind of cloth was wrapped around her head, a simple but effective blindfold. From somewhere above her, a masculine voice said "She's awake. Take her to the master." Then she was being lifted from where she lay, and strong hands grasped her upper arms and stood her up, then began to half-carry, half-drag her forward. She was still weak and sore, not strong enough yet to break free, so she devoted herself to trying to shake off the drowsy mist her mind seemed to be caught in, with only mixed success.

She was led through long passages, her uniform and boots only keeping her somewhat warm against the chill drafts she felt. Soon, the guards stopped; she heard the >creak< of a door opening, then she was being led forward again. The low hum of electricity filled her ears as she moved ahead, then a deep male voice, different from the one she had awoke to, came out of the darkness and said "Place her there." She was led up a few steps, then the guards were gone. She heard the >creak< again, then all was silent except for the constant hum she heard. She waited for a moment, then took a tentative step forward.

Suddenly, she felt a rope encircle her shoulders, pinning her upper arms to her body. Feeling her will suddenly become weak, she recognized the sensation and knew that the "rope" binding her was her 'magic lasso of compulsion'. The male voice spoke again, commanding her. "Continue to stand where you are," it said, "do not attempt to move, or harm me. Do you understand?"

"Yes..." she replied as the lasso's power surged into her, "the lasso...compels obey."

"Good." the voice said, then she felt her blindfold being removed. She opened her eyes.

She found herself in the middle of a large chamber, standing on a raised circular platform which was illuminated by a circle of lights around it. The walls of the room were covered with circuitry and wires, as if the whole room were at the heart of one huge computer. She became aware of another person standing slightly behind her to one side, and she turned her head around, careful not to shift her feet (in keeping with his command). "You!" she cried, "You called yourself...the Warlord."

"Correct," he replied, "I'm flattered you remember me, princess. In exchange, I have a gift for you."

He lifted her tiara from a table behind him, displayed it to her, then put it in place on her forehead. She was glad to have the tiara back, and immediately attempted to order her robot plane to come to her. No response came to her call. While she was busy doing this, he turned around and used a pair of tongs to lift a small disk of intricate circuitry from the table. He raised it before her so that she could see it, and her eyes followed it as touched it to one side of the tiara, where it magnetically attached itself.

"You've captured me," she said as he turned back to the table, "are able to control my will with the lasso. But you'll never win!" He smiled at her defiance as he repeated the process with another disk, attaching it to the other side of her tiara as she asked, now with fear mixed in with the defiance, "What...what are you going to do with me? Why are you doing this to me?"

He walked away from her, to a computer console located along one side of the chamber. Still holding the lasso, he replied, "Some would think, merely as revenge for your having defeated and banished me from your Earth. But as I studied you, captured you, I came to realize that you had tremendous power and potential, and better than destroying you..." His speech trailed off as he reached for a dial, which he turned slowly as he finished, "...would be to take you, and make you mine. Sweet dreaming, Wonder Woman."

As he turned the dial, she felt the air around her body begin to ionize. Compelled by the lasso to stand still, she could but watch helplessly as a yellow-white tube of energy formed around her, flowing between the platform she was standing on and an identical structure on the ceiling above her. Soon, her body was surrounded by a cocoon of energy, with only a few feet between her body and the power that swirled around her. At this point, the Warlord whipped the lasso from her shoulders and drew it back to him. Freed from the lasso's power, Wonder Woman waited for a moment, thinking, then hesitantly reached one hand out into the energy, seeking a way through it.

She felt her fingers grow numb as they touched the energy, and she withdrew them quickly, as if burned. While she tried to massage her fingers back into feeling, the Warlord turned the dial again. At this, the energy began to close the gap around Wonder Woman. She noticed the energy growing closer, but had little recourse than to stand in the middle of the platform and try to think quickly of a plan for escape. None came to her before the energy closed close enough to touch her body. She felt her limbs begin to lose feeling, and she tried to contort her body away from the energy, but there was no more space left to escape. As she was slowly surrounded by the plasma, her body stopped responding to her commands, and her breathing began to slow. She shuttered once as the energy enclosed her totally, completing her enclosure.

Her body continued to slowly slip into a state of stasis; too late, she thought of removing the disks from her tiara, but her arms wouldn't move. Effectively paralyzed, she could do nothing but stare ahead at the Warlord, and wait. The Warlord saw her gaze begin to lose its focus, growing glassy and distant, and knew it was time to act again. Pressing another button on the control panel, he caused the plasma of the tube to become opaque, obscuring her view of the outside world. Her vision was quickly reduced to the yellow-white of her energy prison, alone with her thoughts, with no outside stimulus to distract her from what was to come. She did not see him reach for another switch, but she did feel her feet rise from the floor as she was levitated into the center of the energy tube, thus losing her last concrete contact with the world outside the containment field.

He waited a few moments, then typed a few lines into the keyboard before him. With these commands, the disks on her tiara sprung into activation. They were specifically designed to replicate the action of the "mental radio" she used to communicate with her mother on Paradise Island. By using already well-established mental avenues into her mind, the disks were able to quickly link with her mind, manipulating her before she realized what was happening and causing her to slip into a state similar to deep hypnosis. Having accomplished this, the disks then opened a link to the Warlord's main computer. On the screen before him, the Warlord saw the words "COMPUTER LINK... ESTABLISHED" flash, and the main program began to run. At first, the program analyzed her main brain patterns and gently probed carefully selected sections of her subconscious. Soon, the initial probes were complete, whereupon the computer signaled the Warlord that it was ready to proceed. He pressed one final button, and waited.

The computer pulled Wonder Woman's mind into itself, its data banks filling with her self, her soul. She was given the hypnotic suggestion that she was swimming in a cold mountain stream, so she accepted without resistance the chill sensation of being drawn into the cold circuitry of the machine. To her, the illusion was very real; to the computer, she was just another collection of data, to be manipulated according to the Warlord's wishes.

The computer began to slowly erase selected parts of her mind, piece by piece. The longer she bathed in this electronic Lathe, the more her memory was wiped clean by the machine. The mesmerizer's conditioning had mainly been designed to prevent her from attempting certain actions; this was far, far more, nothing less than the total reconstruction of her mind. For perhaps a moment, some part of her realized that the stream was not real, and instinctively tried to close her mind to it. She was too far along in her conversion to have any chance at succeeding, though, and the computer's hypnotic hold over her surged and blasted away the last shards of her willpower. Then she thought no more, too battered from this final assault to remain in control. The tiara's mental link remained open, though, and through it the computer continued to reprogram her.

The brainwashing process, the Warlord knew, would take a long time. Something as complicated and delicate as a mind could not be remade overnight without causing considerable trauma, and he saw no need to expose her to that. For today, he mainly concentrated on erasing her memory of her capture and of him... without this, she would be less likely to resist future sessions, and the disorientation she would experience upon awakening naked in his bed each morning without any knowledge of how she got there or who he was would keep her off-balance, which would help the reprogramming considerably. As more and more of her mind was erased, and as her sexual hunger increased, she would be more susceptible to the suggestions he would place in her about who she was: his lover, his Queen, his slave.

Diana experienced the Warlord's reconstruction program as a step-by-step shift in memory and belief. One reality slipped into another, newer reality. The computer expertly manipulated her subconscious to minimize any trauma or stress the reconstruction may create; whenever a part of her memory was erased and replaced by a memory suggested by the Warlord's program, in her illusion she suddenly found herself immersed in the cold stream, and when she surfaced she could not recall, could not even remember that anything was missing. In effect, he provided the framework and design of her new self, but her subconscious created the details and memories to fit this design, and since he was merely awakening parts of her self which had always been there, just suppressed, she would accept her new reality as perfectly natural and true. Her dark side, always kept under control by her good side before, would be gradually brought into dominance.

For now, after a few hours, he lowered her in the tube, then deactivated it. She stood in place for a moment, then her feet gave way and she collapsed in a heap on the floor. The menacing figure of the Warlord loomed over her for a moment, then she scooped her up and carried her away to his bedroom. In the morning, he would begin her sexual training. Oh, he reflected, it would have been easy enough to include that in the programming, but he preferred it this way. Some things need the human touch...


Wonder Woman awoke in a huge bed chamber, feeling drowsy and disoriented. She remembered the past few days as a druglike fog... her head felt strange, though, almost as though someone else was there. Putting her hands to her forehead, she found that her bracelets were now bound by silken braids... tied by a man, she thought, feeling her strength being siphoned away by her bonds. The sheets slid from her body as she sat up against the pillows, revealing that her uniform had been replaced by a delicate bra and panties, nothing more. She was surprised by this, but had no time to apprise her situation further as she heard the door to the chamber open. A muscular, bare-chested man entered, holding one hand behind his back, smiling at her menacingly as he approached the bed.

She stood up shakily and, clutching a sheet to herself, asked " I? Who are you?" She looked down at her body. "Where, is my uniform?"

"Your uniform is unnecessary for your duties here," he answered, then quickly whipped her magic lasso from behind his back and threw a loop of its golden rope over her. "Wha...oh." she murmured as a loop of the golden lasso whispered around her bare shoulders. He tugged on the unbreakable golden rope and began to pull her to him. She tightly grasped the lasso with one hand and attempted to resist being dragged to him while trying to keep the sheet covering her in place with the other hand, but was too weak to succeed in her struggle. In the process, she provided him with quite a bit of entertainment as she twisted and squirmed in her futile struggle, a blur of flesh and lingerie. Presently, she stood before him, beautiful and defiant even in her weakened state.

He said, "The lasso, it forces you to obey my commands, correct?"

"Yes," she replied angrily, "it, forces me to...obey."

He smiled at this, and at her obvious dislike for being a captive. "Good. I command you to not attempt to escape, nor attempt to harm me. Do you understand?"

She growled back at him, "Yes, I understand...damn you."

He smiled at her curse and tightly grasped the lasso as he commanded her, "Drop the sheet." She did so, exposing her body to him. "Next, remove your bra and panties, princess; you will not be needing them for our... interplay."

She didn't like the sound of that, but the power of the lasso surged into her, and against her will her hands went to the front of the bra, unclasping and opening it. Her ripe breasts sprung free as the bra fell to the floor. Her face remained set in a mask of defiance as she grasped the strings of the bikini. Leaning down, she pulled it off to join the bra at her feet, providing him with a spectacular view of her now-bare hips and ass as she did so. She stood up, now stripped, and the way he was hungrily gazing at her left little doubt about his intents.

"Now," he whispered lustily, "embrace me!" Again the lasso surged, and she moved forward to close the space between them; as she placed her arms around him and pressed her warm, naked body against his, she felt his penis begin to grow and rise against her.

"By Hera," she said with as much conviction as she could muster, "whoever you are, you'll pay for this!"

He laughed, kissed her unwilling lips, and replied, "Perhaps so, princess. But undoubtedly, you will first." Leaning close to her, he whispered the word "submit" into her ear.

With that trigger word, she was overcome by the subliminal program which had been implanted in her during her capture, since supplemented during her reprogramming session. She leaned against him in her disorientation as she felt her resistance and anger slowly drain from her. He supported her even as he guided her back to the bed. Unobtrusively he removed the lasso from her, trusting in the subliminals and his own will to keep her in his power. A look of puzzlement played on her face as he gently leaned her back into the bed. "Wha, what are you..?" He put a finger to her lips to silence her, then removed a knife from his belt and cut the braids tying her wrists.

As she rubbed her wrists and tried to make sense of her situation, he deftly replaced the knife and removed a pair of restraints and a blindfold from his belt, closing one end of each restraint to opposite bedposts and letting their other ends swing free. He then untied his belt, allowing his loincloth to fall to the floor and reveal his nakedness to her. He was clearly enjoying her disoriented state, and enjoyed even more the strange mix of fear and questioning which played across her face as he laid down beside her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned her back against the mattress, all the while watching her face for any sign of anger or resistance. He found none; the subliminals and programming had short-circuited her ability to resist, replacing it with confusion and malleability.

He reached out and firmly grasped her wrists, directing them into the waiting cuffs. "No..." she whispered as the restraints sealed around her bracelets with a pair of clicks. As they swung home, she closed her eyes and felt her strength flee under his bondage. While her eyes were closed, he wrapped the blindfold around her head. Then, he reached past her and lifted a black lace garter from one of the bedposts. Slowly, he slid it up her right leg, moving higher and higher. She could feel his hands moving slowly up her smooth leg and tried to summon up the will to resist, to stop him, but was able to manage only a small moan as she vainly pulled against the chains of her restraints. He finally stopped, only inches from her feminine lips, where he let the garter stretch and cling in place against her thigh. Her body began to react to his touch, and as he lightly ran his hand over the top layer of her pubic hair he could feel the moisture begin to build through it. He smiled, feeling her grow wetter as his hand grazed across her clitoris.

He leaned close to her; "Why, Diana," he asked, as he lightly traced her side with a finger, "haven't you ever mated with a man before?"

"" she whispered, feeling his trailing hand as it ventured ever lower, "I was forbidden, lest I succumb to the influence of Man's world."

He smiled predatorily; "Learn well, then," he finished, then rolled against her.

Diana's breasts compressed delightfully against his chest as he applied his full weight onto her. She felt his warmth and strength envelop her, overcome her, dominate her. She struggled for breath, then felt her panic be replaced with calm as the subliminal programming asserted its hold over her. She seemed about to speak, which he prevented directly: his kiss was sudden, yet not overly hard, drinking in the taste of her uncertain lips. She gasped as she felt his lips slide down her body, to encircle one of her nipples. Her virgin breasts tasted of sweet vanilla, and they enlarged and filled under his ministrations. While his mouth was busy teasing her breasts, his fingers were tracing her lips, and she licked around her mouth as his touch orally stimulated her. As his tongue circled the rim of her aureole, he could feel her nipple harden under his mouth. She was almost his, now. He lowered his hips to touch hers, belly pressing against belly as his penis rapidly grew erect, yearning to enter her.

She felt the touch of his member against her femininity, an act which served as a shock to momentarily weaken the hold of the subliminals over her. Summoning up the last of her willpower, she lowered herself from him, breaking contact for a moment. To no avail: she was stopped by the soft mattress underneath her and the metal surrounding her wrists, and as she felt him reestablish himself atop her, her moment of resistance passed and she was again in his power. This time, as she felt his penis begin to probe her inner thighs, she slowly spread her legs and opened herself to his invasion. "Better," he whispered, then moved in to fully possess her.

With one smooth movement, he was inside her. As he entered her, she quaked under him and writhed against the pillow and sheets. He touched her body to guide her natural movements, beginning his training of her in the art of lovemaking and in being his slave. He began to slowly, rhythmically thrust into her, and her back flexed sensually in response. He was excited by having such a beautiful, soft, yet athletic partner, her curves meshing perfectly into his body. He ran his lips along her neck and rubbed his penis along her sensitive clitoris, enjoying the moan of surprise and pleasure this elicited from her. Then he began to pump in and out of her, her hips sliding back and forth with each insertion into her. "Oooohhhhhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" she cried. With him inside her body now, his presence undeniable, the state of heightened sensitivity he had painstakingly created in her finally overwhelmed her, and she was lost.

As his rhythm grew in intensity, she locked her legs against his back and matched his rhythm, her flesh caressing and squeezing his cock as he grew even larger and neared release. She felt him grow larger, ever larger inside her, part of her amazed at how big he was, the space between her legs completely filled with his flesh. "Steevvveeee!!!" she screamed, as she climaxed. Then he roared as his semen exploded into her body, infusing her with part of him, filling her. He felt her body buckle and move in order to maintain contact with him as long as possible.

After their mating was complete he held her against him, enjoying the contact of flesh against flesh, of her softness and her smell, and of the knowledge that his domination of her was just beginning...

By this time, her colleagues in the Justice League had noticed her disappearance, and made a brave effort to locate her. Unfortunately, the Warlord had taken painstaking care to cover his tracks, and while the JLA could have found her had she been in the Earth-1 dimension, she had been taken across a dimensional barrier when the Warlord kidnapped her, and their search was in vain.

While the Justice League's efforts to locate her were meeting with failure, the reprogramming of Wonder Woman was proceeding. In mornings, she would awake in a daze, her memory of the previous day having been wiped clean, along with another part of her superheroine persona. Initially, she resisted the reality he presented to her, and he would have to fall back on his subliminal control over her before continuing her sexual training. Over time, though, she fell more and more under his influence, under a spell she would not awaken from.

By day, he continued to reprogram her, reshaping bit by bit each part of her psyche while draining her of her memories and will to resist. He still had her dress in her Wonder Woman uniform for the sessions; he found it enjoyable to be reminded of the woman she was, making his capture of her all the sweeter. After the first few sessions, though, her boots had been replaced by red high heels, a symbol of the woman she was becoming. When they were deeper into the process, her uniform itself was altered considerably: the golden falcon pattern still covered her breasts, but the rest of the uniform, down to her hips, had been cut away, so that now her midsection and belly were bare, the falcon now reduced to a bra which left much of her cleavage exposed. The blue-and-star bottom had also been reduced, until all that was left was a string bikini which rode high on her hips.

Her captive body was used the Warlord continuously for his pleasure. For the first stages of her sexual training, he kept her chained and powerless; otherwise, her super-strength would have caused her muscles to crush his penis when she reached orgasm. Also, she was too weak while chained to resist him, an advantage in the early stages which he used to take full possession of her sexuality. Over time, though, she was conditioned to control her super-strength during their sessions, and her tightness was the stuff of dreams. After her uniform had been altered, he had her begin to wear that to bed, his stripping away of it each night a symbolic reflection of how he was he was stripping away her self.

The day was not long in coming when her uniform was totally gone. For a time, he kept her completely naked, reinforcing to her his total control of her environment, her body, her mind...and her soul. As her reprogramming neared its apex, one day he again allowed her to wear clothing. He dressed her in garb more suited to her new persona: her chest was sealed in a tight black leather girdle which was dominated by a screaming death falcon insignia, a dark macabre mirror of her old uniform which would come to represent horror and death to the Warlord's enemies.

He tied a leather G-string around on her hips, the knots firm but easily untied whenever he desired access to her. Finally, he had her kneel before him, and he circled her neck with a leather collar, the front of it inscribed with his seal, marking her undeniably as his. He knew he owned her, completely, irreversibly, when he closed the latch on the collar, and she whispered, unbidden, the word he had been waiting to hear from her:


She was now almost totally brainwashed. As the weeks wore on, in the bedroom, not only did her ability to please and excite him increase as she grew more skilled, but being kept in constant, regular exposure to his powerfully potent vitality resulted in his successful impregnation of her body. Having chosen her to serve as the vessel by which his progeny would enter the world, he took great pleasure from stroking her fat belly while she was pregnant with his child, enjoying the ultimate violation of her being. As she began to fill out, felt the kicks and movements of his child within her serve as a constant physical reminder of her link to him, the last vestiges of the old Wonder Woman began to disappear, and she slipped into her role as the Warlord's slave and concubine.

Soon enough after bearing his child, she became a lethal weapon in the Warlord's forces and the perfect mate for his evil. She was a new woman now, her strong body the only link to her past as she fought against those she once fought with, in the name of the Warlord, her lord, her Master. She was never freed from his domination.

And thus it came to pass that Wonder Woman was captured and seduced by the forces of darkness, whom she serves to this day.


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