Missions of Supergirl - #6: Loose Ends, Split Ends, WHATEVER!

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Added Date:11/20/2022

Supergirl spent a day in Alma Alta, the capital of the Kazakh Republic (a part of the former U.S.S.R.), recovering from a rough fight she had had the day before with a Russian named Rodino. Her body, being ravaged by synthetic green Kryptonite lodged deep inside her vagina, was further weakened by recent battles, the long flight to Russia, and then by her battle with Rodino. The tall Russian had incredible strength and his skin was reinforced with metal, making him a very formidable opponent for the Girl of Tomorrow. Despite initial setbacks, she finally defeated him and helped recover six Russian SS-21 mobile ICBMs which Rodino intended to use for nuclear blackmail, apparently to regain some of the prestige or power of the old U.S.S.R.

Rested, feeling much stronger than she has felt in days, Supergirl is ready to leave the home of the Russian scientist who had been her point of contact here. Sergei Gregorivich speaks English quite well, and was very helpful in her mission to recover the missiles. After the mission, he took the battered, bruised, and very tired woman into his home. He and his wife gave her a good home-cooked meal, pleasant conversation, and a soft bed to in which she could rest and recover her strength.

Supergirl is ready for the long flight home after subduing Rodino. He had beaten her pretty soundly while she was weakened from the green k. Numerous attempts before this mission, to remove the last bits of the green k from her body had failed. But now, using her super vision, Supergirl is gratified to see that NONE of the gel-like substance remains in her body! Apparently, several recent explosions inside her love canal have flushed the green K out of her system!

Supergirl is BACK!! Thanking her hosts again, the Maid of Might leaps into the air over his modest home and aims northward. Testing her powers, she rises higher and higher into the stratosphere and as she races northward, she swoops and banks like someone flying for the first time. She revels in the joy and excitement of having her super powers at full strength again. As the flight takes her over the frigid wastes above the Arctic Circle, she almost laughs aloud. Flying to the Kazakh Republic just 36 hours ago quickly fatigued her but now, even though she pushes herself, she feels no different than a normal person would feel walking on a sidewalk.

As her spirits, like her body, soar over the frozen water of the Arctic Ocean, Supergirl decides that she is ready to deal with some loose ends from previous missions. Specifically, she wants to capture Swift Bear, a Native American living in the mountains east of Taos, New Mexico. Then, and with some trepidation, she will track down and capture MixMaster, the super villainess who stole advanced technology for sale or for her own use. And someone who had defeated the Girl of Steel twice!

As Supergirl flies, she extends her super vision until she can actually look into the room in Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital where her cousin Superman was recovering from his capture and torture by MixMaster. While investigating the Dallas area, he had been trapped by MixMaster and her home-made batch of green K. She kept him chained, his costume covered with enough green K to keep him powerless. In fact the prolonged exposure nearly poisoned him to death.

Supergirl smiles - her super vision shows her that someone else is now using the room that had held Superman. Scanning the Metropolis area, she spots him back in his own apartment, in his jammies, being tended by his girl friend Lois Lane.

Making a quick decision the Girl of Steel banks to her left and alters her course toward England.

A short time later, a familiar figure in blue, red and yellow approaches the wind-swept fields near Stonehenge in southwestern England. She had worked recently with England's premier super heroine, Britannia, and knew from their conversations that the woman's home was somewhere near the ancient monument. Cold wind and rain covers Stonehenge in a dark gray mist. The winter moor seems as bleak and lifeless as the tundra in northern Russia.

Britannia had told Supergirl to stand on one of the site's lintel stones - THERE, that one, atop those two vertical stones! Then, the instructions said, simply call out "BRITANNIA". Feeling a bit silly, the Girl of Steel lands lightly on the huge old stone, looks around sheepishly, and utters the woman's name and ... POOF!

Supergirl is instantly transported to a different place - like the inside of what one might imagine to be a peasant's cottage, but with no windows or doors. One rough-hewn plaster and wood wall holds a series of shelves heavily laden with books, scrolls, and odds and ends. Tables or other furniture, also piled high with books and scrolls and who knows what other stuff line the other three walls of the room. So much for any stereotypes of Britannia being a neat, orderly, prim woman. A large fireplace in the center of one wall has a roaring fire going quite nicely, causing shadows on the walls to dance merrily and making the room seem incredibly warm and hospitable. Despite her invulnerability, Supergirl thinks that she can feel the fireplace warming the room and her invulnerable body. She notes that the rainwater that had coated her body is gone and even her blond hair is dry and fluffy.

A huge stuffed chair sits In the middle of the room on a large rug, flanked by small tables on either side. The English Enchantress, Britannia, lounges in the chair in a lotus position, cradling a large cup of ... tea (?). The white-haired woman has a very thin figure with smallish breasts. She appears to be about 40 years old. She is dressed in her costume, which consists of a white and red bodysuit (which hugs every curve, as if it's painted on her body). The front is a British flag, the Union Jack, stretching sideways from her neckline to just above her thin waist. Elbow-length white leather gloves on her hands and black knee-high leather buccaneer boots with rolled-down tops and a white mask that covers her forehead and reaches down over her cheeks complete most of her costume. The Englishwoman's long red cape and hood hang nearby on an old fashioned wooden coat rack. The woman's famous Isle Sceptre, a wand topped by a diamond, lies on a table beside the sorceress. The sceptre is, according to legend, a gift from Merlin the magician.

"Well," Britannia says, placing the cup in a saucer on one of the flanking tables, "I'm surprised but also very happy to see you here, Supergirl! To what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

"Mnn," Supergirl says, stepping toward the other woman, "first off, you can call me Kara. My name on my home world of Krypton is too hard to pronounce so I go by that. Oh, and I REALLY like your home! Uh, do you usually wear your costume even when off duty?"

"Kara, sit down! And you may call me Gwen - short for Gwynyth. I can't tell you my full name either, but in my case, no one who uses majicks likes to have her full name known, by ANYone! And my costume, this chair, this whole room in fact, exists only when I'm with other people. Otherwise, I'm ... elsewhere ... and quite naked, actually (and I hope that I don't shock you with this revelation)! I find clothes too confining, usually."

Supergirl considers what this woman says, intrigued briefly at the thought of what the woman's body might look like - the costume certainly hides nothing! Suddenly she feels a pressure against the back of her knees. "Yipe," Supergirl says, when a chair suddenly materializes behind her. She lets herself fall backward into the seat facing the older woman. She crosses her legs in a lotus position like her host. Then she gasps with surprise when a large cup of tea suddenly appears in front of her, hovering a few inches above her lap. Taking the cup and saucer, she has a quick sip and continues. "Gwen, I wonder if you could give me some advice on how to deal with a bad guy back in the States. I get the impression that he uses some kind of magic."

"Of course, Kara, I'd be quite pleased to help you! Tell me about this man, as much as you can! And you must'nt omit any details, however minor! You have no idea how something that seems insignificant can, in fact, be very crucial when dealing with majicks."

Supergirl recounts her confrontation with Swift Bear in the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside Taos. She explains how the man had apparently approached her undetected, and how she suddenly was ... well, overwhelmed by the man's smell, appearance, his ... presence! She couldn't help herself, but very easily and quickly surrendered her body to him, letting the man rape her, even ENJOYING the rape! She wanted ... no, NEEDED to please him. Supergirl also tells of the man bragging that he took the powers of things as he needed them. Kara admits that she felt very weak when dealing with him, but maybe that was due to poisoning by the synthetic green K. He was very strong and was able to give and take a terrific amount of punishment, as she soon learned. Her fight with him was very vicious at times. She concludes by saying that the man called himself a shaman for his tribe, and that he stole the B-1 bomber and its nuclear-tipped cruise missiles while they were in the air, so he could take the power of the missiles and help his tribe could regain its rightful place of power in the American southwest.

Britannia listens to Supergirl's story, slowly sipping tea from a cup that never seems to empty. When the story ends, Britannia sits silently for a few moments reflecting. "Well," she finally says, putting the cup back onto its saucer. "You most definitely DID deal with someone who uses majicks. What I find particularly perplexing, though is a combination of several different effects. The man is either a very talented amateur, or a very powerful sorcerer who severely underestimated your powers, Kara. Let me try to explain ...

"A very simple natural majick involves using the abilities of others - people, animals, inanimate objects. You have to have natural ties to a mystical realm, as I do, and as I'm sure he does, from what you've just said. Then one just visualizes an object or person or animal - let's just call them sources. One concentrates on the source (its texture, its shape, how it smells or sounds, how it feels), constructs a copy in the mind's eye (no ... I'll tell you about the eye some other time), and one gets the ability in question. Now, this only lasts as long as the image lasts - distractions or loss of concentration can easily destroy the image and end one's ability to use whatever was stolen.

"If the ability is something one wants to keep, or be able to call upon readily, one must progress to totem majick. You either use a copy of the source, or have the actual source on your person. For example, let's say your friend Swift Bear wants to be light as a feather. He keeps a feather on his body somewhere, and its touch allows him to tap into its ability - in this case, light weight. If he wants to be hard as a rock, well, he keeps a particularly hard rock - granite, for example, on his body in contact with his skin.

"This works very well for small things with one ability or characteristic. Inanimate objects, simple insects and animals, that lot. For more complex sources, like larger animals, people and so on, one must create a totem - something that is a simulacra or representative of the source.

"Now, and this is very important, this requires something OF the source, some personal possession, which is put on the totem. This could be hair, nail clippings, bits of clothing, or anything personal to the source. Some preliminary spells establish a link between the sorcerer and the source through the totem. Then the sorcerer (or sorceress, for that matter) can tap into the source and steal the abilities, characteristics, or even such things as the soul, will, or essential goodness or evil, with almost no effort.

"The so-called voodoo witch doctors or houngan in Haiti, for example, will take a person's hair and nail clippings, make a small model of the person from a special wax, and seal the hair and nail clippings inside the wax. This is the totem; it's used to steal the source's free will. The source becomes a zombi with no will of his own. The person's mind goes blank and he literally has no idea of what is happening to his body. Everything is controlled by the houngan.

"Instead of taking control of the person's body, a sorcerer might take something from the source. The person's knowledge, special skills, personality traits ... anything, in fact could just as easily be stolen by the sorcerer. Whenever anything is stolen like this, the source loses the ability to use it. So if someone had prepared a totem of you, and has it on his person, he could steal your flying power, and you would be unable to fly. However, he could also just as easily use a spell to steal your will - your ability to think and act for yourself, your awareness of who you are! You would become a zombi, unable to resist obeying commands by him or anyone else who tells you what to do.

"Now, the perplexing part of your story concerns this Swift Bear chap. If we assume that he DOES practice totem majick, then why didn't he take part of your costume, or your hair, or clip your nails, and make a totem? You say that you blacked out when you had sex, yes? Well, if he is as powerful a shaman as I believe him to be, then why didn't he use the opportunity to make a totem to control you or steal your powers?"

Shuddering inwardly at the thought that someone might control her will make her his helpless puppet or steal her powers, Supergirl suggests, "Well, I'm invulnerable, so there's no way he could cut my hair or nails. Also, I'm sure he didn't expect to see me there looking for the plane, Gwen." After a pause, Supergirl asks, "And how could he capture a bomber in mid-flight, anyway?"

"I believe you're right, Kara. He didn't expect you. He was also probably quite frustrated when he saw that he couldn't cut your hair or nails. I'm sure he tried when you lost consciousness. As for the plane, well, I rather suspect that he somehow encountered one of the pilots somewhere on the ground and made a proper totem of the man. Then Swift Bear just had to know when the man and his plane were in the air. Swift Bear could take over the man's will and direct him to divert the plane.

"Kara, you are dealing with a very powerful and obviously dangerous man. Now, I must attend to a problem that has suddenly risen ... I might even say was resurrected ... in Wallachia. I simply MUST go there now, child. If you can wait a few days, I'll gladly help you subdue this Swift Bear chap ..."

"Thanks, Gwen, but I don't want him to be free and planning more mischief. I'll go after him and I'll be really careful! I'll look for him from a distance, then swoop down, knock him out, and haul him off to jail!"

"Yes ... well, if you're set in your course, Kara, I won't try to dissuade you. However, I would be relieved if you would take ..." the English Enchantress says, rising from her chair. She walks to a cabinet along one wall and after rummaging through drawers for a few seconds, she turns back toward the Maid of Might. "Kara, please wear this ward," Britannia says, pressing a white leather strip into one of Supergirl's hands. "Just put it around your neck or forehead and press the ends together. It will seal itself wherever you put it, and will stretch or shrink for a tight fit. If you get into a very dangerous situation, just say Help me, Britannia, and I will be sense your need. I'll use the abilities of this talisman to find you fly with all speed to your aid."

Reluctant to have magic stuff on her body, Supergirl none-the-less takes the leather strip, a thin band about an inch wide and nine inches long. Thinking a moment, she puts the band around her throat. When she touches the two ends together, the band contracts and makes a tight (but not uncomfortable) fit around her thin neck. "How, er, how do I take this off, when I change back into my secret identity?" she asks the witch.

"Just grasp it with both hands and pull it apart, Kara. It will yield to your pull. Now, let me return you to Stonehenge ..."

"Uh, Gwen, before you send me away, can you tell me where is this cottage?"

"No, and you don't want to know, Kara. Ta!" POOF! Supergirl is again standing precariously atop one of the stones at Stonehenge. Wasting no time, the Maid of Might leaps into the air and flies westward, toward Taos, New Mexico in search of Swift Bear. Time to kick some Native American ASS!

As soon as her guest leaves, Britannia regrets sending the Girl of Steel off alone to deal with the Indian shaman. If he really IS powerful, as she suspects ... But the Englishwoman knows that she has to get to Wallachia. She feels a strong disturbance in the balance between good and evil in the vicinity of a small town near Ploesti, Rumania. Donning her cloak and adjusting its hood so that it covers her face down to the middle of her eyes, she grabs her sceptre and leaves her majick place to begin the long slow flight eastward across Europe to the southern edge of the Transylvanian Alps.

As Supergirl flies west across the Atlantic and crosses the American coast, she formulates a plan. She will land on high ground east of the town and Native American pueblo. She doesn't believe that Swift Bear can fly, so maybe he didn't steal that power from a bird. Anyway, from a high perch she could scan the mountains with her super vision until she sees the man. Then she can fly down, knock him out with one or two blows (first hit can't be too hard - don't want to rip off his head!). Once he's out, she can strip him of everything but his leggings, tie him up, and take him to Albuquerque or Dallas and turn him over to the feds.

As she flies, she gains altitude and speed until she's at the edge of the stratosphere, clicking along well past several thousand miles an hour. At this speed, she'll be in the mountains in a few minutes! Better start looking for a place to land.

An hour later, Supergirl lands gently on a large flat stone high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Her super vision quickly locates the small canyon in which Swift Bear had kept the hijacked plane and its crew. No sign of the shaman! Slowly, the Girl of Steel starts scanning in circles, ever widening circles, looking for signs of the renegade. She periodically looks around the nearby slopes in case Swift Bear tries to sneak up to her perch and surprise her. The time is just a little before 9 in the morning, and she enjoys the feel of the warm sun on her back, the birds chirping nearby, and a light breeze from the north. She has all day to find him, and doesn't doubt that this can be wrapped up before sundown!

At the same moment, Britannia flies into Rumania from the northwest. Supergirl's visit delayed this trip - she won't reach her destination until after 6 p.m., and will have only a little over an hour of daylight left. Well, she couldn't very well refuse to see the younger woman. That just is not done. But she can't delay this trip any longer - even one more night is unthinkable to the English Enchantress.

She approaches the town of Slonic from the northwest. Already shadows from surrounding mountains are darkening the lower spots around the small hill town. Britannia traces the source of the negative vibrations she's felt the last two days to a large run-down mansion on a hill at the edge of town.

The building began life in the early 1700s as the home of a wealthy nobleman. Eventually growing to about 30 rooms, the large gray stone estate house had experienced its share of ups and downs. Sometimes members of the nobleman's family managed their property from the house, other times it was vacant for decades. The fierce combat accompanying the Soviet invasion of Rumania in the later stages of World War II managed to bypass the town, leaving it, the local Keep, and the estate unscarred. The last owners of the house fled the area with the retreating Germans, never to return.

During the forty years of rule by Rumanian Communists, the estate had eventually been taken over by the State and used as administrative offices for this part of the Transylvanian Alps. This town is just a quiet backwater, not on any major routes over the mountains. The stolid bureaucrats had never liked the place, even refusing to be there before sun-up or after dark. In the past few years, with the collapse of Communism, the bureaucrats were happy to leave the mansion and move their jobs down the road to a larger town. Again the house was abandoned atop its lonely, windswept hill.

Britannia lands lightly near the mansion's front door, her cloak billowing as her boots touch the gravel pathway. Even the birds avoid this hill. Moving to the front door, she finds it unlocked. The heroine slowly opens one of the two huge portals and enters the dark foyer beyond. The place had apparently been abandoned quickly and some ago. Bits of office paraphernalia - framed documents, office supplies, a broken chair - lie scattered in the rooms she can see from the foyer. Cobwebs cover the stairway's bannister and fill every corner. Moving slowly, eyes scanning all around her, the woman begins checking the ground floor rooms. After just a few moments, she creates a makeshift torch from a chair leg and discarded rags. The torch helps her see as the setting sun's rays create long shadows and dark nooks throughout the old house. The sorceress shivers involuntarily when a cold wind blowing through broken windows chills her by rapidly cooling her skin.

Supergirl has spent about 20 minutes scanning the mountains for signs of Swift Bear, with occasional checks of her immediate area, but has seen no signs of his presence. Her searches were so intensive that she missed the approach from the north of first one, then several more clouds. As the cumulus clouds approached her peak, they seemed to stop and build into a larger, darker cloud. Now there is a massive thunderhead rising over 35,000 feet, just to the north of Supergirl's peak. The cloud continues to build and darken as the Maid of Might, unaware of the phenomenon, intensely searches the distant hills southwest of her peak.

Suddenly Supergirl stops scanning the distant hills and valleys. "What ... ?" she says to herself, "why ... why is it so QUIET all of a sudden!?" Turning, she finally notices the huge black cloud overhead and less than a mile north of her perch.

"The birds aren't singing ... ," she muses when she hears a loud THAK-THAKKAAHH BOOM and suddenly a powerful a lightning bolt arcs downward from the cloud, hitting the blue-clad figure on her chest, just above her famous red S. The tremendous blast blows the girl off the peak, over the side of the mountain, and sends her body tumbling out of control, downward. Her body bounces off the slope, or careers among boulders, some the size of houses. Her super hard body even dislodges some of them from the rocky soil to roll down the slope behind her body. Supergirl is awake and wasn't badly hurt by the blast, but it WAS powerful enough that she needs a moment to regain her bearings. She's unable to recover them bouncing down the steep slope. Several times she lands on a flat spot and her fall stops, only to have a sea of sliding gravel and boulders hit her and push her into another descent. Twice, as her body slows, one of the huge boulders following her smashes into her body, slightly stunning the woman, and batting her body downward, ever downward.

Several minutes later, a slightly disoriented Supergirl lies half-submerged in an icy mountain stream, her skirt and legs under water, the rest of her body face-down on the stream bank. Grunting, the Maid of Might begins to lift herself up from the bank, thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed and even a little sore. She had worried so much about Swift Bear's powers and instead was surprised by a lousy summer storm! Kneeling in the stream, trying to brush some of the dirt off her cute costume, she's suddenly hammered with a second powerful lightning strike, this time it hits on the S symbol in the middle of her cape. The powerful energy pours through the indestructible cape and smashes her back between her shoulder blades. This new blast throws the woman forward, driving her torso partially into the muddy stream bank. Slightly stunned by the second violent strike, Supergirl moans as she lies in the mud.

"Nnnhh!" she says, "I can't believe the luck! I need a second to clear my ... ". Raising her head slightly above the muddy bank, a third powerful bolt crashes downward and hits the top of the blond woman's head. This time, when her body slams into the stream bank, she passes blissfully into a dark sleep, her beautiful yellow hair snarled and sizzling and the water around her legs boiling. The clouds begin to dissipate after spending all their energy in three unbelievably powerful bursts rather than the fifty or one hundred strikes of a normal storm.

Minutes later, Swift Bear reaches Supergirl's side, jogging up the steep slope, grinning at the ease with which he's overpowered this meddlesome woman. "THANK YOU FOR THE WARNING, MY BROTHERS!" he shouts at the circling hawks. Looking toward the collapsing thunderhead, he yells "THANK YOU, QUAN-KE-NIL, FOR YOUR STORM'S POWER!"

"This time, yellow hair," the native says, stooping beside the unconscious heroine, "I won't underestimate your abilities. I have prepared some things for you, little girl, so you don't shame me again on my homeland! Now let's see ... " he says, rolling the woman onto her back and examining her body, "Hmm! I didn't see this before!" He tries to put his fingers between the white leather band and her neck, but can't pull the leather away from her white skin. Struggling for a moment, he decides that it must be some kind of alien technology. Hey! Maybe it's how she gets her powers! Feeling around her neck, trying to find a seam or catch, he searches for a way to remove the band but is frustrated by the lack of any way to remove it. In a rage, Swift Bear pulls out his ceremonial knife and hacks at the band, knowing his knife won't even scratch Supergirl's skin. Where the crude, home-made iron blade hits Supergirl's neck, sparks fly and the edge of the knife dulls. The band, however, separates immediately and falls off her neck. Swift Bear retrieves the band and slips it into his belt pouch, noting sadly that it appears to be nothing more than a nice leather band.

"Odd, the way it tingles," he says, "maybe I should have left it on you as a collar, slut." The shaman rises to his feet and reaches down for the unconscious woman. Holding her limp body high over his head, he yells a victory chant in his ancient tongue, then lowers the woman onto his shoulder and begins to jog back to his home.

A few moments later, Swift Bear and his prisoner enter his retreat, a cave high in the mountains. After his battle with the Girl of Steel, he came here to sweat, to think, to study his craft as a shaman for his tribe, the Red Willow Creek people of the Taos Pueblo. His single purpose the past year or so had been to find a way to restore their land and power (stolen from them by white and red men alike). He had easily seduced the female co-pilot of an Air Force bomber, then used his hold on the woman's soul to bring the silly cow AND her plane to Taos.

Swift Bear wanted the plane and its crew to hold for ransom. He was surprised when he found that he didn't just steal a massively-expensive plane and its crew, he got one with nuclear missiles inside! He was planning how he might use their power to help his people when ... when this ... this super bitch came to the reservation, looking for the missiles and the jet. She defeated him somehow and escaped with everything! He was the laughingstock of his tribe, thanks to this woman! But he KNEW she would eventually return to take him to the white man's jail. So he returned to his mountain stronghold and prepared to meet her again. By the time the birds told him of her arrival, he had already prepared several powerful natural forces to assist him in overpowering the Krypton woman.

Minutes after entering the cave, the Maid of Might slowly regains consciousness. After opening her eyes and clearing her brain, she begins to examine her situation. "What in Rao's name HIT me?!?" she thinks, her head throbbing slightly from the last and most powerful lightning strike. She had arrived here less than an hour ago and here she is, in the back of some cave, hanging from ... from a climber's piton embedded in the stone ceiling!?! A rope twists around her upper and lower arms and loops around itself several times near her wrists, then continues on to the piton above her head. Her arms are tightly bound together and the rope holds her suspended, her boots swinging over a foot above the cave floor. Across the cave, Swift Bear is hunched over a fire or something, his back toward the Maid of Might.

"Well," she decides, "these ropes certainly won't hold ME very long! And I guess I DID find him, so ... " Supergirl effortlessly spreads her arms and the ropes easily snap apart. The woman drops down, landing lightly on her feet. The shaman apparently didn't hear her get free - he's still working on something. Supergirl makes a quick examination of her uniform, then begins walking toward Swift Bear.

Britannia has searched all three floors of the mansion but still hasn't found her prey. The sun has dropped below the ridge to the west of the mansion and the rooms are now very dark. Even with wind whistling through the broken windows, the hooded heroine hears things ... rats? ... skittering across the floor in dark corners or in the walls themselves! Grimly determined to find the evil in this place, the English super heroine returns to the first floor to find a way into the fetid places under the house.

Minutes later, a frustrated sorceress returns to the mansion's cavernous main hall. She can't find a cellar door, she's searched the entire mansion, and has still failed to find her quarry. Britannia approaches the room's fireplace, a huge stone structure large enough to park a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle behind the andirons! Dispirited, the woman hopes that a cheery fire might help dispel the gloom in the house and in her heart while she considers her next course of action. As the English Enchantress drops her torch onto some half-burned logs and scraps of paper in one corner of the fireplace, a grating sound startles her. Several of the huge blocks in the back of the fireplace begin moving, sliding into their neighbors, revealing a dark passageway to someplace behind the fireplace.

"Oh, how very melodramatic!" Britannia says sarcastically, peering into the stygian blackness. Stepping toward the opening, carefully maneuvering her cloak over the sputtering fire she has just started, she halts abruptly when a tall thin figure suddenly appears in the hole. "So!" she says, stepping backward into the main hall, "another rat crawls out of it's priest hole!" She laughs inwardly at her pun - a beast of pure evil in a secret room to safeguard priests! One of her legs slides backward slightly and her hands move to her hips in the classic super heroine power pose, her famous Isle Sceptre pressed between the palm of her left hand and her hip.

The dark figure steps over the fire and glides across the dusty wooden floor of the hall, its feet seem to be an inch or so off the floor! Stopping just inches from the woman, the figure reveals itself to be a thin man with pasty white skin, yellow teeth, and a powerful stench around itself. The creature mutters something in Romany, then again in German when the woman fails to respond.

"I'm sorry, Count, but I'm sure I don't understand you," Britannia says, taking a half-step backward. She sweeps her arm in a circle in front of the man and mutters something under her breath. "Do you understand me, now?" she asks him. When the man recoils, shock on his face, she continues, "I don't know who brought you here, or who made you, but I mean to find out, one way or another, before I kill you. Now, who are you and how did you arrive in this place?"

The man is momentarily stunned by the situation - a beautiful, mysterious AGGRESSIVE woman who gestures and suddenly enables one to speak in tongues! Sorcery! "I am Gheorghe Giurescu, woman, and who are YOU!" he says, stepping closer. Britannia notes that the man is dressed in the fashion of a wealthy Rumanian from earlier in the century. "You are in MY house, woman. You will answer MY questions!"

Again Britannia steps backward, her boot heel thudding on the wooden floor. She doesn't want to underestimate his power. "I am called Britannia," she replies in a loud, clear voice, chin held high, her taut little breasts straining at the fabric of her bodysuit. "I am here to see that your foul presence no longer soils this land." She raises her sceptre to fire an eldritch force blast if the beast continues moving toward her. "Again, who brought you back to this place?" she boldly says to the man.

"I have been here since I was a child," the man replies. "This is my home, woman. I became like this in 1910. I was ... restrained ... some years ago when some religious icons were placed on my grave by a priest, but a few days ago a peasant took them away, hoping to sell them. He told me this when he returned later that night to steal more of the treasures hidden in my family's house ... just before he died. It is GOOD to again walk these hills of my childhood. I have been ... away ... since that German army officer and his priest ... Well, that is neither here nor there.

"So you object to my presence here, woman? What if I object to YOUR presence? YOU are not Rumanian! That is an English flag you wear, is it not? Has your King defeated the German Nazis and conquered all of Europe while I ... slept?" The man continues slowly walking toward the British heroine, waving his hands near each side of his waist, hoping to distract the woman. "I hope you don't think that the cross in your flag will stop me," he hisses, "because only a blessed religious icon of my faith will work, and I am Eastern Rite Orthodox."

"Well, Georgie," she says, Anglicizing his name, "Rumanians still control this land. I protect them and all other decent people from beasts like you who belong in Hell or on some other astral planes. I will not PERMIT you to take one more life to sustain your wretched existence!" Britannia points her sceptre at his chest and starts to utter a spell to stop his inexorable advance when her eyelids suddenly flutter and droop and her muscles turn to jelly. Unable to control herself, her arm sags downward and she drops her mystic wand onto the hardwood floor. Her arms fall to her sides and, through a mind suddenly flooded with seething images and random phrases in a strange tongue, she helplessly watches the vampire approach, baring his fangs in a hideous smile.

Of course Swift Bear is aware that his prisoner is free. He heard her snap the ropes binding her arms and he heard her boots hit the hard floor of the cave when she landed. He can even hear the soft swish of her skirt brushing against her silky thighs as she walks toward him. Swift Bear is too busy to deal with the woman directly. Besides, his first confrontation with Supergirl demonstrated the futility of half-hearted methods for dominating this woman. As he mutters the last part of a chant under his breath, Swift Bear wraps the white leather band, taken from Supergirl's neck, around a small wooden figurine - a decidedly feminine-shaped carving he made after his first encounter with the Girl of Steel.

As he finishes the chant he rises slowly to his feet, holding the totem in front of his face. Blowing lightly on it, he intones, "Stop! Stand where you are, woman! Submit to my will." Turning, the man smiles at the sight of the Maid of Might not more than two feet away, eyes open wide, a shocked look on her face. Her arms hang limply at her sides. Swift Bear can see her trying to move, struggling to raise her arms or turn her head, but she can't even remove the look of surprise from her face.

"I have your band, girl," the shaman says, passing one side of the frozen heroine, moving behind her. He walks up to her back, pressing his body against hers, trapping her cape and skirt between his body and hers. One large hand begins caressing the outside of her arm, stroking her through the thin fabric of her top. His other hand brushes aside her hair, allowing him to bring his lips down to press against the back of her neck. He slowly works his lips around to one side of her neck, lightly kissing the woman or flicking his tongue at her skin. His light kisses march up from her neck, stopping when he reaches her ear, where he begins to nibble her ear lobe, then lightly runs his tongue around the outside edge of her ear. His free hand caresses her taut abdomen and works slowly upward, cupping one breast, fingers squeezing a nipple that has hardened rapidly. When he darts a damp tongue into her ear while squeezing her nipple, her long low moan pleases him tremendously.

"I have pulled your spirit from your throat band, woman, and will use it to make you my slave," Swift Bear says, running his hands all over the woman's blouse, stroking her lightly but erotically, causing her to wet the thin blue strip of fabric between her legs and stream down one thigh. "I will steal ALL of your powers, then keep you here to please me as I conquer THE WORLD for my people!"

Supergirl moans and, with a strenuous exertion, closes her eyes.

"Do you MOCK me!?" the vampire says, stopping just inches away from the helpless Englishwoman. "First you threaten and insult me, now you stand here like a lovely statue. Why have you suddenly become so silent?" Taking another step forward, he carefully kicks her sceptre with one foot, sending it spinning across the floor into a dark corner. Another step and the two beings are just inches apart. Still no response! Gheorghe slowly raises his arms and carefully lifts the woman's hood, letting it fall backward against the top of her cape. He is several inches taller than the heroine and the hood had blocked his view of her face, her hair, her ... neck. The woman STILL makes no response!!

Inside her mind, Britannia is struggling mightily with ... with ... an intruder. Images, sounds, FEELINGS ("nnnhhh!" she sighs in her mind as a strange, sensual and powerful feeling sweeps across her virginal body). Dimly aware of the vampire now starting to caress her body, Britannia tries to make sense of the strange force that controls her body. She sees ... darkness ... stone ... a fire.

"Nnnhhhh!" she moans as the vampire drags one hand across her breast, from right to left, pausing to pinch each nipple in turn. His other hand grabs the hair at the back of her head and tilts her head backward, raising her bright red lips toward his mouth.

"Supergirl ... the band!" Britannia says to herself as she suddenly realizes what she's seeing in her mind. "What the BLOODY HELL has that girl gotten herself into now!" Britannia rages as the vampire's lips lightly touch hers. Of COURSE! That red Indian shaman must be USING the white leather choker which the English Enchantress had given to Supergirl. Since it was really HER property, his spell is affecting BOTH women. But his spell MUST be less powerful since the majicks are working against two women, not entirely against one. Maybe Kara can use her other powers ... "Nnngh!" Britannia moans as the vampire lightly runs one hand across her bush and between her legs.

When the beast feels a dampness between her legs, he grins evilly and runs one long fingernail around one of Britannia's blood-engorged nipples. Her nipples have grown large from Swift Bear's magicks and the vampire's touch - they form two little tents in the fabric covering her breasts. The vampire doesn't understand why she's not reacting to him as women normally do and doesn't know whether to kill her quickly or toy with her until her fear causes her to finally react to him. Blood tastes better when laced with fear, he knows, but he has also never been much of a risk taker.

Britannia realizes that if she can help Supergirl regain control of her powers and destroy the band, the American heroine will break his spell and end this ... this loss of will to the shaman. Drawing her attention inward, ignoring the vampire sniffing her neck, pawing her body, AND LICKING HER LIPS! ... the sorceress projects an image at her partner on the other side of the world. "Please ... PLEASE FREE YOURSELF!!" Britannia wills Supergirl. But less than a minute later, Britannia herself moans long and deeply as one of the vampire's long bony fingers probes past her labia majora or outer lips and pokes at her clit through her costume.

Slipping the totem into the waistband of his leather leggings, Swift Bear, still behind his captive, reaches around Supergirl and grasps the waistband her skirt. "I will torment this woman, destroy her mind even as I steal her powers," he decides. His large hands fumble for a moment, then unhook the buckle on her belt. Moving his hands back to her hips, he sticks a thumb between the skirt's waistband and her shirt and pulls her red skirt down, past her knees, down to her ankles, taking special care to lightly caress the front of her thighs with his hands. Bracing her body by pressing his shoulder against her bared buttocks, Swift Bear lifts her feet, one at a time, and removes her skirt, tossing it aside. Then he slowly rises to his feet, dragging his hands up the inside of Supergirl's legs, along her soft thighs, to the tip of her crotch. As the heroine moans softly, Swift Bear lightly traces the edge of her nether lips with one finger, putting a slight bit of pressure against the fold over her clit, before running his fingers through her bush and up to her belly. As his hands pass above her pubic mound, he spreads out his fingers and presses inward, dragging his hands across her rock hard stomach muscles.

"Nnn-nnnn ... NNNOOO!!" Supergirl moans, feeling her body becoming aroused by both her helplessness and his caresses. "This can't ... nnnMMNNMGGHH ... c-can't happen ... mmmm ... to me!" As his hands move across her stomach, she can feel a stream of liquid drain down along the inside of her thigh. When his rough, brown hands reach the underside of her breasts, he cups the bottom of each one and lifts upward. "Oh, gods ... hnhnhnhnh. Puh-please let him stooooppp!" she gasps. Her breath has become a series of fast pants for air and his powerful grip on her breasts sends an electric thrill through her super body.

Suddenly, an image flashes into her mind ... a powerful image ... from where? From what? Again the image hammers her mind, causing her to wince from its effect. Suddenly, she envisions the white leather band tied around some ... some ... indistinct object. "Now what?" the woman wonders in frustration. Then she moans, "MMNNnnnnhhhh!", tries to sag or lean into his caresses, but can't get any responses from her muscles. In her mind, the object under the band suddenly begins to smoke and then flares into flames and becomes ash. Finally, a plaintive "youmusttry" penetrates her brain. Britannia!

Swift Bear moves around to Supergirl's front and presses his body against hers, slipping one leg between her's, raising it until his knee presses against her crotch. One hand squeezes her rock hard ass while the other, cupping the back of her head in its palm, twists her face upward toward his waiting lips. The taller man lightly brushes his lips against the Maid of Might's. His tongue darts out and teases her briefly, forces her lips to part so his tongue can dart inside, teasing the tip of her tongue.

As the woman moans and her breathing increases, Swift Bear's penis begins to throb and swell. His huge tool presses against his leather breeches, pushing against Supergirl's stomach. For a second time, the shaman has the most powerful woman in the world in his control, helpless to resist him! THAT alone gives him a rush of power, but to also have her as his sex toy is a feeling beyond description. The more she moans or shudders from his attentions, the more aroused he becomes. Swift Bear knows that he will play this woman like a tribal drum, pounding her defenses until she becomes his willing and loyal sex slave. First he has to break her will by showing her that her body was no longer hers to command. Then he must steal her super powers.

Swift Bear steps away from the helpless Maid of Might and smiles at her plight. A tear on her cheek is the first indication of her slide under his control.

"Raise your arms, woman!" he commands triumphantly. Her arms slowly rise toward the roof of the cave. "Now STRIP!" he roars, laughing as her hands drop down to her waist and began to remove her costume.

The vampire pulls away from the strange woman. He has never seen one like her - so beautiful, so arrogant, and yet so unwilling to resist his advance. Almost as if she WANTS him to bite her neck, to take her blood? "Yessss," he says, eyeing the woman standing motionless and silent before him, "I see now that you WANT me to bite your neck. I do not see what you have planned, though ... Are you acting like this because you want to become a vampire yourself? TELL ME YOUR PLANS!"

Britannia is about to respond to his command when a stronger command makes her arms suddenly shoot upward. The startled vampire steps backward again, anticipating a sudden mystical attack but nothing occurs. He becomes even more confused when the woman's arms drop and she begins to unbuckle the cloak, letting it drop to the dusty floor. Then she bends partly at the waist and removes her boots, dropping them to the floor.

Behind glazed eyes, the heroine rages in fury. "That BLOODY red Indian is just too powerful," her mind screams. "But I was a fool for not establishing personal wards and protective spells. I prepared for vampires, not for a sorcerer on the other side of the world!" The worst part is that Swift Bear's eldritch powers are obviously split between herself and Supergirl - his power must be INCREDIBLE!

"But if I know what's going on, he doesn't completely own me," she realizes, "and Supergirl also must be aware of what's happening to her." Every command the shaman gives to Supergirl, through the intercession of the totem, affects both women (especially the Englishwoman, though, since the effigy uses HER leather band). But his magical strength is split between TWO bodies, not one, and THAT is his weakness! But how to get Supergirl to act against it?

The English Enchantress slowly removes her gloves and tosses them on top of her boots, then moves her hands to her neckline to begin to remove her bodysuit. Her hands tremble as part of her mind struggles to control her human muscles. The vampire watches the attractive woman undress and in fear he backs toward his hole in the fireplace, wary of some strange ploy to overpower him. He desperately wants this woman, wants her blood (he can smell her fear and, more importantly SMELL that she's a VIRGIN!). He also knows that he's a very inexperienced vampire - he had crossed over around 1910. He realizes that he must tread carefully lest some powerful foe (maybe this woman!?) kills him as the other vampires in this area were slaughtered during the 1940s.

As Britannia feels her hands tugging the bodysuit downwards, her mind screams out to Supergirl, begging her to destroy the totem. The Englishwoman regrets that too many of her physical majicks require the use of her hands or her sceptre. Trapped inside her mind, there are too few incantations she can use against her enemies.

The naked Girl of Steel stands before Swift Bear, trembling. Swift Bear assumes that the woman has finally realized her fate and shakes from fear. Actually, she's trying to do something, ANYTHING with her muscles, working each group as hard as she can, trying to find something that works. But her raw naked power can't defeat the spell dominating her. At least the bastard isn't touching her body any more!

Swift Bear wants the woman to realize that his power is greater than hers. He reaches into the pouch on his belt and retrieves an object, clasping it in his hand. Closing his eyes momentarily, he opens them and steps forward. Suddenly, his powerfully-muscled right arm slashes forward, his huge fist hitting her face in a tremendous blow that throws her backward into a wall of the cave. As she slumps to the ground, blinking her eyes, trying to focus on the shaman, he moves forward to stand over the naked girl and lifts her by her long blond hair. When he has the girl hanging with her feet an inch off the floor of the cave, he smiles briefly, then smashes his right fist into the girl's stomach, causing her to WHOOF and expel the air in her lungs. She doubles over from the unexpected pain of his blow.

"When I went to the White Sands Missile Range a few years ago, during one of their annual Open House opportunities to visit the site of the first atomic bomb blast, I managed to steal this, Supergirl," he explains, opening his palm. There is a small dark gray pebble in his hand. "This is depleted uranium, one of the strongest substances known to man. I have put the nature of that pellet in this hand, Supergirl, and will use it to help you understand who is your master. Nod if you understand. Good." He suddenly slashes his fist upward, smashing into her jaw. Supergirl flies backward, but his grip on her hair just snaps her back painfully to hang limply in front of him. Supergirl is astounded that his magic-powered blows hurt her invulnerable body. As she hangs limply in his hand, she moans from the pain of his blows, from her inability to fight back, and (even worse) how much her body is getting sexually stimulated by her helplessness.

"NOW we will try a punch using you OWN strength against you, to see how YOU like your so-called super punches." Swift Bear puts the pellet back into his pouch and takes the wooden figurine from his waistband. Holding it in front of Supergirl's teary eyes, he begins a slow chant, smiling at his helpless prey. "Look up, woman, LOOK AT THE MEANS OF YOUR DESTRUCTION!" Swift Bear roars, shaking the Girl of Steel like a kitten held by its neck.

Gheorghe Giurescu stares at this strange woman before him. She's STRIPPING right before his eyes, before a deadly vampire! Her eyes look directly at him, never blinking, never wavering. He has backed into the edge of the priest hole, ready to run inside and close the door should she suddenly move against him. He watches her boots and gloves hit the floor, then his eyes follow her long thin fingers as they reach for the neckline of her skin-tight costume. Squirming, twisting her body left, then right, the woman pulls the white and red bodysuit past her shoulders, then downward, freeing first one arm, then the other. Then the fabric rolls down her body to her waist, exposing her small, firm breasts. Even in the dark, Gheorghe can see that her nipples have become hard pink nubs in the center of large aureolas. He watches the woman roll her bodysuit downward, past slim hips, past a white, partially-shaved pudenda and down her silky white thighs. The woman leans forward to slide the costume down below her knees when she suddenly shakes her shoulders and stands up, facing the vampire.

The thoroughly confused vampire, now lusting after her milky-white body and virgin blood, can restrain himself no longer. He lets out a feral roar and springs from the back of the huge fireplace toward the strange. He flies across an eight foot wide stretch of floor, opening his arms in mid-flight. His shoulder hits the woman's waist just below her breasts and the two fly backward to slam into a wall. He can hear her moan as they fall to the floor, her back against the wall. He roughly shoves her sideways and Britannia falls onto her right side. The vampire scrambles off the woman's hips and hunkers down near her neck, his fangs poised to bite deeply into her vein. STILL the woman says nothing, does nothing to defend herself. WHAT DOES SHE HAVE PLANNED!!

Swift Bear's thrall obeys his last command and raises her eyes to look at the totem. In an instant, Supergirl realizes that he's given her control over her eye muscles! Blinking back the tears his punches had caused, the Maid of Might flashes a tight blast of heat vision at the wooden totem, the photonic particles causing it to flash into incandescence before vaporizing. Swift Bear screams and releases Supergirl's hair, letting her naked body drop to the floor of the cave where she collapses into a ball on her knees and calves.

Swift Bear's right hand has VANISHED! Supergirl was unable to fully control her newly-freed muscles and the intensity of her heat blast disintegrated the totem AND his hand, cauterizing his wrist in the process. The burst of energy continued on to punch a softball-sized hole in the wall of the cave. The incredible pain stabs deeply into Swift Bear's mind and he staggers backward across the cave, away from Supergirl, wailing from the intense pain.

"NOW YOU WILL DIE, BITCH!" he roars and sobs. Reaching the far wall of the cave, he rummages through his things, looking for something to defeat this blond PAIN IN THE ASS!!

The vampire's right hand crushes Britannia's breast, pressing her backward against the wall, while his other hand holds her hair and had pulls it away from her neck, bending her neck, exposing it to his fangs. On his knees beside the strange woman, he leans forward to taste the rare treat of virgin blood.

Gheorghe Giurescu suddenly SCREAMS in pain when the woman's hand grabs his testicles and squeezes. He may be dead, he may have the limpest of limp dicks on the planet, but his BALLS are still sensitive to her powerful grip. Britannia squeezes him and literally lifts him off the floor with the one hand gripping his balls. He flails his arms, trying to reach her hands and his unsupported torso drops, smashing him face first onto the hardwood floor, digging his fangs into the wood.

"Oh, you foul FOUL CREATURE!" the woman hisses at him, suddenly VERY animated. "Kara has finally broken the shaman's spell!" the sorceress realizes. "But she must have also destroyed the leather band since I can't sense its existence on this plane."

Rising to her knees, then to her feet, nearly-nude woman slips behind the vampire, now lying face-downward on the floor. Ignoring her bodysuit now lying bunched around her ankles, Britannia, enraged in a way few beings have ever seen and lived to talk about, raises her arms and begins invoking a spell of banishment. Vampires don't like daylight ... tends to kill them. And she intends to send this ... this THING ... INTO THE SUN!! Thoughts of getting information from him have disappeared like Swift Bear's control over her body.

The Girl of Steel regains some control over her muscles and slowly pulls herself to her feet. Her eyes follow the tall, well-built shaman as he staggers into one corner of the cave. On weak legs, the heroine sags against the wall, but in a moment recovers some of her star-fueled strength. Supergirl pushes away from the wall and slowly moves toward the shaman. His magic had worked quickly and effectively, weakening her ability to control her muscles. She had only wanted to burn the totem, but when she shot the burst of heat vision, her eye muscles spasmed, sending a blast through his hand, through the carving, even through the wall of the cave.

As Swift Bear turns back to face the Blonde Bombshell, the woman reaches him and before his completes his turn, she presses her naked body against his, pinning his left arm against his side. The two crash against the crude shelf and she reaches around him to restrain his right arm. Shouting a native curse, the man manages to turn slightly and bring his left arm upward, breaking Supergirl's clasped hands apart. As his arm continues to rise, he pushes her away from his side, sending the woman staggering backward, still not fully in control of her muscles.

Now facing the Maid of Might, Swift Bear raises his left arm over his head. Holding a ceremonial rattle, he begins chanting and shaking the rattle at the woman. Supergirl moves back toward him but is suddenly thrown back across the length of the cave to smash into the wall. Again she slides downward, landing on her butt. The dazed heroine shakes her head to clear it. "How do I STOP this bastard?" she curses, raising one hand to the side of her head. "He's got more tricks up his sleeve than Houdini!"

Swift Bear puts the rattle into his clenched teeth and moves toward the fallen heroine. She watches the tall man advance toward her, his left hand trying to dig something out of a pouch on the right side of his breeches. Supergirl remembers the pellet of depleted uranium he had in the pouch, remembers how painful his fist felt when he used it against her. As his fingers fiddle with the opening, she leans forward and again shoots a blast of heat vision at the man. Her control is better this time. The blast of heat ignites the leather pouch, the flames causing Swift Bear to pause, alternately fanning the pouch and blowing on his burned fingertips.

Grimly, Supergirl struggles back to her feet. Even with the battering he's given her, she feels her strength and muscle control returning.

Gheorghe Giurescu pulls his fangs out of the hardwood floor of his family's mansion and overhears the woman, now behind him, mumbling something in a strange language. Utterly unsure now of what this woman wants to do to him, his only thought now is to flee. He rolls sideways, hoping to get away from her and to his feet. As he rolls, his legs catch Britannia's and she drops onto her butt, breaking her concentration and ending her chant.

The vampire completes his roll and easily rises to his feet. Looking briefly back at the strange Englishwoman, naked except for a pile of red and white fabric around her ankles, Gheorghe is torn by both a desire to flee and another to control this woman and drink her blood. Despite this lust he realizes that the witch poses too great a threat to his existence, so he turns and dives through a window, shattering the remaining panes of glass.

"Unh!" Britannia grunts when the vampire KICKS her legs out from under her. "DAMN!" she mutters, "the bastard bollixed my spell!" She watches him rise to his feet and briefly glance back at her. She's about to blast him with a BE ELSEWHERE spell (which would displace its victim either to her home astral plane or to any other nearby location - like the heart of the sun) when the beast dives through a window, escaping. "DamndamnDAMN!" the English Enchantress curses, rising to her feet. She takes one step toward the window and falls forward, tripped by the costume wrapped around her ankles.

Britannia quickly moves one hand and intones a spell and is suddenly dressed in her costume and holding her sceptre in her hand. Rising to her feet, she wastes no time and dives out of the window after the vampire. However, while he had fallen onto the lawn below the window, the Isle Sceptre helps Britannia float over the lawn and then rise over the top of the hillock.

There, at the end of the driveway! A dark figure runs toward the large wooden gate, gaping open and offering a way off the estate. One of the gate's panels is bent inward at an awkward angle, hanging on one massive iron hinge. The English Enchantress points her sceptre at the panel and mumbles a brief eldritch command. As the vampire nears the opening, the wooden gate door suddenly explodes and throws scores of large slivers toward the beast, like a Hellish shotgun blast. Hardwood shards, ranging in size from mere inches in length to a several pieces one or two feet in length slam into the vampire and throw him onto his back. As Britannia swoops down toward the vampire, his body dissolves - many of the wooden pieces had ripped through his heart, destroying the beast.

Britannia doesn't need to land now - she can feel the ether around her cleansing itself of his foul presence. "I must see what that rash American has gotten herself into," the English Enchantress says. She uses her sceptre to regain altitude and begin the long slow flight to the United States and Supergirl. She creates a layer of still air around her body as her speed passes fifty, eighty, then one hundred thirty miles and hour. She finally reaches her best speed of over two hundred miles an hour and begins the slow flight toward America.

"DAMN YOU, WOMAN!" Swift Bear roars when his fingers are burned by the medicine bag on his hip as it's engulfed in flames. The rattle falls to the floor of the cave as he opens his mouth to curse her. He kneels to retrieve the rattle - he will crush the woman with the rattle's powers. He looks up in time to see the naked blond heroine slam into his head. Again they fly across the cave and smash against the wall of the cave and drop to the floor. Supergirl deftly reaches down and grabs the rattle in her left hand. As they struggle for control of the mystical device, each one kicks the other in the groin.

Swift Bear's height allows his knee to smash Supergirl's crotch while her knee is still moving toward his. While the shaman doesn't have enough strength to hurt the woman, the blow to her genitals does surprise her and she reflexively releases the rattle and rises on his knee, flying upward and to one side and away from the man. Her knee, in turn, is deflected by Swift Bear's thigh. Landing on her side beside the man, she immediately swings one arm in a broad arc over her body, landing a closed fist on Swift Bear's chest in a powerful blow that breaks several of his ribs.

"AAIIEEE!!" he screams, convulsing in pain. His reflex spasm sends the rattle spinning through the air to land several feet away. Swift Bear is quickly running out of tools to use on this woman. His magic relies almost exclusively on the use of magic devices (plus appropriate spells and incantations) and this ... this BITCH has rapidly separated all of them from him! Before he can rise to his feet another powerful blow from her fist hits his chin. Swift Bear's head slams back onto the hard stone floor of the cave and he slips into unconsciousness.

Supergirl is overjoyed to see that the shaman is finally out of the fight. Slowly, almost painfully, she pulls herself up onto one elbow, then struggles to her feet. As the naked blond goddess looms over her tall Native American foe, she is again amazed at how magnificent his body looks and how powerfully she is still attracted to the man. If only he wasn't her foe ...

Looking around the cave, the Girl of Steel spots some lengths of rope which she uses to secure her captive. She quickly pins his arms behind his back and several feet of the thick rope wrap tightly around his arms several times, above and below the elbows. Several lengths of the rope are also wrapped around his chest, pinning his arms against his back. Another piece of rope binds his legs, both above and below the knee, into a tight ball-crushing vise. Rolling the man onto his stomach, the Maid of Might uses a final length of rope to tie his legs to his arms, bending his body in a painful bow. To complete her job, the Girl of Steel gathers several pieces of cloth and stuffs them into his mouth, then uses a piece of leather to gag him.

"I sure hope this holds him until I turn him over to the feds," she says. Standing again, she heads across the cave to retrieve her costume and get dressed. A minute or so later, the Maid of Might returns to the still-unconscious shaman and lifts him (one hand under his back, the other cradling his taut ass). Walking to the mouth of the cave, the heroine easily leaps into the air and flies toward Dallas to give him to the regional FBI office.

Britannia eventually joins the Maid of Might in Dallas a day later. The English Enchantress gives the FBI men some tips on restraining a powerful sorcerer, then the two women leave the FBI office. As they enter an elevator, Britannia invokes a spell and when the elevator stops in the lobby, two rather average-looking women in business suits leave it and walk down the block to a restaurant for tea and conversation.