A Heroine's Gotta Do: What a Heroine's Gota Do! Part1 seg1  

A Heroine's Gotta Do
What a Heroine's Gotta Do!
Part 1, Segment 1.

Written: 5/9/07 - 10/24/07
Revised: 1/17/12 - 02/12/2012

(Wonder Woman, M/F, X-Rated for sexual content, Comic characters, non-consensual sex.)

SUBJECT: Even Wonder Woman can be the subject of extortion. Sometimes, a heroine's gotta do what a heroine's gotta do!

WARNING: This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Professor Beneker and Dr. Noland are owned by the creators of Cirosikk. I have attempted to contact Cirosikk asking permission to use his characters to continue the story Cirosikk started, WW issue, #2 which apparently he abandoned in December, 2005. I have received no response from Cirosikk. If Cirosikk contacts me and objects to my work, I will immediately withdraw it.

Meanwhile, this story picks up Cirosikk's unfinished story and continues it. Since Cirosikk's medium is poseur art, I have attempted to write with pictures in mind. In numerous places, I have used captions or dialog from pictures Cirosikk has already published. (And occasionally, I have quoted from photomanips that don't belong to him or me.) Whenever possible, I have highlighted this dialog so the astute reader can look up the corresponding manips and pictures.

Wonder Woman is copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. All of the characters in this story are used without permission but no copyright infringement is intended. I am simply borrowing them for a while to play with an idea from Cirosikk's unfinished story.

This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only and for my own personal pleasure. I do not expect to receive any commercial profit from it. My work may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided they are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. This includes 'adult verification sites'. This story may NOT be posted to any site requiring an AVS where money is involved, or an AVS which sells its mailing list or member's information to outsiders. (Hey, let's be fair! If I'm not going to make money from my work, why should someone else?)

(If you do copy this story to another web page, please give me the courtesy of an e-mail, so I can see where my work is going. Who knows? Maybe you'll introduce me to a new favorite website!)

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story (unless there is a sequel) - the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did. (Actually, there IS a sequel, TWO sequels to be more accurate.)

The story is set in modern times. But it could be set in any time period for Wonder Woman (but preferably early in Wonder Woman's career -- that is before the Internet started working her over). The idea came from an unfinished poseur art story, which I have picked up and carried to one possible conclusion.

Birth control is used in this story and in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Background: This is the third story in a series. The first two were created by Cirosikk and the third was started by him and apparently abandoned in December, 2005.

In the first story, Wonder Woman was chloroformed, stripped and bound a policeman who had been hired to kill her. But before killing her, he demands a blowjob, facializing Wonder Woman. He then eats her and fingers her, discovering, to his surprise, that she is still a virgin. Thus he has the double pleasure of fucking a virgin Wonder Woman. He eats her, bringing her to orgasm, then rapes her, taking her virginity. After sodomizing her, the final indignity occurs when he cums in her mouth. After blackjacking her, he leaves a bomb to dispatch her, but she manages to escape. In the second story, Wonder Woman is invited to a Student's house, drugged, her magic girdle of strength taken. She is forced to strip and give the young man a blow job, get eaten out and, of course, raped again.

This is the third story. Cirosikk titled it "Blackmail".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * *

Chapter 1. An Emergency Call.

There had been a terrible explosion in the Red Wing Chemical Factory provoking the discharge of "Lakumi" gas (which damages an adult male's sperm resulting in sterility). (1) Professor Beneker, an eminent scientist, was in charge of the lab and he called Wonder Woman to help search for a solution to quickly resolve this terrible situation. (The choice of Princess Diana was partly because she was female and therefore not likely to be affected by the gas.)

Professor Beneker reported to Wonder Woman that only Dr. Noland, a noted researcher in his own right, knew the exact composition of the gas, but he had refused to cooperate with Professor Beneker. (2) Dr. Noland claimed he needed a female (who would not be affected by the gas) to help him, one with extremely fast reflexes and suggested that Wonder Woman would be an ideal candidate,

Wonder Woman agreed to enter the plant hoping that she might get Dr. Noland to explain his strange behavior and believing that she might be able to convince Dr. Noland to cooperate. (3) In her naïve way, it never occurs to her that _* she*_ might be required to _* cooperate with him*_ as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dr Noland rose as Wonder Woman entered his office. He was a tall, thin, somewhat attractive middle-aged man behind his desk wearing a white lab coat over a white shirt. His shirt was opened at the collar and immediately, Diana felt a visceral attraction to him.

Like most men, Dr. Noland had always found Wonder Woman captivating, but now, seeing her in person, he found her at least 10 degrees above what he had expected. She had a presence that lit up the room when she entered. Her ebony hair cascaded in waves over her shoulders. She had eyes of a startling and a marvelous complexion. And that costume she wore . . . uhhhhhhh . . . .!

"I'm always ready to see you, dear lady," he greeted her with a smile. "Beautiful women are always welcome in my office."

Diana gritted her teeth at the sexist remark. His attitude was more than annoying. But she kept her voice as cool and neutral as possible.

Their initial conversation was cordial, but it soon degenerated. (4) Wonder Woman expressed her concern about the immediacy of the threat to cities nearby. She reported what Prof. Beneker had said and requested Dr. Noland's help in resolving the current crisis.

"Prof Beneker lies, Wonder Woman," (5) Doctor Noland stated flatly. "I want to help him, but he wouldn't listen to my requests for my research."(6) Distractedly, Dr. Noland observed that her blue thong concealed very little of her lower posterior assets

Her hands on her hips and very concerned about the immediacy of the threat to Capital City nearby, Wonder Woman's anger flared. "Your research? Do you take me for a fool, Dr. Noland?" (7) Diana raised herself to her full height, jutting her bosom forward, her full breasts bulging outward above her trademark red and yellow bustier. "There is no time for requests. You must cooperate, otherwise . . . ." (8)

"Otherwise?" Dr. Noland replied, lifting an amused eyebrow. Dr. Noland took a black box with wires dangling from it from a desk drawer and put it on the desk before him. "Don't threaten me, Princess, and listen. One of my _*requests,*_ will concern you personally!" (9)

"Affect me personally?" Diana didn't like the sound of that, and her hand inched toward her Golden Lasso in its holder at her side.

"Stop!" He commanded. "If you touch that rope, I will press this button which will blow up a large storage t\ank of Lakumi gas, enough to cover a large section of the Eastern Seaboard of the country." Wonder Woman hesitated and Dr Noland concluded calmly and coolly, "The release of this gas would make Chernobyl look like a Sunday school picnic."

Wonder Woman allowed her hand to drop back by her side. "Releasing that gas would affect you, also," she reminded him.

"Outside of my work, I have little to live for. So, you see, I have very little to lose."

Trying to defuse the tensions that had suddenly arisen, Wonder Woman attempted to resume the conversation. "You said you had a request that would affect me personally . . . . ?"

Keeping his hand hovering over the box, he replied, "Ah, yes. As you've probably already guessed, this 'accidental disaster' is one that I planned and designed. It was an effort to get back at my employers for not promoting me. And it will give me the publicity and recognition that I deserve."

'The man is obviously a villain,' Diana thought. But there was still that baffling attraction she felt toward him. 'Nevertheless, he is a sexy villain!'

"And while I was planning the 'disaster'," Dr. Noland continued, "I kept seeing your name and photograph in the newspapers and magazines, hearing about your exploits and hearing reports about that golden lasso of yours and its various powers. So I decided to give myself a bonus . . ."

Regardless of the instinctive attraction she felt toward Dr. Noland, the more he said, the less Diana liked what she was hearing.

"What kind of bonus. . . ?" she asked, slowly backing away from him.

"You!" he answered simply. "Now stop moving toward the door." There was a clutching in Diana's chest that surprised her. It was not the fear or apprehension she felt when she was in some sort of danger or in the presence of a _real_enemy, but it was definitely there.

She liked what she was hearing even less, the more he said. Taking the black box in one hand while keeping his finger over the button with the other hand, he backed into an alcove.

"Using only your thumb and your little finger, remove your rope from its holder and place it on my desk." By moving into the alcove, there was no way Wonder Woman could throw a loop over his shoulders, so unwillingly, she did as she was told. When the Golden Lasso was lying on his desk, he continued his instructions.

"Now, take the loop end, slip it over your shoulders and around your waist and pull it tight." Keeping an eye on his finger hovering over the red button, Wonder Woman again did as she was told. When the lasso cinched her waist, he told her to wrap the other end of the rope around his chair and to back away until the rope was taut.

Once she had done as she had been told, keeping his finger over the button, he moved slowly to his desk until he could grasp the rope. As his fingers closed around the Golden Lasso, Wonder Woman felt the familiar tingle that emanates from being under the control of the Magic Lasso.

"Are you under my control?" he asked.

"The Lasso compels me to obey you."

"You must obey me. And you must tell the truth to whatever you are asked?"


He had thought about this moment and how he could really see if she was under his control. And he had decided to ask her to do things she would never do. Surveying her mouthwatering costume, he observed once again how scanty and tight it was. Even so, as far as he knew, she had always maintained herself modestly by keeping her exceedingly feminine attributes covered.

"Show me your breasts," he ordered, "but don't make any attempt to remove the rope until I give you permission." Her hands rose to the top of her bustier as she spoke.

"Please, don't make me do that!" she begged. She was afraid that her mission to help had been a trap that she had fallen into like a fool. (10)

"Show me!"

Slowly, she pulled her top down, releasing her magnificent orbs, bouncing as they were freed from their restraint until they gently settled into place.

"Now, pull down your pants," he commanded.

"Please don't," she whimpered, but the lasso forced her to obey. Dr. Noland stared at her lovely hips, her delightful ass and her delicious bush, neatly trimmed and forming a perfect "V" pointing between her legs.

Even under compulsion of the rope, Wonder Woman didn't believe that his only desire was to see her naked. She believed that his next commands would be to force her to have sex with him. (10)

But, for the moment, Dr. Noland was concerned only with her obedience to commands given when the Golden lasso bound her. He was satisfied that she would obey. "Dress yourself," he commanded, curtly, and she quickly pulled up her pants and stuffed her breasts back into the bustier, breathing a sigh of relief once she was properly clothed again. Still under the control of the Lasso, but somewhat confused, she watched him as she awaited his next command.

Now it was time for Dr. Noland to test the honesty part of what he had heard. Again, he had decided to ask her something most women would never willingly discuss, at least not with a stranger.

"Are you a virgin?"

There was a slight hesitation, before she answered. "No." She dropped her eyes with embarrassment.

"No?" he responded, surprised. "What happened?"

Her voice faltering, Wonder Woman tried to fight the magic of the Golden Lasso. Still, the words came out. "I was raped by two villains during the past few months."

Dr. Noland wondered, how was it possible for Wonder Woman to be raped. He asked for more details.

Wonder Woman dropped her eyes in shame as she remembered both incidents. "Actually," Wonder Woman admitted, "only the first one was a villain. He had been hired to kill me. He knocked me out and bound me. But before killing me, he decided to take advantage of my captive body. After abusing me . . . he abused me a lot . . . he raped me."

Wonder Woman's eyes misted over. "He took from me something that he had no right to. It was not his to take." She gave a strangled sob. "I lost something that I was not willing to give up."

With a shudder, Wonder Woman struggled and regained her composure to complete her story.

"The second was a student who drugged me in his dorm room, then took off my Magic Girdle of Strength while I was under the influence of the drug. Drugged and without the strength given by my magic belt, I wasn't able to fight him off. And he raped me, too."

She was doubly embarrassed as the magic lasso forced her to continue, revealing the conclusions she had drawn after both events.

"Technically, neither of the men completed the rape. Although they both . . . penetrated me, neither climaxed . . . in my . . . vagina. They both stopped so that they could . . . fuck me in my . . . ass. I was able to trick the second one and knock him out." Wonder Woman stumbled, greatly embarrassed at having to tell _*a man*_ about her abuse.

Intrigued, Dr. Noland asked, "And did the first one climax in your ass?"

Eyes downcast, Wonder Woman confessed, "He pulled out at the last minute and shot his . . . semen . . . into my mouth and all over my face and breasts."

Dr. Noland was fascinated by the story of Wonder Woman's debasement but forced himself to return to the subject at hand.

"A few minutes ago, you said that the student took off your belt, and apparently you were weakened by that act. Are you telling me that if you take of your belt, you lose your strength?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded. "Without my Magic Belt, I have only the strength of a normal woman."

"Remove your belt and give it to me."

Reluctantly, Wonder Woman obeyed, feeling her Amazon strength drain away as the belt left her.

Silence followed as Dr. Noland examined the belt and absorbed the information he had just received. What she had said when bound by her Golden Lasso of Truth was consistent with what he had learned in his research. He was disappointed that he would not have the pleasure of taking Wonder Woman's virginity. But he decided he would have to make due with the situation as it existed.

"Did either of them make you orgasm?"

Wonder Woman blushed deeply as she was forced to confess her secrets. "The first one did. He used his tongue on . . . on my . . . on me. And I . . . climaxed."

"And when he . . . . ?"

Wonder Woman shook her head. "He was too big. He hurt too much. And he came quickly."

"The second man . . ."

"He was little more than a boy. If he'd been a little more considerate he could have made me climax, but he wouldn't wait. And he was in too much of a hurry."

"Before these two men, you were a virgin?" he asked. "That is, you had never had sex in any form with a man before that."

Miserably, her eyes downcast, she replied: "No, I am untrained in forms of sex. When I was raped that first time, I was a total virgin. Several criminals and evil men had tried, but I have always defeated them before they could succeed."

Dr. Noland considered what he had heard. As long as he held the rope, he could give her orders that she would have to obey. He considered ordering her to fall in love and to hop into bed with him, but dismissed the thought. It would be too simplistic and he wouldn't be able to enjoy the pursuit as well as the ultimate fulfillment. Rather, he chose to deprive her of her ability to interfere with him.

He returned her belt to her and ordered her to put it on. Then, using the rope, he commanded her that while they were in this building, She was not to contact anyone outside without his permission and she was to do nothing to stop him or prevent him from releasing the Lakumi gas,. He further forbade her and from attacking him, injuring him or restraining him in any way. These orders were to stay in effect until he changed them, even after the Magic Lasso no longer bound her. As an afterthought, realizing the power of the rope, he told her that she was never, _* NEVER*_ to use the golden lasso on him unless he gave his permission, and whenever he asked for the Lasso, she was to give it to him.

This done, he released her from being bound by the rope and returned it to her. Returning the rope to its holder at her side, Wonder Woman recognized she had no tools left to fight him. She had her power belt and her super powers, but she had been reduced to being a powerless negotiator with very little to offer from her side of the table.

Chapter 2: Negotiations.

Checking his watch, Dr. Noland commented, "Pressure is slowly building up in the tanks holding the Lakumi Gas. It is in an auto-destruct mode. About 20 minutes from now, the pressure will reach the critical point and it will become progressively more difficult to stop the process. The tanks will rupture in about 30 minutes." Sitting behind his desk, Dr. Noland stated, "That's the situation we are facing. Of course, I could simply press this button now and blow up all the tanks, crippling the entire male population of the eastern seaboard, including virtually the entire government."

"You can't do that," Wonder Woman urged. "Think of all the innocent people who would be affected."

Smiling at her, he asked, "Take a seat and let us negotiate. What can you offer me to induce me not to push this button?"

"No one knew this was a negotiation. I have not been authorized to make any sort of offer."

"Perhaps . . ." he hesitated dramatically, ". . . you could offer something, . . . something more _*personal*_."

Wonder Woman's lips tightened. "You said you wanted a bonus . . . ." Dr. Noland nodded. ". . . you wanted . . . . me . . . ?" Again, he nodded. Diana felt a twitch in her womanhood. ". . . . sex? . . ."

He smiled. "Is that an offer?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All right, is it an offer?

Will Wonder Woman barter her body for the welfare of the 'entire eastern seaboard'

Since this is an 'adult' site, we know that she will end up in his bed . . . . but how? Will he seduce her? Or rape her? Or talk her into it? (HINT: Cirosakk's title for this episode is "blackmail".)

Stay tuned for Part 1, Segment 2!

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