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A Heroine's Gotta Do
What a Heroine's Gotta Do!
Part 1, Segment 2.

Written: 5/9/07 - 10/24/07
Revised: 1/17/12 - 03/2/2012

(Wonder Woman, Fanfic, M/F, X-Rated for sexual content, Comic characters, non-consensual sex, reluctance.)

SUBJECT: Even Wonder Woman can be the subject of extortion. Sometimes, a heroine's gotta do what a heroine's gotta do!

WARNING: This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you. Please review the caveats at the beginning of Part 1, segment 1 of this series.

Professor Beneker and Dr. Noland are owned by the creators of Cirosikk.

Since Cirosikk's medium is poseur art, I have attempted to write with pictures in mind. In numerous places, I have used captions or dialog from pictures Cirosikk has already published. (And occasionally, I have quoted from photomanips that don't belong to him or me.) Whenever possible, I have highlighted this dialog so the astute reader can look up the corresponding manips and pictures.

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IN PREVIOUS CHAPTERS: There had been a terrible explosion in the Red Wing Chemical Factory provoking the discharge of "Lakumi" gas (which damages an adult male's sperm resulting in sterility). Wonder Woman was called in to negotiate with Dr. Noland (the director of the chemical plant) to remove the threat of further explosions, since a massive explosion would effect most of the eastern seaboard of the country.

Dr. Noland, the has implied to Wonder Wonan that he will eliminate the threat of futher explosions in return for sex from her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dr. Noland commented, "Pressure is slowly building up in the tanks holding the Lakumi Gas. It is in an auto-destruct mode. About 20 minutes from now, the pressure will reach the critical point and it will become progressively more difficult to stop the process. The tanks will rupture in about 30 minutes." Sitting behind his desk, Dr. Noland stated, "That's the situation we are facing. Of course, I could simply press this button now and blow up all the tanks, crippling the entire male population of the eastern seaboard, including virtually the entire government."

"You can't do that," Wonder Woman urged. "Think of all the innocent people who would be affected."

Smiling at her, he asked, "Take a seat and let us negotiate. What can you offer me to induce me not to push this button?"

"No one knew this was a negotiation. I have not been authorized to make any sort of offer."

"Perhaps . . ." he hesitated dramatically, ". . . you could offer something, . . . something more _* personal*_."

Wonder Woman's lips tightened. "You said you wanted a bonus . . . ." Dr. Noland nodded. ". . . you wanted . . . . me . . . ?" Again, he nodded. Diana felt a twitch in her womanhood. ". . . . sex? . . .

He smiled. "Is that an offer?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Her wide eyes betrayed a total lack of guile.

"You know I cannot . . ." Her words were interrupted as he moved his hand to the button. Wonder Woman wanted to grab his wrist, but the orders he had given using her golden Lasso prevented her.

Dr. Noland spoke: "Then there is no need for further discussion . . . ." His finger rested ominously on the button.

"Wait!" Wonder Woman screamed. He paused. "Take your hand away." He did.

"I am duty bound to defend my virtue . . . surely you can understand that!" she pleaded.

"You've already admitted that your virtue has been violated," he replied. "Twice, in fact." She cringed at his statement. "Surely, a third time won't tarnish your honor that much more. And this time, it will be for a good cause: you'll be saving the manhood of millions of men by simply spending an hour or two with me. "

Shuddering at the prospect, Wonder woman asked, "Can't we come back to this. What else will you require of me?"

Sitting back, a dreamy look came into Dr. Noland's eye. "After we have prevented the explosion, you and I, working together of course, will hold a press conference where we will both praise each other for the Herculean efforts to prevent the tragedy."

Diana cringed at the mention of Herecles. "I can't do that. I cannot lie. It is forbidden by Amazon Law."

Dr. Noland pondered this for a moment, then found a solution.

"If I bind you with your rope and command you to tell the story as I wish, will you be forced to obey that command?"

Still under the influence of the magic lasso, Diana, grudgingly, admitted she would.

"Then I will use your lasso to give you the story to tell the press when this is over. Can I even command you to believe the story I give you?"

"Yes," she admitted grudgingly. "And you can command me to forget anything you do to me." It was her first acknowledgment that she probably _*would*_ have sex with him.

"Oh, no! I don't want you to forget our time together. I hope you'll remember it. I don't plan to interfere with your memories in any way."

Again, Wonder Woman shuddered at the prospect of what he was offering. "And after the press conference, we go our separate ways?" she asked.

"If that is your desire," he replied. "By the way, we have 15 minutes left if we are going to stop the tanks from exploding."

""You have commanded me not to fight you. Since I cannot resist you, you could always get what you want by raping me."

"Rape carries such unpleasant connotations. I don't want to take advantage of an unwilling Zombie who simply lies there and doesn't react in any way. I want your cooperation, your active participation. If you like what's happening, I want you to tell me."

Wonder Woman had entered the plant seeking Dr. Noland's cooperation. Now, he was demanding that _*she cooperate*_ with him. She didn't like the idea of 'cooperating' with Dr. Nolan's demands, but the stakes were so high, she might have no choice. There was a stirring in her loins. It was obvious that he wanted sex with her. But it was equally obvious that he was not going to try to outright rape her.

"You can command those things using the Golden Lasso."

"I don't want you under magical command. I want you to be conscious, knowing what you're doing, and doing it because you've decided to. Under coercion perhaps, but not under any compulsion."

Trying a different approach, Wonder Woman returned to the immediate public threat. "The gas may have other effects," she stated. "Receiving the concentration you'd be exposed to could kill you."

"There is no real reason for me to go on living, unless you make my life worthwhile." He stopped talking, staring at her.

She met his gaze for a long time, then dropped her eyes. Time passed.

"Eleven minutes."

Wonder Woman's heart beat rapidly in her breast. She could think of nothing to prevent him from carrying out his evil plan. And if the tanks containing the gas exploded, she would share the responsibility.

Time passed. Wonder Woman tried to think of some counter offer, some way to discourage his demands, or reduce them. But the harder she tried to think, the less her brain worked. She simply couldn't come up with a plan.

"Time's up." He moved his hand toward the button.

"No, wait!"

He looked expectantly at her, his hand returning to the desk before him. "Yes?"

"You're asking me to give you . . . sex . . . for the benefit of millions of people . . . . b - b - b - but . . . I can't!."

"Very well." Again his hand moved toward the button.

"Stop!" Her voice was a desperate creak. His hand hovered in mid air. He looked at the miserable expression on her face.

"Tell me what you want . . . ." she stammered.

"I will not bind you," he replied, "but you will strip for me while I watch. Then, you will come to my bed of your own free will and you will not resist my advances in any way. In fact, you will put your arms around me and tell me you love me. And you will make me believe it! We will have sex until you satisfy me. And if you are not convincing, then I will let the bombs explode on schedule."

"That's blackmail!"

"Not exactly blackmail," Dr. Noland corrected. "Blackmail usually involves payment of money to prevent disclosure of information. I'm not asking for any monetary payment from you . . . unless, of course, you wish to place a dollar value on your body. And certainly, there is no threat of public exposure that might disgrace you or ruin your reputation if made public . . . other than perhaps you failed to take actions to prevent the tragedy from taking place."

He gave a shrug of his shoulders. "In any case, you can always leave and walk out the door and save your precious honor . . . "

As Wonder Woman gazed longingly toward the door, he added, "but the bombs will still go off!"

"You bastard!"

"Maybe. But I hold all the cards. Will you stay, or will you leave?"

It _* WAS*_ extortion, pure and simple. Wonder Woman knew she was not facing the predicament of how protect her virginity since her virginity was already gone. But he presented new threat to her honor!

"It's all up to you, Wonder Woman!" he concluded. "Cooperate with me, convince me, and you will save the male population of the world. If you don't live up to my expectations, then the sterilization of the male population will rest fully on your beautiful . . . . . shoulders."

There was a long pause. "I need a decision." A longer pause followed. Finally, Dr. Noland's hand moved once more toward the red button.

"I'll do it!" Her whisper was almost a croak.

Diana knew that some women used sex to manipulate men. Plain and simply, Diana didn't know how to do that. She was no longer a virgin, so Diana desperately hoped she might be able to use her sex to buy time. Naively, she even hoped she might be able to 'outsmart' Dr. Nolan.

Without moving, he demanded confirmation. "You agree to have sex with me?" Reluctantly, she nodded. "You will have sexual intercourse with me . . ." She nodded again.

"You'll be cooperative and be an active participant?"

Diana was fighting hard to keep terror from overwhelming her self-control as she found the requirements of performance for Dr. Noland becoming more specific, more concrete, more inescapable with each word he said.

She nodded and whispered, "I'll try. But I don't know how. You'll have to tell me what to do." (11)

"Agreed," he smiled. "You will not be required to moan and fake orgasms. Simply participate. Since, by your own admission, you are inexperienced with sex it will probably be necessary that we have sex several times until you learn how to perform adequately without requiring further instruction from me." He had used her own admission of inexperience against her, raising the ante.

"You can't expect me to be your . . ." Her words faltered as his hand moved toward the button.

"Are we in agreement?" he asked benignly.

Eyes downcast, she whispered, "How many times?"

He smiled and took a page from her book. "We can come back to that later," he stated as if it were an insignificant detail. "Are we in agreement?"

She was afraid . . . afraid of willingly engaging in sex with this . . . stranger. With this . . . man! But she had no choice . . . did she? Without looking up, Wonder Woman nodded. After all, it was just a physical act he required. Nothing would change. Her hymen was already gone. Her ' honor' would be tarnished a bit more, but she would still be the same person she had been before. She wouldn't be any different, would she?

"You are committing yourself?" he asked, confirming her obligation.

Again, she nodded.

"Good!" he stated in a businesslike fashion. "Now, let's start averting this crisis."

He disconnected the wires from the black box and opened a door leading to the control room that ran the chemical plant. He led Wonder Woman to a long control console where he reconnected the black box. Many of the dials on the control panel were well into the red "danger" readings.

For several minutes, he adjusted knobs, threw switches, and occasionally directed Wonder Woman to adjust other settings on the control panel. Gradually the indicators moved downward until they stabilized at the line separating the 'normal operation" and "Danger, overload" zone.

"You're still awfully close to the danger levels," she observed

He unplugged the black box, and responded, "Yes. Outside of the plant, they can see these readings and are undoubtedly breathing a sigh of relief. But they know they are not completely out of danger yet. The readings will stay where they are for now. And while the others remain watching the dials, you and I have some business of our own to attend to."

Chapter 3: Foreplay?

He took her hand and led her like a lamb being led to slaughter. Although reluctant, she followed him as docilely as a child. They entered a small supervisor's apartment complete with kitchenette, bathroom facilities and a twin bed. A man had obviously lived in the apartment. The room was cluttered, the bed was unmade. The sheets were dirty and stained. It was anything but romantic. Dr. Noland plugged the black box into a wall jack before placing it on a nightstand beside the bed.

"You want to do it here?" she asked incredulously. Dr. Noland nodded, leading her to the bed.

Wonder Woman was disappointed. "I had always assumed that if and when I gave myself to a man, it would be in a nice, romantic and beautiful setting in a large bed with clean sheets. And the man would be someone special who would make sweet love with me."

Dr Noland smiled back. "I'm sorry if I'm not living up to your fantasy. But I, too, am disappointed," he said, slipping out of his lab coat. "I'm disappointed that I will not be taking your virginity. But we will both have to make do with the situation at hand."

"Please, don't make me do this," she implored again. "I don't know how." (11)

"You start by removing your clothing," he stated simply, sitting on the edge of the bed and untying his shoes. "Then you come to bed with me."

"No romance?" she asked hopefully?

"Do you want me to seduce you as if you were a virgin?" he asked harshly, his words cutting deeply into her soul.

Tears formed in her eyes. "No," she replied. "I guess that would be asking too much."

Slowly, her hand reached behind her to the clasps of her bustier.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Is this it?
Will she able to 'talk her way out of it?'
Will she simply lie down and spread her legs?
Will he 'cum inside of her'? And if so, will he use protection?

Diana is not a virgin, but she is has limited experience with sex . . . and she is TOTALLY inexperienced in the sexual interplay between men and women. Will that make a difference?

Stay tuned for part one, section three!!

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