Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers  

Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers - Part 1



This is Part 1 of a 3 part story.

Written: 9/5/04

Revised: xx/x/04

(M/F, MMF, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor, First Time, rape, pregnancy.)


Steve suffers from a 'medical condition' that requires that he have sex. Will Diana and/or Drucilla help him out?


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl (Drucilla) and Steve Trevor are copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. I am borrowing them for my own pleasure. I presume Dr. Light also belongs to DC Comics, but quite frankly, I don't know. I saw a picture of him having sex with Wonder Woman on the net (in the Wizard's Lair) which inspired this story. If 'Dr. Light' belongs to you and I am infringing upon your intellectual property, and you feel I am mistreating your villain, I apologize. Please notify me and if you require, I will withdraw the story.

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Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

The setting is during World War II when Steve Trevor was still a Major and the only way to 'cure' kidney stones was rather drastic and invasive surgery.

Birth Control is not used consistently in this story, since Dr. Light has his own, very definite agenda. However, in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1 - Captured

Standing to one side, Wonder Woman gently pushed the door open, while Wonder Girl stood on the other side of the doorjamb. The hinges gave a slight creek as the heavy metal door swung open. Carefully, Wonder Woman peered around the edge into what seemed to be a long hallway with doors on each side. The hallway was empty and there didn't appear to be any place in the hallway to hide.

Diana glanced at the door again. It had brackets where a bar could be placed, bracing the door to make it impregnable from the other side. She didn't like that! A simple bar would trap them inside the hallway. But she had heard that the infamous Dr. Light was in this building, and she had to investigate. Wonder Woman signaled to her sister to wait while Diana slipped through the door, hugging the wall and slowly moving down the hallway.

This was an unlikely place for Dr. Light to have a hideout, but it's apparent unsuitability made it an even more likely location. But, still, Diana didn't like the idea of being in a long hallway like this: it made her feel like a fish in a barrel.

She got to the first door and gently turned the knob. The knob turned but the door didn't move.

Slowly, she worked her way down the entire length of the corridor testing each door until she reached the door at the very far end. The knob turned and the door pulled slightly toward her. Uncomfortable that her backup was so far behind her, she gestured for Wonder Girl to move next to her. Drucilla had located a chair, which she placed in the doorway to keep the door from closing behind her. Then she quickly she moved up to her sister.

With backup at hand, Wonder Woman slowly and carefully drew the door open. It was a double door, so once her door opened, there was another door facing her, one with a lock but no knob like a hotel doorway between adjoining rooms.

Both women jumped as they heard the door where they had entered, slam shut. The sound of a bar securing the door in place immediately followed and they heard the almost inaudible hissing of gas coming in through the ventilation ducts.

As fast as she could, Diana had her lock picks out attempting to pick the lock of the door before her. Meanwhile, Drucilla, seeing a sky light window with a handle above them, cast her magic lasso, trying to ensnare the handle so she could climb to escape from this trap. It took three attempts before her lasso encircled and closed around the handle, but as soon as Drucilla put any weight on it, the handle simply broke off, leaving the window closed. The gas was taking it's toll on Drucilla and her eyes flashed to Diana.

The gas was interfering with Diana's concentration and her eyes were blurring as the last pin in the lock yielded and the cylinder rotated, unlocking the door. Diana tried to press the door open, only to realize it, too, was barred from the outside. A quick glance backward toward her sister showed Drucilla leaning against the wall, her knees buckling as she slumped to the floor. With great effort, Diana tried to cross the intervening space toward her sister. She didn't make it.

Chapter 2 - Diana talks to the doctor.

"Wonder Woman."

The voice came from somewhere. Diana struggled to orient herself and remember where she was.

"Wonder Woman!" the voice repeated and with great effort, Diana forced her eyes open and they slowly focused on young woman's face before her.

"The doctor can see you now," the young woman said. She had a Brooklyn accent; her clothes seemed a little tacky and gave an impression of wearing too much makeup for wherever she was. She had said something about a doctor. Diana looked around to find apparently she was in a typically sterile doctor's waiting room: chairs lining the walls, a coffee table with magazines strewn in it, no window (Diana wondered why not), a desk for the receptionist and three doors. The young woman, the receptionist indicated one of the doors.

Mentally shrugging off her confusion and disorientation, Diana asked, "the doctor . . . ?"

The receptionist nodded. "The doctor will be explaining everything about Major Trevor's condition. Thank you for coming on such short notice."

Rising to her feet, Diana pieced together what she knew. She was in a doctor's office, but for Steve, not for herself. In typical fashion, the receptionist had given her no information about why she was here.

Moving to the door, Diana wondered why she was so disoriented and why she couldn't remember anything leading up to her being here. In fact, it seemed she wasn't sure of anything that had happened during the past couple of weeks.

Entering the office, Diana observed a white haired older man wearing a white medical jacket seated behind the desk. The desk had a couple of open medical books that the doctor was reading as she opened the door.

"Ah, Wonder Woman! Come in, come in!" he rose and seemed to move around the desk as rapidly as he could to shake her hand and to lead her to a chair. His movements were slow as if the pains of old age were slowing him down, and his voice sounded absolutely ancient, but he gave the aura of a wise old family doctor speaking confidentially and confidently to the family of a patient.

"As you know, I have been Major Trevor's doctor for some time." Diana didn't know that. The subject had never come up between her and Steve other than once a year he 'had a doctor's appointment', usually for his regular physical.

"Major Trevor has asked me to talk with you. It seems that Steve is suffering from a condition similar to gall stones, but . . ."

Diana listened courteously. Gall Stones occurred on Paradise Island, but very infrequently. She understood that they were much more common in the 'outside world'. She knew that they were extremely painful and sometimes required surgery removing the gall bladder.

The Doctor continued, " . . . but Steve's encountering blockage in his seminal tract . . ."

"His seminal tract? Is that part of his . . ." Suddenly Diana found that she was embarrassed, " . . .his reproductive system . . . ?"

The doctor nodded. "There is a blockage which causes him intense pain as the pressure builds behind it . . . you're aware, aren't you, that a man produces millions of sperm every day. When pressure builds up in a man and he doesn't have a normal method to relieve the pressure, nature will take it's course and he will have what is called a 'nocturnal emission'."

Diana wasn't comfortable discussing male sexual matters, even with a medical man.

"It's sometimes called a 'wet dream'."

Diana nodded. And suddenly the term 'wet dream' took on new significance to her. She looked away, finding it difficult to maintain eye contact as the doctor continued the explanation.

"Wet dreams relieve the pressure that's built up in a man's system. But with this blockage, it just doesn't work. Pressure continues to build up, eventually causing great discomfort. If it's not relieved, it can be fatal . . ."

"I've never heard of this before," Diana stated.

"It's not that common. And of course, it's not something that would be encountered in a society composed exclusively of women."

"Surely, there must be a treatment!" Diana exclaimed.

"There is. Actually, there are two known treatments."

Diana waited for the doctor to continue.

"Normally, sexual expression by the man would cure the problem. He would have to be stimulated enough to 'expel the blockage' . . ." As Diana watched, she sensed that the doctor was also becoming embarrassed. "There is a rather crude expression that is remarkably a propos. Have you ever heard the expression, 'to clean his pipes'?"

Diana's eyes dropped as she envisioned the expression and it's meaning. She sensed that this conversation was going somewhere, but she wasn't sure where. Why was this doctor discussing something so intimate and personal about Steve with her?

Finally, Diana drew upon what little she knew about men and a male society.

"Would . . . masturbation . . ." It was difficult for Diana to form these words.

"Masturbation is not an option for Steve," the doctor responded. "He has always had an aversion to 'self gratification' as he calls it. He refuses to consider this route."

Not willing to proceed further, Diana tried to deflect the conversation. "You said there are two known treatments."

He nodded, picking up a pencil and toying with it.

"It can be treated with surgery, but . . ."

"But?" Diana prodded.

Without looking up, the doctor answered, "The surgery is rather drastic. It will leave Steve totally emasculated. He will never be able to have children afterwards. And he will never be able to achieve . . ." He was fumbling for words, trying to find a delicate way to describe the results of the surgery. "He will never again have any form of sexual expression. His body will no longer be producing masculine hormones, and over time . . . everything male about him will whither . . ."

Diana didn't like the picture that was being painted.

Since Wonder Woman was in this conversation, she decided to get on with it.

"It sounds like surgery is not a viable option. You mentioned 'sexual expression' as a cure."

The doctor nodded.

"Major Trevor would have to be stimulated enough to 'expel the blockage' . . ." As Diana watched, she sensed that the doctor was also becoming embarrassed. "Like a kidney stone, it needs to be flushed out. He would require a powerful orgasm to force the blockage out. And the medical literature indicates that sometimes two or three orgasms are necessary to clear the problem completely."

The doctor's eyes briefly met Wonder Woman's eyes.

Wonder Woman cleared her throat and glanced at the wall of the room, absently wondering why the various diplomas and certifications were not conspicuously posted.

"I'm not quite sure why you have called me, doctor," she began. "Frankly, it is embarrassing to hear about someone's problems, almost like gossiping behind his back. What does any of this have to do with me?"

The doctor's expression was honestly surprised. He almost turned a deep shade of purple.

"I'm sorry!" he sputtered. "I thought it would be obvious to you! I mean, you're relationship with Major Trevor has gone on for years. It's almost legendary."

"So . . . ?"

"Perhaps, I should start from the beginning," the doctor choked out. "Major Trevor is in need of intense sexual expression. And he feels that you are the only person who can provide the . . . er . . . who would be suitable . . . uh . . . who would be a . . . an appropriate partner . . ."

There was a long pause as Wonder Woman stared, open mouthed, at the doctor. Her hair, as black as night, framed her classic beauty, her striking angular cheekbones, searing brown eyes which began flashing angrily at the doctor. Crossing her arms across her chest, Wonder Woman's eyes narrowed and spoke with a deathly silent voice. "Doctor, if you are suggesting what I think you are, I could have your license!"

Immediately obsequious, the doctor sputtered, "I'm only saying what Major Trevor asked me to tell you! I absolutely assure you that none of this was my idea!"

Diana crossed one shapely knee over the other. "But none the less, are you saying . . ."

Dropping his eyes to his desk, the doctor raised both hands in a defensive 'I surrender' gesture. He gave a deep sigh of dejection and raised his eyes to the Amazon sitting across from him and spoke in a resigned voice.

"Wonder Woman, I am an old man. If you wish to file charges against me for inappropriate suggestions, then so be it. I will even help you, but everything I am saying is for the benefit of my patient."

The doctor continued: "Major Trevor's condition is critical. He refuses surgery. Unless he eliminates the seminal pressure by clearing the blockage using sexual expression, he will die. By sexual expression, I mean full-fledged, vigorous vaginal sexual intercourse. He feels that you are the only person who can help him. If you are unwilling or unable to assist him, I will once again advise that he have surgery, but I suspect he will refuse."

Again, there was a long pause.

"Couldn't you just find a prostitute?"

"I discussed that possibility with the major, but he has visited prostitutes before and finds the depersonalized experience of sex with a prostitute depressing and doubts that any prostitute would be able to stimulate him to the kind of orgasm that he needs.

Another pause.

""Would he accept . . . manual stimulation . . ."

"I believe he would consider that in the same category as masturbation."

Wonder Woman's face was growing gaunt. "Perhaps if he received . . ." her words came in a whisper, " . . . oral sex . . ."

"Yes, that would work," the doctor responded. "But Major Trevor also has an aversion to having . . . someone's teeth that close to him."

There was another long pause as Wonder Woman gazed into nothingness, trying to come to terms with Steve's physical needs, her feelings for Steve, everything that she stood for, and her responsibilities as an Amazon and under Amazon law. Again, the doctor gave a deep sigh and sat back in his chair.

"You're going to have to face it, Wonder Woman," he concluded. "He wants you! He needs you! And he's begging for you to help him!"

Her eyes glazed over and she stared into nothingness.

"Can I talk to him?"

Chapter 3 - Wonder Woman sees Steve

Stepping through the door, Wonder Woman was shocked as she recognized Steve doubled over, apparently in pain as he sat in an easy chair in his living room. The briefly disorientation of the transition from the doctor's office to Steve's Apartment was immediately displaced by the appearance of the man se saw in front of her.

"Steve!" she exclaimed, running to his side, kneeling beside him to put her arms around his shoulders.

"Diana, I'm glad you're here!" Frantically he threw his arms around her and hugged her to him. Holding each other, Diana could sense his heart rate was up as was his blood pressure and temperature. Undoubtedly due to the pain he was encountering.

Suddenly wracked with pain, he clutched her to him, wheezing into her ear, "Have you seen the Doctor? Do you know what he told me? Uhhhhhhh! I don't know how much more of this pain I can stand.

Holding him back, holding his face between her palms, Diana looked into his pain-wracked eyes. "Yes, I've talked to him. But Steve, you know I cannot do anything . . ."

"Diana, I'm dying! Only you can save me! You can't believe some silly old rules will prevent you from saving me. Diana, please!"

"Steve, I can't! You know I can't! Amazon laws forbid . . . "

"Then break the law!" he interrupted, cruelly cutting off her explanation rising to his feet.

Rising with him, Diana pulled her face to his and began crying. "Steve, I can't! I'll lose my powers! Steve, please . . . don't make me . . . don't ask me . . ."

Pressing her back against the wall, he kissed her hard and his tongue caressing her lips until she permitted her own tongue to meet his. The effect on her was electrifying! His hands roamed down her sides to her hips passing over her star studded, blue satin tights that so perfectly fit her ideal female form and drew forth endless fantasies from every male in the country. Pulling her hips against him, his tongue insistently slipped between her lips and began exploring her mouth, and his hands slid upward to cup her breasts through the red satin material and golden breastplate that seemed to focus men's eyes on her gorgeous breasts that perpetually seemed to defy gravity.

Diana gasped at the frenzy and speed with which his demanding hands were raising her excitement to a state she had never before experienced. She and Steve had known each other since before the war had begun, and together they had shared various adventures, and occasional misadventures. Sometimes, after a particularly harrowing adventure, she had let her guard down and allowed him some familiarities, even to the point of allowing him to caress her breasts under her bustier. But never had things progressed as erotically and as rapidly as they were progressing now. She could sense her nipples hardening against his hands and knew that her panties were rapidly dampening.

One of his hands slipped down to find her golden girdle of Hippolite, which so emphasized the narrowness of her waist and accentuated the flare of her perfectly formed hips and her femininity. Sliding his hand around her waist, he found the clasp and began fumbling with it.

Suddenly shocked out of her erotic stupor, Diana pushed him away. "Steve, stop!" she choked out.

His mouth open in amazement, his eyes wide, he stared at her. "Diana, I love you! Without your help, I'll die! Don't you love me?"

Clutching him in her arms, she panted gasped into his ear, "You know that I do! But I can't! I just can't! There's so much more that Wonder Woman can do in the world. If I . . . if we become intimate, I'll lose my powers! Steve, please . . . I can't refuse you . . . don't ask me . . ."

His hands settled firmly upon her shoulders and he held her at an arm's length, staring intently into her eyes. "I AM asking you, Diana! I need you! I have more things to do with my life, too. Do you love me enough to save me? Are you willing to make whatever sacrifice you must to save me?"

"Steve, that's not fair! I would sacrifice everything for you, you know that!"

"Everything except your honor, your famous powers!" he lashed back, cutting her deeper than any whip could.

Pleading, she tried another track. "Maybe you could do something else! Maybe masturbation . . ."

He shook his head.

"We could find a prostitute. Maybe I could find a Wonder Woman look-alike and dress her up in my costume . . ."

Still shaking his head, he replied, "There is a chance that even these measures won't work. If they don't than I want to die knowing that you were doing everything possible to save me at the end. It's you I want! I've wanted you for years! Make love with me! Have sex with me! If you lose your powers, we'll get married and you can live with me."

Diana's bare shoulder's slumped. How could she refuse the man she loved? Her long tanned arms ending in her soft feminine hands with her long, slim fingers fell to her side. Did she love him enough to give up everything for him? The dull feminum bracelets encircled her forearms, forearms, smooth as they were, belied the almost super strength in her arms, strength that he was asking her to give up.

"Maybe . . . I could use my hands on you . . ." she faltered glancing up at him.

He shook his head.

"My . . . . My mouth . . .?"

Again, he shook his head.

Tears were flowing down her face; Diana felt a deep heaviness in her chest as she steeled herself to make the decision that would effect her forever. Through her overflowing eyes, she gazed into the eyes of her lover, and if anyone else were present they would see what he saw . . . the depths of love that flowed from her eyes to his. Her lips seemed to pulse passion, and her countenance displayed a striking ardor and sensuality. Her breathing became shallower and her trembling hands rose and the magic golden girdle loosened and slipped from her waist. Her eyes still locked on his, she handed him the belt. He received her gift and as she lost contact with that Girdle of Strength, she felt the weakness in her knees and throughout her entire body as the knowledge of what she was giving up became real to the beautiful heroine. Her Amazon strength was being taken away from her, and she could not resist! She almost felt physically ill.

Chapter 4 - Wonder Woman goes to Steve's bedroom

He accepted the belt and looked at it carefully.

"Thank you, Diana!" he whispered as he took her hand. Wordlessly, he led her into his bedroom, a room that also seemed barren except for the large bed in the middle. He lay the belt on the foot of the bed before he embraced her. They kissed deeply.

His hands moved to the fastener holding her bustier in place, releasing it. Feeling like she was having a panic attack, Diana thrust her hands over her breasts, keeping the bustier from falling.

She hesitated. She had never before considered this scenario where she would willingly consent to join a man, even Steve, in his bed. She hesitated to ask the next question, and she knew she really shouldn't. But the words seemed to come of their own accord. "I don't want to get a . . . disease . . ."

He gave her an almost pathetic gaze. "Diana, what I have is a male physical problem. It's not catching, and even if it were, a woman wouldn't be susceptible to my condition." Gently he tugged at her bustier and felt her hold reluctantly loosen so he could draw it aside. Dropping the bustier on the foot of the bed, he gently moved her hands to her sides and adoringly admired her ample, perfectly shaped bosom that showed only the faintest hint of sagging.

Diana felt mixed emotions as he gazed at her. She was glad that he seemed to like her breasts, and closed her eyes so she could concentrate on the sensations as one hand found the side of her breast, caressing it, barely touching it with his finger tips until his hand closed around the breast and gently, lovingly captured her already very erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting an intake of breath from her.

She was embarrassed at being topless in the presence of a man. To be sure, it had happened before, but only in fights or when she had been captured by an enemy and was about to be raped. But Wonder Woman had agreed to be here. She had given up her belt and had permitted him to remove her top, and that was something she had never consented to before. She didn't know what to do, as she stood bare-breasted before her man.

Although she tried not to show it, panic vehemently churned in her stomaching. Terror grew from the sure and certain knowledge that she would soon be in his bed. And once she entered his bed, he would claim her honor and she would lose her Amazon powers forever.

"Please don't . . . make me pregnant . . . ." she whimpered as she rested her face on his chest, his hand still holding her breast. His only response was to kiss the top of her head. After a long embrace, he sat her on the bed and knelt to remove her boots, but left the tiara and feminum bracelets in place. He had permitted her to keep her badges of royalty and Amazon strength.

He stood and disrobed, leaving only his boxers in place. Then knelt before the beautiful Amazon Princess, his hands seeking the waistband of her star spangled briefs.

Once again, her hands stopped his, as she pleaded, "Maybe we should use a condom . . ."

Once again, he shook his head. "A condom reduces a man's sensation. Right now, if anything, I need to increase my sensation. I need an orgasm that's going to blast out those blockages. It will have to be the most powerful orgasm of my life." Looking into her eyes, his hands caressed her cheeks. "And you're the only person in the world who, truly, can do that for me!"

Diana bent forward and placed her forehead against his, her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat was as rapid as a small animal that had been captured and was being held and examined by a human.

Once again, his hands moved to the waistband of her briefs, gently tugging them downward. Wonder Woman shut her eyes as she felt the fabric slide over her hips. Her trembling hands moved to the bed to support her as she raised herself off of the bed long enough for her briefs to move over her thighs and continue until they were gently pulled over her feet, leaving her dressed only in the briefest of thongs, her bracelets and tiara.

He lifted her to a standing position and took the belt from its place, slipping it around her waist. He fastened it into place. Diana stared with amazement as she felt her Amazon Strength flowing back into her body. She looked questioningly at the man before her.

"Wear it," he whispered.

He pulled coverlet from the bed, then lifted the sheet and watched as she hesitantly slipped beneath it. He slid beside her as soon as there was room and put his arms around her, only to find her beginning to tremble. As her trembling increased, he held her close to him, both of them aware of her bare breasts in contact with his naked chest, and her strong, hard nipples pressing into him. He began talking, soothing, cooing to her until the trembling finally passed.

Why should she be trembling, she thought, shamefacedly. After all, she was Wonder Woman, the mightiest woman in the world. And she was wearing her belt. There was nothing she couldn't do! Her confidence suddenly faded because despite all of her powers and strength, she couldn't protect her honor and keep her powers!

She bestowed on him a long, gentle, tender, acquiescent kiss, their tongues touching occasionally and gently in a totally undemanding way.

"Are you afraid?" He whispered, his hand gently caressing her breast, rolling her nipple.

"Terrified!" She whispered.

Steve . . . ." she began.

He raised his fingers to her lips to halt her objection. "It will be over soon," he whispered to her. He lowered his lips to her breasts, kissing them, and ultimately taking one nipple in his mouth and sucking on it. Suddenly, Wonder Woman became profoundly aroused. She was fascinated watching him as he seemed to worship her mamaries. Instinctively, one of her hands went to the back of his head, gently encouraging his mouth and lips to do their marvelous work, while her other hand rose to support her appendage so that her teat would not slip or otherwise bounce out of his mouth. She was breathing rapidly and her heartbeat was frantic. Her breasts had been manhandled by Nazis, rapists, and other criminals, but never before had her breasts been caressed by . . . did she dare say it? . . . caressed by a lover! And the results were absolutely mind-boggling! She felt it everywhere! And especially, she felt it between her legs. Unconsciously, she drew her knees together, partially in an effort to conceal her wet thong, but also she knew that she could stimulate herself by doing this.

He sensed her motion and recognized what she was doing. Gently, he pressed his knee between her thighs, frustrating her efforts at subtle self-manipulation, but as he did so, his hand moved downward to her thong, finding and caressing her mound. Although he had interfered with her self-stimulation, Diana had lost nothing, but in fact was receiving greater stimulus now than she ever thought was possible. Her breath was coming in pants now.

His hand assertively slipped inside her soaked panties.

"Steve . . ." she gasped, again. The touch of a lover was entirely different than anything she had ever felt before. She whimpered as his finger ran slipped between her lips and ran the length of her slit, then came to rest over her vaginal opening. She was trembling again, and felt weakness in both her arms and legs. His finger pressed against her, but didn't enter her. His tongue continued swirling around her nipple, trying to draw as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. In a distracted moment, she wished that her breasts were smaller, so that he could suck on more of her.

" . . . Not . . . fair . . .!" she managed to say..

Surprised, he asked, "What's not fair?"

"Both you and me . . ." she managed to croak out, ". . . against just me! Not fair!"

He slid the thong down over her hips and she made no effort to resist him, raising her buttocks from the bed so that the thong could be more easily dispatched. The thong disappeared somewhere beneath the sheets, and his hand returned to the juncture of her legs. Her thighswere pressed tightly together. He massaged her mound and gradually her thighs relaxed. And soon her legs moved slightly apart, permitting his touch to become more intimate and he continued his explorations of her anatomy.

"Steve, please . . ." she whimpered woefully as his touch persistently provided her with ever-increasing erotic stimulation.

She was so agitated that she was oblivious to everything outside of this bed. Maybe this was why being intimate with men was so strongly forbidden by the Amazon Laws. Now that she was experiencing it, she would never be the same! Would she ever again be able to refuse something that gave her such a thrill, so much stimulation? So much excitement? That gave her so much sexual anticipation, . . . that filled her with . . . lust?

She was bewildered as he pulled away from her until she realized he was removing his boxers. Immediately, his hand returned and within seconds, his magical fingers had returned her to the peak of excitement. She could feel his erect member pressing against her side.

How could she regret losing her Amazon powers if she had this_instead? Yielding to his ministrations, she absentmindedly wondered at what point she would lose her Amazon powers? Would it be when he entered her? Or when he orgasmed? Or would it be when _she orgasmed? . . . (what a way to go! she thought.) Diana would yield to him, she knew, but she was still deathly afraid of the consequence of what she . . . _they_were doing.

Diana came crashing back to reality as she realized that he had slipped between her legs. His knees were sliding under hers, pressing her thighs upward and outward, opening her to him. The moment of truth had arrived! The consequence of their actions inundated her mind and the panic returned. She tightened her knees around his hips, seizing him with her Amazon strength.

"Steve, my powers . . ."

Momentarily stopped by her super strength, his eyes locked with hers.

"Do you want me to stop?" he whispered. There was no accusation, no recrimination, no anger, no demand in his voice. Diana believed that he was giving her the opportunity to save her honor and her powers. She felt that he was offering her an ultimate act of love.

And she knew she couldn't refuse such love! She slipped her hands between them, searching for him.

Hera, he felt gigantic! Her eyes grew as large as saucers as she touched him, cradling him in her fingers. But she shook her head and consciously relaxed her thighs spreading her legs for him. Carefully, she guided his crown between her lips and led him to her opening. Gasping, she closed her eyes as he made contact with her and she flinched, moaning softly, as he gently pressed past her lips and leisurely began to penetrate her. Her tongue ran over her sweet, passion-pulsing lips. Was this anticipation leading to the joy she would experience as she surrendered herself to the tender caress of her lover? She whimpered as he came into contact with her hymen. But she had lost her hymen long ago as a result of her athletic activities. Any trace of it that might be left had been torn from her when she had been raped in the past. How was this possible?

Diana realized that this was one final gift from the gods. They had made her a virgin again, a virgo intacto, as a final present before they took everything from her. And Diana realized that this was her final opportunity either to remain as the gods had created her, or to turn to the world of men.

Sensing the thin membrane, he hesitated. "Diana," he whispered eyes wide. "Are you . . . . ?"

Diana smiled at her lover. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and drew him deeper into her. "Go ahead, Steve. Take it. It's yours!" she whispered radiating striking passion and sensuality. She was content. But once again, she began to tremble.

Triumph flowed through him! She had given him her consent! Her surrender was complete; he had conquered her, and now she was his! The taste of victory was so sweet! The glory of her concession immersed him as he gazed down upon this vision of erotic splendor beneath him, her jet black hair generously spread on the bed formed an ebony halo around her face! It was all he could do to keep from cumming right then! Sensing her nervousness, he generously offered her comfort. He kissed her ear and whispered endearments. He eased his way deeper into her, depressing her maidenhead. Diana felt an unknown excitement arousing her, making her want more, even as her pain and tension increased. But the touch of him taking possession of her calmed her, generating even more magic.

Her maidenhead stretched and the pain increased. He was so big! And she felt herself stretching wider than before, and she began arching herself to him, allowing him to gently ease her legs further apart.

She cried out as her hymen finally broke and he pressed deeply into her deliciously tight but well-lubricated cavern, opening it wide. Simultaneously, Diana felt her Amazon Powers draining from her. Her flesh moved aside, spreading, as it welcomed a lover for the first time. He held still for a moment and her pain lessened. It still hurt, but Diana was terribly excited. It was a mixture of fear, pain and desire. But feeling him twitch inside of her, despite the pain of losing her honor, she wanted to feel him fully within her. The joy and thrill that she was making love with _her lover_returned.

He withdrew fractionally to spread her lubrication around and pressed deeper. She responded by spreading her legs as widely as possible and she wantonly thrust her hips upwards and into him! There was a final, burning pain, but not as bad as the first, and she felt his weight grinding into her mound: He was in as deeply as possible. To the hilt! He began thrusting and almost immediately the pain faded and Wonder Woman began to feel renewed excitement. She felt that wonderful heat growing with her most private of places, growing into something more! Something both wonderful and terrible! Soon, she was matching his rhythm, clenching her vaginal muscles, reflexively squeezing him as he slid in and out more rapidly. Every move that he made tantalized her beyond description and increased her pleasure as he opened and reopened her tunnel of love, widening it and lengthening it far beyond anything she thought possible.

And to her absolute astonishment, suddenly SHE was orgasming, screaming, clutching, panting, demanding. She clung to him desperately, as she bucked and arched herself to meet his thrusts, animal-like, savage in her need as she quivered and pulsed, seizing his member. And a little more of her Amazon power drained out of her.

He never stopped thrusting into her and each of his lunges drove her to new orgasmic heights, prolonging and increasing the mind-blowing orgasm that had taken possession of her. Diana felt like her climax went on for hours!


Through her orgasmic stupor, he continued pistoning into her and suddenly, she remembered why they were here, and that she had to give him a tremendous orgasm. She wasn't sure how to do that. But she realized that he hadn't yet climaxed. Making a supreme effort, she forced her sated body to drive into his, hoping to lift him to the best fucking orgasm of his life! She really wanted to clean his pipes! She hugged him with her lovely legs, her heels pressing into the small of his back, her hands clutching his arms and shoulders, nails biting into his skin. She forced herself to pound her hips into his as hard as she could, meeting each plunge with solid resolve.

His thrusting became more rapid and he held her tighter than he ever had before. He actually seemed to increase in size and his breathing got faster.

A sudden realization came over her. She was near the end of her fertile period! There was a possibility that unprotected sex might cause pregnancy!

"Steve, please pull out," she whispered. "Don't cum inside of me!"

But either he couldn't hear her or he was ignoring her as his breathing came in strangled gasps.

"Steve, pull out!" She begged. "You'll make me pregnant!"

But he wasn't paying any attention to anything she said. Pressing deeper, the pressure built inside of him.

"Steve . . . .", she whimpered and she let herself go in the reckless abandonment of almost adolescent fervor. Vehemently, she threw herself into their lovemaking as she met his movements, thrust for thrust, gasp for gasp, cry for cry.

Abruptly, he pushed deeply into her, as if he were trying to penetrate her very soul. He stayed there, holding his breath. And all of a sudden, he was wildly pounding into her, crying and gasping as she felt him pulsing inside of her, his seed spurting into depths. With intense, loving commitment, she hugged him close to her as she received the evidence of her lover's passion and need flooding her. "I love you, Steve!" she gasped and she clutched him even closer to her and she was vaguely aware that the rest of her Amazon powers were slipping away as his semen cascaded into her receptive, loving body, rapidly spreading into her womb.

After an eternity, his climax came to an end and he lay on top of her, both of them gasping for breath, flesh against flesh. Diana's mind began to regain control of itself and her body. She treasured the presence of his shrinking member still deeply embedded inside of her. His weight pressed her hips into the bed. And slowly but surely, Diana relaxed her death grip on his arms and hips and tenderly ran her hands over his back and up to his hair.

Wonder Woman no longer existed. Diana knew she had sacrificed her super strength, even her Amazon identity for her lover. But she had willingly chosen to save his life by giving up her powers. And although she was concerned about pregnancy, she was glad that she had been able to feel him 'sowing his seed' inside of her. Indeed, as his penis shrank, she felt his ejaculate seeping from her and running down her backside, undoubtedly creating a 'wet spot' on the mattress below her.

"Steve!" she gasped. "Steve, that was . . . . amazing! I never realized that lovemaking could be so intense! You were as great a lover as any woman could ever want. Oh, I love you, Steve!"

And she realized, he was no longer shrinking in her, but rather becoming more rigid. Tentatively, he withdrew partially from her, and gently thrust back into her.

Diana was thrilled! She might not be a super-strength Amazon any more, but she was woman enough to arouse her lover simply by her presence. And the doctor had said that Steve might require two or three orgasms to resolve his condition completely.

Again, she met his thrusts, and their lovemaking became even more frantic until, this time, they both climaxed together in a gasping orgasm that seemed to go on and on! What a wonderful feeling! How satisfying for both lovers to climax together! What a joy!

This time, his shrinking member slipped out of her, but he remained lying on top of her, their bodies entangled together, both breathing heavily. Post-orgasmic bliss permeated every part of her being.

He found it exciting to have such a beautiful, soft, yet athletic and strong partner! A partner who was eagerly learning more about how to please a man with each encounter. A partner who was yielding willingly. Diana was completely comfortable when he rolled to the side and lay beside her, dreamily stroking a finger over the swell of her breast, softly kissing her. She was his now! And she would continue to belong to him. Whatever he asked, she would do!

When he urged her onto her knees, she complied without question. But when he moved to enter her, she moaned, "Oh, Steve, I don't think I can. I'm exhausted! I need a little rest."

She gave a little gasp, but accepted him as he entered her! She marveled at the feeling of him accessing her from behind. And when he suggested she drop her cheek to the mattress, she was surprised what a difference this slight change in angle of penetration made. Acquiescing to his demands was so fulfilling that she couldn't imagine a life where she did anything else. Carefully, he put a pillow under her head and arms until he was sure he had the correct angle. And, sure enough, when he pushed into her, he knew from her reaction that he had found her 'g-spot' her head came up, eyes widened.

"Ooohhhh, Steve!" she gasped her words punctuated by each slow, rhythmic thrust. "What are you . . . doing . . . to me?" Her head fell, her face cradled on her arms, her back flexing sensually in response. He enclosed her in his arms, one hand on her breast, the other manipulating her clitoris driving her to unexpected heights of excitement. Tired as she was, she eagerly pounded her magnificent body back to meet his thrusts, her curves meshing perfectly into his body. Her moans of surprise and pleasure delighted him and helped him to move toward his own climax.

He pumped in and out of her, her hips sliding back in forth with each insertion into her…

She made incoherent sounds, with each thrust, an "Oooohhhhh!" accompanying any long thrust. He was totally inside her body, his presence undeniable. Painstakingly, he was creating a state of heightened sensitivity in her, which overwhelmed her, and she was lost! "Uh! Uh! Uh!" her cries increased with every thrust. She wasn't a virgin in any more! Her lover had introduced her to womanhood! Enthusiastically, she allowed the thrill to grow in her body.

"Yes!" she gaped. "Yes! . . . yes . . . yes . . . !" She could barely breathe fast enough to supply her with enough oxygen. His rhythm grew in intensity and although she was facing away from him. She did everything she could to match his rhythm. Her flesh caressed and squeezed him as he grew even larger and neared release He grew larger, ever larger inside her and she was amazed at how big he was becoming. The space between her legs felt completely filled with his flesh. And once again, she was rising to a glorious climax. It was coming! It was coming! She freed one of her hands and used it to clutch his hand, pressing it to her breast, forcing him to maul her breast as she approached her orgasm. The thrill grew, and she screamed, "Steevvveeee!!!" as she climaxed.

He roared as his semen exploded into her, infusing her with part of him, filling her even more. He maintined intimiate contact with her as her body ran its course, pulsating, bucking, gyrating and clenching, Their mutual climax had been mind boggling and glorious! And he worked to maintain contact with her as long as possible.

As their mating was completed, he held her against him, enjoying the contact of skin against skin, of her yielding softness against him. The odor of her excitement filled the air, and he basked in the knowledge that his domination of her was just the beginning.

Diana fell to the bed beneath him, his heavenly member still embedded within her. Fatigue overcame her and idly she thought, she didn't want to be an Amazon any more: she just wanted to stay with Steve and make love. She didn't care if they never got out of bed again, just so long as he kept exhilarating her the way he had! Her exhausted eyes fluttered as fatigue took its toll. . She was only dimly aware as she felt herself being lifted and she recognized the sensation of the golden lasso being tightened around her shoulders.

After that, she remembered nothing.

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