Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers 2  

Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers - Part 2



Part two of three

Written: 9/5/04

Revised: xx/x/04

(M/F, MMF, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor, First Time, rape, pregnancy.)


Steve suffers from a 'medical condition' that requires that he have sex. Will Diana and/or Drucilla help him out?


Please read the caveats and warnings and credits at the beginning of part 1 of this series.

This one continuous story in three parts. They are best appreciated and understood when read in the proper sequence.

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Chapter 5 - Wonder Girl

"Wonder Girl . . . "

The voice slowly entered her mind, causing her to focus her attentions.

"Wonder Girl!" Drucilla forced her eyes open and they slowly focused on the image of Wonder Woman standing before her.

Drucilla yawned and stretched, her mind idly wondering why her sister was calling her Wonder Girl, rather than Drucilla. Then suddenly she stiffened. "Dr. Light . . ." she gasped out of a dry throat.

Drucilla felt the warm assurance of her sister's hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright. He tried to trap us but I managed to get the two of us out."

"Did you capture him?" Drucilla asked her sister.

A shake of the head was her response. "No, he got away. But we're safe for now."

Drucilla found her knees were shaky as she tried to stand. Her sister was immediately at her side supporting her.

"You've been unconscious for a long time. Would you like something to eat?"

"Would I?!" Drucilla exclaimed, vigorously nodding her head. Her sister helped her to a nearby table that had a more than ample supply of food. The room was spartanly furnished: a bed, a table with 4 chairs, a bathing area complete with various necessities. There was a large mirror on one wall.

"I'm starved," the teenaged Amazon responded, sitting in the nearest chair and reaching out to pour a glass of juice which she gulped down before helping herself to a serving of eggs. She noticed something strange and gave a quick glance to the floor. Both the table and chairs were bolted to the floor. The bed also was bolted down. Before she could say anything, her sister lifted some eggs onto a fork and handed it to Drucilla.

Drucilla felt like she hadn't eaten in a couple of days, so she devoured the eggs, enjoying the light spice that had been introduced to them.

Her sister sat beside her in the next chair.

"There's a problem, Drucilla. After we escaped from Dr. Light's trap, I received an urgent message from Dr. Thgil, Steve Trevor's doctor, asking me to come see him immediately. Since you were still unconscious, but apparently suffering no ill side effects, I went. It seems that Steve is suffering from a condition similar to gall stones, but . . ."

Drucilla's consumption of the eggs slowed down as she listened to her sister carefully. It wasn't often that something embarrassed Diana to the extent that this seemed to be bothering her. As the explanation went on, Drucilla felt the same embarrassment at the intimacy of the explanation.

Drucilla was so engrossed in the explanation of Steve's physical condition, and even fascinated by the description of the male sexual problem, that she ate mechanically, not paying attention to the food. She knew how much Diana loved Steve, and that Diana would do anything for him. And when Diana finally arrived at the necessary treatment, she concluded, "The only possibility left is for Steve to have full-fledged vaginal sexual intercourse."

Drucilla's eyes were filled with astonishment, unable to comprehend any condition where this would be the proper medical treatment. Her sister continued, "And I am the only person who is an acceptable partner for him!"

Astonishment turned to shock as Drucilla's hand, still holding a fork and suspended for so long, fell to the table.

"Diana, you can't!" she exclaimed. "You're a princess! The heir to the throne of Themyscira! Amazon law forbids intimacy between you and any man!"

Diana nodded and continued, "Also, my work as Wonder Woman is too well established to be given up so easily. Therefore, I cannot help him!"

Drucilla nodded her head in agreement with Diana's statement of the obvious, absolutely relieved that her sister was not about to do some foolish thing in the name of love. Suddenly remembering her hunger, Drucilla took another forkful of eggs.

"But you can!"

With the fork half way to her mouth, Drucilla froze, staring at her sister, eyes wide and blinking like a bird that had just flown headlong into a window.

"Will you take my place, Drucilla?"


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dr. Light smiled as he watched the exchange through the one-way mirror. He was seated in a comfortable chair, resting as he sipped a cup of coffee. It was incongruous observing the interview in Drucilla's room, since Dr. Light saw the people for who they were, not who Drucilla had been instructed to see.

He observed Drucilla talking to Jill, an ex-con, who had been hired and trained personally for this assignment by Dr. Light.

While under the influence of the golden lasso, Dr. Light had instructed Drucilla, that when Dru was in Jill's presence, Drucilla would see and believe she was talking to her sister, Wonder Woman.

Likewise, earlier that day, When Wonder Woman thought she was talking to the doctor, in reality, she was talking with Jack, another ex-con.

Jack and Jill (Dr. Light had to smile at the names) had been part of a petty thievery ring that had been captured by Wonder Woman. Desperate to avoid prison, both had attempted to escape and failed. The result was that a rather conservative judge had sentenced both to three years of hard time where these, basically innocent, naive children had been incarcerated with hard-core, vicious criminals. Both had almost immediately become sexual pets in their respective institutions. When their sentences were completed, they graduated into the outside world as angry bitter people, trained to be hardened criminals, and dulled to homosexual rape.

Dr. Light had found them and hired them. As their names implied: Jack and Jill: there was still an air of innocence within them. But any doubts they may have had about working for such an infamous villain were assuaged when they were offered a chance to obtain vengeance against Wonder Woman. Additionally, Dr. Light had promised that they could both have as much sex with Wonder Woman as they wanted, once she had been captured and subdued. Jack had eagerly accepted the offer, but Jill had declined since she was still revolted by lesbian sex that had been enforced upon her in prison. When it turned out that Wonder Girl had been captured also, she was just a bonus that was thrown in.

Dr. Light had trained Jack and Jill to portray the roles assigned. Then, when Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl had been captured, Dr. Light had used their magic lassos to suggest that when both women saw him (Dr. Light), they would 'see' and believe that they were with Steve Trevor. When they saw Jack, he would appear to be a wise old medical man, while Jill would be seen as a receptionist or Wonder Woman, depending upon the circumstances.

He also had used the magic lassos to implant the suggestion that this ridiculous medical condition could actually exit and that it was as potentially deadly as the women were being told. It was obvious that he had successfully implanted these suggestions, since both women had actually receive his suggestions and accept them as true. Dr. Light congratulated himself as a master mental manipulator!

Wonder Woman had been a thorn in Dr. Light's side years, interfering with his various plans, thwarting his carefully thought out operations, and capturing and imprisoning some of his best operatives.

Finally, his annoyance and anger had reached the point that he had put most of his criminal activities 'on hold' while he developed a plan to eliminate this annoying Amazon pest.

Of course, she was totally predictable, so it would have been relatively easy to capture her (as he had in the hallway) and simply put a bullet in her head while she was unconscious, but somehow that seemed unsportsmanlike. Deep in his heart, Dr. Light was an artist. And he approached his work as an artist would.

Thus, he spent a fair amount of time studying his foe.

He was determined to totally and absolutely neutralize Wonder Woman as an impediment to his activities.

It had been only recently that Wonder Girl had arrived on the scene. She was no immediate threat to him and was a minor nuisance at best. But she gave every indication that she could become a major problem, just as her sister had been for years. And his plan provided such a pleasant way to bring Wonder Woman's meddling to an end and to put an end to the potential threats that Drucilla posed before she developed into a real problem.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Diana!" Drucilla gasped out, the eggs still halfway between her plate and her mouth.

The woman seated across from her met Drucilla's astonished gaze.

"Diana," Drucilla repeated, "are you suggesting . . .

Her sister nodded.

"But I can't! I don't know how! And besides, the Amazon laws apply to me as well as you. And, remember, I'm a princess, too, second in line for the throne behind you! I . . . I . . ."

'Diana' nodded. "I know. And you don't have any idea about how I feel at having to ask you to take my place! I certainly can't force you. After all, I'm the one he wants! And it was only after much discussion, I was able to get him to agree to accept you as my substitute."

Drucilla was in a quandary! She was totally unprepared to have sexual relations with any man, let alone her sister's sweetheart. (Deep down inside, Drucilla was proud that she was being asked to participate in such an adult activity, and that both Diana and Steve thought she was worthy.) But nothing she had ever experienced, or even thought or considered, for that matter, had prepared her for such a proposition.

"I'm just nineteen years old," she whispered. "I'm not prepared to be involved in anything like this. What would the queen say?"

'Diana' gave her sister a sympathetic smile.

"Mother was furious when I spoke to her," Diana replied.

"You've already talked with her?" Drucilla asked, incredulously.

Diana nodded. "Mother fumed at being put in a position where she had to contemplate either of her daughters sacrificing her honor. But she knows that my life is in danger every day as Wonder Woman. She has a great deal of respect for Major Trevor and his death would be a great loss to her, especially if it could be avoided. But she feels that too much had been invested in creating the 'Wonder Woman' image in America. That's why she suggested that you take my place . . ."

Drucilla's eyes were wide as saucers. "Mother suggest that I . . ."

Again, Diana nodded. "She doesn't want either of us to sacrifice our honor or Amazon powers. But if one of us must, she thinks that you would be the better choice, since you are younger and haven't established yourself yet."

Diana took a deep breath, before continuing. "Neither mother nor I will force you to do this. But if you refuse, then I will have to go to Steve."

"Diana, you can't!"

"I can't sit by idly and watch him die when he can be saved. It's either you or me. And you have to decide which one it will be."

Overwhelmed by the enormity of the decision facing her, Drucilla tried to be brave, doing her best to staunch the rebellious tears in her eyes. Pursing her lips together, she asked, "What would be involved?"

"Very simply, you would go to him," Diana answered. "You would spend a fair amount of time with him and you would share his bed."

"But I don't know how!" Drucilla struggled to keep her voice stead. "What would I have to do?"

"You know the basics of sex between men and women," Diana answered. "Steve will help you with . . . with the specifics. He has promised that if you feel too uncomfortable or want to stop, he will let you leave."

"But it's you that he loves!" Drucilla said shakily. "Are you sure he would accept me instead of you?"

"He said he would prefer me, but that he will accept you if I cannot . . ." Wonder woman's voice died away.

"And the queen has given her permission . . ." Drucilla asked.

"The queen has given her permission," Diana responded nodding her head.

Chapter 6 - Wonder Girl goes to Steve

It was with great trepidation that Drucilla entered the room. She saw Steve sitting in a straight back chair, but leaning forward, his head cradled in his arms. Wearing a bathrobe over white silk pajamas. Hearing a sound, he looked up.

"Wonder Girl!" he said recognizing her.

"Wonder Woman asked me to come see you."

"Oh," he said, looking away from her, embarrassed. "Does that mean that . . . that you're here to take her place?"

Wonder Girl nodded, looking around the featureless room.

"And has she explained what that entails?"

WG nodded again, still not looking at him.

"How old are you?" he asked.

Somewhat surprised by the question, she looked at him. "Nineteen," she answered.

"And how many of those nineteen years were spent on Paradise Island?"

"Almost all of them. I've only been in America a short time."

"And in the time you've been in America, how many men have you known?"

Defensively, Wonder Girl's back stiffened. "Actually, quite a few. In fact I've met a lot!"

He smiled. "Aside from parties and receptions, how many men have you known?" When she looked away without answering he asked, "have you ever met a man for drinks or for supper?"

Drucilla's eyes dropped and she shook her head.

"So you really know very little about men?"

Again, Drucilla nodded.

He walked over to her and took her by the hand to lead her to a chair. "Did Wonder Woman explain to you why you're here? What will be expected of you?"

Another nod.

"Why don't you tell me why you're here?" he prodded.

"Wonder Woman is an Amazon Princess. She is not permitted to be intimate with any man. It is forbidden by Amazon Law. She asked me to come to you to . . . do what you need. To remain with you and share your bed. To help you . . . overcome . . . the medical condition that you are suffering."

"And do you know what it means," he paused before continuing, "to 'share my bed'?"

Again, Drucilla became defensive. "Of course I do! We have schools on Paradise Island. And we have animals that we have to breed."

"But you have no personal knowledge of sexual relations between a man and a woman, do you?" he asked.

Eyes downcast, Drucilla shook her head. "Wonder Woman told me that . . ." Drucilla paused, stealing a glance at him, "that you would help me . . . and tell me what to do."

"You're aware that we will have sexual intercourse, aren't you?"

Drucilla was so nervous, she was afraid to speak for fear of what her voice would sound like, so she nodded her head again.

"And that it might cause you to lose your Amazon power?"

Drucilla raised her head and met his eyes to say, "But it will save your life!"

"You're so young," he observed, "and yet you're willing to give up so much for your sister. What will happen tonight will probably change your whole life. Are you willing to sacrifice so much . . . for me?"

Drucilla's gaze held his eyes. And she nodded again.

Drucilla had only been in America for a short time. Major Steve Trevor was perhaps the only man who had spent any real time with her. And to be honest, Drucilla had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on the handsome major. He had paid attention to her and always treated respectfully, listening carefully to the things she said, making her feel important. And not laughing at her if she made a mistake. And he was so mature and worldly! And sexy! Drucilla knew her sister was in love with him, therefore, any feelings Drucilla had for Steve would be unrequited. At least, that was the situation up until the time she had agreed to enter this room.

Being placed in the position where she was expected to . . . to . . . to lie with Major Trevor . . . to be in his bed was so totally beyond any wild daydreams or fantasies she might have had.

Like the brave teenager she was, she lifted her head and said boldly: "I will do whatever I must to save you for Diana! For Wonder Woman!" Embarrassed, she had to look away again before continuing. "I will do whatever you ask, whatever you want . . . whatever you need!"

He studied her for a long time, admiring her youth and freshness, her trim, tight body, her narrow waist and gently flaring hips. Drucilla's ample breasts were smaller than her sister's, but still quite respectable. And, of course, her skin-tight costume simply emphasized her sexiness. He watched as she stared hopefully into his eyes, her hands clasping and unclasping in her lap.

Finally he said, "Would you like a drink?"

Startled, Drucilla gathered herself. "I guess so. I'd like a glass of milk, please."

He smiled. "I was suggesting something alcoholic."

Alcoholic? Alcohol was not forbidden to Amazons, but it was almost never used. Drucilla had tasted some alcoholic drinks and didn't like them, so she was on the verge of declining the offer, when she suddenly remembered that once Diana had said that men used alcoholic drinks when they seduce women. Diana had said that alcohol tends to reduce a woman's inhibitions. And Drucilla knew that she could use anything possible to reduce her inhibitions right now!

"Okay," she said. Then added, "But something that doesn't taste too bad, if you can."

He got up and moved to a cupboard, saying, "I think I have just the thing." He took out two glasses and a square bottle. "It's a kosher wine and it's really quite sweet. I think you'll like it." He poured two glasses and handed one to Drucilla before he sat on the bed. He didn't tell her that he had 'fortified' the wine with pure alcohol, increasing its alcohol content considerably.

Drucilla sipped the wine. She liked the sweetness of the drink, but not being an experienced drinker, she didn't recognize the burning sensation in her throat as she swallowed. She took another deeper sip, and felt herself began to relax almost immediately. And as she relaxed, she wasn't as uncomfortable as she had been about being here and about . . . what she had promised to do.

"It is good," she commented, draining the rest of the glass.

"Don't drink too fast! This stuff can sneak up on you," he admonished her. But he refilled her glass immediately.

Drucilla wasn't sure what that meant, but she took only a small sip from the glass. Not being used to alcohol, she was already feeling a little light headed and a little bolder. She didn't wish to appear a child, so she decided that she might as well get on with the reason she was here. Glass in hand, she moved to the bed and sat beside him. She was only slightly uncomfortable when he put his arm around her and turned her face to him. She closed her eyes as he kissed her.

The kiss sent feelings cascading through her body that she didn't know existed! It touched her whole body, but especially centered on her nipples and her crotch. She didn't know these feelings were possible in a woman! She was almost gasping for breath as the kiss ended! She looked into his eyes, his lips inches from hers.

He took the glass from her. "I'm going to kiss you again, but this time, I am going to touch your breasts," he said. And he did kiss her again. And true to his word, his hand slid up her side and cupped her breast, gently massaging her and finding her nipple through the fabric of her bustier. She melted in his arms, lost in the sensations that flooded her. If she had been awed by her reaction to his kiss moment before, she was overwhelmed as he rolled her nipple between his fingers. Time ceased to exist for Drucilla. She had no idea how rapidly, or slowly things progressed, she was so immersed in the fascinating, mind-blowing, and unbelievably titillating waves of pure eroticism that washed over her, totally and irrationally destroying any thoughts that might have led her to behave more responsibly.

Her mind shut down as she took pleasure in being enfolded in his arms and the wonder that was spreading throughout her as he rolled her nipple between his fingers. It was not until his fingers touched her bare skin that she realized that he had released the fasteners on her bustier and his hand was caressing her exposed breasts. Never before had she known that the touch of a man could raise such marvelous feelings within her. Lost in the lustful sensations, she never knew when she lay backwards onto the bed and found herself lying beside him. The bustier was pushed aside and lost, and immediately, his magical fingers returned to her uncovered nipple. If she were able to think, she would have known that the kiss combined with his fingers rolling her nipple were generating responses in her that she had never imagined before.

His lips were nibbling at her breast and her nipple was being drawn into his mouth, sending even greater shock waves throughout her system. And his hand slid down her side, past her belt, to find the leg opening of her satin briefs and run it's fingers along the elastic before settling over her star spangled pubis, gently caressing, and gently lifting her to an even more agitated state, one she had never imagined possible!

Gasping for breath, Drucilla's hand grabbed his. Panting, she whispered, "I'm not sure I'm ready for this. I'm only nineteen."

Without removing his hand, his finger moved in an almost indiscernible manipulation, as Dr. light, thinly disguised as Steve Trevor, asked, "Is nineteen too young to become a woman?"

"Is that how a girl becomes a woman?" Dru asked, not completely aware of what he was doing with his

hand, but knowing her body was doing something to her.

"Some people say so."

She clasped his hand, blocking his manipulations of her. "Diana said I could leave if I got too uncomfortable."

"If you insist, Of course you can leave." He promised. Wonder Girl was obviously relieved. "If you go, please send Wonder Woman to me." Instantly the pressure was back on Wonder Girl. If she refused him, he would take Wonder Woman! Could she live with herself knowing that she had sacrificed her sister?

The promise, of course was a lie. Dr. Light had no intention of allowing Wonder Girl to leave the room before he had bedded her, either with her consent and cooperation, or by her simply yielding. But if necessary, he would use sheer physical force to take what he wanted.

"But let's wait a couple of minutes before you decide to leave. Maybe you're more ready than you believe."

He returned to suck on her nipple as his hand slipped inside her panties. One finger endearingly stroked the length of her slit almost devastating her. And it worked its way between her lips finding the area between her vagina and her clitoris electrifying her!

His finger slid upwards and barely caressed her clitoris. The touch caused Drucilla to scream, but her grip on his hand relaxed. He slid his finger downward, placing his thumb against her clit. His finger came to rest over her vaginal entrance, applying very slight pressure, while his thumb began a subtle but unbelievably exciting dance against her love-bud. All of Dru's reluctance evaporated.

If she had been fully aware of what was happening and able to think clearly, she wouldn't have raised her hips as he peeled her satin panties over her bottom and down her thighs. Somehow she managed to keep one foot in her panties, as a symbol that she was still clothed. Wonder Girl knew she was his! Regardless of what she had promised her sister, she would not refuse this man anything that he wanted!

His weight moved over her, and her knees separateded, instinctually opening herself to him as he settled between her legs. And he slipped between the petals of her vulva. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that she shouldn't be permitting this. But, even so, she spread her thighs to ease his way, and he pressed into her.

When he reached her maidenhead and began stretching it, the excitement became pain and the reality of what was happening suddenly poured into her consciousness. The emotional arousal generated by her teenage hormones was still there, but the fear of what was happening returned with a vengeance! She was giving up her super powers! Her dreams! Everything she hoped to be!

But her sister had sent her!

The queen had approved!

Drucilla hadn't expected the pain. How could something so stimulating, so thrilling, so exciting, hurt so much? She might not be ready for this, but she didn't know how to stop. The pressure against her hymen was increasing, and so was the fear and the pain.

But . . . Steve . . .

but . . . her future . . .

the Amazon laws . . .

the pain!

Tears escaped from the corner of her eyes and she held her breath, not knowing what to do.

Dr. Light was surprised at the resistance of Drucilla's hymen. Apparently, she had been born with an extremely thick, tough membrane. She must be suffering a great deal from his slow, but resolute attack on her virtue. But she was not resisting him! And focused mainly on his own pleasure, he made no effort to quickly pierce her virginity, but rather enjoyed his slow, marvelously exciting entrance into her holiest of places, regardless of the discomfort it might be causing her.

"I think . . .", she rasped out, grunting, "that I might no be ready for this!" She gasped. "Maybe I . . . . .uuuuuhhhhhhhhh!"

Dr. Light tore through Wonder Girl's hymen, and he felt a noticeable decrease in her strength. Having fucked Wonder Woman three times that morning, he was concerned that he might not have the endurance to perform again for Wonder Girl. But she was so fresh, so eager, so . . . hormonal . . . It had been easy to 'rise to the occasion'.

As he broke through, shredding her hymen, Wonder Girl's groan sounded like a death rattle. Her muscles clamped down on him, and he paused, relishing the pleasure of her virginal tightness. In the aftermath of the agonizing loss of her maidenhood, Wonder Girl lay panting. The pain subsided and she went limp beneath him. And he withdrew an inch before once again slowly proceeding to press into her deeper and deeper. Finally, their pubic bones met*:* their pubic hair meshed and she realized that they had truly become one, perfectly fitting together, perfectly joined, perfectly coupled.

He began a slow thrusting into her. Each thrust was met by a moan or grunt. And soon, Drucilla's instincts and hormones kicked in and she raised her hips to meet his, helping him to press even deeper into her.

Having been sated by her sister earlier in the day, Dr. Light allowed himself the languid pleasure of gently drawing her toward orgasm, and with utmost skill, he lifted her to her apex, timing himself to match the growth in arousal of his fervent teenaged partner.

Drucilla's body was on fire! Her brain was exploding! And she was a screamer! She shrieked as her orgasm engulfed her with an intensity that could have shaken her teeth loose. Dr. Light held off, not to cumming with her, but rather he rode out her climax, doing everything he could to stimulate her and extend the explosion of her muscles and hormones, and if possible, to raise her to even greater emotional heights. At the same time, he maintained himself on the very cusp of his own climax. Eventually, she could sustain the physical and emotional peak no longer, and gasping for breath, her emotions began to subside. Then, Dr. Light came, releasing his seed deeply inside her.

"Oh, Steeeve . . . " she moaned. She felt his pulses within her, knowing that he was pumping millions of his sperm deeply into her. If this was what she was gaining in return for the loss of her Amazon powers, then she would gladly spend the rest of her life fucking!


She clutched him to her and pressed her hips against him, encouraging him to thrust even deeper to deposit his semen, and treasuring each little sperm cell that she was receiving.

Drucilla knew that Steve belonged to her sister, and she had no possible claim on him. But Drucilla also knew that she was deeply in love with him!

As Dr. Light's climax ended, he allowed himself to relax, collapsing on this firm, teenage Amazon body, cushioned by her comfortable breasts, enjoying the commitment he felt in her (almost) innocent, but still inexperienced arms that were holding him tightly to her.

He had discovered something new and surprising that day: That underneath the prim and proper Amazon façade lay a libido as big as a house! Perhaps this was the real reason why Amazons were forbidden sexual contact with man! Perhaps once an Amazon had tasted the 'forbidden fruit', she might never be willing to return to the discipline required of an Amazon.

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Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers part 2