Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers 3  

Wonder Woman Loses Her Powers - Part 3



Written: 9/5/04

Revised: xx/x/04

(M/F, MMF, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor, First Time, rape, pregnancy.)


Steve's 'medical condition' has been exposed as a hoax. And Dr. Light continues his project of keeping the Amazons from getting their super power back.


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This one continuous story in three parts. It is best appreciated and understood when the parts are read in the proper sequence.

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Chapter 7 - the aftermath.

Wonder Woman awoke to find herself in a comfortable bed. Briefly, she allowed herself to reflect on the events of the previous night (or was it, day), and her relationship with Steve. Re-living the time she had spent with Steve was a satisfying and pleasant experience.

But where was she now? She rose and found herself naked. Or almost naked. She still had her feminimum bracelets and her tiara. She looked over her current location. There were no clothes available, but the room itself had reasonable amenities, table with three chairs (bolted to the floor), the bed (a double bed), two doors (both locked and both quite solid), and a strange device in a corner. It looked somewhat like a sawhorse that was about 3 feet long and 8-12 inches wide. Its padded top was about two and a half feet above the floor. It was bolted to the floor also, and the walls on each side of the device had two wall mirrors, one on each side of the 'sawhorse'. There was also an area where she could perform her morning ablutions. As she finished tending to her physical needs, washing up, and combing her tangled hair, she moved back to sit on the bed.

Just at that moment, one of the doors opened and Diana saw Steve walk in with a tray of food.

"Steve!" Diana exclaimed as she ran to his arms. They embraced for a long moment, and then he excused himself to set the tray on the table. Diana was so happy seeing Steve that at first she didn't realize she had no clothes. But then she noticed that he seemed to be wearing only a paisley robe cinched at the waist with a knotted belt and a pair of slippers.

Diana was confused. Steve should have been 'cured' yesterday! He had certainly had several massive orgasms, and she expected that she would be paying the price for his cure for the rest of her life. But his physical condition certainly should have been restored to health by the previous day's activity: not that she wouldn't enjoy a repeat performance! But, no! She had to regain her Amazon mental orientation and return to Paradise Island as soon as possible to see if she could undo the consequences of what she had allowed to happen.

Steve sat at the table, gesturing Diana to sit across from him. Wonder Woman realized that sitting at the table she was partially concealed from his view. Apologetically, she tied a napkin around her neck with the rather weak explanation that she was using it as a bib. Both of them knew she was trying to cover her breasts.

Eating in silence, Diana nibbled on a piece of toast and washed it down with Orange Juice. Finally, she broke the silence asking, "Where are we, Steve. Where is my uniform? And why are the doors locked? I feel like I'm a prisoner here."

"That's probably because you are a prisoner, Diana." He answered, setting his styrofoam cup on the table.

A certain dread filled Diana. "Then you're a prisoner, also, Steve?" She asked.

He sat back surveying her 'bib' and her only partially covered bosom.

"I'm not Steve Trevor," came his almost casual response.

Wonder Woman's world shifted around her. In a moment of disorientation, everything seemed to spin around as Steve's image melted and remolded itself to . . . Dr. Light! She tried to push her chair backward, forgetting that it was bolted to the floor. When the chair wouldn't move, she slipped out of the side and assumed a fighting stance as she warily eyed the man seated before her.

Sitting benignly, not even bothering to rise, Dr. Light raised his hands in a disarming 'I surrender' gesture. "There's no need for that! So far, I haven't made any effort to attack you."

Still wary, Diana demanded, "Where is Steve?"

"He is not here. He has never been here."

"He was here last night!" Diana argued.

"No," responded Dr. Light. "I was here yesterday."

Immediately, Diana's thoughts flashed through the previous night and it's activities. As she did so, she realized that in each memory when she thought she was making love with Steve, in fact it had been Dr. Light!

"How . . . how is it possible . . .?" she whispered softly.

"It really wasn't difficult," Dr. Light responded. "I simply planted some suggestions using your golden lasso. I suggested that when you saw me, you would believe that you were seeing Major Trevor.

"Oh, and needless to say, I had to suggest that you accept as reasonable that absurd explanation of Major Trevor's ludicrous 'physical problem'. But you seemed more than happy to accept the reality of his 'blockages' and the ultimate treatment of them." Spreading his hands in a dismissive gesture, he continued, "Then I brought the two of us together and let nature take it's course."

A flush passed over Wonder Woman's face, extending down as far as her nipples as she came to terms with the ridiculous idea of 'seminal blockages'. "You raped me!" she spit at him.

He frowned, almost like a disappointed schoolteacher. "Rape is such an ugly word. Besides, if I recall accurately, you were a most willing partner! Everything that happened between us yesterday was mutually consensual! In fact, if I recall correctly, you even urged me to break through your maidenhead tell me it was mine to take." Dr. Light smiled. "And you became quite enthusiastic toward the end! You were good! In fact, you are spectacular in bed! "

Somewhat taken aback at Dr. Light's analysis of the previous day's activities, Diana struggled to find a response.

"Consent obtained using hypnosis or drugs, or by extension, my golden lasso, does not constitute informed consent. Rather, it is deception and fraud by misleading a person. What happened last night was not a properly consensual situation."

"You certainly gave consent yesterday," he taunted her.

"Steve and I have a . . . certain relationship. I would have reacted very differently if I had known it was you and not he."

Dr. Light gave a dismissive gesture and rose, loosening the knot on his robe. "In any case," he responded almost casually, "yesterday is history. Today is today. Come now, it is time for more lovemaking. Join me in bed."

"The idea of sex with you fills me with repulsion," she spit back at him taking a step away from him.

"What a pity. You certainly enjoyed it yesterday. Come to bed with me!"

He stood and stepped toward her reaching out to brush her hair from her face. Slapping his hand aside, Wonder Woman searched her mind to find the greatest invective she could hurl at the monster standing before her.

"Fuck you!" she finally spat out.

He smiled and his eyes softened. "You did!" he responded gently. "And you will, again!" His last sentence sounded absolutely malevolent! "Many times!! And I look forward to making love with you again. And again, and again and again." He smiled at her. "Over and over and over again."

"Dream on, little man!"

He was angered at her reference to his height. Admittedly, he was several inches shorter than Wonder Woman, but Dr. Light outweighed her by more than twenty pounds of trained, fighting muscles. Although no normal man could match Wonder Woman when she possessed her super strength, he was sure that he could overpower her now.

He sighed. "It's a pity. I did ask you nicely*.* But there is no need to dream any more, Diana!" Roughly, he grabbed her left wrist. Immediately she drew her right fist back preparing to deliver a punishing blow. Dr. Light simply stood there, making no effort to defend himself, simply waiting.

When she didn't follow through, he gave her a challenging smile. "Go ahead! Give it your best shot!"

Wonder Woman's fist was trembling, so strong was her desire to smash in his face. But the blow never came. And like a moth's wings unfolding, she remembered a command he had given her when she was bound by her golden lasso. He had commanded her never to attack him or to intentionally cause him injury.

She tried to pull her wrist from his hand, but his grip was surprisingly strong.

"Release my hand and let me go this instant and . . ." She faltered over the words and she remembered another command he had given her forbidding her to preach and moralize, promising that if he let her go, she wouldn't testify against him, etc. "Let me go, you rapist!" She shouted at him in frustration.

"That's the second time you've accused me of rape," he said, his eyes narrowing. Moving as rapidly as a snake, he captured her other wrist. "Let's find out what rape really is!" And he threw her toward the bed. She sprawled over the bed, rolling to its other side before she turned to face him again. He had discarded his slippers and the paisley bathrobe had slipped from his shoulders so now they both were absolutely naked.

He spent a few minutes toying with his captive, chasing her around the room. The great Wonder Woman was at a distinct disadvantage since she couldn't attack her foe. All she could do was try to escape, and without her Magic Belt or her Amazon speed, it was a losing battle. Eventually, he caught her ankle as she tried to scramble across the bed and pulled her back, throwing his weight on her stunning her and pinning her down. She resisted him with all her might.

The chase had been a pleasant diversion, but in all honesty he had expended too much energy the day before to continue an extended period of 'fun and games' with Diana. Since her strength was now reduced to that of a normal woman, it was not overly difficult for Dr. Light to flip her on her back, he captured one of her arms beneath his body and threw his leg over hers, limiting her movement. He seized her other hand and held it with the hand he had slid under her head.

Immediately, his free hand found her pubis and unceremoniously, his finger penetrated her vagina. Although she continued to struggle, he was pleased that the rumors he had heard were correct: namely, that once an Amazon is penetrated, her ability to fight, and even what strength she has is greatly reduced. Since it didn't require much energy from him, he kept his finger inside of her and used his thumb to flick her clit, while he sucked on her nipple and felt it grow and harden within his mouth.

Weakened as she was, she continued her struggles, trying to free her wrist or pull her body away from his abuses. She was expending a great deal more energy than he was, and she knew that in the end, she would lose the battle. Still she struggled valiantly and when he moved on top of her, positioning himself between her legs and spreading her, she struggled nobly, hoping that the old saying was true that 'you can't thread a moving needle'.

But, since he still maintained his digital penetration, her movements were limited, and using his finger as a guide, he was, indeed, able to thread the moving needle. Diana screamed as he entered and cringed as he thrust into her. He was surprised that she had generated so much lubrication, being chased around the room. She tried to pull away, but was pinned between the bed beneath and his weight above, her limbs being splayed so there was no way she could obtain leverage. Locking her thighs and legs around him, she tried to prevent any further entry, but somehow, he withdrew an inch and pounded deeper into her. Diana cried out again.

Pulling one arm loose, she scratched at his face, leaving red streaks. Angrily, he imprisoned her wrist, grasping it with the hand under her head. Then, his open hand smashed across Diana's face, stunning her and causing her to see stars.

His hips drew back, partially withdrawing from her before he hilted himself and began pistoning and pounding into her as deeply as he could. Too stunned to resist, Diana tasted her own blood from a cut on her lip as he claimed the spoils of his efforts. Surprisingly, Diana felt herself responding to his passion, beginning to feel her hips move in response to his as her internal stimulation increased. But Long before she reached anywhere near a climax, he stiffened and once again filled her with his semen.

When he was finished, he immediately dismounted her and Jack entered the room. The two men forced Wonder Woman to bend over the 'sawhorse', which in reality was a rack where her arms were strapped to the far legs of the device while her legs were strapped to the near legs. This left her essentially helpless, lying over the device, her open sex spread and available. Looking upwards, she could see herself fully displayed in this vulnerable position in both of the mirrors on the walls.

Dr. Light produced a manicure set and trimmed Wonder Woman's nails so that they weren't long enough to scratch him again.

She was left in this position for the rest of the morning. Strapped in an uncomfortable position, unable to move, Diana had little to think about except her current situation. She had been captured by Dr. Light, which was not good. Then, she had willingly given herself to him thinking he was Steve. And that was bad enough in itself also. Her one redeeming consideration was that she had been duped, and therefore technically, had not given herself to him, since she thought he was someone else. It might stand up in an American court of law, but probably wouldn't under the Amazon law. Then, this morning, he had raped her and given every implication he would rape her repeatedly. This was not a good situation for an Amazon to be in.

At lunchtime Jack served her lunch. Leaving her bound to the rack, he sat before her to feed her. Angry at being raped again and being shackled to this 'horse' frame, Wonder Woman refused any food pouring invectives upon Jack and demanding her release. When Jack became convinced that she wouldn't eat, he removed the food, then stepped behind her to unzip his pants as she watched him in the wall mirrors. This was something new! Dr. Light had taken her, but now she was about to be abused by someone else. Diana struggled as best she could, but her efforts were pitifully inadequate while she was still helplessly strapped to the rack. Unceremoniously, Jack pressed into her defenseless vagina. His soft hands caressed her and he manipulated her carefully until unwillingly she rose to an orgasm. Once satisfied she had climaxed, Jack pounded away until he came also. Without further words, he left, and Wonder Woman spent the rest of the afternoon bent over the rack resisting the temptation to let her mind shut down from the molestation she had received.

Late afternoon, Dr. Light came to Wonder Woman and released her from the rack allowing her to stretch cramped muscles and relax in a comfortable chair as he served her supper. Having been freed from her bondage, she quietly accepted her supper but only picked at the foods on the plate. She didn't respond to Dr. Light's small talk other than to demand she be released, a demand that he dismissed with a shake of his head.

After supper, when the dishes had been removed, Dr. Light came to her side to lift her from her chair by her arm. Once standing, he began moving her toward the bed. Again, she resisted, fighting as best she could, but her cramped muscles made her resistance considerably less effective than it had been that morning. And with limited strength or endurance, it was a relatively easy task for Dr. Light to force her onto the bed and take her, again filling her with his sperm.

When he was finished, he called Jack into the room and once again she was spread over the rack and bound to it. Before departing, Dr. Light knelt before her to kiss her gently on the forehead.

"Whenever you resist either one of us, you will be placed on this rack. When you cease resisting us, you will be allowed to move freely around the room." And he was gone.

Later that evening, Jack entered her cell. Without discussion, he disrobed and moved behind her. Again, his skillful hands and touch raised her unwillingly to an orgasm. Once they both had climaxed, he released her from the rack, took her to use the facilities. When she was finished, he led her back to the rack and when she resisted, he quickly caught her in a hammerlock and forced her over the rack, easily strapping the fetters into place. Once she was bound, he kissed her forehead, and left her for the night.

From then on, each time a man came to her, Wonder Woman was released from the rack so that she could perform sex with her captor. If she resisted, she was raped anyway and then was put back on the rack. Wonder Woman spent several long and uncomfortable days and nights on the rack.

Soon, Wonder Woman knew what to expect and when it would happen: sex four times a day. She would be climaxed at least twice a day. Whenever she resisted either man, she would be manacled to the rack.

Chapter 8 - the inevitable!

In a nearby room, Wonder Girl was receiving the same treatment except that it was Jack who joined her for breakfast and supper. Drucilla didn't know Jack, so she was surprised when he attacked her. She resisted his sexual advances, and had been strapped to a similar rack and raped. At lunchtime, she was greatly relived when she saw Steve come into the room. And she was surprised that he trimmed her nails before he released her and feed her. During lunch, Drucilla observed a similar epiphany learning it was not Steve who had taken her virginity, but the infamous Dr. Light. She refused food, and Dr. Light tried to lead her to the bed. Again, she resisted, but without her Amazon strength, he was able to use his brute strength to overcome her and rape her. Afterwards, she was strapped to the rack again. Jack came at suppertime, he left her bound to the rack and offered her food. When she refused, he took her from behind, carefully climaxing her, and left her. At 'bed time', Dr. Light came and released her. When she resisted his attempts to take her to bed, once again, he overpowered her and raped her. Afterwards, she was strapped to the rack where she spent a long and uncomfortable night.

A pattern became apparent. Immediately after awakening, Jack would enter the room and release Drucilla from the rack. She would be given enough time for her personal needs (While Jack watched, of course). After breakfast it was obvious that sex was required. When she resisted, she would be raped anyhow, and returned to the rack. Jack would return at suppertime and Dr. Light visited her at lunch and 'bed time'

For the next week, both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were kept in separate holding areas. Both bore the humiliation of being kept naked.

And, of course, they were monitored by hidden listening devices. Large reel cameras were also installed that could be started at the touch of a button. During those early days, when the women spent most of their time in solitude and bound, there was no real need to monitor them.

Jill was assigned the task of monitoring the woman, which during those early days required only changing the tapes, then fast-forwarding through both sets of tapes. And she developed the filmed record of each sexual encounter. During those early days, there was little to monitor, since the women were either strapped to the rack or being fed and fucked.

On the morning of the fifth day, Wonder Woman allowed Dr. Light to lead her to the bed where she lay, unresponsive, as he mounted and rode her. Although she lay there passively, she was surprised to find Dr. Light was a gentle, considerate and skillful lover and it was relatively easy for Dr. Light to raise her against her wishes, to a climax as he poured his fluids into her.

True to his word, when Wonder Woman stopped resisting, he left her in the bed rather than returning her to the rack. She immediately collapsed on the bed and slept the rest of the morning,

(It had been only three days before Wonder Girl stopped resisting and was no longer bound to the rack.) But the pattern remained unchanged: Sex four times each day, at least two climaxes each day.

When lunchtime arrived, Jack gently awakened Diana.

They had lunch at the table. Afterwards, she tried to pull away from him when he led her toward the rack. Surprised at first, Jack grabbed her by the hair and jerked her toward the rack. The vehemence of his reaction rekindled all of Wonder Woman's rebellion and she began struggling against her captor.

She never even saw his clenched fist coming until his fist slammed into her stomach forcing her breath out of her.

As she was gasping for breath, she was vaguely aware of him whispering in her ear, "That's for sending me to Prison!"

She saw him draw his fist back again and she feebly tried to raise her hands to ward off the oncoming blow.

"And this is for sending Jill to prison!" he rasped out and the second blow descended catching her below her cheek bone sending her sprawling across the room, stars dancing before her eyes, still gasping for breath. Jack pulled the flailing woman onto unsteady legs and threw her over the rack shacking her arms and legs so tightly to the hideous device it was painfull. Still gasping for breath, Diana felt a cold liquid poured over her exposed posterior, and realized he was using mineral oil as a lubricant. Then, viciously, her raped her in the ass, ignoring her screams of pains and her objections.

At suppertime, Dr. Light released Wonder Woman from the rack and, without comment, gave her an ice pack to put over the large bruised area on her cheek. (Of course, he had seen the film of Jack's encounter with Wonder Woman.) In the past, the magical healing properties of her belt had quickly healed any injuries Wonder Woman had endured. Having a bruise that hurt so much for so long was a new experience for Wonder Woman.

After supper, sex was definitely something that Diana had no interest in! But she had learned the results of disobedience and resistance, so she took Dr. Light's hand when it was offered to her and followed him to the bed like a lamb being led to the slaughter.

At 'bedtime', Jack returned. Without a word, he simply pointed to the rack, and Wonder Woman obediently went to it and bent over it. Since she had offered no resistance, she was not chained as he took her from behind. That night she was allowed to sleep in the bed.

And a new pattern was established. By not resisting, Wonder Woman was not bound. But she still had sex four times a day and the men were certain that she was climaxed at least twice a day. On the sixth day (she had difficulty keeping count of the days), she was given a pregnancy test, then she was taken through a door into a room containing various health-club exercise machines. Here, Dr. Light put her through an exercise regimen 'to establish a base point'. In fact, he was testing her to see if her strength levels were those of a normal woman or those of an Amazon. (Of course, Diana did not remember that when she was first captured and bound by the Magic Lasso, Dr. Light had brought her to this exercise room, wearing her magic girdle of strength, and tested her strength. At that time, very quickly, she had exceeded the capacity of each machine.) This time, he found her in the upper percentile of normal females of childbearing age; he encouraged her to use the facilities for another three quarters of an hour and she was glad for the exercise and the new environment.

Adequate food was served to both women three times a day, and each holding area had provision for taking care of personal needs, as well as a comfortable bed and basic recreational materials to avoid too much boredom. The rooms were escape proof.

The 24-hour monitoring continued. As was expected, once Wonder Woman had rested and had the freedom to roam her room at will, she had searched it thoroughly, finding and destroying a hidden microphone. An alarm immediately went off, and the two men came storming into her room, capturing her, and cuffing her hands behind her back. Her legs were strapped to the rack and a wide leather collar was put around her neck. She was bent over the rack and a rope attached the front of the collar to the rack while another cord was used to pull her handcuffed wrists painfully upward, stopping just short of dislocating her shoulders and tied to the back of the collar. Once bound in this painful position, Jack brutally raped her in the ass, this time without the benefit of a lubricant. At the same time, Dr. Light forced Diana to service him orally.

"If I even feel your teeth," he warned, "by tonight all of your teeth will be in a jar by my bedpost."

After he had deposited a load of ejaculate in her mouth and Jack had spewed his cum into her bowels, the two men sat and talked for a few minutes. When they had sufficiently recovered, Dr. Light ruthlessly raped Diana's dry vagina, while Jack pumped into her mouth again.

When the two men were finished, Dr. Light replaced the damaged microphone, and Wonder Woman was left for 12 hours, in her torturous position. When she was finally released, the relief of having her arms released was so great and the fatigue from the continuous pain was so great that she could offer no resistance to her captor. Thus she was once again given her freedom to rest in bed and move around her room when she wished.

She didn't know that there were three other microphones monitoring her that were better hidden. She had found and destroyed the 'dummy' mike.

From then on, unless the two women were being punished for misbehavior, twice each week they were given pregnancy tests and three times a week, permitted a 45-minute workout in the exercise room. Once every week, Dr. Light would be present to test each woman's physical strength and he complemented them on their improvements as they grew stronger and moved upward in the chart as compared to 'other normal women'.

By now, Wonder Woman had observed that Jack always wore a condom when he fucked her. Dr. Light never did. Apparently, Dr. Light wanted to be sure it was his child, if and when she got pregnant.

After ten days of captivity, the two women were placed in adjoining rooms with a common door. They were permitted to be together most of the days, exercise together, and even to eat their meals together. But when the men arrived, each was required to go to her own room to perform her duties of servicing her partner.

All of their conversations were monitored, and as expected the women plotted escape. Diana found creative ways to block the monitor microphone, which Dr. Light permitted, allowing her to believe she was defeating his system. Somehow Diana managed to obtain a piece of plastic, which she used to carefully pick the lock to the exit door. Observing her through a 'peep hole' Dr. Light enjoyed the look of triumph on Diana's face as the door finally opened and she moved through, only to find herself in a small, 6 x 6 anteroom with another door ahead of her. And before she could approach that door, the two men appeared and both women were punished for attempting to escape, by being strapped to their racks, their lips coated with ipecac, causing severe vomiting for a period of about a half hour. They were left, strapped to their respective racks for a period of 24 hours, not being fed or allowed breaks for their personal needs. At the end of their punishment, both were miserably covered by their own vomit and personal wastes. They were released, allowed a three-minute shower, required to clean up their mess, and then submit to the sexual whims of their captors. In addition to their regular sexual service, they were both titty fucked and warned to wear the cum for the next 24 hours or risk further punishment.

After a week of apparent submission, the women conspired to capture the men and strap them to the racks while they attempted another escape. When Jill noticed that the men were taking an inordinately long period to service the women she checked the peepholes. Jill smiled at the two men being strapped to the racks, but followed the proper protocol and released a colorless, odorless knockout into the rooms. Of course, the women were punished even more severely, each being suspended from the ceiling with weights on their feet stretching their muscles taunt. Then, the men took silk stockings and put grapefruit in each and used these to beat the women. It caused intense pain, but left no marks.

Once the beatings were accomplished, each woman was strapped to her rack and the sexual regimen was immediately reestablished.

After that, their attempts to escape were only half-hearted, although each attempt was met with severe punishment.

Toward the end of the first month, Drucilla's pregnancy test turned positive. Diana's turned positive the middle of the second month. A practicing medical doctor was brought in to confirm their condition. Both women were told of their respective pregnancies and urged to behave themselves. Any misbehavior or attempts at escape would be punished and Dr. Light didn't want to do anything that might endanger the pregnancies.

Although both women were resentful that they had become pregnant as a result of being raped, both also found that maternal instincts were kicking in, and both began to think of their babies. As time went on, they become more docile and compliant

The their pregnancies confirmed, the sexual regimen became less formal and more varied, but both Drucilla and Diana could expect at least one visit from each man every day. Vaginal sex was frequently required of each woman, but the regimen was expanded and the women were called upon to also perform oral sex, anal sex and manual sex when requested.

Jack came less often, until his visits ceased entirely. Jill was insisting that he give her more attention. And he had the satisfaction of knowing that although he felt Wonder Woman had screwed him royally, he had more than paid her back in kind.

Dr. Light also came less often, although he would visit each woman at least twice a week. He continued the weekly strength testing in the exercise room, and he gradually became convinced that indeed, their super powers were not returning.

He knew that their powers had left them when they had willingly given themselves 'to Steve'. (And since Steve hadn't been readily available, Dr. Light had been delight to take his place once the post hypnotic suggestion had been established that when the women saw him, they would 'see' and believe the were with Steve. Even though they knew better, both women somehow felt it was Steve who had deprived them of their super powers.) Dr. Light still was not sure exactly what caused their loss of power. Was it, in fact, simply their yielding to a man and only that which caused an immediate and irreversible change? Or was the cause subtler: was it, perhaps, the presence of semen that took away her strength. Or having an orgasm? Was the loss only temporary, which would allow the women to regain their strength? If the loss was temporary, would continuous sex keep the Amazon from regaining her strength? Would continuous orgasms or simply the frequent introduction of semen into their systems work? Would pregnancy by itself sustain their loss of power? Or possibly pregnancy would complete their loss of Amazon powers?

So far, his strength studies seemed to indicate that their super strength would not come back. But this was still in the research stage.

But to be honest he was growing tired of the constant demands of servicing each woman twice a week. The intoxicant of fucking Wonder Woman had long since worn off and he was frankly growing bored with both women, neither of whom interested him particularly. It is true, he was looking forward to the birth of his children, but he had grown weary of the growing bellies and the gestation period along with the inevitable mood swings (and yes, even though the women gave him immediate obedience, there were mood swings).

He considered hiring a new man to service the girls. That was definitely a possibility. And it would free him up for other things. Of course, he would still require weekly reports about the girl's strength and fitness, but there was no need for him to do the testing himself.

He also considered renting the Amazons out to various members of the underworld on an hourly or nightly basis. He might even auction them off for a night to anyone who could pay the price. Although either of these plans would be tremendous moneymakers, he quickly dismissed both ideas. In the first place, he really didn't like most of the people that he knew that would have the kind of money that would be involved. In the second place, most of his underworld acquaintances weren't particularly careful in their choice of sexual partners: and Dr. Light didn't want 'his girls' coming back with any diseases. In the third place, if outsiders knew that he possessed the Amazons, someone was likely to become jealous and try to take them away from him. Then he would lose control over them and they might somehow regain their Amazon strength.

No, at least for the time being, they were his to keep. He was stuck with them.

But, in any case, he had achieved his goal: they were no longer interfering with his activities and making a general nuisance of themselves.

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The end of Part Three.

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