Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction Act 1  

By BigBoob 58

Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction. By BigBoob58, Aspiring Author

Act I:

It hasn't occurred to our heroine yet, but her life would be less complicated if she just stopped surfing the internet. On one of her recent adventures, she charged off to close down a private bondage palace and ended up as an employee and star attraction in the infamous 'House'. She might still be there except that one of her more lecherous team mates discovered her as he finished fucking her senseless and took pity on her. The man was a millionaire and wasted little time purchasing her employment contract. He took her to his fabulous estate and set about rehabilitating her. Diana no longer dared use the surname Prince after that escapade, and adopted the identity of Helena Spillios when she accompanied her millionaire patron in public.

Her friend was Green Arrow, alternatly known as Oliver Queen, and he introduced her to the legendary teacher I-Ching. Diana's natural aptitude allowed her to learn the martial arts techniques her teacher took joy in demonstrating on her powerless body. Diana absorbed a lot of punishment from her blind sensei for the first five weeks and then her skills and confidence combined to allow her to fight on equal footing with the five foot tall oriental man. When she surpassed his skills, I-Ching bade her farewell and returned to his home in Bayonne, New Jersey, presumably waiting for Ralph Macchio or Jaden Smith or the like.

During one of the infinite number of Crisises that occurred whenever sales sagged, Diana stepped up in a huge way, saving Seattle and the six heroes fighting oversized opponents and the Greek gods rewarded her by returning her original powers and skills. She remained in exile from her home in the Carribean and continued to live on the Queen estate. Whenever Oliver Queen was between lovers, she shared his bed. This was rare since the womanizer tended to cling to relationships long past their natural expiration and rarely went two weeks without a new girlfriend. He never saw Wonder Woman as a significant other, rather a quick cure for loneliness and Diana, despite her new freedom to explore her needs, remained influenced by her upbringing. Her hair was now blonde, at the suggestion of her patron. She didn't want to be connected to her previous self and the blonde hair was enough to fool most of the general public.

Wonder Woman, in her second incarnation, was one of the most popular members of the Justice League. Her lack of a social life allowed her to take extra turns on monitor duty whenever her teammates became involved in their own adventures.

She sat in Oliver's den, looking for show times on the latest big movie and her fingers slipped when she tried to key the lead actress's name. She'd forgotten the exact title to the flick, but she remembered the actress's name. Instead of searching Linda Loomis, she keyed Leslie Loomis and as she scanned the IMBD list of Leslie Loomis credits, her eyes bulged. Leslie Loomis was a thirty seven year old, sandy blonde woman from Cleveland Ohio. She made porn movies for the last ten years, each of which featured her in a series of strict bondage situations. The detail that bothered Helena Spillyos was the fact that Leslie Loomis listed her ten 'Wonder Blunder' movies as a highlight in her career. A number of stills at the top of the web page showed Loomis in various stages of dress in her Wonder Blunder outfit. The top was faded gold atop a tight red leotard. Wonder Blunder's pants were dark blue and had six white stars scattered across the surface. Most of these stills did not show Loomis wearing both pants and top and a few were complete nudes.

Helena switched to video and typed in Leslie Loomis before selecting 'search'. Then she clicked on each of Loomis's Wonder Blunder movies. Many were blocked and some removed by order of the publisher Wonder Woman sold her 'print' rights to before adopting her first secret identity. She was able to watch a number of Wonder Blunder's escapades. By the seventh movie, Helena found herself counting to twenty and in almost every film, Leslie Loomis managed to lose either top, bottoms, or both. The sleazy looking men and women characters took delight in tying or chaining her in uncomfortable positions before playing with her body. Wonder Woman couldn't believe how many shapes and styles you could find disguised as a vibrator. Loomis used the same high pitched scream in each movie and panted so similarly from movie to movie that Helena decided it was a one-time sound byte that the low budget directors used every time the script called for Leslie to lose her wardrobe.

"Interesting choice of cinema," Oliver said and Helena suddenly became aware of the millionaire's presence as he stood behind her leering over her shoulder at the short pornos. "Are you feeling randy?"

Helena glared at him before focusing on the latest movie. It ran out and the credits rolled across the screen. Helena hit pause and increased the size of the film on the lap top. She read the small print that indicated the location of the studio where Loomis and her cast mates created this non-masterpiece.

"Are you headed there?" Oliver asked her as she jotted down the location on a post-it pad.

"Bet your ass I am," replied the incensed heroine.

"Why?" Oliver asked using an innocent tone that Wonder Woman never believed him capable of generating.

"I'm going to give her a piece of my mind." Helena nearly shouted at her patron.

"Last time you did that, I ended up bailing you out," Oliver chided her. "How long would you like to spend in bondage this time before I come to save the day?"

He recoiled at the shear enmity embodied in her stare.

"Never mind," Oliver said meekly and he backpedaled out of the study. "If you need help, call me."

With that he disappeared into a far corner of his mansion. Oliver Queen stayed out of sight until her heard the sound of Wonder Woman's motorcycle fading in the distance. Once he was certain she'd left, he picked up his phone and booked a long cruise.

The Queen estate lay in a hidden valley several miles outside of Seattle and east of the highway that connected the Emerald City to Portland and points south. Helena Spillyos carried a duffle bag that held her belongings and life savings on her back as her motorcycle sped towards Glendale California where the actress currently worked. Helena's anger increased during the two days it took her to reach her destination. Her Amazonian stamina allowed her to travel non-stop, other than fuel stops. When she arrived at the 'Welcome to Glendale' sign, Helena Spillyos realized she was too tired to confront her target and she pulled into a motor court. She paid for a room and lingered in a warm shower before slipping into the bed and dropping into a dreamless sleep.

The trip from Glendale to Hollywood's seedier side took forty minutes in the heavy morning traffic. Helena dressed in nondescript clothing, tight jeans, a loose blue top and the helmet which concealed her features. Anywhere outside of Southern California, Helena Spillios' body would stand out like a beacon. In this area, the large number of half-starved starlets, genuinely beautiful actresses, and typically outstanding California girls, Helena Spillios appeared average at best. Her clothing served to deflect attention and when someone whistled at her while she walked from the public parking area to the studio, she stared at the offender and made he run away like a yelping puppy after it received a whipping.

The public parking area charged three bucks for the first hours, payable in advance and added charges in one dollar increments every extra hour or portion thereof. Helena assumed she would return in under two hours since Leslie Loomis had no special powers beyond her large boobs.

Helena marched directly to the address on her post-it note with her head down and a no nonsense attitude that kept the pan handlers away. She glanced at the note twice, first to determine how many blocks she needed to walk and finally to confirm she was at the correct building. Helena tossed the post-it in the bin attached to the light pole in front of the studio and slammed the door open. She went up the stairs to the fourth floor where LL Productions listed their home office.

Helena hadn't decided when she would reveal her other identity to the porn actress. Instead she charged into the door to LL Productions and into a maelstrom of activity that made a Justice League training session appear sedate. She ducked out of the way of a clothes rack overloaded with a number of negligees, camisoles, and a disturbing assortment of fetish wear. The clothing was bizarre and stunned her momentarily. Remembering where she was standing, she composed herself and approached the reception desk.

The woman seated at the desk was speaking into her headset, trying to facilitate the delivery of a case of customized vibrators from the manufacturer. Helena waited impatiently but silently until the woman completed her conversation then she leaned on the desk and told the short haired brunette.

"I need to see Leslie Loomis."

"Do you have an appointment?" the receptionist inquired.

"No," Helena replied. Before she could continue, the receptionist cut her off.

"Ms Loomis is too busy right now for a walk-in." she said and then she buried her head in the pile of paper on her desk.

"I NEED TO SEE LESLIE LOOMIS!" Helena said. She hadn't moved an inch and the receptionist looked up at her for the first time. Before she could speak, a thirtyish man approached and touched Helena's elbow.

"Are you here for the body double casting try outs?" he asked.

Helena looked at the newcomer and spent a moment trying to decide whether to knock him silly or just kill him outright. Before she could act, it occurred to her that this was a better way to get close to Loomis than fighting her way into the inner rooms of LL Productions.

"I am," Helena replied. "I was just trying to tell this woman that I faxed my photos and needed to get them before my audition."

The man smiled at her.

"I'm Ted Wentworth," he said. "I don't remember your portfolio, but you certainly have the body for the job. Follow me and I'll get you a place to store your street clothes."

"Thank you," Helena said and she fell in step behind the man. She towered over her guide who must have been five foot eight inches tall or at least six inches shorter than Helena. She wore flat shoes to minimize her height. They stopped at a door and Wentworth knocked on the metal. He turned the handle and said "Everyone indecent in here?"

There were no replies, so he pushed the door open wide and gestured for Helena to enter. He pulled what appeared to be a deck of cards out of his suit coat and held them out face down as he fanned the cards.

"Take one," he instructed. "Use the locker on the card and memorize the combination. When you're finished, go down the hall to the second door. We'll do your screen test immediately."

"Is my costume in the locker?" Helena asked him innocently.

"We shoot porno here sweetie," Wentworth told her. "You're wearing your primary costume under that dirty sweater. If you're not interested, give me the card and get out. Before you decide, I think you have promise and Michaela doesn't get mad at ugly women."


"Our receptionist," Wentworth responded. "Leslie Loomis' childhood friend. Leslie doesn't allow her to perform on camera."

"I see," Helena replied.

"You staying?"

"I'll be there in ten minutes," Helena replied.

"Try to make it in five," Wentworth scolded. "Time is money and Leslie wants to put the next Wonder Blunder to bed today."

Helena looked at the card and then at the metal plates on each of the lockers. The lockers were overstock from some local high school, made of rusting metal and completely porous. The locks were strong enough as Helena learned when she tried to pull a few of the locked doors open. She found her locker and tried the combination. The lock opened and the stale aroma of her locker filled her nostrils.

'I need to toss these clothes when I get done.' Helena thought. She stripped, sliding her sweater over her head and shoulders and hanging it on the larger hook. Her jeans followed along with her modest panties. Oliver convinced her to bikini wax her pubic hair and she was happy that it was in good repair for her debut. Helena closed the locker and checked the door. When she was satisfied, she followed Wentworth's directions to her next stop.

The locker area had been a relief in that the noise level was very low. The well lit room she entered was somewhat noisier but less offensive than the lobby had been. Helena looked for Ted and found him seated beside a cameraman. They were shooting a scene that featured a short blonde female applying a rag to the face of Leslie Loomis. Loomis pretended to lose consciousness and after the blonde acted as though she subdued Wonder Blunder, she began to peel the nearly familiar red bustier off the porn star.


Loomis got to her feet a single motion and moved out of the camera's line of sight. A look-alike emerged from a door in back of the spot where the blonde remained kneeling. She wore the same Wonder Blunder uniform as Leslie Loomis and the same exaggerated black wig, but her bustier was already unlaced. Without immediate instruction, the second porn actress dropped to her knees next to the short blonde and lay face down on the mat that was painted to look like a wooden floor. The blonde returned her hands to the point where someone (the director?) had yelled 'Cut'.


"They're good sir," a topless red head said in a drab tone.

Helena leaned against the wall since she didn't know what else to do. Before she could react, Leslie Loomis took a spot next to her. Helena felt the stare of the porn star as her body was examined by examined by her quarry. To Helena's surprise, her nipples were responding to the unwanted attention even though she wasn't being touched.

"You have a glorious body girl," Leslie told her.

"Thank you," Helena responded and blushed at the unwanted attention. Then Leslie grabbed Helena's large left breast and gave it a squeeze.

'Part of the plan,' Helena told herself as Leslie Loomis rubbed the firm flesh of her right breast. Her other hand squeezed Helena's nipple and then tugged at the red bud, stretching it away from the large mound it protruded from.

"I see you've met the new body double," Ted Wentworth said as walked towards the two women. "What is your name again?"

"Dinah Paradise," Helena responded. The question caught her off guard and she decided to use an old IADC alias in combination with the name of her friend, the Black Canary.

"I think Leslie likes you," he observed. Loomis sighed and released Helena's breasts before stalking away. Helena heard the sound of a door slamming and assumed Leslie had retreated to her dressing room or a like place.

"Let's get you set up," Ted told her, He placed his right arm around her shoulder and used his body to guide her towards a narrow couch located in the stage area next to the spot where Wonder Blunder had just fallen victim to the chloroform soaked rag.

"Have a seat," Ted told her and Helena positioned herself in the middle of the couch. The surface was mostly clean, green leather, and felt warm as though she hadn't been the first person to use this chair in the last hour.

"Lay down," Ted instructed. Helena swung her legs onto the low end of the couch and dropped her head onto the slightly better padded end which was inclined. Ted took her wrists in his hands and confined them in cuffs that were attached to that end of the couch. The cuffs appeared to be closed by heavy padlocks, but in reality were snapped shut. Laying on her back, Helena lacked the leverage to free herself, a fact she learned in moments.

"Meggie will come over and play a bit with you," Ted told her. "Just react naturally like you heard Aileen doing in that last scene. Helena remembered the repetitive moaning she endured in Leslie Loomis Wonder Blunder movies. When Meggie bent over and started fondling her, she moaned and groaned in as close a style as she could to the movies she'd watched.

She endured the attention of the dirty blonde woman for more than ten minutes. Ted said 'Cut' in a plain tone. Two other men drew near him and spoke quickly and quietly. Meggie left her the moment she heard the 'Cut' order and Helena pulled against her bindings without success. Ted returned shortly, his conference with the other men concluded and he smiled at the captive blonde.

"The producers like you,' he told Helena as she continued to squirm in her chains. "Instead of a body double, they want you to portray the captured Amazon warrior."

Helena looked at him and her confusion was obvious.

"This move is called Wonder Blunder to the Rescue," he told Helena. "She receives a message that her oldest friend was captured by pornographers on her way to visit Wonder Blunder. Leslie sets out to rescue her friend and gets captured. You and her…. Well her body double anyway will get bound together and suffer the usual abuse until she makes her escape. We haven't needed your character yet since the scene you saw was her breaking into the place you're being held."

Helena smiled weakly at Wentworth. This was becoming a lot more trouble than she wanted.

"You'll get a billing and a thousand dollars," Ted told her. "If you're character catches on, you get to be in the next movie and twice your salary."

'The money will help,' Helena thought. 'I won't need to crawl back to the Queen Estate. It is long past time I earned my keep.'

"Okay, I accept," she told Wentworth.

"Good," he replied. "You need to get into your costume in five minutes so we can start the next scene," He realized she couldn't move with her wrists confined so he released the golden metal shackles and she quickly pulled her wrists free. Helena looked up and noticed a stage worker beckon to her. She hurried towards the crooked finger. He held a latex one piece that didn't seem large enough to confine Helena's ample figure. The stagehand needed every ounce of strength to pull the latex garment open wide enough for Helena to wriggle into and when her lost his grip, the material closed on her body tightly. The pair struggled to separate the shiny material from Helena's flesh and somehow they managed to get her into the skin tight costume in time. Her breasts hung freely in front of the shiny white material, uncovered and vulnerable. Helena knew without looking that nothing covered her rear end. Her blonde pubic hair was invisible and pressed deep into her cleft. The material clung everywhere and as she moved to the section of the room where the next scene was in place, she felt the rubbing on her love button and on other vulnerable places.

She was moistening as she reached the place she would start the scene, a small cage like contraption that hung from thick chains. The chains were anchored in an overhead structure which sat two inches below the ceiling. Three stagehands worked rapidly to confine her torso in the cage like device. Her hands were guided into thick manacles that were anchored on the cage like device at a height equal to where her neck extended out of her new confinement. Her ankles were shackled in golden chains and pulled up off the floor. The free end of the chain fit perfectly through a metal loop and a stage hand pulled it until her ankles met the inside of her knees. He allowed a minimum amount of slack and then he secured this chain. The lower end of the cage like device was pulled higher than the place where her head was and she hung upside down. One of the stagehands looked longingly at her dangling tits until her facial expression warned him off.

From her upside down perspective, she saw Leslie Loomis enter this part of the room. She heard the director command the cameraman to roll the film. Leslie's wrists were invisible behind thick cuffs and her faux bustier hung below her exposed bosom. The men escorting her stood on either side of the actress and the three followed a man who held a leather leash. The leash connected to the collar Leslie Loomis wore. She acted as though she was resisting but without success. One of the stagehands provided Helena with her lines. Actually, she only had one planned line and she spoke it as Wonder Blunder walked close to her.

"Wonder Blunder!" she said loudly. "You need to escape. Forget about me. These evil men….."

At this point, on cue, another man jammed a thick four inch tube roughly into her lips. He fumbled with the strap that eventually connected behind her medium length blonde hair. If this was real, Helena knew she would have been able to spit the gag out. Instead, she moaned into the porous tune that filled her mouth and rattled against her teeth. Helena listened to the actors portraying the lead villain congratulate Wonder Blunder on finding her friend and then the inevitable invitation to join her in bondage. Another cage-like contraption was lowered from the overhead stage and Leslie was stripped out of the rest of her Wonder Blunder duds. They pushed her towards the open cage and the director shouted 'cut!'.

Leslie's body double, a buxom red head in a ludicrous black wig strutted from point unseen, dropped her very feminine cigarette on the floor(sending three idle stage hands to recover it before it could ignite anything) and positioned herself between the two actors who'd been escorting Leslie. The body double, who's stage name was Ana Anaconda tossed the end of the leash she wore to the actor who previously held Leslie's leash and foisted her arms into the hands of her captors. They repeated the process of stripping the Wonder Blunder uniform of Ana and pushed her into the empty cage. The cage rose as Ana screamed in surprise forcing the director to scream 'cut'!. The second time she was lifted off the floor, she remembered her 'brave heroine banter and threats' as she rose towards the ceiling. Her cage was about fourteen inches higher than Helena's cage. Once she leveled off, the cage that held Ana moved above Helena's cage. Once Ana's pussy was directly above Helena, the cage lowered and Ana's thick bush covered Helena's lips.

Helena struggled exactly as she might if this situation was real and as her head bobbed side to side, she saw a cue card. She followed the instructions and pulled away from the hairy pie. She flashed a smile as instructed, lipped her hair covered lips and buried her mouth in Ana's snatch. She made loud slurping noises as she bobbed her head up and down. Ana screamed in fake delight. The scene went well and the cameraman shot for thirty uninterrupted minutes as the prisoners ate what was available.

Finally, the director yelled cut and gave everyone fifteen minutes. Helena and Ana were lowered to the floor and set free.

"Join me for a butt?" Ana asked her screen lover. Helena declined, pleading the need to pee which had become real. She searched for a rest room and eventually asked one of the lady stagehands where the bathroom was. The woman handed her a plastic Folgers can.

"They'll want to film you as you go," the stagehand told her. "Don't complain about it. No matter how good you just acted, they'll fire you in a minute if you get all puritan."

Helena found a corner that offered as much privacy as possible. She placed the plastic can and squatted over it. Before she finished, she noticed two cameras pointed at her with red lights blazing. She ignored them and pushed the can towards an empty place along the wall. Then, she returned to the point she had been at when the director yelled cut. Her naked body attracted everyone's attention as her wide ass swayed side to side, inviting attention. Her breasts barely moved, a tribute to her Amazon genetics. This caught every eye that wasn't visually trapped by her see sawing rear end.

The director spoke to her for the first time.

"Hal Clinch," he said brusquely as he thrust a hand towards her. She gently shook the proffered limb and quickly released it. "How do you feel about a whipping?"

"That sounds like it hurts," she said with a squeak in her voice.

"You won't actually be touched," Clinch continued. He held up a bull whip, leather, black and painful looking. He cracked it against the floor and produced a snap that interrupted every conversation in the room.

"We'll secure you and Ana to that frame," Hal told her. "Lenny over there is an expert at not whipping my actresses. All you need to do is scream really loud. Then you'll hang around. Other than intermittent low moans, keep quiet. Two other actresses who intend to rescue you and Wonder Blunder get to be abused for the next thirty minutes or so. Capesh?"

Helena nodded her head, then she went as directed to allow the same stagehands who'd caged her to chain her wrists to the left frame. The scene played exactly as explained. She spent a long time watching two dark brunettes who were dressed like Ms Americana and Zatanna undergo something similar to a tonsillectomy. Their doctors didn't use wooden probes.

When that scene concluded, all the actresses were unfettered and gathered in director style chairs. They talked about how much they enjoyed their public debasement and then they were dismissed.

On her way back to the locker room, Ted Wentworth caught her elbow.

"Leslie wants to talk to you," he told Helena. "Be in her dressing room in fifteen minutes."

"Where is it?" Helena asked.

Wentworth provided directions and Helena raced to get a shower before the hot water was gone. Her four fellow actress/captives were as sweaty as she was. The shower was communal and the hot water lasted over four minutes. Then the women scurried around, looking for reasonably clean towels. Helena slipped her panties on, followed by her tight jeans and loose sweater. Then she went off in search of Leslie Loomis and a reckoning.

Helena's body jiggled as she walked towards Leslie Loomis' dressing room. Her buttocks swayed from side to side and the direct nature of her pace made each man in the hallway move out of way before she needed to say anything. Most of the men she passed stopped and watched the side to side movement of rear end. She smelled Leslie's dressing room before she reached it. The pungent aroma ofLoomis'sr perfume filled the hallway outside her dressing room and allowed Helena to relax. Once inside the room, she would transform into her Wonder Woman identity and make this Loomis actress stop making her Wonder Blunder movies. She was certain the actress could find other roles.

Helena rapped twice on the golden knocker board and a voice from inside shouted, "Enter". Helena didn't recognize the accented voice until she stepped into the spacious room and found Leslie Loomis inside. Loomis bent over the head board of a twin bed, concentrating on the knot that held the actress Helena knew as Ana Anaconda on her back. Anaconda lay spread eagled on white sheets, her legs confined to the base board that barely reached the top of the mattress. Her pubic hair was trimmed in bikini style and ended directly above the place her twitching pussy ended. Ana looked at Helena without any sort of expression. Helena glanced at the splayed brunette and quickly determined she was drugged or otherwise impaired. Loomis finished the knot and turned her attention to her latest guest.

"You did an excellent job today," Loomis told Helena. "Your character will be popular with the pervos who buy my movies."

Helena nodded but said nothing in reply. She was livid at this woman who used her other identity to make money from innocent perverts. She was still upset over being required to perform in the actress's latest film. And she decided it was time to put a stop to the whole thing immediately. Helena extended her arms parallel to the ground and spun clockwise. A flash of lightning blinded the women for a few moments. When her vision cleared, Leslie Loomis found herself staring into the large heaving chest that belonged to Wonder Woman. Worse it was the new and improved version that didn't hold back during fights. The brunette Wonder Woman vanished after a series of posted videos featured her experiencing worse sexual situations than any Leslie Loomis ever made. This was the one Loomis portrayed in her pornographic features. Leslie didn't hide her attraction for the new blonde Wonder Woman's impressive set. She recoiled from the angry woman just the same.

"You will never release that movie," Wonder Woman ordered. "You will destroy every copy and delete your other Wonder Blunder films as well."

"Why would I want to do that?" the buxom brunette asked. "I've been doing this for nearly a decade without a peep out of you." Loomis asked her.

"I've been distracted," Helena/Wonder Woman told the brunette. Leslie cringed and shrank backward before falling onto the bed and slipping on the bound Ana Anaconda.

"Damn it Leslie," Cried Ana. "That hurt!"

Wonder Woman noticed that the sprawling actress inadvertently pushed a phallic object into the soft inner flesh of Ana's leg. Wonder Woman's hand moved in a well-practiced fashion. Her golden lariat slipped out of the specially designed loop on the side of her golden girdle and lay open as soon as it was freed. A swift move of her hands formed a wide loop and a flick of her wrist directed the glowing golden loop over the shoulders of Leslie Loomis as she sat upright next to Ana Anaconda. The soft rope settled over the top of Leslie Loomis's breasts and Wonder Woman's wrist moved swiftly jerking te loop tight against Leslie's upper torso. A gasp escaped from the actress's mouth but stopped as soon as Wonder Woman ordered her to become silent.

"Get up and log onto that Desk top right now," Wonder Woman ordered. Leslie wanted to snap off a smarmy response but the rope kept her silent. She found herself moving almost robotically towards her computer and taking a seat in front of the keyboard. When she was in place, she looked at her captor.

"First, pull that video and destroy it," Wonder Woman commanded and Leslie's finger made the required key strokes to comply. Her phone rang.

"Tell them you changed your mind," Wonder Woman directed.

The conversation lasted for ten minutes until Loomis slammed the phone into its cradle. Wonder Woman handed her a flash drive.

"Open this," she ordered. "Select and install the file named Wall.gov."

When Leslie completed that process, Wonder Woman spoke again.

"Now move to the Virus folder," she said. "Open the file Etta.eat and install it."

This took a few moments. When the second file finished adding itself to her computer, it started to fulfill its instructions.

"What did I just do?" asked Loomis.

"The Etta will eat everything on your hard drive, your LAN, and any other computers you're linked to. It will consume everything including backups. The first file you installed will contain this beast to your computer and systems. After Etta empties your system, it will attempt to eat the Wall and be neutralized. You're out of business bitch."

Helena Spillyos felt exhilarated at her success. Maybe she should have become blonde a long time ago. Her old brunette self might be writhing on top of a sex toy or unwillingly servicing this porno actress. Wonder Woman placed her hands on her waist at her magic girdle and spread her legs slightly. She focused her gaze at the helpless actress before she spoke.

"You're done portraying me or my predecessor," she said, her voice increasing as she spoke. "Do something different. If I need to come back, I won't be so nice next time."

Leslie looked at the furious woman and nodded her assent.

"I should make you donate your earnings," Wonder Woman told her. "Instead, I think you should use those funds to get some better career skills and help the others in your company find new ways to earn honest livings."

Wonder Woman tugged at the golden rope and it expanded without releasing Loomis's body. She used the additional rope to thread a loop over the bound body of Ana Anaconda. Then she ordered the women to forget her other identity and their memory of her transformation. She twisted her wrist and the golden lasso untied both women and reformed into its storage form, a compact circle that hung against the right hip of the super heroine.

"Don't follow me," Wonder Woman said as she opened the door and slipped through it. As she departed, a cadre of sweaty men pushed inside, each screaming at Leslie Loomis in hopes of being the first to confirm how bad things suddenly were. Wonder Woman turned a corner, stopped to look for cameras or other people and when she found none, she spun counter clockwise. She was plain Helena Spillyos again and barely noticeable as she descended the stairwell to the street.

At the Parking Lot, she paid the additional four dollars and got back on her motorcycle. Once it roared to life, Helena Spillyos followed the empty street a few miles to the ramp that led to the Pacific Coast Highway. She used the north bound ramp, noticed the sign indicating Seatle was fourteen hundred miles distant, and settled in for the twenty seven hour ride.

The end of Part One

I decided to try two new things with this story. First, I intend to follow up with additional chapters if my imagination holds up. Any suggestions you send to R_burrows@sbcglobal.netwill only help this process. The next chapter will reunite the newly blonde bimbo with Leslie Loomis under less favorable circumstances. Once I decide what those are, I'll provide the next installment.

The second new thing is placing the 'commercial' at the conclusion of the story. It is important to remember that the majority of these characters are property of others, used without permission and not a part of any continuity. The situations they encounter are adult in nature and not for all ages or temperments. Whenever this concludes, all characters revert to whatever passes for normal. This story is free and for entertainment only. I hope you enjoy or enjoyed it.

-BigBoob58, Aspiring Author

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