Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction Chapter 2  

By BigBoob 58

Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction-Chapter Two. By BigBoob58, Aspiring Author

Everything happens fast in society today. Helena Spillyos barely reached the Queen estate in suburban Seattle before the subpoena arrived. Oliver's executive assistant admitted the process server, an attractive African-American male who sweet talked her and invited her to the hottest concert in town in exchange for a chair in the vacant foyer of Oliver's mansion. Unaware of his presence, Helena parked her motor cycle outside the main entry and encountered the man as she entered. He slipped the paperwork he carried into her hands, tipped his baseball cap and hightailed it out the door before Helena had the chance to read the contents.

He sped away, unwilling to risk the wrath of a powerful person, pausing only to text the completion of his assignment to his boss. Wonder Woman read the document and scratched her head in confusion. As she read the whyfores and whereas's, Oliver arrived in response to his executive assistant's summons.

"Welcome back Princess…err Helena," he said in greeting. He hadn't forgotten how mad she was when she left so he omitted his customary tight hug and kept what he considered a discreet distance from the jean clad beauty. "Whatcha got there?"

Helena handed him the document and he scanned the lines, absorbing the information and whistling in astonishment at the words in front of him.

"Did you really crash this Loomis chick's I. T. system?" he asked half in awe and half in fear that her reply might be affirmative. "She's suing you for specific performance among other things. Did you hurt anybody?"

"No Oliver," Helena replied. "I asked her to stop abusing my image with her perverse films and she refused. I used the 'Etta' virus to destroy her ill-conceived images."

"Helena darling, it probably took her a full day to get a new system installed and another two or three hours to acquire her films off the internet. You didn't stop anything."

"At least I destroyed the movie in which she made me appear." Helena retorted and a satisfied smile filled her face. Oliver shook his head and clenched his jaw. He watched the direct to Facebook movie starring Leslie Loomis, Ana Anaconda and newcomer Dinah Paradise twice already. Most of the male Justice Leaguers were fans of Leslie Loomis and a number of other actresses who made a living portraying the brunette Wonder Woman in pornographic situations. Wally West probably creamed his jeans when he realized the true identity of Dinah Paradise. He decided not to incite any further adventures of his fellow Justice Leaguer.

"You're going to need to go to court on this one," Oliver told the blonde woman as she waddled her sexy ass up his main staircase. He never tired of staring at her hips swaying as she walked or climbed stairs or practically anything else. "Too bad Jean Loring isn't available. She had a knack for these cases. If only she hadn't snapped, killed Sue Dibny, and gotten committed to Arkham. I'll call my Corporation Counsel and ask for a recommendation."

"Thank you Oliver," Helena replied. "It's another thing I'll need to repay to you."

The lawsuit would be adjudicated in the smaller Bahamian island of Saint Flex d'Cote, located just inside the Bermuda triangle. This would be the closest to her home she travelled since her disgraceful failure several years earlier. Her lawyer, Matthew Michael Murdock, met her as she cleared customs and escorted her to a waiting limousine. They travelled to the suite that Oliver Queen kept in the largest hotel on the island and she took a few minutes to recover from the plane flight before joining Murdock at the conference table in the common area of the suite. They had separate bed rooms and each bed room had a private bath. In the two months of exchanging briefs, pre-trial motions, and other legal actions too boring to list, the triumvirate that held jurisdiction over the case estimated the trial might last three days. Oliver purchased five elegant dresses and sufficient white goods for a full week's stay. He threw in a pair of skimpy bikinis that he told her she might use after the case was settled. Helena grimaced at the near spaghetti styles Oliver selected for her. She doubted the suit would conceal any of her body but she packed it anyway. She needed to start repaying Oliver somehow and a romantic weekend would serve as a start.

Helena's focus returned to her lawyer, the blind Matthew Michael Murdock. He appeared to be thick bodied, slow moving and unathletic. Additionally, Matt Murdock was blind. Helena reviewed his court record before agreeing to hire him and came away impressed at his winning streaks. As she sat across from him for the first time, she studied her counsellor closely, she noticed the well toned muscles he was attempting to conceal. She had special senses and years of experience making herself appear undesirable so she could work with the man she once loved. Her thoughts strayed to Steve Trevor and his wife Etta Candy-Trevor and she pondered how they were enjoying life on their Texas ranch with their eight children.

"You're certain you didn't threaten anyone else?" Murdock leaned in and asked her. Helena snapped out of her lethargic state and responded.


"Did you take any property out of that office?"


"To your knowledge, was anyone injured?"


"Good, those are all things in your favor," Murdock told her. To Helena's surprise, he reached out and grabbed her wrist with his left hand before patting it sympathetically with his right hand. Helena looked at the blind man and her jaw dropped. A sighted person couldn't have moved that quickly and she decided her lawyer must be more than he appeared.

"For a blind man, you have a good sense of where I'm sitting," Wonder Woman told the lawyer. He smiled, flashing a bright white set of teeth at the blonde. "Do you have some additional sense that attracts you to any female in arm's reach?"

"You caught me," Murdock told her. "I think I've been in a room with a women wearing that particular perfume once before and that woman was the original Wonder Woman."

"Am I protected by lawyer-client confidentiality? Helena asked.

"Of course you are," Murdock replied. "At least as far my capacity to reveal your secrets. Your scent and your fabulous body have been driving me nuts since we sat down."

"You're fairly easy on my eyes as well," Helena told him. "Am I correct in assuming you want to continue our pre-trial conference in the next room?"

"That would be great!" Murdock replied.

"Give me a moment," Helena told him. "I'm uncertain that this body can enjoy your skills as well as my true body."

Helena stood up, extended her arms, and spun clockwise. A brief flash of lightning followed and when she stopped, Wonder Woman stood in front of the blind lawyer. Murdock's hand started for his tie when Wonder Woman grabbed it and gently placed it on the conference table.

"I don't do this very often," she cooed at the blind man. "I want to unwrap you myself. It will increase my enjoyment."

Murdock was already aroused by his beautiful client and he allowed her to unknot his silk tie. He sensed her folding it and then she tucked it into his left hand. She bent over and slid his expensive suit coat off his broad shoulders. Murdock felt her hands as they firmly rubbed his muscular shoulders. Then she pulled his arms free of his sleeves. Despite the eagerness that Murdock sensed in his companion through the change in the aroma her body secreted, Helena/Wonder Woman took the time to fold his suit coat neatly. Murdock unfastened his belt and the button at his waist while she lay his jacket on a nearby recliner. As she returned, he held his arms out in front of him. Wonder Woman had his cuff links removed along with his shirt. When these were neatly folded, she nearly ripped his tee shirt off his body. Wonder Woman stopped and gasped.

"Do all blind men have this sort of muscle tone?" she asked wryly as a salacious smile emerged on her lips.

"None that I've noticed," Murdock replied. "And even if I knew the answer, I wouldn't share it. There's no discovery in this game and I intend to keep some secrets."

Wonder Woman took hold of his arms and gently helped him out of the chair. She noticed his trousers drop slightly so she touched him mid chest as a signal to stop. Then she bent in front of the lawyer and after loosening his zipper, she yanked his pants down to his ankles. Murdock obligingly stepped free from the dark suit pants. Wonder Woman scooped these up and folded them as neatly as the rest and piled them atop his wardrobe.

She looked at her future lover and noticed his excitement as his member became rigid beneath the tight undershorts that hugged his lower abdomen. Wonder Woman took one arm and said to him in a small voice, "Your place tonight. A proper girl doesn't invite strange men into her boudoir on the first date."

She leaned in and kissed him. With his free hand, he grabbed her by the side of her face and held her close.

"I think I should return the courtesy you just shared with me," he said in a throaty voice.

"Of course," Helena responded. "I can't imagine you'll get the same amount of excitement that my other lovers get from the experience."

"I've only told a few people what I'm about to tell you," Murdock said. "Since I lost my vision, I've learned to compensate with my remaining senses. I can tell when someone's lying by their pulse and I can tell you're excited by what we're about to do by the changes in your pheromones and the special scent your body generates."

Helena blushed as he listened.

"Don't be embarrassed," Murdock told her. "It's normal. Now lets get to it before you lose this mood."

Murdock slipped her grip and in a single motion, lifted the buxom blonde off the floor. He deposited her gently on the king sized bed in his sleeping room and as she settled, he lifted her left ankle. His hand yanked her boot clear without any difficulty and he removed the other boot before releasing her right leg. Before Wonder Woman could react, Murdock grabbed her ankles and flipped her face down on the mattress. She felt his fingers as they traveled up her legs, one hand on each and neither lingering. The sensation was similar to a low level tickling but she didn't laugh. He found the magic girdle, golden and shining at her waist and he rubbed the top and bottom of her main weapon. Helena was about to instruct him as to the specifics of removing the magical belt when she heard the familiar sound of the special catches release. Murdock pushed the belt off each hip and lifted her away from its surface. Wonder Woman experienced the instant decline in her powers as she was separated from the golden girdle. With one hand, Murdock held her by her waistband while his free hand swept the comforter off the top of the bed and onto the carpeted floor. Then he let her fall back onto the mattress. Wonder Woman sensed his warm fingers as they invaded the inside of her waistband and the rush as her royal blue briefs joined her magic girdle on the floor.

Wonder Woman's light blue panties joined her shorts moments later and she was flipped gently onto her back. Murdock pushed her knees apart and joined her on the bed. Her breathing which nearly stopped a few seconds earlier now resumed rapidly as her partner neared her.

"Hold on," she said.

"Second thoughts?"

"No, you're still wearing your shorts although they're no longer containing you completely. That monster must be a foot!"

"Not quite," Murdock responded as he lifted his knees one at a time to allow Wonder Woman to remove his last garment. While his shorts flew to the pile of her garments, Murdock pressed his advantage and sank himself into the warm folds of Wonder Woman's welcoming pussy.

She gasped, he pulled out, and then he plunged inside since he didn't sense a change in her physiology. A he probed her repeatedly, his hands sought and found the hidden snaps on her red bustier. When he pulled out for a short break, he pulled her bustier free of her body and flipped it unerringly onto the compact pile of their garments.

"Do you mind if I read while I reload?" He asked his companion. Wonder Woman smiled at him, betraying something similar to joy and said nothing. Murdock ran his hyper sensitive finger tips over her large breasts, cupping one then the other and then both. He squeezed her gently and then firmly. Wonder Woman lay splayed under him and not resisting anything he did or making any sound other than a contented mewing.

"Ready for seconds?" he asked and she nodded her approval. "Flip over."

"I don't want any anal sex," Wonder Woman told him. "Its degrading."

"No problem," he replied. He helped her flip onto her belly and she allowed him to lift her rear end off the bed exposing her to him as she struggled to lift her head off the mattress. Murdock plunged into her pussy from behind and lifted her completely off the mattress. Wonder Woman screamed in delight as she was impaled on the rock hard member of her lawyer. He lifted her and released her a number of times before he finally lifted her off his throbbing manhood and placing her on the bed.

Wonder Woman turned onto her back and looked at the blind man. She couldn't recall having a good time similar to this since the end of her relationship with Kent.

"Why don't you lay back and let me do some of the work?" she asked Murdock and he agreed. She wormed her way between his legs until her chin reached the point below his waist that made her so happy this evening. She teased him a bit and he was rock hard when she positioned his cock at her lips. He couldn't manage a word before she began servicing him orally. He placed his hands behind her head and urged her to keep going. He exploded before she could get him free of her lips and she excused herself to clean her mouth.

When she rejoined him, they cuddled. Before long, they were snoring contentedly.

The next morning, Matt Murdock woke up alone, sore, and needing to piss. The suite was empty besides himself and he pondered whether his client decided to flee. He dressed in a very professional looking dark gray suit and went into the common room to see if there was any coffee. He found a pot brewing and a newspaper on the conference table and he poured himself a cup before sitting. Like every other day, he 'read' the news with his fingers and found no mention of the trial in the first two sections. The sports section was dominated by a local high school futbol team so he tossed the paper onto the nearby recliner and started to sip his drink. Then the door unsealed and Helena Spillyos entered the common room, sweating profusely and smelling awful.

"How long do I have?" she asked the lawyer.

"Twenty minutes before Queen's Limo comes to pick us up."

"I needed to work out some kinks," she said to Murdock over her shoulder as she shimmied out of her work out tee shirt. When she realized Murdock's senses gave him as good an image as if he were sighted, she used her foot to kick the door to her bed room closed. In her current incarnation, Wonder Woman needed to work out to maintain her super strength and stamina. Wonder Woman spent the morning using an empty tanker trailer to substitute for Oliver Queen's state-of-the-art weight set.

Murdock tapped his fingers idly on the table. In his experience, someone with the looks of his client needed at least an hour to prepare for any social appearance. He was jolted when Helena's door burst open and the statuesque blonde emerged in twelve minutes, dressed to kill in a designer two piece business suit and smelling as if she'd spent a week preparing.

Murdock stood, offered his arm (which was accepted), and escorted his client to the lobby. The drive to Saint Flex d'Cote Palace of Justice and Agricultural Affairs took less than two minutes. The limo was strictly for appearance sake in case potential jurors or members of the press observed her arrival. They climbed the marble stairs to the main doors, passing between ornate Greek columns that made Helena long for home. Inside the Palace, both were wanded and patted down by court bailiffs and then Helena was led away to a separate chamber until her case was called. A local lawyer, Neville Cooke III approached Matt Murdock and introduced himself. He explained that all defendants were required to appear in a standardized uniform. The law was adopted after a pair of unfortunate incidents and the deaths of several members of Saint Flex d'Cote's legal community.

Murdock and Cooke displayed their badges which identified themselves as lawyers with business before the court in the current session ad were allowed to bypass the line of citizens waiting to observe the administration of justice. A bailiff escorted them to a separate box full of padded seating where other attorneys already sat. Murdock sensed that the benches for the public were all hard wood and barely comfortable for a long time sitting.

"At least the lawyers get cushions," he nonchalantly remarked to Cooke. His second chair looked at the lawyer who everyone assumed was blind and allowed his jaw to drop open. "We're lawyers, not guppies so close that trap please," Murdock said, partly to avoid embarrassment and partly due to the extreme halitosis his second chair exuded. They took adjoining chairs and fumbled through legal briefs during the first case of the day.

The case pitted two men that claimed ownership of a prime lot of real estate. Whoever won the case would become wealthy because the lot was located dead center in the latest casino site and the property developer already deposited six million dollars towards the eventual purchase. Murdock glanced up from his reading and noted each of the litigants wore very brief beige shorts and their wrists were manacled. The manacles connected to a rusty collar in both instances and limited their range of motion. He also noticed that there was no jury.

"Looking for the jury Mr. Murdock?" Cooke asked him during a change in witnesses. "There is none. If you could see, you would notice the three men sitting elevated over the rest of the court. After the closing statements, they will adjourn and when they return, they will pronounce verdict and sentence."

"How can you be so sure there will be a sentence?" Murdock asked his associate.

"Did you not notice the beautiful weather in Saint Flex d'Cote?" Cooke asked. "The tribunal is comprised of rich men who despise having their leisurely lives interrupted by banal court proceedings. They arrive irritated, get angry and make the losing litigant pay for their discomfort, I assumed you took a stroll last night with an escort since you left sub zero wind chills to come here. I can't imagine anything more enjoyable than our beautiful weather."

Cooke was positively stunned by the wide smile his blind associate flashed at him. They stood for the verdict. The winner received the property deed. The losers manacles were attached to a chain that was lowered from the ceiling after the verdict was announced and one of the bailiffs assessed him ten strokes per the tribunal's sentence. Then he was freed and escorted roughly out of the Palace of Justice and Agricultural Affairs.

"Next case!" ordered the speaker of the Justice Tribunal.

"Loomis Film Enterprises versus Spillyos," said the tall bald bailiff in a flat tone. Leslie Loomis was led in by a short frumpy woman with an extremely nasal accent who complained as she tugged Loomis to her elevated position on the right hand side of the Tribunal. Three men in imposing suits appeared behind Loomis and took seats at the long table provided. Then a grey haired matron marched out of the pit located below the courtroom leading Helena Spillyos. Helena wore the same sheer white costume that Leslie Loomis wore. It covered about an inch of each shoulder, expanded to cover but not conceal Helena's rock hard nipples before contracting at the waist. Both women wore tight white cotton shorts that exposed their incipient camel toes even though neither had one.

'I can actually count her pubic hairs' Murdock thought before he allowed Leland Cooke III to lead him to the lawyers table behind Helena. The bailiff read a summary of Leslie Loomis's complaint which included the destruction of her I.T. system, the destruction of her library of adult movies, false imprisonment, and breaking an employment contract. When the contract was displayed, Murdock objected. He specifically asked his client if she signed anything and he knew she hadn't. Loomis attorneys produced affidavits from the receptionist, director and Ana Anaconda swearing they witnessed the signing. The exhibit was allowed.

Leslie Loomis testified from her assigned station and cried as she described being tied up helplessly. When Murdock cross examined her he asked her how it was different from what she did in every movie.

"Those are just rumors," Loomis replied. "My movies glorify the exploits of the original Wonder Woman and thanks to this err whore those movies are lost and future generations will need to rely on the poorly written histories of her adventures."

Loomis sobbed loudly and ignored the repeated rapping of the Speaker of the Tribunal's gavel as long as she dared before stopping. The next witness was Ana Anaconda and for some unknown reason, she was dressed similarly to the litigants. For some reason, her shorts were much tighter and the scent of her arousal was clear to Matt Murdock. He lost focus three times during his cross examination and finally gave up without getting her to tell anything about the actual events of the evening.

"Are you okay?" Leland Cooke asked him.

"I'll be fine," Murdock stammered. He knew that something was wrong but he couldn't identify the problem or the cause.

Helena Spillyos was called as the next witness. Murdock groaned as his client answered multiple questions. Her heritage and experience as the goddess of truth in the Greek pantheon prevented her from lying outright. She managed to avoid revealing her other identity by claiming she was acting in the new Wonder Woman's interest in preserving her reputation. The judges stared at her intently, but Murdock doubted they heard a word she said. Her body showed signs that only he recognized of the impact of the manacles she wore. Additionally since she was a 'violent' person, her ankles were also manacled and this chain was connected to the one between her wrists.

The testimony ended and Murdock fumbled his closing statement badly. When the Tribunal returned, their verdict was completely in favor of Leslie Loomis.

"Before your honors pronounce sentence, my client would like to offer a suggestion," Loomis leading lawyer Elbert Quayle said. He turned and gestured to Leslie. "Go ahead."

"If it please the court," Loomis began. "My film company recently scouted several locations in and around Saint Flex d'Cote. We intend to film four movies in the next two months. Despite her bad attitude, Helena Spillyos is very desirable to my director for these projects. I beg the indulgence of the Tribunal when I ask that her sentence be to perform in these four films and to do exactly as the director requires."

The three men on the Tribunal exchanged knowing looks. Each was a huge fan of Leslie Loomis and her pornographic career and they knew about this request before the trial began. Each member of the Tribunal was guaranteed a shot at Helena Spillyos as an incentive. They thanked Leslie Loomis and ordered her freed. There was no need to keep her on display since she also provided them with a comprehensive collection of Leslie's feature films.

After a short trip outside the courtroom, the Tribunal returned and passed sentence on Helena Spillyos. She was remanded to the custody of Leslie Loomis's film company until she completed the four movies in Saint Flex d'Cote. Before he could rise to object or motion to appeal, Matt Murdock felt his legs go rubbery and he faded into unconsciousness. When he woke, he was accompanied by six of the Tribunal's bailiffs. They handed him a document declaring him persona non grata and led him onto a jet liner. As the jet carried him back to the United States, Matt Murdock worried about what might happen to his client.

End Chapter two

The story you just read (Unless you skip to the end first) includes characters who belong to at least two different owners. At the conclusion of this story, they revert to their normal state and this adventure does not figure into their continuity. Please remember that these stories contain adult situations and may not be suitable for rastafarians or left handed psychologists.

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Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction part 2