Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction Chapter 3  

By BigBoob 58

Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction-Chapter Three.

By BigBoob58, Aspiring Author

As the bailiff led Helena Spillyos out of the court room, she caught sight of her lawyer struggling to stay on his feet. Her nose detected the disabling drug as soon as Ana Anaconda took her seat in the main gallery. Ana's body exuded the near odorless scent of the infamous date rape drug Q3. She went out of her way to rub against Murdock and he fought the chemical as long as possible. A normal man would succumb instantly, but Matthew Murdock was far from normal. After his return to New York, he attempted to fly back to Saint Flex D'Cote but found his Visa requests blocked. He tried to reach Oliver Queen unsuccessfully and then his own second identity became embroiled with the minions of Wilson Fisk. As usual Wonder Woman was on her own.

Helena followed the muttering matron through the subterranean level of the Palace of Justice and Agricultural Affairs. They didn't return to the holding cells, instead the Matron led her to a side door where Helena was delivered into the custody of L3 productions crew members. They pushed her into the back seat of a 1966 VW Van before speeding off to the first production site.

Helena Spillyos kept her mouth closed and listened for any clues about where her captors were taking her. She learned that three of the first four movies would film at various locations around the island of Saint Flex d'Cote over the next two months. The fourth film was a mystery that neither of the goons in the front seat knew anything about except than it would last ten shooting days. The outfit she wore hugged her body tightly and her sweat pulled the material closer than she thought possible. Her manacles started to hurt. The Bracelets of Submission fit well and she wanted to wear those. The manacles didn't fit right and chafed against her skin. Her captors made no effort to remove her bindings. The van slowed to a near stop before executing a sharp right turn and climbing a steep hill on a hidden driveway. The bushes along either side were soft and brushed the vans surface as the engine struggled with the steep angle of the driveway. When the van leveled out, it burst from the bushes onto a circular brick paved surface. The van completed half the circle before the engine stopped and the men exited quickly.

Helena was pulled out of the van, draped over the broad shoulders of the largest man and carried into the ocean front Villa. She landed with a thud on the worn blue couch and the men went to a different room. After struggling with her bonds for ten minutes, Helena gave up. She couldn't escape even if she managed to wriggle free of the chains. Before the trial, Helena was compelled to sign a document agreeing to abide by the court's rulings. Despite knowing the whole thing was a sham, she remained obligated to keep her word. Her eyes closed tightly and she rested.

The next events passed quickly and uncomfortably for Helena Spillyos. When a drunken Leslie Loomis arrived at the villa, she took everybit of clothing off her unwilling actress and ran her clammy hands over Helena's pale skin. Pinching, rubbing and exploring everywhere while Helena fought the need to react and then insisting she spend five days in a tanning bed only started the depravity.

Ten days later, Helena began the first film. She was Wunder Blunder, freshly returned from Pairaboobs Island and ready to take on the bad guys. Helena's hair was styled into a Mohawk. A long patch of blonde hair reached nearly to her waist while every follicle more than five inches from the crown of her skull was removed. Advanced nair was applied to her head to remove the remainder of hair and smooth the surface of her newly tanned skin. Her outfit was skimpy and it took her several days to learn to walk in it without popping her large boobsout of the mini cups that barely contained her. Her dark royal blue panties covered her newly shaved pubic mound and covered nothing of her rear end. The backside of the pants disappeared between the bubbly pillows formed by her ass cheeks. Her fake gold belt sat loosely on her pronounced hips. She knew that the longer she spent as Diana Prince/Helena Spillyos, the less toned her body would become. The first evidence was the growth of her hips. Her lower abdomen would follow and her tits would start to sag if she couldn't transform to her real self. The danger wasn't too great for the first two months and she prayed that her ordeal would conclude before the end of that time.

In the first 'movie', Wunder Blunder trailed her arch enemy, the Sheetah to her hideout. Two darts later, the stripped and chained Wunder Blunder endures forty minutes of forced orgasms and harsh manipulation of her body before the police arrive to save her. The movie ends with Wunder Blunder sentenced to prison for six months. Helena/Wunder Blunder is stripped out of her prison uniform, loaded into a rectangular box, and chained in place. A gas mask covers her face and she closes her eyes as if she is knocked out. The end credits invite the viewers to see the sequel, Wunder Blunder Caged and Climaxed.

The Sheetah, played by Ana Anaconda in a skimpy feline patterned outfit disappears after the first movie. Although Helena never discovers why, we know that she is forced to flee extradition proceedings initiated by Matt Murdock. Undaunted, Leslie Loomis recruits several local actresses to join Helena in the prison movie.

Wunder Blunder, Caged and Climaxed becomes Leslie Loomis' directorial debut. Helena opens the movie in a jail cell. For ten minutes, her cell mate uses and abuses her body, applying painful clamps to her nipples, tying her tightly and forcing her to the edge of ecstasy before letting her body calm down. Then the process is repeated until her body requires minimal stimulation and a simple touch causes Helena Spillyos to explode in orgasmic delight. A guard arrives and forces her to clean the mess she made using her tongue and her hair. Debased and defeated, the guard grabs her arm and steers her to the showers. Naturally, the moment our heroine gets cleaned up, a number of inmates grab her and molest her until finally a severe looking woman in a business suit arrives. The woman is Leslie Loomis in character .When the woman fires several shots over the heads of the group, Helena is freed. The warden instructs two guards to seize Helena's arms and she is led to a large sparsely furnished office.

The warden makes a slow circle around Helena Spillyos and then takes a seat behind the desk.

"You can't stay here," the warden tells the panting prisoner. "These inmates have other work to do and a regular clientele to service nightly. If you stay here, they will exhaust themselves while they enjoy your body. I'll lose a lot of income and my investors might take it out of my ass."

Helena looks blankly at the administrator but says nothing since Loomis provided no dialogue.

"I can't set you free," the warden tells her but the sympathy in her voice is obviously feigned. "I have no other choice but to sell your sexy ass to Nantse."

Helena looks blankly at the warden because the name means nothing to her. Leslie Loomis fans, on the other hand realize that they better start saving their money for the next sequel. Morton Nantse is the villain from the first Wunder Blunder movie and is a complete sadist. Helena managed to miss this movie when she investigated Leslie Loomis and has no idea of what the third movie might involve.


In the Seattle suburb where his mansion sits, Oliver Queen decides to enjoy some down time. Having recently solved a major case and soundly defeated his long time arch nemesis, Ollie surfs the internet looking for something to pass the time. After a long fruitless quest, he selects the list of favorite web sites and he observes the Leslie Loomis site.

'May as well,' he thinks and he double clicks on the icon. Impatiently tapping on the side of his keyboard while the site loads, Oliver Queen decides to get a can of Coors. As he returns to his chair, he pops the top on his beverage and takes a pull on the contents. As he sits down again, he spits the mouthful of brewed hops etc over everything. The picture of Helena Spillyos that dominates his screen is so obviously his missing friend that he can't contain himself. For the next two hours, Oliver Queen watches his friend as she endures the actions described above. At the end of the second movie, he grabs his cell phone and hits a speed dial key.

"Matt Murdock please.

The twenty seconds it takes to reach Murdock pass slowly. When the line connects, Oliver prepares to launch into a tirade. He stops when the voice on the other end is that of a woman with an unmistakable Russian accent.

Comrade Queen, how may I help you?"

"You can have the type of body I imagine belongs to such a sexy voice for one thing," Ollie replies without missing a beat. The woman doesn't answer so Queen launches into his explanation.

"The woman Murdock represented in Saint Flex D'Cote currently stars in one of the hottest pornos on line. Do you have any idea where Matt is?"

"He never returned from the island," the voice responds. "My name is Natalia and I work for Mr. Murdock as his investigator. No one knows where he is. Several police officials confirmed he was placed on a flight back to New York. Passport control has no record of his reentry since he left Saint Flex D'Cote."

"Is there any chance you have a second identity similar to your boss?" Oliver asked. He listened to the silence and a smile played upon his mouth. Murdock had several long time associates and with any luck, the foreign sounding woman he was speaking with had bright red hair.

"I am as accomplished as you are in that area Mr. Queen and I suspect you already realized that," she replied. "What do you have in mind?"

"My friend Helena is in trouble but she's not in mortal danger as long as her audience remains high," Green Arrow replied. "If you provide your location, I'll have my friends transport you to the Justice League satellite and we can compare notes before we find Murdock. Then we can pull Ms Spillyos out of her predicament. Is that agreeable."

"I'll be dressed for business in fifteen minutes and waiting on the roof of Murdock and Nelson's office at 3001 Avenue of the Americas."

"I'll meet you in twenty minutes," Queen replied and dropped the receiver in the cradle.

Green Arrow wasn't disappointed when J'onn J'onzz escorted 'Natalia' into the conference room for their meeting. The Black Widow annually ranked as second most attractive heroine until Wonder Woman's disgrace. Since then, the bright red headed Russian agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. owned the title. Her shiny black leather cat suit hugged her well-toned body and revealed all of her body's curves. Oliver remembered Diana during her first tenure as Wonder Woman telling him how her own uniform served as a weapon. Seeing this unfamiliar heroine finally allowed Oliver to understand what his teammate meant.

The Black Widow took the chair directly opposite Green Arrow and lithely lifted her left leg over the tall chair back before settling onto the seat. Oliver fwlt small beads of sweat dripping down the side of his face as the Widow tossed him a flash drive.

"These are a copy of Murdock's notes on the Spillyos case," she said dryly. "You should be aware of most of the information since you hired him."

"Indeed," Queen replied. "Does Murdock have any enemies that might take advantage of him? I learned that he wasn't in peak condition when he left the island."

"We'll need a lot of coffee and a lot of time to list the major enemies that want to kill my lover," Natlaia replied. "And we'll need a month to cover the lowlifes."

"I'll get the coffee," Queen replied. "Have any of these creeps been active recently and how many have government connections?"

The Black Widow unzipped her cat suit, allowing her scent to fill the room while she received a thin tablet. She started tapping the face of her pad without rezipping her uniform. As Green Arrow watched, he tried to figure out how far forward she needed to bend before he caught sight of her healthy bosom.

"Put your eyes back in their sockets," the Black Widow said without looking up. "Just because people think you're a lecherous old man is no reason for you to prove it."

"First, I'm vigorous, not lecherous. Second, my partners are all willing and almost all leave satisfied. Last, we have two cases to resolve before either of us can consider any relaxing pursuits," Green Arrow said as he stroked his goatee.

"That's a positive attitude," Natalia replied. "Dinah said I could count on you. And I must say you helped point me in a productive direction."

"What did you find?"

Natalia ran her fingers through her hair before replying. When she removed her hand, her unruly tresses fell back across her face hiding most of her features but leaving her eyes a clear view of everything in the room. Green Arrow watched her as she identified every possible threat in the conference room while appearing to be bored and he admired her tradecraft.

"Fisk, who you might know better as the Kingpin, had a large crate delivered on the same flight that Matt flew in on. Thecrate was signed for by Reginald Merlin Jr and loaded on a U-haul."

"Any record of where the vehicle was going."

"I'm trying the S.H.I.E.L.D. database now. This will take about an hour."

"Would you want anything to eat? Once we start chasing this truck, there's no telling how long we'll be working."

"A simple salad would be nice," Natalia responded.

"Do you still prefer Thousand Island dressing?"

"Your information is good. Yes that is acceptable."

"Is Stoli sufficient?"

A smile spread across the Black Widow's face. "Your sources are excellent."

"We try."


The first two movies filmed back to back because Leslie had scripts ready and intended to perform the role of Wunder Blunder herself. With the unexpected availability of Helena Spillyos, the sexual scenes were ramped up and the filming was completed quickly. Even the loss of Ana Anaconda to deportation didn't slow the process. When the second movie wrapped, Leslie visited her unwilling star and spent several hours titillating the heroine while letting it slip that the next film wouldn't begin for three weeks. The first thing Leslie did was to tie Helena spread eagled on the bed in Leslie's dressing room.

"While you're hanging out," she said to the confined heroine as they lay in bed, "You're going to go into training for the next movie."

"What do you mean?" Helena asked.

Her employer leaned in close and whispered, "The men complained to me that you're too tight for this line of work."


Leslie slid off the blondes confined body. She reached for her cell and hit a speed dial number.

"Send in Vinnie." She slapped the phone onto the night stand and started to put her brief outfit back on. Then she returned her attention to the bound blonde.

"Vinnie is an expert in physical training." She told Helena. "He's going to start you on a regimen to train your nether muscles in the art of accommodating men."

Helena looked at her and the confusion filled her face in such a fashion that Leslie Loomis felt compelled to expand on her previous statement.

"He's going to widen your holes using a set of stuffers which gradually get thicker and longer. You will wear them wherever you go and my stagehands will be sure that you do plenty of walking. Or jogging if you prefer."

Helena looked at her tormentor and her eys started to appear pouty.

"Don't forget, you agreed to abide by the court ruling and this 'training' is required for you to successfully complete your actress duties."

Loomis giggled and then she responded to the insistent rapping on the door. A tall Spanish man entered the room carrying a small leather case. He set the case between Helena's naked feet and after getting a nod from Loomis, he ran his hand up the inside of Helena's legs. Her body responded despite her desire to remain calm and she felt herself moistening as the man's hands neared her defenseless pussy. He stopped short of her bald entry and turned to reach behind his body. Helena couldn't see what he was trying to get until he held it in front of her face.

"No!" she exclaimed.

"Helena's being modest," Leslie Loomis said as the man paused. "She needs to train for her next movie. You're the ideal trainer."

The Spaniard smiled and placed the tip of the phallus against Helena's puckered lips. He centered the shiny black tube against her and pushed it in slowly.

"AAUUGGHH!" she screamed as she was impaled.

Her attacker manipulated the base of the tube and it shrank a bit. Then he thrust it further until the base was at the edge of her pulsing lips. With a practiced motion, he moved straps behind her and then he flipped her on her face Helena could do nothing but listen to the sound of buckles being secured and the pressure on her insides grew. He grabbed her long mane and pulled it away from her neck. The collar that confined her neck was lined with blue sable and held her head in place. The Spaniard snapped a leash onto the ring dangling from the front of her collar and tugged until Helena regained her feet. Loomis expertly wrapped Helena's body in an island garment that left her left shoulder exposed but covered her most private areas.

"Take her for a brisk walk," Loomis ordered. "When she looks like she's ready to collapse, bring her back and apply this ointment to her."

Loomis handed the Spaniard a tube and made a shushing motion. Helena moved as quickly as she could in order to reduce the tension on her neck that the leash inflicted. They took the stairs and made their way up the narrow dirt road outside Loomis's secluded mansion. The phallic in her changed sizes periodically and Helena struggled to keep pace with her escort. After two hours, she was completely sore and started to tear up.

"Are you in pain?" her escort asked.

"Yes," she replied. "Can't you please take this terrible thing out of me?"

"Not until Ms Loomis gives permission," he replied. "Unless you would accept an organic replacement.

Helena looked at the tent that formed in her escort's pants and sighed.

'At least I won't need to walk,' Helena thought.

"Please take this nasty thing out!"

"Okay," he replied. "Sit down on that grass and turn around. He loosened the buckles and slid the toy out of the quivering blond actress. Then he turned her onto her back and forced her knees apart. His shorts quickly fell onto the grass next to Helena and he was probing her before she could experience any relief from the phallus. The Spaniard was insatiable and he fucked Helena Spillyos for over an hour. She lost consciousness before he finished and when she woke, she was back in the room Leslie Loomis kept her in. The phallus or something similar was buried in her twat and the humming noise was her second clue that the phallus was activated. A puddle of her female juices lay between her legs. Helena began to cry. This torture felt neverending.

The two weeks of dildo training lasted forever. When the Spaniard, whose name was Vincente Escbar Ortega Y Sanchez (Lupe or Vinnie to his associates) finally pulled the large phallus out of her body, she collapsed in relief. He stuck four fingers inside her without any effort.

"She's perfect!" Loomis exclaimed.

"I'm ruined," Helena sobbed.

"You have six hours to memorize this script," Leslie told Helena as she leaned in close. Leslie stole a kiss before dropping the thick script on Helena's naked lap. In porn, thick is relative and the script on Helena's lap probably had twelve pages. She picked up the script and thumbed through it slowly.

"No fucking way!" Helena screamed.

"Language bitch," Loomis replied. "You've gotten quite the potty mouth lately."

"After all the cocks and pussies you've forced me to swallow, what did you expect?"

"I expect you to follow the script and finish your sentence," Loomis told her. "Or we can go back to the Palace of Justice and Agricultural Affairs and apply for a different punishment."

"Will you let me go after the fourth movie?" Helena asked, her eyes betraying her desperation.

"Of course dearie," Loomis replied. "You're the criminal. I obey the law."

Helena fumed and paged back to the first page. She read the script slowly and ten minutes later, she tossed the plastic bound document at the nearest wall. Loomis leered at her.

"After this, I don't think you'll be able to hurt me anymore."

"You really shouldn't challenge me, Ms Spillyos." Loomis told her.

Meanwhile, back in the USA………

The Green Arrow and the Black Widow crouched on opposite sides of a skylight on top of the largest warehouse of Pudge Transportation Expediters and stared into the room beneath them. On the North wall, a number of six wheel vehicles were parked and on the South wall, semi tractors sat ready for use. The middle of the room was almost empty except for the chair twenty yards inside the double door entrance. On the chair, a red headed man sat, with his ankles tied to the legs of the sturdy chair and his arms manacled behind him, His chin rested on his chest and his respiration was barely noticeable.

At the moment, the unconscious man was alone. Five minutes earlier a group of six thugs had beaten him senseless before departing while the two heroes watched.

"Should we follow them?" Oliver asked his companion.

"No, we're here to get Matt out of the Kingpin's clutches. He's endured more than this." She told Green Arrow and then resumed watching the thugs pound her lover. "Besides, I know where four of them live and after Matt recovers, we'll repay them in kind."

Green Arrow shook his head. This was a completely different universe and he felt completely out of place. His friends never acted like this, yet he wasn't sure whether his methods were the best way to handle what was happening.

The room remained vacant other than Murdock. Finally Natalia gestured and Green Arrow unlatched the sky light window. He jammed two specialty arrows into the roof and tossed the weights that were attached to the feathered ends of each arrow into the warehouse. Simultaneously, Natalia and Oliver fixed the special loops onto the ropes and after she jumped into the room, he followed. The slid down their ropes slowly in a controlled descent and reached the floor seconds apart.

"No alarms," Green Arrow observed.

"Fisk assumes everyone in the neighborhood is too frightened of him to ever bust into his warehouse. We should get Matt unchained and scoot before anyone shows up."

Green Arrow used a flare arrow to melt the chain holding the manacles on Murdock's wrists. Natalia hefted him onto her shoulder and attached the special device to the dangling rope. Touching a button, the device easily lifted her and her burden back to the skylight. Green Arrow followed a minute later. They moved to the edge of the roof, sharing smiles at their success. A Quinjet arrived exactly at that moment and the hatch slid open, the doors disappeared into the hull of the ship, avoiding any need for the space a hatchback style of portal might require. The three heroes settled onto the bench and their pilot, Janet Van Dyne hit the thrusters, sending the vessel speeding away from the unsavory east side neighborhood.

"When he recovers, maybe he can tell us how he was captured." Natalia said as she cradled Murdock's head in her lap.

"He was okay when the trial started," Oliver said. "I watched and it seemed like he was affected by something that witness said or possibly was wearing."

"Some sort of poison?"

"Some drug that blew out his hyper senses." Olive said. "He looked like he was fighting to stay upright."

"After he recovers, we can go help that friend of yours," Natalia said in a low voice. She stared at her lover and lost interest in everything else.

"So Janet, I never imagined when we were flirting at cocktail parties that you were in this line of work too."

"Ollie, I never thought you were a human at some of those parties." Both of them laughed as the quinjet began it's descent to Stark International Building Six.

Back in the tropics……..

Filming on the third movie finally started and Helena Spillyos was relieved to lose the series of ever wider stuffers. She followed Nick Zwick onto the set. Zwick directed the first meeting of Wunder Blunder and Morton Nantse. That video sold more copies and downloads than any five other porn videos combined and Zwick attempted to start a career directing mainstream movies. Nobody hired him despite his success and Leslie Loomis twitter message arrived at a moment when Zwick was nearly suicidal. He had to eat so he replied with what he believed was an impossible salary demand. To his amazement, his terms were accepted and the confirmation code for two round trip tickets to Saint Flex D'Cote followed within minutes.

Zwick spent several minutes reviewing the script when he met Leslie Loomis and after a minor alteration, he assembled Loomis support staff to assign the roles for the upcoming film. He took the two assistant directors and disappeared for a week while they scouted locations. When Zwick returned, the actor who originated the role of Morton Nantse was on hand to meet him.

They enjoyed a late lunch on the veranda of Loomis's seaside house and after ten minutes reviewing the script, the actor, Manfred Feinberg, presented a list of the toys he wanted for the movie. Leslie and Nick read the list briefly and Loomis summoned her executive assistant. She was assigned to fly to New York City since several of the items wouldn't be available on the island. Feinberg received permission to meet the new Wunder Blunder and he used the six hours to whip her body thoroughly.

The next day filming on the movie Wunder Blunder versus Nantse (The Rematch) starts. The Waerden (Loomis) leads Helena Spillyos towards her next ordeal. No explanation is provided for the fact that Wunder Blunder is dressed in her full "uniform/costume". Morton Nantse makes a complete circle around the shackled Wunder Blunder before setting the brief case he carried on a convenient table. The latch is snapped and the brief case opens to display what appears to be a large amount of cash. The Warden hastily closes the lid and thanks Nantse for doing business. As Nantse starts to examine the Warden, she makes an effort to grab the brief case and complete her exit. Unfortunately, Leslie needs to reach across the sadist and Nantse grabs her arm. In practiced fashion, he twists her arm and pulls her back close to the front of his body.

"Your body is nearly as good as the super slut,"Nantse whispers in the Warden's ear. His hand rubs across the lower portion of her dress shirt before diving inside the silk garment. For several moments, Nantse massages Leslie's large breasts and then simply lets her free. Her knees buckle as she regains her freedom but somehow the Warden doesn't fall or lose her death grip on the loaded brief case.

"Cut," Zwick screams.

"That sit wasn't in the script!" a red faced Leslie Loomis screams.

"Maybe you want to trade places with this blond slut," Feinberg suggests as he cracks his knuckles and Loomis shrinks away from the legendary sadist.

"We'll take five here," Zwick orders and most of the crew members seize the moment to enjoy a cold beverage. Helena Spillyos remains in character, standing exactly where the Warden left her with a leather leash dangling from the collar that confines her neck tightly. Her manacled wrists drag her arms nearly straight down from her shoulders and her breasts uncharacteristically sag as she sulks while waiting for the next scene.

When the cameras roll, Nantse slowly strips Wunder Blunder until she wears only the collar. The next five minutes feature and expert groping of Helena's body. There is no acting as Helena moans in time with the squeezing, tugging and the fondling of her torso and sensitive body parts. The moisture in her loins is real and useful when Nantse stuffs her front and rear with oversized Bitchtamer 2020 vibrators. Her mind is paralyzed and unable to register anything other than the pleasure the plastic toys are inflicting on her.

When the toys are removed from Helena's body, she nearly loses consciousness. Nantse resolves this with several strokes from a medium sized quirt across the top of her breasts.

"Your skin looks red," Nantse tells her. "This will help."

The cream that Nantse applies doesn't help ease the pain. Her skin becomes superheated everywhere her torturer applies the milky white cream. Nantse discards the medium sized quirt and uses a longer and les flexible model to raise several stripes across her rear balloons. Her ass burns and she erupts into sustained tears until Nantse leans in close and promises to whip her harder if she continues to cry.

"Cut!" screams Zwick. 'Everyone take thirty minutes for lunch."

The stage area empties leaving Helena alone with her abuser.

"You're not tired are you?" he asks sarcastically. Through her teary eyes, Helena shakes her head negatively. She is in so much pain, she is unable to speak.

"Good," Nantse "Let's rehearse the nexr scene.'

Of course, the next scene is dominated by additional whipping. Zwick requires three takes before he's satisfied and then the crew is dismissed for the day. Helena hangs limply in her chains, waiting to be released. After an eternity, she opens her eyes and realizes she is alone on the dimly lit stage. Manfrerd Feinberg emerges from the furthest entrance, his hands busy fixing his cufflinks as he walks towards the helpless woman.

"I've arranged for you to spend each of the next three evenings with me," Manfred says softly. "I find that it helps my performance if I know what turns my costars on."

Helena struggles to keep pace with Feinberg as he pulls the leash mercilessly during the walk to his private trailer. Inside the trailer, any fear that she will be forced to sleep with her tormentor vanish when he impales her on a tall pole that is anchored at its base to the trailer floor. The top of the pole which is no longer visible or dry is an adjustable dildo. The entire evening, Helena is mounted on the pole and trying to adjust to her vibrating invader as it shrinks and inflates constantly. By the time Feinberg wakes, Helena Spillyos body is awash in sweat. Her aroma is nearly foul and Feinberg places a call once he identifies the source of the foul scent.

Two of Loomis' staff remove Helena from her punishment stand and she is lead out of the trailer. Helena is dragged back into Loomis' mansion and taken to the basement. Her escorts waste no time pushing her into a bath tub filled with tepid water, toss her a used bar of something similar to soap and tell her to get clean before they return in fifteen minutes.


Helena's part in the third movie concluded after seven days of tortured filming and seven evenings of steady physical abuse. Scars crisscrossed her body and bruises dominated her lower anatomy. When the film concludes, Nantse is arrested because he fails to gag Wunder Blunder while he thoroughly whips her. As Nantse is lead out the door by uniformed policemen, Leslie Loomis makes her first appearance. The other characters refer to her as a detective. Loomis ogles Wunder Blunder as she dangles in chains, panting in relief since her whipping ceased.

"I suppose you want to go back to your super heroine career," Loomis says slowly while she continues her visual examination . "I have something else in mind."

The lights turn off one by one. Then stage hands surround Helena's naked body and slowly release her wrists. One of the burlier brutes allows her to lean against him while they exit the studio. For the first time since the third film started, Helena is allowed to sleep in her own room, the small cell that's locked from the exterior. She collapses on her cot and passes out.

The next morning, Helena's eyes pop open and she realizes she's not restrained in any way or undergoing any form of abuse. A sigh passes her lips and she rises from the cot. For a few moments, she uses the small sink to wash her face and then she looks in the mirror. Her brunette roots are noticeable and the fear of someone discovering her true identity flares up. Tugging on the base of the mirror, the hinge loosens and she looks at the minimal contents of the medicine chest behind the mirror. Besides bandages and generic aspirin, there is a new bottle of peroxide. Helena sets about restoring her hair color. Then she returns to the cot and sits. Loomis hasn'r left her alone since this nightmare started.

When the lock loudly clicks, Helena stands and her host enters the small room.

"Your next movie starts filming in five days," Leslie tells her. "I imagine you'll be glad to finish your sentence."

Helena nods meekly but says nothing.

"I don't have any plans for you until filming starts," Loomis says in a flat tone. She offers a small clutch to Helena who accepts it before setting it down.

"There's no way you can leave this island before you finish your obligation so I don't need to keep you here. The purse has a small amount of money and you have a room for the next three days in the capital. Be here in four days and no later than nine A.M."

Helena looks at her host/captor in amazement.

"There's a small amount of cash in the purse for you to enjoy. And for God's sake, grab some clothing from the wardrobe before you leave. I don't want you getting arrested. You're on a tight schedule and you don't want to go to court again. With your record, you'll end up in a real woman's prison and it will make the one you were in during the second movie seem like a holiday."

Helena fled out the door before Loomis could change her mind. She stopped in the large closet and grabbed five outfits and two pairs of flat shoes before running out of the building. The 1966 Volkswagon was waiting and she climbed in the open door. Trent, one of the film crew sat behind the wheel.

"I'll drop you at your hotel Miss Spillyos," he said. "Do you want me to pick you up on Monday morning?"

"Yes please," Helena replied. She passed the rest of the drive in silence. For the next three days, she stayed in the flea ridden room, took long baths and twice a day, she purchased meals from street vendors. She was embarrassed to be seen in her condition and decided to rest up for the final ordeal. It couldn't be any worse than the first three movies. She also worried because she no longer felt any desire for vengeance against her captor. Her only desire was to get away from this nightmare island.

As we shall see in the fourth and final part, Helena Spillyos (Wonder Woman) will get her wish and leave Saint Flex d'Cote. I suspect she won't enjoy the trip. Of course, as promised, Wonder Woman will learn personal satisfaction by the end of part IV-a good author, or myself, never lies to his audience.

The end of this chapter.

The usual disclaimers about other people's characters, adult situations, and the like all apply. Having to digest all "0" comments and suggestions in addition to a case of writer's block, I intend to produce the final chapter to this small series of stories as soon as practical. Hopefully someone is enjoying it.

Learning the Joys of Personal Satisfaction part 3