Wonder Woman's Visit to Cutter Creek Part 1  

By Black7

Wonder Woman
Mind Control

Wonder Woman arrives at a baby making town.

Note. I would like to thank Homer Vargas and Ghost Hand for the inspiration for this story.

Colonel Steve Trevor called Agent Dianna Prince into his office. "General Dickson has received a high priority tasking for the agency," he went on. Apparently some senator's daughter had been travelling back to college and had not shown up at her dorm. She had sent a letter from some place called Cutters Creek saying she had found what she was looking for and was staying their. Off course as an adult that was her business but the senator was on the Ways and Means Committee and he needed looking after. So Trevor said the General wanted a female agent to go down and maybe see what was going on and convince her to go to college or come home and see her worried folks. Great thought Diana I get to go baby-sit some delinquent teenager. She probably found some farm hand and shacked up thought Diana. Ah well duty was duty, now where is Cutter's Creek.

Diana decided to drive to Cutter's Creek, by the time she took the hub and spoke route to get there it was just as fast to drive. Besides it would feel great to just blast down the interstate in her ragtop. She slowly cruised through the mid-west town, pretty standard she thought, she'd been driving through similar communities for last couple of hours. Their it was the Bed and Breakfast the agency travel people had booked for her. She would check in, then swing by the Sheriffs office to say hello before calling it a day, she was tired from the drive. The bed and breakfast was a quaint old two-story place with a sweeping veranda and a two-person swing just, as she would have pictured it from an old movie. Inside she met middle aged woman names Sue. She was a large busted woman with an open honest face and an easy welcoming manner. Diana felt immediately comfortable with the middle-aged woman. "All the way from Washington, DC, you say" as they made small talk while going through the business of signing in the room. The place was decorated with rural life scenes and quite a few pictures of children. Diana commented, "Are these all your grand kids?" "Well girl, eight of them are my grand kids, these six are mine, we still like the big families out here, can I interest you in some local lemonade, you look parched?" "I'd be delighted," replied Diana taking a large glass of lemonade in a frosted glass, "why that's delicious the best tasting drink I've had in years," she refilled her glass. "Yes we make it right here in Cutter's Creek. Diana told Sue she was going to swing by the Sheriff's office and then come back, she needed a shower and had to do something with her wind blown, dried out hair.

Sue came to her rescue, "why don't you go down to the new U hair saloon and get it done." "We have a complimentary wash and cut at the salon for all our out of town patrons." "You just have to give them this card." Diana took the card and put it in her purse, "thanks that's great I'll drop by see if their busy right after I check in." "Don't worry honey, today isn't busy for them, we know these things here in our town." Diana walked out and got into her car, things were working out pretty good she though we'll if you can't get a vacation this baby-sitting thing might be close. She parked in the visitors slot at the Sheriffs office and walked in. A medium height policewoman manning the front desk greeted her. Her nametag said Betty-Anne. It wasn't the nametag that caught the eye her uniform blouse was straining from both the very large bosom it contained and the obvious fact that she was expecting. "Hi I'm Betty-Anne how can I help you Miss?" "Hi I'm Diana, IADC sent me down, you probably had a message that I'd be dropping in, and here's my badge." "Great to have a big city agent drop into our nice little town, not sure what for but I'm sure the Sheriff will talk to you about that, afraid, he's way out in the County won't be back for hours though." "Well that's okay Beatty-Anne I'm beat from the drive, I'm staying at the B&B up the road, Sue suggested I pop over to the new U salon and freshen up, and I think I'll do that." "You'll like it their, all the girls go their, can I offer you a refreshment, have some great lemonade?" "Why thanks, I'm beginning to take a liking to that, thanks."

Diana opened her purse to retrieve the envelope that Sue had given her. Wonder if the hair cuts in this little village were as over priced as in DC,' Diana thought as she opened it. As she opened the envelope, the Amazon caught a whiff of a flowery perfume. As she took a deep breath of it, her senses seemed to tingle. "Wow, that's some potent stuff," she said as she pulled the card out. "Welcome to Cutter's Creek, you are entitled to a free shampoo, wash and cut at the New U Hair Salon main street Cutter's Creek" come drop by. "Yes," Wonder Woman thought, "I should drop by right away." If she had not been so tired, Diana might have noticed that she was following the suggestion on the letter a little too obediently, but in her current state, she just got up and started to walk down the street to the saloon.

Janice at the salon turned and greeted her as she came in the door, the little tinkle of the door's bell announcing Diana's arrival at the salon. As she walked, the Amazon tried to figure out why she

Was doing this, but as she looked at the card in her hand she thought, "Well, at least I'll have a fresh haircut to meet the sheriff" as she continued on down the street. When she got to the salon, Diana saw that it was a new store, a new franchise operation that had opened up on Main Street, it contrasted with the General Store which seemed to have been their since the town was built. As she walked in, she saw that it wasn't as she expected to see, with beautician stations lining the walls, but

Instead, had a very elegant waiting area and a reception desk with

Six doors leading to private rooms. "Good afternoon, how may I help?

you?" said an elderly lady from behind the desk. I just arrived in town and Sue at the B&B down the street gave me your coupon for a complimentary shampoo and cut and I though I might as well, she said you wouldn't be busy, I'm Diana." "Hi, I'm Janice, your beautician will be out in a moment. Please have a seat. You must be thirsty from walking here, would you like a glass of our famous lemonade or something?" "Yes, the lemonade, thank you," Diana said as she sat down. "Do you need this?" she said, as she held out the card to Janice. "Yes, thank you," Janice replied, as she took the letter and handed Diana a glass. As she took the glass, Diana noticed that Janice had on a pair of latex gloves. "She must be one the beauticians, and getting ready to color someone's hair," she thought, "maybe I should get my hair colored?" and then laughed to herself as she thought of the reactions of everyone when Diana Prince and Wonder Woman both wound up getting their hair colored at the same time and the same color. "So much for my secret identity, and why would I want to get rid of my beautiful dark hair, anyway, for some fake color?" she thought as she drank her lemonade. As Diana sat there, she began to notice the same tingling she'd sensed from the letter earlier, but it didn't seem to bother her as she became very relaxed. The Amazon looked through a maternity book, which seemed to be all that was available to read, as she finished her water. Her thoughts, wondering as she looked up at the various hairstyle pictures what she would look like with the various hairdos, even though she knew she couldn't change her hairstyle without compromising her identity. It was odd all the models were pregnant.

She was interrupted from her thoughts by a voice. "Hi, I'm Suzy, if you'll come with me, we'll get started." Diana's jaw almost hit the

floor as she saw Suzy. "This woman belongs in a porn movie, instead

of doing my hair!" she mused as she looked at the over made-up blonde with huge breasts. Suzy saw the look on her face, and quickly

said, "Don't worry, I don't bite. And I won't do anything you don't

want me to do. You can trust me." Diana's face relaxed as she thought, "Yes, I can trust her." Well, what can we do for you today?" Suzy said, as she led her to room four. "I just need a shampoo and a trim."

"Okay, have a seat, and we'll wash your hair so I can trim it," she

said as she put on a pair of gloves. As Diana sat down, she saw the room was filled with all types of beauty supplies for hair, nails, makeup, even ear piercing. "Wow, this room is stocked! How many of you work out of this room?" "Just me, I'm a full service beautician. Would you like a full makeover? I'll give you a real good discount, since you had that free hair styling." "Oh, no, just a trim," Diana said, as she leaned back into the sink. "Here, let me take those," Suzy said, as she took Diana's glasses and proceeded to wash her hair. As she wet her hair and massaged the shampoo in, Diana felt the strange tingling again.

"What's in that? It feels odd," she questioned. "It's a special shampoo that we have made just for our salon. It stimulates the scalp, and it does wonders for your hair. It also has a very relaxing feel. Don't you feel relaxed?" "Yes, I guess I do," Diana said, as she started to feel a calm come over her. "That's good, you just lie back and relax, and let me take care of you," Suzy said as she smiled down at her.

"She's such a nice person," Diana thought, as she lay there and

smiled back. After about ten minutes, Suzy finally saw what she was looking for, as Diana's eyes seamed to glaze over. "I think that's clean enough," she said as she rinsed her hair and wrapped it in a towel. "You

know, it's too bad you have to wear those glasses. You have very beautiful eyes. Have you ever tried contacts?" "Actually, I really don't need them. But that's a secret, so don't tell anyone, okay?" "Oh, don't worry, I won't tell. After all, we're good friends. And friends don't tell the others' secrets," Suzy told her. Diana felt very reassured by her. "So why do you wear them? Are you a spy or something?" she said, as pulled the towel off her damp hair. "No, I'm not a spy," Diana said. "I'm Wonder Woman, actually," she whispered. "Wow, I've never met a real superhero! Where do you hide your costume?" Suzy said as looked at her. "You obviously aren't wearing it." "It's in another dimension until I call for it." "Can I see it? I would love to see you in costume! I'll lock the door and nobody will bother us." "She's been so nice to me, I guess that's the least I could do for her," Diana thought. "Okay," she said. After Suzy locked the door, she stood and started to spin around and summoned her costume. It took her a little longer to call it, as her head seemed real fuzzy, but she finally accomplished it and stood there in her familiar star spangled uniform. "That's awesome, can I get your picture?" Suzy asked. "Sure, go ahead," Wonder Woman said, then placed her hands on her hips with her long legs spread in her normal superhero stance as Suzy snapped a few shots of her. "You know, I have the perfect style for you. Why don't you slip your costume off, and put this robe on. I would hate to mess up your beautiful outfit." "I don't know if I should do that," Wonder Woman said, as she started to feel nervous about what was going on. "Don't worry, we're both girls. You don't have to be shy around me. You trust me, don't you?" Suzy said, with a hurt look on her face. "Yes, of course I trust you," Wonder Woman said. "It's just that I feel a little nervous right now." "There's no reason to be nervous. I'll take good care of you; besides, I can't do your hair with your costume on. You do want me to do your hair, don't you?" Wonder Woman looked at Suzy, and felt a bit ashamed of herself; she had been so nice to her, and here she was not showing her good friend any trust. "Of course I do. You're right, how can you do my hair with this on?" she said, as Diana started to remove her costume. "Sometimes being a super heroine makes it hard to trust anyone, even friends like you. So what do you have in mind for my hair?" As Wonder Woman's costume came off, the peaceful calm seeped back into her mind, and all the worries she had minutes ago seemed to just wash away. Suzy couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous Amazon that stood completely naked before her. She was almost perfect, a little small up top, but she would take care of that soon! "I think you would look great with a nice curly perm. It would really make all the guys take a second look with all those big curls flowing down your back." "I don't know, what about my secret identity?" "You don't have to worry about that. Everyone will be too busy noticing how beautiful you look. Now, don't even think about your secret identity any more. You just let me worry about that. I'll make sure that it's not a problem for you. Okay?" "Okay, if you say so," Diana said as she sat back and let Suzy get to work. Suzy worked fast, getting Wonder Woman's hair rolled up. She knew she had to get the special perm solution on her head quickly, before the earlier drugs wore off. Once the hair was rolled and the solution was on, Suzy quietly breathed a sigh of relief. "There we go, now all we have to do is wait," she said, as she looked into Wonder Woman's eyes and saw them completely glaze over again.

Suzy asked Wonder Woman, "have you ever considered having children." The power of suggestion seemed to creep into Diana's mind her maternal instinct seeming to be triggered, slowly opening her eyes, "why yes I have often thought about having a baby but being a superhero it just isn't practical, and its against the Amazon code." "Well here in Cutter's Creek the Reverend he say's it's a women's god fearing duty to have children, you believe in god don't you Wonder Woman?" "Off course Suzy, its important to do god's will, everyone knows that." Off course you wanting children and having them means you must make yourself desirable for men, don't you think, I wouldn't use those eye glasses they just cover up you lovely eyes." "yes that makes sense, I think."

"Well, I think it's time to rinse your hair out," Suzy said, as she

leaned Wonder Woman back, and got back to work on her hair. As she finished removing the perm rods and rinsing her hair, she looked at

"You know, something else that would help to make you even more sexy is if you had bigger breasts." "Bigger?" Wonder Woman said in surprise.

"Oh yes, I mean yours are nice, but they're not even as large as mine," Suzy said, as she hefted her FF breasts. "Don't mine look great? And men love huge breasts." "Yes, your breasts look lovely, but there isn't very much I can do with mine right now. You think I should get a breast enhancement?" she said, as she looked at her now insufficient breasts with shame. "Don't worry, I have something right here that can fix it," "We don't use that silicone stuff here in the country there is a natural way for women to have big beautiful breasts." "Our dairy discovered that a certain formula would allow women to have big beautiful breast naturally, it had a small side effect that they would lactate but that wasn't a problem for women who were going o have a baby in the future is it?" "Wonder Woman her eyes again a little glazy said, "sure that logic makes sense why would you put silicone in and have an operation when you can just help your body do what it was going to do anyway, okay." Suzy

pulled out a syringe, then opened Wonder Woman's robe and injected the fluid into her breasts. "Thank you. You are such a good friend," Wonder Woman said, as she sat back and drifted off in blissful sleep, dreaming of big breasts. She didn't hear Suzy explain that another side effect was that as her breast milk came in she would need to have them milked, and the more often she had them milked the larger they would become, and that she would need to be milked at least two or three times a day, Oh well she shrugged she'd find out soon enough. Diana awoke a half hour latter and looked down, and cupped her now huge mounds in her hands and smiled. "Aren't those much better?" Suzy said. "I'd say they are at least FFF! Those will definitely get the men's attention! "Thanks Suzy you have been a great friend now you won't tell anyone about our little secret will you?" "Off course not," she replied putting her finger to her mouth and giggling in a conspiratorial way. With that she helped Wonder Woman up, as she then slowly spun to become Diana again. Off course he bra didn't fit so she dispensed with it. Suzy gave he one that fit, it was a nursing bra. Diana left the salon feeling great and wondered back to her room at the B&B she felt thirsty and in need of a nap, it had been a long day, but the people here seemed so nice.

Suzy called Reverend Daniel's. "Reverend I just had that nice looking young lady the Sheriff said was from the IADC finish at the salon." Like most small towns the gossip was first rate and Suzy was an expert that is why the Rev had brought her into running the New U salon when he had first come to the town a few years ago. Rev. Daniels had come to Cutters Creek from Fertile Valley trying to start a new church in this Bible belt hinterland town. Soon thereafter the explosion of pregnancies began. The local Dairy had been taken over by the Church and a lemonade bottling plant had been built bringing prosperity to the town. The Rev had discovered a water-soluble ingredient that could be put in the dairy products and local wines the Church distributed. The effect was to just make the women unnaturally horny and physically transforms both genders into the other's fantasy ideal. Women grow wider of hips and bust but narrower of waist. Girls enter puberty earlier, having womanly proportions and menopause seems to be delayed indefinitely. Men and boys develop classic stud physiques. Fertility and virility went through the roof. It seems that women get pregnant EVERY time they get fucked at even approximately the "right" time. The pill looses it effectiveness within a few weeks of exposure to the water. The problem the Rev found was that strangers passing through could bring unwanted attention to his church and ideal community. So he came up with the innovative solution of mixing a super dose of his formula and let nature take its course as these women met the studs from Cutter's Creek. Keeping additional women in his community to improve the diversity was a natural bonus. The hair salon was the perfect mechanism to bring in additional women. Suzy's call explaining that Wonder Woman was in town in no way worried the Rev. He saw it as an excellent opportunity to further enhance his flock and thanked Suzy for being so diligent, she gushed at the flattery.

Diana awoke from her nap feeling thirsty; she got herself a nice cup of lemonade and sat down to think. It was midnight by the clock, she decided to do some work, she needed a distraction, she was feeling horney and wanted to do something about it, but her mind pushed the naughty thoughts aside. She new from her research from the IADC computer database that most of the small crime occurred around Joe's wrecking yard and a bar called the Milk Maid. She figured since she was awake and needed a distraction she would take a quick look around Joe's Tonight. That decided she got up and headed out, she had seen the wrecking yard at the edge of the town.

Wonder Woman approached the dimly lit wrecking yard circumspectly, she was naturally cautious. She didn't seem to notice that her new endowment was barely being contained within her lycra top as she slowly walked along an alleyway. She had looked at herself once in the mirror, and thought well, that looks better, and they will definitely look at me now, and giggled. The yard was broken into components of cars, broken shells stacked by one side, doors stacked another, rows of tires a perfect spot to ambush anyone. She heard a noise and crept up to a spot concealed just under a stack of car bodies. She peered into the light, surrounded by the car body walls was row after row of bench seats. Teenagers occupied the seats in various stages of clothing. Diana could see a big-breasted girl having both her large nipples being sucked on by two boys, her head tilted back in ecstasy. Another girl was receiving a boy's manhood doggie style rocking the unsupported seat. Her moans cried out into the still night air, to mingle with that of dogs barking. The spectacle, was making her wet, Diana had never been a voyeur before and her nipples were going hard as she continued to watch the teens. She wasn't alone in watching this favourite make out spot. Clem was just above her in the car body. He had come down to see if Amy-sue was there and had climbed in to see if she showed up. When she didn't he had stayed to watch who did show up. When a couple of the hot high school cheerleaders showed up he stayed to watch the action. By this time he had a raging hard on, and was thoroughly enjoying stroking his meat to the show below. His vantage point however was precariously balanced a fact he knew when he climbed up and had completely forgotten as more blood rushed to other areas of his anatomy.

As Clem moved toward the back of the derelict Jimmy his weight shifted the vehicle and it tilted rapidly past its balance point, he grabbed the two handholds above the open doors just in time as the vehicle tumbled off the stack of other wrecks. The startled teens grabbed any bit of loose clothing and fled their white buttocks bouncing in the moonlight. Wonder Woman had reacted with tremendous speed. Her Amazon reflexes had sensed the vehicle and she had grabbed it as it came down, coiled her legs and deflected the vehicle away from her. The cry of pain from the wreck brought her charging over to trap the unfortunate miscreant who had tried to crush her. She found something completely different. Inside was a good-looking teenage boy; he appeared all right just a little stunned by his sudden fall. "You okay, son," she asked. The vehicle had landed on its roof inside the area recently vacated by the teens. Wonder Woman helped the boy onto a seat through the missing passenger door of the Jimmy.

Clem starred at her; in fact he stared at her big exposed breasts. Wonder Woman had failed to notice that her rapid push up of the Jimmy had bounced her new endowment clear out of their moorings. She had been doing a systematic check of his body as they teach in first aid when her eyes came across his manhood which was rapidly reforming itself to its previous size and shape before his little tumble. Having regained his voice Clem asked in awe "are you Wonder Woman." "Why yes I am replied Diana," proud that the young man had so quickly recognized her. "You know Miz Wonder Woman you're the purdiest woman I've ever seen," Clem said. Wonder Woman trying to regain her composure, however was failing "Well." he grinned? Gosh, his bashfulness was making her want to give him a big hug! "You know Miz Wonder Woman It's like when I see such a purdy woman I can't stop thinkin' about how purdy she'd look with a big belly sticking out of their tight pants. You'd shor be purdy that way, Miz Wonder Woman. You ever think about havin' a baby?" I can tell when they's ready, you know, smell it or somthin'. I just ... my gosh. Miz Wonder Woman, you's got that smell."

Diana could have been offended, but knew he wasn't talking about body odor. Apparently the boy could detect the subtle pheromones that women emit when they are fertile. Diana guessed that he had `sniffed her out.' For amazingly, he was right; I probably *was* ovulating that day. I was about two weeks into this one. Diana knew enough of her body to recognize the change in pussy mucus that signals "egg-on-the-way." That morning she had noticed she was stickier than usual and, looking at this overgrown boy grinning in front of her, realized she was hornier than usual, as well.

"Well, I do want to have children, someday, but being a super heroine is very difficult to have a family," Wonder Woman said, trying to ignore the wetness she felt growing between her legs. "Well Miz Wonder Woman I'm sorry but "Somethin' I cain't help, Miz Wonder Woman - my old thang starts getting big and hard when I'sees shuch a purdy woman who wants a baby." Diana gasped as her gaze refocused on his lap. Clearly evident between his legs and sticking out from his loose shorts was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Wonder Woman secretly liked men with big cocks, but this was a phenomenon. She was transfixed.

"Gosh, Miz Wonder Woman, you're lookin' at it the same as

Amy Lou Stricklin did when I pregged her. Her eyes was as big as yours. And she started pantin' when she see'd my thang git big." "'Do, do you, do anything when this happens?" Diana forced herself to ask, trying to gain control over her breathing. "Not really, I just tells'er how purdy her titties are, all hard and round and how cute her nipples are

poking out through her blouse. Cuz when they sees my thang, their titties get real hard, just like yours are, Miz Wonder Woman. When I sees a big purdy set `o titties round and hard, I jus wants to reach out an'give 'em a tweak."

What Diana feared and what she wanted. Putting work to his words, he sat up and for a minute he just looked down at Diana's boobs that seemed to be getting bigger and harder by the second. Diana now realised that her top had come down. "You's got bigger tits than Amy Lou," he told her. Then he did more than tweak; he began feeling Diana up like a pro. "You like this, don't you Miz Wonder Woman. All the girls do."

"ah, please, stop. You're making me so wet." "Yup, all the girls gets wet between the legs when I feel up their titties, but they like it and don't make me stop. You don't want me to stop playing with your big ole boobies, do you, Miz Wonder Woman?" Diana was afraid of what was happening, but all she could do was shake her head, no.

"Lemme see just how wet you are Miz Wonder Woman." Diana could only moan. If he was asking permission to run his had up under her star spangled shorts and push aside her panties and start fingering her pussy, he didn't need it. The boy had Diana so horny, she would have let him do anything.

"You're a lot wetter that Amy Lou was, Miz Wonder Woman and she was really leakin'. You're really messin' up that nice costume. Is it because you hasn't gotten fucked in a while? Diana nodded helplessly.

"I'm sorry Miz Wonder Woman, but when I sees a woman as hot as you and needin' a good fuckin' as bad as you, I've just got to do my duty."

Diana had closed her eyes as he played with her pussy but opened them enough to see him drop his shorts and fully display a cock longer and thicker than she had ever dreamed of. "Ohmygod!" she exclaimed."

"You're gonna have to take your shorts off for me to git this in you, Miz Wonder Woman,' he said matter-of-factly There was no question about what Diana was going to do. She wanted to `git' his cock in her and she would do anything for it. She shucked her shorts and top in a flash. "You look real sexy in them panties, but you'd better take `em off." The panties joined her star spangled shorts on the bench seat. She stood naked before him, waiting to be told what to do. "This here seat is as good a place for me to fuck you as any" he said. Diana nodded. "That's good," he said as he layed Wonder Woman back on the seat and pulled her knees up to spread her legs. `Jus' the right height,' he observed and eased his cock into her. Diana though she should tell him that it was too big, that it hurt, but that would be a lie. She was so horny, that monster cock slid right in with no trouble at all. Then he took her by the hips and began to fuck the shit out of her.

"You're a lot tighter than Amy Lou, Miz Wonder Woaman. I guess that's because you's a super heroine," he remarked after a few minutes of hard pounding. "Prob'bly easier to knock you up, too, huh?" Diana was just coming down from her second or third orgasm, but she heard a request for her professional opinion. "Yeah, I'll be a lot easier to get pregnant than a little girl,' she confirmed." "I guess you're happy about that aren't you, Miz Wonder Woman? You want me to fuck you and come in you and to make you pregnant?" "Oh, yes, please!" she heard herself say.

"You want me to put a whole bunch of babyjuice in your pussy so you can get a big tummy?" "'Yes, honey! Just fuck me. I want a baby, I want YOUR baby. Come in me! Come in MEEEEEEE!" She screamed as Diana felt about a gallon of hot boyspunk flood her fertile pussy and set off the biggest orgasm of her life. "Mamma says when a girl's just been fucked, I should get a girl's ass up in the air to help the baby juice stay in her pussy where it will do the most good." Wonder Woman lifted her butt cooperatively. Who was she to make a boy to disobey his mamma? "She says that getting a girl off a few time after she's been fucked helps, too. It's going to be a little while before I can fuck you again, but I notice them big ol tities of yours are sure getting hard, I bet's you need a milking." He fumbled around his backpack and removed a hand pump for nursing mothers. Quicky attaching it to Diana's distended nipple he begin to pump. Diana could feel the growing pressure reach to the vary base of her spine, and then her milk erupted down the tube and into the bottle attached by the thin cord. His continued pumping drove Diana to her next orgasm as her mam milk flowed. "you'se sure got lots o milk their Miz Wonder Woman, my pappy would be proud of you, we'll have to take you over to the dairy after, them boys'll be sure to want to talk to you." Diana was into her third milking induced orgasm as he put away the milker. The boy might be uneducated, but he was surely polite and well bred. He looked at Diana funny when Wonder Woman giggled, reflecting that it was *Diana* who was being well bred. She didn't explain. Time he found out that women are mysterious creatures. Fortunately he took her giggles as consent and promptly stuffed re-engorged cock into her muff. "Mamma says its best to put in two good loads at the first, OK?' Diana gave him a silly little grin. She was going to have to meet this mamma some time, she reflected just as he put a stop to all higher brain functions by filling her with enough sperm to float a small freighter.

Diana woke a short time latter having succumbed to her final orgasm. "Well Miz Wonder Woman, I plumm forgot my names Clem." "I think I need to get home I got chores in a couple off hours, can I walk you home?" "Well Clem that's mighty nice of you but I'm just staying at the Bed and Breakfast up the street, I'll be alright. She stood up on shakey legs, milk still slowly dripping from her very large breast, as they jutted out into the night air. She gathered up her costume and in a wobbly motion spun around to become Diana again. She walked slowly back to the B&B a complacent smile on her face and thoughts of being a mother filling her head.

Diana normally slept light and was woken by a slight tap at the door to her room. She slipped on her bathrobe and walked over to the door. Opening the door she could see Clem standing their in work coveralls. "Good Morning Miz Wonder Woman, I've finished my chores and figured I'd stop by" Clem said. She opened the door to let him in, who could resist his boyish honest looks. "When my pappy saw the amount of milk I had taken from you he said, boy that fine woman is going to need you in the morning." Diana blushed at the thought, she closed the door behind Clem. She hadn't belted her robe particularly tightly and had a fair bit of cleavage exposed. Clem slipped a hand into her robe and was soon hefting her breast, "yup, pa was right your big old boobies do need milkin their Miz Wonder Woman." Diana flushed a little, the though of this farm boy evaluating her in this manner, yet she could feel herself starting to get turned on. "Can I get you to get up on that their bed, up on all fours if you could, let them big old boobies hang down, make it easier to milk em." Wonder Woman was completely under his hand, she had wanted him to continue his examination her nipples becoming very hard. She shed the rob and positioned herself on all fours. Clem came over and attached the suction cup to her breast and began to pump. "Yes" cried Diana, as the suction began to squeeze her nipple, "harder, faster," she cried. It felt like it was pulling at every nerve, then the milk came gushing down the thin tube. By the time he repeated the process with the other breast she had orgasmed once. "You done good Miz Wonder Woman that's even more than last time." "Miz Wonder Woman my mama said that I should give you another load of baby making juice just to be sure, so you just stay in that position, okay." "Yes Clem she said, I want you to fuck me", she panted. Clem was soon pounding Diana doggie style, Diana completely oblivious to anything else as he fucked her with his huge cock. Soon Clem was flooding her with his fertile seed, as Diana moaned, "yes Clem, keep coming, I want a baby." With his load spend Clem again insisted that she roll over and he placed pillows under her butt to prevent the seed from leaking out. That done he straddled her belly and began to tit fuck her using her hands to kneed her large deflated melons into providing pressure on his cock. He gently fingered her large nipples lubricating his hands with dripping milk. Soon Clem was hard again. His rhythm was accelerating. Diana sensing he was starting to loose control said "Clem, fuck me, don't waste any of your cum," she spread her legs and gripped her legs behind the knee inviting him to penetrate deeply into her with his massive tool. Soon Clem was shooting more baby juice deep into her womb. Diana fell asleep and Clem slipped out the door, a large grin on his face.

To be cont'd

Wonder Woman's Visit to Cutter Creek part 1