Wonder Woman's Visit to Cutter Creek 2  

By Black7

Wonder Woman
Mind Control

Wonder Woman gets knocked up.

With appreciation from Homer Vargas for the inspiration.

Diana decided that she had to get to the bottom of the case and go and meet the Sheriff. No reason to beat around the bush. She really didn't have time for a big breakfast because she had overslept following Clem's visit. However Sue had insisted on her having a "little sump'n." That turned out to be a mountain of waffles drowned in thick strawberry syrup and served with pounds of the local cream cheese, platters of bacon, over easy eggs and a pitcher of freshly-squeezed orange juice

spiced just right, although Diana didn't know it, with several slugs of the brandy. By the time she pushed herself away from the table, Diana was feeling sleepy and - amazingly, considering how she had spent the night - horny again.

Diana drove up to the Sheriffs office mid morning. She arrived just in time for coffee break. Sheriff Hawthorne was just pouring a mug of coffee when she arrived. He walked over from the coffee pot to wear the desk policewoman was standing. Diana entering said "good morning Betty-Anne." Betty-Anne returned the reply and began unbuttoning her blouse; she then unclipped her nursing braw to expose a plump round breast. With practised ease the sheriff began squeezing her nipple and soon a stream of milk was dribbling into his coffee cup. Betty-Anne stood their her eyes closed as she enjoyed the ministrations being performed on her. Diana starred at the spectacle. The sheriff having completed his top up turned to face the new visitor. "Ah Miss Diana Prince, good to finally meet you, I've heard all kinds of things about you already, why don't you come into my office and we can discuss your mission." With that they entered the sheriffs office and began to discuss the case. "I was thinking Miz Diana that the only place this youngster could be would be work-in at the Milk Maid." "Often we get young girls who get in trouble from outside end up as strippers at that club." "They often stay in remote parts of the county and come in to work at the club." "Of course no bodies they're during the day cept the bar keep but he's no help." "I might suggest that since your new here to Cutter's Creek you might go in during the ladies night, that's when most of them show up, often looking for a husband if you know what I mean." Diana regarded the overweight sheriff, he was a balding mad who didn't seem to be a product of the same population that produced such studs as Clem. However what he said made sense. Following his line of thinking she said, "suppose I could go under cover and check the place out." "Why Miss Diana that's a great idea I had thought about it but you seen the condition of Beatty-Anne she wouldn't really fit in to the crowd their right now and she's the only on duty policewoman I have right now."

"On another note, I heard that your agency often worked closely with Wonder Woman?" "Why yes sheriff we often do," came the reply. "Well I was wondering we have a law and order assembly coming up at the high school everyone would be very excited if Wonder Woman showed up to give a little talk to the teenagers, you know they often need good examples to follow." It was an opportunity to get on the sheriffs good side, do a favour, get a favour, sure I'll get in touch with her, I'm sure she should be able to make it," said Diana. The sheriff said, "well that's great, if you can how about today, its already scheduled." Sure thought the Sheriff I know your Wonder Woman, the Rev told me, now we'll just push a little. Diana finally said, "sure, she said she would be passing through town I'm sure she can stop by and talk to the young people." "Then we can organise the sting operation for Friday night." "Great idea." The sheriff then gave her the details for the visit to Cutter Creek High.

Diana arrived at the high school she had changed into her Wonder Woman outfit. The school LOOKED normal enough, set back on the top of a

hill, circular drive and flagpole out front. Diana walked into the main doors at the appointed hour, right on time. She met the Office Secretary, a nice looking young lady. She couldn't help but notice that she had a nicely developing bump. She was pleasant and introduced the Principal who had come out of his office with Clem. "Hello Miz Wonder Woman, welcome to Cutter Creek High, we don't get many visitors with your credentials and when the Sheriff called and said we had an opportunity to take advantage of your visit with a talk to our your people on law and order, it was to good to resist." Picking up a vase of fresh cut flowers he mentioned, "I have to show all the pretty girls the best smelling local flowers around, its my hobby, you'll find the scent completely charming." Diana not wanting to irritate the old fart took a whiff of the pretty blossoms. They powerful aroma was the same she had smelled at the new U salon. She didn't realise it but it would soon trigger a base instinct deep within her soul. "Very nice aroma, a classic I think," she politely replied. "I'd like to introduce you to one of our seniors, Clem, he'll be your guide and after your talk to the assembly as part of our law and order series, if you don't mind you can attend his class, mingle a bit with the young people of Cutter's Creek." Clem gave her a quick wink; Diana almost blushed but was able to contain herself. The Principal however was having trouble focusing on her face as they talked, his eyes continuously falling to her chest.

Wonder Woman finished her address to the High School Assembly and walked off stage to enthusiastic applause. She had certainly captivated the male component of the audience who to a student had starred throughout her presentation at her juggling bosom, wondering if it would escape and they would have what them celebrity papers call a wardrobe malfunction. Her areoles were already starting to peak out the top of her bustier. The girls in the high school were already wondering if they could get away with wearing an outfit like that it obviously turned on them men around them. Much whispering and a little cattiness dominated their conversations. Clem ushered Diana down the hall as the bell went signalling class change. She rounded a little bend and entered Clem's next class. The lab room was dominated by large posters showing in rather more detail than Diana thought necessary, the parts of the human reproductive system with the female erogenous zones well marked. Even more shocking were other posters showing couples actually doing it. Each lifelike picture was labelled, "Missionary," "Doggie," "Riding St. George," "Ankles-to-Ceiling," "Shoulder Drape," and numerous other positions Diana had never heard off. Were they using the Kama Sutra as a text, she wondered. Another wall had drawings of a nude young woman - in various stages of pregnancy. Neither the instructor, a handsome young man in his late twenties or the normally rowdy students seemed to be paying much attention to the lewd images on the wall.

"Settle down now students," announced the instructor. "Today we are going to have a lab on making a baby." "We have a special visitor today, Miz Wonder Woman is going to be joining our class, you boys, don't want no starring, proper manners."

Diana was so astonished she was not sure she had heard correctly.

"Aw, Mr. Johnston. We did that last year," complained one boy.

"Yeah, we know all 'bout makin' babies," a girl added. Everyone giggled as she patted her own bulging tummy. "See!" The child was HUGE. Diana didn't know how the girl could stand with a distended belly poking so far in from of her. Why, the size of her tits alone would have unbalanced a larger woman.

"Just because you got yourself knocked up, Molly, doesn't mean even YOU know all about it. Besides, not everyone has a couple of uncles and a brother in the house to show them how, like you do. For example, who knows how to tell on which day a woman is most likely to get a baby in her tummy?

"That's easy, Mr. Johnson," a tall boy answered raising his hand.

"Alright, Ebeneezer, tell us." "The day she gets a man to put his thang in'er and fill'er up with baby juice." The class exploded in laughter and Mr. Johnson looked a little cross with himself at having set up the smart-Alec's reply. "Yes, and how does a man decide which day to do that, Ebeneezer?" the teacher tried to recover.

"'Which day?' I don't know what you mean, Mr. Johnson. Sally May says I gotta do it every day a couple of times at least. I guess she don't want to take no chances." A nervous titter from a pretty pregnant girl in the back of the class confirmed the boy's surmise.

"That's all very well, Ebeneezer, when you've got just two or three wives or sisters or girlfriends and you can keep all of them filled up, but when you get older, you may have dozens of women that you will want to keep knocked up. You can't fuck them all every day, can you?"

"Gosh, Mr. Johnson, I never thought about that," the boy admitted as the other students giggled at his embarrassment.

"So you have to be able to tell when a woman is 'fertile,' you can fuck each one on the best day and make them all pregnant."

"You see, class; that's why you go to school, to learn thing that will help you when you grow up. Now who can tell me what 'fertile' means?" he paused to write the word on the blackboard.

A lanky boy in the front row grinned and raised his hand, "Does it mean a guy can preg up a girl the very first time you do her, like I did Emmy Lou?"

"No, Elmer, I believe you are thinking about 'virile.'" Mr. Johnson wrote V-I-R-I-L-E on the board, too. "Anybody else?"

"Ah knows," a young giant from the back said. "It's when a boy's pecker gets real big and hard anytime it's near a good pussy. Like mine when I'm with Bonny. You want us to show you, Mr. Johnson?" A tiny girl beside him with the merest hint of a belly brightened at the thought.

"Er, no, Jeremiah, that won't be necessary during this lesson. The condition that Jeremiah is describing is called 'potency.'" P-O-T-E-N-C-Y was added to the list.

"I remember you told us that a boy and girl can make a baby when the boy fucks his baby juice into the girl's pussy and his sperms find her ggs," a blond girl said. "So I guess 'fertile' is when her eggs are in the best place to get found."

"Very good, Cindy Dee! Did you know that you were fertile the day you got pregnant?"

Diana was in a state of shock hearing this class and, to tell the truth, she was getting rather turned on by it.

"You see, class, neither Cindy nor Jody really knew how to make a baby because they didn't know which day Cindy was ..." he paused.

"Fer-tile" the class chorused.

"Very good! OK so now we know WHY it's important to find out when a girl is 'fertile.' Now what girl would like to volunteer to help me show us HOW to tell she is 'fertile?'" "No lets have all the girls that aren't pregnant stand up over here by that wall, Miz Wonder Woman would you like to participate as well?" the teachers asked. Diana initially hesitant, heard Clem say "sure she will, won't you Miz Wonder Woman," then he winked. Diana nodded and walked over to join the other girls, who giggled as the tall statuesque amazon joined them. "Now boys we need an expert to examine each of the ladies, how about you Clem with Miz Wonder Woman since the Principal asked you to look after her" and he then detailed a boy for each of the half dozen girls who wasn't visibly pregnant. "Sure Mr Franklin, came the chorus from the assigned boys, grins on their faces." Diana wasn't sure what to expect but having that hot young stud beside her was making her horney again.

"Well, the preliminaries are all the same, whether you want to check a girl's fertility or you already know you are going to fuck her. The first thing is to arouse her," he instructed.

"Why, Mr. Johnson? Shit, my Francine is 'roused all the time, anyhow," Abe Stoval remarked.

"Yes, Abe, but you have Francine already knocked up. Not all girls and women are that horny, at least not all the time." Johnson sensed some incredulity at this last statement and indeed it did seem rather hypothetical here in Cutters Creek where all the women WERE horny all the time. But he continued on "by the book."

"One of the most important erogenous zones for most women is their breasts." Okay boys I want you to expose your girls breast. Clem's hand reached up and gently tugged down Diana's bustier and he cupped her huge tits in both hands. Her areolas were large and dark. Diana's eyes were

closed as she absorbed the wonderful feeling of a man's hands on her boobs. Her body betrayed her well before her mind could think other wise.

"Breasts are very sensitive and should be felt up gently, at least initially. Although women enjoy having a man's hands on their breasts felt, especially the nipples," Clem paused as Diana moaned and wiggled her butt in response to Clem's fingers pinching and twisting her nipples, "it's much better to kiss and suck them with your mouth."

The class watched intently as the boys buried their faces in the girl's breasts and began alternately to kiss and lick and suck each firm globe as the hand continued to stimulate the other. The girls didn't didn't surprise anyone when they started moaning more loudly. When they began to buck and cry out, however, they were impressed.

"Wow, Mr. Johnson's shown that we can make girls come just by working on their boobies!" one boy remarked. Everyone was starring at Diana. "What a hotie," Jody Wren remarked in admiration.

"Maybe I could be a hotie, too!" Cindy Dee spat. "Why ain't you never gone nice and slow and made ME come like that Jody?" Several other girls likewise frowned at their boyfriends in agreement.

By now, however Mr. Johnson was ready for the next segment of the lesson. "Okay boys for this part I want you to remove their skirts and panties." Diana was too blissed out to resist when her star spangled shorts fell to the floor and her white cotton panties were pulled down over her slowly spreading hips and dropped to her ankles.

"A girl who has been properly felt up and had her titties well sucked, should be quite wet here," Johnson explained as he slipped a finger into Diana's pussy, which spasmed in gratitude. "But even if she's already come before, it's still nice to let a girl you like have another

orgasm or two on your fingers." Mr. Johnson had hardly said the words when Diana began to bray and buck and babble about wanting to get fucked. It was tempting to skip ahead in the lesson, but Johnson's pedagogical training served him in good stead. He and Clem gently lifted the delirious super heroine and lay her on the bed that was part of the standard equipment of the Sex-Ed class lab.

"Making the woman come repeatedly before you actually fuck her is very important, whether you intend to breed her that day or just want to make sure she will be willing when you do. Direct stimulation of her pussy,

especially the clit, with tongue or lips is the surest way to make a woman come and come and come" he explained.

Diana's howls of ecstasy as soon as Mr. Johnson's mouth touched her hot little pussy proved their teacher's point to the delighted class. Diana was getting close again and didn't care who heard her this time. But suddenly the tongue was removed, leaving only the fingers in her pussy

to please her. Although they were nice, the orgasm that had been building began to fade. Distantly she heard the voice of the Sex Ed teacher speaking.

"Ok everyone gather around. You see she's almost ready." The fingers moved up to circle her clit. "You all know the parts of the pussy, so we won't need to go over that." There was a round of chuckles. Then the teacher's voice continued, "Boys I want you to get a whiff of her scent. Does it smell different than other pussies you've smelled before?" There was a general murmur of ascent. "Can anyone tell me why?"

The skilled fingers were driving Diana back toward orgasm; she concentrated on the sensations and heard the voices as if from far off. "She's ready to accept the spirit today?" a strong young voice replied. Distantly Diana recognized the voice as belonging to Clem.

"That's right," the sex Ed teacher's voice replied. "But, them, you should know; you already knocked up Mandy didn't you?" Again there were chuckles. "I'd say Diana is mid-way through her cycle and probably dropped an egg last night."

"Gosh, Mr. Johnson, you can tell that just from sniffing her pussy?" an amazed boy asked.

"When you've had as much experience as I have, almost, especially if it's a woman you're used to fucking. The smell and the taste," Johnson smiled as he dramatically licked a drop of Diana's pussy juice that clung to his lips "is so much sweeter when woman's ready for a baby.

But that's not the only way. Look here." Briefly the teacher removed his finger from Diana's dripping fuck hole and touched it to his thumb and then drew them apart. "What do you notice about her juice?" he asked.

"It's THICK!" someone responded.

"That's right. Sort of makes you think about "egg" white doesn't it?" There was a giggled murmur. "But that's not all. Put your finger in here." The teacher moved so that several of the boys and two or three of the girls could run their fingers in Diana's gushing pussy. "How does it


"Oh, it feels soo good, Diana moaned."

"Not you, honey," Johnson shushed. "What about it, class?"

"She's really slick," a girl said.

"That's right. Her pussy has made her juice especially slick so the man's prick can slide in extra deep and dump all those sperm as close to her womb as possible. Now did anyone notice anything else about Diana today?"


"Does anyone remember what happened as soon as I put my finger in her?"

"Yeah, she started coming in no time," a girl laughed.

"That's it; her climax was very quick. So ... Remember. When a girl is ready to have a baby, her cum is thicker, slicker and quicker!"

Okay boys I want you to examine the other girls and see, the girls readily hopped up on the bed beside them and hungrily spread their legs to be examined. The teacher couldn't help but notice the huge bulge in Clem's pants. "Clem why don't you do the honours of a demonstration in how to knock a girl up."

There was the sound of people moving around and the fingers left Diana's pussy. She opened her eyes to watch Clem climb on top of her. Diana had admired Clem's thin muscular frame with blond hair and enchanting blue eyes. She liked the idea of him putting a baby in her. "Everyone move so you can see how his cock enters her. See how he stretches her vaginal

opening?" Again there was the sound of general assent.

Clem began shoving his massive cock inside Diana, inch after delightful inch stretching her wider and wider. When she felt his massive balls slap against her ass Diana's world exploded in a massive orgasm.

"Some very fertile women are so ready for impregnation they orgasm as soon as they're fully penetrated," the teacher commented casually. Clem began working his massive tool in and out of Diana's tight cleft. "Remember, the more she orgasms the more easily she'll be impregnated, so take your time and make her enjoy it. Some times all it takes to make her cum again is to point out what is happening to her."

Mr. Jackson brought his face close to Diana's right breast and his tongue snaked out to tease her nipple. "If Clem comes in you, honey, pretty soon his baby will be doing this. Would you like that, like to have a big baby-filled tummy and nice milky tits" he whispered. Diana convulsed in another orgasm. The teacher pulled his face from back and

Clem continued pumping as Diana recovered from her back to back


After a minute or so he said, "Another good way to ensure repeated orgasm is to change her position." With that he pulled Diana's legs from around Clem's waist up to his shoulders and Clem began pumping furiously. Within seconds Diana was cumming with a delighted yell. As she came down Mr. Jackson casually asked, "How do you want it for your

first one?"

Diana hadn't thought about that, she'd only found out she was getting a first baby during the demonstration. Looking at the girl next to her writhing as Jacob pounded her from behind she cried, "Doggy style, Mr. Johnson. I want Clem to put a baby in me doggy style!"

Clem grinned, as he flipped her over and sank his man meat into her again. Soon she was groaning again as she felt his cock swell within her. She joined him in his orgasm, squirming and panting as sperm filled

her cervix. It was the hardest cum in the super heroines life, and she wondered if this was how other women felt as they had new life poured into them.

Mr Johnson then went over to survey the other girls to see what state they were in. Satisfied that the lab had successfully demonstrated the technique he wrapped up the class with a few words of encouragement. "Boys, make sure that you put another load or two in them, just to be on the safe side, OK?"

Clem helped, Diana sit up on the bed, he large bosom wobbling above her pulled down bustier. Clem bent down and picked up her Star Spangled Shorts and handed them to her. Diana bent over and pulled up her shorts, in her post fuck glaze she didn't notice that her panties remained on the floor. Clem reached over and helped her pull up her bustier, settling it just below her distended nipples. Mr Johnson came over, "well Miz Wonder Woman that was a fantastic demonstration you put on I think the students really appreciated you participating with them in this lab. It's always so good to see that celebrities are just the same as other folks." The buzzer for the end of the day rang, and the sex ed teacher said, "Clem why don't you escort Miz Wonder Woman back to the office so she can sign out." "Sure Mr Johnson." The class had rapidly emptied and Clem picked up his backpack from his desk. He then motioned for Diana to follow him. She walked down the hall in a daze, smiling at those students who looked at her completely oblivious to the fact that everyone was starring at her nipples poking proudly above her bustier. The secretary had noticed her nipples poking out and had come up in front of her and given her bustier a quick little tug to cover the exposed headlights. Diana gave a smile, "thanks, I need to adjust this outfit, it seems to have gotten a little small lately." "No problem said the secretary, I had the same problem with my bikini, course none of the boys is going to fix it for you, especially not the principal the old letch, she winked, and patted her belly, mind you he is good for something."

Clem suggested to Diana that they should go get some lunch, his suggestion of a milk shake and burger sounded great. She was getting thirsty and a shake would taste great. Clem gave her directions and she pulled up in front of the local dairy. It had a storefront and obviously had an ice cream shop frequented by the locals. Clem had come here by choice. His pa had told him to bring Miz Wonder Woman down to the dairy, he had to see this woman for himself. They entered the shop and were greeted by a nice young woman in her early twenties working the counter. She was a good looking blonde with a short mini skirt and tank top, her slight bulge was just starting to show. Clem had already given her the once over. The couple retrieved their shakes and burgers and sat down to eat. Diana found the shakes absolutely delicious and polished off three. As Diana was sucking her last shake Clem was telling her about the dairy and how important it was to the local town. He mentioned his dad worked for the dairy and that he was keen to give her a plant tour.

Clem Senior arrived and introduced himself, he was an older version of Clem Junior. "Hi Miz Wonder Woman, Clem here has told me all about you, and I can see why, I'm John, Clem's dad." "I presume he's already told you I'd be very pleased to show you around the dairy, Clem's got to get back to school?" "Pleased to meet you John, yes I'd be delighted to see your facility, everyone in this town is so friendly." Clem excused himself from the gathering saying "Miz Wonder Woman, I've got to get back to class, mighty glad you came by the school," he gushed. Diana flushed, remembering vividly how the young stud had fucked her brains out in front off his entire class. "It was my pleasure Clem."

John couldn't help notice that her areoles were beginning to peek out the top of her bustier, yup he thought this one needs milking soon. Miz Wonder Woman, come this way and I'll show you our facility." "You see we discovered here in Cutters Creek by Dr Lactose that we could blend milk from multiple sources and get the best taste and most nutritious milk on the market." "So John what type of milk do you blend or is it a secret?" We first started out with milk from top quality heifers and goats, our breakthrough came when we incorporated mothers milk into the formula." The tour continued down the facility examining the various facilities. Diana had begun to feel uncomfortable up top. Her breasts were beginning to feel like they could burst and the more John talked about milk the more she could feel her bustier constrain her jugs. "In fact Miz Wonder Woman I think you should come to one of our stations, your bosom looks like it needs a good milking," he followed up his words by cupping both off her large jugs. The more John Senior talked about it standing their supporting her breasts the more Diana could feel the need. "You see we discovered we had many lactating women here in Cutter Creek, that no longer had nursing children and to solve their discomfort Dr Lactose developed a way of allowing them to relieve themselves and contribute to the local economy." Diana heard the words but was applying most of her mental effort to keeping the discomfort she felt from being translated into physical action of ripping off her bustier.

"Right here Miz Wonder Woman," he opened a door to a nice room with a strange apparatus in it. There was a TV screen at the far end of the room opposite the apparatus. The equipment had a nicely contoured bench with foot stirrups and arm rests. Clem Senior came up beside Diana, he reached up and gently pulled down her bustier, "Miz Wonder Woman I hate to see a woman suffer and I can't take it any longer." "Now if you could just sit down on this bench and put your feet here and your hands here I'll relieve some of your discomfort." John proceeded to rub a lotion onto her breasts. John was saying that it would help, Diana could feel the easing pressure, and sighed. Now let me rotate this rig, and Diana found herself facing forward with her breasts hanging clear like to large pendulous melons. With a whirr a pair of suction cups rose up and clamped themselves onto her distended nipples. Diana could feel the rapid build up of pressure, far greater than when Clem had used his hand pump. She was panting when her milk came gushing out of each nipple into the clear suction cups. She continued to moan as the suction cups worked her breasts over. It felt wonderful the pressure was abating, and the sucking action seemed to pull at her from the core of her being. She climaxed shortly into the milking, her cum forming a nice wet stain on her panty-less Star Spangles Shorts. The suction cups increased the pressure as the milk flow tapered off to get the last of the good hind milk sending Diana into another climax.

Diana fell asleep on the bench, and John stepped out to carry on with his rounds very satisfied with what he had seen. Wonder Woman's power belt sensing her breast deflating immediately started rejuvenating her bosom's milk while she slept. When the pressure sensor attached to the suction cups felt her breasts weight again it began to milk her again, once again draining her. With each successive cycle of restoration and draining the super heroine's body responded by growing to fill the increase in demand. Finally Diana awoke sitting back from the apparatus, and removing herself from the waiting suction cups. Her breasts were still dripping milk and the bench was wet where her crotch had touched it. Her breasts were easily HHH in size followed by the repeated milking cycle that had happened all afternoon. He nipples were sore and double in size.

John walked in "wholly cow" he exclaimed as he stared at her enormous jugs as they hung down dripping milk, and he noted the milk quantity. Diana complained about the soreness in her breasts and nipples and John had her lie on her back as he rubbed the lotion into her breasts and two-inch nipples. She moaned as he massaged her breasts and rubbed the lotion in. The room smelled off her and John could no longer resist. He pulled down her soaked shorts and spread her legs high and wide. John dropped his pants and like son so like father began to pound Diana's sopping wet cunt. "Yes she said, fuck me harder, yes." "Fuck me harder she cried as he banged her with all his might her great tits swinging wildly about. Soon he was unloading a large volume of sperm into her unprotected womb. It didn't matter she was already knocked up just didn't know it yet.

Wonder Woman pulled up her Star Spangled shorts, John admired how her shorts made a nice camel toe from her puffed up pussy lips. She tried to pull up her bustier but her newly expanded bosom and nipples wouldn't be subjugated. "Miz Wonder Woman I think that needs some tailoring, I'd suggest you give it to Miss Sue at the B&B she's very good at it. Here why don't you take my T-shirt and I'll take you home." She pulled over the thin white t-shirt and mumbled her thanks. She headed out down the hall her tremendous bosom swaying unconstrained in the thin cotton and her nipples clearly evident to everyone ringed by the large areole. The dairy workers all stared as she walked past, the catcalls following her, she smiled the hair salon lady was right, men did like big tits.

Diana arrived back at the B&B where she met Sue rocking in her swing on the veranda sipping a large lemonade. "Hi Diana, how's it going." "Well Sue I seem to have a wardrobe problem, and you came highly recommended." Sue could already see the folded bustier in her hand and was intrigued by the material. Sue also took note of Diana's larger bosom size, but that was nothing new around Cutter's Creek. "Why don't we go inside to the sewing room I have upstairs." They went upstairs and entered the room, Diana closing the door. "You see Sue, I have this secret identity, and it isn't easy to talk about, but..."Sue put up her hand, "Diana don't worry the whole town knows your Wonder Woman." Diana was aghast her whole life revolved around her secret identity. Sue seeing the impact in her face went on, "now don't you fuss about this, you're part of the Cutter Creek community now, after all we protect our women folk here, especially the pregnant ones." Diana stared, her mouth open. "Oh Diana this is a small town everyone knows Clem fucked your brains out, and that stud has never missed once, I say you chose well with him mind you." Now lets see this costume problem you have with them tits of yours, take that t-shirt off and put the bustier on. "Diana did as she was told. The old bustier only serving to act as a push up device for her enlarged jugs.

She had her tape measure out and was taking measurements, "well look at that", she said as she measured her chest size. Now with this pattern of bustier how are we going to accommodate an expanding belly. Might have to change them shorts as well. "Now I hear that you have to be milked regularly", she said squeezing a large nipple and getting milk, so the new design will have to allow easy access to these babies. Soon they were in animated discussions of mini-skirts vice shorts and nursing bra type supports a bear midriff or loose folds.

I guess Diana said confiding in Sue that I'll have to tell the agency that I'll be staying in Cutter's Creek for a while. "Why don't you just go on maternity leave for a year with us your friends, we can get Dr Lactose to send the proof the city slicker bearcats need." After that I'm sure the Sheriff will give you a job with Betty-Anne going on maternity leave in a few months plus your work at the dairy," she tweaked a nipple again. "Yes that's a good idea." Diana said, "I'LL draft the latter now."

To be continued.

Wonder Woman's Visit to Cutter Creek part 2