Wonder Woman's Visit to Cutter Creek 3  

By Black7

Wonder Woman
Mind Control

Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl Retire to Cutter's Creek

The Sheriff convinced Diana that she should participate in lady's night at the Milk Made. She would have the best opportunity then to find the senators daughter. It was decided that she would go as Diana as most of the County folk wouldn't have heard that she was Wonder Woman.

The Milk Made was a bar at the edge of Cutter's Creek that had once been a whorehouse in the town's early beginnings. It had a large central bar with a stage. The second floor had an open balcony hallway that overlooked the seating area and provided more viewing area of the stage. The MC got on stage and started welcoming the ladies as they arrived to the months big show, ladies night here in Cutter's Creek.

"It is the tradition here at the Milk Made that all new ladies in the County and Cutter's Creek come here and participate in our initiation and quest for female excellence." "So ladies and gents I would like to welcome Diana Prince new in town from Washington D.C. and working with the Sheriffs office, Susan from Detroit... "and he went on. Betty-Anne had warned Diana that all the new girls had to participate in a little friendly competition; often it was a wet t-shirt contest or some such thing to get the men going. Diana noticed the aroma of those wonderful flowers drifting through the place adding to the atmosphere. Diana didn't mind strutting her stuff for the boys especially Clem, whom she could see in the crowd. She was wearing a white halter-top and matching mini-skirt that accentuated the curves she had increasingly filled out. The ladies filled upstairs onto the stage.

"Okay girls tonight your test is a milking contest, each of you will be milked and the last one still milking is the winner." "Now you will have two farm hands to milk each teat, these here farm hands have as they say hands on experience with teats," he laughed "so you ladies will be in capable hands." They crowd crew excited at the prospect, the designated 'hands' proceeded on stage, Clem leading the pack. Okay boys I want you to lubricate up them ladies so you don't damage them ladies equipment, and then I'll get you to cover off them twelve stations, pointing to glass milk bottles paired along the front of the stage.

Clem and Patrolman Booby-Jo from the station house came up to Diana, who blushed at the prospect before her. Her nipples had already started to stiffen with the excitement. Clem and Boob-Joe removed her tank top and then begin to lubricate her bosom with oil that felt invigorating. With these ministrations her nipples were soon fully erect. "Okay gents lets get them heifers covered off on stage. Soon Diana found herself on all fours facing the crowd. Her large endowment hanging straight down just above a clear milk bottle positioned under each breast. Clem was on one side off her and Bobby-Joe the other. "Okay boys at the buzzer I want you to start milking them cows off yours, okay boys lets have them bets, how many believe the big titied beauocrat from DC can produce?" The MC went on describing each of the contestants to the applause of the spectators. The buzzer went and Diana could feel the big hands begin to squeeze and tug on each nipple. The ministrations on her bosoms were beginning to have an effect and she closed her eyes as the feeling flowed through her body. Soon she could feel the mounting pressure building behind her nipples. She didn't notice that she had already started to soak her panties. The girls beside her were already producing the white milk with each squeeze of their teats and the MC was having good fun at teasing the big titted beaurocrat who still hadn't produced a drop. With a moan, Diana bucked as she climaxed and simultaneously a stream of milk burst forth from both her breasts. The crowed cheered as she geysered milk into the clear glass bottles. Soon all the women's stream was slowing down. Clem and Bobby-Joe were now working together. Clem was tweaking each nipple and Bobby-Joe was squeezing a breast alternately back and forth each time he did a stream of milk ushered forth from Diana's engorged nipples. She moaned with each burst of milk. Soon the MC was saying okay that's it for lady number five. Soon it was only Diana and one other, and then only she was still producing milk. With the milk jugs almost full she was milked dry. Her milk bags hanging down empty with distended nipples almost into the milk bottles. The MC was saying "and now we have a clear winner the big titted beauorcat from Washington." "Well the ladies have clearly worked hard so how about a deserving reward for all of them," the crowd cheered, knowing what was coming "and yes them hard working hands to, okay boys the ladies need relief and deserve a reward, okay boys give em their reward." The crowd was cheering as Clem dropped his pants, Billy-Joe had pulled off her soiled panties and lifted her skirt for his winger. He soon entered her swollen clit and she moaned as he continued to push his prick deep into her. All the girls were soon moaning and panting as the milk hands pumped them for all there worth. Clem soon gripped her tightly and expelled his seed deep into Diana. He pulled out and Billy-Joe took over the loosened up agent. She climaxed again as he mounted her and a third time when he pumped his load into her womb. With that Clem helped her up, her glassy eyes proving that she was thoroughly satisfied. The MC came over to congratulate her on her record-breaking performance of actually filling each milk jug a feat never before achieved at Cutter's Creek. The crowd cheered as Diana was crowned the milk made of Cutter's Creek. Her depleted jugs hung down past her waste with the engorged nipples still showing off proudly.

She had completely forgotten why she had come to the Milk Maid but it didn't matter. She was soon dancing with Clem and Bobby-Joe her halter-top struggling to contain her jugs. More often then not they failed, her partners graciously helping her refit her situation. The owner of the Dairy who had already heard rumours from amongst the workers of this new wonder carefully viewed Diana's achievement.

A few months past, Betty-Anne had gone off on maternity leave and Diana was now working the desk at the Sheriffs office in the morning. In the afternoon she was giving all she could give at the dairy. The power belt allowed he to regenerate quickly and she found the act of giving tremendously stimulating to her libido.

The fascination with pregnancy even invaded her dreams in which she saw her cute silky-smooth tummy expending and growing larger. She awoke from these dreams about pregnancy hornier than ever, but she tried to dismiss them. Disturbing as these fantasies were, Wonder Woman did not became concerned until she discovered that they seemed to be having a psychosomatic effect. Was it just her imagination, or were her breasts actually larger and fuller, making her lycra top cling to her Amazonian tits like seran wrap, even after their recent adjustments. No, it wasn't her imagination. Moreover, having her now swollen breasts cramped into that tight lycra top with her nipples being as sensitive as they were, made her extremely horny. Her pants became wet within minutes whenever she was in her Wonder Woman costume, which she found

herself avoiding.

At her apartment one day as she walked past a shiny metal cabinet, she noticed her reflection. She marvelled at how large her breasts had grown and how they looked as if at any moment they would rip through the lycra top. Her nipples were standing straight out and she could see clearly the definition of where her breast ended and her nipples began. Although her nipples had stood out before there seemed to be something different about the way they protruded now, as if they were preparing themselves to be suckled.

Moreover, she noticed that her whole body seemed to be growing rounder and softer. She took a closer look at her reflection and felt a little shock. Did she see a definable bulge where a few days before had been only the hard flat stomach of a super heroine? Now that she thought of it, her already tight fighting shorts had been getting more difficult to wiggle into with each passing week since she had visited the town.

Her shorts now came up just past her belly button leaving half of her tummy exposed, and she could see that her belly button was being forced slowly but surely outward. Her blue shorts seemed to cup and cradle that little bulge like a mother cradling an infant in her arms. She placed her hands on her stomach and marvelled at how sexy that little curve seemed to make her look. Especially since the tight fitting blue shorts seemed only to accentuate that curvature of her rounded tummy. It made her hot! She soon switched to a more practical denim bib style top and matching mini-skirt. Her tits had become so big she didn't bother with bras or tops, she needed the denims strength to support her boobs. The men loved the effect of her cleavage jutting out. The boys loved the easy way it was to cop a feel, and Diana liked the attention from the boys at the station house and dairy.

Diana was asked if she would mind helping out with the cheerleaders at the high school by the principal. Soon she was fully engaged in this activity after hours with the squad. She found the girls great to work with. They off course were in awe of their new found Amazon teacher. The girls were soon petitioning Diana if they could change their outfits to model hers. Sue at the B&B had agreed to make a few more similar ones; she off course had seen the original. Soon the squad was decked out in bustier and star spangled mini-skirts. Like the modified one for wonder woman Sue had replaced the back zipper with a lace up front to allow the girls more flexibility as they grew and to make it easier milking or nursing. The squad was in amazing shape but Diana noted that they had to have twice as many girls to account for the one's that went off for obvious maternity reasons. They off course had Wonder Woman's problem of on occasional loosing the restraints to their youthful bosom as they did their moves, but it was nothing that also didn't happen to their teacher as well. Soon the squad was easily the motivational inspiration for most of Cutter's Creeks men's and boy's teams.

After the first game the squad trooped into the girls change room. The men's football coach took Diana aside. Wonder Woman we have a tradition you might not be aware off here at Cutter's Creek High. When the team wins the cheerleaders come into the teams locker room for a special cheer. The head cheerleader had also stopped and said "That's right Miz Wonder Woman, we save our best cheer for winners." "Okay, Coach, Rachel, I know some traditions are good for morale." With that they went into the dressing room where Rachel gathered the girls around and said they were about to go over to the boys dressing room for the special cheer for the winners. From the girl's mischievous looks, it was obvious that they had reversed this before hand. The boys were all waiting and lined up at one end, ready to get into the shower towels around their waist when the cheerleader squad trooped in. The girls lined up pomp pomp's at the ready. The started their routine with their customary chant, Diana joining in the routine by reflex. At the end of the chorus al the girls in a slick move sprung upwards. They had already dropped their bustier zippers half way and their bountiful bosoms sprung forth free of their constraints, at the same time as their skirts flashed up they grabbed their skirts holding them above their naked waists, they having removed their panties just before coming into the room. Diana in her enthusiasm had also burst from her bustier and the whole squad stood their pomp pomes cupping their breasts as the squad demonstrated their feminine attributes. The team whooped in catcalls and cheers to individual cheerleaders. The boys then crowded around the squad, towels soon forgotten. Clem had made his way over to Diana and soon had her bent over a bench with his meat well up her love canal. A pair of linebackers was milking her to quench their own thirst and she just moaned with her eyes closed as the boys serviced her. Life was good.

Diana also had a huge impact on the dairy. The manager had gotten her to agree to sponsor a new line of milk. He had gotten the idea at the breakfast table one day. He was drinking a glass of milk and the bag of Wonder Bread was in front of him. He had been day dreaming about boffing Wonder Woman when the idea of Wonder Milk had struck him. Soon Diana was agreeing to sponsor "Wonder Milk" as a brand name. Its good taste, super heroine logo to catch the eye, and fantastic taste based on it original blend soon had it catching fire in the market place. Diana was happy in Cutter's Creek she had a job, she had friends, the pace was slower and she was becoming rounder everyday.

Batgirl and Supergirl had wondered what happened to Wonder Woman. Her disappearance for several months had got them talking about where she had gotten too. When each one had seen a commercial and billboard of Wonder Milk they decided to further investigate. Sitting in Batgirl's apartment they were reading some material she had brought home from the Library. It was great having access to the computer all day to investigate. She had found a number of want adds for Cutter Creek's, and one suited her perfectly their was a librarian's position at the high school apparently the current librarian was on maternity leave. Supergirl figured she would just get a transfer in as a high school senior. There were transient workers in the county, she cold just be one of their daughters, and board with Barbara while her daddy was out in the backcountry as a geologist. Their plan settled they decided they would heed on down to Cutter's Creek, making their ways separately.

A guidance councillor who was obviously in the maternal way processed Linda Danvers into the High School. She found everyone very friendly. Her first class was the Science of Maternity, which she found rather odd. The classroom was dominated by large posters showing in detail the parts of the human reproductive system with the female erogenous zones well marked. The pictures actually made Linda feel horney as she stared at the posters showing couples actually doing it. Each lifelike picture was labelled, "Missionary," "Doggie," "Riding St. George," "Ankles-to-Ceiling," "Shoulder Drape," and numerous other positions Linda had never heard off. Another wall had drawings of a nude young woman - in various stages of pregnancy.

As senior students you will be responsible for a practical project on the most challenging maternal problems. Ebinezer quipped "What's that getting old Miz Humphrey knocked up?" "The class chuckled," at the local wit. "No not quite, their Ebinezer, no I was thinking how would you get Supergirl in the family way." He flashed up the familiar slide of supergirl, saying off course everyone knows that she is impervious to any normal male. "So the real problem it showed a supergirl naked from the waist with a cut away drawing into female anatomy, so how do we penetrate her hymen and deliver the Cutter Creek virile seed eh Clem?" Linda couldn't believe what she was hearing, a course designed to impregnate her as a science project. What kind of sick society was being run here in this backwater town?

Barbara Gordon had had the strangest interview with the Principal of Cutter's Creek High School. He had seemed an old pervert the way he had looked at her, undressing her with his eyes, the old fart. The secretary had seemed very nice; she was very large at least six months along. Barbara, had met the teachers in the lounge, and heard the strangest gossip. "God! Seems like I have to pee between every class now." "I know. It's all of that delicious bottled water they have here. I just can't get enough." "Yeah! And that's not all you can't get enough

of, is it, Martha?. You'd better watch out, honey. If you keep fucking Coach Roidan, you'll be peeing all the time for another reason."

Martha: "I try, June, believe me. I heard what happened to the teachers who came here last year; not a one of them finished the year without getting knocked up. But Johnny he's so much bigger than my boyfriend from back home, I just can't help it. And he cums buckets and never

wants to use a condom. That's why I'm taking my pills without fail."

June: "Well, it's not just the girls from last year, honey; haven't you heard? Joyce Field told me she is pregnant and she swears up and down she hadn't missed a pill when the paper turned blue."

Martha: "Wow! Who is the father?"

June: "She isn't saying, but her whole senior biology class is boys, every one of them a hunk. They must have been screwing her eyeballs out! Not that I blame her. Every time I see those boys I get wet! I hear she took them on a field trip and came back having let each one fuck her three times."

Martha: "It's those cow tits she's developed. Have you seen her? She had just exploded upstairs. And those mini-skirts! She wears them without panties and it drives the little studs crazy!"

June: "Who are you to talk about 'cow tits?' You must have increased two cup sizes since school started, yourself."

"Martha: "I have! I was happy with my 34Bs. Now I'm a 35D and my damn bra is getting tight again."

June: "I know, and that's not the worst part. The bigger mine get, the more sensitive they are. Why, all Billy has to do ..."

Martha: "June! You're not letting Billy Suggs fuck you! He's only eleven and in your class!"

June: "Well, it was an accident. I made him stay after school for staring at me and he was so cute and sincere standing there with this huge, painful looking erection, telling me how I turned him on, I just had to ease his discomfort. I intended just to give him a blow job, but

he tasted so yummy and I got so horny when he came in my mouth, I ended up bent over my desk with him giving me a delightful reaming from behind. He's been sneaking over to my house every night since to do me."

Martha: "Let me guess; you don't make him use a condom."

June: "Do they sell them here? I'm glad I'm teaching fifth graders. I can almost believe Joyce was protected. Those twelfth grade stallions look like they could pump enough semen into you, your little white pill would just surrender."

Martha: "Better not be overconfident. I've seen your class; there are some nice big bulges between the legs of those darling little boys. They say that little Joshua Gauntt in your class knocked up his mother."

Barbara finished the day getting a tour of the library from her department head, it all seemed normal enough as far as books organisation could be said.

Barbara and Linda met at the B&B with Diana. They were shocked by her appearance. She had a very health glow about her and it was obvious that she was in the family way. A nice round bulge protruded above her short mini-skirt. You could see her belly transitioning from an innie to an outie. Her mid riff barring top stopped just below her massive breasts, which seemed to have increased by at least two sizes and several cup sizes. She must be at least a 46HHH. Diana was talking about the local coming and goings, news of the county, sheriffs gossip, dairy gossip, cheer leader gossip it was all drivel, however she seemed to be very happy. She suggested they go to the new U salon they both looked like they could use a nice shampoo and rinse it would help them prepare for tomorrow, they both looked like uptight city folks she said. Barbara, and Linda both agreed they could use a little pampering, it had been a very long and weird day and they needed to get their minds wrapped around this very strange town.

Janice at the salon turned and greeted Barbara and Linda as they came in the door, the little tinkle of the door's bell announcing theirs arrival at the salon. Hello we're friends of Miss Diana Prince she suggested that we stop by. "Hi, I'm Janice, your beautician will be out in a moment. Please have a seat. You must be thirsty from walking here, would you like a glass of our famous lemonade or something?" "Yes, the lemonade, thank you," Barbara said as she sat down. They both commented at the various hairstyle pictures, it was odd all the models were pregnant. That was interrupted from their chitchat by a voice. "Hi, I'm Suzy, if one of you will come with me and the other with Janice, we'll get started." Barbara's starred as she saw Suzy. "I haven't seen a woman like this since I left Gotham city red light district" she mused as she looked at the over made-up blonde with huge breasts. Suzy saw the look on her face, and quickly said, "Don't worry, I don't bite. And I won't do anything you don't want me to do. You can trust me." Well, what can we do for you today?" Suzy said, as she led her to room four. "I just need a shampoo." "Okay, have a seat, and we'll wash your hair," she said as she put on a pair of gloves. As Barbara sat down, she saw the room was filled with all types of beauty supplies for hair, nails, makeup, even ear piercing. "This place is well stocked for such a small town! How many of you work out of this room?" "Just the two of us, I'm a full service beautician. Would you like a full makeover? I'll give you a real good discount." "Oh, no, just a wash," Barbara said, as she leaned back into the sink. Barbara felt the strange tingling as the shampoo began to lather into her scalp. What's in that? It feels odd," she questioned. "It's a special shampoo that we have made just for our salon. It stimulates the scalp, and it does wonders for your hair. It also has a very relaxing feel. Don't you feel relaxed?" "Yes, I guess I do," Barbara said, as she started to feel a calm come over her. "That's good, you just lie back and relax, and let me take care of you," Suzy said as she smiled down at her.

"She's such a nice person," Linda thought, as she lay there and

Smiled back. After about ten minutes, Janice finally saw what she was looking for, as Linda's eyes seamed to glaze over. "I think that's clean enough," she said as she rinsed her hair and wrapped it in a towel... "So Linda why are you in Cutter's Creek, I can see your going to the High School by your backpack?" Linda was about to use her cover story but for some reason felt a compelling need to tell this nice lady why she was really here. "Actually she said I'm Supergirl, and I'm here looking for my friend Wonder Woman but that's a secret, so don't tell anyone, okay?" "Oh, don't worry, I won't tell. After all, we're good friends. And friends don't tell the others' secrets," Janice told her. Linda felt very reassured by her. "Where do you hide your costume?" Janice said as she looked at her. "You obviously aren't wearing it." "Can I see it? I would love to see you in costume! I'll lock the door and nobody will bother us." "She's been so nice to me, I guess that's the least I could do for her," Linda thought. "Okay," she said. She stood and was soon standing there in her costume. "That's awesome, can I get your picture?" Janice asked. "Sure, go ahead," Supergirl, said, as Janice snapped a few shots of her. "You know, I have the perfect style for you. Why don't you slip your costume off, and put this robe on. I would hate to mess up your beautiful outfit." Supergirl quickly doffed her costume and put the robe on. She was almost perfect, a little small up top, but she would take care of that soon! She knew she had to get the special perm solution on her head quickly, before the earlier drugs wore off. Once the hair was rolled and the solution was on, Janice quietly breathed a sigh of relief. "There we go, now all we have to do is wait," she said, as she looked into Supergirl's eyes and saw them completely glaze over again, what a bimbo this one is she thought.

Suzy asked Batgirl, "have you ever considered having children." The maternal thought seemed to jump into Barbara's mind, "why yes I have often thought about having a couple of babies but being a superhero it just isn't practical, and what would my daddy say if I didn't have a husband he's so conservative." "Well here in Cutter's Creek the Reverend he say's it's a women's god fearing duty to have children, you believe in god don't you Batgirl?" "Off course Suzy, I've been a practising Roman Catholic all my life." "Well you know Batgirl good Roman Catholic girls are suppose to have big families with lots of children." "Off course you wanting children and having them means you must make yourself desirable for men, don't you think?" "yes," Batgirl replied. "Well, I think it's time to rinse your hair out," Suzy said, as she leaned Batgirl back, and got back to work on her hair. As she finished removing the perm rods and rinsing her hair, she looked at "You know, something else that would help to make you even more sexy is if you had bigger breasts." Batgirl had always been jealous of Wonder Woman's big tits and this thought readily struck a chord with Barbara "Don't mine look great? And men love huge breasts." "Yes, your breasts look lovely, but there isn't very much I can do with mine right now. You think I should get a breast enhancement?" she said, as she looked at her insufficient breasts with shame. "Don't worry, I have something right here that can fix it," "We don't use that silicone stuff here in the country there is a natural way for women to have big beautiful breasts." "Our very own Dr Lactose discovered that a certain formula would allow women to have big beautiful breast naturally." Barbara's eyes again a little glazy said, "sure that makes sense why would you put silicone in and have an operation when you can just help your body do what it was going to do anyway, okay." Suzy pulled out a syringe, then opened Batgirl's robe and injected the fluid into her breasts. "Thank you. You are such a good friend," Barbara said, as she sat back and drifted off in blissful sleep, dreaming of big breasts. Batgirl awoke a half hour latter and looked down, and cupped her big mounds in her hands and smiled. "Aren't those much better?" Suzy said. "I'd say they are at least DD! Those will definitely get the men's attention! "Thanks Suzy you have been a great friend now you won't tell anyone about our little secret will you?" "Off course not," she replied putting her finger to her mouth and giggling in a conspiratorial way. With that she helped Batgirl up.

Janice and Suzy looked at each other this was getting easier and easier. They couldn't believe how well the formula worked on the two superheroines. They figured Wonder Woman had been a fluke, but Janice had said that Linda was a real bimbo and it hadn't taken hardly any suggestion for her to strip off. They had given her the breast growth hormone with her lemonade as she waited for the shampoo to sink in knowing that the needle wouldn't penetrate her skin. With a giggle they had continued to chit chat about how small boobed real superheroines seemed to be. Soon after that they called the Reverend.

Barbara was working the library desk. She found her mind wandering, and kept getting horney thoughts as she eyed the young men that walked past the library entrance. Stop that she chided herself. A tall young man entered and stepped up to the desk. "Hello Mam, I'm guessing you're the new librarian, and I could sure use your help with a research assignment, my names Clem." "Sure Clem" replied Barbara, I'm Miss Gordon." "Well mam my sex education teacher's assignment is to research the fact that when women are ovulating they release something that men can detect and therefore help conception, or so he says." "You wouldn't know anything about that would you, Miz Gordon." Barbara was blushing she had never researched such a topic in her life, and found it stimulating. Maintaining her professional demeanour she started entering the search topic. Soon she was bound for the book stacks with the big stud in tow. She had Clem bring over a stepladder so she could investigate the upper shelves were.

As Barbara was standing on the stepladder Clem couldn't help but put his head close to her crotch as he dutifully held the ladder. Barbara came down the ladder, the book seemed to open readily to a page containing a scratch and sniff tab. Clem looked at, "My your fast Miz Gordon this here's the page, it even has an example of the scent right in them their book, scratch and sniff I believe they call it, what clever people them writers." Barbara stared at the content. "You know Miz Gordon I believe that I can smell when a woman is ready, just like it says in this here book, my pappy could do the same." "That is rather unusual. Women can only get pregnant on a few days during each month," replied Barbara. She continued to look at the graphic images on the page, it was making here feel horney. "It's like I can tell when they's ready, you know, smell it or somthin'. I just ... my gosh. Miz Gordon, you's got that smell."

Barbara could have been offended; apparently the boy could detect the subtle pheromones that women emit when they were fertile. I guess she should have been worried that he had `sniffed her out.' For amazingly, he was right; She probably *was* ovulating that day. That morning she had noticed she was stickier than usual and, looking at this overgrown boy grinning in front of her, she realized she was hornier than usual, as well.

"That's very interesting Clem she said closing the text", trying to ignore where her mind had gone. "What does your Pa say you should do then, she said not believing what she had just said." "I starts thinkin' about how purdy she'd look with a big belly sticking out of their short skirts. You'd shor be purdy that way, Miz Gordon. You ever think about havin' a baby?"

"Well I want to have children, Clem, but back to your`problem,'" Barbara said, trying to ignore the wetness she felt growing between her legs. "What happens next?"

"Somethin' I cain't help, Miz Gordon - my old thang starts getting big and hard."

Barbara gasped as her gaze fell to his lap. Clearly evident between his legs, his cock had sprung lose from under his loose shorts. She liked men with big cocks and her better boyfriends had had big memebers, but this was a phenomenon. She was transfixed.

"Gosh, Miz Gordon, you're lookin' at it the same as Miz Wonder Woman did when I pregged her. Her eyes was as big as yours. And she started pantin' when she see'd my thang git big."

Barbara couldn't help herself her hand reached out for his shaft her breathing growing ragged, she heard Clem say.

"Not really, I just tells'er how purdy her titties are, all hard and round and how cute her nipples are poking out through her blouse. Cuz when they sees my thang, their titties get real hard, just like yours

are, Miz Gordon. When I sees a purdy set `o titties round and hard, I jus wants to reach out an' give 'em a tweak."

He just looked down at her boobs that seemed to be getting bigger and harder by the second. "You's got smaller tits than Miz Wonder Woman," he told her, but they's got a nice pointy shape to them and they stand proud, I's like that in titties". Then he reached down and unbuttoned her blouse and popped her tits out of the bra. He began feeling her up. "You like this, don't you Miz Gordon. All the girls do."

"'Clem, please, stop. You're making me so wet."

"Yup, all the girls gets wet between the legs when I feel up their titties, but they like it and don't make me stop. You don't want me to stop playing with your ole boobies, do you, Miz Gordon?" "Lemme see just how wet you are Miz Gordon." Barbara could only moan. If he was asking permission to run his had up her dress, push aside her panties and start fingering her pussy, he didn't need it. The boy had her so horny, she would have let him do anything.

"You're a lot wetter than Amy Lou was, Miz Gordon and she was really leakin'. You're really messin' up your dress. Is it because you hasn't gotten fucked in a while? Barbara nodded helplessly.

"I'm sorry Miz Gordon, but when I sees a woman as hot as you and needin' a good fuckin' as bad as you, I've just got to put my thang in you." She had closed my eyes as he played with her pussy. "You're gonna have to take your skirt off for me to git this in you, Miz Gordon,' he said matter-of-factly There was no question about what I was going to do. Barbara wanted to `git' his cock into her and she would do anything for it. She shucked her dress and panties in a flash.

"You got a good place for me to fuck you?" he asked."

"The back room table, Clem. You can fuck me on the table!" Barbara cried and pulled him into the next room."

"That's good," he said as he lay her back on the table and pulled her knees up to spread her legs. `Jus' the right height,' he observed and eased his cock into her. She was so horny, that monster cock slid right in with no trouble at all. Then he took me by the hips and began to fuck the shit out of her.

She was just coming down from my second or third orgasm. "I guess you're happy about that aren't you, Miz Gordon? You want me to fuck you and come in you and to make you pregnant?" "Oh, yes, Clem, please!" She heard herself say. "You want me to put a whole bunch of babyjuice in your pussy so you can get a big tummy?"

"'Yes, Clem! Just fuck me. I want a baby, I want YOUR baby. Come in me! Come in MEEEEEEE!" She screamed as she felt about a gallon of hot boyspunk flood her fertile pussy and set off the biggest orgasm

of her life.

Now Miz Gordon I want to put these pillows under your bum. "Mamma says when a girl's just been fucked, I should get a girl's ass up in the air to help the baby juice stay in her pussy where it will do the most good." Barbara lifted her butt cooperatively. Who was she to make a boy to disobey his mamma?

The buzzer rang, and Clem got up from playing with her tits and said "Miz Gordon I got to get to class now," and he was gone. Barbara in a daze got up and put her skirt and blouse back on she couldn't find her bra or panties but didn't care. She walked down to the teachers lounge. Entering she found it alone except for the phys Ed teacher. Still horney she soon found herself riding his cock as he played with her bouncing tits on the lounge couch.

The teacher was assessing the students homework exercise that afternoon. So what concepts do we have to impregnate Supergirl. The first presentation involved a kryptonite coated dildo to break the hymen. So how do you deliver the sperm the teacher asked. "Well the young man said it's a two step process we use the dildo first then deliver the seed he said making a thrusting motion that everyone understood." The class erupted in giggles, Linda almost blushed. The next boy a big lad named Clem gave his idea. Well I'd use a similar principle but I'd use a condom covered in kryptonite, one of those thin French safe's you know is going to tear, so once I've punched in I'd be able to deliver," he said with a big grin, he seemed to be looking at Linda. "Well that might work, say why don't we see if it would work." "Okay class are their any virgins here to test the theory of the French safe?" Everyone seemed to be looking at Linda, she blushed, well um, she stuttered, suddenly feeling uncomfortable but stimulated by the thought. "Okay Miss Danvers I can tell by your embarrassment that you are, a girl your age with her virginity still, my lord." This revelation left the class thunder struck, as they briefly tried, unsuccessfully, to imagine how a girl could have survived without losing her virginity.

"OK honey we'll take this nice and slow. You've go a lot to learn today,". Okay class we'll do this by the numbers, consider it a review. Linda couldn't believe what she was seeing or hearing but she figured their was nothing they could do that would hurt her and she didn't want to blow her Supergirl cover, besides she felt quite horney she'd play along.

"One of the most important erogenous zones for most women is their breasts." Johnson continued as Linda's bra fell away and he cupped her tits in both hands. He sensed a bit of surprise at how hard they were, but her areola were large and dark and promised fuller development later. Linda's eyes were closed as she absorbed the strange wonderful feeling of a man's hands on her boobs.

"Breasts are very sensitive and should be felt up gently, at least initially. Although women enjoy having a man's hands on their breasts felt, especially the nipples," Johnson paused as Linda moaned and wiggled her butt in response to her teacher's fingers pinching and

twisting her nipples, "it's much better to kiss and suck them with your mouth."

The class watched intently as Johnson buried his face in the girl's breasts and began alternately to kiss and lick and suck each firm globe as the hand continued to stimulate other. Linda didn't surprise anyone when she started moaning more loudly. When she began to buck and cry out, however, they were impressed.

By now, however Mr. Johnson was ready for the next segment of the lesson. This was so much fun, Johnson considered requesting a transfer back to sixth grade where this was a regular part of the curriculum.

"We'll have to remove you skirt and panties for this part honey," her teacher whispered to the still post-orgasmic girl. Linda was too blissed out to resist when her skirt fell to the floor and her white cotton panties were pulled down over her slowly spreading hips and dropped to

her ankles.

"A girl who has been properly felt up and had her titties well sucked, should be quite wet here," Johnson explained as he slipped a finger into Linda's pussy, which spasmed in gratitude. "But even if she's already come before, it's still nice to let a girl you like have another

orgasm or two on your fingers." Mr. Johnson had hardly said the words when Linda began to bray and buck and babble about wanting to get fucked. It was tempting to skip ahead in the lesson, but Johnson's pedagogical training served him in good stead as he gently lifted the

delirious girl and lay her on the bed that was part of the standard equipment of the Sex-Ed class.

"Making the woman come repeatedly before you actually fuck her is very important, whether you intend to breed her that day or just want to make sure she will be willing when you do. "Ok everyone gather around. You see she's almost ready."

Okay Clemm lets see if your experiment would actually work. Linda in her bliss had a sober thought, it would be okay she was supergirl their was no way they would have kryptonite in this backwater town, and then she returned to the blissful state as she was further stimulated.

The class was laughing, but Clem was focusing on this beautiful glistening pussy in front of him. There was a beautiful, aroused, fertile girl with her legs spread before him. He was going to nail

her! "Move to where you can see, said the teacher lets see if Clems plan for his French tickler will work."

Clem his cock covered in a condom with a green colour on it sank his

man meat into her. Soon Linda was groaning as she felt the cock swell within her. She felt the pain as the huge cock ruptured her hymen. She couldn't believe it but the large rod was pistoning in and out and she came again. It was the hardest cum in the young girl's life, and she wondered if this was how other women felt as they had new life poured into them.

Soon Clem was exploding gallons of his fertile seed deep into her unprotected womb, and Linda was yelling "yes, yes," to the feeling as the class laughed. When Clem pulled out the class could see the condom had clearly ruptured allowing the seed to continue its journey. The teacher looking on said well Clem, well done you get an A for your homework.

The next day Barbara went down Main Street to a woman clothing shop. None of her shirts fit and she barely got inside before the buttons burst on her braless shirt, she also didn't like how her clothes looked to frumpy. Women were milling about, trying on bras and panties necessitated by newly expanding bellies and exploding breasts. Apparently there was no changing room and the pregnant beauties preened unashamedly around the shop. The only women who were fully, if scantily, dressed were the mothers of the little girls. A strong musk of feminine arousal pervaded the air.

If Barbara had not been in too much of a sexual daze, she might have picked up some information about what was going on from the conversation between the shop owner, a pretty young woman of maybe eighteen with a

huge belly, and her young daughter. The little girl wanted to know why a grown-up woman like her â€" she pointed at Barbara -- didn't have regular "baby belly" like mommy and other women had.

The sisters opined and the shopkeeper agreed that all Barbara needed was "sumpin' to support, 'cause her tits would soon get bigger, they were proudly jutting out fer an outlander." It wasn't clear to Barbara why she needed to be totally nude to be fitted for a new bra or why it was necessary for the shop owner and the twins to fondle her and tweak her breasts - and play with her sex -- so deliciously -- while they decided on lingerie for her, but she was past caring; the attention had her squirming. Still, it was a bit of a shock when the young woman apologized for "getting' ya so hot and bothered, Ma'am" and offering to "hep ya out." Just watching the fitting had apparently already had a similar effect on the pregnant twins who had dropped their thin dresses and had their heads happily buried in each other's blonde crotches. Evidently, clients getting 'hot and bothered" was a frequent problem, for the shop woman pulled back a curtain atone end of the shop to reveal a bed, no two.

Drunk with desire, however, Barbara hardly registered the scene around her and let the shop owner lay her down on the other bed before crawling in with her. Between kisses and caresses the young man assured Diana that she'd soon have "fine babies feeding at her breasts" and praised her for their sensitivity. The praises stopped when the man had kissed his way to Diana's now dripping bush and began to tease Barbara's hot sex with his tongue. Just as Barbara slipped into a post-orgasmic slumber she heard Lizzy Lynn exclaim, "That's good Ken. You screwed Barbie up real good, I reckon.

Six months latter all three former super heroines were bedded down in the community. Diana was very pregnant, she had been replaced at the Sheriffs office by Betty-Ann who had come back to work with her tot in tow. Diana did manage to waddle over to the dairy twice a day for relief and gossip with the ladies. Her bosom was now the talk of the town and easily the largest in the county, she was quite proud of her bosom.

Barbara was showing nicely as well, her tits had increased two-cup sizes and she was a regular contributor to the dairy. She had established a day care in the library for all the young mothers. Barbara could often be seen nursing the girl's babies as she took students around the bookshelves. Often she was wandering around with just a nursing bra on up top. She would often forget to do one side up and could be seen her tits swaying above the big stack of books she carried around below her chest. Often one of the lads would come over and put her back together. With the secretary at the front office gone Barbara was spending half her day their where the principal was keen to give her constant dicktation in his office.

Linda had taken over the cheerleading squad once Diana got to big to lead the girls in their gyrations. The principal had moved her over to replace the girl's gym teacher who was on maternity leave. She had filled out significantly her breasts were much bigger, her hips rounder, and her youthful complexion had changed to that healthy glow of an expectant mother. Clem had introduced her to the football team, who found her stamina amazing, her first team winning reward had been to give blow jobs to everyone including the water boy. She fit into the cheerleader squad amazingly well.

The effects of Wonder Milk could be seen throughout the population. Women were becoming bigger up top and with more curve to the hip. Their accentuated curves were also having an effect on their desirability to men. The increase in libido was resulting in an increase in the national birth rate.

Back in Cutter's Creek Clem was quite pleased with his super heroine harem. Wonder Woman had given birth to twins and Clem was looking forward to getting her pregnant again. Both Barbara and Linda were knocked up and completely happy with their new found role.

The end