When the Bait is Prey 2  

By Carl M

When the Bait is Prey

Chapter 2

By Carl M.

Diana sat and began to nervously pull at her bounds. The gag was uncomfortably tight and the ropes were beginning to bite into her skin. She was not going to be able to free herself with him sitting 5 feet from her. She glanced around the room and noticed a mirror to her side. There she was, bound to a chair with a gag tied in her mouth. Diana was surprised by just how helpless she looked. She was losing the air of confidence and curiosity she had when he first grabbed her. Whoever he was, he clearly had the upper hand. Something had to change. She obviously could not contact WW, but maybe her fried Barbara Gordon could help. She was friendly with Batgirl and as a local prosecutor, Barbara had contacts in law enforcement. If she could just let Barbara know of her situation.

She needed to talk to this guy. She had to get the gag off. “MMMPPHHFF, uuunnnnnttffffmmm MMPPPHHFFFF.” What now, she pled with her eyes and tilted her head toward him as if to say, “Please take the gag off.” He understood and in fact expected it. The gag was not really required with him standing guard. He added it to create some fear and helplessness. It seemed to work. “I hope you have something productive to say.” He walked behind her and untied the scarf and pulled the cloth out her mouth.

He dropped the cloth on her lap and left the black scarf dangle around her neck. “This better be good or I am going to stuff that rag half way down your throat.” ”You already did,” she replied calmly. “Ok, if I page WW, she will either call back or show up. That is the best I can do.”

He figured this would be some kind of trick, but it would start the ball rolling. He had a few cards yet to be played and he knew drawing WW out in order to capture her was not going to be easy. He looked down at the woman he had bound in front of him and thought a minute or two. Seeing Diana bound so tightly, yet not afraid. He wondered how many women could be accosted in the bedroom, tied up in their under ware, gagged, threatened with death and remain so calm. This woman was special. You could see her strength by looking at her and he could feel it as he grabbed her and even as he wrapped the rope around her. She was calm in the face of real danger and probably smarter than he had guessed. He was not worried, but he knew to be cautious.

”If this is a trick, I promise you that you will be sorry.” ”What trick,” she responded, “I am virtually helpless. You are the one asking for WW. Be careful, she might just show up.” “I will take the chance. What is the code?” He picked up the phone and he punched in the numbers as she directed.

”Ok, sorry but enough conversation”, he picked up the rag and brought it to her mouth. “Wait, I won’t scream. Even if I did, you are sitting 10 feet from me. You don’t need to gag mmmfffffm.” Without saying a word he shoved the cloth back in and tied pulled the scarf back into place around her mouth. He then tightened it. He then touched gently on her cheek. “I know this sucks, but I have no choice. WW could arrive at any moment and when she does I may not have time for you.” She pulled her head from the reach of his hand and looked away from him.

He walked over and pulled out his laptop. He set it up and began to log on to a site. “I am going to show you something. Just in case you are not telling me everything.” He continued to explain as he went through the steps to sign on and log in. “My guess was that you would sacrifice yourself in order to save WW. But I did not think that you would sacrifice a friend too.” What was he talking about she wondered? She could not say a word. She just sat, trying to find a position that would not cause the rope to bite further into her skin.

”NNNNFFFFNNNN!” The muffled scream was an involuntary reaction to what she saw. Had it not been for the gag, she would have awoken the neighborhood. He had turned to computer around and she could see the site he logged onto. It was a live shot from inside the cabin she shared with Barbara and Barbara was looking right into the camera. Her friend was also tied tightly to a chair and her mouth was taped shut.

Barbara was also a strong beautiful woman. She had long wavy strawberry blonde hair and was dressed in a light blue blouse and a navy skirt, tan hose and heels. She was tied in almost the exact same manner Diana was; hands behind the chair, arms pinned, and her legs were also bound at the ankle and thigh. The only difference was that whoever tied Barbara did not wait for her to strip down to her panties and bra. Then two other women, one red hair and one blond and both in business suits came into view.

The red head spoke, “Hi there. We are all set. If you need anything call. Barbara has been very cooperative...well maybe not cooperative, but once we gagged her she has not been any real trouble.”

”Any questions?” he asked. “Needless to say, WW arrival and surrender will now save two” For the first time she looked frightened. Sweat was building on her forehead and he could hear her breath through the gag. “Now all we have to do is wait.”

Neither of the two female accomplices told him that minutes before they set up the web cam, Barbara’s phone beeped. Diana knew that it had, but was now fresh out of ideas.

He took the time to explain that he if he did not call in with a code (which changed every 2 hours), Barbara would be killed. He said that he only planned on making one call, which meant she only had 4 hours to find a way out.

She looked over at the clock wondering what was going to change in the next several hours. She was bound to a chair in her own bedroom. The ropes were cutting into her wrists and ankles. She tried to shift her weight just enough to move the pressure points from one spot on her body to another and then back again. But the ropes around her chest and thighs, holding her to the chair, made even subtle movements difficult. It was difficult to breath with her mouth packed. She glanced again into her mirror and this time was stunned by her image. If the tightness of the bonds had not convinced her that somehow breaking free was impossible, seeing how tightly she was tied and gagged did. A panic began to slowly build. She began to sweat and her breathing became more pronounced. Wonder Woman was not going to appear and she knew it. Soon he would run out of patients and undoubtedly Barbara would be the first to suffer. The panic grew. Gagged, she could not even negotiate, plead or beg. If she could speak she might be able to convince him that she really could not produce WW in a moment’s notice, at least not tied to a chair. She knew she would have to tell him. “MMPPpfff.” She began to plea. He saw her increased discomfort and pretended to ignore it. He wanted her to panic and become desperate. Only then would she cooperate fully.


“Quiet down honey! I am not taking the gag out, so relax.”


She screamed as loud as she could and then began to kick and thrash about. He looked at her and saw the panic in her eyes. The time had come. He walked over and pulled the scarf down from her mouth and pulled the rag out again.

“Answer the one question I going to ask or I will gag you forever”

”Where is Wonder Woman?” He demanded

”WW is here.”

Now he panicked, grabbed her by the throat, pulled out his gun and spun behind her.


”Sitting right in front of you. You have your hand around her throat.” As she spoke she twisted her body as much as she could and tilted her head back to see him.

Her tone was calm and she looked him right in the eye as she spoke. It was such an outrageous claim that its truth hit him like a truck. Diana Prince knew that she had to explain quickly. Her captor was tense and held a gun to her head while she sat bound helplessly to a chair in her bedroom. He surprised her and she was only dressed in her black bra, panties and black stockings.

“I am Wonder Woman.” She asserted again louder and with more force.

”What? Then how is it?...”

The thoughts filled his head quicker than he could form words. But then it occurred to him what should have been obvious. This woman, whom he had so carefully watched, always arrived just before or just after WW. It only makes sense that the two were one.

But why did she allow herself to be tied up in her own bedroom? “But how...? I don’t... Why did you allow me to tie you up?” he asked.

Diana then explained how she was a normal woman until she swirled into Wonder Woman, which she could not do while bound to a chair. There was little doubt that she was telling the truth. The problem was now how to get this woman to become Wonder Woman without having her overtake him.

”Now what do we do?” she asked.

”Good question. The people who want you—or the other you—will not simply accept that you are WW without proof and I cannot offer any. If I untie you and you ‘swill,’ as you put it, then it is me and WW alone in the same room. I don’t like those odds.”

She saw an opening, “Maybe you should rethink this whole thing. Make a call and let Barbara go. Leave me here—tied up if you must. Have your partners tell Barbara to come to my place. I can take being tied up for a couple more hours. While she is traveling here to free me, you can catch a plane to some warm Island.” She tried not to smirk because she could see his confusion and that he was actually considering letting her go.

”Come on make the call. It is getting close to the time anyway. I will not be able to track you and it will be at least two hours before Barbara can get her from our cabin.”

”I will have to gag you, of course.”

”You actually don’t have to. I will have no need to scream and I have no desire to be found by a neighbor. Please just make the call.”

He did not say anything. He slowly began to pick up the rag and reinsert it into her mouth. “Mpph” He then tied the black scarf around her head to keep the rag in place. He pulled the scarf tight. Diana grimaced and adjusted her lips around the gag. As uncomfortable as it was she knew that having a rag stuffed in her mouth, was a sign of good news. She believed that he was about to give up.

He glanced at her trussed to the chair and thought about what could have been. He picked up the phone and started dialing. He glanced at his watch and thought for a moment. He had some time before he had to call. Maybe there was a way to salvage his plan. Certainly with WW or Diana, whatever she wanted to be called, and her friend Barbara both his captive, there was no need to hasten his surrender. He hung up the phone and stared at the women he had captured. He reviewed what he accomplished. Diana Prince was his prisoner. He had her tied up in a black bra, black panties, sheer black stockings, and black pumps. She was gagged and had just revealed a secret, her true identity, she probably had never told anyone else. Her good friend and prosecutor, Barbara Gordon was also tied and gagged and guarded by trusted members of his crew. Then it came to him. He turned back to her and smiled.

“Almost Diana. Almost.”

”Mmmm CLLL MPHffff.” She struggled to speak. What the hell was he thinking? She hated being gagged. It was not just the discomfort. It was also the control one lost by not being able to direct the conversation.

”If you can change into WW, you can change back, can’t you?” She nodded her head slowly and then just stared at him, trying to think of what the idea was that he had in his head.

”As I recall, you—or WW—has this golden lasso that compels people to tell the truth. I bet it works on WW as well as it would work on me.”

This she knew to be true. She also knew if bound with that golden lasso she would be as helpless as she was tied and gagged in her underwear.

”Here is what we are going to do. I am not going to leave you like this. I am going to untie you exactly 3 minutes before my next call is due. During that 3 minutes you are going to become WW and allow me to bind you with your lasso. If you don’t I won’t make the call and not even you will be able to reach Barbara in time. You can, of course overpower me, tie me with the lasso and make me tell you what the number and code is, but you can’t make me call. Unless my partner hears my voice, she dies. If I feel safe, I will call. You got it?”

She sighed, knowing that there was nothing she could do. She nodded.

“MMPPP GNPPHH” She was trying to ask him to take the gag out.

”Ok.. We won’t being needing this for a while.” He took the gag out and began to untie the ropes that pinned her arms to her side and to the chair.

”Then what happens? After you ask me questions with my Lasso, what do you do with me?”

”I immobilize you. You will tell me how. I set you up in front of a computer, prove I have captured you. They then have an agent standing by to come and pick you up and deliver you to my employer. I get the money and you get shipped.”

”And then?” She asked.

He had not thought of that question. What would they do with Diana, or wonder woman once she was in their clutches? He had developed an admiration for both Diana and always had healthy respect for Wonder Woman. Now that he knew they were one, he liked them(?) her(?) even more. She was stunningly good looking, smart and controlled. The thought of her being subjected to their cruel ways did not please him. But that was beyond his control.

”I don’t know.” He answered, but found himself unable to look at her.

She sensed his reluctance and pushed “What do you mean you don’t know? You plan and work for months to capture wonder woman and as you sit here ready to hand me over for God only knows what, you are telling me you have not thought about that?”

Her tone had just the right mix of anger and pleading. It got to him. But he knew he had no choice. He did not respond.

”What’s your name? I mean what can I call you?” Her question was designed to build familiarity and he knew that it was a basic rule of being a hostage: get to know your captor and get your captor to like you. It is much harder to kill or injure someone you know and like. He knew the rule also, but the question was asked with genuine interest that showed more than she would have liked.

He looked at her saying nothing at first, knowing he should say nothing, and knowing that he ought to re-gag her, but he liked her and was happy to talk with her. He was growing fond of her and felt that being somewhat civil was the least he could do. She would be gagged again soon enough, tied, gagged, packed up like meat and shipped off for experiments and ultimately slaughter. He knew her fate and was sorry he had made a deal with people who did not allow deals to be broken. He would get his 100 million and the nice house on a warm island, but he would regret the fate of WW.

”Carl. My name is Carl. You can call me whatever you like.” He continued to gently untie her, being careful not to pull the rope across her skin. He left her wrists, elbows and legs bound. They talked for a while. The conversation was odd, but interesting to both of them. They discussed the food, movies and sports. Mostly small talk, but each could tell that they liked each other. After some time he checked the time and said, “Times up. Back to business.” She stopped speaking and hung her head. He untied her legs first then her elbows and then her finally her wrists. She knew that although she was untied for the first time in hours, the worse part of her ordeal was about to begin.

She stood up and stretched rubbing her wrists in the process. ”Being tied up is not as much fun as it looks.”

”I am sure it’s not. Let’s get moving. You have two minutes and thirty seconds.”

”Maybe one day you will find out how it feels to be bound and gagged,” she snapped. Gone was the affection between them. She knew she was about to surrender and he knew he had to take care of business

”Maybe. But don’t hold your breath.” (until that moment it never occurred to him that he may one day be tied up by a woman. If she was at the other end of the rope, it may not be such a bad thing he thought). With that, she walked toward her closet

”Wait” he asked. She turned back and looked. Maybe he changed his mind she hoped. “Leave the gag” he said pointing at the scarf still dangling around her neck. She said nothing thinking it would be back in her mouth in shortly. She untied the scarf and threw it on her bed then walked in her closet.

Not an instant seemed to pass before there was blinding flash of light. He rubbed his eyes and looked up to Wonder Woman standing three feet from him.

She was stunning, tall with a perfect build. Her long legs were beautiful in her hose and red boots. Her breast fit snugly into the gold strapless top and her face was even more attractive than as Diana. He red lips and long black hair made the perfect contrast to her piercing blue eyes, which seemed to look right through you. He stood there stunned for a second. This was indeed a powerful woman. Everything about her was overwhelming. He gained control of himself and spoke softly. Where before he barked orders, now his commands had the sound of requests, which in fact they were. At any instant she choose, he would become her prisoner. The contrast between her power and simultaneous submission was captivating.

”OK, give me the lasso.”

He raised his hand slowly. She looked at him and took the lasso off her belt and handed it to him. He gestured for her to move closer. As she approached he noticed her scent, which was was itself immobilizing. Like everything else about this woman, her aroma was erotic and powerful. He was strong for a normal man, but clearly was no match for her. He had not captured her. She had submitted to him. They both felt it but neither spoke of it. He then gently turned her around so her back was facing him and brought her arms behind her. Without saying a word to each other he bound her hands and wrapped the lasso twice around her arms and body.

”Are you comfortable?” That was not the first question he planned on asking and surprised himself when he said it.

”I am fine. Thank you for asking.” Her voice was soft and she spoke slowly.

The lasso had that affect on people and it was he noticed she was no different. It gave him more confidence that his plan was working. He realized that he could ask her anything, including whether she found him attractive and whether or not she was being as aroused as he was by the process. She had the same thought at the same time and hoped that no such questions would be posed. It somehow seemed unfair to ask such a personal question. Strange, after binding and gagging this woman in her bedroom while she was dressed only in her bra, panties and stockings, he thought that one or two personal questions would be too humiliating. He had in a few moments developed that much respect for her.

Back to business. He had to get her set and call within seconds. “How do I make you helpless?” “Take off my belt. Even as Wonder Woman, without my belt, I lose my powers. You can bind and gag me as before.” She had answered more than he had asked which left her sounding as if she was asking to be tied up. He quickly removed the belt, and threw it across the room. He then brought her down to her knees. She was on his left side with her head resting against his hip. He then picked up the phone with his right hand and covered her mouth with his left pressing her head against him. He quickly gave the code and hung up the phone.

The code changes hourly, by the way. It is sequential, but you don’t know the sequence. So don’t get any ideas.

As he took his hand away from her mouth, she looked up at him. Surely, he thought, this woman does not want me to kiss her. He would have but the thought of his employer crept back into his mind.

”I have to tie you up again.” He said with some remorse.

”I know.”

He removed the lasso, which he knew he could be put to good use and began to bind her with rope. In a few minutes he had wonder woman bound hand and foot on her bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied as were her elbows and her thighs, just above her knees. There was also rope pinning her arms to her torso which coiled around her both above and below her breasts. He also hogtied her, connecting her ankles to
her wrists.

”I am sorry but I have to gag you for the pictures.”

”Just get on with it.”

The two knew this was the beginning of the end. Whatever chemistry existed between them, faded into the reality of her fate. He would transmit the image of her trussed up like a cheap hooker and within hours she would be packed up like a turkey on thanksgiving to be shipped off. He took out a leather strap about 3 inches wide. It had a red ball attached in the middle. The cloth and tape were fine for Diana, but his employer would want to see their prey totally submissive and humiliated. At some point he would be asked to strip her and once again display her bound and gagged. He could not tell her about that, but she knew that the leather gag with the red ball was only the beginning of her humiliation. He inserted the gag in her mouth and pulled it tight. As he went off to set up the camera and computer, she struggled with bounds. Slowly pulling at the ropes as best she could and thinking, how do I escape?

The images of Wonder Woman brought cheers at the other end of the two way Internet access. “We have already wired your money and our agent will be by to pick her up within the hour. Get her ready.”

He turned off the computer and slid a large crate into the bedroom. It was built to hold a woman bound and gagged. There was a post attached to its base and hooks also on the base at the opposite end. She could quickly envision having her hands tied being the post with her ankles attached to the hooks. She knew she would be bound so as to prevent movement and gagged so as to prevent sound. From that there would be no escape. “NNNnN MMMpPfff NNnNOO” She began to panic and tried to plead through her gag.

”I am sorry, but I can think of no way out.”

When the Bait is Prey part 2