When the Bait is Prey 3  

By Carl M

When the Bait is Prey

Chapter 3

By Carl M.

It did not take long to strap her to the base of the crate. The post and the triangle under her legs had straps attached to the crate itself. All that he needed to do was to slid WW into position and strap her down. There was also a strap for her neck and head. One went around her throat, which he pulled just tight enough to prevent her from leaning forward or turning her head, but not to tight to prevent her from breathing. The strap around her forehead made virtually any movement impossible.

All the while he was busy strapping her down, she followed him with her eyes, hoping that he would catch her look, take pity and free her. He never looked. He knew better. The last thing he did was to take a rubber strap and tie it around her eyes and the post as a blindfold. He stepped back and looked at the woman in had captured. Her breathing was heavy and inconsistent. She could not move, could not speak, and could not see. The time had come to call from his employer’s shipping agent. He paged the number he had been given and punched in the code.

In less than 30 minutes he heard a knock at the door. When he opened it, he was taken back. In walked a woman, close to 6 feet tall in her black high heels. She was thin, but with a good figure. She was wearing a black leather skirt, a black blouse and a waste length leather coat, which she took off as soon as she walked in. She had long black hair that was pulled tightly behind her head in some kid of bun. Her lips were full and red and she had he coldest blue eyes he had ever seen.

“Is this her?” were her first words as she gestured to Wonder Woman.

“Of course. What’s your name?” He asked and wondered about the stupidity of the question and the rude entrance.

“I am the ‘Shipper.’ That is all you need to know. How did you get her tied up?”

“Why would a ‘Shipper’ need to know?”

“I was instructed to verify that you did not just tie and gag some hooker in a costume. If you don’t want to cooperate, I will simply walk out and the funds you received will be recovered and you will be dealt with by our employer.” She stood with her hand on her waist and her head tilted back.

He thought for a moment. It would be easy enough to explain, but he knew this “shipper” was not to be trusted. Plus, he felt an odd loyalty to Diana and did not want to reveal her secret. “How is my business. If you all want to know how, you should have offered some help before I was able to subdue her.” He said nothing else and stared back.

“How do I know this is not some trap? As soon as you leave, she can burst from those ropes and straps. If she escapes while in route, it will both our asses. I need to know how to control her.”

“That I can tell you.” He quickly explained that her power seemed to be derived from her belt and lasso.

“Ok, but how did you get it off of her. Did she just give it to you and then let you tie her up?” At that WW winced a bit “mmm”

“No. I forced her to. I have a friend of her hers…”

“NNNMMFFF” WW began to try and speak and struggled against her bonds. She did not want him to reveal her secret or the location of Barbara. They both glanced at her, but otherwise ignored her muffled pleas

“…being held by two of my associates far from here. I lured her here with the promise that I would release her friend. Through the magic of the computer, she could see that she had no choice but to comply. First, I used her lasso to unlock the secret of her power, and then I removed her belt. The rest was easy.”

He quickly logged back onto the web cam site at the cabin. The shipper looked and nodded. “You certainly seem to like to tie women up.”

“Whatever it takes.”

“Maybe one day, one will tie you?” She said with a smirk. She had quickly developed respect for the ingenuity of his capture. They both knew that she would love to tie him up.

“Maybe” he said. She did not notice, but he glanced to WW as he replied. The “shipper” was attractive, but had a mean streak that was not attractive. She is the type that would tie a person down and then beat them. She enjoyed that part of her work a bit too much for his taste. Still was beautiful and smart and strong and had a sense of humor, cruel as it was.

“Untie her, I want to try see her ‘power’ for myself.”

“What? Are you crazy? Neither of us would be any match for her with the belt around her waist.” Cruel, mean and stupid, he thought.

“No. I want to see if I can become that powerful if I wear her clothing and belt.”

“Interesting idea.” He wondered why he did not think of it. Probably it never occurred to him to put on that outfit with the hose and boots. With that thought, he glanced over at the “shipper” and thought that it may be interesting to see her in WW costume.

They began untying WW from the base. Together they removed all of her restraints except her gag and the rope around her wrists and elbows.

“Stand up straight!” She barked and with the order came a slap across WW face.

“Hey! She is to arrive in the same condition she is now. No one paid to have a beaten and bruised prisoner. While I am here, that will be the last time you lay a hand on her or you and I will have a problem” He was furious and could hardly avoid showing his anger and thereby his affection for WW. He should not have cared about one little slap and he knew it.

“Well, well. Sorry to offend you. I don’t want a ‘problem’ with anyone and certainly not you.” Her tone was dripping with sarcasm.

Before answering he pushed WW to the floor and stood in between the two women. “Ok, then what’s it going to be?” He looked directly in at the shipper. He could not back down and if necessary he could claim protecting the shipment was his goal, not protecting a woman for whom he had developed affection. WW sat gagged and bound looking up at her protector. She knew that if it were not for him, this woman would beat her for no reason.

“Ok, whatever. You and I will be through in a few minutes, then she will be out of your hands forever.”

“Arrive, not just leave, in the same condition as she is now. Got it?”

“Sure. Whatever you say. Now can we strip her?” She walked around him, took off WW boots, stood her up and unzipped her outfit, which she then pulled down over her but and past WW’s legs. What remained was WW in her hose and her red thong panties and matching red strapless bra.

“Not bad under garments there WW.” The shipper said. “Now tie her legs again while go and get changed. He did as she asked, knowing that WW had to be bound more securely. But first he went to remove her gag

“What are you doing? Have you never kidnapped anyone? Keep her gagged! I don’t want to hear her scream, cry or plead.”

WW looked at him over her gag and made a plea with her eyes. She had been gagged for the better part of 5 hours and they both knew that.

“You get dressed. She is still mine. I think she can use some water. She won’t scream, beg or cry. Will you?” WW shook her head quickly and mumbled something, “nnnn.”

“You are a fool and weak!” Be thankful you and I don’t have a problem.”

“Do your thing and get out.” He responded.

With that the shipper walked into the large closet at the back of the bedroom. He tied her ankles and thighs again. He noticed that every time he touched her panty hose it aroused him more. As he wrapped the rope around her thighs and pulled the ends between her legs and tied them off he was looking, not at the rope or even her legs, but directly in her eyes. And she was looking directly at him.

“Hmmm” She tilted her head toward him and he leaned over and removed her gag.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like some water?”

“Please. Thank you for stopping her from beating me—at least for now.” He got the water and brought it up to her lips and she drank slowly.

“You will be safe during your trip.”

“Safe? Bound and gagged in a box on my way to God knows who for what? Experiments? Torture? That is safe? What is unsafe?”

“Like I said, there is nothing I can do now.”

“Thank you for not telling her my true identity. Will Barbara be ok?”

“Yes. I will see to that. She has no idea why she is being held or who was on the other end of her web cam. But if I let you go, they would pursue us all to the ends of the earth. WW has to be delivered. I am truly sorry.”

WW said nothing for a moment. Then she spoke. “You know more about me than anyone. No one else knows my true identity, that the lasso works for anyone holding it, or that my power is found in my belt.”

“What will happen when the bitch puts on your clothing?”

“Nothing. The power was given to me through the belt, not to the belt itself.”

“Why didn’t you tell us? You could have been spared the humiliation of being stripped.”

“Well, I had a gag in my mouth and I needed the time. As long as I am here with you, even stripped and bound, I know that I am safe. Tied up in the box, my fate is much less certain.”

He just looked at her and took in her beauty; the long lean frame, her breasts in the red bra, which were enhanced with arms tied behind her, her legs in hose and bound with white rope

“Safe? I am the one who tied you”

“ I know that if you had the choice again, you would not take this work—despite the money.”

He knew she was right, of course, but could not admit it. He was still trying to think of a way out. Then the bitch walked in dressed as WW. She fit perfectly into the outfit. “Well?”

“You two could be twins”

That is it, he thought. He had an idea. He glanced at WW and their eyes met. She had the same thought.

“Are you powerful?” he asked

“No, but it feels cool to be dressed like this. Oh well. Now I know what I will wear next Halloween. Do me a favor. Now that the fragile little woman has had her drink, put the gag back on her. We have to get her dressed and out of here.” With that she went back into the walk-in closet.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” WW asked

“Don’t go anywhere.” He stood up, grabbed some rope from the floor and the leather gag, chambered a round in his gun, and said “WW will be delivered and you will be safe.”

“You did not have a round in the chamber when you grabbed me?” she asked. They both knew that if she knew that when he first put his hand over her mouth, she would have fought. She may not, as Diana Prince, have won, but she would not have allowed herself to be tied up so easily.

“Did not want to take a chance.”

“Well don’t shoot her unless we can find another villain to send off in my place.”

“Don’t worry. The offer came ‘dead or alive.”

“Wait. Untie me and let me help. If I can get my hands on my belt, there won’t be much of a fight” She slid her arms out from behind her to expose her bound arms.

“I trust you. But what would stop you form capturing us both?”

“My word.”

“I can handle this.” He walked into the closet

She could her the fighting and the shouting and at one point heard one or both slam into the wall, but she could not tell what was happening. Then she heard the woman shout, “I told you not to mess with me” and then a thud. WW’s heart sank, not just for herself and Barbara, but also for this man who at once captured her and then tried to save her. He just risked his life for hers. If he died, her fate would be worse. Not that the experience would be worse. But if he just let her go off with this woman, then at least he and Barbara would be safe. Now, they all would suffer. She should have gone with him. Two on one would have been better odds.

“MMMMMFF FFF MMFFMFM” It seems that he won the little fight after all. Out of the closet, came the women, dressed only in a black teddy, high heels and her sheer black pantyhose. Apparently he walked in before she was fully clothed, lucky guy she thought. The shipper’s arms were tied behind her back and he had managed to get the gag over her mouth. It was pulled tight, but it did not stop her from tying to scream and curse. He quickly tied her legs and then hogtied her by binding her ankles to her wrists. He then went back in the closet and came out with WW outfit.

“Wait. I need my outfit back. You can’t dress her in that. If I don’t get back to normal soon, I will wilt like a flower out of water.”

“You should have told me that before I tied her up. Now what? I don’t suppose you can make another one.”

“No, but there is a store near by that sells costumes. I bet we can piece one together that will be good enough. Untie me and we can go.”

“You can tell me. Remember. While I am not going to hand you over, I have no plans to go one on one with WW, especially since she knows I won’t pull the trigger. I am going to leave the both of you here, tied and gagged unfortunately. But I will be back quickly.” He picked up the black scarf and cloth that he used to gag Diana at the beginning of the night and walked over to WW and asked, “Where is the store?” She told him and then just shook her head.

“You really ought to be gagged to know just how awful it really is.”

“Another day maybe. Open” He ordered.

“This is really not necessary.” She looked up at him.

“Yeah, it is.” He pushed the cloth into her mouth as gently as he could and tied the gag in place. He then wrapped rope around her arms as he had before. He then got up to leave and took one last look back at the two women tied and gagged on the floor. One was wearing a red thong and strapless bra with sheer pantyhose and the other in a black teddy with black hose. Both women were beautiful and both were bound hand and foot and gagged. The bitch was right; he really did like to tie women up.

While he was gone, the shipper tried to work the knots free, but could only manage to untie the rope that connected her hands and feet. At least now she could move around some. She kicked off her shoes and leaned against the wall. She was able to push back against it and stand. She started to hop toward her handbag in the living room when WW slid near to her and kicked her feet out from under her. The would-be shipper fell over with a thud onto her side and began to curse under gag at WW. WW just smiled, which could be seen even with the scarf split between her lips.

Carl arrived back to the apartment in about 45 minutes. He walked “I need your help getting her dressed and into the box. Can I trust you?” He looked right at WW as he spoke and starred waiting for a reply

She nodded slowly as if to say that she considered it and “yes” she would not turn on him. He untied the scarf and gently pulled the cloth from her mouth. He then began to quickly untie her, first her arms and hands and then they both untied her legs;; she her thighs and he her ankles. Once completely free, she stood and stretched. She looked around and began to walk over to her outfit.

“Wait. I need your help, not WW’s. There is no battle to be waged and you and I still have some things to settle after we get this one packed up and shipped off. “

“I would just like to be fully dressed. I think you have seen enough of me in my underwear.”

“Never enough, but that is not the point. Come on.”

She walked back and together they stripped the shipper of her black hose and teddy and re-dressed her in the WW costume that he bought. Soon she was strapped to the post just as WW had been several hours before. This time he did not hesitate. He lifter the top of the crate up and amid the muffled cries of the “shipper,” he placed the top on the box and bolted it down. You could no longer hear her through the box and over her gag. WW and Carl looked at each other. Although no words were spoken each knew that that fate of the woman they had tied up in the box would not be envied by anyone. If there were another way, neither would have subjected anyone to such cruelty.

He called for the movers who arrived promptly. They knew that a person was in the crate but did not know why or who. Carl met with them, gave them a few instructions such as to only remove the gag to give her food and water and then only if she promised not to speak a word. He told them that she might make crazy claims and that given her fate that should be understood. It would be better if they simply did not hear them, thus keeping her gagged was essential. They understood and left.

WW had to be tied up, gagged and blindfolded while the movers were in the apartment. Carl told them that she was the bait to lure their prisoner in. They glanced over at the real WW, who was hogtied face down on her bed. All they could see was her back and her legs. The cloth covering her mouth and eyes obscured any view they might have had of her face. One chuckled when he saw her and asked what would become of the bait, now that the prey was captured. Carl pretended to laugh and simply said her fate was now in his hands.

Once they left, Carl walked in and untied WW starting with her gag and blindfold. As he untied her, they began to speak about the future.

“What now?” she asked

“I don’t know. You could arrest me or have me arrested or worse if WW chose to exact some revenge.”

“Revenge? You saved me”

“I captured you.”

“No your employer would have hired someone else to do this work. That person may not have had a conscience. You did and now Diana, Barbara and WW are all safe. You have many gifts. You should use them for something good.” Now her arms were free and she got off the bed and stood up.

“Let’s resolve our current situation before we worry about the fate of my soul.”
”I did not mention your soul, but now that you bring it up…”

The two were starring right at each other. He was only slightly taller as long as she was not in her boots or heels. They were only a few feet apart.

“You can get dressed now.”

“Do I have to?” she asked as step even closer. Their lips met and they embraced, each of them wrapped their arms tightly around the other. They pressed their bodies against one another and gently moved back and forth.

“Is this what you meant by me using my ‘gifts’ for good?”

“No. This is one of its rewards.”

“I guess I won’t have to tie you up? ”

“You can if you like” As she spoke she slowly stepped back from him, turned around and placed her hands behind her back. In fact, I would prefer that you bind me.”

“We both know that you are no longer my prisoner.”

“You could have taken what I am now willing to give, what I have never given anyone before, but had you taken it, you never would have captured me the way you have by freeing me. I am yours. I may not be your prisoner, but I am at your command. Now tie me up.”

He picked up a length of rope and lashed her wrists together. As soon as he tightened the knot, he pulled her close to him and unfastened her bra from the front. As he did, she leaned back into him and turned her head. They kissed as he massaged her breasts. Then he dropped to his knees and pulled down her pantyhose and thong. With that they both fell back onto the bed.

“No gag?” she asked

“No gag.” He replied. “I want you use your mouth and tongue”

They had their way with each other. Eventually, he untied her and they ended up lying next to each other.

“Now what?” he asked

“You leave Diana Prince tied up in her apartment, release Barbara as planned who will free Diana. Then in a few days, say Friday at the bar Diana frequents, she may meet a new guy—someone she has never seen before, but who will quickly capture her heart.”

He was silent for a moment or two then replied, “Do you think you know me?”

“I know your heart. The rest is just history. If you wan to tell me, I will listen. If you want to have history start tomorrow, that is fine too.”

“Sounds like a plan. Instead of that bar, how about the 5 star restaurant on Park? I have a feeling the guy Diana might meet, might just have some money.”

“I will tell her to dress nicely. About 7:30?”

“Tell her to have fun. Now, lets get out of this situation. While you and I are lying here planning dates for Diana, her friend Barbara is probably still tied to a chair.” WW had almost forgotten about that. She got up and in a few seconds put her outfit on, including the belt and lasso and then stood before her former captor who barely got his pants back on.

“Now what” He asked

“ Like I said, Diana gets tied up one more time.” With that she began to spin. He stood and stopped her. He looked at her and ran his hands over her body and down her leg.

“I just want to see what it felt like.”

“Feel this.” She began to kiss him and as they embraced WW pushed him back onto the bed. She pulled down his pants and kissed him there. One more time he would be brought to ecstasy by this woman. But this time, she was fully clothed and had the strength of 1000 women. Still her tongue was gentle and soothing. He wondered which was better, sex with her naked or the caress of her mouth and tongue while dressed as WW.

When the Bait is Prey part 3