When the Bait is Prey 4  

By Carl M

When the Bait is Prey

Chapter 4

By Carl M.

Soon they were both dressed again. WW took one last look at him as WW then she spun several times which was followed by a blast of clear white light. He rubbed his eyes and before him Diana Prince in the same bra, panties, shoes and stockings she wore when he first tied her up.

“Do you mind if I put something over this. I am getting cold.”

“Whatever you like. I really don’t want to leave you tied up for hours. So get as comfortable as you can.”

She only added a black silk rob that dropped only to the middle of her thighs. He could still see the top of her stockings. She took off her shoes and walked up to him in her stocking feet. She leaned into him and kissed him. He could not believe that this woman again aroused him.

“Don’t worry about me.” She said. “As I sit here tied and gagged my mind will rest easy on thoughts of Friday.”

“How long will it take Barbara to arrive, once she is freed?”

“It is about a 2 hour drive, but she has contacts. My guess is that I won’t be tied up for very long. After I she is free, you better get out of here quickly?”

“What kind of contacts? The police? If you tell you tell her to come by herself, will she listen?”

“Not just the police, but she and Batgirl are tight. My guess is that if I told her to come herself, she would not call the police, but Batgirl would show up very quickly. You would be better off with the police.”

He thought for a moment. They are tight? Kind of like Diana and WW are tight, he thought to himself. He did not want to ruin the connection he had made between himself and Diana, but he could not take the chance the Batgirl would be involved. If Barbara were indeed Batgirl, she would not rest until she found out whom and why Barbara was kept tied up in a cabin for hours.

“If BG is going to get involved, then don’t we have a problem?” He asked. “Batgirl is not going to simply let this entire episode slide. Frankly neither is Barbara.”

Diana thought a moment. He was right. Diana knew she could explain this away. Both she and Barbara were kidnapped. There would be an intense investigation. His DNA was obviously all over the apartment and some in places that only a false rape charge could explain.

“We do have a problem.” Diana said almost sadly.

He thought for a moment and then decided to trust Diana and share his thoughts.

“You said that Barbara and BG were ‘tight.’ I am wonder if they are as tight as you and WW?”

“I have thought about that, but given my own situation, I never really wanted to know. How would it matter? Either way, BG probably shows up here shortly after Barbara is released.”

“True…perhaps. But if the two are one and BG can’t fly, then it will still be closer to two hours than it is to two minutes before you are released. And if the two are one, then we only have one to deal with in terms of ‘explaining’ what happened tonight.”

“And if there are two?”

“We deal with that the same why we deal with one.”


“We capture her or them and convince her and/or them that I am not the bad guy, at least not anymore. We tell them just enough of the truth as needed.”

“Capture Batgirl? Good luck. If you fail and she captures you? You already have Barbara. How much do we tell them? That you and I have made love several times? That we are planning to ‘meet’ for the first time 3 days from now? That WW and Diana are one?”

“No, no and NO! You underestimate me. If you recall I had WW tied, gagged, boxed and ready to be shipped. She has the strength of 100 batgirls. We can say that I used Diana for bait, but changed my mind and devised a brilliant idea to give my former employers one of their own as WW. Think about it. We can tell them everything except WW true identity and just how well Diana and me got along after we shipped the fake WW off.”

“Hmmm” she thought for a moment. It just might work. Barbara would view him as an informant, Batgirl would probably not act if Barbara and WW and Diana did not want her to. It just might work.

“One condition. You deal with them separately and don’t try to find out Batgirl’s true identity. You know mine. I would never have told you or anyone voluntarily. It creates a vulnerability that ought not to exist. I am yours, as you know. I can’t be a part of handing Batgirl over to you in the same way. Capture her if she shows up? I suppose. But her mask stays on. If Barbara shows up alone, there will be no need to capture her. We can just talk.”

“Ok,” he said looking away. He knew that if Batgirl arrived, he would not let her leave without learning her identity. He needed insurance if to be sure that Batgirl and Barbara would both play ball.

“Let’s get you tied up.” He then put Diana in back in the same chair he first tied her earlier in the evening. He began to tie her up again. This time he first tied her wrists and elbows behind her then he attached her wrists and elbows to the back of the chair and bound her ankles to a one of the front legs of the chair. He added more ropes around her thighs and pulled the ropes around her torso as tight as he could.

Diana grimaced. He hated to cause her this pain, but she had to be secured.

“Why so tight? I am not going to try and break free.”

“It needs to be real. When Barbara or Batgirl frees you, she/they can’t think that you are in on it. If you are loosely tied, they may catch on.” He hated to lie to her, but there was not a choice.

When he was done with the rope, he pushed her chair against a plain portion of the wall and set up the web cam from their end. This way Barbara could see Diana also.

“What about the gag?”

“You need to give Barbara some directions. Tell her to keep the police out of this. Tell her in such a way that either she or Batgirl will arrive alone to untie you.”

“I will do my best.”

He made a call to his two you, pretty and soon-to-be very angry associates. Oh well, he will give them a bonus for their extra trouble. He asked them to set up the two-way web cam. In a few minutes Diana Prince could see and be seen by Barbara Gordon. Barbara was still tied to the same chair and still gagged. She looked up and saw Diana bound but not gagged and Barbara tried to call out to her.

“Dnnndmmmmefff’ She then jerked about in her chair and tried in vain to free herself. Carl spoke first,

“Calm down. This soon will all be over and no one will be harmed ask Diana.” Diana replied, “Believe him, Barbara. You can trust what he says.”

Carl gave the order for the gag to be removed. The redhead ripped the tape from Barbara’s lips and pulled out a large rag which was being held in Barbara’s mouth. Barbara was clearly exhausted. The hours she had spent in bondage took its toll.

“Give her some water.” Carl ordered. The blond did as she was told and as Barbara was drinking from the glass being held to her mouth, Carl began to explain.

“Here is what is going to take place. In a few minutes my associates are going to untie you. In fact, Cory (he spoke to the Blond) get started. I will explain in a minutes. Once you are free you are to come her and free Diana. She is, as you can see, unharmed. Once you are here, she will explain what happened tonight.

“Ladies” he now addressed himself to Cory and Eve (the red head). “I have good news, great news really, and some not so good news. The good news is that our mission tonight has been a smashing success. I am going to double your pay and I think that I have worked out a way that we all will not have to worry about being chased by the law. The bad news is that you two are going to spend a few uncomfortable hours at the cabin.”

By this time, Cory and Eve had finished untying their prisoner. She was pulling the last few strands of rope off her thighs and rubbing her very sore wrists.

“Eve, Cory do you all trust me?”

“Of course.” Eve replied. “But what the hell is going on.”

“I can’t explain now, but I need you both to give your weapons to Barbara and while I know it sounds insane, you all are going to have to let her tie you up.”

“What?” No way. You are going to screw us.” Eve lifter her pistol, grabbed Barbara by the hair and slammed the barrel of her snub nose .38 into Barbara’s temple. Barbara jerked away and reached for the gun. Cory then fired a single shot into the floor, leveled her 9mm at Barbara and shouted. “Move and you die!” Every one in the cabin froze.

The next voice was Diana’s. “Barbara. Trust me. Don’t fight and do exactly as Carl says. This will work out for all of us.”

The use of his first name stunned all three women in the cabin. He had told WW his real name because he did not think it would matter. Its use told everyone that this was an unusual situation.

Diana continued, “Look here is the deal. His goal has been accomplished. He wants to free us and leave with his associates. We worked out this deal. He is going to leave me tied up here and Barbara you are to leave those two tied up there. He will drive to the cabin and you are to drive here. He has a way to monitor police activity, so don’t call them. In about 2 hours we will all be free and on our own way. I don’t know you two, but I can tell you, as Barbara can, that being tied up is not fun. But it is only for a short time and I can tell you that I watched him transfer money to two off shore accounts.” She then recited the numbers of each account and the staggering amount transferred.

Cory and Eve looked at each other and lowered their weapons.

“Do what she says.” Carl added.

They finally complied, knowing that there was no way for Diana to know the account numbers and amounts unless Carl had told her that too. Clearly, he had made an odd deal.

“Why can’t we just wait here for you? Why do we have to be tied up?” asked Cory.

“Because that is what will force Carl to leave Diana. I know this is crazy, but I believe them.” Barbara said. If she got it and was willing to go along, Eve and Cory decided to join in. If Carl wanted to screw them, he could have done it without freeing Barbara. In fact, they were worried he was going to ask for her to be killed. In some sense this was a relief.

They offered her their weapons and apologized for keeping her gagged for so long.

“No problem. Can you bring another chair over here? And I will need some more rope.” Cory grabbed opened a black bag near by and pulled out enough to tie up 4 women. She then pulled a chair right next to the one to which Barbara had been tied. Both Even and Cory knew the drill. They sat down next to each other and Barbara began the process of tying them up. In a few minutes they were tied with their arms behind their back and their legs bound together. Carl thought back to the shipper’s observation that he liked to see women tied up. He did and his two associates looked stunning in their skirts, heels and toes.

“I will make you a deal. I won’t gag them, if you promise not to gag Diana. I have had my mouth stuffed for half the night and can tell you that it sucks.”

Eve and Cory looked at the web cam and pleaded for Carl to make that deal. Was it not enough that they were tied to chairs, they would not scream and would not matter if they did. They were in a cabin and no one could hear them. They did not need to gag Barbara but did so to avoid her talking to them.

“Sorry. I don’t want to lie. We have neighbors here. Drive quickly and safely. Diana will be waiting quietly.”

With that Barbara stuffed a rag in each of their mouths and tied in place with torn white bed-sheets.

“Barbara. Come alone or send one friend, but please keep the police out. Trust me.”

Barbara knew that meant she could send Batgirl, but should not and would not involve the police, at least not yet. Whatever went on tonight she was sure Batgirl would get to the bottom of it.

“See you soon” Barbara said and then turned off the webcam. As soon as she was out the door, Batgirl was on her way to Diana’s apartment. Eve and Cory felt used. They just looked at each other for a moment unable to speak. Then they began to struggle at their bonds.

“How much time do we have?” Carl asked as he gently touched Dina’s cheek.

“Long enough for a kiss,” was her reply. Once again the unlikely couple began to passionately kiss even as she was tightly bound to a chair. He began to rub his hands on and under her bra. She then broke from the kiss and said, “probably not long enough for that. If there are two, Batgirl will be here in minutes. You better gag me and get out of here. See you on Friday.”

He nodded, got off her chair which he had been straddling and picked up the cloth and scarf. He tied the gag in place as he had earlier. This time he did not stop there. He picked up the roll of duct tape and pulled a bit free.

“I am sorry to have to do this. But you are going to have to trust me a bit more. This is not going to go exactly as we planned and I can’t have you getting too excited”


He then wrapped the tape several times all the way around Diana’s head. Being gagged with just a scarf was nothing compared to how tight the tape was pulled. She could barely breath let alone make a sound. “MMMM” was all she could get out. He then slid the chair to the middle of the bedroom with Diana’s back to the door. Whoever came in to free Diana would have to walk around her and put her back to the closet which is where he was planning on hiding.

Now came the most humiliating part, he walked over to Diana, who was tight so tightly that was actually having trouble breathing. She was nervous and looked it. She was wondering if she made mistake with this man who, after all, had made a deal to kidnap and sell WW.

“I know you don’t’ understand what I am doing, but you will. Trust me.” With that he took about a knife and began to cut away her robe, opened her bra and exposed her breasts. Then he cut off her panties, leaving all of her private parts exposed.

“NNNNNFFFFNFNNF” Diana tried to kick and move from him but she was tied too tightly to the chair do anything. She was left, bound naked to the chair with a gag tied and taped in her mouth. She had a panicked expression and was jerking at her bonds while she tried to speak through the cloth and tape.

“Whoever arrives needs to be taken off guard. The shock at seeing you bound in such a humiliating manner will do that. I probably should have tied you spread eagle to your bed absolutely naked, but I could not. If Batgirl shows up, like we both expect, capturing her without a remote hostage will be tough. I need an element of surprise. I will buy you a new silk robe” He then tore off one more piece of tape and covered her eyes. Diana was expressive and did not want her to be tempted to give away his location.

Diana squirmed a bit and then sat still. He could not tell if she understood or not, but at least she stopped trying to scream of break free. He placed the pair of handcuffs on Diana’s lap. Everything was now set. Noting to do now, but wait. He figured they would have company about 90 minutes from Barbara leaving the cabin, or in about 10 minutes. Bargirl still had to drive, but would probably not stay under 55 mph..

Carl moved to the closet. From his location and with the door slightly opened he could see Diana with a full frontal view. The lights in the bedroom were off, but he left on the lights in the living room. That would make it nearly impossible for anyone to see very far past Diana and into the closet. He took out his gun, removed the round from the chamber and waited. He had a pair of handcuffs and a few coils of rope; just enough to immobilize whoever showed up, and a red ball gag.

Sure enough he heard the front door open. A voice called out, “Diana. Diana are you here.”

Batgirl could hear Diana’s muffled cries for help and moved quickly to the bedroom where she saw Diana from the back, noting how tightly she seemed to be bound. She looked around and noted that the closet door was slightly open but she could not see into it because of he poor lighting. Her intent was to check out the closet before untying Diana. She began to walk past Diana but glanced at back at her. Batgirl was stunned at the sight of Diana bound, exposed and gagged so cruelly. Diana was desperately trying to say something

“MMMMCCMMCMLCML’ but the gag made it impossible for her to be understood.

Batgirl was a bit shorter than Wonder Woman but clearly strong. She was wearing a tight dark purple leather one-piece pants suit with a utility belt and a cape. She had on a mask and wore matching ankle high boots with heels. Her breasts were large and firm. The suit did not hide them, but in fact seemed to highlight them. The mask covered her face down to her nose and head allowing some of her red hair to flow out from the back. She too was clearly a very beautiful woman

The tape over Diana’s eyes made Bargirl wonder for an instant if it was really Diana. Between the tape around her head and the blindfold, almost all of Diana’s face was obscured. Batgirl turned and then saw the handcuffs on Diana’s legs. Instinctively, Batgirl faced Diana picked up the handcuffs. It was just long enough for Carl to step out of the closet.

“If you move, I fire. You may be quick enough to avoid my bullet, but Diana can’t move and the only thing between her and me is you. “

“What do you want? I was told there was a deal. No one said anything about Diana being humiliated.”

“There is a deal, but it involves more than was explained before.” I need to be sure you do not overpower me.”

“Sorry dude. Put that gun down or take Diana out of the line of fire and you are mine.”

“Don’t turn around and drop to your knees” Barbara hesitation brought a shout of “NOW!”

“Ok, ok calm down.” Bargirl was worried that the man was insane. Clearly, his behavior had been bizarre. He had kidnapped Diana and Barbara and then promised to release both, then had Barbara tie up his associates, invited Barbara to Diana’s apartment apparently to see Diana bound and gagged in a horribly humiliating position. She needed time to figure his guy out. She got on her knees, still facing Diana. Looking up she could see just how uncomfortable and freighted Diana was. The tape was biting into Diana’s cheeks, she was sweating, her chest was both naked and wet and she could barely move or utter a sound but was trying to do both. Her breathing was uneven and rapid.

“Handcuff your hands behind you. Do it outside of your cape so I can see that they are secure. And cross your ankles.” Batgirl did as she was told and notices just how unbalanced she was with her hands cuffed and her ankles crossed. In seconds he wound rope around her ankles and then tied the end of the rope to the chain connecting the handcuffs. He left only about 6 inches between her wrists and ankles. She knew that given the time she could untie her feet and the locks on the cuffs could be easily picked. What she did not realize was that he was not going to give her that chance. He reached around her and removed her utility belt, stripping her of most, but not all of her weapons and tools. He knew there would be more. Next he tied her elbows together and then bound her legs just above her knees.

“Can’t have you screaming and I don’t want you talking. Open!” She knew he would gag her and opened her mouth just enough to have a cloth shoved in. She was surprised to feel a ball being wedged behind her teeth and could feel the strap being tightened behind her head.

He then picked up the hogtied and gagged Superheroine and through her on the bed. He then began to unzip her leather suit from the back and then to cut it away as he had done to Diana’s robe. She squirmed and tried to fight but there was nothing she could do bound and cuffed. In a few minutes he had her stripped down to her purple bra, thong and matching dark purple pantyhose. (What is it with the sexy underwear worn by WW and BG, he wondered to himself.) He had found several other small weapons and two handcuff keys in her clothing. Stripping her was not merely for his amusement, but it did indeed amuse him.

He stepped back and looked. There was Batgirl, in her under ware and hose, tied and ball gagged squirming around on Diana Prince’s bed while Diana sat bound, blindfolded and gagged only a few feet away. Batgirl still had her mask on. He had one more thing to remove.

Sure enough under the mask was Barbara Gordon. Diana was still blindfolded and thus could not see who, but she heard the noise and certainly was smart enough to realize that Carl had tied, gagged and unmasked Batgirl. He wanted to give Diana the choice of learning what he now knew. So, he took out a black elastic hood and pulled down over Batgirl’s head. She could not see and no one could see her face. She was still kicking and squirming and cursing under gag. She was furious at having been so quickly captured, tied up and stripped.

At this point he turned to Diana and began to untie her. First, the blindfold came off and Diana looked down saw Batgirl hogtied, cuffed with a hood pulled tightly over her head. She could see the outline of her face and the ball gag inserted into Batgirl’s mouth. Diana was both afraid for herself and her friend and angry. She struggled and began to demand through her gag that she be untied.


“I am planning to. One promise: that you don’t scream. I will explain what I am doing and you can do what you want after I untie you. I won’t tie you up again, unless you agree. You will be in control. Deal?”