Wonder Woman and the Drug of Desire - Chapter 1  

By Dangerguy

Wonder Woman

**Chapter One: The Spider and the Fly **

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit; Wonder Woman and Supergirl are the property of DC Comics. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it.

Ah, Wonder Woman...what is it about her that makes her such a perennial favorite of comics fans' sexual fantasies? Never mind. Stupid question. Anyway, by popular demand, here's another sexual misadventure starring our favorite Amazon. And a certain blonde Kryptonian too.

Prologue: The Web

Wonder Woman eyed the seemingly abandoned warehouse warily. She'd followed the trail of illegally traded Greek antiquities, assisted by her magic lasso and a mean right hook, to this run-down building in New York's old harbor district. The police might not get too worked up about some old statues and busts going missing, but Diana, Princess of Paradise Island and its Amazon inhabitants, took such things to heart. After all, several of her immortal sisters back home had actually known the people depicted by those stolen artworks.

In spite of her strong feelings in the matter, Wonder Woman approached the warehouse's rear entrance cautiously. While she had no reason to think anyone within expected her, the disinterest of the authorities meant that she had no backup. That was why she'd waited until after dark to make her move--though she had to admit her JLA colleague, the Batman, made more effective use of darkness than she did. Wonder Woman felt rather conspicuous, even in the dark, in her brightly-colored costume; the gold on her bustier reflected the city's ambient light, as did the creamy white skin on her exposed shoulders and legs.

"I should get a darker costume for this sort of work," she murmured to herself as she slowly pulled the door open. It creaked. Loudly.

Wonder Woman grimaced at the giveaway sound. She pulled the door open just wide enough so she could squeeze through sideways--which, given the size of her breasts, was pretty wide. Once inside, her eyes scanned the interior of the dark warehouse for movement as they adjusted to the dark; she listened carefully for any sound. But she saw and heard nothing.

One dark eyebrow arched upwards on Wonder Woman's forehead as she began to glance around more confidently. She concluded that the thieves were absent; that was fine with her--they'd certainly get a surprise when they returned. In the meantime, she decided to verify the presence of stolen property so there'd be some evidence, as well as perpetrators, to hand over to the police.

The warehouse was empty, save for some pieces of scrap metal and wood messily strewn about its interior. In a corner to Wonder Woman's right, beside a large garage door, a small room still stood--some sort of shipping/receiving office constructed of pre-fab partitioning. Most of its windows had Venetian blinds that were shut, but through one open window, Wonder Woman could make out the dark shapes of furniture and large boxes.

She opened the door to the office. The creak of its hinges echoed eerily through the dark, empty warehouse. Confident she was alone, Wonder Woman strode towards a desk in the middle of the office. She made out the shape of a lamp on top of it, felt for the switch, and turned it on.

The low-watt bulb cast a pale, yellowish light onto the star-spangled beauty's surroundings. Besides the dilapidated desk and its ancient wooden chair, which leaked stuffing through worn upholstery, she could now see several wooden shipping crates of various sizes, all sealed. One box, about two feet square in size, rested on the desk, its top open. Peering inside, Wonder Woman saw the box was filled with styrofoam popcorn. She scooped out some of the packing material, scattering it onto the desk and floor, until she could see the top of a white marble bust. She reached into the box and pulled the heavy sculpture free of its packaging.

Wonder Woman turned the bust around in her hands. She recognized the strong, determined, yet feminine visage, with a warrior's helmet tilted back over top of a head of tied-back hair, as that of Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. The Amazons revered all the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, but Athena held a special place in their hearts.

Wonder Woman's lips curled into a soft smile. "Bingo," she murmured with satisfaction. The bust's presence proved her night's work had been worthwhile. The other crates probably held more stolen antiquities. All she had to do was wait until the thieves returned and bundle them up in a nice neat package for...


Wonder Woman turned her head at the sudden sound, her long, dark hair swirling about her head as she looked towards the office door. It had slammed shut behind her.

The Amazon Princess frowned. A gust of wind? she speculated. No...not in a closed warehouse... Her heart began to beat faster as her battle instincts kicked in. A trap!

Before she could make her next move, a sudden hissing sound drew her attention back to the bust of Athena she still held in her hands. The sculpted mouth had opened and was spewing out some sort of grayish gas. Wonder Woman gasped in surprise and immediately regretted her mistake. Her lungs burned and her head spun as soon as she inhaled. She struggled to keep her balance; her long, shapely legs wobbled beneath her. She dropped the bust and it shattered on the floor, revealing a hidden gas canister.

By then, however, Wonder Woman had moved towards the door. Holding her breath to prevent the gas from affecting her any further, she tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. The partitions that made up the office walls had looked flimsy, but they felt stronger than steel ten times their thickness. The heroine stepped back and kicked at the door. Her brief exposure to the gas had already weakened her, as well as throwing off her balance. The inexplicably resilient door refused to budge. Wonder Woman, who had fully expected it to break beneath her assault, fell onto her star-spangled fanny.

Her fall forced her to breath once again. The knockout gas had filled most of the office with a grayish fog that thickened with every passing second. Wonder Woman's dark eye-lashes fluttered as she fought the effects of the gas. She shakily pushed herself up against the office wall beside the door. Her lungs ached, desperate for air, but she ignored the demands of her body, knowing another whiff of the gas would finish her off. Normally, an Amazon could hold her breath several minutes longer than a normal human, but her previous inhalations had diminished Wonder Woman's awesome capabilities.

Finally, the Amazon managed to stand. Her left hand grasped a window frame for support. She pulled her right arm back, her slender fingers bunching into a fist. With all her remaining might, she stuck at the office window. It had no effect; like the office walls, the windows were much stronger than they appeared. Wonder Woman pulled her right arm across her chest, bent her wrist back, and hit the window with her metal bracelet. A tiny fissure appeared in the glass.

Wonder Woman's blue eyes widened in hope. Desperate, she pulled her right arm back to strike at the window again. At the same moment, however, her left hand lost its grip on the window frame, and the momentum of her right arm sent her staggering backwards several steps. The gas had grown so thick in the cramped office that she lost sight of the window. The fumes she had inhaled disoriented her so she couldn't recall the direction from which she'd stumbled.

"No..." Wonder Woman rasped through her dry, choking throat. She staggered backwards, trying to keep her balance while still holding her breath. Her lungs burned; she couldn't hold out much longer. Her rear bumped against the desk. She turned to lean against it. Her legs gave out from under her. As she fell, her right side hit the corner of the desk. She gasped at the sudden pain, then fell to the floor.

Wonder Woman sat on the floor, her left leg bent underneath her, the right splayed out beside her. She held herself up--barely--on shaking arms. More gas had entered her lungs as she'd gasped in pain, but still she held on. Her eyelids fluttered behind the locks of dark hair that tumbled in front of her lovely face. Finally, she could hold out no longer, and she took a breath. The gas worked instantly; the heroine's blue eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth went slack. Her arms collapsed and she slumped to the cold concrete floor.

Just before consciousness left her, the slightest of smiles twitched her lips. The one consolation, her gas-addled brain decided, is that a darker uniform wouldn't have done me much good... Then her eyes closed, her head rolled to one side, and Wonder Woman fell unconscious.

Part 1: The Spider

For a few brief, sporadic moments during the time she was mostly unconscious, Wonder Woman recovered just enough to gather a hazy awareness of her surroundings. The first time she drifted towards consciousness, she noticed something soft and pungent over her nose and mouth. Then she breathed, and fell back into oblivion. She woke again later, and felt as if she was in motion, lying on the floor of a vehicle...a van or truck. Her arms and legs felt weak, useless...and bound. She pulled weakly against the restraints, than took a breath and drifted off yet again.

When Wonder Woman awoke a third time, the cloth had been removed from her face. Her eyelids fluttered open. Her head hung over her chest, her raven-black hair tumbling over the bustier that covered her breasts. Her arms lay limp at her sides. The Amazon took a deep breath and blinked several times as she forced her blue eyes to focus on her surroundings.

Polished, gleaming white surfaces surrounded her in a room the size of a squash court. She seemed to be positioned at one end of the room on a slightly elevated platform. Below and in front of her stood a long, black console. From her elevated position, she could just make out several computer displays and controls on the console. Behind the control table was the only door to the room, painted an institutional gray. Beside it, bolted to the white wall, she saw a row of coat hooks. From one of them her power belt and golden lasso hung.

Wonder Woman felt no restraints on her body, and took a step forward to retrieve her belt and lasso. Her blue eyes widened with surprise when she found she couldn't move; her arms and legs wouldn't budge. Puzzled, she looked down at her body, still clad in its brightly-colored uniform. She could see no restraints of any kind, but noticed that instead of standing on the floor, she seemed to be floating. A broad, bright dish beneath her glowed with light and hummed quietly. She glanced upwards and noticed a similar dish above her. Some sort of force field...?

The sound of the door opening ended Wonder Woman's reverie. A woman walked in, glanced at the heroine, and nodded, apparently satisfied. The woman had shoulder-length, wavy red hair, parted on the side, and wore thin, wire-framed spectacles over her green eyes. She carried a clipboard in her right hand. A crisp, clean white lab coat hung over her shoulders, barely concealing a black blouse and a matching knee-length skirt. Wonder Woman could discern an ample bosom, slender waist, and curvaceous hips beneath that lab coat. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties, but would not have looked out of place on Paradise Island.

Two more women followed her through the door. The first was a tall, attractive black woman. Her dark hair was bunched in dreadlocks that hung down to her shoulders. She wore a tight black tank top over her large breasts, and also wore a black leather jacket, tight black leather pants, and black boots. Wonder Woman, used to quickly sizing up potential opponents, could discern lithe yet powerful muscles rippling beneath the black woman's tight clothing. While the red-head busied herself at the control console, ignoring the heroine, the black woman stood, silent and still, to one side of the door, glaring at Wonder Woman with barely concealed hatred.

The last woman to enter the room was a petite Asian woman with long, lustrous black hair pulled back into a pony-tail. She was attired exactly like her taller black companion. While not as muscular, Wonder Woman perceived the strength in the golden-skinned woman's small frame. She moved with the grace of a dancer--or a martial arts expert. Yet she seemed less confident than the other two. Standing on the other side of the door, she kept glancing at Wonder Woman with awe--though she struggled to hide it--and then stole the occasional sideways glance at her black companion.

Once she had quickly evaluated her potential adversaries, Wonder Woman spoke, addressing the red-head at the control console, since she seemed to be the one in charge.

"Who are you?" Wonder Woman demanded in a calm, confident voice. "And why have you kidnapped and imprisoned me?"

The red-headed woman glanced up at Wonder Woman, her eyebrows raised slightly, but said nothing. Then she pulled a small, silver-cased device from her lab coat's right breast pocket. She flicked a switch on the device, held it close to her lips, and spoke.

"May the 7th, 8:33 AM," the red-head said evenly into the recording device. The woman's voice, a lilting contralto, had the barest hint of a French accent. "The subject, Wonder Woman, is conscious and lucid." The red-headed woman studied the computer readouts in front of her. "Heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and adrenaline levels all appear normal. Ready to begin phase one."

Wonder Woman's blue eyes flared with anger. She could handle being loved or hated, but not ignored like some...lab rat!

"YOU WILL ANSWER MY QUESTIONS OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!" the Amazon Princess said. She used a tone of voice she'd learned while listening to her mother, Queen of the Amazons, whenever she addressed a recalcitrant courtier.

The red-headed scientist looked at her readouts and frowned. "Damn. Her blood pressure's increasing..."

"You're damn right it is," Wonder Woman retorted. Then an idea occurred to her. She had trained and honed her body for years, and knew how to control its functions in ways most humans never dreamed of. If this...scientist...wanted accurate readings from her body, Wonder Woman could avoid cooperating. She took a deep breath and concentrated.

The red-head gave the heroine an annoyed glance, then looked back to her read-outs. "Now her heart and respiratory rates are increasing. Wait...now they're down...now her adrenaline's increasing...Merde! You're throwing off my baselines!" Exasperated, the scientist threw down her clipboard, crossed her arms beneath her large breasts, and glared at Wonder Woman after addressing her directly for the first time.

"I will not even begin to consider cooperating until you explain yourself," Wonder Woman said evenly, opening her eyes.

The red-headed woman closed her eyes, then half-smiled, apparently bemused. "Very well. You must forgive me; I am more used to...much less formidable subjects. I should not have underestimated you. I suppose introductions are in order?" She glanced at Wonder Woman, still smiling; the heroine only glared back silently.

"Well. You are obviously Diana, Princess of the Amazons, more commonly known as Wonder Woman," the scientist went on when the heroine refused to respond. "I am Doctor Irene Michelle Déviante."

Wonder Woman tried to place the name, but couldn't. Then she frowned and glanced at the woman dubiously. "Doctor Deviant?" she said with a disbelieving sneer. Where do they come up with these names, the heroine wondered.

The Doctor looked slightly offended. "Deh-vee-AWNT," she corrected the Amazon's pronunciation. "It's a very old, respected French name, I'll have you know. My ancestors were courtiers of the Sun King!"

Diana's right eyebrow rose in mock surprise. "You must be very proud." Her own ancestors, she didn't add, had fought beside Hector at Troy.

"I am," Doctor Déviante responded, oblivious to her captive's sarcasm. "But mostly of myself. I'm a genius, you see. I hold degrees in medicine, chemistry, and engineering."

"A genius? Even if you do say so yourself." Wonder Woman noted. Like most villains she encountered, this one could use a nice-sized slice of humble pie. She looked forward to serving it.

"I don't believe in false modesty, Wonder Woman," Doctor Déviante responded with a slight edge in her voice, having finally noticed the edge in her counterpart's. "I'm an inventor as well, and I've grown quite rich from the results. The super-strong but lightweight construction materials in the warehouse, for example, or that very effective knockout gas. Or the suspension field that's keeping you helpless right now."

Wonder Woman's eyes glanced at the humming dishes of light that held her aloft in defiance of gravity. "Impressive," she allowed. "How does it work?"

"Very well, obviously," Doctor Déviante answered with a smile, then laughed lightly at her own joke. The two women standing behind her at the door smirked.

Wonder Woman narrowed her bright blue eyes at the Doctor. "It can't be perfect, if you feel the need to have some muscle around for protection," she commented, gesturing with her chin towards the women standing by the door.

Doctor Déviante looked behind her. "Hmm? Ah, you mean my lab assistants! So sorry, I should have introduced you. This is Bada," she said, gesturing towards the tall black woman. Bada did nothing to acknowledge the introduction; she simply continued to glare at the captive heroine. That one could be trouble, Wonder Woman decided. "And this is Bing," Déviante said, pointing at the petite Asian, who smiled nervously at Wonder Woman. Then she noticed Bada glaring at her, and forced her pretty face to assume a more impassive look.

Bada-Bing? Wonder Woman thought, incredulous. And Batman thinks he gets all the weird ones...

"They're not here for my protection, chére. The suspension field is quite secure, as you're about to find out. They're simply here to assist me. Bada, if you'll approach the subject...?"

The tall, dark-skinned woman smirked slightly and walked towards Wonder Woman. She climbed the stairs of the platform until she reached the heroine, then turned to face Doctor Déviante, awaiting further instructions. She did, however, steal one dark, angry glance at the helpless heroine. Wonder Woman swallowed and reminded herself that even without her power belt, she was more than a match for an ordinary human woman. Provided I can actually move to defend myself...

"I suppose you're wondering why you're here," the Doctor said nonchalantly. "Well, let me tell you. I'm having some problems with my latest invention. Most of my creations, while successful, have had...limited industrial use. I've been trying to come up with a consumer product with broad, mass-market appeal. Much more lucrative, obviously. And I'm almost there! But..."

Wonder Woman, anxious to find out what the scientist had in store for her, gently urged her on. "...but?"

The red-head looked directly at the heroine. "Do you know, Wonder Woman," she said, her green eyes glowing, her voice an intense whisper, "that as few as ten per cent of all women are able to achieve orgasm with their partners? And that female frigidity is a growing medical problem, increasing at 5 per cent a year?"

"I can't say I did," Wonder Woman responded quizzically, wondering where this tangent was headed. Nowhere good, the heroine told herself.

"Well, it's true! And I've developed a cure...no, better than that. I've invented the world's first, true, female aphrodisiac! Something even your Greeks never came up with, eh?"

Wonder Woman shrugged. "There were potions..."

"Non, these were placebos, or magic, at best," Doctor Déviante interjected, cutting her off. "This is scientific, reproducible! Unfortunately, it's also...well, fatal. To every woman I've applied it to."

Wonder Woman's blue eyes went wide; she gasped. "You've...experimented on people? On your sisters?!? And with FATAL RESULTS!?!"

Doctor Déviante waved a hand dismissively. "We have a saying in France, Wonder Woman. 'You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.' There's no shortage of humanity--an over-abundance, in fact."

"You sick, murdering..." Wonder Woman spat, recoiling from the aptly-named Doctor Déviante.

The red-head looked annoyed at the insult. "Bada, teach her some manners."

The black woman smiled. "Yes, ma'am," she said, her voice as deep, dark, and smooth as molasses. She turned to face Wonder Woman, smiled, and violently punched the Amazon in the solar plexus.

"GUUUHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as pain exploded in her mid-section. She instinctively tried to double over, but the suspension field held her upright. She trembled slightly as she gasped for breath.

"You speak to the Doc, you speak with respect," Bada told the Amazon, then slammed a roundhouse off of the heroine's jaw.

Wonder Woman's head snapped back, black tresses flying about her face, but her body remained upright. She'd seen the punch coming; she'd tried to duck or block it, but she couldn't move. Her tongue darted out from between her lips; she tasted blood. She'd never felt so helpless.

Bada, smiling broadly, wound up for another swing. But the Doctor stopped her. "That's enough, Bada. For now." The black woman's smile disappeared. She looked disappointed for a moment, then resumed her impassive stance beside the Amazon, her strong arms crossed beneath her large breasts.

"The suspension field is currently tuned to your body's unique bio-electric signature," the Doctor explained to Wonder Woman as the heroine gulped air. "It holds you motionless, but allows others to enter the field without any effect...or restraint. Understand?"

Wonder Woman glared angrily at her captor, but nodded.

"Good. Now, what was I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted? Ah. Yes. My formula. It's fatal to human women. Oh, not immediately...it works as it's supposed to at first. But even a moderate dose eventually leads to sexual over-excitement, followed by cardiac failure and death. I haven't been able to determine why the problem's occurring, not in normal women. Then it occurred to me: what if I try the aphrodisiac on a super-woman?"

As the Doctor smiled, pleased with her own brilliance, fear gripped Wonder Woman's heart for the first time. Super-woman...SuperGIRL! Kara! she thought, thinking of her fellow heroine and, recently, her lover as well. Great Hera--she said she had to go out of town on a mission. I haven't seen her in days. What if...?

As if reading her mind, Doctor Déviante said, "I considered Supergirl, but her physiology is too alien." Wonder Woman released a quiet sigh of relief. "But you, Wonder Woman, you will suit my needs perfectly."

"So..." Wonder Woman said, as all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, "that's why you trapped me and brought me here. You intend to...expose me to this aphrodisiac of yours in order to determine why it's fatal to normal women?"

"Exactément," Doctor Déviante answered.

"And what if it's fatal to me?" Wonder Woman asked.

The beautiful doctor shrugged. "Then I guess it's back to the old drawing board. But I don't think it will kill you. However..."

"What?" Wonder Woman asked, striving to keep her growing nervousness out of her voice.

"...it may turn you into a nymphomaniac. The aphrodisiac has some...addictive qualities." The Doctor licked her lips and reached her right hand beneath her lab coat. She slowly, lightly caressed her breasts through her dark blouse. She smiled wickedly as her green eyes gave Wonder Woman's curvaceous frame a lascivious once-over. "I think I would like to see the great Wonder Woman turned into a sex-crazed slut. Yes, I would like that very much..."

Wonder Woman swallowed hard as her heart began to beat faster. "You perverted maniac! You won't get away with UUUGGGHHH!!!"

Bada had once again punched the helpless heroine in the stomach. "Thought I told you to be mo' respectful," the tall, powerful African-American woman snarled at Wonder Woman as the heroine gasped for breath.

"Bada," Doctor Déviante ordered, her voice indifferent. Evidently she'd recovered from her momentary lapse into lust. "Prepare the subject for phase one."

Bada smiled. Her dark eyes wandered, with appreciation, over Wonder Woman's large breasts and curvaceous ass. "You mean..."

The Doctor returned her assistant's smile, allowing her decidedly unscientific lust to bubble to the surface again. "Remove her costume, Bada. Slowly. No reason we can't enjoy ourselves..."

Interlude 1

At that very moment, high above New York, something entered Earth's atmosphere and plunged towards the city. Moving faster than the eye can see, it flashed across the sky in a blur of blue and red, heading straight towards the building that contained an apartment belonging to Diana, Princess of the Amazons and their Ambassador to the U.N. A window to Diana's apartment opened and the visitor from space moved into the apartment at super-speed.

And headed straight for the fridge.

"Lessee...pomegranates...no thanks...lemons...yeah, right...oranges, carrots, apples...no, no, no...Great Rao, Diana, when a girl gets back from outer space, the last thing she wants is something healthy!" Supergirl muttered as she examined the contents of Wonder Woman's fridge. The blonde superheroine opened one of the drawers. "Feta and olives. Eeewwww," she said, her nose wrinkling. "I'm not that hungry." She straightened and opened the freezer door at the top of the refrigerator. She moved aside some frozen entrees and then smiled. "Aahhhhh....Haagen-Das Rocky Road. Exactly what I need. I'll have to toss some boulders around tomorrow to work it off, but it'll be worth it..."

Supergirl grabbed the frosty little container and closed the freezer door. Before she could grab a spoon from a nearby drawer, something caught her eye: a pink slip of paper attached to the fridge door with a magnet.

"Kara," it read, "Went out looking for some stolen statues. Be back later tonight. Love, Diana"

Supergirl's fair eyebrows knitted together slightly. A quick microscopic analysis of the note with her super-vision told her it had been written yesterday. But as she quickly glanced around, her x-ray vision revealed that Diana was not in the apartment.

"She could be gone on other business," Kara told herself. But then, why would the note still be on the fridge? Supergirl reached for Diana's answering machine and played a half-dozen messages, all relating to appointments Wonder Woman had failed to keep that morning. The gnawing at the pit of Supergirl's stomach wasn't just from hunger anymore. She left the Haagen-Das on the counter and flew back out the window.

Part 2: Snared and Stripped

Wonder Woman, still shaking from the punch Bada had forcefully delivered to her midsection, remained stoically silent as she felt the black woman reach behind her back and find the zipper for her bustier, located just between and below her shoulder blades. She heard the low buzz of the zipper as Bada slowly, torturously, began to slide it down the heroine's spine. Wonder Woman glanced at the red-headed, bespectacled Doctor, who alternated between glancing at her computer readouts with scientific detachment, and at Wonder Woman with undisguised lust. Then Diana looked at the other assistant, Bing, who stood silently by the door, but was biting her lower lip and breathing heavily as her partner slowly undressed the Amazon.

...Am I the only superheroine who routinely ends up helpless in a room full of dykes? Wonder Woman thought with some annoyance.

She felt the zipper stop. Bada's hand had pulled it as far as it could go, to the point where Wonder Woman's red bustier met her star-spangled briefs, right at the top of her ass. Bada reached into the opening in the back of Wonder Woman's costume and lightly ran her fingertips along the Amazon's exposed spine. Diana's body trembled slightly; for such a brutal and strong woman, Bada had a surprisingly light touch. As for Wonder Woman, the removal of the belt that amplified her strength, as well as Bada's earlier assaults, had weakened her, leaving her unable to resist the stimulation of her body.

Bada stepped directly behind Wonder Woman. She slowly worked her hands forward through Diana's armpits. Wonder Woman inhaled sharply at the slightly ticklish sensation.

"That's perfect, Bada," the Doctor commented, watching the read-outs. "Her respiration and heart rate are both increasing. We want her slightly excited and receptive for the first application." The red-head looked up and smiled to see Bada's dark hands moving over Wonder Woman's alabaster breasts. "Yes, perfect," the Doctor breathed. "Keep going..."

Wonder Woman could feel Bada's large breasts pressing against her naked back. The taller woman's nipples, hard and erect, pressed against the thin spandex of Bada's tank top and into the Amazon's shoulder blades. Diana looked down and saw two large, feminine black hands cupping her breasts. Bada hooked her thumbs into the top of the bustier and began to slowly pull it down.

The fabric rasped gently against Wonder Woman's nipples, irritating and exciting them, making them erect. Diana ground her teeth together and closed her eyes. "Hera...give me strength..." she whispered.

Bada pulled the top of the bustier over Wonder Woman's nipples. She stopped pulling the fabric and gave the sensitive nubs a gentle squeeze with her thumbs and forefingers.

"Uunhh..." Diana grunted in response. "Stop it..." she said.

Bada leaned her head close to Wonder Woman's, her lips and breath teasing the heroine's right ear. "No way, Wondy. You gettin' excited now, aintcha?" She pushed the bustier down further; Wonder Woman's breasts were now completely exposed. Bada enveloped the large mammaries in her dark hands and began to knead them. "Know where I learned to do this? Do you? In prison, bitch," she said, squeezing the heroine's breasts painfully. Diana grimaced. "Where you sent me. I was part of Cheetah's gang. I was just a kid. Didn't know no better. But I learned a lot in the stew. And now it's payback time, bitch," Bada finished, tweaking Wonder Woman's nipples like radio dials for emphasis.

"Ahhh!" Wonder Woman gasped in pain.

"Careful, Bada," the Doctor cautioned her. "Not too much pain. Just enough to offset the pleasure and keep her adrenaline flowing..."

Bada released Wonder Woman's breasts and returned to her original task, pulling off the Amazon's costume. She began to slide the fabric over Wonder Woman's stomach. Diana's abdomen trembled slightly at the touch of the other woman's hands.

"Bada," Wonder Woman said as calmly as she could, "I regret if I inadvertently caused you pain. The justice of patriarch's world is often imperfect. Believe me, if I had known you were treated unfairly..."

"Shut up," Bada ordered, digging her nails into the skin of Wonder Woman's lower abdomen for emphasis. "I don't wanna hear your lame-ass bullshit, snowflake. When the Doc is done with you," Bada whispered in Diana's ear, "you gonna be mine. My bitch. And I'm gonna fuck you good, and long, and hard, Wonder Bitch," Bada said as she slid the costume over Diana's hips. "And you gonna lick my pussy 'til your face looks like a glazed donut. And thanks to the Doc's wonder juice? You gonna like it."

"Never," Wonder Woman declared. "I'm an Amazon Princess! I'll never give in to your perverted desires!"

Bada chuckled softly as she pushed Wonder Woman's costume down past her ass, exposing the Amazon's pussy, covered by a neatly-trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. "Oh, Wondy, you're in for such a nasty surprise..."

Bada slowly kneeled behind Wonder Woman; Diana could feel the woman's hot breath as her face moved over her naked spine, then over her buttocks. Bada playfully bit Diana's right cheek, and the heroine gasped in response. Bada slowly pulled the costume down Wonder Woman's shapely thighs, past her knees, then over her red and white boots. She easily pulled it free of the heroine's body thanks to the suspension field that kept her floating in mid-air. Bada threw the costume to a grinning Doctor Déviante.

"Bing," the Doctor said to the other woman, tossing the discarded costume over her shoulder, "hang this next to our guest's other accoutrements."

"Yes, Doctor," Bing said obediently as she caught the flung garment, and hung the costume on a hook beside her without looking. She couldn't pull her eyes from the naked Amazon a few feet away from her. Wonder Woman hung immobile in the suspension field, bright lights above and below illuminating her perfect body, which was now completely nude except for her boots, bracelets, and tiara.

"Step back, Bada," the Doctor ordered, similarly spellbound by the Amazon's naked beauty. "Let's have a good look at our test subject..." The red-headed scientist pressed a control, and Wonder Woman began to move, rotating slowly. She felt three pairs of eyes examining every inch of her naked flesh, taking in her long, shapely legs, dark pussy, tight round ass, flat tummy, and her high, large, yet firm breasts. She couldn't even move her arms to cover herself. She maintained an aloof, regal countenance, refusing to acknowledge the degrading leers of her captors. In her heart, however, she had never felt more humiliated.

"Magnifique," Doctor Déviante breathed in admiration. "You're a wonderful specimen, are you not?" she said with a smile. Wonder Woman looked down her nose at the scientist. "Ah, the haughty princess. It will be so satisfying to see that frosty expression replaced by one of unbridled lust. First, though, let's pose our new barbie doll. Perhaps you'd like to cover your nudity, eh?"

The red-head touched some controls and Wonder Woman felt her limbs moving of their own accord. Her right arm moved up and over her breasts, covering her nipples and dark areolas, while her left arm moved down, reaching between her thighs until her left hand covered her pussy. She felt her knees draw together slightly. As she turned, she saw Bada watching her with enjoyment, a malevolent grin on her lips. Wonder Woman had been thinking, moments before, of covering herself in just such a fashion, but having it forced upon her only made her feel more naked.

"Ah," Déviante said with a smile, enjoying the Amazon's forced body position. "Venus discovered at her bath. But why so bashful? You have a magnificent body. Show it off!"

Again, the red-headed scientist touched the controls, and again, Wonder Woman felt her body moving. The suspension field felt absolute, as though it pressed against every part of Diana's body simultaneously rather than only key pressure points. She couldn't resist it, though she tried. Her legs straightened and spread until they were shoulder-width apart. Her arms bent at the elbows and her hands clenched into fists, then came to rest on her hips. Her magnificent chest thrust forward. Wonder Woman's power stance normally made her feel strong and confident. But without her costume, and under the lascivious glare of the three lesbians, she felt vulnerable and weak.

"Stop this," Wonder Woman said, half ordering, half pleading. "It's unnecessary."

"Oh, but it's so much fun!" Doctor Déviante exclaimed with a girlish giggle. Although she didn't tell the helpless Amazon, this humiliating manipulation of her test subject was indeed necessary. The Doctor rightly assumed that unlike most women who would eventually buy her product, Wonder Woman would not feel the same vulnerability and helplessness in attracting or keeping a man. So the experiment had to simulate that emotion, and its attendant physiological effects, in the usually-confident heroine.

The red-head touched the field's controls to manipulate her captive once again. Wonder Woman's arms raised above her head, hands opening, fingers extended upwards. Her right leg raised, bending at the knee, while her left straightened, her toes pointed downwards. She looked as though she were leaping into flight--minus her costume.

"She's so beautiful," Bing breathed from behind the Doctor. The scientist turned to look at her assistant. Bing flushed slightly. "Sorry, Doctor..."

"That's quite all right, Bing, ma chére," Déviante said softly. "You're correct. She is beautiful, and perfect for our purposes. Which we should get on with now. Bada, come take the controls of the suspension field. Bing, I need you to monitor the read-outs."

Bada moved next to Wonder Woman for a moment. As she rotated like a museum display, Diana glanced at the black woman standing beside her. Bada's hand reached out and squeezed Wonder Woman's ripe, naked ass. "When the Doc's done," the ex-con reminded her in a quiet growl, "you'll be my bitch." Then she walked down the platform steps and behind the console. Wonder Woman couldn't help shuddering, thinking what the resentful ex-con would do with her if given the chance.

Meanwhile, Doctor Déviante had climbed the platform and stood next to the slowly rotating heroine. "Bada, position 5B, if you please," the Doctor ordered. Wonder Woman stopped turning. Her arms remained extended, but lowered slightly. Her right knee straightened, then her legs spread until she found herself in a vulnerable and humiliating spread-eagle position, facing the control console and Déviante's excited stare.

"It's time for us to get better acquainted, Wonder Woman," Déviante said with a fiendish smile as she tugged rubber surgical gloves over her hands. Wonder Woman jolted when she heard the rubber snap against the Doctor's skin.

Interlude 2

"Sorry, that's all I can tell you, Supergirl," Detective Holbrook concluded with an apologetic shrug.

The young heroine nodded and uncrossed her arms from beneath her breasts and the large red-and-yellow S that covered them. "Thanks anyway, Detective," she told the African-American policeman. "It gives me something to work with, anyway. I'll take it from here."

"I wouldn't worry. I'm sure Wonder Woman can handle a few petty thieves," the Detective reassured her.

"Yeah. I'm sure you're right," Supergirl said with a smile and a nod, then leapt through a window and flew into the sky. She didn't feel nearly as confident regarding Diana's safety. It just wasn't like her to miss so many appointments without canceling ahead of time.

She flew to the East side, descended to street level, and entered a derelict-looking pawn shop, the only lead the Detective had been able to give her. A bell atop the door announced her entry.

"Yeah, what?" a small, chubby man, an unlit cigar stub in one corner of his mouth and a cheap toupee on his head, emerged from a doorway behind a counter strewn with junk. He took one look at the young blonde woman and the stylized S on her chest, then rolled his eyes heavenwards. "Aw, nuts. Not anudder one..."

"Tommy Smits, right?" Supergirl said.

"I got nuttin' ta say ta ya," Smits said defiantly, throwing up his thick arms. "Yer girlfriend already squeezed me fer info. You can go at hell."

"By my 'girlfriend', I take it you mean Wonder Woman?" Supergirl asked coldly. The nature of her and Diana's relationship still wasn't public knowledge.

"Yeah, da girl wit' de patriotic bikini," the pawnbroker admitted with a smirk and a leer at Supergirl's shapely legs. "She was here. No warrant. Tied me up wi' dat kinky yella rope a hers. What's it to ya?"

"She's missing," Supergirl responded, her voice growing colder and harder with each passing moment. "What did you tell her?"

"Look, you super-types, ya t'ink ya can push us ordinary folks around, but I'm tellin' ya..."

Supergirl lost her patience. She grabbed the pawnbroker by his stained shirt and flew out the door with him and into the sky. Seconds later, they were circling a radio tower that topped a sky-scraper. Supergirl landed on the radio tower's scaffolding, which Smits promptly grabbed and held on to for dear life.

"WHATDAHELLDJATINKYERDOINYACRAZYBITCH!?!" the little man screeched. He'd somehow managed to hold his toupee in place.

"I may not have a warrant, or a magic lasso, but I'm the only one who can get you down from here safely," Supergirl responded, her blue eyes cold as ice. "Now spill your guts, scumbag."

Smits told her everything he knew and she grudgingly returned him to street level. As she flew away, Supergirl decided that in spite of her cousin's warnings, spending the spring in Gotham learning from the Batman had been, on the whole, an extremely worthwhile experience.

Part 4: Venom

Doctor Déviante opened a small cabinet near the suspension platform. She removed something that looked like a shampoo bottle--clear plastic, filled with a lavender-colored liquid. The Doctor opened the bottle and squeezed some of the liquid into her rubber-coated left palm. Two steps took the red-head behind Wonder Woman where she still floated in the suspension field, naked and helpless. Diana felt the scientist's hand begin to slowly spread the oily liquid down her naked back. It felt warm on her skin, and smelled like a musky combination of patchouli and Chinese green tea.

"You won't feel excited, not at first," Déviante told Wonder Woman as her left hand caressed Diana's shoulder blades. "And I find it's best to apply the formula to less...erogenous areas to begin with. Would you be so kind to describe the sensations to us?"

"I'll do nothing of the kind," Diana declared, her voice hard and defiant. But her back began to tingle. Her thick lips twitched slightly at the sensation.

Déviante stepped to Wonder Woman's right side. She smiled as she squeezed more of her aphrodisiac into her palm and began to massage it into Diana's abdomen. "As you wish. Before long, the sensations you're experiencing will be quite apparent."

Déviante's hand spread another helping of the pungent liquid on the back of Diana's right, from the top of her red boot to the top of her thigh, just below the buttock. The Doctor sauntered to Wonder Woman's left side and repeated the application on that leg. Wonder Woman felt her heart rate increase and her breathing deepen. Her back felt warm now, as if a heating pad had been applied to it. The backs of her legs began to tingle.

"While the formula is applied to the skin," Déviante explained as she stroked Wonder Woman's upright left arm, covering it with the oil, "it is absorbed rapidly and enters the bloodstream, spreading throughout the body." The red-head stepped around the heroine and coated Diana's right arm with the aphrodisiac.

Wonder Woman's breath came hard now, through her lusciously parted lips, audible throughout the room. Her large breasts rose and fell with each panting breath, jiggling slightly. She closed her eyes and tried to find a still, quiet place deep inside her.

"You resist?" the red-head whispered from behind her. Diana had to admit the woman had a very sexy voice--lyrical, especially with that slight French accent. Wonder Woman shook her head to try to clear it of such thoughts.

"Yes," Wonder Woman said. She swallowed, then continued, her voice quavering, "I'm...an Amazon...I'll...resist you. With...all my will..." She took a deep breath and once again sought a still place within her soul. She pictured, in her mind's eye, a cool, placid mountain lake, tranquil beneath a blue, cloudless sky...

"Ah, such strength," Déviante said with admiration, then added sadly, "but it shall all be for naught. You're fighting right now, with all your willpower, to withstand the aphrodisiac." The Doctor lowered her voice and whispered sensuously. "But I haven't even begun to apply it to your most intimate...most sensitive...erogenous zones..."

Wonder Woman knew the scientist was correct. Already, she could hear her blood pounding in her ears. Her breasts began to bounce gently as her chest rose and fell more rapidly with each tortured breath. Her pussy had moistened even though it had not been touched...yet. The nerves in her back, legs, and arms felt as if they were on fire, and only the touch of a lover would satisfy them. She wanted to ask...no, beg Déviante to run her hands over her limbs again. But Wonder Woman was a super-heroine, and an Amazon, and a princess; so she held her tongue.

Then Déviante reached out and touched her ointment-coated glove to Diana's right buttock. Wonder Woman's eyes flew open and she gasped. At her erogenous zones, the aphrodisiac affected her more quickly. Her cheek felt warm, then tingly, then aching for stimulation--all within a second. Déviante spread the oil onto Diana's left cheek as well, gently groping Wonder Woman's tender flesh. The heroine jerked in the suspension field as sensation flared within her tight, round ass.

"Ohhhhh...Herrraaa...protect me..." Diana pleaded, moaning, her eyes closed as she rolled her head from left to right. Her long black hair swung against her back, stimulating her nerves there. Her white, shapely ass cheeks clenched and unclenched, heightening the pleasurable sensation the aphrodisiac had induced there.

"Wonder Woman," Déviante said, her voice husky, from where she now stood in front of the helpless heroine. Diana opened her eyes and held her head still, staring at the beautiful red-head, wondering what she would do next. Déviante reached forward suddenly and smeared a small amount of the ointment over Wonder Woman's lips and around her mouth. Diana gasped. She twisted her head away from the red-head's touch, but it was too late. Her lips exploded in sensation as if dozens of lovers were ravaging her luscious mouth.

"OHHHH!!" Wonder Woman cried as her mouth tingled, then burned. Her lips, growing flush with blood, yearned to be kissed. Diana's ruby red lips trembled as her mouth opened and closed slowly, sensuously, as if in response to the deep kiss of a lover. Her tongue darted out between her lips and quivered between them, hesitantly, as Diana moaned in pleasure and despair.

"Uuuuhhhh..." Wonder Woman's voice rose to a whimper at the end of the moan. She struggled to resist the urge to lick the oil that tingled on her full, moist lips.

"Don't worry, chére," Déviante reassured her gently, "the aphrodisiac, it is quite edible. Go on, you know you want to..."

Wonder Woman gave in and touched her delicate tongue to her throbbing lips. She licked in a slow, sexy circle, tasting the oil that her lush lips had not yet absorbed. It tasted spicy and warm, like mild curry, but tangy too, like citrus. Her tongue throbbed now, tingling as if tangled in a passionate French kiss. Wonder Woman withdrew her tongue into her mouth and rolled it around, over her teeth and against the roof of her mouth. The exotic, spicy scent of the aphrodisiac now filled her nostrils every time she breathed.

"Mmmmmmm..." the heroine groaned as her lips pursed, eager for a lover's kiss.

"Soon, chére, soon," Déviante told her, watching fervently as Wonder Woman's mouth quivered. She placed her index finger over Diana's puckered lips. The heroine opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the digit, sucking it eagerly and licking it with her tongue.

"Mmmfff...mmmm..." Wonder Woman moaned helplessly as more of the aphrodisiac found its way into her body from Déviante's finger. Sweat began to run over her skin, rivulets shining under the bright lights of the lab. Her heart beat as though she were running a marathon.

"Now, we continue with the application, non?" The red-headed scientist spread a generous helping of the liquid into her left palm, then capped the nearly-empty bottle and deposited it in a pocket of her lab coat. She slowly spread the aphrodisiac onto her other gloved hand. "Régardez, ma belle," Déviante whispered sensuously to her captive.

Wonder Woman opened her eyes and saw the Doctor's gloved hands, covered with the stimulating liquid, slowly reaching for her naked breasts. Diana gasped in panic. The aphrodisiac was already overwhelming her, and Déviante hadn't even touched her weakest points with it yet. If her highly sensitive breasts were exposed to anything like the powerful sensations that raged throughout the rest of her body, Diana knew she had no hope of resistance.

"No...please...don't do this!" Wonder Woman pleaded as her breasts heaved with her rapid, panicked breathing.

"Oh, but I must," Déviante whispered, licking her lips as she lustfully feasted her green eyes upon Wonder Woman's perfect globes. Even if she hadn't been applying the aphrodisiac, Déviante would not have been able to resist touching those luscious tits. Déviante reached forward and captured Wonder Woman's large, firm breasts with her hands.

"OOOOHHHHH..." Wonder Woman moaned as her tits came alive with sensation. She tossed her head back as her blue eyes opened wide. As the aphrodisiac entered her skin, her breasts felt as if they were on fire. Then, as if thousands of needles had pierced them. Finally, her mammaries felt as though hundreds of lovers were simultaneously caressing, fondling, licking, and teasing them. Wonder Woman's pussy grew wetter still as her body continued to betray her.

"HHUUURRRRMMMM..." Diana exclaimed in a throaty growl. Her back arched, pressing her breasts against Déviante's hands as her body continued its surrender to the aphrodisiac.

Déviante felt her own pussy moistening as she fondled Wonder Woman's big, firm breasts, kneading the alabaster mounds and massaging her aphrodisiac into them. The Amazon's breasts felt gloriously firm and springy, and Déviante could feel Wonder Woman's nipples hardening against her palms. She shifted her grip to gently squeeze the sensitive buds, eliciting a long, tortured groan from the heroine. Déviante resisted the temptation to bury her face in Wonder Woman's breast flesh. At the moment, such direct exposure to the chemical would prove fatal; but eventually, she knew she would be able to satisfy her lust for the Amazon, and that Wonder Woman would welcome every moment of it.

"OHHHHH...OHHHHH...OHHHHH..." Wonder Woman's breath came in long, agonized moans. When Déviante released her breasts, the Amazon somehow found the strength to resist asking the red-head to continue with her intimate massage. But her entire body desired...no, demanded pleasure. The Amazon writhed sensuously, as much as the suspension field allowed, and felt her breasts jiggling, her ass clenching, toes curling, fingers twitching, and her heart pounding in her chest. Diana's increasingly sex-crazed brain knew what had to come next. She could do nothing...nothing!...to resist it. She needed to have the tantalizing oil spread into her most intimate area.

Déviante retrieved the bottle from her lab coat pocket and removed its top. She squeezed the last of the aphrodisiac into her hand, dropped the empty bottle to the floor, and spread the liquid over her gloved palms. She leaned forward slightly and twisted her hands outward, holding her palms just over the insides of Wonder Woman's spread legs.

"Now for the piéce de résistance," Déviante murmured.

Wonder Woman watched helplessly as the scientist's palms moved closer to her inner thighs. Her will nearly broken, Diana couldn't even beg the red-head to stop, as she had just before the devastating fondling of her breasts. She could only watch, helpless, her breath coming in ragged pants, as the beautiful red-head got ready to make her final breach of Wonder Woman's defenses.

Déviante's palms touched the inside of Wonder Woman's strong but shapely white thighs, just above the knee. She then began to slowly push her hands upwards, her fingers pressed tight against Wonder Woman's flesh, ensuring that there'd be plenty of the aphrodisiac in her hands when she reached the apex of the heroine's long legs.

Wonder Woman's entire body quivered, like a violin string being tuned. Her mouth went agape; her blue eyes slowly rolled back beneath her eyelids. The flesh on her sensitive inner thighs felt alight with pleasure, but it was the anticipation that began to push the Amazon over the edge.

"Hhhhhhhhhnnnnhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned as Déviante's hands continued their journey upwards.

Déviante drew her fingers back at the top of Wonder Woman's thighs, letting her fingertips delicately dance across the Amazon's dark pubic hair. She rotated her hands, then slowly, gently, pressed the fingers of her right hand against Wonder Woman's pussy lips. The touch of the powerful potion to that intimate region sent a tremor throughout the heroine's naked, helpless body.

"Great Aphrodite!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as her body bucked at the flood of sensation that burst from her loins. "The pleasure...," she declared breathlessly, "...so intense...uhhhhhhhh..."

"Oh, just wait, my beauty," Déviante said with a lascivious grin. She gently parted Diana's pussy lips and deftly inserted her fingers into the Amazon's moist vagina.

Wonder Woman's eyes clenched shut and she gritted her teeth as a warm, wet wave of pleasure exploded from her pussy and rocked her naked frame. Her entire body tensed as she bent forward, then bucked as she suddenly, violent arched her back with a primitive grunt. Her breasts bounced upward, then slapped back against her chest. Beads of sweat sprayed from her body. All rational thought disappeared from the heroine's mind as pure, base lust took over.

"Godsss...sssoooo good...sssoooo good..." the mighty heroine whimpered in a high-pitched voice as her red-headed captor massaged the powerful aphrodisiac into Diana's love canal.

"Yesss...it's good, isn't it?" Déviante murmured. "And it's about to get so much better..." The red-head pulled her fingers forward and found the sensitive nub at the top of Wonder Woman's pussy. She felt Diana's vaginal muscles contract as they sought to hold her fingers against the Amazon's clit. Déviante pressed her forefinger against the back of Wonder Woman's clitoris, her thumb against its front, and watched the heroine begin to writhe shamelessly in pleasure and passion.

"OHHHHH...G-O-O-O-O-DSSSS...," Wonder Woman moaned loudly as the aphrodisiac penetrated the ultra-sensitive skin of her clit. Her head tossed spasmodically from side to side, her raven tresses swirling about her beautiful face, swatting the sensitized skin on her breasts, arms, and back. Her hips bucked against Déviante's hand, and her lungs pumped air like overworked bellows, every breath a ravaged gasp, causing her large breasts to shake and jiggle. Every movement, every touch, every sensation pushed the Amazon further, into a wonton sexual frenzy.

"Now...the final breach!" Déviante declared, her green eyes wide with admiration and lust for her beautiful, helpless captive. She moved her left hand between Wonder Woman's legs, behind her right hand, which still tormented the heroine's gushing pussy. Déviante then plunged her fingers between the heroine's ass cheeks. Her middle finger found Diana's anus and pushed into the tight, intimate orifice.

"NUUHHH-HUUHHHH!!" Wonder Woman grunted in surprise and delight. Her entire body tensed, the tender flesh of her thighs and breasts quivering.

The red-headed Doctor wiggled her fingers in Diana's behind, spreading the aphrodisiac into the sensitive skin there. All of Wonder Woman's erogenous zones had now been intimately exposed to the lust-inducing chemical. Her entire body burned with passion. A sheen of sweat covered her creamy white skin. Her head rolled to the right and she bit into her own shoulder.

"HNNNNGGGHHH..." Wonder Woman moaned as Déviante began to rhythmically pump her fingers in and out of Diana's pussy and ass. "Uhhh...uhhh...uhhh...too much...too MUCH!" the heroine cried in a high-pitched voice as intense pleasure overtook her.

Déviante laughed lightly. "Soon, you won't be able to get enough, Wonder Woman," she said, then accelerated her throbbing massage of Diana's privates. She was rewarded with rapid, ragged moans that rattled in the Amazon's chest. Wonder Woman's warm pussy juices gushed into her right hand. Déviante stepped into the suspension platform, closer to the floating heroine. Wonder Woman's heavy breath caressed Déviante's cheek; Déviante's own breathing grew heavier as she watched the naked Amazon writhing in ecstasy.

Behind the console, Bing no longer watched the readouts. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the gorgeous, dark-haired Amazon she'd idolized and fantasized about for years. She'd masturbated to sleep every night since she was a teenager staring up at a poster of the beautiful heroine. She'd studied martial arts to become more like an Amazon. And now she could almost reach out and touch the woman of her dreams. Soon, she, knew, she would have her--they all would all have her. Bing could feel her panties moistening, her breathing growing heavier. She reached up with her right hand and began to massage her small, pert left breast; its small nipple was already rock-hard beneath her black tank-top.

Bada glanced at her younger partner and smiled at the Asian youth's obvious excitement. She reached over and began to caress Bing's small, round ass. Bing closed her dark, almond-shaped eyes and began to use both hands to knead her breasts.

"Oh, Bada...I want to fuck her...I want to fuck her SO BAD...." the young Asian woman breathed, her eyes closing, as Bada stepped behind her. The black woman pressed her own, large hands over Bing's own, which still clung to her breasts. She pulled her partner back against her body; her large breasts formed a natural cushion for Bing's neck. The Asian beauty rolled the back of her head over her lover's mammaries.

"You will, baby, and soon...we all will," Bada promised her young partner in crime and lust. She bent over and pushed her right hand down to massage Bing's pussy. "We're all gonna fuck her. Now you watch...she's almost there. Doc's gonna make her come soon..."

"Oh...yeah...," Bing panted, smiling as her eyes opened and she watched the nude heroine bucking and moaning against the beautiful red-headed scientist. "Make her come, Doc...make her come!"

Déviante heard the exhortation, and glanced over her shoulder at her assistants, who were writhing against one another. So hard to find good help, she thought distractedly.

"Bing!" she cried out, an edge of anger in her voice. "Time to safety zone!" She turned back to Wonder Woman, watching with wide-eyed hunger as the Amazon gyrated against her hands.

"Unnnhh..." Bing groaned as she blinked, shaking her head to clear it. Bada continued to massage her pussy and breasts. "Um...20 seconds..." she said, indicating when the aphrodisiac would be fully absorbed and render Wonder Woman's nude body safe for skin-to-skin contact.

Déviante withdrew her hands from Wonder Woman's body. Diana gasped in disappointment. Her blue eyes flew open and looked around hazily, searching for the reason why the stimulation had stopped. Her mid-section continued to hump against thin air, as if Déviante's fingers still stimulated her.

Déviante tore the rubber gloves from her hands, throwing them to the floor. She pulled the lab coat from her shoulders and arms and let it drop as well.

"...15 seconds..." Bing called out. Bada kissed her neck and Bing moaned, but kept her eyes on the readout. Though brimming with lust, the young Asian had no desire to earn the Doctor's wrath.

Déviante tore her white blouse open, buttons popping and striking gently against Wonder Woman's naked, quivering tummy. Diana gasped as they hit her; to her ultra-sensitive skin, they felt like lashes from a whip. Her blue eyes widened as they noticed Déviante's large breasts, lightly freckled, as large as Diana's, jiggling gently within a black lacy bra, directly in front of her. She glanced into Déviante's green eyes and saw them alight with the same lust that burned within her own body. Then Wonder Woman moaned with desire, anticipation, and surrender.

"Uuuuuhhhhh...Goddess, you're so sexy...," Diana declared breathlessly, much to Déviante's delight.

"10 seconds..." Bing called out as she reached behind her and cupped Bada's pussy with her fingers, eliciting a low groan from the black woman.

Déviante reached behind her, jutting her large breasts towards an increasingly eager Wonder Woman, and quickly undid the clasp and zipper that held her black skirt in place. She pushed the skirt down over her shapely hips. It fell to the floor, revealing high-cut lacy black panties that matched her bra. Déviante kicked the skirt away from her feet with a flick of her black stiletto high heels. Wonder Woman whimpered at the sight of the Frenchwoman's voluptuous body, the black lace in harsh contrast against her pale white skin.

"5 seconds..." Bing said as Bada pulled the tank top down over Bing's breasts.

Déviante's green eyes, unblinking and aflame with passion, locked on Wonder Woman's. The red-head exhaled sharply as she reached down and tore the black panties from her body, revealing a bushy patch of red pubic hair. Her hands reached between her breasts and undid the front clasp of her bra. The black bra cups flew aside, and Déviante's large round tits sprang free, jiggling as they emerged from their concealment. Diana, completely enthralled by the aphrodisiac, salivated at the sight of her captor's exposed breasts, eager to suckle on the pink, hard nipples at their peaks.

"Time!" Bing squealed as Bada shoved her fingers down the front of the Asian woman's pants and into her pussy.

Déviante launched her nude body at Wonder Woman's. Her right arm wrapped over Wonder Woman's shoulder. Her left arm reached around Diana's torso to grab the Amazon's round ass. Déviante coiled her left leg around Wonder Woman's right, pressed her right thigh between the heroine's legs and against her pussy, and hooked her right foot, still in its black stiletto heel, around Diana's boot-clad left calf. Their bodies, now locked together in a passionate embrace, dipped in the suspension field for a moment, then it adjusted and held them both suspended above the brightly-lit platform.

Déviante wasted no time. Her right hand clutched the hair at the back of Wonder Woman's head. She pulled the captive Amazon's face to hers and kissed her passionately. Déviante's tongue plunged deep into the shocked heroine's mouth as the Frenchwoman proved her adeptness at the style of kissing her countrymen had invented. Her large breasts, slightly softer than Diana's, pressed against their counterparts; the two women's tits mashed and sloshed together, nipples rubbing against nipples. Déviante groped the Amazon's ass, squeezing and scratching the tender flesh until Diana moaned in response. She began to rub her thigh against Wonder Woman's pussy and its engorged, super-sensitive clit.

"MMMFFF...MMMFFF...MMMFFF!!!" Wonder Woman moaned into Déviante's mouth as her head swam with the chemically-induced pleasure that racked her helpless, naked body. She began to writhe and buck against the Doctor's curvaceous form. Déviante's smooth thigh rubbed against her pussy, and Diana's own leg performed a similar service on the red-head's soft muff. Pussy juice began to run down both women's legs.

"RRMMM...MMMRRFF...HHRRMM..." Déviante moaned as she ravaged her captive's luscious mouth with her own. Diana's tongue responded to the invader in her mouth, rolling around it first, then darting between her partner's lips. Soon their tongues were excitedly dancing a hot, wet, passionate duet. Saliva covered both women's lips, dripping down their face to their chins.

Déviante broke the kiss and stared, studying her new lover's face, taking in Wonder Woman's heavy-lidded, dark-lashed eyes, her flushed cheeks, and her lips now puffy and shining from the hard and heavy French kissing.

"Bada..." Déviante called, her voice panting and half-moaning, "adjust the field...to support me."

Reluctantly, Bada removed her left hand from Bing's pert breast and reached for the suspension field controls. She tapped in a brief command, then went back to stimulating her young lover's eager body.

Déviante felt herself floating in the suspension field, her body weight completely supported. Unlike Wonder Woman, however, she was free to move as she wished. The red-headed Frenchwoman removed her hands from Diana's hair and ass; she arched her back, exposing her breasts, and Wonder Woman's as well. Diana's blue eyes, glassy with desire, watched Déviante's tits jiggle, then stared rapturously as her new lover reached for her breasts.

The red-head clasped Wonder Woman's massive mounds in her hands and eagerly groped and squeezed them. Diana's eyes closed and her jaw went slack as her sensitive breasts surrendered to the arousing assault.

"OH YES...OH YES...OH YESSSSS..." Diana whimpered, her voice high as a girl's, as Déviante pressed her precious, sensitive, creamy-white breasts this way and that. Wonder Woman pressed her eyes shut and inhaled through clenched teeth when the Frenchwoman pinched her hard, pink nipples and pulled them away from the heroine's chest. Déviante slapped Diana's breasts back and the Amazon gasped, her blue eyes flying open.

Then Déviante's bright green eyes took on a hard, determined look. She gripped Wonder Woman's breasts tightly and began to slowly, sensuously, torturously rub her body against Diana's. Déviante's milky white thigh rode against Diana's pussy as the red-head began to hump the heroine, using Wonder Woman's breasts as leverage.

"Uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...ohGods...ohGods...," Wonder Woman panted as her heart pounded a driving, relentless rhythm in her chest. Her body couldn't take much more. She felt a hot, turbulent tide building within her, like a volcano getting ready to blow.

"Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh..." Déviante moaned as her body's motion rubbed her own wet pussy against Wonder Woman's shapely thigh. "I...told you...you couldn't...resist...," the scientist exulted as her hard green eyes caught Diana's blue ones in a passionate gaze. Then the red-head swallowed hard and her eyelids shut half-way. "But...neither...can I..." Déviante bent forward and enclosed Wonder Woman's left nipple and areola with her mouth. She rubbed the tender bud with her tongue, then gently bit it, and smacked her red lips against the dark pink skin at the peak of Diana's breast.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH..." Wonder Woman moaned as the teasing of her breast shot a blast of hot, searing pleasure through the rest of her body. Her head fell backwards, her raven-black tresses tumbling down her back and swinging against her naked ass.

Déviante released Wonder Woman's breast from her mouth, then gave her captive a hard, cold stare. "Now, my beauty...I make you come," she said harshly, her lips curled into a snarl.

Déviante took tight hold of Wonder Woman's firm breasts and tightened her legs' tangled grip around those of the Amazon. Her curvaceous body sprang into motion as she began humping Diana feverishly, her thigh clenched and rubbing hard against the heroine's damp pussy. Wonder Woman's head sprang forward, her mouth agape and her eyes wide at the sudden, furious pumping of her captive body. Then her passion overcame her surprise and she began to hump back, rubbing her pussy against Déviante's leg, and stimulating the red-head's hot, wet mound in the bargain.

"HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH!" Wonder Woman grunted with each thrust against her privates. Her head bounced left and right in limp response to the thumping of her naked body. Her tiara slipped against the sweat on her forehead and hung slightly askew, resting atop her left eyebrow. When Déviante increased the tempo of her attack, Diana kept pace, until the two women were pounding away like pistons in an engine.

"YES! YES! YES! MA! CHÉRE!" Déviante yelled, "FUCK! ME! BACK! FUCK! ME! BACK!"

"OH YEAH! OH YEAH! FUCK HER! FUCK HER!" Bing shouted as Bada's long fingers vigorously rubbed the Asian's wet pussy. Watching the two gorgeous women humping one another, combined with Bada's stimulation of her body, finally overcame Bing. "CUMMING....I'M CUMMING...OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" Bing screamed as she came. She pressed her head back against Bada's tits, her eyes closed, her mouth open wide. Bada bent her head forward and kissed her junior partner, darting her tongue into the Asian's mouth. "MMMRRRRFFFF!!!" Bing moaned into the black woman's mouth as the waves of her orgasm rocked her petite frame.

The sound of a female orgasm pushed the two women in the suspension field to the ultimate edge of passion. Their naked white flesh, slick with saliva, sweat, and sexual juices, slid and thumped against each other. Wonder Woman quivered in the suspension field, still held spread-eagled as though in bondage. Déviante held Diana's breasts tightly and humped the horny heroine with her shapely right leg.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Wonder Woman grunted at each impact against her engorged, overheated clit. She pressed her eyes closed; her hands bunched into fists, fingernails digging into her palms. Her breasts felt as though Déviante might tear them off, such was the power of her grip...but it felt wonderful, incredible.

"AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!" Déviante exclaimed, her mouth open wide, gasping for air as she wildly ground her body against Wonder Woman's. She could feel her own orgasm rising inside her, building like a wave about to break.

"HUH! HUH! HUH..." Diana's guttural moans suddenly ceased. She stopped breathing. Her entire body tensed. Her eyes and mouth flew open. The volcano within her erupted...violently. "...uuuuuUUUUUAAAAHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as the first wave of the orgasm crashed over her. Her head flew back over her shoulders, dark hair flying, as her back arched, thrusting her breasts forward into Déviante's hands. "UHHHH!!! UHHHH!!! UHHHH!!!" Diana moaned loudly as her body spasmed in a colossal climax, wave after wave bursting within her.

Déviante's green eyes opened wide as Wonder Woman's orgasm made Diana's body spasm, repeatedly and violently rubbing the heroine's thigh against the red-head's wet pussy. Déviante released Diana's breasts and threw her upper body against Wonder Woman's, wrapping her arms around the Amazon's torso and squeezing tightly, mashing their breasts together. Then Déviante squeezed her eyes shut and moaned as her own orgasm exploded in her voluptuous body.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Déviante screamed as she came. Her hands clawed at Wonder Woman's back and ass. "MON DIEU! MON DIEU!" Her pelvis rocked against Wonder Woman's with each pleasurable spasm.

"UUHHHH!! UHhhhh...uhhh..." Diana moaned as the last tremors of her orgasm rippled through her body. Her long, shapely legs quivered in the suspension field that held them open.

"OHHHH...ohhhh...oooooooooh..." Déviante cooed as a sated smile spread across her lips. She lifted her head from Wonder Woman's naked shoulder. Strands of her red hair lay matted against her face by the sweat of sexual exertion. Still panting, she looked at the captive Amazon through heavy-lidded eyes. Diana, her own eyes still closed, gasped for air. Déviante's smile broadened. "You truly are wonderful...Wonder Woman," she whispered. Then she passionately clamped her mouth over the heroine's neck and bit her, making Diana gasp, and ensuring the heroine would wear a bright red hickey for several days. "There," Déviante declared when she removed her mouth from Diana's neck, "I mark you as my own."

Gradually, Déviante untangled her body from Wonder Woman's and stepped back from the suspension platform. She reached out with her right hand and gently massaged Diana's left breast, teasing the still-erect nipple with her thumb.

"Oh-h-h-h-h..." Wonder Woman moaned; her body, still crazed by the aphrodisiac, delighted in any sort of physical stimulation.

"Magnifique," Déviante declared. "...and we're just getting started, my dear, just getting started..." she continued, her voice heavy with lust, her green eyes devouring Wonder Woman's body in all its helpless, glorious nudity.

Interlude 3

Supergirl had followed the same leads as Diana, and they all led to the same place: a derelict warehouse on New York harbor. But the Maid of Might's heart sank as she flew to the address she'd obtained. Of the warehouse, nothing remained but black, smoking embers.

"...started some time last night, Supergirl," the fire chief told her as his men retrieved their hoses and packed away their gear. "The inspectors are trying to determine what started it, but it's gonna be tough. You're welcome to have a look, if you want. Maybe that super-vision of yours can pick up something for us?"

"Maybe," the blonde heroine responded with more brightness and hope that she felt. Despondently, she began scanning the smoldering wreckage of her last lead to her lover's whereabouts. It seemed hopeless. Several minutes later, she'd found nothing but charcoal and twisted, melted metal.

"Oh, Diana," Kara whispered to herself, blinking away tears, "What's happened to you?"

Part 5: Prey

Déviante continued kneading Wonder Woman's breast. Diana licked her lips and arched her back, pressing her tit against the red-head's hand.

"Mmmfff...oh yes...oh yes..." Wonder Woman whimpered, anxious for more stimulation. Suddenly Déviante withdrew her hand, and Diana's eyes flew open. "No...please...don't stop..." she begged, her eyes wide and imploring.

"You want more, mon chére?" Déviante asked, her smile wicked and confident.

"Mmmmmm, yes," Wonder Woman responded, grinding her hips back and forth slowly, sensuously.

"Would you like to pleasure me?" the red-head asked in a low voice. She placed her hands under her large breasts and gently squeezed them. She parted her lips ran the tip of her tongue along her upper lip.

"Oh, yes," Wonder Woman answered eagerly, her eyes widening as she watched her new lover massaging her own breasts, holding them out to the heroine as an offering.

"And my assistants...?" Déviante asked, glancing towards the control console. Bada had removed her jacket, tank top, and pants; she lay across the top of the console, moaning with pleasure. Bing knelt between her partner's long, dark legs. Bada's calves, still clad in their black leather boots, were locked behind Bing's head. The petite Asian's face was buried in the black woman's clean-shaven pussy, passionately lapping her clit. Suddenly the black woman's back arched, thrusting her large breasts towards the ceiling, and she cried out as she came.

Wonder Woman looked at the two women making love and felt her heart pounding in her chest. "Yes," she breathed. "Oh, Gods, yes, all of you, yes, please..."

Déviante smiled at her new plaything's eager response. "Excellent. Bada! Bing!" The two henchwomen languidly lifted their heads and looked at their employer. "Collect yourselves, my dears. Bada, make ready the suspension field. Bing, prepare the equipment..." the scientist ordered with an evil, lascivious grin as she relished letting the next three words roll off her tongue, "...for phase two."

Bada and Bing smiled wickedly, then began their appointed tasks with barely contained excitement. Déviante turned to Wonder Woman and smiled. "Soon, my beauty," the red-head declared, "you'll be ours forever..."

Wonder Woman could only shudder as she floated, spread-eagled and naked in the suspension field, her body eager for more pleasure...in whatever form it might take...








and most important of all...




(Just like Wonder Woman...)

Wonder Woman and the Drug of Desire part 1