Wonder Woman and the Drug of Desire - Chapter 2  

By Dangerguy

Wonder Woman

Chapter Two: Descent into Depravity

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit; Wonder Woman and Supergirl are the property of DC Comics. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it.

Okay, I know it's been a long time coming...no pun intended...but here's part two, which concludes the story. You guys better not ever complain about a DanO update being late again, given how long it takes me to roll these suckers out. I think I'm gonna stick to one-parters from now on...

Part 6: "Phase Two"

Wonder Woman's curvaceous and fine-honed warrior's body, magnificently naked save for her boots, bracelets, and slightly askew tiara, hung limply in Dr. Déviante's suspension field. Her creamy alabaster skin, covered with sweat, glowed beneath the intense laboratory lights. The superheroine's ruby-red lips, ravaged moments before by the evil Doctor's, hung open and her large, firm breasts heaved as she raggedly drew breath into her over-heated body.

The Amazon warrior watched helplessly as the beautiful, red-headed French Doctor and her two formidable assistants, Bada and Bing, worked with muted excitement over a bank of computer consoles. The Doctor had mentioned something about a "Phase Two" for her experiment. Wonder Woman could only speculate, with nervous excitement, about what this might entail. She tried to form coherent thoughts, knowing that she was in a dangerous predicament and that she must find a way to escape. But the drug her beautiful captor had liberally administered over her luscious, vulnerable body not only interfered with her normal thought processes; Diana found herself wanting, no, craving, desperately craving more pleasure, more sexual sensations, more mind-blowing climaxes. At the apex of her shapely, parted legs, Wonder Woman's sodden pussy overflowed; every couple of seconds, a drop of love honey fell into the suspension field's lower projection array.

Minutes ticked by; they felt like hours to the helpless Amazon, whose body demanded more stimulation. Diana desperately tried to move her arms so she could fondle her own burning breasts and masturbate her drenched pussy, but the suspension field prevented all but the most subtle of movements. Wonder Woman could only clench and unclench her shapely buttocks and whimper at the meager stimulation this provided.

Her captive's pitiful mewling drew Dr. Déviante's attention. She smiled at the helpless, quivering Amazon.

"Yes, Wonder Woman? Is there something you want?" she asked, ingenuously.

"P-please...," Wonder Woman begged, her blue eyes pleading as she returned the Doctor's amused gaze, "whatever you're going to do to me...have done with it!"

"Soon, ma belle. Soon...," the redhead cooed.

The fiendish doctor smiled malevolently, full of deviant anticipation. The delay before Phase Two--the delicate adjustment of the equipment--couldn't be avoided. But it served a purpose. By the time the second and final part of the perverted experiment commenced, the wait ensured that Wonder Woman's body would be humming like a finely-tuned violin string.

"Doctor? We're ready," Bada announced after typing in the final list of commands. The three captors turned their eyes towards their victim.

Bing swallowed nervously as she watched her naked idol quivering in the invisible force field that held her aloft and spread-eagled. "Doctor...do you think she'll survive?"

"None of the others did," Bada responded, her flat tone indicating she didn't much care one way or the other.

"None of the others were Amazons," Doctor Déviante reminded her two henchwomen as she gazed admiringly at her naked captive. Her lips parted, and her head cocked to one side slightly. "Commence," she ordered, a slight smile of pleased anticipation tugging at the corner of her cruel but sensuous mouth.

Bing slowly, nervously moved her hand over a touch-sensitive computer screen. Her fingers hovered, hesitating, over the bright red ACTIVATE command. The petite Asian had both admired and lusted after the beautiful Amazon heroine for all her life; she didn't want to be the cause of her destruction. Bing wanted Wonder Woman to survive...so she could have her, possess her, fuck the living daylights out of her. She knew, however, the price for disobeying the Doctor. She pressed her finger against the touch-sensitive screen, and the machinery activated.

Wonder Woman's eyes, heavy-lidded from her recent sexual bout with the red-headed Frenchwoman, opened wide as the light around her changed. The suspension field was produced by two large, bowl-shaped dishes--one above the Amazon, and one below. Both dishes projected a diffuse white light as well, which had served to illuminate the heroine's suspended body. Now the bottom dish's light dimmed, then suddenly grew again in intensity, accompanied by an electrical hum.

At that moment, a disembodied vibration climbed Wonder Woman's body. It began in the soles of her still-booted feet, then quickly moved up her calves. It felt as if hundreds of fingers, carrying a slight electrical charge, were caressing her legs. The sensation rapidly moved up her thighs. The Amazon gasped as the erotic, invisible stimuli rippled across her ripe ass and exposed pussy. The vibration traveled up her back and across her stomach. She gasped again as it moved across her sensitive breasts and their erect nipples. She next felt the sensation tickle her neck, then slide across her face and across her arms. The lower dish dimmed and the upper dish brightened as the vibration moved up her body, seemingly passing from the one apparatus to the other. As the sensation ended, a mixture of fear and sexual excitement accelerated Wonder Woman's breathing, making her large breasts bounce as she stared, wide-eyed, at her captor.

"Wh-what was that?!?" she demanded. "What's happening?!?"

The Frenchwoman smiled lasciviously at the helpless heroine. "This is Phase Two. We have modified the suspension field harmonics to directly stimulate your nervous system, especially your erogenous zones...in several different ways, as you're about to find out. You are now, essentially, in the world's largest--and most effective--vibrator, Wonder Woman. Enjoy the ride," the diabolical scientist concluded with a lusty smirk.

"You fiend," Wonder Woman protested weakly. "I swear I'll--UHHHHHH!!" The next erotic vibration moved up her body, cutting off the heroine's half-hearted threat. Every square inch of her naked white skin felt its invisible touch, and every muscle on her athletic frame quivered in response.

"I'm sorry, what was that, Wonder Woman?" Dr. Déviante asked, bemused. The heroine never got a chance to respond.

"OHHHHHH!!" Wonder Woman cried as the next vibration suddenly stimulated her senses. The vibrations seemed to be coming faster, and moving faster over her body. She tossed her head to one side; though heavy with perspiration, her dark tresses whipped around her head and face.

"AHHHHHH!!" Wonder Woman closed her eyes and yelled as the next vibration rippled along her body. The pleasure coursing through her was more intense, more thorough, that anything she had ever experienced before. The drug in her body made her crave more of it, and she knew it would not be long before she came. She eagerly awaited it; the stimulation ensured that her drug-addled mind could conceive of no thought beyond the desire for more pleasure.

Behind their consoles, her three captors watched, with undisguised lust, as Wonder Woman's naked body trembled in response to the accelerating vibrations.

"Increase the tempo, Bing," Doctor Déviante ordered, and Bing's lithe fingers danced across the console.

Wonder Woman's blue eyes flew wide open as she felt the effects of the suspension field's new instructions. A vibration now swept over her body once every second.

"UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH!" the Amazon grunted with each passing vibration. Her luscious mouth hung open as she fought a losing battle to get enough air into her lungs; the resulting light-headedness only increased the effects of the stimulation.

"Faster!" the depraved Frenchwoman cried, her green eyes excitedly dancing between the readouts on her console and the magnificent specimen of womanhood approaching orgasm in front of her. Bing increased the field's vibratory tempo once again.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Wonder Woman panted with each pleasurable pass of vibrations. She could feel the suspension field's every ripple, especially as it passed over her engorged clit. Her fingers clenched into tight fists; her toes curled inside her red and white boots. Then her eyes closed and she gave out a long. hoarse cry.

"UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!" the Amazon Princess groaned as she came, and came hard. Every muscle in her body tensed. Her back arched; her large, firm breasts bounced on her heaving chest. Drops of lubricant spurted from her pussy, landing in the pulsing dish below her.

The suspension field's sensors detected the end of Wonder Woman's orgasm. The field slowed, but did not stop, its stimulation of the helpless captive. The vibrations slowed, then began to gradually accelerate, building the helpless heroine back towards another orgasm. Wonder Woman's drug-addled mind and sexually-charged body eagerly anticipated the approaching wave of pleasure.

"Ohhhh...Aphrodite...," Wonder Woman moaned imploringly, "hear me...give me strength...your daughter...wants only to serve you..." She licked her dry lips; she was slowly dehydrating.

"She's delirious," the red-headed Frenchwoman said as her right hand drifted beneath her lab coat to fondle her own breasts. "Excellent. Bing, activate the secondary stimuli."

"Yes, Doctor," the petite Asian responded after a moment's hesitation. She had trouble prying her eyes away from the gorgeous, naked Amazon trembling in the suspension field. Somewhere, she found the will-power to pull her gaze back to the console and activate the next stage of erotic manipulation.

"OHHHHHH..." Wonder Woman moaned as the next vibrating wave slowly passed over her body. "OH!" she exclaimed, her eyes opening, as a new sensation took hold of her...literally. She looked down at her magnificent chest to confirm what she felt: her breasts were being fondled...invisibly! It appeared as though the fingers of an invisible lover were groping and squeezing her huge mammaries. She watched in stunned fascination as the indentations moved over her alabaster flesh, then she gasped as the invisible fingers flicked her sensitive nipples.

"AHH!" the heroine cried in surprise as a similar sensation, of groping hands, enveloped her shapely rump. Her head tossed left and right, dark locks flying, as she tried in vain to see what was happening to her backside, though she suspected the suspension field had once again been expertly manipulated to induce these sensations. Though she could not see what had befallen her heart-shaped behind, she could certainly feel it. Invisible hands seemed to grope and squeeze the tender flesh, pressing her cheeks together, then spreading them apart. Wonder Woman moaned loudly as the artificial pressure on her breasts and ass induced yet more pleasure in her trembling, sweat-covered body.

"OHHHHH!!!! GODDESS!!!" the Amazon cried in ecstasy as another powerful vibration traveled over her flesh. She had nearly climaxed as it washed over her; the next wave, she knew, would bring her to yet another orgasm. Wonder Woman welcomed it, craved it. "Yes, Aphrodite...YES! I...surrender to you...," she prayed to the goddess of love as she capitulated, accepting the stimulation, the violation of her body. "Please, Goddess, make me...make me...OH! MAKE ME CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!"

Wonder Woman gave a husky groan of ecstasy as the next vibration shook her flesh and her next orgasm crashed through her spread-eagled frame. Her eyes shut tight, her teeth clenched, her mouth formed a tight grimace. Her taut abdomen tightened as the orgasm wracked her body, making her quiver like a bowstring in the suspension field. Once it passed and the suspension field's stimulation died down, her head dropped to her chest and she panted, eagerly gathering strength for what she hoped, prayed, would happen next: more stimulation, more pleasure, more orgasms. Wonder Woman cared about nothing else; not about her dignity, not apprehending the criminal mastermind who had rendered her a sex maniac...not even about her life. She shakily lifted her head.

"AGAIN!" Wonder Woman screamed, pleading with her captors. "MORE!"

Doctor Déviante laughed, amused by the superheroine's complete loss of self-control. "You heard the lady, Bing," she told her subordinate. "Begin the next stage."

Again, the petite Asian issued a command to the computer, and the suspension field hummed in response. Wonder Woman felt the field's vibration begin to slowly pass over her body. She groaned as the groping of her breasts and behind recommenced, harsher than before. The invisible hands pulled her breasts away from her chest, then released them, allowing the firm mammaries to slap against Wonder Woman's torso, while it felt as though the same hands were clawing at her ripe ass. The heroine inhaled sharply through clenched teeth. Then her eyes and mouth flew open as the next sensation shocked her.

Something was penetrating her! Wonder Woman could feel her pussy lips parting as something entered her most intimate orifice. And it didn't just enter her--it vibrated, like the rest of the suspension field--but inside her, not outside! And it actually radiated heat--not unpleasantly, but like a real, live cock. Wonder Woman's beautiful blue eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open in amazement. The invisible member continued to move deeper inside her, increasing in girth as it did so. Wonder Woman felt the warm, ghostly prick contact her g-spot, then her cervix. The Amazon exhaled with a moan as her blue eyes rolled back in her head.

All the while, the fondling of Wonder Woman's exposed breasts and shapely behind continued, adding to her rapture. She felt the "hands" of the suspension field kneading her buttocks aggressively before they suddenly pulled them apart and held them there. Had she not been so lost in pleasure, Wonder Woman might have wondered why the fondling of her backside had stopped; she may have even surmised the reason. As things stood, however, the second penetration, this time of her anus, took her completely by surprise.

"HUUUUUNNHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed in ecstasy and pain as the second invisible member entered her spread ass. Like its partner, it felt warm and vibrated like a hive of bees. The heroine could no longer form words or coherent thoughts. Her body began to spasm within the tight confines of the suspension field as the sexual stimulation began to overwhelm her. Her breath came in ragged, irregular gasps; her eyes stared glassily at the middle distance, unseeing. Rivulets of sweat ran down her naked body, occasionally spraying into the air when she shuddered with a grunt.

Suddenly the invisible cock withdrew to the tip of the heroine's vagina; Wonder Woman whimpered in disappointment. She needn't have worried. The hot, vibrating member plunged back in to her pussy just as the field rippled another vibration over her nude, helpless body.

"AAAAUUUUUGGGHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed hoarsely as the wave of sexual bliss crashed over her. Her lungs pumped air rapidly in and out like overworked bellows. Then the Amazon felt the other invisible cock withdraw from her ass; she closed her eyes and moaned softly in anticipation of its inevitable return.

"UNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!" she groaned as the invisible cock rammed back into her tight anus, again simultaneous with a complete body vibration.

"HUUUHHH!!" she gasped as its partner withdrew from her soaking pussy. At the same time, at her breasts, the invisible hands pulled and pinched her nipples.

"OHHHHHHHH!!!" she cried as the first invisible cock thrust into her pussy and another vibratory wave traveled over her naked flesh.

Wonder Woman had never experienced sexual pleasure like this, not with her sisters on Paradise Island, not even with her young lover, Kara--Supergirl. She had experimented with male lovers a couple of times and had found them...unsatisfying. She had used vibrators on occasion, before she had welcomed Kara to her bed. But this was something on another scale entirely. It didn't just leave the heroine incapable of thought or speech; even if the suspension field had not been restraining her, she could have done nothing more than stand there and accept the pleasure coursing through her. Even basic bodily functions, like breathing, were becoming difficult. Not that Wonder Woman noticed. Not that she cared.

The heroine gave a guttural, growling moan as another penetration/vibration assaulted her body. The invisible, vibrating cocks seemed to be growing in size with each thrust, mixing pain with pleasure. Wonder Woman's drug-riddled, sex-crazed body could not tell the two sensations apart, and welcomed both as equally stimulating.

Meanwhile, her captors struggled to watch her vital signs, as it meant taking their lustful eyes from the erotic show before them. Bing managed to examine the readouts and interpret their meaning. She grew alarmed.

"Doctor!" she exclaimed, "her vitals! Heart rate...blood pressure...they're reaching critical levels!"

"I know, Bing! Tais-toi!" Doctor Déviante yelled at her assistant.

"But she'll die in there!" Bing yelled, tears forming in her almond-shaped eyes. Not now, not when I'm so close to having her...

The red-headed Doctor angrily waved away her henchwoman. "We have to take that risk! We have to find out if it's possible to survive the drug! That's why we brought her here!" The Frenchwoman turned to the petite Asian and snarled. "Now shut up and watch your console, or leave!"

Bing swallowed angrily, but bit her tongue. "Yes, Doctor..." She felt Bada's large hand on her shoulder, reassuring her.

"Don't matter one way or the other, hon'," Bada whispered to her young lover. "But my money's on Wondy. I seen her take a lot of shit from Cheetah, and she came up swingin'. She's a tough bitch. She'll get through this. Then it'll be our turn."

Bing swallowed hard. "I hope you're right, Bada. I..."

"Bing," the Doctor's cold, hard tone interrupted, "set the tempo to accelerate to maximum over the next minute." Bing only stared, wide-eyed and disbelieving, at her boss. The cruel, red-headed beauty fixed her with an angry, imperious stare. "DO IT!!"

Reluctantly, Bing tapped in the command sequence, certain she was carrying out her idol's death sentence. Bing looked up, watching the beautiful heroine's naked body quivering and spasming. Wonder Woman was lost in the throes of an ecstasy such as she had never known before...a deadly ecstasy that had proven fatal to every other woman who had experienced it. Bing touched the final command on the touch-sensitive screen and silently wished the heroine luck.

Wonder Woman was beyond the capacity to consciously notice it, but her body responded as the suspension field began to accelerate its stimulation of her erogenous zones. The invisible cocks in her nether regions began to pump in and out of her faster and faster, like pistons in some obscene machine as it accelerated to light speed. The body-wide vibrations came faster and faster, and her breasts were pulled and squeezed, her sensitive nipples tweaked and pinched hard as if bitten.

"OOOOOOHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman managed to draw a breath and exhaled it as something between a scream and a moan. She then began to hyperventilate as the tempo of the suspension field's stimulation increased. Her hips rocked back and forth as each invisible phallus alternated its thrusts with its partner. Her taut, lean abdomen began to spasm as the climax built inside her. The Amazon's back arched as she thrust her magnificent breasts towards the hands of her unseen, inhuman lover. Sweat now ran in sheets over her naked white skin. Her head and its beautiful mane of raven-dark hair tossed backwards and forwards, side to side, as the pleasure possessed her completely.

Then the field hit its maximum tempo, exuding a loud, continuous hum. The vibrations ran over Wonder Woman's body constantly, such that she could not tell when one started and the next began. Wonder Woman's breasts jiggled non-stop on her chest as the field groped at the huge mammaries. The invisible cocks thrust in and out of her so quickly that they froze her hips in place; in fact, Wonder Woman's entire body froze in place. Her eyes squeezed shut. She could not draw a breath, nor exhale one. Her body tensed, preparing itself for the mother of all orgasms.

Then it happened.

What little oxygen the Amazon had in her lungs escaped as a loud, hoarse, agonized groan. Then she could make no more sound, none at all. An explosion of white light wiped all thought from her mind. Her head tossed backwards, her back arched further forwards as she bent like a bow despite the field's hold on her, her breasts now pointing towards the ceiling. Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream. Time blurred, then seemed to come to a complete stop for Wonder Woman. Every muscle on her lithe form tensed and clenched. Her pussy discharged; Amazon love honey sprayed into the lower field array.

And still it went on! Her body continued to orgasm. Not multiple orgasms, but one long, intense, seemingly endless climax. It held her motionless, frozen, this unending contraction. She could not move, could not breathe, could not do anything but ride out the wave.

"Incroyable!" Doctor Déviante breathed as she watched her captive experience an orgasm that would have killed a normal woman. Bada watched coldly, but surreptitiously reached down between her legs to cup her own wet mound. Bing watched, enthralled and terrified; a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"GNNNNGGHHH!!!" Wonder Woman grunted loudly as her body doubled over. Her dark hair flew over her head then covered her face and chest as she bent forwards, sweat flying from her body. She drew an agonized breath that rasped in her throat.

"HUUUUUNNNNHHHH!!!" The heroine then bucked, her dark hair flying about her again, breasts bouncing, muscles tightening as another orgasm took her. The suspension field held her arms and legs spread-eagled still, but her torso spasmed within it; the erotic gyrations of an Amazon at the height of ecstasy, it seemed, were too strong for even the fiendish Doctor's formidable force field.

Wonder Woman's body collapsed forward. She gulped a breath. Then she sprang back again as she climaxed again. "OOOOOHHH!!!" She fell forward, then straightened yet again. "AAAAHHHH!!!" Yet again, the pattern repeated. Now the multiple orgasms seemed endless, and Wonder Woman bucked within the suspension field as though riding an invisible bronco while naked and spread-eagled. The climaxes occurred faster and faster. "UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH!" The heroine cried as each orgasm wracked her naked body, threatening to tear it apart.

Then Wonder Woman straightened, and her body froze once again as yet another climax gripped her lithe, athletic frame. Tears now coursed down her cheeks, evidence of the toll her orgasmic ride had taken. Her eyes widened, her sensuous mouth opened wide, and a low, inarticulate rasp rose in her throat, as if she were being strangled.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, it ended. Wonder Woman's blue eyes rolled over white and her head lolled forward to hang over her chest. Her naked body, which seconds before had been tense and spasming, now hung limply in the suspension field which still attempted, in vain, to stimulate her. No one, not even an Amazon, had ever been intended to be on the receiving end of so much pleasure. The heroine had reached sexual overload, and her body and mind had collapsed in on itself. She hung in the suspension field, quite still...deathly still.

"You killed her..." Bing whispered, incredulous. She quickly deactivated the field's sexual functions, then she turned and glared at the Doctor through tear-stained eyes. "You killed her!" she shouted. Bing took a step forward, but suddenly found Bada holding her back.

"Hold on, sweet cheeks," the African-American woman cooed to her younger cohort, "you don't wanna go crossin' the Doc. She'll have me put you in there next, you know that."

Bing also knew that Bada would put her in that field to be pleasured to death if ordered, despite their intimate relationship. Bada was loyal first to herself, then to whoever was providing her with the biggest paycheck. Currently, that was the red-headed French Doctor who now studied her computer screens, oblivious to her henchwomen's melodrama.

"Yes...," the red-head muttered to herself. "Yes...I think I see...ha ha!" she suddenly chortled.

Bada smiled. "Good news, Doc?"

"Hmmmnn? Ah, oui, Bada! I think I have the answers I was looking for...I'll have to analyze the data further, of course..."

"What about Wonder Woman?" Bing asked, her voice shaking. She shook herself out of Bada's grip, but did not advance on the Doctor, despite her anger. "Did you have to kill her?"

Doctor Déviante stared at the Asian woman incredulously, then smiled and spoke to her as if addressing a small child. "Oh, Bing...you are so sentimental. But she is not dead. She is merely resting!"

Bing shook her head, disbelieving. "Resting?" she asked.

"Mais, oui," the Frenchwoman insisted. "See for yourself," she continued, pointing to the computer screen that displayed Wonder Woman's vital signs.

At first glance, all the readouts appeared to have flat-lined, as for a dead person; but momentarily, a flicker of activity appeared. Wonder Woman's heart still beat, and her brain still functioned, it seemed. Bing smiled hesitantly and looked back at the Doctor.

"Some sort of...suspended animation Amazons can achieve after exhausting themselves, I suspect," Doctor Déviante surmised. "If I'm reading these displays correctly, she should start to come out of it in an hour or two. Magnifique," she finished, her head shaking in admiration. Then she turned and began to walk out of the room.

"Where are you going, Doctor?" Bing asked, still blown away by everything she had seen.

"To further analyze the precious data I've gathered, of course!" The Doctor exclaimed cheerfully without looking back. "This is just the breakthrough I was looking for!"

"Yo, Doc," Bada called out, "what 'choo want us to do with Wondy when she wakes up?"

Doctor Déviante stopped and turned on her heel. She glanced at the beautiful, catatonic heroine; an ember of lustful interest flickered in her cold green eyes, then died. She turned and opened the door to the lab.

"Whatever you wish," she called back over her shoulder with a shrug. "Just be careful. She should be quite weak when she comes around, but don't underestimate her."

"What about the drug?" Bing asked hopefully. "Will it still be affecting her?"

The Doctor thought about it and shrugged again. She had more important things on her mind. "Peut être," she replied. "There should be enough still in her system to make things...interesting for you, ma chére," she said with a wicked grin, then left and closed the door.

Bada and Bing glanced at each other and smiled lasciviously. Then they looked at the naked, helpless heroine floating a few feet away and began to laugh.

Interlude 4

Some time had passed, and Supergirl still desperately scanned the warehouse wreckage with her x-ray and micro-vision. She had found nothing so far to reveal the fate of her fellow superheroine and lover, Wonder Woman, who had disappeared two days ago. The pretty young blonde fought back tears as she continued her search, refusing to give up on her only lead as to Diana's whereabouts.

"Diana's a big girl," Supergirl murmured under her breath. "She can take care of herself..." But her voice caught on a sob, revealing that she didn't believe her own words. A tear ran down her cheek, and the maid of might collapsed to her knees. She covered her pretty face with her hands began to cry softly. "Oh, Rao...please...Diana..."

Supergirl had never admitted it to anyone, but she found it extremely difficult to allow herself to get...attached...to anyone on her adopted planet. She had lost her entire world, after all, and was reluctant to again lose even one person who was close to her. She protected them as best she could as Supergirl; but she kept them at arm's length as well. Everyone on this planet was so frail, so fragile, so easily killed compared to Supergirl and her more famous cousin. But somehow, Diana had penetrated all of Kara's defenses. Perhaps because Wonder Woman was the mightiest heroine on the planet after Supergirl, not to mention immortal, Kara had surrendered to the illusion that her new lover, unlike other humans, could not be harmed. Wonder Woman's experience and confidence added to that illusion. Or maybe Kara was simply lonely. Whatever the reason, she had let Diana into her heart, and now she feared the worst for her colleague, friend, and lover.

"Damn it!" Supergirl cursed uncharacteristically as she angrily wiped her eyes. "Pull yourself together, girl. You're a superheroine, not some helpless little bimbo!"

Supergirl's arms dropped stiffly to her sides and grasped angrily at the debris of the ruined warehouse. Clutching a handful of it in her right hand, Supergirl raised her fist and looked up into the clear blue sky above her.

"I swear, Diana," she muttered through clenched teeth as she crushed the debris in her hand, "I'll find you. And I'll make whoever attacked you pay for..."

Supergirl stopped in mid-vow and looked quizzically at her right hand, now curled into a fist around the crushed debris. Many people thought that she and Superman weren't aware of their own extraordinary strength; people often seemed reluctant to shake hands with her, for example. But just as she possessed super-hearing and super-sight, her sense of touch was also extraordinarily sensitive; not to pain, of course, but to other sensations, such as pressure. And something about this debris didn't feel right. She opened her hand, then her fair brows knitted together as she scanned the crushed, scorched metal in her palm.

Her blue eyes suddenly cleared, then blazed with purpose and fury. She leapt into the sky, heading at super-speed for S.T.A.R. labs. Because in her hand she held the charred remains of an advanced, extraordinarily strong alloy she had never seen before, an alloy that had no business being in the fire-gutted remains of an old, derelict warehouse.

Part 7: Agony and Ecstasy

As Wonder Woman swam slowly towards consciousness, she gradually became aware of certain sensations. First, in spite of however long her body had rested, every muscle ached as though she had been in a tag-team wrestling match against Gorilla Grodd, Doomsday, and Artemis. Second, her body no longer floated, free of gravity, in Doctor Déviante's suspension field; instead, she could feel that she was splayed out on her back on a hard, cold cement floor. Third and finally, her face and upper chest felt wet and cold. Wonder Woman gradually realized that someone was pouring ice-cold water on her, and her parched mouth was open, greedily choking back what she could of the precious liquid into her dehydrated and exhausted body.

"Wakey, wakey, Wondy," the heroine heard a deep alto mocking her. Diana's eyes fluttered open. She saw, standing above her, a tall, muscular African-American woman, pouring the contents of a sports bottle into her face.

"Bada..." Wonder Woman rasped disconsolately as memories of the last several hours flooded into her mind.

"Awww, ain't it nice to be recognized," Bada said mockingly as she towered over the prone heroine. She leaned down and gave Wonder Woman a patronizing pat on her cheek. "I gotta go help Bing. We're settin' up something real special for you, Wonder Bitch. Don't go nowhere," she concluded with a chuckle, then walked away, out of sight behind one of the large consoles.

After Bada left her, Wonder Woman wearily glanced around and recognized the lab where Dr. Déviante's perverse experiment on her had run its course. She lay at the base of the suspension field's platform; nearby, she could hear what sounded like a power drill in use, then Bada and Bing discussing something in muted, but excited tones. Then the two henchwomen laughed. It was not a comforting sound.

Diana attempted to pull herself up, but found she could not. Her arms had been pulled behind her back then folded over each other so her bracelets rested against each other. Someone--the sadistic black woman, no doubt--had then wrapped what felt like thick, unyielding rubber tubing around her forearms several times, binding them quite effectively. Diana then tried to move her legs, which were folded underneath her, and found she could not. The same rubber tubing had also been wrapped around her red and white boots, binding her ankles, then tied off around her wrists, pulling her legs up behind her. Another length of tubing, she could now see, had been wrapped around her slender waist, then had been pulled down between her legs, fitting snugly between her pussy lips and ass cheeks--what bondage aficionados referred to as a crotch rope.

Normally Wonder Woman would have simply torn apart such meager bindings, but the absence of her power belt and her exhausted state rendered her weak as a kitten. The bondage position forced her to arch her back unnaturally, thrusting her still-naked breasts and hips upwards as if in a perverse sort of offering. As Diana's faculties returned, the dire nature of her predicament dawned on her. Here she was, bound and helpless, probably expendable now that the Doctor's experiment had ended, at the mercy of a woman who had earlier vowed to 'make you my bitch'. The situation filled her with dread. Her heart began to beat faster, a mild panic rising within her. She pulled harder at her bonds, but only succeeded in making her large breasts jiggle erotically, and making the tubing in her pussy rub against her clitoris.

"Uhhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned softly at the pleasurable sensation. She tugged at her bonds again and was rewarded with yet another rough but pleasing tug of her clit. Then she caught herself. Great Hera, she thought, I can't be getting TURNED ON by this! But she realized she was. She could feel her pussy lubricating. The bondage, the helplessness, the anticipation of her captors' depraved plans for her--the situation both terrified and excited her. The drug, Wonder Woman suddenly remembered. It must be the drug...

The return of Bada interrupted her reverie.

"Betchoo wonderin' what's going down, Wondy," the tall, dark-skinned woman said as she approached the helpless superheroine. "Well, I got good news and bad news. Which you want first?" Bada's lips parted, revealing a white, malevolent grin.

"What's the good news?" Wonder Woman asked, playing along for now.

"We're ready for you." Bada replied.

"And the bad news?"

"We're ready for you. See, that's good news for us, but ba-a-a-d news for you. Now come along," Bada ordered as she turned to go. Then she stopped and turned back to look in mock surprise at the naked, bound heroine. "What? You need a little help? Okay..."

Bada reached down and grabbed a handful of Wonder Woman's long, raven-black hair, then began to drag the Amazon across the floor. They then went down a short flight of stairs; Wonder Woman grunted as her back struck each sharp step edge. The Amazon closed her eyes and grimaced, but couldn't stop a groan of pain escaping her lips as the tall sadist yanked the heroine around several computer consoles. Finally, Bada released her hair so the heroine's head fell against the concrete with a dull thud. Wonder Woman looked up angrily at the tall, statuesque black woman, who only returned her glare with equal fervor.

"Four years in the stir 'cuz a you, bitch," Bada muttered through clenched teeth. "It's payback time," the sadistic criminal finished with a smile. A shudder ran through Wonder Woman's body.

"Well, well," Bing's dulcet tones rang from the other side of Wonder Woman's prone, helpless body. "It's our own pet superheroine!" The petite Asian knelt down and caressed Diana's cheek. "Really, Bada...you're so rough," she said, softly chiding her taller partner.

"Bing," Wonder Woman pleaded with the young Asian kneeling over her, "I heard you say earlier that you admired me. Surely you also admired my message, of peace, respect, and justice...you must know that what you're doing is wrong, and..."

Bing stared at Wonder Woman as though she'd just sprouted horns. "Get real, babe. I admired these," she said as she softly moved her hands over the heroine's large, firm breasts. "And now that I have them, I'm never going to let them go," she concluded as she playfully tweaked Diana's dark brown nipples.

"Ohh!" Wonder Woman gasped as Bing toyed with her sensitive breasts. She fought to quell the excitement she felt growing in her loins. Damn that Frenchwoman and her drug! the Amazon thought. "Please...stop," she begged.

"Oh, baby," Bing cooed as she ran her fingernails over Wonder Woman's taut, quivering tummy, "we're just getting started..." Bing eased her fingers under the tubing that ran between Wonder Woman's pussy lips. She slowly pulled on the tubing, tightening it against the heroine's clit.

"Ohhhhhh...." Wonder Woman moaned as the tightening rubber sent a shock wave of pleasure through her body. "No...don't..." she pleaded, struggling against the pleasure coursing through her. She sighed as Bing eased up on the tubing, allowing it to go slack, then gasped as the Asian woman suddenly pulled it tight again.

"All right, Bing," Bada interrupted. "I din' drag the bitch over her to get all soft and romantic."

"Awww, Bada," Bing pouted as she released then pulled the crotch tubing tight again, making Wonder Woman moan, "I'm just having a little fun..."

"Yeah, well, we gonna have a lot of fun. Now help me get the bitch over to the bench."

The two lesbians each gripped one of Wonder Woman's bound arms and pulled her over to a rectangular bench with a padded leather seat--about a meter long, and just under a half meter wide and tall. They bent her helpless body forwards, over one of the bench's long sides, so that the heroine's legs hung down on one side and her breasts hung over the other. As her head dangled over the bench, Wonder Woman noticed that the legs had been bolted to the floor--that was probably what the power drill she'd heard moments before had been doing. She hoped that would be the only use the power drill saw today. Diana also noticed a thick steel ring, about two inches in diameter and also bolted to the floor, directly beneath her breasts. Before she could fathom its purpose, her attention was drawn by the two female criminals, who set about redoing the Amazon's bindings.

They untied her legs first, removing the rubber tubing wrapped around her booted ankles and calves. Wonder Woman tried to take advantage of this temporary freedom to fight for her freedom, but her earlier sexual ordeal had still left her weak. She grunted as she attempted to swing her legs against the two criminals, but they easily held her at bay. Bada and Bing each took one long, shapely leg and spread them apart. They bent Wonder Woman's knees and pressed them against the cold concrete floor, then used more black rubber tubing to bind each knee to an opposing leg of the bench. With her legs bound spread wide and the bench holding her torso up, Wonder Woman's pussy was pulled open, leaving it exposed and vulnerable. This confirmed the heroine's worst fear: she was about to be raped by these two lesbian criminals, probably several times. Her heart thumped in her chest, and she felt her pussy moistening at the prospect--the drug again, she told herself.

Wonder Woman sighed with relief as she felt her captors untie the tubing from her crotch and unravel it from around her waist. They then took a longer piece of black rubber tubing and pulled it around her lower torso, criss-crossing it so it formed an X over her naked back, binding her mid-section to the bench.

Then Bada and Bing carefully untied the Amazon's arms. Taking no chances, Bing pulled Wonder Woman's right arm out, fully stretching it, while Bada pinned the other against the heroine's back. Bing firmly bound Diana's right arm to the right forward leg of the bench. Then the two lesbians switched positions and repeated the procedure with Wonder Woman's left arm until it, too, was stretched and bound to the far forward bench leg. The heroine now found herself bound firmly and helplessly to the heavy bench. But her captors were not yet finished.

"UNNGGHH!!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as Bada once again grabbed her long, dark, luxurious hair and yanked it back. Bound tightly to the leather bench, Wonder Woman could only arch her back to relieve the pain in her scalp. Bada tied yet another length of thick, black rubber tubing around Diana's hair and passed the end to Bing, who looped it through the tubing around their captive's lower torso and tied it off securely.

Bada and Bing rose to their feet to admire their handiwork. They had obviously planned out this bondage position thoroughly. Wonder Woman's legs were spread wide, her anus and cunt exposed and easily accessible. Her head was forced upright and her back arched, pulling her magnificent breasts up and making them jut out appealingly. The thick, strong rubber tubing had very little give and held the Amazon nearly motionless; even breathing took some effort. Despite her immobility, sweat began to glisten on Wonder Woman's naked body as fear and excitement made her heart race and her breathing accelerate. The two lesbian villainesses could easily torture her, violate her, or kill her.

"Oh, Bada," Bing cooed as she knelt down again and began to lightly run her hands over Wonder Woman's ass, "there's just nothing as erotic as a beautiful woman, tightly bound and helpless..." Bing led her index finger to the crack of Diana's behind, down past her tight, puckered anus, and over the lips of her pussy. Wonder Woman gasped at the intimate violation. "Oooohhh, Bada, she's wet!" Bing squealed. "I think she's enjoying this..."

Wonder Woman could take no more. She forced down the erotic sensations the drug induced, mustered what little dignity she had left, and snarled at her captors.

"Do your worst, scum!" she declared. "Get it over with! But know that you're tangling with an Amazon warrior, not a plaything...and I will have my revenge!"

Silence greeted her vow at first...then Bada and Bing burst out in gales of laughter, which only infuriated the Amazon more.

"Yeah, Wondy, you look real threatenin' in that position," Bada said, and coupled her mocking comment with a sharp slap of Wonder Woman's ass, making Diana buck in her bonds.

"Damn you, I'm an Amazon Princess!" the heroine declared angrily. "You'd do well to release me!"

Bada and Bing looked at each other in mock awe. "Ooooo, an Amazon Princess!" Bada repeated. "Well, if you a princess, you oughtta have more...jewelry, right?" she said, winking at Bing, who smiled back.

"What do you mean?" Wonder Woman demanded, struggling to keep a hint of nervousness out of her voice.

"Well, the bracelets, the tiara, the li'l red earrings...they nice and all, but I think somethin's missin' from your ensemble," Bada said as she turned and grabbed something from a nearby console. She turned back to the Amazon and walked towards her, holding her hands behind her back as though playing a child's game. She knelt down in front of Wonder Woman, grinning wickedly. "Which hand, Wondy?"

"Go to hell," Wonder Woman responded.

Smack! Bada's slap nearly spun Wonder Woman's head around. As her head turned, the tubing holding her hair painfully yanked at her scalp. She returned her head to a less painful position and retuned Bada's angry glare.

"Pick a hand, bitch," Bada growled.

Wonder Woman realized she had little choice but to play along in her current predicament. "Left," she muttered, licking at her lips. She tasted a small trickle of blood there.

The vicious grin returned to Bada's lips. "Good choice, Wondy! Well...good for us, not for you," she said as she held out her left hand. In it, she held a small, thin chain of gold, with what appeared to be tiny alligator clips at either end. Bing giggled excitedly from behind Wonder Woman as Bada held the item in front of the heroine's face, waiting for her to recognize it.

"What...what is that?" Diana asked nervously. She suspected the tiny item's purpose, but prayed she was wrong.

"You about to find out," Bada said as she reached for Wonder Woman's right breast. Her index finger flicked sharply at the nipple, making Diana gasp. Then Bada grabbed the tender nub between her thumb and forefinger and pulled.

Diana grimaced at the rough handling of her sensitive nipple, then watched with growing trepidation as Bada's free hand moved closer to her breast, holding open one of the chain's clips.

"No!" Wonder Woman pleaded, "No don't...don't...NO!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!" she screamed as the sharp teeth of the clip pinched down on her breast's tender bud.

The pain was intense--her mind boggled that such a tiny device could produce such agony. But her nipples had always been sensitive--had always been her weakest point sexually. Kara had used that fact tenderly during their lovemaking, but Bada now exploited it cruelly as a prelude to rape. The sex drug remaining in her system only intensified the sensation. Then the muscular black woman wrapped the chain around her fingers, and slowly pulled it towards her. Unable to move in her bonds, Wonder Woman could only grit her teeth and groan in agony as Bada tugged on the chain attached to the tight nipple clamp, obscenely extending the heroine's large mammary.

"You gonna watch yo' manners now, Princess?" Bada demanded, eliciting a giggle from Bing. Wonder Woman did not respond, preoccupied as she was with the agony in her tortured tit. She closed her eyes tight and breathed hard through clenched teeth as she struggled to shut out the pain.

Then Bada eased her grip on the chain and Wonder Woman drew a relieved breath. But her respite was short-lived. Diana watched as Bada pulled the chain down and through the steel ring in the floor she had noticed earlier. Bada then raised the opposite end of the chain up to Diana's left breast, testing the length. She frowned, unsatisfied, and looped the chain around the ring several times. She tested the length again and smiled cruelly; Diana could not fathom now how the nipple clamp could possibly reach her other breast, but Bada obviously intended to try. The heroine braced herself as best she could.

Once again, Bada painfully flicked her finger at Wonder Woman's nipple. She then grabbed the protruding nub and pulled it down sharply.

"OH GODS!!! STOP! STOP!!" Wonder Woman screamed as Bada gradually pulled the nipple and clamp together. "IT WON"T REACH!! IT WON'T!! STO-O-O-O-P!!!"

"Yes it will," Bada declared with a grunt of exertion. She wrapped her large hand completely around Wonder Woman's left breast and pulled it down. "Nice udders, cow," she said with a chuckle. She locked the clamp over Wonder Woman's nipple and released her breast.

"AUUUUGGHHH!!!" Wonder Woman cried as the clamp's jagged tines bit into her sensitive nipple. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She tried to lower her torso to relieve the agonizing pull on her breasts, but the bench and her tightly-bound hair prevented her from doing so. She moaned and sobbed as she desperately sought to bring comfort to her tortured breasts, but even the simple act of drawing breath added to her agony. Gradually, her nipples became slightly numb due to their reduced circulation, and Wonder Woman realized that the less she moved, the less pain she experienced.

But the pain of her humiliation remained. The Doctor's bizarre experiment that nearly killed her was one thing, but this was quite another. Not since her encounter with the Plant Mistress had she been so helpless, and even then she had never been in this much agony. From the looks on her captors' faces, she knew it would only get worse, though at the moment she could not imagine how. But she didn't have to; she knew they could well imagine humiliations and tortures beyond this. Worst of all, she could feel her traitorous body once again beginning to betray her as it adjusted to the new sensation, making her heart rate increase and her pussy moisten.

"Herrraaaa...help meeee...." she moaned her prayer to her goddess, her voice nearly inaudible.

Bada, meanwhile, had pulled a quarter from her pocket and glanced at Bing. "Heads or tails, babe?" she asked her Asian partner.

Bing bit her lip and glanced at the immobile Amazon. "Hmmmm...heads," she decided.

Bada flipped the coin, caught it in one hand and slapped it onto the back of the other. She showed it to Bing.

"Heads it is!" the petite Asian declared triumphantly.

"Which means I get to start with the tail," Bada said lustily as she ran her dark eyes over Wonder Woman's pale white ass.

Bing knelt down in front of Wonder Woman and took the heroine's tear-stained face in her hands. Wonder Woman's blue eyes, blinking away tears, clouded with pain and fear, gazed into her own. Bing traced around the heroine's luscious mouth with the fingertip of her right index finger. Then the Asian beauty slowly, gently pushed her finger into Diana's open mouth, softly touching her tongue. Desperate to shut out the pain and humiliation, Wonder Woman closed her lips around Bing's exploring digit and gently sucked on it, closing her eyes at the same time. Bing withdrew her finger slightly, then gently slid it back in to Wonder Woman's mouth, then began to repeat this action.

At the same time, Bing reached forward with her left hand and began to caress Wonder Woman's right breast. The once-proud Amazon whimpered at first to have her tortured mammary touched, but Bing's gentle caress, which became a soft, insistent kneading, relaxed her. The nipple clamps seemed to heighten her breasts' overall sensitivity, and Wonder Woman found herself enjoying Bing's gentle ministrations.

Bing withdrew her finger from Wonder Woman's mouth. The heroine's eyes opened to see the pretty Asian slowly lowering her head towards hers. Bing's thin lips parted and then made contact with Diana's. She kissed her idol gently at first, then more insistently, her lips sliding over Diana's as their mouths opened and closed around each other. Then Bing slowly thrust her tongue into Diana's waiting mouth; the heroine responded with a moan. Bing squeezed Diana's breast as she French-kissed her, and was rewarded with another moan.

Bing pulled her head back and straightened. She crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the lower edge of her tank top, and pulled it up over her breasts, then over her head, and tossed the garment aside. Wonder Woman watched rapturously, lost in the pleasure that now gave her relief from the earlier agony. Bing had small breasts, pert and perky, with tiny, dark areolas and bud-like nipples. Diana licked her lips. Bing leaned forward and pressed her right breast into the heroine's waiting mouth. Bing gasped with pleasure as Wonder Woman suckled at her erect teat, teasing the nipple with her tongue, then gently biting down on it. Bing then slowly pulled her naked breast away from Wonder Woman and regarded her captive with a gentle smile.

"Pleasure and pain," Bing said softly.

"Wh-what?" Wonder Woman asked, lost in the very sensations Bing had just mentioned.

"It's what you'll experience with us," Bing gently informed the helpless heroine, as though explaining something to a small child. "It's all you'll experience. No one knows you're here. No one will ever find you. And we'll never let you go. The Doctor's drug will ensure you never have the capacity, or the desire, to escape. I will take you to the heights of ecstasy," she finished as she rose to her feet and glanced behind the heroine, "...while Bada will drag you to the depths of agony."

"What do you mean...?" Wonder Woman asked tremulously; her bondage prevented her gaze from following Bing's.


"AAAAGGHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as Bada sliced a leftover length of rubber tubing through the air and slashed it against the heroine's ass and exposed pussy. She had bucked in her bonds at the pain, pulling on the nipple clamps and adding to her distress.

"Pleasure and pain," Bing repeated. "After awhile, you won't be able to tell when one ends and the other begins."

"Bet she can tell 'em apart well enough right now," Bada said as she drew her hand back for another swing.


"OOOOOOHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman yelled in agony as the rubber tube again made harsh contact with her intimate area.

"You want me to stop, Princess?" Bada asked, mocking the heroine with her title once again.

Bada's disdainful use of her royal title galvanized whatever resistance the heroine had left. "Fuck you, bitch!!" she exclaimed, the continued torture drawing from her the uncharacteristic vulgarity.

"My, my, Princess," Bada declared, "we gonna hafta wash that mouth out with soap!"



"You know," Bada announced as she began to walk in a circle around the bound heroine, "you might plaster the stars an' stripes 'cross yo' tits and ass, but you don't know jack shit about the U.S. of A., do you?"

Wonder Woman held her tongue, reluctant to give her tormentor a reason to hit her again, even through she knew that was inevitable.

"Fer example," Bada continued, "we ain't got no royalty here. No queens, no kings, no princesses..." she reached down at this, grabbed Wonder Woman's gold tiara from her forehead, and flung it across the room. "We all equal here. Well, there were slaves once...but that's over now. Or is it? Maybe it's payback time for that too, huh? Whatchoo think, Wonder Bitch? Your white ass belongs to us...you our slave now, ain't that right, Bing?"

Bing enthusiastically nodded in agreement with her partner. "Yes, Bada...she's our slave."

"Hear that, Wonder Whore?" Bada demanded. "You our slave. Say it. Say, 'I'm your slave'."

"No." Wonder Woman said firmly. Not since Herakles had enslaved them had an Amazon been reduced to that status. They wore the bracelets to remind them of the bondage they had once suffered and must never suffer again.


"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Diana screamed, her agony more intense than she had ever known before. Every time the rubber hose struck her, she couldn't help jolting in her bonds and pulling on the nipple clamps.

"What was that, slave?" Bada asked harshly. "I don't think that was the right answer. Less try again. What are you?"

"An Amazon..."



"GUUUUUHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman groaned.

"WHAT ARE YOU?!?" Bada demanded.

"A w-warrior..."



"OH GODS!!! STOP!!!" The pain in Wonder Woman's backside and breasts was becoming excruciating.

"You know how to make it stop, bitch!" Bada told her. "Say it!"

"NO!!" Wonder Woman refused, clenching her teeth.


"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Tears ran freely down Wonder Woman's face.








"GAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman's rear began to glow bright red. Harsh, angry welts began to appear on the alabaster skin there.


"NO MORE!!! I'LL SAY IT!! I'll say it..."

Bada stopped her whipping arm in mid-blow. She watched Wonder Woman expectantly. Was this some ruse?

"I...I'm...y-your...oh, goddess..." the heroine stuttered.

"C'mon, Wondy...the whip's a'waitin'!" Bada reminded her. She prepared to strike again.

"I'm your s-slave," Wonder Woman conceded with a sob. "I'm your slave," she repeated, then cried uncontrollably. She wanted to hang her head, curl into a fetal ball, but she could not--the bondage would not allow her to hide her shame. Her exhausted body simply could not endure the pain, the intense agony. Even now, her sobs made her breasts pull painfully at the clamps on her nipples, reminding her of her hopeless state.

Bing, still topless, knelt down in front of the disconsolate heroine. She caressed Wonder Woman's cheek with the back of her hand, wiping away her tears.

"There now, that wasn't so hard to say, was it?" Bing asked rhetorically. "And as a reward, you now get pleasure. Best of all, you get to give it and receive it. Would you like that?"

Wonder Woman didn't know how to respond at first. She then remembered that had just admitted to her status as this woman's slave, and knew there was only one way she could respond.

"Yes...mistress," she replied to Bing's query, then turned her head--despite the pain--and kissed the Asian woman's hand.

"Oh, very good, slave," Bing said, grinning ear to ear. They had broken her--broken Wonder Woman, completely! Even the Doctor hadn't done that...well, she'd helped, but still... "Just for that, little slave..."

Bing reached forward and released Wonder Woman's nipples from the dreadful clamps. This did not bring the immediate relief Diana had hoped for; she gasped as blood flowed back into her swollen nipples, bringing torturous sensation with it.

"Okay, Bing," Bada declared, "half-time. Let's switch ends, girl..."

Interlude 5

"It's a matter of life and death," Supergirl said, as politely as she could manage.

"Yes, it always is with you superheroes," Dr. Douglas Zupan replied, irritated. He pushed his thick glasses into his unruly mop of sandy-brown hair and peered into a powerful microscope.

The Doctor had come highly recommended to Supergirl by S.T.A.R. Labs' administrator, but she had been warned that he didn't possess the best 'bedside manner'. He was a recent graduate of M.I.T. with advanced degrees in metallurgy, robotics, and computer science, which would have been remarkable in and of itself. On top of that, however, he had just recently celebrated his seventeenth birthday.

A child prodigy, Zupan was as arrogant as he was brilliant. He was, of course, a virgin--not that he told anybody, but it was pretty obvious. His lack of success with women made him irritable around them, especially pretty ones, particularly gorgeous ones in skin-tight outfits and mini-skirts.

"You don't care for...meta-humans?" Supergirl asked, trying to make polite conversation.

"Is that the P.C. term for it now?" Dr. Zupan replied with a snort. "Seems to me you people get all the credit and glory whenever people like me do most of the work."

Supergirl shrugged. "I always try to give credit for the assistance I get. The media don't always disclose..."

"Yeah, whatever," the young scientist interrupted, then looked up from the microscope. "Look, if you want this done in a hurry, it'd go faster if you let me concentrate."

Fine, Supergirl thought, her blue eyes widening at the young man's rudeness. Keep looking in your microscope, Mister Science...you probably need it to find your dick.

Dr. Zupan removed the sample of the metal shard Supergirl had provided him from the microscope and proceeded to pass it through a spectrum analyzer, then he dropped in in a beaker filled with a clear liquid where it fizzed and bubbled. He then gave a satisfied grunt.

"So...?" Supergirl prompted him.

The young scientist gave an exasperated sigh, as if realizing the heroine was still here. "So, it's exactly what I thought it was. A super-strength alloy patented four months ago by Déviante Industries. They have exclusive rights to it."

"So...they're the only ones who can manufacture it?" Supergirl asked.

Zupan sighed again, adding an eye roll this time. "Isn't that what I just said?"

Supergirl swallowed the tart reply she had on the tip of her tongue. "What can you tell me about this company?" she asked instead.

"Oh, Déviante Industries? They're on the cutting edge of just about everything," Zupan said brightly, obviously warming to a subject for a change. "Advanced alloys are just a sideline for them, really. Their specialty is advanced human bio-chemical research."

"You sound quite familiar with the company," Supergirl remarked.

"Yeah, well, I almost ended up working for them, but...I, uh, decided I preferred S.T.A.R. Labs. Y'know, so I could do pure research without having to worry if it might result in something profitable." Zupan lied smoothly, trying to put out of his mind the humiliating job interview he'd had with Dr. Déviante herself. He'd had no idea walking into the interview that the President and C.E.O. of the company was a gorgeous, sexy Frenchwoman...so of course he'd blown it.

"Of course. Where can I find them?" Supergirl asked.

Again, Dr. Zupan rolled his eyes and sighed. He opened a drawer in his workbench, reached in, pulled out a phone book and tossed it to the surprised heroine.

"You know how to use one of those, don't you?"

Supergirl began flipping pages, alternately glancing at the entries and glaring at the young genius' turned back. Yeah, I know how to use one of these. I can tear one in half, too, dickweed...

Supergirl found the entries for Déviante Industries and tore the page out of the phone book with a smile. Dr. Zupan turned and glared at her.

"Thanks for your help, Doc," Supergirl said, batting her eyelashes a little as she shifted her weight to one shapely leg and rested her fist on the opposite hip. "See ya around," she said with a smile as she pirouetted and sashayed out of the lab. Watch it and weep, zero, Supergirl thought; it's as close as you're ever gonna get to actually getting laid.

Dr. Zupan did indeed watch the heroine's well-formed behind as it ambled out of his lab.

"Bitch," he muttered after Supergirl was long gone and he was certain her super-hearing couldn't detect him. "One day...one day I'll show you...I'll show you all..."

Part 8: Reversal of Fortune

Wonder Woman struggled to control her breathing; she found herself panting for breath and choking back sobs in her prone, vulnerable position on the bondage bench. Sharp pain in her recently-whipped buttocks and recently-released nipples still stung, but that wasn't what made tears form in her beautiful blue eyes. She had just called herself a slave--had admitted superiority of another over her--her, a Princess, a warrior, an Amazon! But she had done it, she had no choice--it was that or suffer unrelenting pain.

Her chief tormentor stepped in front of her now. Bada had removed all her clothing save for her black leather boots. A faint sheen of sweat covered her chocolate-colored skin, evidence of the exertion of whipping Wonder Woman's backside with a rubber hose. The subdued heroine's eyes traveled down over Bada's tall body, and couldn't help but admire the sadistic lesbian's high, firm breasts, thin waist, and long, lean, but muscular legs. Bada's shaved pussy was just above Wonder Woman's head.

Bada smiled down at her captive. She had looked forward to a moment like this ever since Wonder Woman had captured Cheetah's gang nearly five years ago. Bada had been one of several members of that gang, and had been sentenced to four years in prison as a result. Four long, hard, painful years; for the first two, the young African-American woman had been passed around the older, hardened "queen dykes" of the prison like some sex toy. Then she had gotten smart, gotten tough, and become the queen dyke to beat all queen dykes. It's how she had met Bing, young and innocent, sentenced to hard time for serving as a lookout while some older girls hit liquor stores. Through it all, Bada had never forgotten the woman who had put her in that hellhole. Now she had the high-and-mighty bitch at her mercy.

"You know how to eat pussy, Wonder Slut?" Bada asked, grinning. Either she did, and Bada would enjoy an experienced mouth on her cunt, or she didn't, and Bada would take great pleasure in teaching her.

Wonder Woman swallowed hard, realizing what was to come. "Yes..." she murmured.


The sound of Bada's slap ricocheted off the walls. The slap was doubly painful for its recipient, since it resulted in Wonder Woman again pulling on the tubing that held her hair back.

"Yes, what?!?" Bada demanded.

"Yes...mistress," Wonder Woman meekly replied, lowering her eyes in shame.

"Thass better. Now lessee just how good you are at muff divin', bitch," Bada said.

Slowly, the African-American woman knelt until her knees rested on the leather bench, on either side of Wonder Woman. Her feet remained on the concrete floor. She bent her knees some more until her pussy was level with the captive Amazon's face and mere millimeters in front of it. Wonder Woman stared at the dark, shaved pussy lips and hesitated. She had performed cunnilingus countless times, on her Amazon sisters and more recently on Kara, but always freely. She had never been forced to perform the act before; it was one more humiliation the heroine had to endure.

"Whatchoo waitin' for, Princess?" Bada asked impatiently, "a royal invite? Get that mouth workin' 'fore I decide to tan your hide some mo'!"

Wonder Woman took a breath and reached out with her lips and tongue. She tasted and inhaled the pungent tanginess of female lubricant; Bada's vagina practically dripped with love honey. Wonder Woman realized that whipping her, and applying painful clamps to her nipples, must have tremendously excited the sadistic criminal. She shuddered and tried not to think of what other tortures Bada might have in store for her.

Instead, she set about lightly teasing the henchwoman's cunt. Wonder Woman first ran her tongue up and down along the length of Bada's pussy lips. This elicited a mildly satisfied grunt from the black woman. The heroine's tongue reached Bada's clitoris and delicately circumnavigated the sensitive nub, which was already engorged with blood. The Amazon then wrapped her lips around Bada's clit and sucked at it audibly.

"Oooooh..." Bada moaned, approving of Wonder Woman's technique. "Thas good...might jus' have to keep you on permanent, bitch...aaaahhhhh..." While the helpless heroine worked her pussy, Bada groped her own breasts with her long, slender fingers, squeezing the large mammaries and pulling on her dark nipples. She opened her eyes and glanced at her partner. "You ready, Bing? Uuuuummmm...."

Bing looked at her lover and smiled to see her so lost in ecstasy. Then she turned her attention back to a device she held near her waist, cradled in her hands. "Almost, Bada. Don't mind me, I'll join the party when I'm ready."

Wonder Woman continued lapping and sucking Bada's wet slit, and soon realized her own pussy was once again nearly gushing with excitement. Maybe she'd never before been forced to perform cunnilingus, but she had always enjoyed it. The Doctor's malevolent drug ensured that she enjoyed this session too. Wonder Woman couldn't suppress a moan as she licked Bada's pussy. Her tongue now darted in and out of Bada's open slit, rubbing the criminal's engorged clit and accelerating her breathing. Bada grabbed Wonder Woman's head behind each ear and pressed it tighter against her loins.

"Yeah...fuck me, bitch! Fuck me with that Amazon tongue..."

"Urrrrmmmm..." Wonder Woman groaned at the pain in her scalp--Bada's pull on her head had, of course, tightened the tubing that was wrapped around her dark locks and held her head upright. But she also groaned in pleasure, and did not let up her tender assault on Bada's sodden cunt. She didn't even notice Bing's delicate hands on her backside; Bing's next action, however, she definitely noticed.

"UNNNGGPPHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed into Bada's snatch. Something had suddenly pressed into her own pussy and filled her to the hilt. It felt huge, and hot, and it vibrated like crazy.

"OOOOOHHH!!!" Bing exclaimed from behind the impaled superheroine. She had mounted Wonder Woman from behind with a strap-on dildo, but obviously no ordinary strap-on. The Déviante Strap-on Vibra-Cock™ was one of a kind, a prototype--another of the evil Doctor's twisted inventions. It vibrated at several different speeds, radiated heat, could expand and contract, and also fed back sensations from its tip to a smaller dildo inside the wearer's vagina.

"Yo, Wonder Bitch!" Bada shouted as she pulled the heroine's face back to her pussy, "you keep lickin' or I'll whip your sorry ass again!"

Wonder Woman tried to focus on eating Bada's pussy, but that became more challenging as Bing pulled the dildo out, then slowly pushed the large, vibrating member back in.

"Mmmmmmpphhhh..." Diana moaned as the Asian woman violated her pussy. The drug, still in her system, ensured that Wonder Woman was well-lubricated to receive the dildo, and that the strap-on rape felt incredibly erotic. The scent and taste of an excited pussy in her mouth and nostrils only added to Wonder Woman's growing sexual thrall. She knew she should resent this violation, should struggle against it--as pointless as the thorough bondage of her naked body would make that--but she welcomed it. Wonder Woman clamped down on the huge, hot artificial cock with her vaginal muscles; her pussy dripped love honey onto the cold concrete floor beneath the bondage bench.

Wonder Woman's excitement spurred on Bing's. The petite Asian began to increase the tempo and force of her thrusts. Each drive of her hips against Wonder Woman's ass elicited a muffled grunt from the bound heroine, who continued to lap at Bada's pussy.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..." Bing moaned with each thrust. "Oh God, Bada...I'm doing it...I'm fucking Wonder Woman! I'm fucking her! OH!...OH!..." Bing leaned forward and grabbed Wonder Woman's huge breasts, kneading the tender flesh and using them like handles as she banged away at the heroine's ass. Bing licked Wonder Woman's naked shoulder blades and then bit the back of her neck.

"UHHH!!" Wonder Woman groaned in response to the stimulation of her helpless body. "Hrrmm...hrrmm...hrrmm," she moaned into Bada's pussy with each thrust of the dildo.

"OH YEAH!! SUCK IT, YOU BITCH!" Bada shouted, squeezing her large, dark breasts with one hand while holding Wonder Woman's head with the other. "Ohhhh...ohhh...ohhh...thas good...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...."

"Oh yeah...Bada...," Bing called, looking up at her partner, "cum! Cum in our slave's mouth! CUM!"

"OH...OH...OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!" Bada groaned loudly as she climaxed. Her eyes closed tight and her dreadlocked head dropped back. Her pussy discharged, covering Wonder Woman's face with female love juice. Lost in a sexual fervor, Wonder Woman licked the pungent juices from her lips. Bada released the heroine's head and dropped her hand back to ease her exhausted body onto the floor.

"Oh yeah...Oooooh...," Bada moaned in the afterglow of her orgasm. She tilted her head up to watch Bing finish with Wonder Woman. "Fuck that stuck-up bitch, babe. Fuck her hard!" Bada cheered her younger partner on.

Bing straightened, releasing Wonder Woman's breasts and pushing herself up as she stopped her thrusts momentarily, leaving the dildo deep inside the heroine's pussy. Bing reached down and pressed a tiny button at the base of the strap-on. Wonder Woman's eyes opened wide as she felt the dildo's vibrations increase to their maximum level.

"OOOOOOHHHH GODS!!!" she moaned, pussy juice dripping from her mouth and chin.

Behind her, Bing smiled. "That's not all, Wonder Slave," she said as she pressed another tiny button at the dildo's base.

Wonder Woman's mouth widened into a shocked O as she felt the dildo double in girth inside her. Pain mixed with pleasure as her pussy was stretched to its limits; she began to buck as much as she could in her bonds.

"OH! OOOOOHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed, her fists clenching, breasts jiggling, muscles tightening. "IT'S TOO BIG!! GET IT OUT!!!"

"If you insist," Bing said, pulling her hips back and the monstrous dildo out of Wonder Woman's pussy, eliciting a relieved sigh from the Amazon. Then Bing grinned and thrust her hips forward, slamming the dildo back into the prone heroine.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as the huge, vibrating dildo impaled her once again.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!" Bing moaned as she pushed the strap-on deeper into the helpless, wiggling superheroine. She clawed and groped Wonder Woman's still-reddened ass cheeks.

"Hera...give me STREEEEEEENNNGGTTTHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman cried as Bing yet again pumped her vulnerable pussy with the huge, artificial cock. In spite of the discomfort it caused her, Wonder Woman could feel her pussy lubricating madly. Her breathing grew more rapid and shallow; her heart felt as though it would beat its way out of her chest.

Bada knelt in front of Wonder Woman and reached forward, grabbing the Amazon's breasts in her large, dark hands. Wonder Woman's eyes opened wide and she stared into Bada's dark eyes, but saw no hint of mercy or decency there. Diana swallowed hard and braced herself. Bada began to squeeze and pulled the exposed tits as though they were taffy, eliciting grunts and moans from her captive. She flicked her thumbs over Wonder Woman's nipples, making her gasp; she then pinched the tender nubs with the thumbs and forefingers, pulling on them and making Diana's eyes close tight and well up with tears.

"You like that, Wonder Slut?" Bada asked coldly, grinning at the crime-fighter's obvious discomfort.

"I...please...AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman could only scream as Bing once again rammed the dildo home.

"What was that?" Bada insisted, twisting Wonder Woman's nipples.

"Ahhhhhhh...I...yes, I like it...Ohhhhh...mistress..." the now thoroughly-dominated superheroine responded. What else could she do?

"Hear that Bing? She likes it."

"Yeah...uh...so do I...," Bing replied, panting. "She's...even better...than I imagined..."

"Well, fuck the living shit outta the bitch then, babe!" Bada ordered her junior partner.

Bing smiled. She began to pump Wonder Woman furiously, punching the dildo into her pussy, slapping her hips against the heroine's ass. Bada continued to work the Amazon's dangling tits.

"AAHHH!! AAHHH!! OHHH!! UHHHH!!" Wonder Woman grunted loudly with each thrust. "OHHHH!!! UHHHH...HERA! PLEASE! AAHH!!" Tears ran down her cheeks, tears prompted by the pain of the huge dildo, but also by the humiliation of both the rape and the climax building inside her. To have her royal person violated by these perverted criminals was bad enough...but to have her body betray her and enjoy it devastated the heroine.

"UHH! UHH! UHH!" Bing groaned with lunge of her hips. "OH!! YOU WHORE! YOU SLUT! YOU'RE MINE! MINE!!"

"FUCK HER!!" Bada yelled at Bing while savagely squeezing Wonder Woman's tits. "FUCK HER! FUCK HER HARD!!"

Finally, Wonder Woman could take no more. Her muscles clenched, her mouth dropped open, her eyes shut tight and her body betrayed her with a mind-shattering climax that shook her to her core.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!" She moaned hoarsely as she came. "OHHHH!! OHHHHH!!" Multiple orgasms wracked her bound, naked body; she sobbed between each one, distraught at how low she had fallen.

The heroine's orgasm prompted Bing's. "OHHH!! I'M...I'M GONNA CUM!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" the petite Asian screamed as she thrust into Wonder Woman one more time and climaxed. She groped her own breast with one hand, clawed Wonder Woman's ass with the other as the orgasm washed over her. "AAHHHH!! AAHHHH!! Ahhhhhh..."

As her orgasmic contractions subsided, Bing slowly pulled the dildo out of Wonder Woman with a wet, slurping sound. Bada released the heroine's tortured breasts and sat back on her heels. The two deviant dykes looked at each other over their captive and smiled.

"That was...that was...incredible," Bing breathed, eyelids fluttering.

"Yeah. Wanna do it again?"

Bing's smile broadened. "Sure. Wanna trade ends again?"

"Yeah," Bada agreed, smiling maliciously at Wonder Woman. She grabbed the heroine's chin, sticky with her love juices, and forced Diana to look her in the eye. "I wanna see how Princess here takes it when I shove that monster up her tight little ass." The pained, frightened look that crossed Wonder Woman's face made Bada laugh. "Welcome to your new life, bitch!" Bada shouted at her. "We gonna take you every which way, every day for the rest of your miserable life. Ain't no one gonna save you, cunt!"

Diana closed her eyes and did her best to choke back her sobs and hold back her tears. Was it true? Was this to be her existence...an endless cycle of pain, humiliation, and rape? How could she survive? How could she have gotten herself into this? Her warrior's heart filled with despair.

"Please," she whispered so softly even her captors couldn't hear her, "someone...anyone...help me..."

At that moment, as if in answer to her desperate prayer, a deafening crash echoed in the lab as something blew a hole in one of its walls. Wonder Woman's tearful eyes looked up and her heart soared at the sight: standing there in the debris of the collapsed wall, arms akimbo, stood her colleague, her friend, her lover...Supergirl.

"DIANA!!" Supergirl called, shocked at the sight before her eyes. Her super-hearing had picked up Wonder Woman's screams of--well, Supergirl had assumed they were screams of agony. She hadn't expected to find her lover bound naked in a sexually suggestive position, stained with sweat and female ejaculate. She froze momentarily, struggling to make sense of what she saw; then her blue eyes blazed with fury at the two naked perpetrators: a tall, dreadlocked black woman and an Asian girl with...Great Rao! a strap-on dildo!?!

Bada and Bing stared in stunned amazement at the Maid of Might. Supergirl then strode angrily towards them. Bada instinctively threw a punch at the heroine. Supergirl caught her hand in mid-punch, stopping it, then crushed Bada's hand in her powerful grip; the sickening sound of snapping bones echoed through the lab, as did Bada's scream of agony. Supergirl released the sadist's fist; Bada held her crippled hand and gasped for air. Supergirl then drew her arm back and swatted Bada out of her way, advancing on Bing. Bada's unconscious body flew across the lab, slamming against the opposite wall and falling into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Bing instinctively assumed a defensive Aikido posture to fend off the superheroine, but Supergirl, furious over the mistreatment of her lover, had little patience for that. She contemptuously allowed Bing to take the first shot. Bing attempted an open-handed jab at Supergirl's solar plexus which would have crippled an ordinary human. Supergirl stood there like stone, although a slight smirk did appear on her lips when Bing drew back her hand, screaming in pain at the four fingers she had broken. The blonde heroine grabbed Bing around the neck and easily lifted her; Bing's eyes bulged as her air supply was cut off. Supergirl then tossed her adversary across the room to smack into the wall and fall, unconscious, on top of Bada. Her foes easily vanquished, Supergirl now turned her attention to Wonder Woman.

"Diana!" Supergirl shouted as she knelt and began to snap the thick rubber strands that held Wonder Woman bound. "Great Rao...what have they done to you!?!"

"Kara...," Wonder Woman sighed, "I...prayed to Hera you'd find me..." As Supergirl freed her, Wonder Woman attempted to push herself up, but found she could not. Supergirl caught her before she collapsed to the floor.

"Diana...what happened?" A single tear fell from Supergirl's eye, shocked as she was by her lover's weakened condition.

"Ohhhh..." Wonder Woman sighed as Supergirl easily pulled her into a standing position. Wonder Woman could not stand on her own, however; she weakly wrapped her arms around Supergirl's shoulders. "Too much...tell you later..." Wonder Woman looked at her colleague and smiled faintly. "You're so pretty..."

"Uh, thanks Diana, but we have to get you out of here. Where's your costume? Oh, over there," Supergirl said as she spotted Diana's familiar bustier, belt, and lasso hanging on the wall. She began to carry Diana towards them.

"Wait," Wonder Woman protested. "Don't I get...to give my rescuer a kiss?" she asked with a wan smile.

Supergirl couldn't help but smile back. She must be okay if she's joking around, she thought. "Well, if you insist..."

Wonder Woman pressed her lips against Supergirl's, chastely at first, then she flicked her tongue against Kara's soft lips. Supergirl parted her lips in surprise, and Wonder Woman took advantage by slipping her tongue into Kara's warm mouth. Diana's tongue found her partner's and feebly but insistently licked it. Meanwhile, Diana let one hand slide from Supergirl's shoulder to cup her pert breast beneath the S symbol emblazoned across her chest.

"Whoa, girl!" Supergirl protested as she ended the kiss.

"Don't you like it?" Wonder Woman asked through heavy-lidded eyes.

Supergirl swallowed and gently plucked Wonder Woman's hand from her breast. "Well, yeah, but I don't think this is the time or the place..."

"Want you," Wonder Woman through clenched teeth. She began to hump her wet, naked pussy against Supergirl's bare leg. Shock froze Supergirl in place, and Diana took advantage by grabbing her lover's head and French-kissing her aggressively once again.

"DIANA!!" Kara said, pushing Wonder Woman away but still holding the weakened heroine up. "What's gotten into you!?!"

"My drug, Supergirl."

Supergirl turned to face source of the voice that had just spoken. At the entrance to the lab, closing and locking the door, stood a early-middle-aged red-headed woman in a white lab coat...and nothing else, it seemed.

"Who are you?" Supergirl demanded, still holding the amorous Wonder Woman at arm's length.

"I'm Doctor Déviante. I own this establishment you just ventilated," the villainess said wryly, briefly glancing at the large hole in the lab's back wall.

"What's this drug you're talking about," Supergirl asked angrily.

"It enhances the female libido and sexual response, as you can see," the evil Frenchwoman said with a sly glance at Wonder Woman, who was leaning against Supergirl for support while lazily caressing the Maid of Might's backside. "And when the subject is in the presence of the subject's lover, the drug's effect is tripled." She watched with a wicked grin as Wonder Woman squeezed Supergirl's bottom.

"Diana, stop that!" Supergirl muttered under her breath, gently swatting away Wonder Woman's hand from her tush. Supergirl's cheeks burned; she couldn't help blushing over the fact that this villainess had just deduced the truth about her relationship with Diana. She was also embarrassed that Diana's clumsy fondling was turning her on. She gathered her wits. "Is there an antidote?" Supergirl demanded in her imperious, super-heroine tone.

"But of course," Déviante answered in her lilting French accent. "I always meant to administer it when the experiment was complete. Wonder Woman volunteered, you know. I apologize if my assistants were...over-enthused."

"Bull," Supergirl replied. She found a chair beneath one of the computer consoles and set Wonder Woman onto it. "The antidote first, then we talk to the police."

Dr. Déviante shrugged. "As you wish. It's in this wall safe," she said, walking over to a small door with a combination lock.

"Hold it!" Supergirl ordered, and began to scan the safe with her X-ray vision. She cocked one eyebrow at the Doctor. "Lead-lined, huh?"

Again, the Frenchwoman shrugged. "I use X-rays in my experiments in this lab. They would contaminate or ruin some of the samples, so I keep them in there."

"Sure," Supergirl responded sarcastically. "Back off, Frenchie--I'll open the safe myself."

Supergirl strode over to the wall safe, dug her fingers into its thick steel door, and pulled it open. She immediately wished she hadn't. The sickly green glow betrayed the safe's deadly contents, but too late for Supergirl to avoid exposure to the Kryptonite.

"UUNGH!!" the Maid of Might gasped as a wave of pain and nausea swept through her body. She weakly dropped the safe door to the floor and tried to back away, but her knees gave way and she collapsed. She curled into a fetal ball on the cold concrete floor.

"Really, now, Supergirl, do you think I could go on calling myself a genius if I hadn't anticipated the possibility of your interference--or your cousin's, for that matter?" Doctor Déviante asked the suddenly helpless superheroine as she sauntered over to her. "And you fell into my little trap so easily! Your superheroines...so arrogant. You disappoint me, chére."

"Uuuuuuhhhhh..." Supergirl moaned in agony. "Pleeeeeease...get it away..."

"Well, perhaps I should get you away from it. I'm not as strong as Bada, but..."

The villainous Doctor took hold of Supergirl's wrists and dragged her across the floor of the lab. As the pain decreased, Supergirl wondered why Déviante was helping. The redhead lifted Supergirl's body onto the bench where Wonder Woman had recently been bound and laid her on her back across it.

"There. Better, non?" Déviante asked. "Far enough away so it doesn't kill you, but close enough..." she lifted Supergirl's arm, then let it drop listlessly to the floor, "...to keep you helpless."

"Noooooo..." Supergirl groaned, realizing the villainess had some nefarious plan in store for her. Dr. Déviante had obviously done her homework. While Supergirl was no longer in agony or in risk of Kryptonite poisoning, she was indeed weak as a kitten and totally helpless.

"Now, where...?" Déviante muttered with mild annoyance, glancing around the lab. "Ah. But of course. I'll be back in a moment, chére."

Déviante walked away, and Supergirl weakly turned her head to look at Wonder Woman. "Diana...please...help me..." she begged, but Wonder Woman merely gazed at her through heavy-lidded eyes, spread her legs slightly, and began to masturbate. "Diana...no..."

"Here we are!" Déviante declared, having returned to stand over Supergirl. Her green eyes ran slowly and lustily over the blonde heroine's perfect body. "Super, indeed," she said with approval.

The Frenchwoman unbuttoned her lab coat and dropped it to the floor. She was naked underneath, as Supergirl had earlier surmised. Her nipples were erect atop their copper-colored areolas on her large breasts. The Doctor lifted one leg over Supergirl to straddle the heroine, then sat down, resting her round dérriere on Supergirl's creamy thighs.

"Now let's see," Déviante said lustily. She reached towards Supergirl's neck and pushed her fingers beneath the collar of the heroine's bright blue uniform. Slowly, agonizingly, she began to pull Supergirl's uniform down over her white shoulders, then over her breasts.

"No...stop!" Supergirl protested with a sob. No criminal had ever taken advantage of her this way!

"Shhhh...tais-toi, mon petit..." Déviante said with a smile as she began to deftly and slowly grope Supergirl's milky white breasts. They were slightly smaller than either Wonder Woman's or the Doctor's, but were marvelously firm and springy. Supergirl's tits were topped by pale pink areolas and tiny nipples, which, to Kara's shame, were becoming erect from the evil Doctor's attentions. Déviante leaned forward and took one nipple into her mouth, circling it with her tongue then gently biting down on it; she was rewarded with a gasp from the superheroine.

"Ah, you like that, eh?" Déviante said, straightening. "Later, you can do it to mine," she said as she groped at one of her own large breasts, lifted it to her mouth, and licked her own dark pink nipple.

Doctor Déviante then stood, still straddling Supergirl's half-naked body with her own fully-naked frame. She leaned forward and softly, teasingly, pushed Supergirl's red mini-skirt up her thighs and across her hips to her waist, exposing a pair of bright red panties. With a lascivious smile, the Frenchwoman slowly pulled Supergirl's panties down, exposing her dark blonde bush of pubic hair.

"Ah, a natural blonde, I see," the villainess remarked as she eased Supergirl's panties down her long, creamy legs and over her red boots. Déviante then pushed her hands between the heroine's thighs and gently pulled apart her legs, until they both hung spread over the sides of the bench.

"No...Rao, please, no..." Supergirl sobbed as her pussy was exposed. She trembled slightly in anticipation of whatever form the lesbian rape would take. But the Doctor's next action surprised and terrified her.

Doctor Déviante reached down underneath the bench and retrieved the strap-on dildo she had pulled off the still-unconscious Bing. She held it to her mid-section and began to fasten the leather straps around her thighs and waist. Supergirl could only stare, wide-eyed and helpless, at the monstrosity that she knew would soon be pumping in and out of her sweet pussy.

"No...please...you CAN'T!" she exclaimed, but could not move away. Even at this distance, the Kryptonite rendered her defenseless.

"Yes I can, and I will," Déviante declared with a wicked grin as she touched a button on the dildo and it began to hum. Her green eyes afire with lust, the evil Doctor grabbed hold of Supergirl's thighs and spread them wider while Kara's blue eyes welled up with tears.

"NO YOU WON'T!!" an imperious voice declared from behind the red-head. The Doctor's green eyes widened in surprise as she turned to see Wonder Woman, standing naked behind her, one arm pulled back to strike. Before Déviante could raise an arm to defend herself, Wonder Woman clobbered her on the back of the neck with her heavy metal bracelet. The villainess flew off of Supergirl, spinning like a top, and landed a few feet away, on her back and out cold.

"Oh," Supergirl sighed weakly with relief as Wonder Woman walked over to secure the Doctor, "Thank Rao, Diana...please...the kryptonite," she pleaded as she felt a slight stab of pain in her abdomen.

Wonder Woman returned and stood over the half-naked form of Supergirl; the brunette's blue eyes wandered over the Kryptonian's exposed white skin.

"Diana...wh-what..." Supergirl muttered weakly in confusion. Why was Diana just standing there? Then Supergirl's eyes saw what Wonder Woman held in her hand and widened in horror. "Diana! What are doing with that?!?"

Wonder Woman had retrieved the monstrous strap-on Vibra-Cock™ from the Doctor's unconscious body. She lifted it to her mid-section and began to strap it on, periodically giving Supergirl's exposed body a lusty glance.

"DIANA! NO!!" Supergirl cried in shock and terror. She tried to push herself up, but Wonder Woman easily pressed her back down onto the bench. "Listen to me, Diana!" Supergirl said, her voice weak but insistent, "you're...under the influence of a drug. You...don't know what you're doing...you have to stop...please!"

"Want you," Wonder Woman replied, her crystal blue eyes intense and inflamed with passion. "Need you."

Supergirl choked back a sob. Her own lover, her fellow superheroine, was about to rape her! "Diana...I w-want you too, but not like this!"

Wonder Woman finished strapping on the dildo. She began to lower her body onto Supergirl's. The helpless blonde tried to twist away, but the Kryptonite kept her weak. She could only sob as she felt Diana's body press against hers; she felt the Amazon's breasts, large and firm, crushed against hers, and felt the dildo pushing into her tummy. Wonder Woman began to trail kisses across Kara's upper chest and neck.

"Diana...Wonder Woman! Remember...who you are...you're...MMMPPHHH!!!" Supergirl's pleading was cut off as Wonder Woman covered her mouth with her own. She easily parted the weak girl's lips and pushed her tongue into Supergirl's waiting mouth. Tears rolled down the sides of Supergirl's face as Wonder Woman raped her mouth. Normally, Kara welcomed Diana's loving attention. But this wasn't love, it was unabashed lust! She tried to tell herself that this was still her Diana, that she couldn't help herself. But it didn't make what was happening any less horrifying.

Wonder Woman broke off the kiss; a thin strand of saliva connected her mouth to Kara's, then fell onto Supergirl's chin and neck. Wonder Woman lapped it up, and continued kissing downwards, heading for Kara's naked breasts. She groped the pale twin peaks, then locked her lips around one pink nipple, licking, sucking, biting, and teasing the sensitive nub. It always drove Kara crazy.

"OHHHH...Diana...y-you have to stop..." Supergirl said, but her voice sounded less convincing. Not only was the Kryptonite weakening Supergirl's body, it was also sapping her willpower. Besides, this was her lover doing these things to her, and doing them the way Supergirl enjoyed...just a little more...intensely than usual. To her surprise, Supergirl could feel herself getting wet.

Wonder Woman traded one nipple for the other, and treated it to the same oral attentions as its partner, until both tiny beads were erect and hard. Then she straightened and shimmied her naked body down the bench, between Supergirl's legs. Wonder Woman grabbed hold of the dildo strapped about her midsection and began to push the buttons at its base. The monstrosity began to vibrate, and the Amazon smiled. "You'll like it," she told her incredulous lover, "I did."

"Diana, No! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!" Supergirl begged as Wonder Woman slowly moved the tip of the huge dildo between her parted legs.

"I want this! YOU WANT THIS TOO!!" Diana exclaimed, her blue eyes mad with lust.

"NO I DON'T!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Supergirl screamed in agony as she felt the tip of the dildo press against her pussy lips and begin to penetrate.

"UHHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman moaned as the electronic dildo fed sensation back into her clit. She pushed the phallus deeper into Supergirl's spread vagina.

"GREAT RAO! STOP!! IT'S TOO BIG!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Supergirl cried as the warm, buzzing, artificial cock pushed deeper into her cunt. Her light blonde hair whipped around as she tossed her head back and forth; she grabbed Wonder Woman's naked shoulders and tried to push her away, but in her weakened state, she could do no such thing. The dildo reached her G-spot, then her cervix, and Supergirl trembled and sobbed beneath her lover's weight.

Wonder Woman pulled her hips back, withdrawing the dildo a few inches, then slammed forward, driving the cock back into Supergirl.

"UHHH!!!" Wonder Woman exclaimed in pleasure while Supergirl screamed and cried beneath her. Kara was now pulling at Diana's hair in an attempt to pull her off. Wonder Woman grabbed the girl's wrists. She pushed Supergirl's arms above her head and held them down against the leather bench. Supergirl grunted and sobbed weakly beneath her.

"SILENCE!!" Wonder Woman shouted, and Supergirl stared, wide-eyed, into the crazed eyes of her lover. For several moments, the only sound in the lab was the hum of the vibrator deep inside Supergirl's pussy. "You don't win tonight," Diana suddenly declared.

"Wh-what? Oooohhh..." Supergirl asked, confused, then moaned as the vibrator stimulated her clit. "What do you mean...?"

"The little wrestling matches. The ones you always win. The ones you use to show me you're stronger than me. NOT TONIGHT!!!" Wonder Woman finished by withdrawing the dildo completely, then ramming it into Supergirl's pussy.

"AAAAAHHH!!!" the blonde Kryptonian cried in response. She tried to fathom her lover's angry words. "Diana...that's in fun...I don't mean AAAARRRRGGHHH!!!" Another powerful pelvic thrust cut her off.

"I SAID SILENCE!!!" Wonder Woman bellowed. For the better part of a day, her captors had had their way with her. Now, the rage she felt over that violation spilled over...and found a fresh, innocent victim, helpless beneath her. "Tonight I, not you, am dominant, as it should be! I am ROYALTY! IMMORTAL! SUPERIOR!!"

"UHHH!! UHHH!! UHHH!!" Supergirl moaned loudly as Wonder Woman accompanied each declaration with a powerful hip thrust. Supergirl realized she could not stop her. She was too weak physically, and Wonder Woman was too far gone emotionally. Wonder Woman was right. Tonight, she was superior. Supergirl had always been the strongest female superhero, if not the smartest or most admired. And Kara did always win those playful wrestling matches, didn't she? To be dominated...was totally out of her realm of experience. To her surprise, it turned her on.

"I will...prove myself...your BETTER!!" Wonder Woman declared, accelerating her thrusts. She released Kara's hands and grabbed hold of her breasts, latching on to them like handles as she pounded away at the supine heroine.

"OH! OH! OH! OH!" Supergirl grunted with each thrust. She began to lose herself, her body betraying her. She wrapped her hands around Wonder Woman's bracelets, but found herself holding Diana's hands against her breasts rather than trying to push her away. Her pussy lubricated, easing each thrust of the dildo.

"UH! UH! UH! UH!" Wonder Woman shouted as she fucked her helpless lover. She lost herself to the animalistic lust coursing through her veins.

"OHHHHH...DIANA!!!" Supergirl cried. Her body was, to her helpless amazement, approaching climax--against her will, of course, but her will had been shattered.

"KARA!! OH!! GODS!!" Wonder Woman called back as she, too, felt the wave cresting inside her. She tossed her head back and screamed. "AAAAAAHHHHH!!! YES!! YES!! YEEEEEESSSS!!!"

Supergirl's back arched, pressing her breasts against Wonder Woman's squeezing hands. "OH! OHHH!! OHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed as an intense orgasm exploded within her. Her hands reached out and grabbed Wonder Woman's large breasts. "OHH!! DI-A-NA!!! OHHHHhhhhh..."

Spent, the two heroines suddenly collapsed onto the bench, Wonder Woman falling on top of Supergirl. For several moments, all they could do was gasp for air. Then Wonder Woman slowly pushed herself up, gently pulling the dildo out of Supergirl's wet pussy. Wonder Woman undid the straps and removed the devastating sex toy, setting it aside. Supergirl turned onto her side and curled into a fetal position. Wonder Woman stared at her young lover's half-naked body for several more moments before speaking.

"K-Kara...I...I don't...it was the drug, I..." Wonder Woman tried to explain; the final climax felt as if it had purged the last vestiges of the sex drug from her system. Still, Supergirl would not look at her.

"Kryptonite," Kara mumbled. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"I...oh," Diana muttered, stumbling to her feet. "Of course. Sorry..."

Wonder Woman walked over to the safe containing the tiny, glowing green rock that was so deadly to her lover. She stared at it dumbly for a moment, wondering what to do with it; Supergirl had ruined the safe. Wonder Woman walked over to the lab door and retrieved her power belt; she felt a surge of much-needed strength flow through her. She returned to the safe, grabbed the Kryptonite and the safe door, then used her super-strength to wrap the latter around the former. She returned to Supergirl, who remained curled up on the bench.

"There. Is that better?" she asked gently.

"No. Yes." Supergirl murmured. Still she did not move.

"Um...we should...get dressed, and..." Wonder Woman muttered, unsure of herself for perhaps the first time in her life.

"I suppose," Kara said weakly.

Supergirl slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. She snuffled and wiped the tears from her face. Numbly, she began to tug her costume back over her breasts and shoulders. Wonder Woman reached out to help.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!!" Supergirl snapped.

Wonder Woman flinched as though she'd been slapped. Her mouth opened and closed wordlessly. Tears began to sting her eyes.

"Kara...I'm...so sorry..." Diana whispered.

Supergirl sighed and brushed more tears from her eyes. "Just...get dressed. Then help me tie up these losers, and then we'll call the cops. Okay?"

Wonder Woman struggled to take a deep breath, and swallowed hard. "Whatever you say," she replied.

Epilogue: One Week Later

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, sat disconsolate in her New York apartment, dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants at the end of yet another hectic day. She had tried to busy herself for over a week now with the business of Thremiscyra, with her U.N. duties, with the JLA, re-reading Sophocles...but her mind kept wandering back to the events of the week before at Déviante Industries.

When the police had showed up, the heroines had given their statements--heavily edited for family viewing, of course. Déviante, Bada, and Bing were facing several charges of first-degree murder stemming from the failed experiments of the sex drug on human subjects. Déviante Industries was being taken apart and sold to its competitors. None of the three criminals, nor Wonder Woman or Supergirl, had said anything about the more sordid events that had occurred in that lab. The Doctor and her henchwomen probably didn't want rape and kidnapping added to the list of charges against them, and the heroines certainly had no interest in bringing those events to light. Bada, Wonder Woman considered, would probably boast about raping Wonder Woman to the other inmates--but it would sound like yet another empty boast by a bitter con caught by a costume. Wonder Woman had triumphed...but it certainly didn't feel like it to her.

She hadn't heard from Kara since that incident. Was their relationship over? Diana hoped not, but she couldn't work out how to repair it. Nor could she bring herself to talk to anyone else about it. In the JLA Watchtower that week, Wonder Woman had been unable to look Clark in the eye, certain that Kara had poured her heart out to her cousin. Not that Superman let on that he knew anything about it; he was good old Clark, same as ever, reliable, dependable, strong...

Wonder Woman laughed derisively. Superman would have found a better way out of that, she was sure. He would never have allowed himself to rape Lois like that. Rape. That's what it was, wasn't it? Drugged or not, she had raped her own lover. Pure and simple. She should have been stronger, but she hadn't been; she'd been weak, far too weak. No wonder Kara wanted nothing more to do with her. A tear rolled down her cheek, then another, and she would have cried herself to sleep again that night--as she had every night that week--but a familiar whoosh and breeze of air through her window interrupted her sorrowful reverie. She stood and stared in shock at the vision in blue, red, and gold that had flown in her window and stood on the Persian rug in her living room.

"Kara..." Diana whispered reverently. She froze, this brave, fearless Amazon warrior, terrified that the slightest movement would frighten her one-time lover away. "I...I was just thinking about you," Wonder Woman said as she brushed away tears.

"Yeah, I...got that impression," Supergirl murmured, taking note of Wonder Woman's actions. "I've been doing that a lot myself lately."

"What? Oh," Diana said, and gave Kara a wan smile. "So...how've you been?"

"Not so good," Kara replied, blinking away a few tears of her own.

Diana nodded slowly. "Kara, I...have no excuses, no words. What I did to you...was inexcusable. I'll understand if you never want..." her voice caught, but Wonder Woman pushed ahead, "...if you n-never want to have anything to d-do with me again." Her voice began to falter, quavering. "You have every right to be angry with me, to hate me..."

"Diana, stop," Kara said softly, taking a step towards Diana and holding her hand up. "I don't hate you, and I'm not angry with you."

"You...you don't? You're not?" Diana asked, incredulous, wary of allowing herself to hope.

"No and no. I know I haven't spoken to you since...you know. I just couldn't. I had some things to work out on my own."

"Oh. I see," Diana said softly. Here it comes...

"No, I don't think you do," Kara said. She stepped closer to Diana, took her hands, and looked deep into her eyes. "The reason I...it wasn't your fault, Diana. It wasn't. You were drugged. You weren't yourself."

Wonder Woman looked shamefully at the floor. "That's no excuse. I should have been stronger, I..."

"Shhhh," Supergirl intoned and gently touched her index finger to Wonder Woman's lips. "Don't. Don't rake yourself over the coals like that. You can't be strong all the time. Sometimes, someone's going to get the better of you. You're only human. Well, super-human, but still." Kara finished with a giggle, and Diana looked at her and laughed softly as well. Then she grew serious again.

"Do you mean to say that...that you forgive me?" Diana asked.

Supergirl smiled sadly at her lover. "There's nothing to forgive. See, the reason I need to be alone for awhile was...well...I kinda liked it."

"You...what?" Diana asked, incredulous.

"Yeah, I did. You dominating me, forcing me...it...well, it turned me on. I came, remember? Big time. I mean, I think if it had been anyone else, no way, but you, I mean, I love you...but even so, I was, like, freaked right out by the whole thing. That's why I was such a bitch, that's what I had to work out. 'Cause, y'know, me? A submissive? But I think...I think it was like...a fantasy, y'know, come to life. So, I'm okay with it. I really am."

Diana stood there, dumbfounded, trying to assimilate all of what Kara had just said. Kara would have called this one of her "blonde bombshells"--a rambling discourse that went all over the place, intellectually and emotionally. But one phrase from it stood out for Diana, and made her smile hopefully.

"You...love me?" she asked, her blue eyes glistening.

"Well...yeah," Kara admitted shyly.

"You've never said that before..."

"Neither have you," Kara said softly, then bit her lower lip nervously.

Diana smiled and took Kara's face in her hands. "Oh, Kara, of course I love you. I love you so much! Oh, thank Hera, I thought I'd lost you..."

The two superheroines pressed forward into each other's arms, embracing tightly, then pulled back a little. Their eyes caught and they kissed--sweetly, tenderly. Then they kissed again, more passionately. Diana ran her hands through Kara's long, blonde hair, while Kara slid her hands down Diana's back to cup her sweet, round buttocks. The kiss lengthened and deepened; their pulses began to race and their breathing quickened. Both women began to whimper and moan. Reluctantly, they pulled apart.

"Great Hera," Diana breathed, "I missed you so much, Kara."

"I missed you too, Di," Kara replied as she caressed her lover's face softly with both her hands.

"Do you want to..." Diana asked, her voice husky, her blue eyes flicking towards the bedroom door.

"Yes," Kara insisted. Then the two heroines giggled like schoolgirls. They walked slowly, arms around one another's waists, towards the bedroom door.

"Uh, Di..." Kara said, stopping when they reached the door. Her bright blue eyes darted about, evidence of a slight embarrassment on her part.

"Yes, love? What is it?" Diana asked, caressing her lover's cheek.

"Um...I was just wondering...do you know what happened to that...you know...dildo?"

Diana blinked, then her lips parted in a broad smile. "You naughty, naughty girl!" she cried, teasing her embarrassed lover. Then Diana's lips pressed together and her eyes became sly slits as she gave Kara a sidelong glance. "Come into the bedroom and you'll find out," she said seductively, and opened the bedroom door.

Kara's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in amused amazement. "Who's the naughty girl?!?" she demanded. The two heroines' girlish laughter echoed through the apartment.




...but Wonder Woman will return in...


(or something like that...)