Fausta's Victory  

By Dark Wiccan


Story By : DarkWiccan

Disclaimer : Wonder Woman, Fausta, Queen Hippolyta , and all other characters are

owned and copyrighted by DC COMICS.

Any Similarity to actual people, places or events is purely coincidental.

This Story is a work of fanfiction and is written purely for the purpose of

Fun and Entertainment and can not be used for the purpose of making money.

Warning : The following story is Rated X and contains Strong Sexual Content and

Adult Themes of a Mature Nature.

This Story and others like it should only be read by those who are 18 yrs. old or older.

Basis : The Story you are about to read is based on the Wonder Woman tv series that

Aired in the 70's and starred Lynda Carter as everyones favorite Amazon.

Credit : Special Thanks go out to Magdaz for his kind words and help.

A Note To The Reader : The following story takes place in late 1944, and is

Set in an Alternate Universe.

Previously in Wonder WomanE

"Diana who did this to you, You must tell us !Eexclaimed Artemis.

"As I said before, Diana explained to the council. I was defeated by a woman, but

She was no ordinary woman, Princess Diana told them.

"It was Fausta Grabels, who brought Me to Ruin !EShe cried, unable to hide her shame.

"It all started, Three Months Ago.EExplained the Amazon Pincess.

Chapter 1 : The Secret Meeting

Somewhere in Germany a Secret Meeting takes place between two women.

Both are dressed in dark clothing so that they will be able to blend in with the

Darkness of the night, and go unseen by prying eyes.

One of the women present, is none other than nazi agent Fausta Grabels.

The identity of the other woman remains unknown, yet it is obvious that they

Know one another. Due to the importance of this secret meeting Fausta has opted to

Wear her hooded black cloak to ensure that nobody will recognize her.

"I have considered your idea, the unseen mystery woman said to Fausta.

And after careful consideration, I have decided that your "IdeaEhas great merit.Espan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Said

The Mystery-Woman.

"I am humbled by your kindness, your grace.EFausta said as she bowed before her

Unseen partner in crime.

"If We do this, We must work quickly.Ethe mystery-woman told Fausta.

"I have spoken to my people regarding your concerns, explained Fausta.

"And I have been assured that given all that we have learned, our idea is

Sure to be a Success.EThe Blonde Bombshell told here partner.

"Good.EReplied the unseen mystery-woman. Here is a little something, to aid you in

Your cause.Esaid the mystery-woman as She handed Fausta what appeared to be a

Rolled -Up piece of paper tied with a bow.

"What, is This ?Espan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> questioned Fausta.

"Consider it a Gift, of Sorts.EThe Mystery-Woman said with a wicked grin, before

She walked away from Fausta as she disappeared into thin air.

Leaving Fausta alone with her thoughts as she placed the item inside a hidden pocket

Concealed within her hooded black cloak , as she walked back thru the dark forrest to

The Secret Passage that would take her back to her ancestral castle.

While elsewhere halfway around the world, a tired and weary Diana Prince turns in

for the night, as she climbs into bed wearing nothing more than a bedspread due to

the summer heat and humidity.

No Sooner does Diana's head hit the pillow than she falls off into a sound sleep.

A Sleep that will soon become filled with Diana's deepest desires and fantasies,

Fantasies that not even the Amazon Princess can hope to resist.

Fantasies that began to invade her dreams soon after her first encounter with the

Nazi Agent known as Fausta Grabels.

Of all the Nazi's the Amazon had tangled with, Fausta was the most dangerous.

No other Nazi had come so close to actually defeating her.

Nor would she ever admit her true feelings, for The Nazi Wonder Woman.

Tonight the Amazon's darkest dreams and fantasies seem to take on a life,

All their own.

Within this dream an ancient castle can be seen, the huge fortress-like dwelling is

Ancient indeed and looks like something out of a horror movie.

As the Full Moon rises high above the castle in the night sky, the light of the

Full Moon shines thru the wall-sized window, into the master bedchamber, where

We see Two Women locked in in intimate embrace.

One is a Blonde, the other a Brunette. Of the two women, it is clear that the

Blonde is the dominant mistress. While her Dark haired companion is more

Submissive and Subservient to her lovers wishes.

The Blonde Seductress stands a good 6ft. tall and is usually more imposing, when

Dressed in her german uniform, But tonight was a much different story.

Both She and Diana had only recently returned from their date as the Blonde liked to call it. Both were dressed in black dresses.

The Night's events had gone well, but the best was yet to come.

Fausta said not a word, as she allowed herself to enjoy this moment., as She took in the

Sight of the Amazon Princess dressed in the matching black dress that hugged each and every curve of the Amazons o So Desirable and Fuckable body.

The Buxom Blone Nazi Wonder Woman, held Diana tightly within her arms as the

German kissed her passionately.

As Fausta deepened the kiss , Diana could not help but feel her body relax more, as

She pressed her Amazonian figure closer to her German Mistress !

With the Amazon sufficiently distracted, Fausta took hold of the top part of

Diana's dress and RIPS it from her voluptuous Amazonian body.

Causing the Amazon's globular breasts to spill free from their confinement of the now

Defunct evening dress.

Shocked and Surprised, Diana stands before Fausta not knowing what to think.

Wearing only her black silk panties, stockings and shoes.

Part of Diana wants to fight back against The Blonde, but another part of her knows what

Fausta is capable of. Even now as She tries to summon the will to fight Fausta,

She sees the wicked grin on Fausta's lips, the gleam in Fausta's eyes welcomes her to try.

But sadly Diana knows she can not, for without her magic belt she has no powers.

For all intents and purposes the mighty amazon is now no stronger than a mortal woman.

Worst of all, after the many times that Fausta has fucked her, it was becoming much harder to resist the nazi wonder woman's seductive advances.

The Amazon Princess knew not what to think, or how to feel.

Despite the fact that she was a Prisoner Of War, she could not deny her feelings for

The Woman called Fausta.

Without hesitation Fausta removed her long black dress, allowing it to fall to the

Bedchamber floor , a second later the blonde bombshell steps out of her now discarded dress. Allowing the Amazon Princess to get a good look at her voluptuous body as she stood before her soon -to-be lover in the pale moonlight of the full moon.

Fausta's body was a work of art, she was tall and shapely, very statuesque.

Her Body was that of a well trained warrior, athletic and well defined.

Her Golden-Blonde hair, Steel Blue eyes, High Cheekbones, and full Red lips gave her a

Distinct Nordic look that hearkened back to the legendary women warriors known as the


But it was Fausta's Chest that caught many a person's eye, the blonde bombshell's

Boob's were round and firm, her enormous jugs every bit as ample as the amazons if not

More so. As a matter of fact Fausta was an amazing 39D, exactly the same bust size as

Diana's mother the mighty Queen Hippolyta.

While Fausta's waist was so slender, it was almost non-existent.

Her Ass was nice and round, and very tight. Her hips were as wide, curvy and shapely as

Her legs were long and lean.

But it was the Golden Triangle between Fausta's thighs that caused Diana's pulse to quicken and her heart to skip a beat.

"Do You like what You see, Amazon ?Espan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Fausta asked the Amazon Princess, as she reached up to the top of her head with both hands as she removed a red silk ribbon from her hair, allowing her long golden locks to tumble down her shoulders and over her back.

"Because, by the time I am done with you, Fausta assured the Amazon with a wicked grin. You will call me Mistress !E/p>

"Never.EPrincess Diana told her foe in defiance, as she struggled to resist the erotic desires that the woman called Fausta had Stirred within her

"Oh, But You Will.Espan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Fausta assured her captive,as she approached the queen-sized bed.

"You,Will !Eexclaimed The Buxom Blonde Bombshell as She quickly grabbed hold of

The Amazon, as she pulled her close to her voluptuous Aryan body.

Like a Warrior Woman of old, Fausta claimed her prize, as She lowered her head to the

Amazons ample bosom, as her full red lips took hold of Diana's soft rosebud pink nipple and sucked it with great desire. "OOOHHH !!!Espan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Diana Moaned with desire as the Blonde licked and sucked her tits with expert skill.

Fausta took her time as she used every lesson she had ever learned, and it was working,

The Amazons will was slowy starting to crumble, as she felt the Amazon lean in closer to her body, as she wrapped her arms around Fausta's back to prevent herself from losing her balance. Even Diana began to question, how much longer she could hold out against

Fausta , sadly she knew that it was only a matter of time.

To her shame she felt a sudden stirring deep within her womanhood, the stirring was becoming harder to ignore, as she felt her pussy grow moist and wet, she was about to

Cum ! "Hera, Help Me, I'M ABOUT TO -" The Amazon begged as She tried not to

Give itnto the dark desires that Faust was stirring within her.

"CUM !!!Espan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> The Amazon Princess Cried out in Shame and Humiliation as She saw the wet spot on her black silk panties grow larger as her panties filled with cum.

Humiliated beyond words The Amazon did not speak or try to stop Fausta from lifting her up into her arms and carried her over to, and placed her upon the bed.

"Your Gods, Can Not Help You Now !Eexclaimed Fausta. "No One,Can.E/p>

The Nazi Wonder Woman told the Amazon as she continued to play with the

Amazons bountiful breasts.

All the while Fausta trailed kiss after kiss down Diana's shapely Amazonian body until

She came to Diana's cum-stained panties.

"You will not, be needing these anymore.EFausta told Wonder Woman as She

Took hold of the black silk panties, and tore them from her body in a

Downward motion. Leaving Diana's bald pussy fully exposed for Fausta to enjoy.

She then threw the now useless Cum-Stained Panties to the floor, as She turned her

Attention back to the Amazon who by now was trembling with fear, or was it

Something else. The Amazon did not have long to wait as The German placed her

Blonde-haired head between Diana's shapely legs as her wicked and skillful mouth

Locked on to the Amazon's naked pussy, and began to slowly and deliberately eat her


With each new flick of Fausta's tongue, new urges and sensations smashed into the

Amazons body.

"OHHH !!!EDiana moans at the feeling of Fausta's tongue invading her pussy, as the

Blonde Babe go's down on the Amazon Princess,

Wonder Woman makes a most disturbing discovery. Both her mind and body are

responding to Fausta's Sexual Skills.

Diana's deepest desires are slowly beginning to re-awaken.

To Fausta's delight the tongue-lashing is having it's desired effect.

Causing the Amazon's mighty will to fall, just liked the doomed city of troy !

Tears flow down Diana's face, as her naked body writhes and trembles upon Fausta's bed. Her head turning to and fro, as her long Dark hair moves every which way.

Diana closes her eyes as she pleads to her Gods for the strength to resist Fausta, lest

She Succumb to Fausta's Seduction anf fall from grace.

She can allow herself to give in to Fausta's desies. She knows She must resist,

But deep down She knows , This is one battle She can not win.

Yet still She struggles against the inevitable, it is nothing more than a fools last ditch effort for survival. It is an effort doomed to failure.

What the Amazon Princess does not know, is that this battle of wills was already decided ages ago.

As Fausta continues to toy with the Amazon's pussy by alternating between tongue-lashing and finger-fucking the Amazon to the point where Diana's pussy once more begins to grow moist and wet with erotic need, a need that she has denied herself for far too long. Seconds Later the Amazon's cunt-lips start to lubricate and thicken, in response

to Fausta's Sexual Prowess.

Before long the Amazon feels a powerful force that can only be described as white lightning.

It emanates from deep within her loins and travels all the way up her to her breasts and nipples.

Unable to resist the oncoming climax, the Amazon Princess has no other choice, but to

Succumb to the powerful climax that now Overwhelms her body and soul.

Princess Diana arches her body, and throws her back her head, her long Datk hair splashing about like a tidalwave.

No Sooner had her first climax come to an end, and our heroine tried to regain some of her spiritual strength, than she is hit by not one but two more climaxes, even more powerful than the original.

Her entire being is shaken to the core, as the Third and most powerful climax of all,

Rips the Amazons resistance to shreds !

Throughout the enormous bedchamber a woman's voice can be heard, it is the sound of

Laughter born of victory, as the woman named Fausta looks down at the weak and defeated Amazon Princess, who now lays beneath her, as the Amazons exhausted body

Still trembles from the power of her Third Climax !

A Climax so intense, the orgasam itself robs her of what little strength she had left.

She is now at Fausta's mercy.

With her powers gone and her spirit broken, The once mighty Amazon Princess

Succumbs to the powerful erotic desires, as She pulls Fausta to her well-fucked body and

Kisses the Blonde passionately.

Prompting Fausta to further the Amazons sexual re-awakening. Overwhelmed by the intense sensations caused by her German Seductress.

Soon Afterwards, a second female voice can be heard all throughout the castle, as

She cries out the Name of her lover and mistress "FAUSTA !!!!Eas the Pincess of the Amazons, falls from grace.

To Be Continued in Chapter: 2 of Fausta's Victory !

Fausta's Victory part 1