Fausta's Victory 2  

By Dark Wiccan


Story by ; DarkWiccan

Disclaimer : Wonder Woman, Fausta, Queen Hippolyta and all other characters are

Owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any Similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental.

Warning : The following story is Rated X and should only be read by people who are 18 years old or older. If you do not enjoy reading erotic stories, then Do Not Read This.

This Story contains Strong Sexual Content and Adult Themes of a Mature Nature.

Type of Story : This Story is a Novel-length E-Novel [ E as in Erotic. ]

Main Characters : Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman and Fausta Grabels a.k.a.

The Nazi Wonder Woman.

About The Story : The following story takes place in late 1944, and is set in a

Parallel Universe on Earth ; 6.

A Note To The Reader : Please bear with me if the first few parts of the story are a little slow. It is my 1st time writing a story of this kind.

For Your Information : Both the Prologue and the First Chapter have been Revised.

Basis ; All of the material contained within this story is based upon the Wonder Woman

TV Series that Aired in the 70's and starred Lynda Carter as everyone's favorite Amazon.

Basic Plot/ Themes ; An Ancient Prophecy foretold long ago by Cassandra the prophet of doom allows Fausta to devise a new plan that will surely end the Amazon's heroic career and grant the Aryan Amazon her greatest victory of all.

The Defeat of Wonder Woman !

The Greek Myth of Apollo & Cassandra ; Long Ago in ancient times, the greek god Apollo fell in love with a mortal woman, a priestess named Cassandra. As Proof of his

Love and Devotion, Apollo gave to Cassandra the gift of Prophecy.

But when she rejected his romantic advances to remain faithful to her love, Apollo had

Decreed that no person would believe in her prophecies, until it was far too late.

Before long the fair-haired beauty had become better known as…

Cassandra, the Prophet of Doom !

Credits ; Special Thanks go out to Magdaz for his kind words and help.


Our Story starts out on Mount Olympus, where Hera wife of Zeus and

Queen of the Olympian Gods sends her sister goddess Athena to Paradise Island, with an urgent message for the Amazon Queen. While on the island below Queen Hippolyta meets with the Amazon Oracle named Menalippe.

The Oracle had only just arrived at the royal palace to speak with the Amazon Queen, when all of a sudden to the surprise of both Queen and Oracle alike, a woman of divine origin appeared from out of the blue.

She was tall and slender about 5ft' 8" in height, with a most shapely body.

She was dressed in a long white Grecian-style gown, and had a most youthful face.

Her head was adorned with long brown shoulder-length hair, and grey eyes that seemed to sparkle with the secrets of Olympus itself. Her name, is Athena.

Queen Hippolyta had welcomed Athena warmly, to her island home. But sadly,

Athena's visit would prove to be serious indeed. The Goddess had explained that Hera sent her to tell the Amazon Queen, that the reason no one had seen or heard from her daughter Diana was because, she had been captured by the Nazis and taken back to

Germany as a Prisoner Of War.

"Who is responsible, for this !" The Amazon Queen demanded to know.

"Fausta." Athena replied with great fear and sadness as she bowed her head in respect to

Queen Hippolyta who leaned back in her throne, as the shocking news hit the

Amazon Queen far harder than any enemies blow could have. Tears flowed down

Hippolyta's beautiful face, as she tried to come to grips with the sad news she had just been given.

Three Months Ago….

Somewhere in Germany, a Secret Meeting takes place between two women.

Both are dressed in dark clothing so that they will be able to blend in with the darkness of the night, and go unseen by prying eyes.

One of the two women present, is none other than Nazi Agent, Fausta Grabels.

The identity of the other woman remains unknown, yet it is obvious that they both know one another. Due to the importance of this secret meeting Fausta has opted to wear her hooded black cloak to ensure that nobody will recognize her.

"I have considered your idea, the unseen Mystery Woman said to Fausta.

And after careful consideration I have decided your "idea" has great merit."

"I am humbled by your kindness, your grace." Fausta said in German as she bowed before her unseen partner in crime.

"If, We do this We must work quickly." The Mystery Woman told Fausta.

"I have spoke to My People regarding your concerns, explained Fausta.

And I have been assured that given all that we have learned, our idea is sure to be a

Success. The Blonde Bombshell told her partner.

"Good." Replied the unseen Mystery woman. Here is a little something to aid you in your

Cause." The Mystery woman said as she handed Fausta what appeared to be a rolled up

Piece of paper tied with a bow.

"What, is this ?" questioned Fausta.

"Consider it a Gift, of Sorts." The Mystery Woman said with a wicked grin, before

She walked away from Fausta as She disappeared into thin air.

Leaving Fausta alone with her thoughts as she placed the item inside a hidden pocket

Concealed within her cloak as she walked back thru the forrest to the secret passageway that would take her back to her ancestral castle.

While elsewhere in Washington D.C. a tired and overworked yeoman named

Diana Prince returns home, to her Georgetown apartment.

Diana go's straight to her bedroom, where she changes out of her work clothes, and into a

Thin summer nightgown. She then removes the hair-pin from her hairdo, as she allows her long dark mane to flow over her bare shoulders and back.

She then climbs into bed wearing no more than her thin white summer nightgown, due to the summer heat and humidity. No sooner does Diana's head hit the pillow, she falls off into a sound and peaceful sleep.

During the course of the night, Diana's deepest passions come to life.

Within her dream she see's a large castle, as well as a full moon in the night sky.

While at that same moment in time, Two Women are locked in an intimate embrace, as they kiss each other, both deeply and passionately as the pale moonlight of the full moon

Shines thru the wall-sized glass window.

Allowing both the two lesbian lover's to see and feel every detail of their love's exquisite form. It is an opportunity the Blonde takes full advantage of, as she pulls the brunette beauty closer to her. The Blonde continues to deepen her kiss as her lips glide smoothly, over her lover's full red lips. Each kiss brings the Blonde closer to her ultimate goal.

To Seduce the Dark haired beauty, into sleeping with her.

Distracted by the passion of her German lover's kisses, the Dark haired beauty feels

Fausta's hands cup her ample Amazonian bosoms, and feel them thru the smooth fabric of the black silk evening dress. So enraptured by Fausta tender touch of her breasts,

The Amazon is caught off guard as Fausta takes hold of the top of Diana's dress and

RIPS it from her desirable Amazonian body.

Causing her ample queen sized boobs to spill put, of her now defunct evening dress.

Within Seconds Fauusta pushes the Amazon Princess down on the bed, where after having removed her own dress the Blonde Bombshell joins her soon to servant as she crawls up onto the bed, and holds the lovely Amazon Princess in place.

By now there is no hope of escape. To her shame the Amazon can not bring herself to resist Fausta.

Shamefully she does not want to resist, all she wants is to experience all the pleasures, that Fausta had re-awakened within her. "OOOOHHHH !" Diana moaned as her mistress kissed and licked every inch of the Amazons body, as her lips and tongue continued on it's way down to the German's intended target.

The Aryan Amazon took but a moment, to grab hold of Diana's black lace panties as

She RIPPED them from the Amazon's wide shapely hips.

The Amazon Princess looked up into Fausta's eyes, the expression on the German's face was one of lust and satisfaction. Her time had come, and Fausta would not be denied.

Fausta then took her new dildo out from under the pillow on her bed, and thrust deep into

Diana's naked pussy ! The Amazon thrashed her head from side to side, as she felt every inch of Fausta's new Dildo push it's way deep into her womanhood.

Several moments later, the two lover's are completely nude in Fausta's bed.

At this time Diana lays back in her lesbian lover's strong embrace as she wraps her arms around her German lover. As she holds onto her mistress, while Fausta fucks Diana over and over again, as she drives her new strap-on dildo in and out of the Amazon's cunt.

Pumping in and out of her like a jackhammer. Each new push and thrust of the

German's hips caused the dildo to push deep into the Amazon's tight hairless pussy.

Bringing the Amazon erotic thoughts, feelings, urges, and desires that she had surpressed for far too long. Fausta's patience and skill as a seductress was well-known and well deserved.

Diana had not felt like this in a very long time.

Each and every kiss, caress, and touch was having it's desired effect. Deep within her

Soul, Diana knew that this was not right. Fausta was having her way with her,

She should resist her, fight her.

But she could not bring herself to do so. All she wanted was to feel Fausta's sensuous body as her dominant lesbian lover continued to pump in and out of Diana's engorged pussy that was now filled her to the fullest, with Fausta's new sex toy.

Once more Fausta pushed the artificial penis deep within the Amazon's pussy,

Causing her body to thrash about on the bed, as she felt the intense power of the

Climax overtake her.

Qverwhelmed by the awesome power of the climax, Diana cried out the name of her

New lover and mistress, "FAUSTA !"

To Be Continued in Chapter 2 of Fausta's Victory !

Fausta's Victory part 2