Fausta's Victory 3  

By Dark Wiccan


Story by ; DarkWiccan

Main Characters ; Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman and Fausta Grabels a.k.a.

Fausta, The Nazi Wonder Woman.

Disclaimer ; Wonder Woman, Fausta, Queen Hippolyta and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any Similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental.

Warning ; The following story is Rated X and should only be read by people who are 18 years old or older. If you do not enjoy reading erotic stories, Then Do Not Read This.

This Story contains Strong Sexual Content and Adult Themes of a Mature Nature

About The Story ; The following story takes place in late 1944, and is set in a

Parallel Universe on Earth ; 6.

A Note To The Reader ; Please bear with me if the first parts of the story are a little slow.

It is my first time writing a story of this kind.

You should also know that this story has been revised.

Basis ; All of the material contained within this story is based upon the Wonder Woman

TV Series that Aired in the 70's, and starred Lynda Carter as everyone's favorite

Amazon Princess.

Basic Plot/ Themes ; An Ancient Prophecy foretold long ago by Cassandra the prophet of doom allows Fausta to devise a new plan that will surely put an end to the

Amazon Heroine's heroic career and grant the Aryan Amazon her greatest victory of all.

The Defeat of Wonder Woman !

The Greek Myth of Apollo & Cassandra ; Long Ago in ancient times the greek god

Apollo fell in love with a mortal woman, a priestess named Cassandra.

As proof of his love and devotion, Apollo gave to Cassandra the gift of prophecy.

But when she rejected his romantic advances and remain faithful to her love,

Apollo decreed that no person would believe in her prophecies, until it was far too late.

Before long the fair-haired beauty had become better known as…..

Cassandra , The Prophet of Doom !

Original Characters ; Yeoman April Anderson, Audrey Grey, Sheba, and

The Sisters of Asgard are all original characters that I created for this storyline.

The following characters have been created to define this universe, as being an original

Parallel Universe.

The Characters that I have created for these stories will play a major role in the events to come.

Chapter 2 ; The Trap

The next day, Yeoman 1st class Diana Prince reports for work at the Washington office of the War Department. Where to her surprise she learns from Steve and Etta, that "April" the newest member of their group has not yet reported for duty.

Two months ago, April had been assigned to Major Trevor's group at the War Department. In that time, Yeoman, Anderson had proven herself to be just as reliable as

Yeoman Prince. As a matter of fact many of the staff members working in the central office of the War Department commented just how much April looked liked Diana.

Some people who did not know, often mistook the two women to be twin sisters.

More than once Etta joked with Diana how they could have been twins separated at birth.

Even Diana had to admit, that the resembelence was astounding. As a matter of fact

April also wore glasses as well. But whereas Diana's were large round horn rimmed spectacles. April's were square-shaped.

It was the only way that their friends and fellow co-workers were able to tell them apart.

Over time, the two women had become fast friends and Diana took to April like a big sister.

To hear that Yeoman, Anderson was late for work was more than enough to tell her

Something was not right.

"It's so unlike, Yeoman Anderson to be late." Major Trevor said with concern.

"Maybe, you should call her. suggested Yeoman Prince. She could have been delayed for some unknown reason."

"Good idea, Diana. Major Trevor agreed. I'll give her a call at her apartment, to see if

She's alright." Steve said as he picked up the phone on his desk and dialed April's

Phone number.

"In the meantime, I'll take a walk over to Yeoman Anderson's apartment, to see if she's

There." Diana told Steve.

"Be,Careful." Major Trevor replied.

"I,Will." She assured him. She then left the major's office as she went in search of their

Missing friend.

While at the same moment in time at an unknown location, a small group of people

have gathered together around a long dining table.

At this time, most of the people who were ordered to be at this place are present.

Only one seat remains empty at the far end of the dining table. That Chair belongs to the

Person who had called this meeting, and whom they now await to arrive.

Their wait is short indeed, as the twin doors that lead into the dining room open, and a tall statuesque woman dressed in Nazi officers uniform strides into the room.

Her long black cloak flowing behind her, as she makes her way over to the dining table, where she is welcomed by a female Nazi officer welcomes her superior and takes her cloak.

While the buxom blonde Nazi Superior takes her rightful place, as she seats herself in the

Center chair at the far end of the dining table.

The Woman's Nordic features and Golden hair, leave no doubt as to the Nazi Agent's true identity. She is none other than, Fausta Grabels !

A quick look around the room, proves to Fausta that everyone is present and accounted for. "I see that we are all here, so let us get down to the business at hand." Said Fausta.

"As you all know, the German High Command fears that unless Something is done to

Turn the tide of the war in our favor, the Allied forces will eventually win the war and

Force our surrender. Fausta stated. This is Totally Unacceptable, to the High Command and to Me. Just as it should be to all of you." Fausta said with authority.

"How are we, supposed to turn the tide of the war itself ?" asked one young female officer.

"The High Command believes, that the Allies greatest weapon in this war, is the

American heroine known as Wonder Woman." Fausta stated.

"Wonder Woman !" the young female officer exclaimed. Has'nt half of

Washington's Nazi Spy Ring been destroyed by that Bitch !"

"That's why the German High Command, came to Me. Fausta explained to the group.

Just think of all the people she helped to capture, said Fausta.

Friends, Relatives, Fellow Officers whom we all served with. And where are they now,

They are rotting away in American prison cells, and war camps. Stated Fausta.

"Or at least, the luck one's are." Explained Fausta.

The Other's who were not so fortunate, perished at the hands of the Amazon herself.

I believe the time has come for us to put an end to the Amazon's tyranny, once and for

All ."

"I, tend to agree. Said the young valkyrie named Natasha. But, how ?" was the question

the young officer asked her superior.

She's not just going to allow us to Capture her."

"There is no need, for worry Lieutenant." Fausta told the young valkrie with an air of confidence that hinted at the fact that the Aryan Amazon knew something the other's did not.

"I do not, understand ?" Natasha admitted. Curious as to why Fausta believed there was no need for worry, when half of Washington's Nazi Spy Ring had been all but destroyed by the American heroine known as Wonder Woman.

A moment later, Fausta looks at her trusty aide who had taken her cloak earlier, and placed it back in its proper place. The young woman smiles and nods her head in

Fausta's direction. She then walks over to a small room connected to the dining room and opens the door to the ajoining room.

From the room, comes a young woman dressed in a United States Naval Uniform.

She is Similar in appearance to the woman called Diana Prince.

The Raven haired woman takes everyone in the dining rom by surprise.

"You brought an American Agent, to our meeting Fausta !" exclaimed one of the

Nazi Agents.

"Have You, Lost Your Mind !" exclaimed Sheba.

"Not everything, is what it appears to be, my good lieutenant. Fausta said with a

Mischievous smile, Observe." Fausta said to all those present as she made a gesture with her hand as if she was a witch waving a magic wand to perform a magical spell.

Every Nazi in the room looked at the young American woman carefully, as they wondered what was about to happen.

"Sister's allow me to introduce you all to, Yeoman, April Anderson of the

United States War Department. Fausta stated. Of course we all know her better as

Lieutenant Commander, Audrey Grey." Fausta said with a grin.

No sooner had Fausta told her partners in crime the young woman's true name, than the

So-called Raven-haired beauty removed her dark wig and glasses.

Allowing the young woman's long blonde hair to fall to her shoulders, as she stood before her astounded German Sisters.

As She stood before them now revealed, while holding her wig in one hand, and her glasses in the other. A Proud expression upon her face, as she grinned from ear to ear like a Chesire Cat.

"Welcome back Sister of Asgard, You have been Missed." Fausta said with a smile.

"It's Good, to Be Back." Audrey said greatfully. That fool Trevor, was getting on

My last nerve !" she exclaimed as she remembered how many times The Major tried to ask her out on a date. Finally she decided she had more than enough and lied to him,

Telling him that she was flattered, that he thought so highly of her.

But She was already spoken for, and that she and her boyfriend were waiting until after the war, to get married.

Being a gentleman that he was, The Major apologized to Yeoman Anderson, and the two let the matter drop and never spoke of it again.

"I can only guess that Amazon Bitch, must keep Trevor on a very tight leash !"

She fumed.

"Trust me my dear, Soon all of that will come to an end, and the Amazon Princess will

Pay for all the times she has interfered with our people and our country."

Promised Fausta.

"Did everything, go as planned ?" Fausta asked her protége.

"As the American's are fond of saying, everything went like clockwork."

Audrey said with a most evil smile. I placed The Letter in the mail two nights ago,

So that it would be delivered to the War Department, This Very Day."

She stated.

"And, Ze Bomb ?" Fausta asked as she allowed herself to relax and speak in her natural

German accent, which she preferred.

"I Set the explosive to go off, by Ten. Just as You instructed me to. Audrey had stated.

I then took the Secret Passageway, out of the apartment building's underground tunnel.

By the time the bomb went off, I was several miles away. Audrey assured her Superior.

"And Ze Note, That You Sent ?" Fausta questioned the young woman.

"I have no doubt that they received the note, and that we will be receiving a visit from

Wonder Woman sometime Tonight." Said Audrey.

"But of course darling. Fausta said in in German. Wonder Woman would not let such a

Sweet young lady loke yourself, come to harm." Joked Fausta.

All those gathered together in the dining room, seated around the long dining table,

Burst out with laughter at the irony of Fausta's joke.

For soon, the joke would be on Wonder Woman.

"Tonight will go down in history, as The Beginning of The End for The Amazon !"

Fausta declared.

To Be Continued in Chapter 3 of Fausta's Victory !