Wonder Ch 01 Part 2  

By Dave 933

Wonder Ch. 01


Redding slowed his hands, his attention momentarily drawn away from the naked beauty of the Goddess in front of him; distracted by the swelling of his own cock. Sharply erect and uncut, it stood proudly erect, probably nine or ten inches long and as thick as his wrists used to be.

Although he had only looked down for a moment, he saw and felt her slender hand slip around the sturdy shaft. He looked up into her eyes from mere inches away, and their lips came together for a passionate kiss. Her mouth opened, and his tongue slid in, sliding erotically against hers. Their naked bodies slid and pressed against each other. His hands slid and explored; one dedicating itself to her firm ass whilst the other traversed her back and gently held the back of her neck as they kissed.

Water poured over them, washing away the soap-suds and making firm muscles and skin slippery as satin. Wonder Woman - Diana - was nearly as tall as he, and far stronger; pushing him back against the wall effortlessly, her thigh rising to his hip, bringing her pussy to rub against his own muscular leg.

Redding moaned. He wasn't used to women taking the lead like this, but he was enjoying it. Enjoying it a lot. His hand left her neck; came around to cup and squeeze her breast as their tongues continued to writhe against each other. She moaned in turn, her hand squeezing and pumping his thick cock.

Diana rose - too slowly for a jump, so she must have been flying again - and guided his long upright shaft to the swollen lips of her pussy. Her long legs wrapped around him as she sank down, slowly allowing his cock to slide inside her impossibly tight and hot pussy. Redding moaned loudly, bringing her breast to his mouth as she fucked him and slipping the hard nipple into his mouth.

Wonder Woman was getting into her stride now; strong legs wrapped around her man; driving herself up and down on his thick shaft and riding him like a bronco. Redding was no match for her phenomenal gifts, and in just a couple of minutes he cried out, spurting his come deep inside her. She slowed but didn't stop, stimulating his now hyper-sensitive cock with small movements and muscular contractions until he cried out and begged her to stop.

They disentangled, and Redding slumped back against the wall as she grinned.

"Jesus! Where the fuck did you learn to do that?" he said weakly, knees literally trembling.

Diana's smile broadened. "I was blessed by Aphrodite, Richard. It's well known she gave me beauty. Do you think that the Goddess of Love stopped there?"

Redding chuckled, and pushed himself off the wall as she continued. "I know more about making love than any mortal who ever lived. I make love better than any mortal who ever lived..."

"Well," said Redding. "I'm not about to argue. I'm, err, sorry I didn't, you know. Keep going longer."

"I'd have been insulted if you had!" she laughed. "Don't worry, I had a great time. And don't worry about leaving me unsatisfied - because you aren't going anywhere..."


Not feeling the need to talk; Redding and Diana watched each other wash. She was flirtatious, sliding soapy hands over her breasts, her thighs, and her butt; alternately looking at him almost shy and coquettish, and then proudly flaunting her magnificent form when she 'caught' him watching.

Redding washed as quickly as he could in between being frozen staring. He could sense her amusement at his arousal; could picture the complex mixture of desire, pride and flirtatious sense of fun that bubbled within her. He stepped close as she watched him, almost close enough for his heavy cock to touch her. He could physically feel her warmth from here, could smell the scent of her aroused sex. As he watched, her smile faded a little, and a more interested look appeared on her face. She was waiting to see what he would do. So he did; closing the gap between them with a swift movement, and tipping her head back for a kiss. As they kissed, he pushed back, and she leaned back over his arm. In a quick movement, he reached down with his other hand, and scooped her into his arms. He stood; holding a Goddess in his arms, looking up at him with renewed desire, and then strode out of the shower purposefully.

He walked along the corridor, carrying her effortlessly; somehow knowing which door to choose and walking into a sumptuous bedroom. The huge bed was round, covered in light pink silk sheets. As he prepared to put her down, Wonder Woman stopped him with a gentle hand on his chest; then she levitated slowly up, and then back and down onto the bed, her legs coming to point towards him and parting slightly as she settled.

Redding climbed up onto the bed on his knees, gently but firmly moving her knees apart with his hands before leaning over her, supporting himself on his hands. There were no more kisses now, as he grasped the stiff shaft of his cock, and guided it to press against the swollen lips of her wet pussy. He pressed onwards, watching her moan hungrily, arching her back with delight as his massive cock entered her.

Redding thrust in to the full length of his impressive shaft, their pubic hair briefly entangling. They both groaned, and then breathed heavily as he withdrew before plunging back in once more. They both emitted soft moans and groans as he began to build up a steady rhythm. She called his name, softly but with increasing urgency demanding for him to fuck her.

At first he varied his stroke, slow then fast; taking her through a series of mini-orgasms. As her hunger for a final orgasm came, he adopted a slower more regular rhythm.

Again and again, he pushed deep into her soaking quim, thrusting relentlessly until even the Goddess beneath him could take no more, and began begging him to finish her.

"Ah, Pluto's balls! Finish me! Finish me!" she begged; clutching at his ass and lower back; her fingernails leaving tracks as she clutched desperately at him. Finally, feeling his own climax building in his balls, he did as she asked; increasing his speed and making short sharp thrusts with his cock.

Wonder Woman came; half crushing him with her thighs as her incredible orgasm surged through her. She screamed as she came, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhgoddddds!!". Redding came at the same time, his semen pumping deep inside her as his loins lit up with pleasure. His cry was deeper, but no less satisfied "Gnnnnnnnaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhh" he grunted. The pair of them clutched at each other as they gasped for breath between grunts and groans.

"Oh, God that was good!" said Redding when he finally caught his breath.

His partner smiled, still panting. "What are you thanking him for?"

Redding grinned, and answered her with a deep-tongued kiss, caressing her right breast with his left hand as he lay with his cock still half-hard inside her. Returning his kiss for a minute, Diana then pushed him gently over as she rolled, bringing herself astride his body, still riding his cock. She began slow, circular motions of her hips; stimulating then both without risking him slipping out.

Wonder Woman! Redding had a new appreciation of the name as he looked up at the phenomenal Amazon atop him. From this angle, her breasts were absolutely magnificent; the pair heavy, ripe and tipped with hard brown nipples at the centre of dollar-sized areolae. Swaying with her movements, they were womanly perfection. He drank in her upper body - breasts, strong shoulders and perfect face framed with tumbling black hair - whilst his hands slid along her strong thighs and around her slender hips. God, she had amazing abs, too... No matter where you looked - even those incomparable breasts - there were always other wonders to admire!

His cock was back at full erection after admiring Wonder Woman's magnificent form; and he began moving his own hips up and down. She leant forward, gently but firmly pressing his shoulders back to the bed; unmistakably taking control of the scenario. He relaxed, aside from stealing a brief kiss when her face was close enough; just a moment of pleasure from her pale pink lips. Then he lay back as Wonder Woman showed him just how much Aphrodite had gifted her.

Her hips began to move up and down; her pussy moist but incredibly tight around his thick shaft. She leaned forwards, bringing her breasts to his mouth as she slid back and forth. Redding took one in each hand and licked and caressed one nipple with his tongue. She did the same to him, one hand teasing his right nipple in a way no woman had done before, bit was surprisingly pleasurable. Her hair cast a shadow over him as they moved together; each pleasuring the other.

Wonder Woman remained in control, her waist flexing and thighs moving constantly as she fucked him. She was constantly caressing, kissing, stroking him; and squeezing his thick cock internally. Redding was in heaven, barely able to think through the waves of pleasure emanating from their joining. They made love alternately gently, firmly; slowly, quickly; hungrily, patiently.

It must have lasted some time, but whether it was ten minutes, or twenty or thirty, Redding had simply no idea. Wonder Woman was well into her rhythm and had first one then another orgasm; then another. After two of his own, Redding was able to keep going despite the incredible stimulation she was giving him; and it was only on her fifth orgasm that he finally joined her, pumping his sticky load deep inside her once again.

Redding lay back breathing hard, and Diana lay with her head on his chest for a minute or so. Then she lifted her head, brushed her hair out of her eyes and grinned at him and asked, with a smile, "So - are you ready to go again?"