The Senators Crisis - Part 10 (End)  

By Marat

Wonder Woman

Under the magical power of Olga Kobyrynka and the physical power of the security guards, Wonder Woman was led to the sleeping quarters on the second floor of the great house. Penelope was taken along, in order that she may watch the destruction of her lover, before she too would be killed. Olga gave orders for Wonder Woman to be tied to the bed, spread-eagle. Meanwhile, she passed among the guards looking for the one she wanted as her partner. He had not participated in the earlier recreation involving the heroine. He was very tall, over 6’ 5”, with broad shoulders and sandy blonde hair. Olga also liked the tightness of his uniform.

She led him to the bed. There, when he saw the prostrate Amazon Princess, he stopped and stared. The cut-away bustier and the inviting hole in her crotch, the magnificence of her beauty and the perfection of her body, even after all that had been done to her, combined to stimulate him. Wonder Woman pulled at her bonds, and, in doing so, swung her hips out to the left and right, very seductively, making the young man now wet his lips in anticipation of what was to come. He took a step toward the captive, but both Olga and the Senator warned him to wait.

Everyone was cleared from the room except Olga, the Senator, Penelope, and the young man. Senator Carlton held Penelope’s arm firmly, as they took up a place along the wall opposite the foot of the bed. Wonder Woman raised her head to see Penelope struggle against the Senator’s grip, only to have him hold her even more tightly. The two saw her exposed breasts and the cut in her tights, her bound wrists and boots tightly holding her in place on the bed. The uniformed man was to the right of the bed, near the door. As Olga walked around the bed toward an overstuffed chair against the wall opposite, she told him, ‘Take off your uniform, allow yourself to be stimulated. I want you to make the most unrestrained love to this woman that you have ever done in your life.’

As he started to strip, a smile turned his lip.

Olga took her seat in the chair, beneath the floor lamp. ‘Senator, it will be up to you to let me know when you will end her life, so that I may return to my body.’

‘I will delay that order for as long as I can. For what you have done, I want you to have the appropriate reward.’

With that, Olga sat back in her chair and closed her eyes. She seemed to go into a trance almost immediately. Softly, she was mumbling, but no one could make out the words. Her body, after a few moments, seemed to shrivel.

Soon, she stopped mumbling. And immediately Wonder Woman picked up the incantation.

The Princess from Paradise Island listened to herself. ‘She’s in my mind,’ she thought. ‘She’s part of my mind.’

‘That’s right, Princess,’ she heard her mind say. ‘Now I control you from within.’

The young man finished taking off his clothes, having stacked them on the floor at the foot of the bed. He watched, wide-eyed, as Wonder Woman’s beautiful face turned to him and said, ‘All right, officer. You may begin now.’

‘NO! Not Again!! NO!!NNOOOOHH!!’ Wonder Woman’s mind screamed.

The now-naked officer sat on the side of the bed, his large strong hands slowly and smoothly caressing Wonder Woman’s shorn satin uniform. He placed his hand on her golden belt and ran it softly around her waist. He rubbed his palm upward across her stomach, gently feeling the satin eagle, which made up her breastplate. He pushed his hand between her breasts, sensing their roundness, their heaviness, their strength that allowed them to remain full in seeming defiance of gravity. With his index finger, he felt her nipple.

At the same time, his other hand moved along her round and powerful thigh. It rolled around the thigh, then rubbed downward between her leg and the bed, behind the knee. All the while, his prick enlarged, became rigid, straightened to its full ten-inch length. All who saw it were amazed at its sheer size. It must have a two-inch diameter at the base, Senator Carlton observed. The young man continued to caress Wonder Woman’s leg, and he slowly moved from the sitting position to placing his large body on top of her. His rock-hard member found the cutaway portion of her tights and slowly entered her. The juices flowing from her made that process smooth.

Wonder Woman’s mind was screaming. But her body responded receptively. As he filled Wonder Woman’s body and Olga Kobyrynka’s soul, the Amazon’s legs pulled upward on the ropes which bound them to the bed, so that her thighs stood upward from the mattress at a 45 degree angle and then her calves, covered in red leather, followed a line parallel to the bed about a foot above it. The young man’s body fit neatly between her legs as he moved slowly and rhythmically back and forth, pumping his organ deeper and deeper into the woman’s willing body.

‘OOOOooooohhhh, yes!’ Wonder Woman heard herself saying. With her mouth, she reached up and bit his neck and upper chest lightly. Then her head fell back and rolled on the bed, moans and sighs issuing from her satisfied self. The young man’s hands were busy, roaming over her inviting and receptive body, inside her mouth, around her ass, over her breasts, deep into her hair, covering all areas remaining of her costume. Gradually, the excitement between the two partners began to build, and his rhythmic pace quickened. The grunts, which had occasionally sounded, now became simultaneous and harmonious, Wonder Woman’s contralto mixing with his baritone. Between them, the sounds attracted the attention of other officers in the hall, and still others on the first floor.

‘OOOooooohhhh! OOOOooooohhhh!! OOOOOOOOOHHhh!!’ Wonder Woman breathed in rhythm with his upward thrusts into her. She turned her head and first bit his ear lobe lightly, then pushed her tongue into his ear canal. Finally, she pulled almost the entire ear into her mouth, all the while continuing her steady stream of sighs.

As the powerful Amazonian orgasm seized her, Wonder Woman gave vent to a loud, sensual cry of pleasure. The Olga part of her had never felt such a rush, as she shuddered, body and mind. The Wonder Woman part of her continued to seek ways to resist, but this was the most powerless she had ever been, since she couldn’t even control all of her own mind.

The second orgasm quickly followed the first. Olga had never felt like this. The powerful Amazon body, coupled with the powerful natural forces acting on it, drove her into a light-headed frenzy. She moaned loudly, she screamed with pleasure, ‘OooHhh, YESSS, YESSS, YYEEeeSSSSS! More! MORE!!!’

As the young man completed his orgasm, he pushed himself up by his arms, their lower bodies still joined, and he looked down on the beautiful, sweating, wild-eyed Princess beneath him. He was breathing heavily through his mouth, gasping almost, saliva fell from his lips to her chest when he licked his dry mouth.

‘MORE! AGAIN!!’ Wonder Woman’s voice demanded. Spent, he fell back on top of her and tried to rise again, but he could not.

‘I… I… can’t,’ he said weakly.

Just as he did, a pair of hands seized him by the shoulders and fairly flung him off the Amazon and onto the floor. He lay there, trying to recover as the next guard slid into place and pushed his own large member into the Amazon. As he focused his eyes, he saw four more security guards taking their uniforms off. His head fell back to the floor and he lay motionless.

Penelope watched with growing horror as the body of her lover was taken again and again. The wails and moans issuing from Wonder Woman’s throat, at first, were familiar, then painful to listen to. She watched as the body of her beautiful and powerful lover was taken by guard after guard, and all the while sounds of pleasure and calls for more streamed forth. Her cum streaked down her legs, settling over the bedspread and darkening it. Where her torso moved, she smeared blood across that same bedspread. But it was the sound of pleasure that forced Penelope to break into tears. That, and the chuckles from Senator Carlton.

‘This is much more fun than I imagined,’ he said softly. Then, loud enough for Penelope to hear, ‘Does she sound like that when you two do it?’ He continued to taunt his prisoner, ‘Does she moan that much for you?’ ‘Watch while we fuck a superheroine to death?’ ‘Oh, baby, don’t you wish you could give it to her right now?’

For Olga, the sensations were amazing. She couldn’t separate the rush she was feeling from what she’d imagined it would be. This body was incredible. It can take anything that these men dish out. As the eighth man entered her, she felt the same ecstasy that she had experienced the first time. This body had the capacity to maintain this high level forever, it seemed. There was no loss of emotion, no less sensation despite the multiple penetrations. What kind of woman was this?

By the time she underwent her twelfth penetration, Olga felt light-headed. What was happening? The body was still strong… but my mind: MY MIND! MY MIND!! is losing control! My mind is no longer controlling the situation.

Wonder Woman’s body suddenly bucked more fiercely, driving the guard deep into her. AAAAAaaaaaaaHHHHhhhhhh!! She screamed. It was part pleasure, but there was also a new element, a frantic terror, as Olga realised that the situation was passing from her control. Penelope was shocked by the sound, torn from her trance. She had never heard such a sound from Diana. Something was wrong.

Wonder Woman’s mind heard the meltdown that occurred in Olga’s mind and was powerless to stop it. Olga’s mind was dying. It was already gone, unable to match the powers of her new body. As news guards mounted her, Wonder Woman felt Olga’s mind die.

And with the death of Olga’s mind, the Amazon Princess felt her own mind rush back into the vacuum. As she regained control of her body, she felt the pain surge across her back, the rawness and deep sensations from her vagina after so many penetrations, the soreness of her breasts from so many hands fondling them. But she also felt her own strength return to her.

In a single motion, Wonder Woman tore her arms free and brought the edges of her hands down on the security guard lying atop her. The blows caught him on the shoulders and back, immediately rendering him paralysed because of the shock to the nerve clusters located there. He collapsed at the same moment that the powerful Amazon shot upright in the bed. She tossed him to the floor like a soft bag of grain, and then tore away the bonds securing her legs.

Those guards who had begun to recover from their experience with Wonder Woman were struggling to their feet as she slid from the bed. Those who had only recently finished with her were still too exhausted to consider such a strenuous action. They continued to lie in place. There were two who attacked her, screaming, but they were shortly dispatched, lying in heaps against the wall. Those who sought refuge in the hall, fled naked through the door, but they too were quickly subdued.

Wonder Woman was a whirlwind of fury, careless of whether her blows killed or incapacitated her targets. In short order, all of those who had raped her, plus the half dozen still waiting in line were either unconscious or dead, littering the room and the hall.

The Princess looked at the shriveled body of Olga Kobyrynka lying, unmoving, in the chair beside the bed. She felt pity for the witch, her body dead in one place and her mind, also dead, elsewhere. She wondered whether there was to be a reunion in the underworld.

When the Amazon dynamo began her assault on the guards, Senator Carlton’s grip on his captive tightened. He dragged her at first toward the connecting door leading to the bathroom next door. Penelope, for her part, was exulted by the sight of the powerful Amazon restored. She struggled against the Senator, but could not resist the strength and angle at which he held her.

Once at the door, he roughly threw the girl against the bed, turned and disappeared from the room. Penelope, dazed, pushed herself up from the floor. Before her unfocussed eyes, Wonder Woman continued her rampage against the security men. Only when she had finished did the eyes of the two roommates meet. Wonder Woman strode to her friend and helped her from the floor.

‘Are you all right?’ both asked simultaneously.

‘Yes,’ each answered. Then Penelope sagged a moment.

Wonder Woman led her lover to the bed and helped her to sit on the stained and bloodied bedspread. Already darkening, the blood looked almost black in the overhead lamp.

‘Stay here,’ Wonder Woman said softly to her friend. ‘I’ll go after Carlton.’

‘Wait, wait,’ Penelope held the Amazon. ‘You can’t. You… You’re…,’ she struggled, ‘you’ve been beaten and raped. You’re weakened. And you have nothing that will stand up in court.’

‘I have a document in my invisible plane which will show him to be guilt of serious crimes against the Constitution. Once these are revealed, his power won’t protect from other charges. Now stay here.’

Penelope forced a smile and eased a sigh. ‘Go on. I’ll be all right.’

Wonder Woman rose, still touching the back of her friend. She smiled briefly, then raced through the door and into the hall.

Inspecting the bathroom next door, she found no exit other than the hallway entry through which she came. Since the Senator had not gone past the bedroom, she headed down the hallway toward the far stairwell. As she made her way downstairs, she stopped and listened for sounds on each level. There was no evidence that he fled the house through the main entrance. All the cars that had been parked in front of the house were still there. She pursued a descent further into the bowels beneath the house.

On the second level below ground, she heard a small sound. She walked cautiously along the hallway, sneaking a peek into each of the rooms. At the far end of the hall, there was a small room being used for not much more than storage. As she entered, she saw that it was home to a large number of crates, and that there were winches standing about to move the crates to upper levels of shelving. At the far end of the room was a garage door. And a familiar shadow.

‘It’s over, Senator,’ she called. ‘It’s time for you to come out and surrender.’

‘Oh, no, Wonder Woman,’ he responded. The bitterness with which he had spoken her name earlier was gone now. ‘It’s only begun.’ He stepped out into the light. He was still wearing his silver-and-black uniform. ‘Do you think this is over simply because you say so? Do you know who you’re up against?’

‘You and some unstable people in positions of great power. But when the COINTELPRO plan is revealed to the public, your time will be over.’

‘I know you have a copy of the plan. But you don’t know how much of that plan has already been implemented. It will take a long time for anyone to do anything. And the President will grant me a pardon. You may think you know a great deal, but we have the power right now. Nothing will come of what you have learned.’

‘Why don’t we let the American people decide what will happen?’ Wonder Woman began walking forward, releasing her golden lasso from her belt. She held it with both hands and was preparing to loop it over the Senator’s head, when…

The edge of the crate came crashing down on the top of Wonder Woman’s head with full force of the drop from the ceiling of the garage area. She pitched forward, landing on her stomach, finally rolling slowly onto her side before she lost consciousness. The lasso fell from her hands as soon as she was struck. She lay on the polished cement floor and did not move.

As the Senator walked around the Unconscious Amazon Princess, he spoke to her. ‘You see, Wonder Woman, there is always one more unforeseen complication. You may have only delayed our plans for this country, but you haven’t changed anything. How did you think that you, a mere woman, could stop this movement? We Have men-MEN-in positions of power, men who know what they are doing. We will make this country great again. We will remove the stain of division, we will win the war in Vietnam, we will restore America’s prestige everywhere. And we’ll do it by demonstrating America’s unity and unquestioning support for the President and his policies.’ With that he brutally kicked the unconscious heroine squarely in her naked back, fresh blood again oozing from the stripes on her back.

He looked down at the woman before him. Fresh blood came from her back and from a new wound on the back of her head and puddled on the floor. Her hair was matted with sweat and tousled, almost completely obscuring her tiara. The breastplate that she wore had the covering of her breasts cut away, exposing her ample mammaries. They were red from the intense fondling. Her thigh was smeared with blood from the bullet wound. The satin of her uniform was covered with debris and scuffs. Her leather boots were also scuffed as they lay, one piled on top of the other on the unmoving Amazon.

‘Yes, Wonder Woman, despite what you thought you were doing, you are going to lose. I win.’

A single shot rang out and echoed through the storage area. It sounded like thunder, though it was only a .22 caliber pistol. It had formerly belonged to the large guard who had raped Wonder Woman first. Now it was in the hand of Diana Prince’s roommate.

The Senator looked at the small hole in his chest and when he saw the blood spurt out with the final beats of his heart, he looked up and smiled. To Penelope, it looked like a death’s head grin, and he held it as he fell forward onto his face.

Penelope ran forward to the unconscious Wonder Woman. A pool of blood was already taking shape by her head, as the liquid ran down the back of her head, glistening in her raven hair. As the young woman looked down on the beautiful Amazon Maid, panic seized her. She quickly picked up the unmoving body in her strong arms, and carried her upstairs to the living area near the indoor garden. She laid the Princess on a sofa, and then looked around for something to serve as a compress. In a nearby half-bath, she found physician’s gauze, which she secured in place with some medical tape. The pad of gauze darkened with the blood flowing from the wound, but no blood flowed from beneath the dressing. Penelope studied her lover, lying unconscious. The blood was still a threat to flow freely from her head; her back was crisscrossed with bloody stripes and welts; blood was smeared across her thigh from the bullet hole so plainly visible. Her star-spangled uniform was covered in blood and debris, her hair was matted against her head, and her exposed breasts were still red and swollen from their mishandling. Yet, as Penelope watched her, she realised that this woman was by far the most beautiful female on the planet. She returned to the bathroom for a damp towel and began the process of trying to revive her.

It took fifteen minutes of concentrated effort, of rubbing her face with the damp cloth, of rinsing the towel over and over again, to bring Wonder Woman’s eyes open. She looked tired. For a moment, Penelope thought that her roommate didn’t recognise her, as she stared blankly, past her into space. The beatings, the rapes, the exertions, the blow to the head had all served to weaken the powerful Amazon.

Finally, she smiled. ‘What happened? What hit me?’ She still looked dazed but her eyes were focused now.

‘The Senator released a wooden crate that was hanging from the ceiling. You were lucky it didn’t come squarely down on you, but it did make a pretty nasty gash with its edge.’

‘Where is the Senator now?’

‘He’s dead. He’s lying in that receiving area you tracked him to.’


‘I shot him. He was ready to do something to you. I didn’t want to,’ she paused. ‘I didn’t want to… to… kill him. But I didn’t see anything else I could do. He had already kicked you once in the back. I was afraid he would do something more.’

Wonder Woman was silent for a moment. ‘I never wanted you to be involved in anything I was doing. There are some things about what I do not even a roommate, or a best friend, or a lover can ever know about. Now you know.’

‘What do I know?’

‘That people die in the violent world I’m part of. Being a superheroine only makes it easier to hide these uncomfortable truths. I can make people forget things. You saw that in Delaware. But there are some messes that are more difficult to clean up.’

‘This has happened before.’

‘Of course this has happened before. It’s been happening ever since I arrived here. I don’t know how many people I’ve had to kill in the course of my efforts to help defeat the Nazis and the Japanese, criminals, spies, and all the rest.’

‘But nobody ever hears about them.’

‘We have to keep it that way.’

‘”We?”’ Penelope wasn’t sure she wanted to know this answer.

‘The Justice League. You’d be amazed at how many times we get involved in this sort of mess. Superman is probably the best at it. With all the powers he’s got, it’s a snap to clean up any loose ends. My lasso makes it possible to do the same, but my problem is that I try to leave as few bodies lying around at the end of the story as possible. Batman probably leaves the biggest messes consistently. We always have to go in and tie up all his loose ends.’

Penelope looked shocked. She didn’t know what to say. Finally, she feebly forced out, ‘But none of this is ever reported.’

‘Of course not. How long do you think people would let beings with superpowers roam around without some measure of control if they knew that they regularly killed significant numbers of their fellows, criminals or not?’

Penelope simply stared at this revelation. She had never dreamed that superheroes would recklessly throw away the lives of people. But then again, why shouldn’t they? The people they fought against were villains, super- and otherwise, and represented a grave threat to both themselves and the society they were protecting. But the idea that Wonder Woman, Superman, and all the others covered up the results of their actions was more than she was ready to absorb.

‘Have you killed very many?’ she asked, weakly.

‘No. Like I said, my Amazon philosophy preaches the protection of all life. The deaths, which have resulted from my efforts, were mostly because of the determination and resistance of my foes. I didn’t kill because I wanted to kill them; I killed them because there was no other way to stop them or to bring them to justice. The ones that have always been the hardest to take have been those who were accidentally killed or injured in the struggle. Those bodies have always been accounted for and they have always been treated, at least by me, with the dignity they deserve. I can’t say that all superheroes have been so considerate.’

There was a long pause. Penelope looked at the blood-soaked hair of her lover, the cut-away bustier and the manhandled breasts, the blood-smeared thigh, and she visualised her scarred back. She looked at the house and its beautiful and expensive furnishings and realised the difference between the wealth and power and cultivation which Senator Carlton had put forward to the world and the poverty of his character and the evil, small-minded ideas he embodied. But did this mean he would have to die?

Wonder Woman seemed to know what was going through her fiend’s mind. ‘The death of evil is never so clear cut as the fighting of evil. We all agree that it must be resisted with all our strength. But when we are responsible for the death of an individual, even one who stood for ideas which are repugnant to everything we have been brought up to believe, there is always a residue of our civilisation to remind us that the death was of a human being. You never put it away. It drops from your consciousness and hides, but it never disappears. Sometimes it returns during the quiet of the night and wracks your memory with horrible images.’ She took her lasso in her hand. ‘But I can make you forget this one.’

Penelope thought about it for a long time. While Wonder Woman began clearing the bodies of the guards and carrying those who survived onto the front lawn, Penelope walked through the great house, considering what it was that she was being asked to do.

When she finally made her decision, she sought out the Amazon Princess, who was carrying one of the dead to the sub-basement level. ‘Diana, I can’t forget this. Our love and our relationship are based on truth, on what you would call your Amazonian principles. If you allowed me-and I allowed me-to forget what happened here and what I have learned here, I KNOW-I am absolutely certain-whatever may happen between us will be affected. This is because the relationship will be based upon a lie. There will be something between us that you will know and I don’t. I love you, Diana. I love what you stand for. I love what you have come to mean to me. And I love you because you have never lied to me or deceived me about what you think or what you have done. That love will be tainted if we agreed to hide this from ourselves.’

‘Do you understand why we hide it from others?’

‘That’s simply the way it must be. It won’t be the first thing that you and I have hidden from society.’

The Heroine smiled, a sad smile. ‘Mark Twain said that the Dreams of our Youth are beautiful-and perishable.’ She paused. ‘I love you, too.’

The dead security guards were buried deep within the walls of the lowest sub-basement, Wonder Woman using her Amazon strength to tear down and rebuild the walls and to dig a mass grave several yards from the outside walls of the house. The surviving guards were placed under the influence of the magic lasso and forced to forget everything about all of their experiences in the Senator’s employ, in some cases requiring them to forget three or more years of their life. ‘Sometimes there are prices to pay for being involved in evil such as this,’ Wonder Woman told Penelope.

The Senator was the most serious problem. On the one hand, he could simply disappear, which would lead to questions and theories. Or his body could be found in the house by his arriving staff, who knew about the guards and, perhaps, about some of the Senator’s plans. The bullet in his chest complicated his death by forbidding anything except a murder, either accidental or intentional.

Wonder Woman decided to drop the Senator’s reclothed body (the uniform would also raise difficult questions) in a wooded path along the Potomac. The magic lasso would also reprogram the household staff.

The funeral for Senator Carlton of Arizona was one of the grandest events of the summer and fall of 1970. The police investigated intensively but never found a suspect. The house was eventually sold to a conservative columnist for the Washington Star. He never found the bodies behind the walls. The sub-basements were turned into the finest wine cellar and private art gallery in Virginia.

Wonder Woman took the COINTELPRO file to some friends at the Washington Post, and over the next few years they effectively used the document to resist President Nixon’s effort to stifle dissent. Eventually, their ability to know what he was planning to implement helped them to drive him from office in disgrace.

Wonder Woman remained with Penelope. The two women became closer and more loving and more respectful of one another. The scars on Diana’s back disappeared. Her uniform was replaced. (Indeed, Penelope, after what she had been told, was not surprised to learn that Wonder Woman’s costume needed replacement at frequent intervals because of her treatment at the hands of her enemies.) Penelope continued to learn about the ways of the world from her devoted lover and herself became more dedicated to the efforts of womankind to change the world for the better.