The Senators Crisis - Part 9  

By Marat

Wonder Woman

‘You’ve been a very naughty girl,’ the Senator was saying, as Wonder Woman’s mind slowly grasped what was happening. ‘You’ve caused us a great deal of trouble and concern tonight. That’s something I cannot allow you to do again, Wonder Woman.’

He was standing only two feet away from her, tightly holding her lasso, his closed hand only inches from the Amazon’s soft and lovely throat. Soon, she was standing fully erect, the effects of the magic fires all but gone from within her.

‘You don’t remember what happened to you the last time you were here,’ he continued, ‘but I’m sure you saw the effects of our efforts. That will be mere child’s play by the time this night is over. I have done with you, you treasonous bitch. Tonight I will make you pay for your crimes, and, in the end, you will forfeit your life.’ He stared up into the Amazon’s face, gradually tightening his grip on the magic lasso, pulling her face toward his. A sneer of hate slowly grew as he looked at her, then he spit into her beautiful countenance.

‘Olga, you will stay with me until this is done.’

‘As you wish.’

Wonder Woman realised that the Senator had divested himself of his usual grey suit and blue tie, that he was wearing a uniform similar to that of his guard. Black, with silver adornment indicating officer status, with black leather boots, highly polished, and a black leather belt with a holster, the uniform reminded the Amazon Princess of the uniforms of the SS seen so frequently during World War II.

‘And now. Wonder Woman.’ He spoke her name very slowly and with obvious distaste. ‘Since this will be the last night on earth for the traitor to American liberties, this fellow traveler, this Communist sympathiser, since you are nothing more than a vicious viper in the weeds, I want you to follow me like the snake that you are. Crawl on your belly behind me.’ His voice grew louder with hate as he said this.

Wonder Woman dropped to the floor and, as the Senator walked from the room she crawled along behind him, the leather of her boots and the satin of her costume the only sounds. Once she began this humiliating display, the laughter of the guards quickly overwhelmed these small sounds. Some of the guards found wriggling of her body across the floor erotically charged and they watched her, at first laughing, then quietly, like beasts of prey. A guard jumped heavily on her back, shouting, ‘Take me for a ride, bitch! I want to ride the heroine!’ The cheering of the guards mounted again and followed her through the foyer toward the staircase.

The Senator turned, his eyes alight. ‘Who wants a ride?’ he yelled.

‘Me! Me! Me!’ the guards yelled back almost as a chorus.

‘All right. But only one or two at a time,’ he told them, and another guard bounced down on Wonder Woman’s crawling form. He was carrying a swagger stick common to those who seemed to be officers in the Senator’s security force, and he began to beat the heroine’s hip and thigh with it, to urge her to go faster.

As she crawled across the floor, back and forth, with old and new riders on her back, with swagger sticks and riding crops continuously beating her hips and legs, the laughter of the guards and the Senator ringing in her ear, the helpless avenger felt the bitterness of humiliation.

‘I want to ride bareback!’ one of the guards demanded.

‘Yeah! Yeah! Me too!’ many voices followed.

‘Stop! Wonder Woman!’ the Senator ordered his captive.

She did so. The two men riding her stood up and stepped away from her. ‘Stand up and take off that uniform,’ Senator Carlton now commanded.

‘I am compelled to obey,’ the helpless Princess said as she rose to her feet.

‘Wait, wait, wait!’ The Senator sounded angry now. ‘There’s got to be some way to make you enjoy your situation as much as we want you to. And you can’t do that as long as everything is compelled and you have no will of your own.’ Senator Carlton looked around. ‘We could use chains to link your bracelets. That worked the other night. But…’

He caught sight of Olga. ‘Olga, can you put some kind of spell on her so that I can remove the lasso and giver back her will, yet still keep her under our control?’

‘It can be done, but I cannot have anyone here. This is the highest magic. I will do as you ask, but only if you clear everyone out of the room. And for--?’ She rubbed her thumb and index finger together, indicating that there would be an extra charge for this task.

‘If the spell works as you promise, I’ll be happy to pay,’ Carlton said. ‘Everyone! Clear out!’

The uniformed men walked to the stairwell, casting their eyes downward, some of them mumbling. Soon Olga and the Senator were the only ones left in the foyer.

‘You understand, she is to be unable to resist, but still have her will. That’s what I’m paying for,’ he said scoldingly.

‘I understand precisely what you want from this woman,’ Olga replied. ‘You will be very happy with what I provide.’ He handed her the lasso and walked toward the stairs. He disappeared upstairs, moving toward his living area.

Wonder Woman shuddered as felt the power of the new hands controlling the lasso.

‘Follow me,’ Olga ordered, as she led Wonder Woman into the dark area behind the indoor garden. The Princess followed, the usual dampening of her sex gone wild as she felt the witch’s power roar through her. As she walked, she felt her juices begin to pour from inside her, and her will crumbled in the face of the power controlling her.

‘Stand here,’ ordered Olga, indicating one of the pillars. Wonder Woman stood with her back to the shiny marble surface. Olga took the lasso and walked around the Amazon prisoner, securing her to the column. The golden rope spiraled around her body, beginning at her throat, wrapping around her bare shoulders and upper chest, descending to her waist where it secured her bare arms to her body, then dropped again to her naked thighs, where Olga tied off the lasso. Before she dropped the end of the rope, Olga ordered her captive, ‘You will not attempt to escape while I cast this spell.’ Wonder Woman felt the same wrenching shudder rush through her, as the power of the lasso controlled her.

Wonder Woman stared at the witch, feeling her tights dampening under her, as Olga raised her left hand and began her incantation. Olga held her hand in front of the Amazon’s face, and Wonder Woman watched as an orange light shone as if from the palm. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. As she stared at the light, helpless, the Amazon prisoner no longer heard the mumbled spell. Meanwhile, the witch reached her right hand into her pocket, and removed something. She then reached down to one of the plants and tore off some of the hard bark, crumbling it as she raised that hand.

The Amazon felt the compelling power of the lasso begin to fall away, but she was nevertheless unable to move. Olga tossed the mixture of bark and potion into the orange light, and the resulting flash temporarily brilliantly lit the dark corner of the foyer.

‘You are completely under my control, Wonder Woman,’ Olga stated slowly. The helpless prisoner could see the witch smiling, gleeful at the control and power, which she now exercised. ‘Remove the lasso from your body.’

Wonder Woman raised her arms, gathering the golden rope with them. When her arms reached her neck, she loosened the lasso and lifted it up past her head. Still holding the rope, she stepped out of the loops securing her legs to the pillar. Once she was free, she gathered up the lasso, looped it, and secured it to her hip. Wonder Woman was free! But she was bound to Olga, whose will kept her in place. ‘What have you done to me? I can’t move; I can’t take a step. I want to escape, but I can’t move.’

‘You have independence, but you have no freedom. You have your will back, and you have your strength. You can respond to any order given you as you wish. But what will you do when given an order? Only what I let you do!’ the woman laughed. ‘I can make you rob a bank, I can make you do anything, and you will. You won’t want to, you will resist me with all your mind and heart, but you will do it. You see? I have great power.’ Her laugh was more the classic witch cackle now. ‘Come with me.’

Wonder Woman followed behind her as if she were watching herself from a place outside herself. She was acting exactly as Olga wished her to. After three or four steps, the black-clad witch suddenly stopped. ‘You will follow me in a manner which befits your status.’

With that, the powerless Amazon, unable to resist, dropped to her hands and knees. Then, as the witch walked back toward the front of the house, the Princess of the Amazons scuttled along behind her. Again, the witch stopped and turned toward the prisoner of her will who followed her. Lifting the hem of her dress, she ordered, ‘Kiss my foot. Lick it and kiss the instep.’ She held out her left foot, bare except for the worn sandal strapped to it. The Champion of All Women lowered her head and began to lick the foot, then finally laid her head sidewise on the floor and kissed her instep.

‘Good. We must go show my employer.’

Wonder Woman was on her hands and knees, chasing behind the black-cloaked Olga Kobyrynka. Her long black hair curled to the floor, covering her face and shoulders. Beneath its shield, tears formed in her deep blue eyes, as she wept over her inability to do anything about her condition. She was the most powerful woman in the world, the most beautiful, Princess of the Amazons, Champion of All Women. Yet, she could not stand up, nor defend her honour. The flawless skin of her back lay bare in the bright light of the library, the red satin of her bustier shone softly, while the golden belt around her waist shimmered.

She listened as Senator Carlton and the witch Olga discussed her.

‘Are you sure she is under your control?’ the Senator was saying.

‘Look at her. Do you think she would have come in this room in this fashion of her own free will?’

‘Of course not. But the deal was that she was to have her will back.’

‘Look here then,’ Olga fairly yelled at him. She reached down and seized the Amazon’s chin roughly in her hand, pulling her face upward. Tears from Wonder Woman’s eyes rolled down her cheeks. To make them even more visible, Olga pulled back the long black hair of the Princess with her free hand. Wonder Woman fought to drop her face toward the floor, to hide her humiliation, but the enchantress held her firmly. ‘Are not these tears evidence of my power over her? She cannot be anywhere excepting where she is. And that is because I want her here. She weeps because she has her will. Under her lasso, you saw, she is without expression, without evident feeling. Let me prove to you how independent she is.’ She turned to the powerless prisoner. ‘Stand up.’

Wonder Woman rose to her feet. At least now, standing on her own feet, she no longer subservient in her posture. She held her head high and her shoulders back. The Senator noticed this but said nothing as her magnificent presence dominated the room.

Olga continued, ‘Chose one of your men to shoot her.’

Senator Carlton looked at the old woman, startled. ‘I want to play with her before I kill her. I don’t want her shot this early in the game.’

‘You will have your fun. And so will I. You will see her defend herself in a very familiar way.’

One of the guards was selected and ordered to draw his pistol. ‘Shoot her down,’ the Senator ordered, hesitantly.

Aiming carefully, the marksman fired off three rounds directly at the Amazon.

Faster than the eye could see, Wonder Woman’s reflexes brought her Amazonium bracelets into the flight of the bullets, deflecting them. A smile turned up the corner of the heroine’s mouth as she stood in the library, untouched by the bullets.

‘Let me do this,’ the Senator ordered, now sounding angry. He took the pistol from the officer and turned the gun on Wonder Woman. Taking a moment to aim carefully, he squeezed off another round. Wonder Woman deflected this one with equal ease.

‘Olga,’ he snarled, turning on the witch. ‘I want to wound her, to put her in pain. I can’t do that if she can still use her powers to defend herself.’

‘Do you want to wound her?’ the witch repeated, smiling. ‘Go ahead.’

Again, the Senator aimed the pistol at Wonder Woman, this time sighting in on her long, tan thigh. Again, he squeezed the trigger.

Wonder Woman willed her arms to block this new shot, but she continued to stand there, hands curled into fists sitting on top of her hips. The bullet smashed into her bare leg and she screamed in pain as blood splashed her thigh. She had followed the bullet in its entire flight from the barrel to her body. She had wanted to deflect it, to protect herself. But she had been unable to defend herself. Now there was pain, very terrible pain, and a smear of blood.

Olga was smiling widely now. ‘You see my power. She can only do what I want her to do, what I let her do.’

Blood streamed from the wound but her Amazon strength was such that she was able to continue standing. The pain was great, but the shock of her failure to act on the bullet was even greater. ‘What are you doing to me? How did you do that?’

‘That was the spell I cast on you. I told you you were independent, but not free. This is the proof!’

‘Wonderful!’ said Senator Carlton. ‘Take her downstairs.’

Wonder Woman was baffled. She had been prodded by rifle butts down the stairs of the great house. Each time she had wanted to strike out at her tormentors, she had been unable to do so. Soon the black-uniformed guards realised that their charge could not fight back, and they began to enjoy their provocations.

One of the officers escorting her down the stairs began to strike her with his staff. Soon, two others drove her in front of them, beating her about the shoulders, back, and thighs, all naked under their blows. Her skin began to turn red where she was hit repeatedly, and the bullet wound in her leg bled afresh under the attacks. At the top of one of the flights of stairs, another man tripped her. She rolled down the steps, her satin uniform and leather boots rustling and her body thumping down the twenty stairs. When her body came to rest on the landing, guards, laughing, probing their rifles and staffs into her, surrounded her. Unable to defend herself against them, she quickly stood up, only to have one man bring the butt of his rifle down on her head, hard. She staggered into a group of men, who pushed her roughly away, back at still another group. They likewise smashed their rifles and gun butts into her body. Eventually the beating, the pain in her leg, and the continued shoving drove the Princess to her knees.

‘So, you can be taken. Wonder Woman.’ It was the Senator who stood over her. He took an M-16 from one of the guards. He pushed the barrel directly into the wound in her thigh.

She screamed in pain, and blood flowed anew from the wound. He only pushed harder. ‘Plead for your life. Wonder Woman.’ He always said her name with a sneer and vitriol in his voice. And it was always clearly separated from the rest of the sentence, as if he were handling it with the tips of his fingers. ‘Let’s see your strength now. Wonder Woman.’ He kicked the wound, forcing the Amazon to roll onto the floor. Then he returned to pressing the barrel of the weapon against the open wound. ‘Wonder Woman. Champion of All Women. Wonder Woman. Lying on her back, in pain. Unable to keep me from doing whatever I will. Wonder Woman. Tell me. How does it feel? To be absolutely helpless? To know that you’re going to die? To know that you’re going to be humiliated and that your legacy will be one of failure? Champion of All Women!??! Ha!! Wonder Woman!!’ He began to laugh, as he pushed the muzzle of the rifle harder and harder against her. As he did so, she skittered along the floor, trying to relieve the pain. ‘Wonder Woman,’ he repeated. ‘Wonder Woman.’ As he drove her before him, he just kept laughing and repeating her name, louder, angrier, with increasing contempt and spite, pushing and kicking at her.

She eventually crashed through the fire doors into the hallway beyond, the Senator still driving her before him. Olga followed behind, watching through narrow eyes. The security guards milled about, trying to watch as the superheroine was beaten and pushed about.

‘Stand her up!’ the Senator ordered. Two of the guards reached down and roughly pulled the Amazon Princess to her feet. She stood unsteadily after her treatment and the pain in her thigh disoriented her. The two guards continued to pin her arms behind her. ‘Let her go. She can’t do anything to hurt us.’ They released the prisoner.

‘In there.’ The Senator indicated a pair of double doors in the interior wall. Wonder Woman walked through the doors and saw a large bare room, brightly lit by fluorescent lights. It was bare-except for a large metal X-frame in one corner.

‘Over there,’ Senator Carlton ordered her. She walked to the X-frame, her three-inch heels echoing off the polished cement floor. ‘Tie her.’

Two of the guards grabbed her arms. Each one pulled a wrist into a leather strap hanging from the upper corner of the frame. Once she was secured in the binding, they stepped behind the frame and pulled a strap, which raised her arms to the top of the crosspieces. In a moment, she was standing, helpless, before the frame, her arms secured over her head, her back toward her tormentors. Her arms spread outward from her shoulders, reaching upward to the restraints. Below, her ankles were likewise placed in restraints, the guards wrapping the black leather around her red boots, spreading her legs outward from her body, so that Wonder Woman stood powerlessly conformed to the metal X-frame.

Senator Carlton moved to a cabinet built into the wall near her. The heroine heard the door open, then muffled conversation between the Senator and one of his officers. There was some rattling-it sounded like several sticks-and the cabinet door closed. Then, Wonder Woman listened tensely as the feet crossed the floor toward her.

‘You probably have a pretty good idea about what will happen to you now,’ the Senator said quietly. ‘We use this area as our pillory. Begin!’ he called to his officer.

The cat-o’-nine-tails cut into Wonder Woman’s bare back with such suddenness that she almost screamed. The metal studs on the leather straps tore at her skin, the leather itself reddening her back. Again and again the blows fell upon her flawless skin, tearing, raising welts, reddening her body. The red satin of her bustier was ripped. Each time a blow was struck, she jerked her body in a spasm of pain. Tears formed in her eyes and ran down her face; her teeth were gritted in anger and pain. But the magic and the restraints held her in place for the next blow, always not far behind. Finally, after a dozen lashes, the Senator ordered his man to stop.

‘I understand you moaned and screamed quite a bit when you were raped. You’re very quiet now, and I will not allow you to die until you have pleaded for life itself. I guess that means you’ll be here for quite awhile.’

‘I will never beg for my life. If you expect an Amazon to be reduced to that level, you don’t know anything about us,’ Wonder Woman said, sweating and breathing heavily after her whipping.

‘It wasn’t the screaming that fascinated me so much when the guards told me about it. It was what you screamed when you were on the bitchbender.’ He walked closer.

‘Who is Penelope?’ he asked.

Wonder Woman was completely shocked by the question. It was the one secret she was determined to protect, perhaps even more than her secret identity. ‘I have no idea who or what you’re talking about.’

‘Oh, come now. Please. How stupid do you think I am? I knew we could never get you to plead for your own life. However, I was also sure that there was someone who important to you. And,’ here his voice again took on the fearsome anger and hate that Wonder Woman was becoming accustomed to, ‘I am not at all surprised that you are, in addition to all your other perverted notions, a lesbo.’ He reached to her waist and plucked the golden lasso from her.

Wrapping the lasso around her neck, he asked, ‘ Where can we find this Penelope?’

Wonder Woman desperately tried to refuse to answer the question put to her. Her torment was evident on her face. But the power of her own lasso was too great, and with a quivering voice, sobs breaking up her answer, she gave the Georgetown address where her lover could be found.

‘Lucas! Take two men with you and bring this Penelope person here. And make sure she doesn’t know where she’s being taken.’ The Senator smiled, and then removed the lasso from his prisoner.

Wonder Woman, her own will rushing to grip her, broke down completely. She had always known that the greatest danger that she represented was to anyone who was dear to her. Criminals tried to use her feeling for Steve Trevor many times as a means to get to her, and it had frequently put Steve in serious jeopardy. But Penelope was not like Steve. He was a part of military intelligence. He was trained to resist enemy measures.

Now, her visibility and symbolism was putting another human being in serious danger. It was the dearest and most important human being in her life who was threatened.


Her body began to quake and quiver under her weeping.


She pulled at her bonds, but Olga’s spell would not allow the strength to defeat them.


She shook her head wildly. She pulled at her restraints. She pounded on the metal frame that held her.


‘It’s too late for that now. Wonder Woman.’ It was the Senator again, speaking coolly to her as she stopped her struggles. The Princess hung from her restraints, favouring her wounded leg. When he spoke her name, it still had the familiar venom attached. ‘The two of you will be found in a very compromising situation in a very seedy locale, which I happen to know well.’ Tears again poured from the deep blue eyes of the helpless Amazon Princess, as she imagined the end the Senator had in mind.

‘We have an hour and a half to prepare for the arrival of our guest of honour. We must get ready.’

The black-uniformed officer’s strong right arm again rose and fell on the Amazon’s already-scarred back. Now, when Wonder Woman wept, it was not because of the pain inflicted on her by the lash. The tears, which rolled down her cheeks and the cries, which sprang from her throat, were not the results of any injuries she suffered at the hands of her torturer, which she would have endured even in her enthralled state. She wept at her helplessness, at her inability to prevent injury to the one person in the world she wished no harm.

After a second dozen blows, Carlton ordered the officer to stop again. The beautiful Amazon Maid’s flesh peered through the torn back of her bustier. The skin of her back was red from the blows and trickles of blood now rolled down her bare back, staining the already-red satin.

‘Turn her around.’

Two men released her legs from the straps at the base of the X. Two others loosened the restraints at the top so that she could draw her arms toward her. As she did so, security men turned her toward the Senator. Her arms were still secured, and her hands remained above her head.

‘We need to have you looking your best for the arrival of your lover, Wonder Slut.’

Security men grabbed and held her. While Wonder Woman watched, unmoving, the Senator took a pair of scissors from another of the guards. Confidently, he walked toward her.

When Penelope arrived, the three guards escorted her. There was one on either side of her, each holding an arm. She had a heavy bag completely covering her head, and she was guided through the house to the lower-level room where Wonder Woman was being held. As they entered the room, the Amazon Princess was again facing the X-frame, her back undergoing a lashing to the amusement of the men present. Small rivulets of blood flowed from her torn back, darkening the red of her costume, some even flowing as far as the golden belt that sat atop her hips. Even from the rear, Penelope could see the heavy smear of blood on her thigh from the gunshot wound.

‘Diana,’ was Penelope’s first word when she could see again. She took a few steps toward the hanging form of the Champion of All Women. But before she could reach her lover, Penelope was again seized by the men guarding her.

‘So, now we have a name to hang on you. Wonder Woman,’ the Senator said. The beaten and nearly unconscious Amazon didn’t move. Penelope turned her head sharply in his direction.

‘What have you done to her?’ demanded the roommate, clad only in a pajama top and panties.

‘What should have been done to her a long time ago,’ he replied. ‘We have taken the sin of pride from her. She now knows her place. We have reminded her that this is a man’s world,’ the Senator was growing visibly angry now, ‘and that when anyone fucks with my country and my beliefs, then they will have to pay.’

Wonder Woman slumped down on the frame, he head hanging low between her upraised arms, the weight of her body fully supported by her bound wrists. Her knees were bent, her ankles secured to the lower extremes of the frame. Only a few strands of her dark, sweaty hair lay over her beaten back. The red welts and cut skin covering her back looked like a bloody road map of a vicious landscape.

‘Welcome, Miss Penelope. We’ll detain you only briefly, only long enough to get the full effect.’ Penelope tried to free herself, but the men held her tightly. ‘Patience, Miss,’ the Senator continued. ‘Take the Amazon down!’

As Wonder Woman was released from her bonds, he turned to Olga, still standing by. ‘Now that we have the lover here, why don’t you get the last of -Diana’s, was it? -essence?’

‘I cannot leave the presence of the one who is bewitched without giving up the spell,’ Olga explained.

‘Oh. Well, we can’t allow that to happen.’ He turned, ‘Two of you men. Go up to the main floor. Bring down the iron kettle that Olga left in the small study. And don’t drop anything or spill anything!’ he ordered.

When Wonder Woman was cut down and dragged toward her, Penelope saw the handiwork of the wait for her arrival. The eagle’s wings, which enclosed her breasts, had been cut out of her breastplate, exposing the heroine. Likewise, a large swath of her crotch had been cut away from her star-spangled tights. Dried cum was evident on her long, tan, round thighs, and when Wonder Woman was drawn closer, Penelope saw the same on her face and around her mouth.

The two men dragging the defeated woman dropped her three yards from Penelope. As she hit the floor, she moaned. She was still conscious, but only barely. Penelope watched for a moment while she was still held, and saw the Amazon’s hand move, just a little at first. The Princess’ arm then reached outward, her palm finding the floor. Penelope couldn’t believe it, as Wonder Woman tried to push herself into a standing position.

‘Let the dyke go,’ the Senator said harshly. Penelope rushed to her fallen lover. ‘The Amazon is not only controlled by us, but also, as you heard, by magic. The magic keeps her will in check. She can wish to resist all she wants, but she can’t do a thing about what we do to her.’ Penelope cradled Wonder Woman’s head in her arms, and held her against her chest, as the dancer slipped gracefully to the floor next to her friend. ‘We have successfully taken the resistance out of her, I think.’

Now it was Penelope’s turn to sob. ‘Why are you doing this? How could you do this to-to her, of all people?’

‘Because she is what she is: a threat to the white, constitutional government of laws, which built this country. She is a Communist sympathiser who supports the weakening of our laws and our defenses against enemies within and without. She must be removed.’

‘Help me to stand up.’ Penelope heard the faint whisper coming from Wonder Woman. Together, the two women struggled to their feet. Penelope put her arm around the back of her friend, helping to support her weight. As she did so, she felt the blood on her back, still damp, still running from some deep or fresh wounds, smear her forearm.

Her roommate supported most of Wonder Woman’s weight. But the superheroine still responded to the Senator. ‘I am still going… to stop you,’ she said weakly. ‘You are threatening the… entire democratic structure…’ (here she paused and seemed to catch her breath) ‘of this country with’ (she paused again) ‘with your COINTELPRO. I can’t allow that program to go into effect.’

‘You’re already too late. It’s already gone into effect. Subversive groups have already been infiltrated, possible enemies are already under investigation…’

‘Like Senator Kennedy?’ Wonder Woman interrupted. Penelope could feel the Amazon’s strength returning to her.

‘Yes, like Senator Kennedy. The White House is in the process of creating a secret police force to control leaks and to investigate more-sensitive-matters.’

As Penelope listened, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This sounded too much like some foreign country, a Third World dictatorship, or a slice out of Nazi Germany.

‘In addition, Wonder Woman,’ the Senator continued, his voice an equal mixture of arrogance and contempt, ‘from the looks of things right now, I’d say you’re in no condition to stop much of anything. You don’t even have your breasts covered. You look like a cheap Vegas chorine.’

Wonder Woman shuddered as she pulled herself up to her full height. In her three-inch heels, she stood over six feet tall. And although she felt the pain from her treatment rushing through her, her voice was steady as she said, ‘Nevertheless, I must stop you.’

‘And I must kill you,’ responded the Senator, pulling a pistol.

‘No. Wait.’ It was Olga. ‘You’ve had your fun, but I get to have my time with her, too.’

‘What? What are you talking about? What kind of time do you want?’ asked Senator Carlton.

‘With my power, I have given her to you. You have beaten and tortured her. Your men have raped her in every possible way.’ A wave of pain flashed across Wonder Woman’s face. ‘But you could not have done this without my power. I want my turn.’

‘What… -your turn?’ The Senator sounded confused. Penelope and the Amazon Princess drew closer together.

‘I am an old woman, Senator.’ Olga pressed close to Carlton as she now spoke to him privately. “ I have not experienced the ecstasy of love… well, for many years. I know I am soon to die and I want that experience again. Before it is too late.’

‘I’d say it’s already too late. But, wait; you want to have sex with Wonder Woman? Is that what you’re driving at?’

‘No.’ She looked the Senator straight in the eye. ‘I want to have sex AS Wonder Woman.’


‘Would any of your men bed me as I am? Surely not! But I can take over her body, feel what she feels, and experience what she experiences. I want to reach those heights once again.’

The Senator just stared at her. ‘Would it take a very complicated spell, or potion, or… whatever?’

‘I prepared her when I placed her under my spell earlier. My control of her was simply the preliminary step of assuming her body. Temporarily.’

A light shone in the Senator’s eye. ‘This could be more than interesting. What would happen to her-consciousness-while you were there?’

‘She would still be there. I thought you would like that touch. While I would be enjoying the activity, she would, no doubt, resist it as rape. In her current condition, I might destroy her mind, before you destroyed her body.’

The Senator smiled broadly.

End of Chapter 9

The Senators Crisis part 9