The Black Cat gets raped - Chapter Three

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This story is not for children, lawyers, angry feminists, the perpetually outraged, or any combination thereof. The story is pure fiction, as in not real. This story is a parody and not intended for any purpose other than to entertain. This story is not a soft & cuddly romance with great blocks of text devoted to a bunch of nothing happening, or character development. You know the characters pretty well, already, and if you dontgo and visit a comics shop. Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who has sent me e-mails for their overwhelming support. These stories are for all of you and I want to give a special tip of the hat to the dynamic duo, Spring-Heeled Jack and High-Heeled Jill. I also would like to thank Bastard for all his e-mails and my French buddy, Pitt, for hanging in there. A special thanks to She_Hulk_69 for providing me with some nifty ideas (and for all her naggingwithout which I probably would be even more behind), and my good buddy, Sensei, for a terrific Gamma Rage pic. I also want to thank Cobra, Jonathan, Zodiac, and everyone else for running my stories (proof that the Grey Archive is definitely NOT the center of the universe). Lots more folks to thank, but I have a hunch everybody wants to get to the story, so lets go! The glowing eyes of the robotic supervillain, Ultron, glared menacingly at the humans arrayed before him. They were the meanest, toughest, strongest, and most ruthless street gang in this city and probably any other but each one of them was more than a little fearful and intimidated by the powerful inhuman being standing before them. Their contact had given them an offer: Incredible physical power in exchange for servitude. They all agreed and found themselves brought one at a time, blindfolded, to this secret base and told to wait in this steel chamber until their new boss arrived. They had no idea their new boss would be none other than Ultron.

<<So, I see that you are all here nowvery good.>> Ultron began. His voice sounded hollow and disturbing and he raised his arms for the gang to be silent. <<I am certain you all seek revenge upon the police, upon superheroes, upon all of your society. They fear your strength and wish to destroy you. I, however, do not fear you and wish to give you a chance to get your revenge most thoroughly upon the world that has cast you out. I have recently acquired the services of a Swedish geneticist who will grant you more power than you could ever imagine. You have but to agree to serve me and it is yours. Unlike, Corporate America I do not ask you to change your appearance or lifestyle. You may continue your street activities and do so with my blessing. However, you are required to serve me when I command and do so without question. Is this offer not a generous one? Do you not want to get revenge on the light-skinned humans and teach them a lesson by raping their femalestheir superheroines?>>

There was little hesitation. The crowd of black men yelled their agreement and flashed their gang hand signals. Ultron was privately amused and copied their gang sign, which got another cheer.

I really must admit, Osborne knows how to choose them. Ultron thought. These humans are so easy to manipulate that they make the perfect pawns. Once Im finished with them they will be even stronger and more under my control.

The metallic villain turned to a view screen behind him and it abruptly displayed an image of the Black Cat, the Scarlet Witch, and the Wasp, dressed in new clean costumes and bound spread-eagle to X-shaped steel frames.

The dark-clad figure was merely a silhouette as she darted across the New York skyline, traveling faster than the pedestrians on the busy streets below. She had received a distress call from the Scarlet Witch a day ago but it took time to descramble the message, as someone had almost completely blocked it. She discovered the rest from the news broadcasts and felt a wave of nausea when she saw the censored news broadcasts of the terrible things that had happened to the Black Cat. Since Wanda had also been apparently captured the former Russian spy was determined to locate Ultron and make him pay. She fired a widow line and swung to a nearby building close to the crater. Already the city had workers out in the streets to fix the damage but if Ultron was on the loose then something worse could just as easily happen anywhere.

The thin black material of Natashas costume clung to her body like a second skin. It was her regular costume and the one she liked the best. She adjusted her wrist blasters, which enabled her to deliver her Widows Bite and made sure they were still fully charged. As she jogged along the ledge of a nearby building her big heavy tits bounced and her sexy well-rounded ass jiggled. Her costume left very little to the imagination and anyone could easily see the outline of her pussy mound (even the cleft of her lips), and her big thick nipples stood out prominently. The fabric of the costume seemed molded to every contour of her curvaceous athletic body and went right up the crack of her gorgeous ass. Even though she was fully covered except for her face, she might as well have been completely nude. The material of her costume was quite amazing and most superheroines had outfits made of the exact same material, as it was far superior to spandex, lycra, or anything else. Natasha wore it because it gave her complete freedom of movement and made most any male foe drop his guard. Normally she wore a more conservative version of this costume but since she wanted to catch Ultron and the street gang who raped the Scarlet Witch, she wanted a costume that would entice them and perhaps draw them out.

Around her waist was a golden belt made of oval-shaped disks. It looked heavy but was actually quite light. Natasha kept extra charges for her wrist blasters there, but today she had an extra component; an ion tracer. Tossing her long silky red hair to one side the Black Widow checked the tracer (which was no larger than a cell phone) and found the answer she sought. Despite the efforts of Ultron to conceal his ionic trail, she managed to get a fix on it and she learned that his secret base was right on the outskirts of the city of New York itself. She tucked the tracer back into her belt just as Spider-Man swung by about 100 feet away. He was engaged in a furious battle with Venom and the battle was going both ways. Natasha wanted to help him and perhaps ask him to help her in turn, but time was of the essence and most of the other superheroes were similarly engaged in emergencies of their own, even the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. She fired a line across the rooftop and continued on her way.

The day was a scorcher and the heat and humidity was making the Black Widow sweat profusely. She was glad she didnt choose her all-leather costume. Even though this one was far more revealing than her others it had one thing going for it, it was the thinnest and lightest. Still, though, she was drenched in a sheen of sweat and had to stop for water a number of times. As she traveled she did acrobatic flips and leaps to limber up for her confrontation with Ultron. The black-clad female figure was a truly amazing sight as she performed all sorts of difficult maneuvers in the air. She smelled strongly of sweat and the scent of her sweaty pussy was very noticeable. She had a smooth hairless pussy under her tight-fitting black costume and it was smelling like she had not washed down there in days. Natasha didnt care, she had only one goal: to find Ultron.

By the time she arrived at the area where the tracer indicated there was a warning signal coming from the device. Natasha reacted quickly by tossing the tracer away from her as far as she could. She knew what was happening. Electronic counter measures. She had encountered things like this before. There was a loud explosion as the tracer exploded from a wave of ionic feedback.

Nice try, Ultron. She smirked. Evidently the robotic villain had detected her arrival and, instead of hiding his ionic emanations, had boosted them up to the maximum hoping to destroy the tracerand her.

The Black Widow examined her surroundings and saw nothing out of the ordinary. She was in a field about a mile from the highway and there was a forest towards the Northwest and a large building due North which looked like an abandoned factory. She doubted Ultron would choose such an obvious location as the factory, but decided to investigate anyway. She kept low as she approached the building and was alert for any ambush. She went inside through a window and searched through the entire structure but found nothing of interest. She exited the building and headed towards the forest when she heard a noise. It was off in the distance, but she was able to make it out as the whine of some sort of jet. She followed the sound to a large granite hill and, after a lengthy investigation, discovered a hidden opening just barely large enough for her to fit into. As she squeezed into the narrow tube she squirmed down deeper into the darkness. She struggled to retrieve a pen light from her belt and it provided her with enough light to see by but was not much more than a small candle.

The Black Widow grunted as she worked her way down the small tunnel. Her huge round boobs were pressed flat underneath her as she scooted forward and the stone tunnel rubbed her nipples and made them hard. Her buttocks jiggled and bounced as she inched forward and sweat continued to drip from her brow as the oppressive heat of the tunnel made her feel as if she were in an oven. The Black Widow became more and more quiet as she wormed her way down the tunnel, the only sound was her labored breathing and her costumed body sliding over the stone. The angle of the tunnel was pretty steep and she knew that Ultrons secret lair was at least a mile underground.

When I get you, Ultron, Im going to dismantle you for good. The Black Widow thought.

The cold electronic voice synthesizer of the robotic supervillain echoed throughout the large open room. <<You will find that serving me has many benefits, my human friends.>> Ultron gestured towards the captive superheroines on the view screen. <<They are yours to do with as you pleaseI have other matters to attend to at the moment. You have a week to use and abuse the white superheroines, but do not kill or maim them, as I may have further plans for them. Is that understood?>>

The huge crowd of black muscle-men roared their acknowledgement. Ultron then pressed a button on the wall and a large steel door slid open near the view screen.

<> Ultron said as the men began to walk towards the hallway. Satisfied, the android then left through another portal and contacted Arnim Zola that his human experimental subjects were on their way.

<<Zola, your new test subjects are arriving. Have you prepared the serum?>> Ultron asked, transmitting his question directly through a special communications chip.

Yes, yes, my friend. I am eager to try the new serum. I believe I have found what went wrong with the prior one and this one should work exactly as you require. Came the voice of Arnim Zola.

<<No matter. They are only humans, and of no consequence. If the experiment fails I will merely acquire more. This world seems to be infested with an unending supply.>> Ultron replied, stepping into an elevator tube and then disappearing.

The Black Widow was drenched in sweat as she crawled through the hot, dark, ventilation duct. She wondered to herself why Ultron even needed air shafts in his base, since he didnt have to breathe. As she traveled slowly through the tunnel on her belly she came to a section where the tunnel was metal instead of rock. It was shiny and looked brand new. She could faintly hear some sounds coming from far away down the tunnel but couldnt make out exactly what it was but it sounded like human voices. She brushed her long red hair out of her face and began to stealthily continue down the tunnel. She reeked strongly of sweat and her pussy smelled extremely pungent of her feminine odor. She hoped that her enemy could not see or hear her, for he would most certainly smell her a mile away. She could not help but become slightly aroused by her own fishy, skanky smell and the danger of a mission like this always excited her sexually. She slid a hand down over her costume clad crotch and stroked her pussy through the thin black fabric of her costume. Then she thought of revenge against Ultron and resumed her trek through the tunnel.

When she arrived at the other end of the ventilation shaft she came to a grate, which she easily kicked out. She was shocked to see the Black Cat, the Wasp, and the Scarlet Witch all bound to metallic frames in a huge steel room. There was a large metal door at the far end of the room and the area was brightly lit by many large lights placed in the ceiling high above.

When the captives saw who had entered they immediately began struggling against their bonds and calling out to the Black Widow. Natasha was having difficulty adjusting to the bright light after having just crawled through the hot dark tunnels for hours, but could see that all three women were in their costumes and seemed okay.

Natasha! Thank goodness youre here! How did you find us? Janet van Dyne, the Wasp, inquired.

I used a little gadget Hank Pym created a few months back. Its a tracer that can scan for ionic energy, and thats the energy that Ultron uses. The Black Widow replied. The former Soviet spy struggled to free her companions but the bonds were too strong. She grunted from the exertion of another try before giving up and looking for an alternate way to free them.

You have to get us out of here, Natasha! Ultron is using gangs to commit crimes for him. They, theyraped me. I cant go through that again! The Scarlet Witch cried.

Just hang on, Wanda. Ill get you out of there. The Black Widow replied, removing a thin canister from the back of her belt. It was a micronized blow-torch that Iron Man had devised. Natasha knew it could cut through just about any metal, but it would not be fast.

Ultron has some sort of alien life form that breeds with human women. It got the Black Cat. Shes already been impregnated by it and given birth to its spawn. Ultrons time-manipulation device can bring a pregnancy to full term in only minutes! The Wasp gasped. She looked at Felicia Hardy and saw the look of humiliation and defeat in the eyes of the superheroine and shuddered at the thought of being at the mercy of Ultrons creature.

My torch is too slow. The Black Widow said, in exasperation, putting the device back into its tube canister on the back of her belt. Sweat dripped from her brow and ran down her face. "I need to find the lock mechanism. If its manual, I can pick the lock. If its electronic I can disable it.

I dont think theres any way out of this room except for that door and wherever you came out of. The Black Cat said, dejectedly.

Well, then, thats where Im going. Replied the Black Widow as she hurried over to the steel door. She expected to find a keypad mechanism, a retina scanner, or some other such device near the door but then realized that her foe would have no need for such things. Hed probably just have the door open at some transmitted frequency.

I might be able to open this with my sonic emitter, but its a real longshot. Natasha muttered, reaching around her back for the thin belt tube that held the tiny device. Suddenly the Black Widow heard the door open and she was momentarily surprised, her feet rooted to the spot. Directly in front of her were four hugely muscled, 8-foot tall, black men. They were completely naked except for the black combat-type boots they wore. They were all bald and their bodies were totally hairless, including their genitals. What also shocked the Black Widow was the sheer size of their penises, each of which hung down to their knees and they were not even hard! Their big balls were more like the size of oranges and they all smelled of sweat and maleness, just as she reeked of perspiration and female sex. There were more men just like them filling the hallway behind as far as the eye could see.

Both parties were as surprised as the other and the blacks gawked at the sexy black-clad Russian superheroine for one moment, which seemed to stretch much longer. The Black Widow was the first to react, her combat training kicking in. She kicked the first man in the stomach but was surprised at how solidly built he was. Still, he went reeling backwards and there was a shout from the men behind him as the situation suddenly turned chaotic. The next several minutes were all a blur for Natasha as she used her athletic body to dodge punches and kicks, while darting in and out to deliver punches and kicks of her own. She was astonished that her strongest blows did little significant harm to these huge brutes and they were much faster than she would have thought, given their massive frames. They seemed to be all muscle and she knew that she could not let a single one of their punches land or shed be in trouble. She did acrobatic flips through the air, legs spread wide as she leap-frogged over two men who collided into one another. Her acrobatic moves and flips were extremely suggestive and quite eroticsome of the men in the crowd simply watched, as her huge breasts wobbled and her shapely ass jiggled during her assortment of wild acrobatics maneuvers.

Who are you people? The Black Widow panted, flipping over one adversary and delivering a kick to another.

Youre going to find out soon enough, bitch! One of the men growled. You may be fast but you cant stop us all.

What the fuck you doing here, bitch? Ultron didnt say nothing about this! Another man inquired, barely ducking in time to avoid a kick to the jaw.

Naw, man. Its gotta be a test set up by that headless dude who gave us the shots. One man replied. Shes probably put here so that the weird-o can see if his drug worked.

Arnim Zola!? The Black Widow gasped, temporarily off-guard. Then she felt a powerful punch hit her in the stomach and she collapsed, doubling over in blinding pain. She had the breath knocked out of her and she gasped for air as the battle drew to a close. She was surrounded and grabbed roughly by the men when suddenly a voice cut through the room. They held her up, with a firm grip on her arms and shoulders.

What is going on here? Demanded Arnim Zola.

The Black Widow looked up, squinting from the pain, and saw the unmistakable form of Arnim Zola. His leering face gazed out from the chest view screen on his cloned 510 body and there was a box-shaped device where his head once was. The whole appearance was unsettling and the Black Widow began to realize that there was more to the situation than she had first assumed.

This bitch was here when we came in. You didnt put her here with the other sluts? One man responded.

I did not. Zola replied, walking past the man to the crowd holding the Black Widow captive in their firm clutches.

Look at that ass she got on her! And what a rack! Damn! Dont see tits like those every day! Another man commented, staring at the struggling dark-clad woman.

Silence! Arnim Zola commanded. He looked over the Black Widow and asked, How did you get in here? Then he saw the open grate and simply replied, Ahh. I see.

Whats the matter, Zola? Did the Red Skull get tired of putting up with your sick experiments? What are you doing here? Why are you teaming up with Ultron? Nobody else wanted to work with you? The Black Widow sneered.

Shut up, you cow! I ask the questions here! You will soon pay for your insolent remarks. Arnim Zola replied. The bizarre Swedish scientist tapped his mechanical head and said, Ultron, we have a visitor in section 8-C. Its the Black Widow. I assume you know of this by now?

Suddenly there was a sparkle of light and a hologram of Ultron appeared directly in front of Arnim Zola and the Black Widow.

<<Yes, I am aware of this, Zola.>> Ultron spoke. <>

She must be taught a lesson, my adamantium ally. Arnim Zola remarked, glaring at the Black Widow with cold eyes.

Ha! Natasha glanced between Zolas legs and sneered, Not by you, you scum. I read your file and its not just a head youre missing!

WHAT!? You slanderous harridan, I should kill you right here and now! Arnim Zola shouted, loosing his cool and lunging forward. He stopped, however, when Ultron interceded.

<<Now, now, good doctor. We must not waste such a discovery as this, but prosper from it. We have a fine fresh female here for your experimental humans to partake in. Allow them to be the instruments of your revenge and continue your observations as planned.>> Ultrons electronic voice remarked.

Very well, Ultron, Arnim Zola replied, shooting a venomous stare at the Black Widow.

<<Do what you like to her, but her costume is to remain on, and it is not to be torn. I will give you the order when you may rape the Black Widow.>> Ultron instructed the men. <<The same goes for the Black Cat and Scarlet Witch. I wish to transmit this event on prime-time American television with my special satellite, starting now.>> The android then turned and walked out of the room, the huge doors closing behind him.

Well, bitch, it looks like its just you and us! You ever been blacked, slut? One man asked.

We gonna black the Black Widow! Another guy laughed.

She gonna be the White Ho now! Another man guffawed.

You like black dick, bitch? Another asked.

From the way she fightin I dont think she do! A man nearby smirked.

Fuck. What dat Ultron dude be thinkin man! She too small. She wont even barely take one of usshe gonna be dead before the fifth guy gets through! That aint fair, man! One guy exclaimed.

You stupid slut dont know what you got yo ass into do you? Another man asked, evilly.

The Black Widow struggled against her captors, her big boobs jiggling seductively. Uunngh! Nhhhrrf! Damn you! She exclaimed. She knew, though, that even if she got free, and even if she defeated some of these huge genetically-altered men, she could not defeat them all. There was nowhere for her to run and she counted what must be a hundred men in this hangar-sized room, and every single one was a massively muscled giant. She could also spot surveillance cameras virtually everywhereon the walls, ceiling, floor tiles, practically every location she looked, and every angle. From what Ultron said before, he was going to televise her humiliation across the entire nation!

Mmhhhshe got a fine ass! One black giant said as he roughly groped her big, well-rounded, smooth buttocks. Natasha could feel others groping her ass as well, and the ultra-thin fabric of her costume was no protection.

Just gots to check out the big titties on this stuck-up bitch! another remarked as he cupped the Black Widows large breasts and savagely mauled them with both hands, making her squeal in pain. Other hands slid across her belly, her thighs, her backevery inch of her. She felt more hands were on her tits, squeezing them and groping the soft flesh through her costume.

I bet shes got a great snatch! I really love tight white pussy and this bitch has sure got a big mound of pussy on her. You can even see the faint outline of her lips through her black costume! Damn she got big thick pussy lips! Remarked another black man as he slid his hand over the Black Widows crotch.

Damn you! Whatever Ultrons plans are, he wont get away with it! Give up and join me and we can stop him! Hes only using you! Natasha exclaimed, still struggling.

And we gonna use YOU, bitch! Came a voice from the crowd.

Fuckin Avengers sent most of us to jail at one time or another. Ultron might be some kind of cracker robot but he give us power and now he lettin us get some payback against the superhero bitches that put us behind bars. We gonna rape you and rape you hard, bitch! We gonna get even with the fuckin Avengers! One man shouted.

The Black Widow felt a huge object rubbing up and down against her ass crack. She realized it was a penis and she could feel it through her thin costume. She could feel another sliding his cock against her crotch. She couldnt believe the size of these mens cocks! They looked to all be the same size and had dicks that approached the Hulks in size and girth! They made Captain America and Iron Man look tiny by comparison, and both men were quite gifted! Natasha felt more cocks rubbing against her and slapping against her ass. She estimated every single black man in the room to have dicks fully two feet long and about four inches in diameter, with some perhaps being even wider. From the way the black men were all crowding around her, the Black Widow could smell the heavy scent of their sweaty manhood and the scent was practically intoxicating, more powerful than any aphrodisiac she had ever experienced. She imagined that Arnim Zola had provided them with special sex pheromones and quite potent ones at that.

Natasha heard one of the black men groan and suddenly there was a wet sticky substance soaking through the back of her costume against her ass. Other men soon joined in and they were all jerking themselves off and shooting huge loads of gooey cum all over her tight, form-fitting black costume. She could feel the head of one mans cock pressing up against her pubic mound, the tip of his dick mashing hard up against her cunt slit. He climaxed and shot off hard. The Black Widow could feel the cum quickly soak through the crotch of her outfit and slime her pussy. More cum was squirting from several cocks against her rounded buttocks and one huge cock knob was pressed up against her anus and blasting jet after jet of cum into the nether region. Other men started sucking her tits through the fabric of her costume and Natashas nipples were hard and erect, sticking out like large plugs. She gasped as the men chewed on her nipples through her outfit and rubbed their spurting dicks all over her body. They pulled her down and shot their loads all over her face and onto her tits, rubbing and smearing the sticky paste all over her large boobs. Soon, the Black Widow was a cum-soaked mess, every inch of her costume glistening and dripping with slimy cum. Her face was a mask of sperm and her fiery red hair was soaked in thick spunk. After all one hundred men had finished, the Black Widow was surprised to see that their erections had not decreased one bit. In fact they looked harder than ever!

Suddenly a harsh metallic voice could be heard from out of nowhere. It was Ultron! <<Hold her up for all to see, my minions! Let the entire world now gaze upon the Black Widow, now covered in the sperm of a hundred men!>> The black giants complied and held the Black Widow so that her body was in the shape of an X with her arms and legs apart. The cameras caught the image from every angle, and after a few moments the voice of Ultron spoke again. <<You may now proceed, my loyal gang members, and rape the Black Widow! Do not molest the Wasp or Black Cat, however, they must watch as you break their ally! You may have the Wasp and Black Cat only after the Black Widow has been thoroughly used and abused. Now it is time for you all to get your revenge! Impregnate the Black Widow! Pump her full of your potent seed and make her pregnant! Sodomize her! Choke her on your large black penises! Unleash all of your black rage and hostility on this white woman who would have crushed any and all of you before! Arnim Zola has given you the physical powernow use it! I give the command: RAPE THE BLACK WIDOW WHILE THE ENTIRE NATION WATCHES!>>

That was all it took to begin the riot which soon followed. Natasha wasnt sure of what was happening during the confusion, except that she was being roughly grabbed by about a dozen men and her costume was being pulled and torn to shreds. She gave a loud yelp as a strip of the thin fabric was yanked up between her legs, disappearing between her pussy lips and the crevice of her ass. The blacks were yelling all sorts of insults and taunts at her and the room seemed to be spinning in her mind as she lashed out at all of the men nearby, using all of her combat training. She did a high kick and almost caught one black giant in the jaw but another grabbed her ankle and held her in place, her leg raised high. In this position her pussy was vulnerable and she gasped as the men savagely ripped away the last shreds of her costume and exposed her voluptuous athletic body in all its naked glory.

No! NOO! The Black Widow screamed as she was dragged to a metallic gym bench. She was forced down onto it on her back and her hands were handcuffed behind her back, underneath the bench, and secured to one of the posts underneath. She struggled to escape but there was no way. She might have been able to pick the lock if she still had her wrist blasters but they were both gone as was her belt. She felt a chill run up her spine as she realized she was at the mercy of the black gang. She tried to close her legs but the huge men forced them wide apartas wide as they would go. Natasha was extremely limber and very acrobatic, so the men were able to hold her legs wider apart than they could with most women. Still, the Black Widow struggled and thrashed but it was all in vain. In fact she was only turning the blacks on more!

One of the huge men guided his massive cockhead to the smooth slit of Natashas naked pussy mound and slid the large knob of his dick up and down the slot between Natashas puffy pussy lips.

Uuhhhhnnn Natasha moaned, gyrating her hips a bit as she struggled against her captors. She groaned a bit louder as two men knelt down and began sucking on her big tits, getting as much into their mouths as they could. Their cheeks hollowed out as they took deep hard pulls on her enormous boobs. Natasha fumbled with the handcuffs a bit more, managing to wedge them into a crevice on the base of the bench in such a way as to apply the proper leverage to pop them open. She had done it a dozen times when working for the KGB and then during her time with SHIELD. She could not conceal the sound of the cuffs snapping and hitting the floor, however.

Fuck! She got the damn cuffs off! One guy shouted in disbelief.

Sokay, where the bitch gonna run to? She aint going nowhere, man Another guy responded and looked at Black Widow. are you bitch?

Damn you. Black Widow cursed, but she knew he was right. She could fight them and get beaten to a pulp and chained up againsomething that would not help her rescue her fellow superheroinesor she could submit to them and wait for them to tire and then hopefully seize her opportunity later. She had been mentally and physically trained to endure all sorts of abuse and torture if captured by the enemy, this was not any different. Or so she told herself. A wave of fear coursed through her as she looked at the massive mushroom-shaped cockhead that was pressing against her sex. The black giants deep brown organ must have been two feet long and four inches wide. She doubted she could wrap one hand more than halfway around such a monstrous appendage! The thought that he wanted to get that thing inside of her nearly made her panic and it was difficult to control her growing fear.

Two men had a firm grip on her ankles and yanked her legs wide apart, eliciting a grunt of pain from the Black Widow. Her main attacker jammed his cockhead against her small bald slit with greater force and was cursing at her the entire time. There was a painful sensation and the Black Widows eyes went wide as the enormous head of the black shaft finally popped into her pussy, stretching it wide.

N-NNNOOOOO! The Black Widow screamed as her vulnerable pussy was invaded. Her eyes filled with tears and she struggled against her captorsto no avail. They laughed at her, mocked her, humiliated her. Natasha knew she was at the mercy of the black giants and was going to be brutally raped before a nationwide audience. She could not see the cameras, but knew they were everywhere.

The black savage lunged hard into the white superheroine and managed to jam nearly all of his massive hard cock into her in one thrust.

AAAAEEEEEEEE!!! Black Widow screamed at the top of her lungs, thrashing her head from side to side, trying to shut out the massive pain. She could hear the men all laughing at her and urging their comrade on with obscene cheers.

The black man fucking her moved forward so that his face was inches from hers. He lunged forward again and the head of his cock bumped up against Natashas tight cervix, causing Natasha to scream even louder.

How you like that, bitch? I love stretching tight white pussy with my big black dick. Making dumb white sluts scream is my favorite turn-on. Im gonna pump my seed up yo pussy, bitch. That headless cracker, Arnim Zola, gave us some sort of serum like Captain Americamade us all better than Captain America. He said our sperm is ten times more potent than a normal humans. How you like that, bitch? We all gonna knock you up, you dumb slut! All of us gonna put a black baby in that fine white belly of yours! What you think Captain America is gonna say when he sees yo big round swollen belly? You think the Avengers are gonna want a pregnant gang-raped whore in their mansion?

Nnnnnoooo! Pleeeaasse! Natasha wailed in anguish. The black mans words hit home and Natasha realized this might not just be the end of her dignity and respect, but of her entire career!

The black giant continued to yell a steady barrage of racial insults at her. He continuously battered away at her cervix, and each stab elicited a loud scream or grunt of pain from Natasha. Finally he broke down her defenses and the massive head of his cock popped into her womb, filling the tiny space completely.

AAAYYYEEEEE!!! Black Widow screamed. The black muscle-stud had every inch of his gigantic cock inside her now and the agony was incredibly intense. She felt like she had been split open and any pleasure she might have gotten from the sexual experience was totally eclipsed by the tremendous pain. The huge assailant hauled back and slammed into the Black Widow again, using all his strength. The Black Widow screamed again as she was sadistically impaled on the oversized black penis.

The black stud began to power-fuck Black Widow with rapid, hard, jackhammer thrusts. He was completely focused on the task at hand and his punishing pace and deep stabbing thrusts made the Black Widow nearly pass out from the shock and pain.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! The steady sound of the impact of flesh slamming up against flesh resounded throughout the room. The loud smacks were accompanied by the Back Widows loud screams and grunts of pain and the laughter and voices of the other black men. Her pain and humiliation were the center of her world and she could not focus clearly on anything else. The cameras caught every minute of it and broadcast it all over the American networks.

Finally, after a half hour of brutal fucking, the black man groaned loudly and bucked into her, holding his dick all the way inside her pussy. The Black Widow could feel the head of his dick pressing up against the back of her womb and she felt her spirit drop as she realized what was going to happen next. There was a blast of thick goo that shot so hard that it stung her womb.

NNNNOOOOOO! OH GOD! NNOOOOOO!!! Black Widow screamed in anguish as her womb was pumped full of cum. The black man withdrew and fucked her slowly a few times, filling her pussy completely with sperm and leaving her womb packed full of his virile seed. He finished up by smearing his cum-spurting cockhead all over her pussy lips and rubbing it up and down her slit, slapping her sex with his dick a few times. Then he got up and let the next man have his turn with her.

On and on it went, each man brutally raping the Black Widow, one at a time, until every one of them had pumped his cum up her pussy. The Black Widows pussy was a slimy mess of cum long before the last man had finished fucking her, but the men seemed not to mindin fact they seemed to enjoy raping her cum-sloppy pussy all the more! Natashas thoroughly fucked pussy was aching and sore from her continuous rape. She thought that her ordeal was finally over but she was dismayed to see that the men were still sporting huge erections.

Okay, white bitch, you gonna suck some black dick. We gonna choke you on black cock, you stupid super-slut! Yo belly gonna be pumped full of cum, you worthless whore! Gonna smear yo sexy white face with gallons of cum, you dumb white bitch! One man proclaimed as the others gathered around her. Natasha knew that she had to submit to their degrading commands if she were to ever get out of this. She was forced down onto her knees and there were huge black dicks all around here. Every chocolate-brown penis was covered in cum and pussy juice, from her rape.

Aawwmmffh! Black Widow groaned as a huge black dick was pushed between her lips. She opened her mouth wide and was just barely able to get her mouth around the huge shaft. The big black adonis seized her head in his hands and lunged forward, spearing his dick straight down her throat. The Black Widow gagged loudly as her throat was stretched by the massive cock and the man didnt stop until Natashas nose was pressed up against his belly. The Black Widow choked hard on the solid erection and could barely breathe with her air supply nearly blocked completely off. She felt dizzy and the lack of oxygen and the heavy scent of male sex was intoxicating her. When the black brute pulled his dick out of her mouth, Natasha gasped for air briefly before he rammed his mighty shaft all the way down her throat again.

Suck that big black dick, you whore! You our suck-bitch, Black Widow. Everybody across the nation gonna see you suckin black dick! You nothin but a dick suckin whore! Come on, bitch! SUCK that black dick! You better suck it hard or we gonna beat the hell out of you! Suck that cock, you dumb bitch! The black stud roared.

The Black Widow reluctantly complied and sucked hard on the monstrously huge black cock on every outstroke. Her cheeks hollowed out around the rock-hard shaft and she looked up at the thug with eyes filled with defeat. The huge muscular black man held her head, tangling his hands in her long silky red hair, and brutally fucked her face, pounding his giant penis down her throat again and again. Black Widow constantly gagged and there was a rope of slimy saliva constantly swinging from her chin and the mans dark brown cock.

Suck my balls, bitch! The man ordered, placing his right foot on the bench, pulling his huge dick out of the Black Widows mouth, and lifting his cock in his fist. He placed her hand around the base of his cock and exclaimed, Jack me off while you suck my balls, you white whore.

Natasha slid her tongue down his long, wide cock and sucked on one of his huge nuts, barely able to get it completely in her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked the mans balls while she pumped his cock in her hand. She switched to his other ball and sucked hard on it, too. When he had finally had enough he slapped her face and commanded her to suck on his cock again.

The man fucked her face for about 15 minutes and then finally orgasmed, shooting great slimy ropes of sperm straight down her throat. He didnt stop until he was completely drained and Natasha was pretty sure that she must have swallowed a quart of sperm from this one man alone. She shuddered to think of what she would feel like after the 100th man!

The black gang members didnt waste any time. The next man had his dick in her face almost as soon as the other man had stepped away. Another man moved up and they both shoved their dicks in her mouth at the same time. Black Widow uttered a gargled cry as the men pushed harder. They somehow managed to get both of their dicks halfway in and each man jacked off as the Black Widow sucked. Soon they both blasted her throat with their gooey seed and smeared her face with their semen. Another man quickly stepped up and took their place. On and on it went, Black Widow sucking off man after man, sucking on their balls, being roughly throat-fucked, and licking/tonguing their asses. By the time they had all finished their oral rape, the Black Widows belly was so thoroughly packed with cum that it looked a bit swollen and distended. Her full stomach sloshed with all the slimy sperm that she had been forced to swallow and she felt rather ill. The men did not just shoot their cum down her throat, many had also smeared their cum all over her face and body. In fact, almost every inch of the Black Widows body was covered in a thick layer of sperm. Her long red hair was partially soaked in sticky cum and she could barely seeafter catching a thick cumshot right in her left eye and, a bit later, another in her right.

The Black Widow coughed and gagged, spitting out big gooey globs of cum, as the black men laughed and continued to mock and degrade her with a steady barrage of humiliating racial and sexual insults. Uhhhhh She groaned, her huge bosom heaving as she panted. She had never felt so completely defeated, humiliated, or violated before. This was far beyond anything she had imagined. The fact that she had been so utterly defiled before the entire nation increased her anguish and despair. Shed been trained to hold out under all sorts of brainwashing and torture techniques but she could only endure so much. Her spirit was nearly broken. Gang-raped, humiliated, impregnatedshe didnt know how much longer she could hang on. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted, however, when the men roughly grabbed her and forced her down onto her hands and knees. She struggled weakly, a token effort, but soon they had her in the position they wanted, face down, ass up, legs wide apart.

UHHH!!! Natasha loudly grunted as one of the men got on top of her, his hand on her headforcing her face hard up against the shiny floor. She could feel him pushing the head of his cock between the cheeks of her ass and she struggled again, but to no avail. She panicked as she realized what was to come next. He was going to sodomize her!

You got a great ass, Black Widow, Ive always gotten off on watching the news reports of you while I was in jail. The way that round sexy ass jiggled every time you did an acrobatic move or a kick. That tight black costume might cover you but it never left anything to the imagination. I never thought the day would come when Id be able to get you down and rape that sexy tight white ass of yours! I bet that skinny dickless wonder, Daredevil, never gave it to you like this! The man taunted.

Shut up, you bastard! Black Widow sobbed. She could tell that she was slipping, losing the fight.

OH? You must be dumber than I thought, bitch! Sounds like you havent learned your place yet. Guess we all gonna have to give you another demonstration of what your new role is! The black man snarled. He wedged the head of his dick between her cheeks and pushed until it was up against her anus. He jabbed forward but the head didnt go in.

OOWWW! NO! OH GOD! NO! YOURE TOO BIG! YOULL KILL ME! OH GOD! YOULL SPLIT ME IN TWO! The Black Widow screamed. Her frantic shouts, however, seemed to be only turning the men on even more and they encouraged their friend to even greater heights of brutality.

You gonna get a big black dick up yo tight white ass, Black Widow! Go ahead and scream, you stupid bitch! We all gonna bust yo butt! I may be the first but I aint gonna be the last, not by a longshot! We all gonna gang-rape yo white ass, Black Widow, and aint nothin you can do but scream! The black man slammed forward with all his strength, forcing his entire cock up the Black Widows ass in one savage thrust.

AAAEEEEEEEE! The Black Widow screamed, long and loud. She could only squirm and writhe under the brutal anal attack. She was impaled on every inch of her foes cock and her rectum was stretched as wide as it would go, wider than Natasha thought possible. The invading penis was deeper and farther inside of her than she would have ever imagined. She could not envision anything that ever hurt so much in her entire life.

The men all around her were yelling all sorts of degrading comments, urging their friend on.

Fuck that white bitch up her ass!

Listen to that slut scream! Bet she didnt think about THIS when she joined the Avengers!

Hey, Black Widow! You got a lot more black cock waiting for yo butt when he gets through!

The man hauled back and rammed his huge cock up the Black Widows ass again, and the pain was just as severe. She let out another agonized scream, which caused the men to laugh coarsely, and one of them slapped her face repeatedly with his big hard dick. Natasha felt the man behind her tangle his fingers in her red hair. Abruptly her head was yanked up and she was slapped in the face by two more large dicks while the other men laughed even harder.

Soon the man on top of the Black Widow began fucking her harder and faster. It was difficult because her ass was so tight, gripping his massive cock like a smooth silky vice. She grunted with every savage thrust and screamed over and over as the pain intensified.

Gonna make you my fuck-slut, now bitch! Yo sexy ass belongs to all of us now! You aint gonna be nothin but a white rape-slut for the bruthas! Everybody cross the nation now gonna see the Black Widow get butt-fucked by a hundred of the hardest, biggest, baddest, thugs that ever lived! You such a worthless bitch that it aint even gonna be pay-per-view. That robotic pimp-daddy, Ultron, is broadcasting this for free! We gonna break you on live television you stupid cunt! The black stud exclaimed.

The man released her hair and hooked two fingers into the corners of her mouth, forcing her mouth open in a humiliating way. Two men leaned in and disdainfully spit right in her face. Two more took their place and spit right in her mouth. Another spit in her eye. Meanwhile the man behind her continued to hammer away at her ass, fucking her butt with every ounce of his might. The Black Widows ample round buttocks bounced and jiggled from the savage impacts and she sobbed as she thought of the Avengers, her friends, her fans, little children, all watching this uncensored television transmission. She screamed and grunted in agony as the man steadily increased the power and ferocity of his thrusts. He attacked her butt with such tremendous force and speed that the Black Widow almost lost consciousness. She lost all track of time and her mind was blasted with the raw sensory overload of her situation.

When the black giant finally climaxed, the Black Widow gave a loud painful moan. She could feel his cum shooting deep into her bowels, filling her rectum, and squishing back out along the sides of his cock. Her ass was filled completely with sperm and this was only the first man! She felt him slap his heavy, cum-spurting dick across her big round athletic buttocks a few times before he got up. She had no time to rest or recover, though, because another man quickly took his place and the Black Widows forceful sodomy began all over again. When that man was finished, another soon took his place. Over and over, again and again, until finally all one hundred men had raped the Black Widows ass. Her athletic glutes were smeared with untold gallons of cum and her rectum was packed with so much cum that most of it had squished out as each man had anally raped her.

By now, most of the men were finally sated but the Black Widows humiliation was not yet complete. <<Bring the Wasp and Black Cat to her and make them lick her clean!>> The metallic voice of Ultron boomed from an unknown speaker somewhere in the room. The men wasted no time in obeying this order and soon had Janet Van Dyne and Felicia Hardy positioned in front and behind the Black Widows cum-smeared body. The Wasp was facing the Black Widow and, although she protested, she did as told when the men threatened to beat the Black Widow. The Black Cat also complied and both women licked every inch of the Black Widow's naked sperm-covered athletic physique. They sucked the cum out of her pussy and ass until both holes were nearly empty. They licked the Black Widows tits, dragging their tongues across both slimy orbs. They sucked on her nipples and suckled her like their lives depended on it (which would not be too far from the truth). They then licked her full round athletic buttocks and thighs. They also licked her face and kissed her sloppily on the mouth, sucking out the remaining cum. When the Black Widow was finally licked clean, two men grabbed the Black Cat and Wasp and pulled them back away from the Black Widow as the men forced her down onto her knees again. The Black Widow thought they were going to make her suck them all off again, but her already-broken spirit sank when she realized what was actually in store.

Now, we gonna give you what you deserve, you stupid white slut! Open yo mouth wide, bitch! You gonna drink our piss! Thats right, you dumb white whore, you gonna be a urinal for every black man here! We gonna piss all over you and show you what you get for crossin us! One of the men declared. The others enthusiastically joined in and soon a line was forming. Each man stepped up and pissed in the Black Widows face and mouth. Sometimes three or four at a time, they all aimed at her mouth and filled it up like a pitcher as she struggled to swallow all of the bitter piss. She felt warm piss splattering across her big tits, over her belly, and several streams directed at her pussy. The sting of the piss flow hitting her sensitive enlarged clit was enough to cause her to orgasm but she never stopped gulping down the piss that filled her mouth. She gagged as one of the men put his dick directly into her mouth and pissed down her throat. It was difficult but she still managed to continue swallowing. Every man had their turn with her, and they didnt stop until their bladders were empty. Black Widow was pissed on by all one hundred black gang members and drank the piss of every one of them. She was sopping wet and reeked of urine. The shock and trauma of her brutal ordeal had taken a toll on her mind and her expression was somewhat vacant.

Hey, man, lets make those other two white superhero bitches piss on her, too! One man in the crowd said. It took nothing to convince the others and they soon hauled the Black Cat and the Wasp over to the Black Widow. Both women were held securely and the men brought the Black Cat over to Natasha first. Natasha was still on her knees and the men positioned the Black Cat so that she was standing over the Black Widow. Both women still had on their costumes but the men didnt seem to care.

Okay, bitch, straddle her face and get your pussy on her mouth. You gonna piss in Black Widows mouth, and you better make it good, slut! One of the men exclaimed to the Black Cat, roughly twisting her arm behind her back. The Black Cat had to obey. She squatted down a bit and straddled Natashas face, so that her spandex-clad pussy was pressed firmly against the Black Widows lips. Natasha opened her mouth wide, anticipating the mens next order.

PPPSSSSSSSHHHHWWWAAAAAAAA! There was a strong steady stream of piss that shot forcefully from the Black Cats pussy and darkened the crotch of her costume. She had to pee pretty badly anyway, and could no longer hold it in. From the look on the Wasps face, she guessed that Janet was feeling the same way. Felicia didnt hold back, and simply let the Black Widow have it, full force. She felt the Black Widows tongue slide across the slit of her pussy through her costume and Felicia groaned as the Avenger poked and tongued her pussy through the tight, thin, shiny, black outfit. The Black Cat gasped in surprise and pleasure when she felt the Black Widow begin sucking on her pussy mound through her costume, sucking the piss directly from her squirting pussy.

Aaaahhhhyeah! Uhhhhhhn.gotta piss soooo bad! Uuhhhnnnn! Suck the piss out of me, Black Widow! Aahhhhhhyesss! I dont care whos watching! Uuuhhnnnfeels sooo gooood! Gonnagonna.ah! AH! YEAH! Almost! Uhhhhhnnncome on, baby! UH! Nearly there! Suck my pussy, Black Widow! Ahhhh! Thats it! Uhhhhhn! Gonnauhhngonna.CUM! UUHHHNNNNN! YEAH! AAHHHHH! SUCK ME! Black Cat loudly groaned, grinding her piss-squirting pussy hard against the Black Widows suctioning mouth. The Black Widow gulped down every ounce of Felicias acrid piss until there was nothing left and her orgasm had finally subsided.

By now the Wasp was practically bursting and the men unceremoniously yanked the Black Cat away and brought forth the Wasp, putting her in the exact same position astride the Black Widows face. The Wasp, however, reached down and yanked the crotch of her tight-fitting white costume aside and placed her bare, bald pussy against her fellow Avengers mouth. Janet gave a slight groan as she let loose and pissed directly into the Black Widows sucking mouth.

Mmmmhhhyeah! Suck me, Black Widow! Oooooh, yeah! I know its wrong butaahhhhcant hold back! Feels so good! Uuhhh! Aahhhh! The Wasp moaned as she gyrated against the Black Widows face. Janet immediately orgasmed and just kept on pissing, harder than before. The Black Widow continued licking and sucking until the Wasps orgasm subsided and her bladder was empty. Like the Black Cat, and all of the black men, it took quite a while.

Suddenly the metallic voice of Ultron cut through the chamber. <<You have done well, my loyal allies! I have fulfilled my promise and now the Black Widow is to be delivered to me. Do as I have told you and you may rape the Black Cat and the Wasp. The cameras are still transmitting and I know you are all still up for the task. Impregnate them with your potent seed!>>

Abruptly the door opened and Ultron stepped into the room, heading directly for the Black Widow. Wasp and Black Cat spun around to face their foe but were caught by the black muscle men before they could act. Ultron seized the dazed Black Widow and a blast of knockout gas from his palm made her pass out. Ultron then exited the room with the unconscious Black Widow, the metal door shutting behind him.

The Wasp was thrown down and was being double-fucked by two men before she could put up any sort of resistance. They yanked the crotch of her white costume aside and raped her right there. A third man stepped up and pushed his dick in her face and made her suck it.

The Black Cat met an identical fate and since the men could not yank her tight, black, form-hugging, body-costume aside, they simply pushed their dicks into her holes through the stretchy fabric of her costume. Eventually the material stretched past its limit and tore, allowing the men full penetration of her body. Felicia was double-fucked, pussy and ass, just like the Wasp, and was soon sucking on a huge black cock. Both womens big tits were constantly groped, squeezed, and sucked by the lust-crazed black thugs.

Although both superheroines protested and struggled, there was no escape and for the next several hours they were gang-raped and impregnated by all one hundred black men, just as the Black Widow had been.

Ultron walked into another large chamber and laid the Black Widow down on a bench. He then turned and left, the metal door closing securely behind him. He stepped into a side door and mentally commanded the elevator to take him to level 32. There he saw Arnim Zola at work in a huge laboratory.

<<The Black Widow is yours, for the meantime, Zola. You may proceed with your tests.>>

Ah. Thank you, my metallic friend. I have been experimenting with the super-serum on a few animals and the results have been quite illuminating. These beasts possess far greater strength and sexual capacity of the human test subjects, but are even more aggressive. The dog is very impressive, but Im most astonished by the bull and the draft horse! Both are virtually sexual juggernauts! They seem to be enraged with lust at the merest scent of sex. If not for your robots, it would be impossible to care for them, or get anywhere near them. The headless Swedish supervillain exclaimed.

<<I see. Do you intend to slay the Black Widow with these genetically-altered beasts?>> Ultron began.

Perhaps, perhaps not. She is female. The beasts will seek to mate with her. They will only attempt to kill male humans. I am curious to see how my lab subjects will perform, and whether the Black Widow can survive the mating process. She is an excellent test subject, and seeing as how the Black Cat was predisposed, earlier, with her alien pregnancy and that you were engaged with the Wasp, well. Arnim Zola smiled darkly, shrugging his shoulders.

<<Very well, you may perform your experiments but if she survives all three of your tests then I wish to use Kangs chronal accelerator on her to bring her pregnancy to full term, along with Black Cat and Wasp. I think my dark-skinned human pawns should be enough to cause a miscarriage in each of the women and then I may mate all three females with our genetically-enhanced alien>> Ultron remarked.

Well, perhaps it might be better first to see if Miles Warrens cloning tanks are successful. I have taken the liberty of making a few adjustments and modifications on the original equipment. I have a hundred black women who have recently emerged from the tanks and I have been running a series of mental and physical tests upon them and they are quite aggressive, physically powerful, and loyal to our cause. Each one possesses a penis that is as large as the males, which is quite extraordinary. I am very curious to know if the XG-73 DNA molecule I added to their makeup will work or not. If it does their sperm will be five times the potency of the males, quite an improvement, Id say. Arnim Zola expounded.

<<Yes, I concur. It would be very interesting to see if these she-males are an improvement over the males. If these women are as you say, then I shall soon have an army of super-soldiers that are far superior to that vaunted fool, Captain America.>> Ultron added.

I would like to test out my beasts, first, however. I have been working on this genetic formula for some time now and these results must be verifiable as well as quantifiable. We can have a measure of revenge on these superheroines while we engineer the defeat of all superhumans everywhere. I would have had these results already by now, but working with the Red Skull was rather unproductive. His irrational behavior and unpredictable hostility made him adifficultally. I find it much easier to work with an android. Arnim Zola grinned.

<<Continue your work, Zola, I shall uplink my stealth transmission emitter and override the security codes so that the proceedings might be viewed by the human masses. They will see this spectacle just as they saw the first. Afterwards I wish you to inject the Black Widow, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch with the breast growth and lactation serum that our alien species has so graciously afforded us. .>> Ultron replied.

Most certainly I will. I have improved upon that, as well. It is now a permanent change. Already I have injected it into the Black Cat.. Arnim Zola answered. Shall I also inject them all with the permanent clitoral enlarger and sensitizer?

<<Yes, as you wish.>> Ultron remarked, uncaring.

Excellent. This is quite a change from working with the Red Skull, I must say. It is an honor to work with such a cooperative ally. Arnim Zola added, returning to his lab work as Ultron left the room.

<<That headless sycophantic CLOD! I eagerly anticipate the day when I no longer need him! On that day, Arnim Zola will be destroyed! I will allow none to share in my conquest, least of all Zola or those foolish humans! I am Ultron! All others are nothing to me!>> Ultron remarked as he walked through the metal corridors of his secret base. He emitted a radio signal and entered the elevator to his command center, in order to view the proceedings.

The Black Widow awoke, groaning in a nerve-shattering orgasm. She suddenly gasped in surprise as she instantly became aware of her situation. She was in her standard, tight, form-fitting black costume but was flat on her back, arms outstretched to either side in a Y shape and her legs spread wide apart and elevated. Her wrists and ankles were manacled and chained securely, preventing her from getting free. What was truly shocking was the massive canine beast crouching between her widely-splayed thighs! The large black mastiff was like no dog Natasha had ever seen. It was the size of a pony and it looked like some sort of mastiff in its body shape. The huge beast had evidently been licking Natashas strong-scented sex through her sleek skin-tight costume while she was unconscious! The giant dog lapped and licked voraciously at her wet and sticky pussy mound like a cat licking a catnip-filled toy. His long, wet, slimy tongue traveled all the way from Natashas ass to the very top of her pubic mound, dipping as deep as possible into her slit through the fabric of her costume.

Uhhhhhnnn The Black Widow loudly moaned as her half-lidded eyes stared down between the huge orbs of her tits and at the slavering dog. He had a very wild appearance and manner which frightened her, like the wolves of her native land, Russia. The huge dog appeared very unpredictable and extremely dangerousand his strength must rival that of a bear. She struggled against her chains, making her tits wobble enticingly. She writhed and strained but could not escape.

SLORP! SLURRRP! SLORRR! SLUP! SLPORP! SLUK! SLORP! SPLICK! SLUORP! SLUP! SPLUK! SPLIK! SLUUUUP! SLORP! The dog noisily licked and lapped at the helpless superheroines pussy mound with great enthusiasm. He was totally relentless and was determined to get at the tantalizing slit. He thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the womans juices and from the way he was licking her, there would be quite a steady supply.

Natasha tried to remind herself of her mission and struggled again to break free, but had no greater success than before. She saw a number of lenses all over the room and realized that the cameras must still be trained on her and broadcasting these images across the nation. Nnnooo! She wailed in despair. C-Cant let th-thishappen! UNNNGH! Mustbreak f-free! Natashas brow was dripping with sweat and her entire body was perspiring profusely under the warm lights of the room and her own vigorous efforts. The thought of being so defiled in this way disgusted her. She was being orally serviced by aadog! It was so wrong and against all of her principles!

NO! AAUUH! NO! OH GOD! OH GOD NO! Uuuhhnn! The Black Widow loudly groaned, unable to deny the orgasm that rocketed through her body. She writhed and squirmed in unwanted pleasure as the dog licked her to a long and powerful orgasm. The massive beast did not stop until her orgasm was long over and she was excited again, his steady licking proving to be more than effective in that task. He then walked forward a bit and started licking at her big costume-stretching tits and started licking one of the orbs, paying special attention to the thick hard nipple.

Uuhhhnnnnnnnoooo! The Black Widow protested, breathing hard and heavy. Her panting and heavy breathing caused her big tits to sway and roll. The dog seemed to enjoy licking Natashas big plug-like nipple and made her moan in anguish as he mercilessly licked at the sensitive point. He then proceeded to do the same to her other tit and didnt stop until he had licked it thoroughly. She could see the massive, shiny, erect dog-penis hanging and swinging between the beasts powerful hind legs. The heavy dog-dick bobbed and jerked up and down as the excited animal moved closer to his victim. Natasha felt a chill of fear creep up her spine as she saw the enormous organ close up. The dogs penis had a huge knot at the base that was as big as a cantaloupe and his gargantuan dick was sort of the shape of a wide bottle. It widened out near the middle and was a tad thinner at each end. Even the thinnest portion of the dogs dick was still wider around than Natashas forearm. The head of the dogs cock was pointed and dripped with pre-cum. The powerful scent of the dogs raging sex tool made the Black Widow ill and frightened. The canine beasts cock made those of the black men seem rather small by comparison.

The giant dog moved up some more and licked the Black Widows face, startling her.

NO! Get away from me! Please! NO! Natasha protested, as the dogs wet, slimy tongue slid sickeningly across her face. She winced when his drooling tongue caught her in the eye and his hot breath was right in her face. The Black Widow groaned in anguish as her entire face was licked slowly and deliberately by the huge strong beast.

NO! Oh god! Noooooaawwmmmfh! The Black Widows cries of protest were cut short when the giant dogs huge tongue slid into the superheroines mouth. She tried to resist but his plundering tongue was big and long. She thought about biting his tongue but knew that if she did anything to hurt this powerful and unpredictable dog her life might be forfeit, so she reluctantly allowed her throat and mouth to be raped by this disgusting beasts tongue. He was very persistent and kept licking and probing the superheroines mouth and tongue for quite some time. She felt truly sick at the taste of the dogs slimy tongue and her face was completely covered in dog drool. After the slavering beast grew bored with licking his victims face and mouth, he started to move back to her pussy when suddenly a panel on the wall slid open. The dog spun to face the sound and let out a series of loud vicious barks.

A five foot tall wheeled robot entered the room from the opening. It looked like an industrial robot of some sort. It had no human shape and rolled along nearly without even a whisper of sound. It had two spidery arms with three fingers on the end of each. The head was merely a mounted camera and there was an antenna on the back of the automaton.

The large dog sniffed at the robot and backed up. The beast was temporarily caught up in confusion and curiosity, eyeing the moving metallic creature warily.

Natasha let out a startled gasp when a small blade flicked out from the robots hand. The servo-droid abruptly grabbed the Black Widows costume, at her crotch, and cut a small slit in the stretchy tight material. The costume was held away from her when the robot proceeded to cut the fabric, putting her in no danger of being accidentally hurt. It was little consolation to Natasha, as she watched the robot next move a bit further down and cut a tiny slit right near her anus. The robot then spun around and cut tiny holes in the chest of the Black Widows costume, so that only her nipples were exposed. The robot then swiftly left, returning to its niche in the wall and the panel closing securely behind it.

Abruptly there was a quick loud buzzing sound and suddenly the manacles restraining the Black Widow opened up and withdrew into special slots in the wall and floor. The Black Widow didnt know what had happened but was thankful to be finally free. She started toward the opposite metallic door but was suddenly knocked hard to the ground.

OOOHHF! Natasha grunted, the wind nearly knocked out of her. She turned her head in surprise to see the growling mastiff on top of her. The giant animal locked his forepaws around her waist. The great beasts head was suddenly next to Natashas face and she could smell his hot breath.

OW! the black-clad superheroine yelped as the huge pointy dog-dick poked up against her buttock. The dog humped again, missing his mark and his cock bashed up against the womans costumed thigh. Nooo! Nooo! Please, NO! Natasha wailed as the dog repeatedly humped against her shapely athletic derriere and thigh. The huge canine tried desperately again and again to hit his target and would not be satisfied with merely humping the womans leg.

The Black Widow was valiantly trying to deny her aggressor any entry. However, when the dog suddenly growled and bared his fangs, she froze for a second from her struggling. It was all the opportunity the beast needed. The gigantic dogs slimy cock banged up against the crotch of the Black Widows costume and found the target. The small slit in the costume was stretched wide and soon reached the limit of its elasticity and torecreating a wider hole. The large dogs pointy cockhead invaded the Black Widows pussy, stretching her wet cunt to the absolute limits. The dog was only able to get half of his cock up in her on the first try but seemed determine to bury his entire length and girth inside her.

AAUUUHHHH! NNHHHAAAAUUU! AAAHHHHH! NNOOOOO! AAWWWHHH GHHAAAUUD! NOOOOO! She screamed in anguish and agony. She struggled weakly but there was no use, she could not avoid her fate. The Black Widow moaned loudly in despair as she finally realized that she was going to be raped by a dog. The huge snarling canine was determined to breed her and make her his bitch. She could see what were probably disguised cameras throughout the room and her heart sank at the thought of the entire country now watching her being taken by a dog. EEEAAAHHHHH!!! The Black Widow screamed again as the dog forced his invading cock deeper into her very core.

The huge slavering beast was not slow or gentle, his thrusts were a hard and fast series of brutal jabs. He struggled to mate with his bitch and the noises she made were arousing him to further heights of frenzy. The Black Widows sexy, round, athletic butt bounced and jiggled from the hard impacts of the dogs thrusts. The thin, sheer black material of her costume did little to hide her assets and was practically like a second skin, so there was nothing much left to the imagination.

OOWWW! OH GOD! The Black Widow wailed as the pointed rubbery head of the dogs dick pushed through her cervix and mashed against the tiny opening into her womb. The pain was incredible as the huge member stretched her inner recesses more than she thought possible. The dogs cock was much bigger than a human infant, making the experience something like giving birth in reverseonly far more difficult. She could feel something hard and round pressing up against her widely stretched pussy and realizedit was the dogs knot! It was HUGE! Natasha knew right away that there was no way at all that something that size would ever fit inside her so she felt some small consolation that her womb was safe from the intrusion.

The huge dog, however, had other ideas. His drooling muzzle and lolling tongue continually dripped dog saliva on the Black Widows face, hair, neck, and breasts. From time to time, the beast would lick her face and dart his tongue into her mouth as she screamed and gasped. He did not stop his sexual attack merely because he met with stronger resistance. Instead, the savage dog increased his efforts and began humping even harder, furiously pounding his cock into his bitch and making her scream. Slowly but surely he was stretching her pussy wider and eventually there was an almost audible wet sound as his whole knot popped inside her pussy. The dogs cockhead also popped through the Black Widows cervix and mashed up against the back of her womb with great force.

EEEYYAAAHHHH! AAUUUHHH! AAAOOWWWW! OOHHH GHHAAUUD! NNNOOOO! EEEAAAHHHH! The Black Widow screamed in pure pain. Her voice filled with agony, humiliation, and despair as the gigantic snarling dog licked her face and slid his tongue into her mouth. She was now tied with this animal, his disgusting penis was locked inside of her! The Black Widow, one-time leader of the mighty Avengers, was a dogs breeding bitch!

The Black Widow screamed over and over as the huge mastiff pounded away at her pussy with quick punishing jabs. He was pummeling her like a runaway jackhammer. Her large round black costume clad boobs were bouncing and jerking wildly as the dog fucked her with rapid-fire thrusts, and every thrust had great force behind it. With every lunge, the dogs cockhead plunged into the Black Widows womb and bashed against the back of her womb. The pain of having her ultra-sensitive womb poked so hard and so frequently nearly made Natasha pass out from the sheer agony. Tears streamed from her eyes and her vision was blurry as her whole body was rocked by the dogs merciless sexual attack.

Again and again the giant mastiff hammered her pussy with his enormous dog-dick. The Black Widow screamed long and loud, gasping and groaning with every brutal thrust. She could not fight back, she could only take it. The growling dog dominated her, mastered her, raped her. The Black Widow thought she could not feel so utterly defeated and degraded as when the black thugs took her, but she now realized she was wrong. Time seemed to lose all meaning for her, there was only the excruciating pain of the dogs frantic thrusts. She was fucked practically senseless as she could not really even concentrate on anything or think clearly.

Eventually, the giant mastiff began to climax and thin jets of watery sperm squirted from the head of his dick directly into the Black Widows womb. This brought Natasha back from her zombie-like state and she gave a loud anguished cry as her defenseless womb was pumped full of dog sperm. She could feel her pussy being filled in seconds and quickly became bloated with dog spunk. The slimy goo filled her completely but the dog kept on fucking her, just as hard as ever. Watery cum squirted forcefully from the edges of her pussy as the large beast frantically hammered his orgasming dog-cock in and out of her.

AAAUUUHHHNNHHAAAUUU! PLEEEEASENNHHAAAU! AAWWW GHAAAAUUD! NNHHAAAU! The Black Widow loudly yelled as the dog filled her pussy to the absolute maximum with his sperm. The intense pressure of all that cum in her pussy was acutely painful for Natasha and the dogs dick was so big that it made a fairly effective seal and the cum was virtually trapped inside her. Streams of slippery dog cum streamed out of her pussy and ran down her thighs as the dogs throbbing cock continued to squirt

Eventually the giant mastiff stopped thrusting and attempted to dismount but his huge knot was stuck inside of the woman.

OOWWW! OW! UH! UNHG!! OOWW!!! The Black Widow gasped as the dog attempted to jerk and tug his knot out of her tight pussy. The dog slid off of Natasha, his dick still stuck in her pussy, and managed to turn a bit so that he was now facing the other way. They were end-to-end, and still locked together but the dogs cock was now squirting less cum than before. The canines huge knot was still fully swollen, trapping him with Natasha for the next thirty minutes. During that time, the dog still continued to try to pull free, causing Natasha to yelp in pain and giving her no rest.

GLUUOOOSH! There was a wet sound as the dogs gigantic knot finally popped free of the Black Widows pussy.

UUNNHHH! Natasha groaned as the trapped dog-sperm suddenly gushed out of her pussy. Her thighs were drenched in the dogs spunk and her own pussy juice. She felt the dogs jerking cock slap against her costumed ass several times and the dog humped against her thighs and butt a few times with his cock, riding out the last of his orgasm.

The giant canine sniffed at the Black Widows pussy, catching the strong aroma of her sex and his own sperm. The dog placed his snout right up against her pussy and opened his mouth. He began lapping at her wet pussy, licking her entire mound and darting his tongue inside her slimy slit. With loud wet slurps, he licked her pussy juices and his own cum, being very thorough.

UUOOOUUHHH! HHUAAH! Natasha loudly moaned, as the dog licked her to another intense orgasm. She felt ashamed to be orally serviced by a dogs disgusting tongue, but could not prevent her climax from overtaking her. By the time the dog had licked his fill he was already excited again and his massive cock was bobbing heavily beneath his legs. He approached Natasha, this time from the front, so that he was standing over her. His huge, slimy dog-dick bumped into her face. She looked in disgust at the dogs large penis and started to crawl backwards but a loud snarl from the dog convinced her to do otherwise. She could smell the strong odor of the dogs sex as his penis hung inches from her face. The dog humped his dick against her face and Natasha felt sick as she realized what he wanted to do to her. She turned her head and the dogs throbbing dick slid wetly across her cheek. A low growl from the huge canine sent cold fear straight through Natashas body and she suspected that if she did not do what he wanted that he might attack.

The Black Widow looked with obvious revulsion at the massive, bobbing, slimy dog-dick in front of her face. The overpowering scent of the animals sex made her light-headed and she winced as the dog humped at her face, poking her with his giant erect member. Reluctantly, the Black Widow opened her mouth around the head of the dogs dick and sucked. Her cheeks hollowed out around the dogs big cock as she noisily sucked on the beasts penis.

MMHP! MMP! HMMP! MMHP! The Black Widow moaned as she sucked and bobbed her head back and forth along the length of the canines cock. Suddenly the giant mastiff lunged forward, forcing his entire dick down Natashas throat in one hard, fast thrust.

OOOUUUAAAHHWWLGH! The Black Widow gagged, loudly, her eyes clenched shut. Wet, gooey ropes of her saliva hung from the dogs cock, her chin, and the corners of her mouth. Natashas eyes watered uncontrollably as she struggled to open her mouth wide enough around the gargantuan canine penis. Her throat was stretched and her air supply was nearly completely cut off as the big dog humped her mouth. She gagged and choked continuously as the savage dog power-fucked her throat. After nearly fifteen minutes the dog finally climaxed and started squirting his cum into Natashas mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all, barely gulping it down as fast as he could shoot it. She felt like retching but never stopped swallowing. Finally, the dog pulled back so that only half of his cock was in her mouth, but his dick was still squirting as hard as before.

UMMH! MMP! HMMP! UMMP! MMP! The Black Widow began noisily sucking on his big, pulsating dog-dick again, bobbing her head up and down the entire length. She felt queasy as her stomach was by now packed full of dog-sperm. She groaned loudly around the dogs cock as her churning, aching, distended belly was pumped completely full of dog spunk. When she had finally drained every last ounce of sperm from the dogs twitching cock she stopped sucking and the dogs cock popped wetly from her slimy lips. The dogs wildly jerking cock was still spasming in the last few minutes of his orgasm and the huge slimy erection hit the Black Widow in the face repeatedly. She dared not move away, and so let the dogs dick batter her face while the canine panted above her. Soon the huge dogs cock was only semi-erect and Natasha started to crawl away but a loud snarl from the vicious mastiff stopped her once more.

Violated, humiliated, raped, and degraded, the Black Widow lost all will to resist any longer. She reluctantly accepted her fate. She had been raped by a dog. She was this dogs bitch, his fuck-slut, his whore. She was the property of an animal. She had sucked a dogs cock on national television and was no doubt a disgrace as a superheroine now. Her career, her dignity, her very life was ruined!

The dog was not yet finishedthere was one last thing to do before he could leave. He had to mark this bitch as his property. The giant mastiffs cock was practically touching Natashas face when he lifted his leg and let loose a big forceful stream of piss that splattered all over her face. She opened her mouth and let the bitter dog-piss fill her mouth before spitting it out, but she accidentally swallowed some. Her throat burned as the piss slid down her gullet. The Black Widow, her mind numb from her previous traumatic rape, accepted her role and gave in to her aggressor. Her mind seemed to snap as she accepted her humiliation and degradation. She placed her lips on the dogs cockhead and let him piss directly into her mouth. The Russian superheroine swallowed down all of the acrid dog-piss and gagged as it burned her throat. She placed her hand around the base of the dogs big dick and rubbed the piss-squirting head all over her face. She let the piss fill her mouth before letting it pour out and run down her chin and down her tits. She let the cameras capture the whole image and even played to the cameras with lustful expressions and lewd stares.

The dog pulled away and squirted the rest of her body down with his piss, drenching every inch of her costume-clad body. The mastiff soon lost interest and left Natasha lying in a pool of warm dog piss. She heard the familiar hiss of knockout gas flooding the room as soon as the animal had moved away and Natasha quickly fell unconscious.

When the Black Widow finally awoke she found that she was fully rested and recovered from her previous rape and that she was wearing a clean new costume. She soon realized, though, that her new costume was crotchless and her smooth pussy mound was fully exposed. Natasha was lying on her back, on top of a smooth padded steel bench and her arms and legs were manacled securely preventing her from any escape. Her wrists were bound underneath her to a central column under the bench. Her ankles were spread slightly farther than shoulder width apart. Natasha was situated so that her head hung down off the far end of the bench, so that she had an upside down view of the chamber, she could raise her head, but only with effort. She looked around the room and saw that it was different than the one she was in before. There was a large metal door at one end of the room that was about 12 feet high. The room was as brightly lit as the previous one and equally nondescript.

Suddenly the large metal door slid open and a huge bull emerged from the shadows of the passageway. Natasha let out a terrified scream as the huge animal snorted and walked forward. The bull was larger than any other she had ever seen and looked absolutely ferocious. The large beast was sniffing the air frantically and stalking towards her. Natasha sobbed with fear as she realized what the animal wanted to do to her. This animal was far larger than the dog, and she had only barely managed to survive her ordeal with him. One look at the huge bull-cock hanging menacingly beneath this animals mighty legs and Natasha knew this brutal beast would kill her. He would split her wide open and there would be no escape from her inevitable fate. The Black Widow had been on hundreds of dangerous missions, been captured several times, even been tortured a few times, but never had she known such fear and terror as she did now.

The giant beast licked and lapped at her exposed and vulnerable pussy mound, sending unwanted pleasure through Natashas body. She squirmed under the powerful bulls long wet tongue. In no time Natasha was climaxing and orgasming uncontrollably. She moaned in anguish as she experienced rapid-fire orgasms from the animals big, long, plundering tongue. Her erect nipples were very visible under the tight, sheer fabric of her black costume.

When the gigantic brown bull was finished licking the superheroines wet pussy he turned and walked towards the end of the bench, near her head. He dipped his head and gave each of her big tits a few wet licks and then slid his slimy tongue across her face a few times, covering her with thick drool.

The enormous beast quickly grew more and more excited and, sensing the womans fear and panic, his own agitation rose and he soon got into position, clambering forward. He got his forelegs over Natashas widely outstretched legs and up past her shoulders so that he was standing above her, his legs on either side of the squirming superheroine. The bulls huge cock bumped up against Natashas belly and she let out a terrified scream. She struggled against her bonds as the bull slammed forward again and again, trying to find his mark. The head of the bulls powerful cock finally hit the wet slit of the Black Widows pussy and the great beast gave a powerful and quick lunge forward, spearing the superheroine on his monstrous cock.

EEEEYYAAAAAAAA!!!! The Black Widow screamed, squirming in agony underneath the massive bull. The incredibly strong beast attempted to split her open as he slammed forward again. The bulls cock bent into an arch shape as his cockhead popped through Natashas cervix and collided hard with the back of her womb.

NNHHHHHHOOO!!!! screamed the Black Widow, her voice filled with pain, as she was raped by the powerful bull. Her face was contorted into a mask of pure agony, tears rolling down her cheeks, as she struggled to endure the mind-wrecking pain. It was as if a fencepost had been brutally rammed up inside of her, and judging from the size of the bulls penis, that would not be far from the truth.

UUUUAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! The Black Widow screamed as the bull hauled back and slammed into her again even harder. The animal could think of nothing but mating and he was consumed with the desire to breed. The savage creature quickly picked up the pace and began fucking the superheroine. Every bone-jarring thrust was met with a loud groan or scream from the Black Widow.


Barely aware of her surroundings, Natasha finally noticed the video screens that had popped up from consoles in the walls. In one videoscreen was the Black Cat being raped by about fifty of the big black giants that had raped Natasha. In the second video screen was the Wasp being similarly gang-raped, and the other videoscreen showed the Scarlet Witch also being raped by fifty black studs. All three women were still wearing their costumes, but were totally covered in slimy cum. Suddenly another screen popped up from the wall, this one featuring a mockery of a CNN report. It showed Natasha being brutally fucked by the bull, live, and had the large words at the bottom of the screen: Black WidowRaped by Bull. She groaned loudly in anguish and despair as her humiliation and degradation was captured and televised nationwide, possibly now worldwide. The bull seemed to be aroused by the sounds she was making and started fucking the squirming woman even harder, jamming his huge bull-cock into her with mighty thrusts and at an incredible pace. With every lunge, his giant penis popped through her cervix and punched into the back of her womb with tremendous force. Natasha was in more pain than shed ever known and the bull seemed intent upon getting as much of his hard penis into her with every jackhammer thrust as possible.

BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM! The Black Widows body bounced and jiggled wildly as the bull fucked her hard and fast with great bone-jarring thrusts. The meaty smacks of the rapid brutal impacts of bull against woman was loud, but her screams were louder. Her huge tits bounced crazily, still concealed by her tight thin black costume, yet still plainly visible beneath the sheer material. Time seemed to lose all meaning as the bull savagely hammered the athletic woman, fucking her practically senseless. Tears streamed down Natashas face, her expression one of extreme pain. Finally, the bulls thrusts became even harder still the Black Widow sobbed in anguish and pain as she dimly realized the huge animal was going to shoot his disgusting seed into herthe bull wanted to breed her, inseminate her, impregnate her!

The bull blasted a massive rope of thick sperm straight into the Black Widows womb as the woman writhed and screamed in denial and pain. The first load was enough to fill her pussy completely. In less than a second the next massive load flooded her widely stretched pussy and shot back out somewhat forcefully with a wet SQUINCH sound. The bulls cock just kept on squirting as he fucked the tight, wet, slippery pussy underneath him and in les than a minute his cock, Black Widows pussy, lower belly, and upper thighs, were covered in a thick layer of bull spunk. The massive animal kept on fucking the Black Widows slimy pussy without letting up at all.

Natasha continued to grunt and groan. She stared into space with glassy eyes, like a zombie, as her body was hammered again and again. The extreme pain and absolute humiliation of her experiences so far had caused her mind to practically shut down.

The bull just kept on ejaculating as he frantically pounded into the soft, tight, pussy of the superheroine. After about twenty minutes, the genetically-enhanced beasts orgasms faded and he pulled his cock out of the woman. There was a wet sucking sound as the bulls now semi-erect cock left Natashas messy cum-packed pussy. The huge animal walked around the bench that Natasha was on and positioned himself so that he was facing the other way, with his gigantic long cock hanging directly above the womans face. He moved down a bit and his slimy cum-covered bull-cock pressed heavily against Natashas cheek. She knew what he wanted her to do and it filled her with revulsion. She realized that, in her present situation, she had little choice, and so she opened her mouth around the bulls big cock and sucked. She moaned as her lips hollowed out around the tip and 1/4th of the throbbing shaft. The intoxicating smell of the bulls sweaty sex was overpowering and she could taste the bull-sperm that coated the beasts hardening erection. As her head was hanging off the end of the bench, she had an upside down view of the underside of the bulls cock and she shivered as she looked at the enormous size of the stiff penis and the massive ball sac at the base.

SLORRRP! Mmhhhph. SLUORP! Mmmhhhh. SLUP! Ahhhwwmmf. SLORRR! Mmhhwaaahhh. SLLUP! Mmmmp! SLUUUCK! Mmhhff! The sounds of the Black Widow sucking on the big bull-dick was plainly audible and the cameras and audio array caught every second of it and transmitted it for the stunned public to see and hear.

The bulls cock was now fully erect and the animal was not content with merely a fourth of his cock in the tight sucking orifice beneath him. The savage beast snorted and lunged forward, surprising Natasha. Fully three quarters of the animals cock was rammed down her throat before she knew what was happening.

AAWWWWLLLGH! G-G-GAAAAAAHHG! MMGOORRRL! GLAAAHG! The Black Widows eyes watered uncontrollably as she was choked on hard bull-cock. Her throat was stretched by the huge penis and she had great difficulty breathing. Slimy ropes of saliva oozed from her lips all over the bulls cock and hung down in long strands. The bull snorted and lunged forward again and Natasha gave a muffled scream as the bull shoved every inch of his massive cock down her throat. Her lips touched the base of his cock and his balls pressed up against her forehead. The bull, seeking to fuck this new hole, began thrusting in and out of the Black Widows mouth with powerful lunges.

The Black Widow sucked hard on the big bull-cock every time he pulled it out of her suctioning mouth. She took deep hard pulls on the animals huge penis and her sucks were loud and wet. After all of her trauma and humiliation, and the utter hopelessness of her situation, her mind had finally snapped and she had now accepted her role as the bulls suck-bitch. Even an Avenger has their limits and she had finally gone past hers. She realized that nothing could ever change the fact that she had been raped by a gang of black men, she had been raped by a dog, and now she had been raped by a bullall on live television. The entire country, and maybe the world, saw her being victimized and used as any two-dollar gutter slut. Her resistance was finally broken and she had now accepted her new role. She was a slut to be fucked and abused and degraded.

Natasha was brought back to reality when the huge bull shot a thick rope of spunk straight down her throat and began pumping his cum directly into her belly.

SPLURG! SPLURG! SPLURG! SPLURG! SPLURG! The cum blasts were clearly audible over Natashas continuous gagging and choking. In minutes, the Black Widows belly was visibly swollen and packed with bull cum. The animals thick seed churned in her stomach and she felt sick. Cum overflowed from her throat and shot out from the sides of her widely-stretched mouth. In seconds Natashas face was covered in a thick layer of bull-cum and the slimy goo matted her hair. The bull pulled back a little too far and his huge dick popped out of her mouth, but he still kept humping, rubbing his spurting penis all over her gooey features and smearing her with his sperm. The bulls orgasm lasted about as long as before and he kept squirting big gooey jets of spunk for another full 20 minutes, adding layer upon layer of sperm to the Black Widows face and squirting cum all over her tits. When the bull was finally satiated he lost all interest in the slime-splattered woman. A metal gate opened up in the opposite wall and the bull walked through it. She heard the familiar hiss of knockout gas filling the room and she soon lost all consciousness.

When Natasha finally woke up she saw that she was in the same room but that she had been cleaned up. Her body was no longer covered in cum and she was wearing a fresh costume, though it was crotchless like the other. She was positioned differently, this time, though. She was on the bench on her belly with her wrists manacled to a center post under the bench and her ankles were manacled to the floor. Her legs were not spread wide apart as before, but they were open about shoulder-width apart. The video screens were still visible and Natasha gasped as she saw the Black Cat, the Wasp, and the Scarlet Witch being raped by dogs just like the one that had raped her. A fourth video monitor suddenly popped up on the wall directly in front of Natasha and she saw Ultrons evil metallic face leering at her.

<<Ahh, I see that you are awake at last. My associate has one more challenge for you, my dear Black Widow,>> The androids voice seethed with venom. <<It seems that your companions are in quite a lot of distress. My, my, those dogs of Zolas are quite vicious, arent they? I daresay the Wasp may not survive the experience. I think that I might go easier on them if you profess, to the camera you are looking at now, to be nothing but a slut. I want to hear you tell the nation, the world, what a stupid whore you are. Go aheadtell them now! Or shall I make things even MORE difficult for your friends. It sounds like they cannot even handle their current situation, so do not hesitate or they will not survive!>>

The Black Widow looked directly into the monitor. She could not see the camera but knew it was there. ImI-Im a cheap whore. Im n-nothing butb-but aa w-worthless superheroine slut. She stammered.

<<Come now, my dear, you must do better than that.>> Ultron exclaimed in disgust. Suddenly his face disappeared and the picture was replaced with a close-up of the Black Cats face, contorted in agony. She screamed at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her cheeks, her white hair bouncing wildly to and fro, as the giant dog jackhammered into her pussy without mercy.

The Black Widow steadied herself and looked into the camera. She licked her lips slowly and seductively and stared into the camera with a look of pure, hot, smoldering lust. Im the Black Widow and Im the nastiest whore in the nation. I deserved everything I got. I want to be the white whore of every black man in the country. I want to be gang-raped by every big black stud around. I want them to knock me up so that my belly is huge and swollen with their black baby. I want them to yank my hair like the reins of a horse as they ride my firm sexy white ass and make me scream over and over. I want them to spit in my face and piss in my mouth. I want the world to see me, the Black Widow, as I truly am. Im nothing but a dogs fuck-slut. A bull made me his bitch and pumped my pussy and belly full of bull-cum. I want to be raped by huge savage animals. I want to be fist-fucked. I want to be dominatedhumiliated, and Im getting off on the way the whole country is watching. Does that shock you? Does that outrage you? Are you a parent secretly watching this while your child is in the other room? Or are you a child secretly watching this without your parents knowing? I want you to masturbate for me. Slide your hand down the waistband of your underwear and start getting yourself off. If this story is being transmitted on the internet I want every person reading to masturbate at their computers. You want to see a superhero bitch get thoroughly screwed? Well you are in luck, because thats exactly whats happening. I want to be degraded and raped while everyone watches and masturbates.

<<Very good, pathetic human. I have filtered my communicator so no one but you can hear my voice or they might realize a minute sooner that your greatest act of depravity is about to commence. Continue to speak to your audience as you pleasure the next beast in Zolas genetically-enhanced menagerie.>> Ultron droned.

Suddenly there was a loud clang and a huge gate opened in the wall behind the Black Widow. Her eyes widened as she looked behind her to see a huge, muscular, chestnut brown, draft horse the size of an elephantif not bigger! The stallion snorted the air, picking up the scent of the Black Widows sex instantly. He moved in behind her and brought his rubbery lips to her vulnerable exposed pussy and slid his long wet tongue along her wet fleshy labia.

Uunnnhhhhyeeaaaaahhhh..uuuaaaaaawwwhhhhhuuhhhhnnnlick me. Lick my pussy. Mmmmmhhhhget that big long tongue in me. Uhhhnnnget it in deep. Yeeaahhhhaaahhhhhh.OH YEAH! Thats it! Lick that pussy deep! Uunnngh! Yeaahhh! The Black Widow moaned, staring lustfully forward directly at the camera and wantonly licking her lips. She was no longer doing this because of Ultrons threat to her fellow superheroines, she was doing this because she wanted it. She craved to be degraded and raped by this huge powerful stallion. All the while she could see and hear the Wasp, the Black Cat, and the Scarlet Witch being raped by huge dogs and Natasha realized that for the first time it was arousing heror perhaps only now was she able to admit it to herself.

The horse continued to plunder her slippery tight pussy slit with his tongue and swipe it up and down her labia. The huge animal became more and more aroused and his giant penis began to grow erect.

Uuhhhnnn! Come on, you bastard! Ahhhhhh! Make me cum! Make me scream! Uhhhnngh! Lick me! Aauuuhhh! Get your tongue in deep! Uuhhnnn! Ahhhh! The Black Widow loudly gasped. Her facial expression was one of total sexual lust.

For nearly thirty minutes the horse worked over the Black Widows pussy with his huge long tongue. The superheroine was moaning, writhing, and gasping the entire time. The horses cock was now fully erect and hanging heavily beneath his powerful legs in all its monstrous glory. The strong scent of the womans pungent pussy had driven the horse mad with lust and he continued to lick her fleshy slit and probe deeply with his tongue. The taste of Natashas majorly lubricating pussy was also making the horse more excited and he only licked harder and more eagerly. The lustful equine also licked the Black Widows costume-clad buttocks and darted his tongue deep inside her anus, causing her to groan loudly in pleasure.

Uuuuoohhhhh! ImImcumming! Imuuuaaaahhhhabout! Uuhhhnngh! The Black Widow moaned as she climaxed, her wet pussy filled with horse tongue. The horse did not stop until about 20 minutes later, climaxing the Black Widow with his slippery tongue the whole time. The stallions tongue was larger and longer than any regular-sized cock and it gave Natasha much more pleasure than she ever thought possible.

As the Black Widow panted, staring at the camera, the horse walked around in front of her and moved down so that his big heavy erection slapped her in the face. The draft horses dick was absolutely huge! The Black Widow practically swooned when she smelled the nasty sexual aroma of the horses sweaty cock and balls. The stallions balls hung heavily between his legs and the Black Widow thrilled at the idea of how much cum they contained.

Natasha was surprised when a big warm stream of piss shot from the horses dick and hit her in the face. She closed her eyes tight as horse piss splattered all over her sexy features and she could smell the unmistakable scent of urine. Yeah, piss in my mouth. I want to drink horse piss. I want to be a horses piss-slut. Natasha gasped, piss splattering freely into her mouth as she spoke. She opened her mouth wide and in about one second it was completely filled to overflowing with bitter horse-piss. The Black Widow held the piss in her wide-open mouth so that the cameras could see and get close-ups. She swallowed and let her mouth be filled again. Most of the piss was flowing out of her mouth but she still got mouthful after mouthful for several minutes. She opened her mouth around the horses cock and sucked the acrid piss directly from his huge organ. Her tongue darted into the horses piss hole continuously as she gulped down his piss. Rivulets of horse-piss ran down her cheeks and chin as the Black Widow released the horses cock from her mouth and let him hose her face down with the last of his piss. When the horses bladder was finally empty the stallion became more and more excited. The huge odd-shaped spongy head of the horses cock poked her in the face as the animal made clumsy jerky fucking motions.

Black Widow looked into another camera to her left side, this one more obvious than the first. MmhhhhI loved getting my pussy and ass licked by this stallion. I love drinking horse-piss too, and feeling it spray all over my face. Theres nothing I want more than to suck him offto gag on his huge horse-cock as it fills my throat. I want everyone to watch me do it. I want them all to see what a horse-sucking slut I am. I want everyone to see the Black Widow become a horses suck-bitch. To accentuate her words, Natasha ran her tongue along the side of the stallions huge, deep brown, thick shaftdrool dripping lazily from her lips.

The massive equine beast was becoming impatient and when the Black Widow opened her mouth wide around the end of his long hard cock he lunged forward, sending half his cock down her throat. Another series of hard jabs brought three-quarters of his cock down her throat in degrees of about two inches at a time. The whole time, the Black Widow was loudly choking and gagging as the gigantic powerful horse forced his monstrously huge penis down her throat. Salty tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks as her eyes watered uncontrollably. The sex-crazed stallion slammed forward again and this time the Black Widows nose was pressed flat against his belly near his crotch and her lips touched the base of his cock. The horse had gotten his entire cock down the womans tight wet throat and now he was intent upon nothing else but fucking the squeezing, contracting orifice. The Black Widow sucked hard on the stallions massive horse-cock every time he pulled back, taking deep hard pulls on the equines shaft with her suctioning mouth.

Soon the horses thrusts were no longer as slow as before. He now began to fuck the Black Widows gullet with quick, hard, punishing jabs. Natasha almost blacked out several times as the horse pumped his cock in and out of her throat. Her oxygen supply had been virtually blocked and she could barely breathe. She lost all track of time and her mind seemed to shut down as she was orally raped by the giant muscular draft horse. When the stallion finally shot his thick horse-spunk down her throat, Natasha gulped it down. Again and again the horse blasted huge globs of cum straight into the Black Widows belly. He just kept on blasting jet after jet of gooey horse-sperm down her throat and the Black Widow felt her belly quickly fill with the stallions slimy seed.

Uooh! Uuaah! God, that huge bastard nearly choked me to death! The Black Widow gasped as the horses cum-spurting cock slipped from her mouth. The animals orgasm was still not through and he poked her face again and again with his sperm-shooting cock, smearing it into her face and hair. Black Widow opened her mouth and let the horse fill it with cum and she held it there for the cameras to see before swallowing the entire gooey mouthful in one gulp.

The gigantic stallions huge, swinging, jerking cock was completely covered in his own thick cum and the Black Widows slimy saliva. Glistening strands of cum and drool hung from his massive member and the horse was still climaxing and spurting cum even as he left Natashas face and moved into position behind her. He took a jab at her pussy but missed and his cockhead bashed into her thigh. He tried again and his sperm-squirting cockhead hit her pussy this time but slid over her slippery pussy lips and did not enter her.

Oh god! Hes going to rape me! Im going to be raped by a horse! The Black widow exclaimed, with fear in her eyes. Her fear was genuine, but there was also a twisted exhilaration as well. She was aroused at the thought of so many people watching her get savagely raped by this big bruiser. She knew there was no way this enormous draft horses cock would ever fit inside herhe would split her wide open! Still, if she were going to die, she wanted everyone to see her go out just like this. Her spectacular demise would ensure that the whole world would remember the Black Widow as the perverted slut she now wasjust like another famous Russian woman, Catherine the Great!

OWW! Natasha exclaimed as the horses big, sperm-spurting, dickhead banged against her crotch, failing to hit the mark. She knew that sooner or later he would find her pussy slit and that would be the end of her. She was so mentally wrecked and physically traumatized that she welcomed it. She gasped when the horses massive cum-spurting cockhead slipped past her pussy and poked her left ass cheek. The stallion gave a loud snort of frustration and banged his slimy cockhead hard up against the Black Widows costume-clad butt again and again. Suddenly Natasha gasped loudly in surprise as the horses dickhead plunged between the cheeks of her sexy ass, wedged between her round athletic buttocks. The stallions squirting cock had found a different hole by accident and Natasha felt a chill of fear as the spongy, cum-squirting head of the horses cock pressed up hard against her tight anus! Being raped to death by a gigantic draft horse like this was one thing, but to be brutally sodomized by the hulking beast was another matter entirely! Natasha screamed in terror as the scene was broadcast far and wide by the cameras in the room on an overriding signal.

UUHH! OH GOD! NO! UUNGH!! AAHHH! NO! HIS DICK IS IN MY ASS! HES GOING TO RAPE MY ASS! NO! PLEASE, NO! The Black Widow screamed as the giant muscular beasts big dickhead popped into her ass. The experience was extremely painful and the Black Widow let out a primal scream of anguish, terror, and agony. OH GOD! NO! IT HURTS! OH GOD, IT HURRRRTSSS!!! UUAAAHHHH!!! TOO BIG! AAHHH!!! NNNNOOOO!!! IM BEING SPLIT IN TWO! GONNA KILL MEEE! OH GOD! NO! NNNOOOO!!!!

EEEYYAAAAAHHHH!!! The Black Widow screamed when the brutal draft horse unmercifully lurched forward, impaling her rectum on fully half of his gigantic equine cock. Her face was still covered in a thick glue of cum and her piss still dripped from her chin and hair as she stared wide-eyed directly at the camera in front of her. Her expression was one of total panic and pain. Even though the colossal stallions gigantic horse-dick was well-lubricated with a slippery layer of his own cum and Natashas saliva, it did little to alleviate her agony.

The massive giant stallion was aroused by the superheroines screams and wanted to get more of his penis into the tight gripping hole that was squeezing his cock so hard. With a snort, he lunged forward again and speared three-fourths of his cock up inside the writhing womans ass. The impact of the violent thrust caused the Black Widows ample round buttocks to jiggle and the cameras caught every second. Even though she was in her full costume it did nothing to conceal her curves and figure and she might as well have been completely naked underneath the lust-crazed stallion.

AAAUUUHHHGGHAAAUUDDNNOOOOO!!! The Black Widow screamed, as her body was rocked by the brute force of the savage anal assault. The drooling equine beast hauled back and then slammed forward again, his massive muscles straining as he forced his huge horse-dick all the way into the squirming superheroines widely stretched rectum. The huge stallion tossed his head and gave a loud whinny.

EEEAAAAAAAHHH!!! NNNHHAAAUUU!!! AAHHHH GHAAAUUD!!! AAIIEEEEEEE!!! The Black Widow screamed, at the top of her lungs. Her voice filled with pain as the colossal draft horses groin pressed up hard against her soft round ass globes. The sadistic beast had buried every single inch of his monstrous horse-cock all the way inside her ass and the searing pain Natasha felt was excruciating. She screamed over and over in sheer agony and anguish as she writhed on the impaling shaft.

The mighty draft horse pulled back out of her ass almost all the way and then thrust hard back into her. Her anguished cry of pain was long and loud as Natasha struggled to endure the intense experience. The stallion wasted no time and gave Natasha no time to adjust as she began to brutally hammer her ass with savage bone-jarring thrusts.


The Black Widows round, sexy ass bounced and jiggled violently from the rapid-fire jackhammer impacts. Every thrust brought the horses groin into a meaty smacking collision with Natashas perfectly-formed, athletic buttocks. The sound of flesh hitting flesh was quite audible, even over the Black Widows constant agonized screams and grunts.

The Black Widow, her ass stretched to the limit and filled to the maximum with hard horse-dick, convulsed and howled in pain. NNOOOOO! AAAAHHH!!! She shrieked as her rectum squeezed the invading horse-cock like a vice. She writhed in agony underneath the brutal draft horse as he fucked her ass with hard, punching jabs.

The giant horse snorted from flared nostrils. His mane slapped at his neck and drool hung from his rubbery lips. Eyes blazing, he fucked his massive horse-dick deeper and deeper into the Black Widows tight clutching ass.

Natasha went out of her mind. She thrashed maniacally on the bench as the cameras tracked the action from every angle. The superheroines vision was cloudy and she felt punch-drunk.

The stallions powerful flanks heaved and his long tail slapped at his jerking rump. His hard jabs would have forced Natasha right off the bench if she were not firmly bound to it with steel manacles.

EEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! OHHH GHHAAUD!!! IT HUURRTTSS!!! NOOOOO!!! AAIIEEEEE!!! The Black Widow screamed. Her big round tits were pressed flat beneath her on the bench and both huge orbs ached. Her knuckles white, she gripped the benchpost beneath her as the horses fucking jabs grew more demanding.

The tremendous draft horse plundered the Black Widows ass with rapid jabs. His massive penis throbbed and his balls churned. Neighs and whinnies filled the air as his head bobbed and his mane slapped across his muscular neck.

The Black Widow, her body on fire with pain, absorbed the giant stallions punishing jabs. Her athletic frame jerked back and forth with the giant equines tremendous thrusts. She was dimly aware of her orgasms as her hard clit was pressed and rubbed against the bench underneath her. Natasha felt far more pain than pleasure and as the stallion ravaged her ass she struggled to endure the agony

His huge heavy balls swinging, the giant equine plowed hard, driving deep into the Avengers soft tight rectum. Balls deep, he neighed as the squirming womans strong ass muscles gripped his cock shaft and tried squeezing the life out of his throbbing horse-dick. Natasha thrashed violently on the bench underneath the huge sweaty stallion and wailed in a husky tone, her throat raw and sore from her constant screaming. She was delirious with pain and the horse seemed to have unlimited stamina. He just kept on viciously raping her ass for hours.

Natasha was surprised when she saw two robots suddenly standing on either side of her attaching sharp alligator clamps to each of her nipples. She had not even known the robots were there! Her head was dizzy and her vision was blurred but she could tell that a third robot was behind her, beside the savagely thrusting horse. The area of the bench directly beneath her breasts was open and her big tits were swaying pendulously to the stallions every lunge.

AAH! OOWWW! The Black Widow gasped as the nipple clips bit into her flesh through her costume. She screamed when the third one was attached to her unprotected clit knob. The robot behind her left but the other two were attaching weights to two small short chains. When the robots attached the weights to the nipple clamps, the Black Widow let out another howl of agony. Her big nipples, still beneath her black skin-tight costume, were pulled into cones as the heavy weights yanked and pulled at her highly sensitive flesh. The weights dangled beneath her and swung crazily as the horse hammered her ass. The two robots then abruptly left and the Black Widow continued to be savagely fucked in the ass by the sex-crazed equine as her tits were yanked and tormented. Her already-sensitive clit was now an inferno of excruciating pain as the toothed metal clamp bit deep.

EEYYAAAAIII!!! The Black Widow wailed as a new element was added when the metal clamps on her nipples and clit suddenly shot painful electricity through her most sensitive areas. The shocks were extreme, powerful, and very frequent.

The Black Widow had no idea how much time had passed, but it felt like many, many hours when the brutal draft horse finally reached his peak. He jabbed hard, his cock pounding into the Black Widows tortured rectum. The strong contractions of Natashas ass finally triggered an orgasm from the massive horse and he speared his cock in deep.

Natasha went berserk as huge gooey ropes of horse-spunk filled her ass in seconds and then flooded forcefully back out from the edges of her anus and the stallions pistoning penis. The stallion, enraged to a fever pitch, fucked the Black Widows ass with his spurting cock. His own sperm greased his cock and he neighed loudly. His heavy balls churned, spewing out thick lumps of horse-cum. The clumps of spunk shot from his jabbing horse-dick and squirted powerfully into Natashas ass. Slimy cum squished out from her cock-packed anus and splattered the stallions huge balls as he continued to fuck the superheroines tight gripping butt.

It seemed to Natasha like the enormous horse had an unending supply of cum in his balls and near-infinite stamina as he just kept on punching his spurting cock into her again and again. In seconds her entire groin was covered in a thick paste of horse-cum and the gooey globs were dripping from the bench into a big pool on the floor. The stallions belly was soon sticky with his own sperm and the Black Widows thighs and ass were similarly coated. The wet, squishing, sucking sounds of the draft horses massive cum-spurting dick filled the room and competed with the superheroines loud grunts and groans. She had somehow managed to survive being anally raped by this giant draft horse and only now was she finally getting able to adjust to the intense painor maybe it was just that she had reached her maximum limits. Natasha felt the horse finally pull his enormous cock out of her aching ass and heard him whinny loudly. There was a sucking sound as the beasts cock popped out of the superheroines ass. The stallion gave a few more hard thrusts, sliding his cock up between the cleavage of the Black Widows spunk-covered ass and up across her back clear up to her shoulders. She could feel the huge pulsing horse cock spurt thick slimy ropes of cum all over her back and into her red hair. The horse took a few more half-hearted thrusts, rubbing his dick against the womans back and ass, before finally leaving. The sated animal departed through the same gate he had entered, leaving the panting, gasping, Black Widow alone in the room. Big globs of horse-sperm oozed out of Natashas gaping anus, her rectum packed full of thick spunk. She didnt feel like shed be able to walk for quite some time as she moaned and looked up at the video screens, drool hanging from her lips.

On three separate monitors were the Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and the Black Cat, each being brutally raped by massive bulls just like the one that raped Natasha. As she stared at the screens the Black Widow was only dimly aware of the door that opened behind her and the footsteps of people entering the roomand then she blacked out.

After being savagely raped by a tremendous bull, the Black Cat had passed out from the knockout gas that had filled the room. When she woke up she saw that she was in a large room that reeked of sex and sweat. She was on her back on the same type of vinyl covered, padded, fuck-bench as before. Felicia let out a low moan as her vision slowly cleared and she regained her senses. She could hear many voices around her and she was covered in cum from head to toe. Her entire body was encased in many thick layers of sperm and she could feel a mouth on her pussy, her ass, her tits, and just nowher lips. She blinked in surprise as she stared into the eyes of a gorgeous black woman.

The Black Cat saw that all around her were huge muscular dark-skinned she-males. They were every bit as big and muscular as the men and their chocolate-brown skin was a sharp contrast to Felicias slightly tan white flesh. The she-males all had delicate facial features, not coarse like the men. In fact, they had facial beauty to rival the likes of Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Jayne Kennedy, Vanessa Williams, or any other black supermodels past or present. Their hair was black, silky, and longtheir jet tresses typically hung down below their shoulders. Their tits were incredibly huge and well-rounded. Between their powerfully-muscled thighs hung a dark heavy cock that looked like it could split a normal woman in two. Each of these African goddesses sported a gigantic erection that was bigger than those of the black men who had raped the Black Cat before and she groaned as the mahogany giantesses jacked off all over her body and rubbed their big ebony cocks against her naked white skin. As soon as two or three had climaxed others quickly took their place. Felicia had no idea how long this had been going on but evidently from the thick layers of sperm all over her it had been going on for quite a long time. The black dick-dykes continued to slime her body and lick her pussy/tits/ass for another thirty minutes or so, leaving Felicia feeling very horny despite herself and all of the ordeals shed been put through.

Suddenly one of the women seized the Black Cat and yanked the superheroines sexy athletic legs wide apart. Felicia yelped as she was spread wide by the muscular Nubian beauty. The black she-male rubbed her huge heavy cock back and forth on Felicias soft, smooth, wet pussy mound and the hard member slid all the way up her stomach and poked at her tits. The black she-woman then guided the bulbous head of her massive cock to the cleft of the Black Cats pussy and rubbed the large mushroom shaped head up and down the slippery slit, not actually entering. There was genuine fear on the Black Cats face as she stared up into the lustful eyes of the black muscle-goddess.

Good, Im glad youre awake, bitch. The black she-male said, in a voice that was very sultry but every bit feminine. These were no men, altered to look like women. These were genuine womenwith dicks! You already got yo white ass raped by the brothers, now the sisters gonna get their turn! You fuckin HOT little white ho! We gonna make you our screw-bitch! Nothin I want better than to fuck up one o you stuck-up white super-bitches! To accentuate her point, the black woman pushed hard and her huge dickhead popped into the Black Cats pussy, stretching it wide.

Aaaahgh! Felicia groaned, her face contorted by pain.

Yeah, you stupid bitch! You gonna get raped and aint nothing you can do about it! Im gonna shoot my cum up in you and knock you up, you dumb cunt! The black she-male snarled. She jabbed again, forcing more of her giant cock up Black Cats pussy.

Eeeeaaaahhggg! Felicia exclaimed, writhing in pain as she was impaled on the monstrous black cock.

You aint nothin but a fuck-slut, Black Cat! You just a white rape-whore for every black dick-bitch in this room! Thats all you good for! Gonna get you pregnant, you worthless bitch! Sneered the big black she-male as she drove half her dick into the Black Cats pussy.

Aaaauuuooowww! The Black Cat cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Take it, you bitch! The dark-skinned she-male amazon boomed. That smooth white belly of yours is going to be big and as round as a beach ball when youre pregnant with a black baby! The ebony she-male growled, slamming forward again, getting three-fourths of her big dick inside the writhing superheroines ultra-tight pussy.

Eeeeeyyaaahh! The Black Cat screamed. She didnt think that it was possible for a woman to be impregnated by another genetic woman, but in this twisted place, anything was possiblemuch to her sorrow!

After an eternity of brutal fucking the ebony she-male finally climaxed and bucked hard into the Black Cat with a punishing series of deep, sharp jabs. The Black Cat was climaxing long before her tormentor and seemed to be unable to stop her multiple orgasms.

Gonna cum.OHHHHH.TAKE IT, YOU BITCH! UUHHH! AAAHHHH! The dark-skinned she-male yelled, blasting her sperm into the Black Cat. The she-males huge cockhead was pressed firmly up against the very back of Felicias vulnerable womb and the jets of sperm squirted out of the she-males dick that it stung Felicia. There was an audible SPLURG SPLURG SPLURG sound as the black amazon ejaculated forcefully into the superheroines stretched cuntfilling her in seconds with thick spunk.

NO! NO! AAHHGGHAAUD! NNOOOOOOO! AAAHHHH!!! The Black Cat screamed in anguish and agony as the black she-males potent seed blasted into her, filled her, and squirted back out from around the edges of her pussy and the amazons big black cock. She knew that the sperm would soon overpower her egg and that fertilization was a certainty. She was dimly aware of other black she-males hooking their fingers into the corners of her mouth and forcing her mouth open in a humiliating way.

As the muscular black she-male continued to hammer away at the Black Cats now cum-sloppy pussy, the other big black dick-chicks continued to spit in her face and mouth, calling her a variety of degrading nameswhite super-slutrape-bitchstupid breeding whorecheap white cuntand many, many others. As soon as the black she-male screwing the Black Cat had finally finished, Felicias pussy was a sticky mess of cum and the gooey spunk was all over her entire lower body and upper legs. Pulling her slimy cum-covered dick out of the Black Cats thoroughly fucked and spermed pussy, the huge she-male slapped her pulsing cock against the Black Cats slippery pussy lips with wet splats and then moved out of the way for the next dick-woman to get into position.

Felicia gagged as some of the black she-males put their semi-erect dicks in her face and mouth and blasted her with bitter piss. She choked and retched as they hosed her down with their acrid piss. Each dick-woman seemed to have a gallon of the stuff and as soon as they were empty they would change places and let new she-males take their places. Felicia held the piss in her mouth, letting them fill it to overflowing before she would swallowgagging as the bitter piss burned her throat.

Drink that piss, bitch! You aint good for nothin else! Fuckin little tight-ass white slut! You getting dicked by some sisters now! You thought those big black brothers screwed you over bad? Well, we gonna use you like a two-dollar whore, you dumb white cunt! You gonna get that tight little pussy stretched by the big, long, wide, black cocks of a hundred of the meanest, horniest, nastiest sisters you ever saw! We gonna bust yo butt on all of our big black dicks and show the whole world the only thing the Black Cats good for from now on! One of the chocolate-brown she-male amazons exclaimed.

The Black Cat lost all track of her surroundings and how much time had passed. She was lost in a perpetual haze of continual orgasms and intense pain. She seemed to pass in and out of consciousness so often that she wasnt sure what was real and what was delusion. There were times when two black she-males were fucking her pussy at the same time, their huge cocks nearly rupturing her tormented pussy. Other times she was screaming mindlessly in pain as two huge dicks were forced up her ass at the same time. She remembered being nearly drowned in piss and being spit at and laughed at as the she-males trash-talked her with a steady barrage of humiliating insults. Then, eventually when her dazed mind recovered, Felicia saw that she was in a room, lying on a bed. She felt an odd sensation in her abdomen and when she looked down she saw that she was pregnant! But not just pregnantshe was 9-months pregnant! Her swollen belly was distended very prominently and she gasped as she slid her hands over her very large, very round, belly. Ohmygod! The Black Cat choked, in wide-eyed astonishment.


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