Alpha Child 07  

By Disciple

Alpha Child - Chapter 07

FINAL NOTE : Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped (yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all......)

Two Hours Before

End Of Chapter Six.

Captain America heard the footsteps and talk, the steady crunch of many men walking, not in step but all over the place.

"The Resistance," he said to himself, he didn't want to be seen by them, if there was a German plant among them his whereabouts would be reported and the Countess would probably disappear for awhile. With the uncanny physical grace he had received from the Super Soldier Serum he made a standing leap up several feet to grasp a thick branch, soon he had pulled himself halfway up the tree.

He watched as the Resistance walked underneath the tree, joking and laughing amongst themselves.

  • Sloppy, - thought Cap to himself, - They assume they've won and so they've forgotten to be careful. -

He followed them, moving from tree to tree, though he barely made any noise he doubted they would have heard him even had he fallen from the tree.

Soon he came to the edge of the forest and stopped, watching as they approached the now empty train, their intention apparent.

  • They're going to loot the train! - realized Captain America, - Fair enough I suppose, but I had hoped to get a look around, see if I could find any clues. -

"Okay!" yelled the Commander, silencing the joking Resistance members,"The Head of Resistance in Nouviean..." here there were some wolf whistles, Cap grinned, he understood their appreciation, he too had been attracted to Michelle,"...has guaranteed that she'll be able to fence whatever we can find in here. So I want this done efficiently, three men to each car, go over it inch by...."

He was cut off by the sudden appearance of seven men, dressed in Nazi uniforms and standing in the doorways of seven train cars.

"Who...?" he started, then was silenced forever as one of the mysterious men rushed forward with fantastic speed and gripped him by the neck, with one quick jerk the man was dead.

To their credit, the Resistance responded instantly, pulling up rifles and firing as one at the Nazi, who jerked about like a marionette as bullets were smashed into his body, then he collapsed.

But they had forgotten the other six, who were already charging, smashing through the assembled ranks of the Resistance men and attacking with inhuman strength, tearing into men and pulling them apart, the screams of agony were terrible to hear.

Again, to their credit, the Resistance men held place for almost fifteen seconds before breaking and running, screaming in fear, of the nearly forty men who had approached the train, only twenty six made it away.

Cap, of course, recognized them from the ambush back in the United States - they were Androids.

The seven men checked the dead bodies and then returned to the carriage doors, waiting with the patience of machinery.

Captain America settled down, waiting with the same patience.

Present Time (A Half Hour After

The End Of Chapter Six)

"Oh this is good!" laughed the Countess, staring at the dead bodies of the Resistance men,"The automated defense system worked perfectly!"

Wonder Woman was fighting back nausea, her eyes couldn't focus on the dead bodies, the carnage and gore was too awful to bear looking at.

"Stand down!" she cried out, and the seven Androids nodded slightly and stepped back, giving her, Wonder Woman, Hans, Wilhelm and Kurt access to the train. The Countess grinned and looked at Wonder Woman, who was still unable to speak until spoken to,"You are wondering how we are going to run the train, aren't you?"

"Yes," replied Wonder Woman,"How?"

"The Androids my dear," she laughed,"They can run it better than the original crew could."

As they stepped into the train, Hans began to direct the Androids, Wonder Woman noticed they followed his orders as readily as they did the Countess.

"Come along," said the Countess,"It's getting cold, I want to get some pants on and then we'll inject you with that drug before your poor little pussy becomes permanently stretched."

Master Man had watched Wonder Woman eat out the Countess from the treetops without changing the expression on his face, yet his member grew erect and his body began to sweat. When Hans, Wilhelm and Kurt arrived at the clearing and led them away, he stayed behind for a few minutes, finally he spoke quietly, to himself.

"If it is the last thing I do," he growled,"I will have both of them!"

Several Hours Later.

The black cars were waiting when the train pulled into the station, most of the luggage was carried out by the Androids, whilst Hans and his two companions stood guard.

Wonder Woman had been put back in her costume, and had a trenchcoat put on over that. She was unconscious, the drug that the Countess had injected into her pussylips had knocked her out. Already her cunt was as tight as it had been before she had run into the Countess for the first time.

She was wheeled out in a wheelchair, the Android also carried a large black case on one shoulder, which contained the disassembled parts of A7.

The chauffeur of the first - and largest - of the black cars, was a tall, blonde woman dressed in the gray uniform of a chauffeur. The uniform hugged her body, showing off large breasts, a skinny waist and excellent ass. She grinned happily when she saw the Countess and rushed forward to hug her, then she kissed the German Noble, who responded by clasping the back of her head and opening her mouth, sliding her tongue down the blondes throat.

If the peasants at the train station found this strange, they showed no sign, in fact they didn't even pay any attention to the prodigious strength shown by the Androids.

"I have missed you Gruda," laughed the Countess,"How are things in the Castle?"

"Fine, although recently I've had to drag Maria away from the lab at night, she said to tell you that she has surpassed Herman's projections, whatever that means."

The Countess gripped Gruda by the shoulders and her eyes seemed to sparkle with delight,"Wonderful news! This is wonderful news!"

Kurt was approaching the two women to inform the Countess that they were all packed, Gruda looked up and smiled in delight.

"Kurt! How are you my darling, have you been keeping the Countess up nights?"

Kurt looked down and grinned almost sheepishly, his cheeks actually blushed as he said.

"Nein, the Countess is too busy for me nowadays."

"Oooh! Countess! Have you been neglecting poor Kurt?" laughed Gruda, reaching forward she grabbed Kurt gently by the chin and lifted his face, she leant forward and kissed him gently on the lips,"Don't worry Kurt, I'll keep you busy!"

"Enough of this," laughed the Countess, truly happy to be home again,"We have a hour long car ride ahead of us, we better get going."

Five minutes after the last of the black cars had pulled out, a dusty figure hopped from the back of the caboose. Rushing quickly to a set of packing crates, hiding behind it he waited until someone his size walked past, whom he grabbed and knocked out. Apologising under his breath Captain America pulled the peasants trenchcoat over his distinctive costume, pulled his mask back to under the collar and made his way into the small town.

A couple of minutes after that another dusty figure slid out from underneath the caboose, he didn't bother to hide himself, he dusted himself off and walked to a phonebooth.

After three rings the phone on the other end was picked up.

"This had better be good, Herr Lohmer," said the chilling voice of The Red Skull, Master Man did not even bother to ask how he had known it was him.

"Captain America," two words, but the phone line was silent for several seconds.

"Excellent," the Skull said finally,"Here is what you must do...."

While Wonder Woman continued to sleep, the Countess made her way to the lab where Maria had been working continuously since this morning.

"Well," she said, staring at the object of Maria's attention,"It certainly has grown."

"Countess!" cried Maria, spinning about,"I didn't expect you till seven!"

"It is 7:30," laughed the Countess,"You have been working too hard!"

Maria was an incredibly beautiful, delicate looking French woman, the kind that men naturally wanted to nurture and protect. She was a tiny thing, standing only 5'2, her breasts were small, uplifted things hidden by the heavy white lab coat she wore. The Countess had made love to her several times, and every time she feared she would do something to break the delicate flower. She was twenty six years old and a brilliant scientist - she had been the protegee of Herman Schultz, a genius who had only escaped being put to work for the Fuhrer due to the Countess' direct intervention. Herman had disappeared mysteriously one day, the Countess suspected the Gestapo had something to do with it, but even her high-up connections were unable to reveal if this was true.

The Countess stepped around the small, car wheel sized....thing.. ..floating in the middle of the room, surrounded by several mechanical devices that Herman and Maria had told her were called stabilizers.

"It's glowing, it's never done that before," she observed.

"Oui," replied Maria, marking down some notes on a small pad,"It always looked like a disc of nothingness before, just floating in the middle of the room, but I moved up to the third phase of Herman's projections and began bombarding it with Gamma Rays, which have made it glow a slight, greenish color."

"The third phase? Gruda told me that you had surpassed Herman's projections, but the third phase? That wasn't supposed to happen for two months."

"I know, recently I've just been coming up with....I don't know...sudden flashes of inspiration that have helped me."

"Has anything new come through it?"

"Yes, the usual supply of that tightening drug, and also something a little strange," she walked to a wall safe and spun in the combination, then took out a small vial with a piece of paper attached, filled with white pills,"There was a note attached to it of all things, with your name on it, I have to tell you, it got me a little worried."

The Countess took the paper off and read it, a wide grin slowly spread across her face.

"This is it," she laughed,"All I need now is that overgrown boy scout and I've done it! I've done it!"

The note read as follows :

Dearest Countess,

I know this is what you wanted, remember your

part of the bargain.

  • Denizen -

"Who is this Denizen?" asked Maria,"How does he know your name? Does he have a portal open too?"

"Calm down Maria," laughed the Countess,"All will be apparent soon enough."

When Wonder Woman woke up she found herself on a large, four poster bed. The room was lit by hundreds of white candles, which made shadows dance along the walls of the room.

"Ah, she is awake," said an unfamiliar, female voice,"Excellent."

"You will enjoy this, Gruda," said a rough voice which she recognized as Kurts,"Even the Countess said she has never had better."

Looking around, the captive Amazon found herself being stared at lecherously by a tall, blonde woman who stood completely naked by the bed. Her body was tanned lightly and covered in a light sheen of sweat. Her large breasts were firm and high, the nipples erect and lightly glistening, she suspected Kurt had been keeping her busy while they waited for her to awake.

"She is an excellent specimen," said Gruda,"Look at those breasts!"

"They are surprisingly firm," said Kurt,"Her ass is a little plump, but not overly so, it makes for something nice to hold onto."

  • Dammit! I'm not a piece of meat! - growled the Amazon inside her head, - Just who the hell is this Gruda? -

Gruda was a natural blonde, she had shaven her cunt lips, but maintained a small rectangular thatch of short blonde pussy hairs above her clit. Her legs were long, smooth and firm, Wonder Woman found herself wondering just what her ass would look like.

  • Stop that! - yelled her mind, - You better cut thoughts like that out right now! -

Wonder Woman realized she was once more naked, but now the lariat had been wrapped around her left ankle and then tied to one of the beds posters, there was still a lot of slack to give her room, but she was tied nonetheless.

"Very well," said Gruda,"Just let me get her wet, then you can fuck her while she eats me out...."

"Just wait a second..." interrupted Wonder Woman, and was instantly interrupted herself.

"Shut up," muttered Gruda and Wonder Woman instantly complied, she didn't have that same sense of not being able to talk when the Countess commanded her, but felt a strange need to do whatever this woman told her. She had no way of knowing that the Countess had once more used the lariat to put her in a deep trance and then implant the command to obey whatever Kurt or Gruda told her.

Gruda walked to the base of the bed, then crawled onto it, raising her ass into the air and dipping her head between Wonder Woman's thighs. Kurt also walked to the base of the bed and stood staring at Gruda's ass, his erection growing by the second.

Wonder Woman's eyes widened in shock as she felt Gruda's tongue lightly flick between her cuntlips, moving in and out, up and down, only lightly touching her sensitive skin. She spread her tongue out wide and thickly licked up and down between the Amazon's cuntlips, then narrowed her tongue to a point and pushed as deep into her quickly moistening cunt, Wonder Woman found her hips pushing up against the blonde's face in an effort to get her tongue deeper into her pussy.

  • Not again, why does my body make me do these things? -

  • Oh please, - again the Countess' voice in her mind, - You let it happen, because you love it! -

"Ooooh by Hera!" she squealed,"That.. that feels... so... feels so good!"

Kurt's cock was pulsating with blood, he felt like he was going to cum if he didn't do something soon, the trouble was he couldn't - the Countess had seen to it that he (as well as Hans and Wilhelm) could only cum if they heard a certain word, he wasn't sure how she had done this, but it made for some interesting times in bed. He stared at Gruda's incredible ass, wiggling about excitedly as she continued to eat out Wonder Woman. She was on her hands and knees on the bed, her head buried between the Amazon's thighs while her tongue licked, probed and fucked the tight little pussy before her, her gorgeous butt was moving up, down and all around, Kurt couldn't take it any longer.

He stepped forward and placed one thick, powerful hand on one of her asscheeks. Gruda paused for a second, as if thinking about it, then she laughed,"Do it big boy, fill me up!"

Kurt didn't need to be told twice, he gripped his medium length, thick cock in his free hand and then guided it into the blonde beauty's juiced up fuckhole. Once the tip of his cock was in between her hot pussylips, he let go of it and grabbed both of her hips in his strong hands and pushed forward, feeling her vaginal passage separating before him till he was fully in, his large, hairy balls slapping against her erect clitoris.

"Ouurghhhmmmmfff!" gasped Gruda into Wonder Woman's now dripping pussy as she felt the thick cock pushing into her pussy. She was loving this, there was something especially erotic about having Wonder Woman powerless before her, eating her out while Kurt fucked her pussy doggystyle, her already wet pussy began to flow with more juices.

She lifted her head and gasped out,"Keep it up Kurt, I know you can!" then her face dropped back in between Wonder Woman's thighs and her tongue once more began probing deeply inside the heroine's tight little cunt. She began pressing her ass back up against Kurt's hips, loving the feel of his balls slapping against her clit and his cock sliding in and out of her lubricated cunt, Kurt gripped her hips tightly and met her halfway through each lunge with one of his own, so that they were fucking each other.

Wonder Woman was gripping the now sweat covered sheets with her hands, her back arched and hips raised as she felt the blonde German woman's tongue squirming about inside her hot pussy, her cuntmuscles were desperately clasping down on the tongue in a futile attempt to hold it in there.

"Lick it! Yeah, lick me! I want it, I... uh!... I think... oooh!... I'm GONNA FUCKING CUM!!!!"

Her huge tits bounced up and down, her ass humping up wildly as she felt her orgasming overwhelming her, body and mind. She drove her cunt as hard up into Gruda's face as she could, wanting these sensation to continue forever.

  • OOOOH, YES! SO GOOD! - screamed her mind, forgetting it's protestations in the face of this much pleasure.

Her muscles seemed to contract so much that it would be impossible to ever release them, and then the dam that had been holding back her orgasm broke and her entire body seemed to collapsed as cum burst from her pussy into Gruda's waiting mouth

"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGFFFFFFFFFFFFFHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" she screamed, the only expression she could find for the intense pleasure, and then she lay still, breathing heavily, her eyes glazed over with lust and her entire body tingling with pleasure.

Kurt, meanwhile, was being driven crazy by an intense need to cum, but until Gruda spoke the words, he wouldn't be able to. It had been this strange 'switch' in his mind that had let him, Hans and Wilhelm fuck Wonder Woman for nearly an hour before cumming all over her body. Gruda had an incredibly tight cunt that seemed custom made for Kurt, just tight enough to make his thick cock feel great without pinching down on it. He continued to slam his cock into the blonde's cunt as hard as he could, loving everything about fucking her. The feel of her juicy snatch around him, the sight of her ass pushing back against him, the sound of her heavy breathing and the slap-slap of her ass pounding against his hips, the feel of his balls smacking against her clit - everything!

He stared excitedly at her beautiful ass, her cuntlips spread around his cock as he slid in and out of her, his cock reflected the light of the candles due to the glistening cum on his cock.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck!" he growled,"You... are... so... goood..."

"That's it," she gasped breathlessly, taking time out from sucking up the juices from Wonder Woman's orgasm,"Fuck me... I can feel it... I'm gonna cum!"

He did as he was told, fucking her harder and harder, his cock plunging in and out of her dripping snatch, his hips banging against her ass as they both approached orgasm. Wonder Woman lay still, breathing heavily and jerking every so often when Gruda plunged her tongue deep into her snatch to get at some more pussyjuice.

It happened all of a sudden, like Wonder Woman her entire body seized up, she cried out louder and louder, an animalistic cry of passion that sounded as if it could be heard all the way back in Nouviean.


Her cunt clasped down hard on his cock as she shouted that last word, the word that released the mental switch in Kurt's mind.

"UGG!" was his only cry as suddenly his cum was released, he arched his back and pushed his hips as far forward as he could, plunging as deeply into her as possible, his cock shooting stream after stream of cum deep into her clasping pussy.

Finally they were both finished, as she collapsed to the bed, her nose grinding into Wonder Woman's sensitive pussy, Kurt collapsed on top of her, his quickly deflating cock slipping out of her pussy and resting on between her asscheeks.

"That was....." started Gruda, and then the doors were thrust open, many of the candles blown out by the sudden gust of wind. The Countess strode into the room, she clapped her hands together sharply.

Enough of this!" she cried,"Get dressed and meet me in the Laboratory Gruda. Kurt, I want you to prepare Wonder Woman as I have instructed, do you understand?"

"Ya, mein Countess!" they both replied, sliding of the bed and saluting.

"Excellent," said the Countess, then ran an appraising eye over Gruda's firmed and toned body,"You've been working out Gruda! You will share my bed tonight," then she turned on her heel and walked off down the corridor.

"Very well, whore," said Kurt, pulling his uniform on,"Now the fun will really begin!"

Ten Minutes Earlier.

Captain America moved stealthily through the sewers, stepping carefully so as not to set off any unseen booby traps. He had come in this way under the impression that no one would think to booby trap their sewers, although he had already come across several that he had been forced to sidestep or disarm when possible.

As he came to a bend he heard voices dropped in low conversation, he instantly stopped and pressed his back up against the wall. All of a sudden there was a large crunching noise and the wall he rested on seemed to explode outwards as a large pair of hands reached out and gripped him by the shoulders.

Even as he struggled to pull free he heard a low hissing noise that he instantly recognized from the attempted ambush that had occurred not even a week ago - gas!

With an incredible display of strength he pulled away, swinging his shield and smashing into the Android's upraised arm, shearing through it and cutting it from the body.

The water exploded beneath him and another android appeared directly behind him, as it too released gas from it's mouth Cap was swinging his shield, it ducked and the damaged Android behind it lost it's head. But despite his efforts it was too late, he had inadvertently taken in the gas. Stumbling through the water, desperately trying to find fresh air, he discovered the gas was fast acting and within half a minute he collapsed face first into the water.

The undamaged Android walked determinedly to where Captain America lay and pulled him by the scruff of his uniform's neck from the water, preventing him from drowning.

"Excellent," said the Countess, appearing from around the corner, Masterman stood slightly behind her,"Your information was correct Ubermensch, you have my gratitude," she reached down and gripped his crotch,"Perhaps tonight I can repay you?"

Master Man simply grunted, but the Countess could feel his growing hardness beneath her hand, she squeezed once more and then looked over at the android holding Captain America's inert form.

"Oh well done, A7," she laughed,"This time it didn't cost you an arm and a leg!"

End Chapter Seven.

Alpha Child part 7