Alpha Child 02  

Alpha Child - Chapter 02

FINAL NOTE : Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped (yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all......)

Captain America came to slowly, he looked around in confusion, his mind still groggy from the after effects of the gas.

He had a fuzzy recollection of moving fast, bouncing up and down on something hard, which he suspected was a shoulder, he remembered seeing a large, brown object in front of him (a tree?) and smashing hard into the ground. The next thing he remembered was a hazy, yet clearly beautiful face, then being bounced on a shoulder again for several hundred meters.

"Yollbesafehre......" had she said that?

"You'll be safe here?" perhaps that was it?

He had watched the most beautiful pair of legs he had ever seen moving away, then everything had faded out again.

A snapping noise broke through his confusion, battle hardened instincts came to the fore as he sorted the noise, the snapping of a dry stick, the low crunch of grass been crushed underfoot.

His eyes peered down to the side and he saw his shield laying face down, leaves covered most of his body, covering up the bright colors.

- Who is that? - he thought to himself - The woman who saved me or one of those Nazi spies? -

The stride was slow and heavy, indicating a man moving carefully. The Captain allowed himself to become fully attuned to the sounds, until he had figured out where the stalker was coming from.

The footsteps were coming closer, shutting his eyes to slits he peered up, soon a figure came into his peripheral vision, a Nazi who had been in a fight, he noticed with some shock that he was missing an arm.

- None of the men I fought were missing arms - he thought - And even the Nazi's aren't sick enough to send a man with only one arm into battle, are they? -

Watching more closely he noticed that wires were protruding from a hole in the clothing above his shoulder.

- Robot? - thought Cap to himself, a scientist in Special Forces was currently working on something called a Life Model Decoy (LMD) that would be remote controlled from outside, could this be like that?

- Either way, it's a robot, not alive, - Cap decided, his hand ever so slowly reached down and grabbed the first strap on the back of his shield, gripping it firmly he waited.

The android was moving in a pattern around the trees, covering everything with intricate efficiency, soon he stood only meters from where Cap lay.

- Maybe they respond to movement? - thought Cap to himself - I'm not very well camouflaged -

Deciding not to wait any longer, Cap rolled into action, swinging his shield up, smashing it into the androids face, the unbreakable adamantium alloy easily shattering the face of the robot.

As he came to his feet a wave of giddiness came over him, he dropped his free hand to one knee and supported himself, looking up he saw that the robot still stood, but now it was moving around blindly, it's arms swinging wildly.

Putting all his strength behind the blow, he swung the shield into the androids torso, smashing into the guts of the bot. It remained standing for a few seconds, then collapsed to the ground.

He decided not to take any chances, bringing the shield down with both hands onto the neck of the robot.

He shook his head to clear it and looked around, he couldn't see anything, but his senses were still slightly dulled from the gas.

So he could be excused for not seeing it coming when two hands ripped out of the ground and grabbed him by the ankles, pulling him down hard against the ground.

The Wonderwoman came awake with a start, huge chains gripped each wrist and ankle.

"What?" she gasped.

"Oh, you're awake?" laughed the Countess, she stood in front of Wonderwoman, one arm behind her back,"Good, I hope you're comfortable?"

The chains were nearly as big as Wonderwoman herself.

"I've read up on you," said the Countess,"Records of people who've fought you and so forth, and legends about your people...."

- What is she talking about? - thought Wonderwoman to herself, - There are no legends about Paradise Island? -

"And I've come to the conclusion that you do have weakness, an achilles heel as it were."

"What are you talking about?" growled Wonderwoman, straining against the chains, which held....for now.

"Oh I gather you could break those given enough time, you're certainly very strong, but you won't get the chance."

She reached behind with one hand - keeping the other behind her back - hitting a small red button on the wall, just out of reach of Wonderwoman reach if her legs had been free, the shackles holding the massive chains around her wrists and ankles released and fell to the ground, leaving only two sets of plain handcuffs around them.

"And I've learnt that if you are manacled," said the Countess with a smug smirk,"You lose your strength."

Wonderwoman grinned back, then suddenly she pulled her arms and legs apart, ripping the handcuffs easily apart.

"Idiot," she laughed,"If I'm manacled I lose my strength, but only if I'm manacled by a man!"

She strode forward confidently, the Countess stared at her in shock, seemingly unable to believe she had been wrong.

"Now I'm going to....." started Wonderwoman, but cut off as the arm behind the Countess' back shot out and a golden rope came forward and wrapped around her neck.

"Stop!" shouted the Countess in glee.

Wonderwoman stopped, unable to move.

"Stupid Amazon bitch," laughed the Countess,"So confidant in your own abilities, think that a puny human can't stop you!"

Wonderwoman was struggling to move, but every muscle in her body seemed locked in place.

- What in Hera's name is happening? - she asked herself frantically.

"You see, my research revealed that your kind would lose your strength if manacled by a man - it was generally believed that it was only possible to do this by defeating them in battle then tying them up, no one ever thought to trick you into it - but it was also revealed that if tied up by a rope of golden weave endowed with mystical properties, you would become subject to the bearer of that ropes every whim."

" my......people," gasped Wonderwoman, struggling to even speak,"Where"

"Quiet," snapped the Countess and Wonderwoman found she could no longer even speak,"As for the rope, well I came to the conclusion that rope that could cause such weakness in your kind would be kept as close to you as possible....."

Wonderwoman's mouth opened in dismay, but she could not give words to her shock, prevented by the Countess' order.

"That's right, this is your Golden Lariat, which is now held by your new master and superior, Countess Schatenger."

Schatenger walked behind Wonderwoman, examining her body with a critical eye,"My oh my," she said with a bemused expression,"This costume of yours doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it?"

The costume in question was almost like a tiny, strapless bathing suit, red over her breasts and waist, turning to blue with two small stars at the front, two more at the back, one on each cheek. A gold, metallic, hawklike object separated into three pieces rested on her breasts, forming a 'W', while a golden belt of the same metallic substance rested around her waist, moving up in an inverted V over her wait to join with the 'W'. She had long, luxurious black hair that came down to her shapely ass, she kept the long fringe out of her eyes by wearing a golden tiara with a small, red star in the middle. He long legs were bare, and she wore knee-high red boots with a white trim. Metallic gauntlets rested around her wrists, they were capable of deflecting bullets. (*)

In short, she looked hot.

The Countess reached down and cupped each asscheek firmly, they were plump but not soft, firm globes of flesh.

- WHAT ARE YOU DOING! - screamed Diana in her mind, unable to give voice to her shock.

"You have a great ass," said the Countess absently as she tied the loose end of the golden lariat around her the woman's hands, binding them together behind her back, then unwrapping it from around her neck and wrapping it around one arm, until it looked like a golden glove.

"You are mine to command," said the Countess,"And just to be sure, from now till the day you die, you will follow my commands to the letter, whether I have the lariat or not," saying this, she took her hands away from the lariat and walked back around to face her captive.

"Now you're still under my command because the lariat is mine, despite the fact I don't hold it in my hands right now."

Wonderwoman was powerless to do anything but nod aqueissence, she couldn't believe her own lariat had turned her body against her, why had no one on the island ever told her of this weakness?

The Countess reached forward and grabbed the metal 'W', then she pulled it down slowly, sliding the costume down her body, revealing every little bit of flesh on her body. When she had it down to Wonderwoman's waist she released it and look greedily at her beautiful, huge breasts. Reaching forward she grabbed both of Wonderwoman's large, milky white tits and squeezed them, her thumb and forefinger playing briefly with each of the nipples.

"Listen carefully slave," she laughed at Diana,"Your mind remains your own, but your body will react to me as if I'm your greatest lover, do you understand?"

Wonderwoman nodded.

"You are now allowed to talk."

Saying that, Countess Schatenger slid her hands down Wonderwoman's waist and under the lower part of her costume, sliding her hand between the superheroine's thighs and cupping her love mound.

"No panties under there, huh?" she laughed,"Horny bitch, living in America has made you a slut, you fuck every man you can, don't you!"

"No," gasped Diana as a finger slid in between her cuntlips and pushed into her hot, wet depths.

"You don't understand whore," laughed the Countess,"You do fuck anything you can get hold off, don't you!"

It was not a question but an order, and once more Wonderwoman found her voice controlled.

"Yes, I spread my legs for everyone," she whispered in a sultry voice, despite the disgust in her mind,"I just love to be fucked."

"I knew it," laughed the Countess,"You will go where I direct you."

Saying that she removed one hand from the large breasts and pushed her up against the wall, while her other hand's fingers slid against and into Wonderwoman's pussy. Pulling her long, middle finger out, she began rubbing her knuckles against the center of her captive lovers pussymound.

Diana's body was powerless to do anything but become turned on, her pussy began to grow wetter, the fingers running along her cunt becoming lubricated by her own pussy juices. Then she gasped in pleasure as she felt two fingers slide in between the folds of her pussy lips.

"Oooh, that's so good," moaned Diana against her will as two finger slid in and out of her. The countess moved with an almost gentle touch, like she really was Diana's lover and not her captor. Diana's hips begin to move in and out, forcing the fingers in and out of her pussy, moaning lightly as she felt an orgasm approaching.

- Must fight it! - she gasped, - Has to be a way to beat her -

As her mind fought to stop the feelings within her and her body approached orgasm, the Countess lowered her face to Wonderwoman's and lightly kissed her on the lips, just a light, gentle touch that surprised Diana. Her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly. Sensing her eagerness, the Countess stopped kneading the nipple of one breast with her free hand and raised it up around Diana's head, sliding in between her soft, black hair and gripping her gently by the back of the head, pressing her lips against the captive superheroines in a deeper kiss.

Diana groaned in pleasure as she felt the Countess' tongue slide in between her own lips, of it's own will her tongue slid forward over the intruder, they tasted each other, exploring each others mouths.

The Countess fought a grin of satisfaction as she continued the kiss, her tongue sliding against Diana's cheeks while the superheroine's own tongue explored the inside of her mouth.

Finally she broke the kiss and grinned at Diana, who grinned back with a lover's smile.

- That wasn't so bad...... - started Diana to herself, then berated herself for falling into the trap caused by the erotic feelings in her body.

Her hips were now grinding themselves against the hand in her cunt, pushing deep circles against it in a mad attempt to get off.

"Such wonderful breasts," moaned the Countess, slowly kissing the tops of her huge tits, then tracing a circle around the left nipple, causing it to grow even more erect, almost painful as it strained to be suckled on.

The Countess lowered the superheroine to her knees, she continued pressing her cunt as hard against her hand as she could, begging for release. Pressing her back slightly, the Countess lightly flicked one erect nipple with her tongue, causing a moan of pleasure to come from her captive lover.

Diana's eyes widened in shock as she felt teeth lightly bite on the left nipple, nibbling on the erect nipple and causing waves of sensation to ride from her body.

"Aaah, oooh, ahhh" gasped Diana involuntarily as she felt herself riding the wave of climax, ready to come crashing down at any second.

"" gasped Diana and then suddenly her entire body seemed to go rockhard, her teeth clenched and she struggled to draw a breath, then suddenly she let out a moan of animalistic pleasure and her entire body went limp.

The Countess grinned at her, sliding her hand out of the costume she slid one wet finger into her mouth and licked the pussyjuices from it.

"My turn now," she said with a grin, Diana grinned back at her with greedy anticipation.

- No, no, by Hera no! - cried Diana in her mind, but helpless to do anything.

Slowly, never taking her eyes from Wonderwoman's half naked body, she undid her little white shirt, revealing a lacy black bra. Her tits were huge, nearly as big as Wonderwoman's herself, and she pushed her chest out proudly, making them look bigger. She reached behind her back and undid the small hook on the bra, letting it fall away to reveal the firm, erect breasts standing proudly on her chest. She ran her open hands over both breasts, allowing her fingers to slide against her erect nipples and making them ever harder.

She shuddered with pleasure, her eyes closing slightly. Then she pressed the middle finger of each hand against her nipples and pushed hard against them, then began to rub small circles against them.

"Do I turn you on?" asked the Countess, Diana nodded eagerly.

The terrible thing was, she really was turned on. Her pussy was dripping from her previous orgasm, and her body was being forced to react like she was loving this, but she really found the Countess attractive.

Growing up on Paradise Island she had been taught to explore her sexuality, to find out what she liked - there were little inhibitions on Paradise Island and most of the horny woman could find an eager pair of hands or tongue to deal with them. But since coming to America she had not had a lover, her only sexual release being by masturbating herself, which she did most nights. Recently it had become worse, with her fantasies about Captain America coming nearly every night now, and now the Countess had brought her to orgasm and was revealing her body, it was taking her back to her days on Paradise Island.

Meanwhile, the Countess had undone her belt buckle and was sliding her leather pants down her long, shapely legs, revealing tiny, red silk panties.

"We're supposed to conserve silk for the war effort," giggled the Countess,"But I am a noble, why should I have to suffer when I have money?"

She pulled the silk panties down slowly, revealing a closely shaved black pussy, pulling the panties off she stood naked before Wonderwoman. Turning around she bent over slightly, pushing out her ass.

"You like my ass?"

"I want to bury my face in it," grinned Wonderwoman,"Eat out your pussy till you cum your brains out!"

- Did I really just say that? - she thought in shock.

"If you're really lucky I'll even let you stick your tongue up my ass."

- Oh that's disgusting! - thought Wonderwoman in shock.

"Sounds great!" giggled Wonderwoman.

Schatenger laughed lightly and walked back to Wonderwoman, gripping the costume once more she tore it down her legs, revealing her dripping pussy.

"You shave yours too?" she said,"You leave it longer than mine, have you ever considered shaving it all off?"

- What? What's wrong with her? -

"I'd love too, maybe you can later," she moaned breathlessly.

The Countess lowered her face and once more kissed Wonderwoman, pressing her tongue into her mouth and tasting her once more.

Diana did not push her own tongue into Schatenger's mouth this time, but instead pursed her lips around the tongue and sucked eagerly on it.

- I can't believe I'm doing this! -

The Countess' large breasts pressed against Wonderwoman's slightly larger ones, their erect nipples rubbing against each other, creating an incredible heat that drove both women wild with desire.

The Countess broke the kiss and pulled away, tickling the underside of Diana's huge tits lightly with the tips of her fingers.

"You're good at that, want to try with something else?"

Diana - of course - nodded vigorously, so the Countess grabbed both her own breasts in her hands and lifted them higher, directing one erect nipple towards Diana's slightly parted lips.

Diana eagerly began to suckle on the nipple, taking in a good amount of tit flesh too, sucking like a child on a lollipop.

The Countess closed her eyes and let her head fall back, her eyes closed and she grinned happily. For several minutes she held the breast steady and let Diana suck on it, then she pulled it free and put the right breast against her mouth.

This time, Diana nibbled lightly on the right nipple, causing sensations of pleasure to roll through the body of her captor.

She again began to suck on her lovers tit, rolling her tongue around the little bit of the breast in her mouth, flicking over the erect nipple.

The Countess couldn't take it any more, gripping Diana's head, she pulled it away from her tit and lifted her pussy up off Diana's waist, sliding it up until her ass rested against Diana's tit; Diana's back was now hard up against the floor, her legs and stretched out full and she lay on top of her tied up arms.

Diana sniffed at the crotch against her face, it brought back memories of Paradise Island, of the first time she had eaten another woman out while she wanked herself, she longed to free her hands and do the same now.

- That's just the sexual desire talking, fight it in your mind at least if you can't fight it in your body, - her own inner critic yelled.

Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and she pressed the tip against the center of her captors pussy lips. Parting them slightly, she slowly wormed her tongue up into her love tunnel. She tasted much like other women she had eaten out, only slightly more sour.

The Countess laughed and swiveled her ass around, so that now she could look over Wonderwoman's body as the superheroine ate her out, her eyes zeroed in on the pussy only a few feet away.

As Diana ran her tongue the length of Countess Schatenger's cunt, her lover lowered herself down until her beasts rested against Wonderwoman's waist and her face was mere inches from the superheroines juicy pussy. Her tongue slid out and lightly flicked at her captive lovers erect clit, flicking over and over the tip, causing Diana to groan into her pussy. The Countess ran her hands over the sides of her lovers beautiful ass, burying her face deep in the bush in front of her, mashing her nose and mouth against the dripping cunt in front of her.

It was too much for both women, the commands on Wonderwoman's body and the memories of her first sexual encounters were driving her closer and closer to orgasm. For the Countess, the fulfillment of this fantasy and dominating the superheroine, plus her lovers obvious talents were pushing her over the edge as well.

Their bodies both tensed, both fought off orgasming in the hopes of extending the pleasure, but it was unavoidable and Diana broke first, her juices flowing from her pussy and down her asscrack, the Countess lapping as much up as she could.

Then she came too and her juices ran over Wonderwoman's face, the superheroine attempted to swallow most of it, but was unable to get it all.

The two naked women lay against each other for awhile, gasping for air, then finally the Countess rolled off and pulled herself to her feet.

Wonderwoman's mind was racing, now her orgasm was over she could think a little clearer, although her body was still highly aroused. She noticed the room she was in for the first time, not very large, it was curved walls, and she noticed a low humming noise. She recognized it immediately.

"Are we on a plane?"

"Ya," laughed the Countess, putting on her clothes,"On our way to France, from there we'll go on to my Castle for training, you'll end up in Germany, probably in Berlin."

"Why did you do that?" asked Wonderwoman,"Why did you want sex?"

"Goebbels wants some propaganda photos of you in depraved situations, to raise the troops morale," said the Countess absently, pulling open a little hatch and revealed a large video recorder.

"You're a good citizen aren't you?!" spat Wonderwoman,"If you're so noble why are you letting tape of you out to the troops?"

The Countess walked back over to where Wonderwoman lay, picking up her costume she pushed it over her legs and back up her body, then she laughed,"Nien, you misunderstand, I am not doing this for propaganda photos, I just wanted something to remember you by, I'll be wanking to this for years to come."

She walked to a small doorway, turning and smiling at Wonderwoman, then she pulled open the doorway and five men entered. One carried a film recorder, another an ordinary picture camera, the other three were large Aryan types wearing German Uniforms.

"This is for the propaganda department."

And so saying, she turned and walked out the door.

Captain America went down hard, but he reacted instantly, spinning his shield away and smashing it into the wrist of the hand that held him.

He broke through the metal skin into wires and circuits beneath. They both released him and he slid away, the dirt erupted and he found himself facing another Android.

"I'm ready for you!" yelled Cap,"Come on!"

Even though he had only been in the War for a few months, he was already a battle hardened veteran. The whistling noise alerted him immediately and he dived for cover, while the android cocked its head to register this new sound.

The rocket hit the android full on, blowing him to pieces.

Cap sat up, wiping dirt and android parts of his shield, he looked up as several army men rushed in, while another reloaded the rocket launcher that had taken out the android.

"Captain America sir, Special Forces Sub-Commander Atkinson, are you all right, sir?"

Cap remembered the face of the woman, he remembered how she had somehow carried him for hundreds of yards on her shoulder, he remembered now that as she had retreated she had barely been able to walk - she was most likely captured now.

"No," he said,"Things are definitely not all right."

Berlin, Office of Public Enlightenment

and Propoganda - One Day Earlier.

Goebbels only reaction to the violent entrance was a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Well?" growled the man in front of him finally,"Aren't you going to say anything?"

Behind the hugely built man lay several unconscious guards, the shattered remains of a sturdy oak door, and groans for help from other guards awakening to discover broken bones and damaged organs.

"I gathered from your dramatic entrance that you had something to say,"Observed Goebbels,"I am waiting to hear what it is."

The large man pressed his face to within inches of Goebbels, veins stood out on his forehead, his face was red with anger.

"I," growled the man,"Am Masterman!"

"Oh," said Goebbels,"That's it, was it really necessary to injure my guards just to inform me of that," he leaned forward so there was an only an inch between himself and Masterman, then he whispered,"You see," he looked around as if fearing spies or bugs,"I already knew that."

"DAMMIT!" screamed Masterman, pulling back and smashing one fist the size of a canned ham into the oak desk, smashing it in two,"Don't treat me like an imbecile, I am the perfect example of the Aryan race, I am superior to you and every other plebe out there!"

"For the ultimate superman," said Goebbels, leaning back in his chair and sighing in dismay at the ruins of his desk,"You are remarkably predictable, did you think I wouldn't know you were coming, or why?"

Mastermind's eyes widened as if he hadn't expected this, usually people treated him with outright respect or fear, except for that Verdammt bitch Wonderwoman of course, who had only contempt in her eyes when she had beaten him in front of his troops.

"Listen to me," growled Masterman, shaking his head as if to clear it,"I want to know....."

"Why you have received orders not to pursue your plans for revenge against Wonderwoman?"

"Yes, and also standing orders from the fuhrer himself not to make any move against Captain America!"

Goebbels hid a small frown, he had not been aware that the fuhrer was aware of the Countess' plans, but it would be just like the bitch to ingratiate herself with Hitler, especially since her plan had a good chance of succeeding.

"You have received an order," muttered Goebbels dangerously,"One from me, the other from the Fuhrer himself! Are you going to smash your way into his office?"

Mastermind's eyes widened with fear, then he forced a smile.

"I will not forget this, Herr Goebbels," he growled, then he turned and stalked out of the room.

Goebbels frowned, then picked his phone up from the ruins of his desk.

"Frauline Helga," he said, finally the quavery voice of his secretary came over the phone.


"Get me in contact with the Fuhrer.......and then requisition me a new desk."

End Of Chapter Two.

(*) The costume I describe is the costume worn by Wonderwoman in current issues of JLA and her own comic - Wonderwoman - I know this is a slightly different costume to what she wore in WWII, but as I said, merging realities causes certain continuity errors (it's not because she looks hot in the new costume and like Cher from mermaids in a bathing suit in the other one, no, that's not it at all....)

Alpha Child part 2