Alpha Child 08  

By Disciple

Alpha Child - Chapter 08

FINAL NOTE : Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped (yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all......)

"Are you sure this is wise, Mein Countess?" asked Hans, pulling his uniform on as she waited for him in his bedroom,"I mean, can Masterman be trusted?"

"No," replied the Countess with a smile,"Which is why I have Wilhelm checking out a couple of things for me. Now come on, are you ready?"

"Ya," said Hans, tying the button fly of his luftwaffe uniform,"Is it safe?"

"You have nothing to fear while I am here to protect you my darling," she laughed,"Now come along, let's go to the lab."

Chains held Captain America's wrists together, as well as his ankles. To make doubly sure, two androids each held onto one of his limbs. On a table behind them lay the damaged android, shut down and awaiting repairs.

Captain America wasn't worried about any of that, he had been in worse scrapes before and survived, what concerned him was Wonder Woman.

The Amazon stood stock still in the middle of the lab, only several meters from the glowing, green...thing that hung in the middle of the air. She was wearing her costume but it looked as if it had been hurriedly pulled on over her naked body, her arms were tied behind her back by her own golden lariat. Her eyes seemed dull and vacant and her head was bowed as if in defeat. He had come to rescue her from the Countess, but there were some places that you just couldn't rescue people from.

"Ahhh, Captain America, we meet again!" cried the Countess, walking into the room with Hans at her back,"My congratulations on tracking me down so easily, I really must do something about covering my trail better."

"I'm giving you one chance," growled Cap,"To release Wonder Woman and myself and give yourself over to me to be held until I can hand you over to the Authorities."

"Give myself over to you, I like the sound of that," giggled the Countess,"Perhaps later you naughty boy, first we have a small demonstration to make."

Walking forward she took Maria's pad and pen from her and wrote something down, then she ripped the page off, screwed it into a ball and threw it at the green object floating in the middle of the room, as soon as it touched the surface it seemed to disappear.

"Several years ago," explained the Countess to all about her,"Herman Schultz - a man of incredible genius - successfully opened an interdimensional portal the size of a pin prick, which he then proceeded to stabilize with the aid of the machinery you see around you. Then the war broke out and Herman was to be put to work for the Nazi's, but due to my intervention I was able to keep him here in my castle, where he continued his work on widening the portal. Then one day... poof! he disappeared without a trace and poor Maria here was forced to work on alone without the aid of her mentor."

The Countess paused, she walked to where Wonder Woman stood and raised the heroine's chin with one finger,"Listen up lover, this bit is important."

She continued, even as a spark of life seemed to come back to Wonder Woman's eyes.

"About a week after Herman's disappearance, after Maria had gone to bed I wondered into the lab during a bout of insomnia, while there I was shocked to see a ball of paper come flying out of the portal, opening it I was even more surprised to find it read :

My Dearest Countess,
I am called Denizen, I exist within the
dimension your portal has been opened in to, I wish nothing more
than to escape this dismal dimension, and am willing to trade
you anything in order to escape. I understand several of your
languages - English, French, Spanish and most importantly of
course, German. Send a note in paper through telling me what
you want, need or desire and I shall locate it for you. In
return I wish to be set free when the portal is widened enough
for me to escape.

I was, to say the least, surprised and immediately responded, asking for any weakness Wonder Woman might have that I could exploit. Several hours later I received a response, learning all about your Paradise Island and the weakness caused by being manacled by men or tied by your lariat."

Wonder Woman's eyes blinked several times quickly, she seemed a little more awake now than earlier, but still had a defeated look about her.

"I then asked who had the greatest genetic potential on the planet, interested in see if Dr. Mengele's research was valid - it was not. I discovered that you, Captain America," she pointed at Cap, who glared back at her in defiance,"And you, Wonder Woman," the Amazon did not respond,"Had the potential to create the most genetically perfect human being that had ever existed - an Alpha Child if you would - that would become the perfect Aryan."

"You're crazy!" yelled Captain America,"Do you really expect us to believe all this?"

"Oh but it's all true," laughed the Countess,"The only snag was that Amazon's cannot have children."

Wonder Woman scowled slightly at this.

"That's right," laughed the Countess,"I know your every secret, I even know that you were sculpted from the earth by your mother - Queen Hypolata - and life breathed into you by your Gods. However, Denizen told me that given time he could find some pills that in conjunction with a special cream would slightly alter your genetic makeup so that you would be able to have a child. That was a month ago and I immediately made my way to Berlin and asked for permission to make an attempt to capture the two of you - and I have succeeded! KURT!"

Kurt stepped forward, holding a small vial filled with white pills, opening the vial he placed one of the pills into Wonder Woman's mouth.

"Swallow!" ordered the Countess and the Amazon did as commanded, the pill traveling down her throat.

"And now," continued the Countess,"You are all wondering about the cream and where it is. Well, it's not exactly cream," she said, a small smile on her face,"Maria, activate the beam."

Maria moved to one of the many mechanical ''stabilizers' around the room, adjusted a dial on it and then removed a small lens cap from the face. The device resembled nothing more than a large, portable camera, except the glass on the lens was green. A low humming noise began to emanate from the machine and then a shot of green energy fired from it, smashing into the portal and disappearing inside it.

"Gamma energy, one of the most powerful and unpredictable forms of radiation on the planet - the energy seems to cause this particular rift in our time/space fabric to grow, although on another one it might collapse it or have no effect at all."

Indeed, the portal was beginning to grow slightly larger in circumference, the gamma beam still shooting in a steady, unbroken stream inside.

"We've never used this much concentrated gamma energy in one go before," cried out Maria,"Are you sure it is safe?"

"Safe as kittens!" replied the Countess,"At least, that's what Denizen's last message said," she finished under her breath.

Suddenly the portal seemed to lurch and Maria quickly turned the dial back down to zero, the beam quickly faded away.

"Watch," gasped the Countess,"It's going to happen!"

The inside of the portal seemed to push forward slightly, as if the lightly glowing green energy inside was actually a skin that something was trying to break through.

Then it did happen, a low crack appeared in the green skin and something black pushed free, it a long, thin tentacle with an enlarged tip, and it moved from side to side, as if questing for something. Another pushed free from the surface and then another, another and then another until nearly twenty writhed about on the surface of the portal, all blindly searching for something.

"Is... is that Denizen?" asked Maria, staring with fear at the black tentacles.

"I do not know," replied the Countess,"Perhaps it is him, or perhaps it is some form of pet? Whatever the case, it is here as a tool for my purposes... KURT! Do it now, as we discussed!"

Kurt strode to where Wonder Woman stood and grabbed her costume by the large W, with one quick motion he pulled it down around her ankles, leaving her naked.

"NO!" cried Captain America and struggled valiantly against his manacles and the Androids holding him.

Wonder Woman absently lifted each ankle as Kurt pulled her costume away, then he slid one finger into her pussy - which was still wet from her previous encounter with Gruda - then pulled it out and tentatively approached the portal, when he was within a few feet he flicked the cum of his finger, the rushed back to stand next to Gruda.

As soon as Wonder Woman's cum hit the tentacles they went absolutely still, pointing straight in the direction that the cum had come from - Wonder Woman.

It was at that moment that Wonder Woman began to come back to herself, her eyes seemed to come into focus and she stared up at the Countess with undisguised fury and hatred.

"Was is das?" muttered the Countess,"Why....."

But then the tentacles shot forward faster than the eye could follow, grabbing Wonder Woman with inhuman strength and bringing her to her knees. One of the tentacles slid up past her neck and pressed against her mouth, she held it close but the tentacle slammed against her nose, so that she had to open her mouth to breath...and instantly the tentacle was ramming down her throat.

"Mmmmmpggllhhh!" she cried.

The tentacles pulled her down onto her back, two of them wrapped around her ankles and pulled her legs apart. Her eyes widened in fear and disbelief as the enlarged head of the tentacle pressed against her pussy, parting her cuntlips and slowly pushing into her already wet snatch.

She arched her hips, squeezing her cunt muscles together in an attempt to stop the tentacle from pushing forward any further. As she did so she felt yet another tentacle slam against her ass, pushing up her crack in search of her asshole. Her muscles released in surprise and nearly ten inches of the tentacle slid into her pussy while the other pressed against her anus, desperately trying to part her anal passage so that it could push up.

"You see," explained the Countess to Captain America,"It's only sense is touch, it doesn't know where her cunt is, so it presses against every opening it can to make sure. Sure makes for interesting viewing, doesn't it?"

Captain America paid no attention to her, nor to Wonder Woman's writhing form. He was looking about trying to figure out a way to break free.

Wonder Woman couldn't believe it was happening again, she could feel an orgasm approaching as the tentacle in her pussy slid in and out of her dripping snatch, filling her vaginal passage completely.

- It can't happen again! - her mind gasped, - Not after what my mind has just been through! -

Because after everything she had been through, her mind was finally her own again. She had finally broken free of the Countess' control, while her body had been in a dull, unresponsive state her mind had been battling to free itself of the strange command the Countess held over it. She had formed a mental image of herself as she had been before her capture and a mental image of herself as she was now - indecisive, ineffectual and powerless. She had slowly crushed this image of herself, unknowingly destroying the subconscious indoctrination that the Countess had been forcing on her and coming back to her own. Of course her strength was still faded from the side-effects of the strange drug she had been injected with and the lariat still meant she would be forced to follow the Countess' verbal commands, but physical strength was not important - the strength of the human spirit was.

She had broken from her lethargic state and was ready to make a charge at the Countess when the tentacles had gotten her, and now here she was, being raped and coming close to orgasm again.

- It's just a natural response to physical stimuli and sensation, - her mind repeated over and over as she struggled to repel the invaders, - Like A7 said, it's incapable of not feeling them, but they don't control us, we control them. The fact that I had already orgasmed beforehand had left me in a heightened state of sexual awareness, that's the only reason. -

All this was well and good, it didn't change the fact that she was being raped by a group of tentacles.

Her body began to shudder as she approached orgasm, she held it off as long as she could, but nature can only be resisted so long, and the tentacle's skin seemed designed to stimulate her. She cried out around the tentacle in her mouth as fresh cum burst from her cunt.

Now yet another thin, black tentacle was shooting forth from the portal, flailing blindly, trying to latch hold of something.

It bypassed Wonderwoman's writhing figure, ignoring her as the other tentacles dealt to her. It next slid near Maria's boot, but the young lab scientist wisely stepped back, sliding onto the bench, and hopefully out of range.

The Countess stared at the tentacle with something close to amusement as it slid near one of her highly polished black boots, it tentatively touched the boot, then jerked back as if burned.

She turned and grinned at Captain America, who was still held in place by the androids, he had ceased struggling and was obviously thinking, she liked that.

"You're thinking," she purred,"You're thinking that for some reason the tentacles won't touch me, and you're thinking if you can find out what it is, maybe you can steal it?"

Cap didn't respond, the Countess noticed he was concentrating on everything but Wonderwoman, whose naked body was writhing about on the floor, a tentacle sliding in and out of her mouth, another sliding into her ravaged cunt and the third pushing into her anus.

"You don't like the idea of Wonderwoman being raped?" she asked curiously,"It's a proven constant of war you know? Men die, building's burn and women are raped," she giggled,"Of course, not usually by tentacled feelers from an alien being in another dimension," and then the Countess began to laugh, rich and full.....and totally insane.

Wonderwoman moaned and wiggled desperately, trying to expel the invaders from her body.

The tentacle at her anus was having a little trouble, having neglected to lubricate itself before attempting to push into her. Then, as if in silent communication, the tentacle sliding into her cunt pulled loose and cleared the way for that near her ass to slide in.

As much as Wonderwomn hated to admit it, she had already cum once and the tentacle that had been fucking her was well lubricated, so it had rather less trouble sliding into her tight little asshole.

She redoubled her efforts to expel them, desperately squeezing her cunt muscles and asshole, biting down on the one in her mouth. But the tentacle's skin was thick, and their muscles stronger than her current strength - as she had lost most of her incredible Amazonian strength as a side effect of the drugs that kept her pussy from being stretched - she had no way to resist. Her hips were pounding up and down, but still the tentacles slid in and out of her cunt and ass, for what purpose she still didn't know.

And then she felt them begin to quiver inside of her, and sudden realization dawned upon her.

"MMMMMGGGGLLLLPPPPPHHHHH!" she screamed around the tentacle in her mouth (meaning,"NO! PLEASE NO!!!!")

The tentacles began wiggling about faster and faster, they began to bulge inside of her.

The one in her mouth went first, it's tough skin splitting as ejaculation poured into her mouth, filling her cheeks, running down her throat.

Next was the one in her cunt, it poured alien cum into her cunt, some moving inevitably into her womb.

Her anus began to stretch as the tentacle in her ass bulged, this was what she feared, her mouth and cunt could probably recover, but her poor asshole would be stretched beyond all possibility of the strange drug of the Countess' to counteract.

And just as it was going to burst, something incredibly unexpected happened.

Maria - a look of sudden revelation on her face - lept down from her bench and brought one boot down hard on the tentacle slamming in and out of Wonder Woman's ass, it stiffened in pain and pulled free from Wonder Woman's anus with an audible pop, then it's cum exploded all over her beautiful, plump asscheeks.

"Maria! What are you doing?" cried out the Countess.

"My apologies Countess," said Maria,"The....thing's ejaculation only needs to go into her womb to change her genetic makeup, no?"

"That's hardly the point! I wanted...."

She stopped in shock as Wonder Woman rose to her feet, glaring fiercely at the Countess with pure fury in her eyes. The alien fluid dripped from her pussy and mouth, dripping onto her breasts, running down her asscheeks, her thighs and legs. She looked incredibly erotic.

"Who said you could stand up?" she growled,"You had better...."

"SHUT UP!!!!!" screamed the Amazon and leaped forward, covering several feet to land right in front of the startled German Noble.


One of Wonder Woman's firm, toned legs came up and smashed a knee into her captors gut, driving the wind out of her belly. The Countess doubled over in agony and then the Amazon was moving past her, smashing through the wooden doorway like it was made of paper.

The Androids were programmed to hold onto Captain America and so stood still, Hans was able to order them but couldn't without having them release the Captain, he couldn't think what to do.

"Get...... after... them," gasped the Countess,"Three of... you hold... onto Captain America... the other three get her!"

Three of the Androids released their grip and charged through the doorway after Wonder Woman.

"This is unexpected to say the least," groaned Countess Schatenger, still clutching her belly," she actually grinned,"The sly bitch winded me so I couldn't command her."

"Mein Countess, are you all right?" asked Kurt in concern.

"Fine Kurt," she said, waving him back. Standing up she looked at the portal, the green energy was stitching back over the tentacles, but they had done enough.

"That cream will even now be changing her genetic makeup, once we capture her we can impregnate her with Captain America's sperm."

Gruda grinned and gripped the Countess by the shoulders.

"Can we not have some fun with him first?" she asked.

"Go ahead Gruda," she nodded,"But be careful, he's a wily one. I'm going to lie down for a little while."

She was halfway out the window when they pulled her back, smashing her to the ground.

"NO!" she screamed, struggling to free herself from their powerful grip.

- If only my strength wasn't faded! -

"Hold her still," said one of the androids, she couldn't get over how lifelike they looked, in fact she recognized the biggest one as A7, the Android who had fucked her on the train,"We must return her to the Countess."

A second one grabbed her ankles while the first held her wrists tight, they looked up at A7, waiting for him to assist them in their efforts to still the flailing Amazon.

"You must assist us, A7," one of them said.

"True, A3," said A7,"This unit will assist you in feeling pleasure."

"That statement makes no sense....."

"Quiet A2," interrupted A7,"This female instructed this unit in some of the finer points of the sensation known as pleasure."

"Our instructions are to recapture her..."

"We have done so, we received no further instruction."

A2 paused for a second,"That is correct."

"I see no harm in pursuing my suggestion then," said A7,"Since this units initial encounter with the female, this unit has had difficulty focusing entirely on its orders - yet this distraction is not an unpleasant situation in and of itself."

"Very well," said A3 finally,"We shall pursue this course of action until we receive further orders."

- Oh Hera no! - cried Wonder Woman's mind, - What have I gone and gotten myself into now? -

Alpha Child part 8