Alpha Child 03  

By Disciple

Alpha Child - Chapter 03

FINAL NOTE : Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped (yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all......)

The first man carefully placed the first tripod onto the floor, placing the movie camera onto it. The second man then placed the second tripod and put a picture camera onto it.

"Listen, I don't care what you've been told, I'm a prisoner of war and according to the Geneva Convention I have the right......"

"Shut up," muttered one the cameraman in an almost disinterested tone,"I'm working."

"Hey!" she yelled,"Do you know who I am?"

The three large, uniformed men laughed out loud and one yelled out,"Ya! You are about to be a very well fucked piece of propaganda!"

She gasped in shock at the crude way he yelled at her, like she was nothing but a common street whore and not the idol of millions, Wonderwoman.

"We are ready," muttered the photographer from behind the picture camera,"Prepare her."

The three men stepped forward and grinned at the movie camera.

"Hello," said the first, a tall, blond haired man of no more than 22 years, he had obviously been chosen because of his Aryan looks,"My name is Hans, this is Wilhelm," he pointed to the second man, taller and about a year older, not as well muscled as the first,"And this is Kurt," the last man was the shortest - about 5'9 - with almost white hair, he had amazingly broad shoulders and thick arms, the grin he aimed at the camera was almost a sneer - he seemed to exude arrogance.

"Behind us," said Hans, pointing behind him at Wonderwoman,"Is the woman known to the world as Wonderwoman," he paused and grinned,"Wonderwoman because the things she does are wonderful to the weak members of the Allies; however, we are not like the pathetic allies, to us she is merely another woman, and you know what we do with woman, don't you!"

Kurt and Wilhelm turned on this prearranged signal, as the photographer photographed different angles and the cameraman zoomed in slightly, then grabbed her costume by the metal 'W' and pulled it down, tearing it down the middle.

"No!" screamed Wonderwoman.

"Ya," laughed Hans,"You have no say in this, we are your superiors, we are your masters!"

As Kurt and Wilhelm gripped one huge breast each, Hans began to pull off his clothes.

The train would arrive in an hour, she would be here by then - she was punctual to a fault.

He kept his hat pulled down, usually he reveled in the awe and admiration that was shown to him in ordinary circumstances, but ever since his very public defeat at the hands of Wonderwoman, he had begun to see laughter and contempt in the eyes of some of the soldiers as they saluted him.

A man came and sat next to him, he pulled up his paper and prepared to read it.

"I would prefer to have this seat to myself," he muttered, turning his startling blue eyes on the man.

The man smiled at him, folding his paper he stood up and extended his hand.

"Greetings," he said,"I believe we have a mutual friend."

Masterman frowned, what did this plebe want from him.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

The man bent forward and whispered three words into his ear, Masterman's eyes widened and again he felt the cold clasp of fear grip his heart.

"The phone booth to your left," said the man, his eyes turning in the same direction.

He walked away and Masterman sat still for a few minutes, trying to catch his breath.

As he stood up and approached the booth, the three words echoed again and again in his mind.

The Red Skull, The Red Skull, The Red Skull.

Hans' grip on her arm was strong, but was all for show, he knew he couldn't hurt her if he tried. However, what he did grab was the golden lariat which held her arms tied behind her back.

"Listen close," he whispered, so that the camera wouldn't pick it up,"I am the bearer of the lariat and you will follow the commands of me and my two companions to the letter."

He spoke the words as if he had painstakingly memorized them, which he probably had, the words would have been provided by Countess Schatenger most likely.

Despite her efforts she found she could not resist the command, her head nodded her assent even as her mind screamed resistance.

- Why was I never warned of these weaknesses? - she screamed the question in her mind, - Did my mother the Queen decide not to tell me or did she not know herself? -

Her eyes rolled down and she stared in terror at Hans' exposed cock, it was long and thick, and almost seemed to be quivering in anticipation.

"You're going to suck my cock now!" cried Hans in a loud voice, so the camera could hear.

Diana found her mouth opening in spite of her minds protestations, she could almost feel the camera zooming in on her beautiful face as Hans gripped his cock and positioned it in front of her mouth.

"Wait," said Wilhelm, struggling to sound natural despite the fact that all of this was going according to a script that Wonderwoman had never got a chance to read, and now she found herself trapped in,"Wouldn't it be better if we all enjoyed her at the same time."

"Yeah," muttered Kurt, obviously wanting to just get on with the sex and forget the propaganda.

"Good idea," said Hans,"After all, she is ours to do with as we want, isn't that right whore?"

Once again Wonderwoman found her mouth speaking words that were not in her mind.

"That's right, I can't resist you, you and your race are too strong for me, I'm weak and insignificant compared to you."

- Where do these words come from? - thought Wonderwoman in terror, was it possible that in some sick, subconscious way she was into this?

"Get her onto all fours," said Wilhelm to Hans,"Kurt, get underneath her and take her pussy, Hans, you can have her, I'm going for that sweet ass!"

Hans quickly turned her over, her arms were no longer pressed against the floor by the back, and the blood began to circulate in them once more, soon pins and needles would set in.

Hans got onto his knees in front of her, still gripping his long, thick cock in his hand, only a couple of inches from her waiting mouth. Kurt had slid beneath her, his dick - which was only seven inches long but incredibly thick - waited to enter her pussy, which had not been filled since she used a dildo on herself just over a week ago. Wilhelm was also on his knees, his hands had spread apart her plump asscheeks and he was grinning happily at her exposed sphincter.

"Now suck me off whore," growled Hans,"It's all you're good for!"

The man with the movie recorder had moved around to her side to get the a profile shot, and the photographer was just out of the shot, snapping pictures as Wonderwoman's mouth opened and accepted Hans' member.

She felt her mouth close around it, but she was helpless to do anything, not even able to close her eyes in humiliation. His thick cockhead invaded her mouth, and her tongue was there to welcome it, sliding around the tip with an almost manic eagerness, her mouth pressing down firmly around his shaft as he fed inch after inch into her waiting orifice.

Underneath her, Kurt was fondling and groping her massive mammaries, loving the feel of her huge tits in his hands, his mouth was split in an ugly grin as he raised his hips and slid his cock against her shaven pussy lips.

- NOOOO!!! - her mind screamed, - They can't use me like this, I'm Wonderwoman, they're just three soldiers picked out from the ranks, I'm an Amazon, I'm something special, I can't just lie here and take this! -

She struggled to do something, to move her body, to bite down on Hans' cock, but she was incapable of even wiggling a toe, even her blinking was simply a natural response of the body to keep dust out of the eyes.

Then her mind reeled as Kurt's cock came up against her cunt and pressed suddenly forward, pushing the full length of his thick member into her unwilling vagina.

- NOOO! - her mind screamed.

"AHHH!" cried her body around Hans' cock, a cry of pleasure that would fool anyone but herself.

Kurt's cock was only seven inches, but it was thick, and her cunt struggled to take it all in. Her cuntlips stretched to breaking point as she felt him push deep into her.

"So....fucking.......tight," he gasped,"So warm, but the bitch is wet, ha!"

It was true, maybe as a result of her encounter with the Countess, or maybe as a result of her body's baffling rebellion against her, she was indeed wet.

Her mind cried out in panic even as her hips bucked forward, pressing against his pubic hair as he pushed all the way in.

- This... oooh!... cannot... be happen... happening... to me, I'm Wonderwoma......AAAAAAHHHHHH! -

As her body responded, her mind was overtaken with sexual thoughts and desires, if she didn't know better she could swear she was actually enjoying having this bastard rape her cunt.

Hans gripped her head now, his fingers had slid in between her long, black hair and held her head tightly as he facefucked her, banging his hips back and forward, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, setting up a rhythm with Kurt, who was beginning to push his hips forward and back, his thick cock pressing in and out of her now dripping pussylips.

As a totally unexpected and unwanted orgasm rocked her, Diana's hips began to bounce up and down in what could have been mistaken for defiance, except for the moans and groans of pleasure coming from her stuffed mouth. Then, out of nowhere, she felt a finger press against her clitoris and begin to rub against it, making small circles.

"Like that, don't you whore?!" laughed Kurt,"Why you're nothing but some walking talking pussy aren't you, good for nothing but sex?"

"Immm!" groaned Wonderwoman in pleasure, her mind was struggling to resist, but the feelings rushing through her body were making it harder and harder. - No!!!! Can't... let... them... win,......must fight back... resist orgasm, can't..... climax...... fight the lariat's power! -

But her attempts to retake control of her body were futile, the lariat somehow cut of her mind's control of the body, giving control to whomsoever held the lariat. Worse still, once an order was given, she had to follow it through, even when the bearer released the lariat. She had always felt a certain superiority to the men and women around her for their inferiority to her, but now that she felt weak herself she realized how foolishly arrogant she had been.

Her mouth still held firmly around Hans' cock, acting like a cunt it drove the German crazy to feel her lips pressing over his member as it was pushed in and out of her mouth. Her thoughts suddenly returned to Masterman, how humiliated he must have been when those photographs of him being beaten up by Wonderwoman appeared, now she knew how it felt, but it was worse, because she had always been superior to Masterman, but these three were just ordinary men.

A flash of panic went through her head as she remember Wilhelm, for now he merely held her asscheeks apart, never taking his eyes of her sweaty body as she rocked from orgasm to orgasm and was penetrated in the mouth and in the vagina. But she knew he would keep his promise and fuck her up the ass, and she felt greater fear at that than anything else she had so far.

Captain America looked at the picture with a grim face.

"That's her, the woman who set up the ambush."

"We were damn lucky to stop that spy before he took out all of the Special Forces Unit," said the General as he put down the photo of the Countess,"Or else you might be in her clutches now."

"So where is she?" asked Cap,"We both agree that the only woman who could carry a man my size into that forest would have to be Wonderwoman, and if she is the clutches of that woman, who knows what could happen."

"We suspect she was picked up by submarine, if she's still on it they won't get to Germany for awhile yet, but if she got off and hitched a ride on a bomber or plane, she could already be in France where she has a heavily guarded, almost accessible Castle."

"A Castle in France?" said Captain America incredulously,"How rich is she?"

"Very, she owns a castle in Germany too, and has a connection to very prominent families, it is believed she was a close personal friend of Count Maximoff of Romania before his mysterious disappearance."

"Maximoff was a double spy, wasn't he," said Captain America,"Working for neither one side or the other, selling information to the highest bidder - I certainly hope we had nothing to do with his....'disappearance'"

The General almost look chastised, then he continued,"Enough of this nonsense, the Countess is almost certainly expecting you to follow, why else would she leave that bit of Wonderwoman's costume in the meadow for you to find? It's even possible that it wasn't Wonderwoman but an LMD of her, which would explain the incredible strength."

"I'm not willing to take that chance," replied Captain America,"I'm going to get her out."

"Very well," huffed the General,"A railway station in France is situated not ten miles from her castle, we followed the track back and discovered the closest airfield to any of the stations is here!"

He pointed at a small point on the map.


"Exactly," said the General,"Which is a spot of luck, since one of the French Resistance's best men is located there, goes by the name of Nighthawk, no one knows his true identity."

"Then that's where I'm going," said Cap with a smile,"Book me a ticket on a bomber."

When she came, she came big.

Maybe it was because she hadn't had sex with a man before, maybe it was the lariat, or maybe.....maybe she was really enjoying this.

She had risen a series of orgasms to this point, and it had felt like a tidal wave collapsing over her. Her entire body had tensed up for several seconds, her cunt clamping down on Kurt's cock while her mouth closed tight against Hans'.

Then her body released and she squealed around the dick in her mouth as her legs kicked and her hips bucked up and down. It felt like each wave of pleasure was an orgasm in it's own right.


Her body bounced up and down, her hips pressed up and down in uncontrollable thrusts and her eyes glazed over in pleasure. A low keening noise began to emit from her throat as her orgasm wound down.

- By.... Hera.... that.... was....... incredible! - her mind gasped, all coherent thoughts of resistance had faded for the moment.

And them they came flooding back as she felt Wilhelm's hand grip her ass even tighter.

- By the Gods no! -her mind screamed, - Not my ass, please not my ass! Please! -

It seemed Wilhelm had been waiting for this, as the men already in her sat still, trying to hold back their own orgasms after her incredible display, his fingers had become wet with her sweat, he ran the index finger of his right hand between her asscrack and then gently prodded her anus. Although covered in sweat, it was far from lubricated, he pulled his fingers away and she thought for a few seconds that he had decided to wait, then she heard the low sucking noise you associated with something been pulled out of a wet hole.

- He's sucking on his finger! - cried Diana to herself, - You know what that means! -

And she did, despite the fact she had never even had an anal probe up her ass, she suddenly understood exactly what was going to happen.

Wilhelm's finger pressed against her asshole, at first it resisted, but then slowly it began to press into her sphincter, parting the hard muscles inside apart and invading the one hole in her body that had so far remained unviolated.

"Now," whispered Hans into her ear,"The fun begins."

His grip on the sides of her face seemed to tighten even more as he once more slowly slid his cock in and out of her wet mouth. Her tongue continued to lightly stroke the underside as he slid in and out of her mouth, being careful not to cum too soon. Kurt was sucking on her left breast, guzzling the erect nipple and mam-meat in his mouth with an almost feverous desire, his hips made small jerking motions, moving his cock inside her hot pussy in small motions as he too made sure he wasn't going to cum. Her body continued to shake slightly and the same moans of pleasure could be heard emitting from her cockfilled mouth, but her mind was entirely concentrated on the finger sliding in and out of her asshole.

Wilhelm was moving the long digit faster and faster, the fingernail was scraping lightly against one of the walls of her anal passage, her mind cried out in protest as he pressed a second finger against her anus and pushed it into her rectum.

- Oh by the Gods! - her mind screamed, - I can't do anything to stop him, I can't do anything to stop him! Why is this happening? -

Her mind seemed to go blank for a second when she felt the third finger begin to press it's way into her asshole, she felt an almost blessed relief as she felt her conscious mind slipping away..... and then her mind exploded into full awareness again as the fingers pulled out and she felt something big press against her anal orifice.

Wilhelm fed inch after inch of his swollen member deep into her bowels, pressing forward inexorably, her puckered hole stretching wider and wider to accept the German soldiers cock into her asshole. Wonderwoman's mind cried out in panic as Wilhelm set up a steady in out motion, slowly pushing into and out of her anus. Kurt began sliding faster and deeper into her cunt once Wilhelm had gotten going, quickly falling into a pattern so that when he was plunged deep into her pussy, Wilhelm was almost all the way out of her ass, then Kurt would pull back as Wilhelm pushed forward.

"Incredible!" cried Wilhelm in pleasure,"This whore's ass is so fucking tight!"

She was being doubly fucked in her ass and her pussy and was powerless to stop it, her once tight anus was stretched and her pussy invaded, it was so humiliating, to these men she was nothing special, just another whore!

- I'm... not... just... some whore! - her mind gasped futilely, - They... can't... just... fuck me like... I'm a whore! -

But for all her might, her intelligence and powers, she was nothing more than a hot, tight hole for these three, and the orgasms that had been and the one she felt cumming just drew her closer to surrender, to ultimate defeat.

The three soldiers were fucking her in a synchronized, efficient manner, capturing that well oiled quality the German Propaganda machine would have the Allies believe that every German unit had. They fucked Wonderwoman in her mouth, in her cunt and in her ass, plunging in and out of each hole respectively as the same speed, stimulating her body, which had betrayed her as soon as the lariat was wrapped around her arm.

As if sensing her impending orgasm, the three soldiers stepped up their pace, moving in and out of her faster and faster, pumping in and out of her, causing her to ride the wave of sexual ecstasy unwillingly, but she rode it all the same.

Hans pulled out of her mouth with a sudden jerk and she gave full voice as the wave of sexual pleasure crashed over her.


Her asshole and cunt tightened over Kurt and Wilhelm's cocks and her body became one tense muscle, then with a light shudder she collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath.

Wilhelm and Kurt pulled loose, her asshole gave a little 'pop' as the formers cock was pulled from her ass, the three circled her and gripped their cocks in their hands, they had still not cum.

As one they began jerking off over her collapsed body, Hans' grinned at the camera and winked. The cameraman looked up and mouthed a word, it was this,"Galahad."

"Okay boys, now!" cried Hans.

All three of them began jerking off faster, their hands becoming blurs, Kurt went first, followed seconds later by Hans and Wilhelm, their cum bursting from their members and covering her body in stream after stream of white cum.

They smiled for the cameras and saluted.

"Remember," said Hans,"When our glorious thousand year reich conquers the Allies, there will be thousands of beautiful woman lining up for a chance with each of you, Wonderwoman is only the beginning!" he turned and bent at the waist, his face a couple of feet over Wonderwoman's own, which was fixed with a dazed expression,"What did you think of that fuck, American whore?"

- I'm an Amazonian you bastard! - spat Wonderwoman's mind, but her face spread with a large grin and she spoke in a sultry voice.

"It was incredible, you German's are the best lovers of all!"

"And... cut!" said the Nazi behind the camera,"Beautiful!"

The men went about congratulating each other as they got dressed, comparing what her various holes had been like, talking as if she was nothing but fuckmeat for them.

- Why did I say those things? - her mind gasped, - I was never commanded to react like that, I didn't enjoy it on some subconscious level did I? Did I? -

As her poor mind raced to figure out why her body had betrayed her, a small slot in the wall behind her closed. On the other side of the wall, in another small room in the large bomber taking them to France sat the Countess, her hand between her legs, her fingers pressed deep into her soaking pussy.

"Gott in himmel!" she gasped,"They worked the bitch over!"

She smiled a smug, satisfied little grin as she raised her hand and sucked on one cum covered finger, right about now Wonderwoman would be wondering why she had been saying the things she said.

"It's not just the lariat that does it," she said with a grin,"But my tapes!"

She picked up one of the tapes and smiled, during the four days they had been in the submarine until the bomber picked them up, Wonderwoman had been kept tied up with her lariat and instructed to stay in a deep, trancelike sleep in which she was highly susceptible to suggestion. The Indoctrination Tapes that the Countess had designed over the last five years then slipped the info deep into her subconscious, telling her to react in certain ways to certain situations, the entire script for the foursome had been imprinted in her mind and she had played her part admirably.

"Your subconscious is mine," laughed the Countess, slipping her hands back down her pants and between her thighs, and soon your conscious mind will be too... then the fun will really begin!"

Alpha Child part 3