League of Superheroines: Hope  


Chrissy Tiegen as Hope

Kim Kardashain as Ursula Wolfe

Ursula Wolfe seethed behind her large desk as she stared at the front page of the Sun City Times. The bitch was on the cover with the headline: "HOPE EXPOSES WOLFE CORP!" The picture below showed a radiantly triumphant Superheroine with olive skin and heaving perfect breasts in a skimpy two-piece blue outfit with a stupid cape. What really made Ursula sick was that around the Superheroine's neck was The Hope Diamond - a gift to her from the Smithsonian in recognition of her efforts to protect the environment.

Ursula had inherited the WOLF CORP cosmetics company from her late father, an honorable business man whose creed was “responsibility above profit.”After he passed away (under mysterious circumstances) in accordance with his will, Ursula took control of the family business. It wasn't long before the WOLFE CORP employee's worst fears were proved correct! Under Ursula's control the company had massive, even record-breaking, profits. Ursula proved herself to be not only shrewd, but also cunning and conniving. She would use any means necessary to destroy her competitors - legal or not. She would cut any corner and break any law if profits could be increased.

Ursula had beaten all competition....all but one...Hope! Time and again, the Amazon had crossed swords with Ursula, and each and every time, Hope had frustrated Ursula's nefarious plans. Bit by bit, Hope was slowly unraveling the Wolfe Corp's evil machinery, rolling back one illegal or immoral advance Ursala had worked so hard to make.

If one of Ursula's ventures threatened so much as a single sea turtle - or some other “worthless” creature, Hope showed up to frustrate her. Ursula had tried many times to neutralize the Heroine, from buying off state regulators, to bribing congressmen and even sleeping with a United States Senator to influence him to call for a hearing into Hope's immigration status (being an Amazon and a Superheroine, she'd apparently never had to apply for citizenship!) But even then, the President had gotten enough congressmen and women to support his call for a special bill granting Hope citizenship. On every occasion, Ursula's plans failed. The busty Amazon was costing Ursula millions of dollars and there was nothing Wolfe could do about it... until now!

The Sun City headline was the final straw that caused Ursula to snap! She shredded the paper, flung her desk chair across her luxurious office atop The Wolfe Tower building and swore she was going to have to do something she'd thought she'd never, ever, have to do again...call Cassandra Vain and ask for her help.

Ursula had dealt with Cassandra Vain on and off throughout the years, using her criminal empire when some “off the books” business needed to be done. Vain's organization had done a lot of work for Wolfe Corp. in the past, but Ursala was not only fiercely independent and hated to ask anyone for help, but once she got total control of Wolfe Corp, and the money began rolling in, she'd told Vain, more or less, “kiss my ass” and “don't call me, I'll call you.” So calling Vain was pretty much the last item on a very long list of things Ursula Wolfe never wanted to do again (it was even below sleeping with a certain Senator again...one who was even now exploring making a run at her party's presidential nomination!).

But this last incident had been too much for Ursula. Hope's interference had cost Wolfe the biggest deal of her life. So while the residents of Central City watched in horror as Cassandra Vain pounded Liberty's juggs into jelly, in far away Sun City, Ursula Wolfe was grinning and squirming with near orgasmic pleasure. Finally, Ursula thought, one of those Super Sluts is getting what's coming to her. With misgivings, Ursula Wolfe swallowed her pride, picked up her satellite phone and placed a call to the only woman to defeat a Superheroine... Cassandra Vain... and asked if they could meet “to discuss a matter of importance to us both.”

Their meeting was, understandably, predictably tense. Both women had common enemies, but they were by no means friends, or even allies, at this point. Ursula had heard through the grapevine about the super serum Vain used to level the playing field against Super Sluts - and Liberty's downfall had proved not only its existence, but its effectiveness. Ursula pitched the idea that her company's chemists and scientists could replicate the serum and then, working together, they could rid the world of the League of Superheroines... beginning with Hope.

Cassandra Vain barely considered the offer before she declined Wolfe's offer. "Its simply too valuable," she argued. "Besides, this Hope bimbo has beaten you countless times. What makes you think the next time would be any different?” she grinned smugly. “Why not just hire us to take care of the problem for you. I'll even give you a 'preferred customer' rate, say a 50% stake in Wolfe Corp., instead of my usual 75%."

Ursula angrily rose to her feet and was about to walk out when Sydra entered the meeting room and stood behind Cassandra's chair. The black haired woman was a sight to behold. Sydra was a little-known assassin who, with Vain's help, had destroyed the unbeatable blonde Amazon Liberty, making Sydra one of the most feared women on Earth.

"I won't give you my serum,” Cassandra purred. “But I'll offer the next best thing," she said with a casual flick of her hand over her shoulder that lightly brushed Sydra's expansive bosom.

Ursula smiled and counter offered Cassandra 25% of Wolfe Corp, and $10 million dollars, “plus an exclusive contract to handle all our trouble shooting for the next two years.”

It took several hours of back and forth; offer, counter offer, and counter-counter offer, but eventually a deal was struck that made both women - if not happy, at least satisfied. The next morning, Sydra arrived in Sun City like a tornado. People ran for cover outside the downtown center as Sydra rampaged through the streets flipping cars, smashing storefront windows and called out the city's protector!

"WHERE IS HOPE?" Sydra shouted to the heavens as she destroyed everything around her. News copters and camera crews flocked to the downtown area as Sydra rampaged, looking to draw out Hope. Ursula Wolfe watched through high-powered binoculars and held her breath in her luxury penthouse high atop Wolfe Tower towering over city center when Hope arrived.

"THIS ENDS NOW!" the Amazon in blue proclaimed at the top of her lungs.

Sydra halted her destruction, slowly turned to face her prey and sneered, "I didn't think you'd show up after what I did to Liberty. Nobody would've blamed you. But then, maybe you aren't as smart as they all give you credit for."

"I'm putting you down,” Hope announced confidently. “And then you're going to tell me where my cousin is and we'll go free her." Hope balled her fists and flew toward the villainess who sprang into the air to meet her. Hope's instinct told her to be cautious, but she didn't care... the desire for revenge on this Sydra bitch and her boss, Cassandra Vain, was too strong and she intended to get it!

A shock wave radiated out from the center of Sun City when the two super women smashed together! Hope and Sydra traded punches with mind-numbing power, their fists flying so fast the human eye could barely follow! They battled in front of hundreds of news cameras and civilian cellphones, all of them recording the epic struggle to share with posterity (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tumblr, etc.) Hope had faced dozens of villains, many under orders from Ursula Wolfe... but she'd never faced anyone like Sydra.

Hope unloaded her entire arsenal on the massively endowed woman in black. Most opponents would've crumbled under Hopes blistering assault, but not Sydra! The brunette stood her ground, then struck back at Sun City's favorite daughter with terrifying force and power. For the first time in Hope's crime fighting career, she truly found herself on the defensive as Sydra's body blows penetrated her defense to impact with gut wrenching power.

'Guhhhh...she's fast,'/ Hope thought as the villainess buried another right deep in her belly. 'Uuggghhh... strong too,'/ Hope realized as a left pancaked her left breast. For the first time since her early Amazon training days, Hope felt a jolt of agonizing pain.

Ursula grinned ear to ear, watching live as Sydra blasted Hope with blow after blow, sending her reeling from pillar to post. The villainess only halted her attack to grab the dazed heroine's hair, then swung Hope around and around, then threw her backward against a concrete parking lot wall. Sydra's strength drove the beloved Superheroine clear through the concrete wall and out the other side - leaving a Hope size hole in the cement with Hope sprawled on the parking lot floor in a pile of rubble!

Sun City had never seen Hope in this dire a situation and the mayor was already on the phone to the governor asking for the National Guard to be called out. For Hope, victory had never been in doubt... at least, not until Sydra arrived in town.

The conqueror of Liberty stood with her fists at her hips glaring down at Hope as the dust settled on her nubile blue-clad body. "Ursula Wolfe says hello," Sydra announced loud enough for the media to hear as she stepped through the hole in the concrete wall where she'd dumped the heroine. "I'm going to enjoy you the same way I enjoyed LiberTOOOFF..."

Sydra's words ended with a grunt as a blue blur shot out of the hole to slam into her with unbelievable speed and power, knocking her backward and sending her tumbling on the ground.

"NO! NO! DAMMIT....NOOO!" Ursula screamed as Hope broke over the villainess like a wave on one her precious private beaches (the ones with no sea turtles). Not only had the arrogant bitch not finished Hope off when she had the chance... Sydra had inadvertently revealed to the world that she'd been hired and sent by Ursula Wolfe! All her deniability had been wiped out Now, everyone on the planet knew that Ursula was behind the attack (and all the damage Sydra had caused!)

Hope pounded Sydra with a furious vengeance that, until today, she hadn't realized she was capable of. Left, right; left, right; left, right.... Hope's furious fists battered the black-haired bitch back across the parking lot, into the street as Sydra struggled in vain to defend herself against the mindless fury of Hope's vengeance seeking onslaught.

Vain's serum had put Sydra on equal ground with the Hope diamond-wearing Superheroine, but Sydra wasn't invincible and now she was crumbling under Hope's onslaught. The Superheroine grabbed the reeling villainess and threw her high into the air. As she came back down, Hope dropped on her back, raised her legs and kicked Sydra's heaving tits with both feet, sending her soaring back up again! Sun City cheered as their champion beat the feared villainess like a bully with a schoolgirl.

By this point, Ursula had already shattered her full wall TV when she threw her magnum of 'victory champagne' at it. So she missed seeing Hope finish Sydra off with wicked Roundhouse Kick... Ursula Wolfe's plans had failed...Hope had won... again!

The Media and the authorities stormed the area after the battle. Hope had beaten the serum-enhanced strength of Sydra who was now weak as a kitten once the effects of the serum had worn off.

As the defeated villainess was cuffed by police and placed in custody, Hope demanded, "WHERE IS LIBERTY?”

“Vuh... Vain...Vain...”/ Sydra mumbled. “Cassandra Vain has her."/ The people cheered as Sydra was put in an armored police van and driven away. Hope stood tall as she faced the news media who swarmed the victorious heroine. Hope faced the camera's and predicted with every confidence, "You all heard what Sydra said, it was Ursula Wolfe and Casandra Vain behind this attack. They're going to pay for what they've done."

High above the city in her Wolfe Tower penthouse, Ursula's satphone rang insistently. It was Cassandra Vain. Even before Ursula could speak, she heard Cassandra say seven words, "OK. Now, we'll do it your way." Vain hung up before Wolfe could speak. Ursula smiled and tossed her phone on her desk.

Within hours of Sydra's public failure, Cassandra Vain was in her private jet headed for Sun City with the last few ounces of the super serum. With her was the beaten wreck that had only a short time before been the proud Superheroine, Liberty.

Ursula's rage had subsided, somewhat, but only because Hope's unexpected victory over Cassandra's hand-picked enforcer Sydra, only reinforced Ursula's position. Now it was a humbled and contrite Cassandra Vain who came to meet with Ursula at her secret laboratory. Vain was ready, if only grudgingly, to play ball by Ursula's rules.

The next day.

Cassandra Vain couldn't help being impressed by Wolfe's top secret laboratory and production facility. Ursula had spent billions acquiring the equipment necessary to replicate, even enhance, Vain's formula. Now, she had the final two pieces of the puzzle she and her scientists needed. The world famous Liberty was completely at Vain's mercy, which meant she was available for whatever use Ursula wanted to make of her. Still wearing the tattered remnants of her stars and stripes costume, the blonde was on her knees, chained and cowering at Vain, and Ursula's, feet.

"My God Cassandra, you broke her," Ursula said through a grin as she ran her hand over Liberty's matted and tangled hair, grabbing it and tilted her head back so she could enjoy the dull, defeated, glazed expression on her bruised face.

"Sydra did most of the work,” Vain admitted. “It took longer than I expected, but in the end, they all break."

Liberty was led on all fours into Ursula's lab where she was strapped down on a rotating table. In her mind, Liberty knew she should struggle and try to escape, but her spirit had been broken, and now her battered body simply refused to obey. It belonged to Cassandra and Ursula now. Leaning over Liberty, Ursula prepared a device using the remaining few ounces of Cassandra's serum.

As she explained to the blonde villainess, "Using the DNA we extracted from Super bitch's blood, this device will strengthen, then replicate your serum. Hope kicking your assistant's ass proved the effects of the stuff wears off too quickly for practical application. We need more of it - and it needs to be even stronger - and it needs to last longer. Can't have it wearing off halfway through a fight, can we?" she asked rhetorically.

"How much blood do you need?" Cassandra asked, looking at Liberty as if Ursula were threatening to take away her puppy. Resting her hand on Liberty's smooth belly and rubbing her absentmindedly, Cassandra closed her eyes and sighed, “The old girl's still got plenty of miles left in her, you know.”

"Oh, I only need just a drop or two," Wolfe replied as she reached for a syringe.

Vain stopped her new partner from drawing the captive heroines blood. “In that case, let's do it my way," Cassandra purred. Then she bitch-slapped Liberty, whipsawing her face from side to side until her mouth started to bleed. The defenseless heroine groaned as blood trickled from her split lips.

"Oh! OK, that'll work too," Ursula said and both women laughed. Ursula scraped a glass slide across Liberty's quivering chin, then bent and kissed her on the mouth. As she stood up, Wolfe licked the Superheroine's blood from lips and grinned. “Tastes good too! Maybe I can have the confection division do something in a sauce or syrup, like for ice cream. Probably make a fortune with it.”

Hope briefly basked in the glory of her victory over Sydra, but only briefly. Before sundown she was back in her sanctuary on an island off Hope Beach on Sun City's coast. It had once been a polluted wasteland due to Wolfe Corp contamination but after Hope forced Ursula's corrupt minions out, she had created the most loved and beautiful beach in the country. It stood as a testament to everything Hope stood for.

But Hope's battle with the super-powered Sydra had taken more out of the heroine than she let on before the cameras! Hope was feeling the after effects of Sydra's thunderous punches; her tits were sore and swollen; her body ached all over and she still heard a dull buzzing in her ears. For the first time in her life, Hope needed time to recover after a fight...but there was too much to be done for her to rest.

The next morning, Hope was hard at work on her plans to bring Wolfe and Vain to justice once and for all. First, she contacted Liberty's older sister and mentor, Glory - the most famous Superheroine in history whose first name wasn't “Wonder” or “Super!” Glory had defended the USA for decades and helped start the League of Superheroines. Glory appeared on Hope's video monitor in her signature blue starred bottom, gold eagle top... and the iconic tiara on her head.

Hope explained how Vain had captured Liberty and that Ursula Wolfe was working with her. Glory had been overseas with US military and was on her way home to help rescue her sister. But Hope needed to find Ursula. A global womanhunt was launched for the villainesses after Hope sent a message to both super villainesses through the media, "Turn yourselves in. There is no use in running. You will be found."

A few days later.

Ursula held the first batch of the “new and improved” Super Serum. Now fortified with the blood of an Amazon, she could only imagine the power she had within her grasp. Even better, there was more on the way in a few weeks. As soon as they ramped up to full production, Ursula assured Cassandra they'd have enough to be able to sell the serum to any villain with enough money to pay for it.

"But first, we break Sydra out of jail. Give her the Serum 2.0, then sit back and watch her tear that Super bitch limb from limb, ruh....." Cassandra asked. Before she could finish her question, Ursula ingested the entire vial herself.

"If this whole experience taught me one thing...” Ursula told the stunned Vain. “...it's if a job needs doing right, do it yourself!"

At that moment, Hope's face appeared on all the monitors in Ursula's Lab. Every channel was broadcasting her message to the two evil women.

"Guess it's time to turn myself in,"/ Ursula chuckled, eagerly rubbing her hands together.

The jig was up! Ursula Wolfe had issued a statement. She'd surrender to Hope in public on Hope beach. Sun City rejoiced and the media swarmed the spectacular shoreline to cover the event live. Downtown in the mayor's office, she was already meeting with her political team about how to spin the event as the centerpiece of her run for Governor. Ursula Wolfe was finally going away...and under her watch!

A roar went up when Hope appeared over the water, beaming in her moment of ultimate triumph. The world famous Hope Diamond glistened between her luscious breasts as she circled the beach and waved to the crowds of people who'd come to witness Ursula Wolfe's humiliating surrender in person.

Suddenly, the vile villainess appeared in black boots and a ridiculous wolf skin bikini. Something looked different about her, Hope noted with a frown. Ursula normally stood only 5'2” and the Superheroine had always towered over her. But now, as Ursula approached, Hope realized they were almost eye-to-eye.

'Those are some heels... and it's a great outfit to wear to prison,'/ Hope thought as she swooped down to land in front of Wolfe on the sand.

"Its all over Ursula, you're finally going away... and in front of all the people of the city you've abused too. They're finally going to see you put away where you belong," Hope said confidently.

"The only thing these people will see today is the great 'unbeatable' Hope finally get whats coming to her," Wolfe growled like her namesake animal.

Hope opened her mouth to reply to Ursula's threat, but before she got a word out, she was suddenly stuck between the thighs by a lighting quick High Kick more suitable for the Rockettes. The crowd gasped as Hope was lifted off her feet by the devious Low Blow. Hope dropped to her knees clutching her groin, and Ursula grabbed the stunned heroine by the hair, jerked her head back, and hissed in her ear, "I dreamed of this moment for years. I'm going to destroy you in front of all Sun City.”

The villainess whipped the blue clad heroine around... her blue cape flying up as Ursula punched the diamond dangling in the deep cleavage between Hope's heavyweight, heaving, breasts.

'How? How is this possible?'/ was Hope's fleeting thought as she struggled to catch her breath after the air had been driven from her lungs. 'She hit me like a freight train!'/

Ursula didn't hesitate or relent... she'd watched Hope for years... studied her every fight... learned from each encounter. She was convinced that today would be remembered and celebrated annually in her Sun City as URSULA'S DAY. The wolf skin clad villainess advanced on Hope like her predatory namesake.

Ursula easily ducked a massive haymaker thrown by the shell-shocked Superheroine - it was one of Hope's “go-to” moves, but Ursula had done her homework and she saw the punch coming a mile away. Wolfe responded by burying her own fist deep in Hope's abs, shocking the still breathless Superheroine for the second time in seconds! The crowd gasped as she crumpled to her knees from the single blow when Ursula's fist nearly impaled her! (Ursula would later say, “I think my knuckles hit her spine.”)

The pain Sydra had inflicted on Hope in their fight, was nothing compared to that from Ursula. Now, for the first time every, Hope actually felt... fear...real fear! And Ursula continued to press her advantage. She lifted Hope to her feet... then raised her overhead with a smooth, easy Clean and Jerk motion... a stunning show of strength from the vile woman!

Hope flailed her arms, slapping and punching weakly at Ursula's face as she kicked her feet in a vain attempt to free herself from Wolfe's iron grasp.

Suddenly, Hope was free! She gracefully dropped to her fee behind the villainess and then as Ursula turned around, Wolfe was met with a foot to the gut that doubled her over. Another foot sent her stumbling backward in the soft sand. A right shot to the head, followed immediately by a Leg Sweep takedown and in an instant, Hope had turned the fight around and Ursula was sprawled in the sand with a deeply worried look on her face!

Ursula tried to get up, but Hope kicked her rival's infamous ass, sending her back down facefirst, her huge breasts plowing twin furrows in the beach. As Ursula tried to scramble away on all fours, Hope followed her and kicked her butt again! The crowd roared with laughter at the villainesses expense.

"You're pathetic Ursula," Hope said. "I don't care what 'magic elixir' you take, or who you work with; or how strong you may think you are... you will never win... the good girls always win!" Hope kicked the villainesses butt once more, just as an emphasis to her point.

Ursula was incensed. She was not going to be humiliated.....refused to be humiliated.... not again, not by this “goody-two-shoes, dime store heroine.” In a move born of desperate instinct, Ursula scooped up a handful of sand from Hope's own beach and threw it in her face just as Hope kicked. It was a 100 to 1 shot, but Hope yelped and was momentarily blinded by the sand in her eyes. Ursula's dirty trick had paid off!

Wolfe used the brief respite while Hope's vision obstructed, to regain her feet and resume her offense while Hope was struggled to clear her eyes. Superheroine and Supervillainess traded punches as cameras flashed and video rolled. The crowd was shocked and awed by Evil Ursula's unexpected success. They'd come to see her surrender, but now gaped in horror as she gave Hope the fight of her life!

Hope, half-blinded, still fought with all her might. She unloaded with all she had, swapping blows back and forth with Ursula. But Hope still couldn't put the black-haired bitch down. In fact, Hope was beginning to tire... exhaustion was a foreign concept to the invincible heroine who was unaccustomed to opponents lasting more than a minute - two at the most - against her strength, power and agility.

But after five or six more minutes of titanic struggle, it was clear neither of the Super Women was going to knock the other out. So Ursula changed tactics and lifted her hands, offering Hope a Test of Strength. Ursula had already lasted longer than she and Cassandra had expected and, seeing how Hope was laboring, Ursula was brimming with confidence... she was sure she had Hope's number.

The crowd, still stunned by the back and forth battle, gasped in surprise when, after Ursula Wolfe offered to test her strength, their Superheroine hesitated... only briefly... but still! Hope was coming to terms with the idea that Ursula was putting up a terrific fight. Doubt, and fear, returned as a sudden, terrifying, thought sprang unbidden from the darkest recesses of Hope's mind...

'What if she IS stronger than me... everyone's watching!'/ Hope quickly shook the thought off and raised her hands to accept her hated foe's challenge. What came next would be remembered as an epic Test of Strength! The crowd roared and cheered as their heroine took up Wolfe's challenge and exerted all her strength. Slowly, Hope forced Ursula's hands back...centimeter by centimeter. When the villainess slowly gave ground, the citizens of Sun City expected Hope would break Ursula's wrists and they roared their support as their favorite daughter forced the evil bitch back one step, then another.

'Keep going...keep going,'/ Hope thought as she struggled to overwhelm her hated enemy. But Ursula kept fighting... giving less and less ground with each step, forcing Hope to use more and more of her energy. Suddenly, Hope's forward progress stopped.... the crowd gasped, then there was a stunned silence as Ursula halted Hope's advance... then started to push the big-titted do-gooder back across the sandy beach.

Suddenly, their arms were over their heads once again and all of Hope's momentum was lost.... 'No... God No...,'/ Hope thought as the manically grinning Ursula Wolfe slowly bent her wrists back. In Hope's long career, she'd never been in this kind of battle. Ursula had goaded her into expending too much energy too quickly. Hope was tiring and unable prevent stop Wolfe's drive.

A previously unthinkable thought entered Hope's mind, 'I'm going to lose!'/

Ursula slowly pushed Hope backward, her firmly planted feet unable to grip the sand, Hope left to parallel tracks in the sand as she was shoved backward. She despaired as Ursula bent her wrists back and forced Hope down to her knees in front Ursula and the rest of world! The silence was deafening as Ursula overpowered the faltering Amazon heroine, raising up on her tip-toes over Hope who could only hang on as she started up at Ursula's leering face thru the villainesses cleavage.

Brought to her knees by the stronger woman, Hope was too stunned by the turn events to think fast enough to defend herself as Ursula released her left hand and gave her a jaw rattling Bitch Slap with her right; the slap accompanied by a scream of joy from “the bitch in wolf's clothing.”

With Hope momentarily stunned, Ursula grabbed Hope's sandy, sweaty, hair and then dragged her down to the water line... taunting her hated rival as she dragged her on her knees to the surf. "Isn't it great Hope? I'm destroying you in your own city... in front of your people... and on your beach!"

Hopes only response was a gurgle and a stream of bubbles after Ursula plunged her face down into the salty water. Hope was an Amazon, and that gave her powers and advantages an average woman could only dream of... but even Amazon's need air to fill her lungs. Ursula knew this when she plunged the battered heroine's face into the surf. Every time Hope managed to power up enough to get a partial breath, Ursula quickly pressed her face back down again. Over and over the scene was repeated until both were sopping wet as Ursula enjoyed punishing Hope in her own surf.

Finally, the rampaging villainess released Hope and straddled her back while Hope struggled to hands and knees, her heavy chest heaving as she sucked life-giving air into her oxygen-deprived lungs as Ursula Wolfe mocked the wheezing heroine, "GET UP! GET UP AND FIGHT... HEROINE!"

Hope's addled mind was riddled with pain, exhaustion...and even doubt! But as her name suggested, Hope would never give up. The anxious crowd cheered as Hope staggered to her feet in the shallow water, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

"Yuh ...you ...you'll never beat me, Wolfe!" Hope panted defiantly as Sun City urged her to fight on.

"You don't get it 'DOPE'... I AM beating you... this is how your long, sad, story reaches its pathetic conclusion." Ursula's words left a pit in the Heroine's stomach.

They circled each other in the knee deep surf of Hope beach until Hope struck, but her punches were slow and tired looking; Ursula parried them easily, almost with disdain. Hope's body hurt all over, her movements were sluggish, her lungs still burned with oxygen debt.

Hope tried a Roundhouse Kick... blocked!

Hope tried a Spinning Elbow....blocked!

Every punch, every kick, every trick she had in her in her arsenal were unsuccessful; Ursula had prepared for every one of them! The denizens of Sun City watched in vain, praying for Hope to score a blow, any blow that could turn the fight back in her favor. And when those prayers were unavailing, they prayed she'd just land a punch or two at all! For the first time in her life, the Superheroine Hope failed her supporters.

After Hope finally realized she was just wearing herself out to no avail, Ursula struck! When Hope's offensive ultimately fizzled out, the woman in the wolf skin bikini gave a war cry and ripped into Hope with a heated passion born by decades of frustration. Ursula swept Hope's defending arms aside like they weren't even there to unleash a vicious volley of punches that slammed into Hope's unprotected breasts. Wolfe bared her fangs as her fists pounded Hope's helpless hooters flat... LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT!

Ursula licked her lascivious lips excitedly as she saw her hard fists bounce the heroine's humbled hooters every which way: up, down, and sideways! Hope's Sun City faithful stood agape, stunned to silence by the sheer brutality of Ursula's fistic assault on their beloved heroine. And most shocked of all was Hope... the poor battered blond could only groan as she retreated back and forth across the churning sand while Ursula smashed her tits flat on her aching chest.

The sickening SPLAT/ of Wolfe's fists smacking Hope's shaking sacks echoed over Sun City's pristine bay while the populace watched in stunned silence as their beloved heroine suffered torment beyond all understanding. Blond, brunette and redheaded TV anchorwomen kicked off their shoes and rucked up their skirts as, microphones in hand, they scurried back and forth along the beach, describing the action in a blow-by-blow, play-by-play, narrative like a heavyweight championship fight as the two women reeled back and forth as Ursula drove Hope before her like an unstoppable hurricane. Most telling to those watching at home, was the tenor of these reporters descriptions of the action.

At the outset, everyone had been supporting Hope and were dismissive - even derogatory - about Ursula. A busty, big-haired, blond ex-weather girl for the local network affiliate, had the temerity to refer to Wolfe as a “crime boss” at first - although the term could more accurately be applied to Cassandra Vain. But by the time Ursula Wolfe was feeding Hope's hooters a steady diet of knuckles, this bimbo as “all in” on Wolfe; referring to her as the “savior of sanity” when it came to the “over reaching” she attributed to “tree huggers” and “wild life lovers.” (It should be noted the young reporters father had been a big builder of subdivisions until “slow growth” advocates convinced the city to restrict his practices.)

For Ursula Wolfe, who had spent many nights laying alone in her queen size designer bed dreaming of this moment, she was using the Hope Diamond as the bullseye for her target practice! The day she'd fantasized about had finally arrived and the villainess worked Hopes juggs like they were her own personal, D-cup, super speed bags.

Hopes iconic blue top was, like Hope herself, straining under the power of Ursula's all-out assault on it... finally, her top had taken all it could and Sun City gasped as Hope's iconic blue top broke after an unrelenting pounding by Ursula's cement-like fists. Red-faced, Hope's knees buckled and she turned away as she tried to shield her exposed breasts from the cameras flash. But her trembling hands were no more protection than the thin fabric and she couldn't prevent Ursula's devilishly wicked uppercuts from ravaging the vulnerable exposed undersides of her rack. Ursula leaped into each punch as her fists smashed up into the soft flesh, sending Hope's breasts flying up into her own face.

Still, Wolfe kept coming, teeth bared as she dipped low, then rose up, putting the power of her magnificent ass and thick thighs behind every slicing uppercut until Hope's once sturdy, but now rubbery, legs gave way and she toppled over to sprawl face down in the calf-deep water.

"No... no... no..." Hope murmured as she shook her head in disbelief and a stubborn refusal to accept what everyone could see with their own eyes. The incoming tide spashed gently over her aching body as Hope curled up and cradled her devastated boobs with trembling hands, trying to save them from further harm. Of course, like any reasonable and rational person, Hope had always known, somewhere in the back of her mind, and admitted to the possibility that one day she MAY be defeated by someone... but never in a million years would have imagined it'd be in her own home town, by Ursula Wolfe - a woman who'd never come close to being equal, let alone superior.

Yet here she was... Hope's worst nightmare come true. Ursula Wolfe could smell blood.... her victory was nearly at hand and she intended to enjoy it every second! The fur bikini clad bitch grabbed Hope by her iconic diamond necklace and used it to drag her squirming, weakly resisting, body up out of the water and onto the sandy beach in front of the TV and video cameras. Ursula dropped the devastated heroine on her back and kicked her legs wide apart, then stepped between them and loomed over her as Hope lays spread-eagled her hands busy trying to cover her battered exposed breasts; no longer making any attempt to rise or resume the uneven struggle.

In front of the sea of cameras and live witnesses, Ursula looked over her shoulder to mock Hope as she said, "All these people...” she made an expansive sweep of her hand to include the crowd in her audience.... “You loved them... you fought for them...” she said. Then added with a derisive sneer, “And yet, not one of them will raise a finger to try and help you." Ursula glanced at the blond ex-weather girl who'd just become her biggest fan, and winked.

Hope Beach was dead silent.

Ursula bent foward and slowly tugged down her infamous wolf skin bikini to bare her bulbous bottom, then stepped over Hope, turned around to face the cameras and slowly lowered her bare bum onto the broken heroine's red, flushed, face. After wiggling her ass until she was comfortable, she cooed, "Mmmmmmmm, I could soooo get used to THIS!"/

Despite Hope's optimistic moniker, the Superheroine had none left... she tried once to scream, but when she opened her mouth, there was no air, only the soft, all-encompassing ass of Ursula which filled the gaping opening while Hope gave in, meekly; her body shuddering a few times before it shut down and stopped fighting the inevitable. Ursula purred happily as Hope's faint struggles faded and she lay still as the darkness drew the curtain over her consciousness. She went limp. The one-sided battle was over....

Ursula was euphoric as Hope's body surrendered under her. She reached down to fondle the Hope Diamond, lifting it off Hope's beaten, bare and slowly rising and falling chest. With malice oozing from every pore, the victorious villain yanked the priceless necklace from around Hopes neck and draped it around her own neck, tucking the priceless gem into the deep, dark, valley between her own breasts.

Ursula gazed out at the people of Sun City and felt a tingle as she realized they were terrified - of her! The city was hers for the taking and there was nothing these peasants would do about it. Always aware of the spotlight, Ursula rose, pulled up her bikini bottom and then gave the media the perfect pose for the front page of every paper in America the next day. Wearing Hope's Diamond necklace, Ursula Wolfe stood over the destroyed Superheroine with a foot flattening her beaten breasts...

'The Perfect Villainess' showered by waves of camera flashes.

In a few moments, Hope began to come around, slowly regaining consciousness as her lungs filled with air while Ursula was basking in her victory. For a fleeting moment, Hope believed her beating by Ursula Wolfe had been some horrible nightmare from which she was awakening... but the flash of the cameras quickly snapped her back to the horrible, painful, reality that it was no nightmare.

"This can't be happening, not to me," Hope mewed in denial as she felt the firm pressure of the villainesses triumphant foot on her bare breast. The shattered Superheroine sadly tried to touch her prized diamond for reassurance, only to find it was no longer at her neck. Looking up, her heart sank as she saw the glittering necklace around Wolfe's neck, the diamond tucked securely away out of sight deep in the valley of her breasts. The Hope Diamond now adorned the bosom of Hope's most hated enemy and, in that moment, the enormity of her failure hit Hope harder even than Ursula's fists!

'Oh my God....it's over..... Ursula Wolfe destroyed me,'/ Hope thought, then broke down and wept... openly, unashamedly... her indomitable spirit broken at last. The once mighty warrior could no longer fight or resist when Ursula Wolfe picked her up in the air and held Hope's limp and unresisting body overhead for all the world to see. The ruthless woman delighted as she felt the tears streaming down the crushed heroines ruddy face and dripping on her chest as she held Hope displayed like a trophy.

Hope had disappointed her people; Ursula had beaten her; Ursula had shredded her iconic uniform... Ursula had taken the Hope Diamond... and the worst of all, Ursula had done it all with the whole world watching her do it. There could be no excuses, no alibi, she'd been whipped soundly in a fair fight by a better woman... and that it had been Ursula Wolfe, just made it doubly painful!

It was all too much for the heroine to bear and the media's sensitive microphones picked up Hope's faint words as she begged... "Puh...pup...please Ursula... no more... you've won... finish me." The world listened in disbelief as Hope begged Ursula Wolfe, not for mercy, but for her to end her life!

"Remember who did this to you!" Wolfe said as she rose up, then Piledrived the crushed Superheroine feet first down into the sand, burying her up to her knees in her own beach. The Hope Diamond shone brilliantly between the swell of Ursula's wolf skin covered breasts as she hammered Hope's head with both fists, driving her like a topless tent peg deeper and deeper into the sand until only her upper torso above her heaving breasts were left exposed to the sun.

As Hope was being pounded down by Ursula, Wolfe kept talking. "I think from now on we'll call it 'The Ursula Diamond'," she taunted as she finished driving the battered Superheroine into Hope beach untill she was neck deep in the sand. Hope cringed at the words. "And from now, on this hallowed stretch of sand will be known as WOLFE Beach," Ursula said as she put a booted foot on the head of Sun City's (formerly) favorite daughter. "Good bye Hope...Sun City is all mine," were the last words the sobbing heroine heard as Ursula's boot stomped down to finish the job of burying her on her own beach.

Ursula kicked sand over Hopes shallow seaside grave, then the villainess turned to address the citizens of Sun City. "NOW YOU ALL KNOW WHO RUNS THIS CITY...IF I CATCH ANY OF YOU PEASANTS TRYING TO HELP HER...YOU ARE NEXT!"

Ursula smiled... there was no one in the world who'd dare cross her at that moment. She adjusted the Ursula Diamond in her cleavage, hitched up her wolf skin bikini and roughly pushed through the sea of Media and Cameras.

'It looks better on me anyway,' Ursula thought.

For the first time in ages she looked forward to the next days headline...


League of Superheroines part 2