League of Superheroines: Faith  


Liberty - Charlotte Mckinney.

Cassandra Vain - Jeri Ryan.

Ursula Wolfe - Kim Kardashian.


Faith – Beyonce. League of Superheroines member watching over Africa and head of the “Jungle Force” patrol.

Gaia – Tyra Banks. The non-Amazon Commander of Faith's “Jungle Force”.

Victoria Eve - Charlize Theron. The ruthless head of a blood diamond & industrial cartel.

Ruby – Nicki Minaj. Victoria's “right hand henchwoman” and administrative assistant.

Ursula Wolfe, Cassandra Vain, and the now compliant Liberty were on Ursula Wolfe's private corporate jet bound bound for Antarctica...with a brief detour for some important business in Africa.

Cassandra ended the call she was on and looked down at Liberty, secured with titanium wrist and ankle cuffs, sitting on the floor at her feet. Raising her right foot, the evil Cassandra used the pointy toe of her red-soled, Christian Louboutin Iriza pump to raise Liberty's chin, forcing eye contact. “Promise me you'll be on your very best good behavior, darling,” Cassandra purred, gently rubbing Liberty's cheek with her instep, “and I'll have Ursula take it easy on your Glory when they meet. Otherwise, I'm afraid what happened to you and Hopeless will be mild in comparison. What do you say?”

Liberty averted her eyes and mumbled a response. “What'd she say?” Ursula Wolfe said from two rows back. “I couldn't hear her. You really are going to have to teach the poor thing to speak up. Let me have her a few days, I'll have her screaming at the top of her lungs,” she giggled.

“She said, 'Yes Ma'am'... didn't you pumpkin?” Cassandra prompted with a stab of her pointy toe into one of Liberty's seemingly now perpetually swollen breasts.

“Yes Ma'am,” Liberty said meekly, looking fearfully back at Ursula to be sure she heard her this time. Ursula nodded her approval, then looked back at her laptop where she was working on an important document.

Cassandra, feeling Liberty's body shiver, continued to gently caress the beaten superheroine's cheek with her foot as she pretended to defend her. “Now Ursula, you know I don't like sharing. Besides, after you got done, the poor girl wouldn't be worth a damn. And right now she's, like, THE most valuable asset I own. I wouldn't part with her for all the tea in China.” Ursula looked up at Cassandra and put a finger in her mouth, pretending to gag. Cassandra grinned and raised an eyebrow to prompt her to continue.

“Alright,” Ursula said, following their carefully prepared script. “But if she gets out of line, hand her over. I'll make her sorry! You coddle her too much, Cassie. You have to learn to be tough with these not-so-super-anymore-heroines or they'll take advantage. You're such a softie sometimes. Hee-hee...”

Several hours later, the plane landed on a small, private, airstrip on one of the Cape Verde Islands off the West Coast of Africa. There, an armored stretch limo met them and whisked them away without going through customs, immigration or any other interference from officialdom to mark their passing. Cassandra and Ursula exchanged a glance, impressed by their hostesses influence and her ability to intuit they wanted to stay 'under the radar'. They appreciated her thoroughness.

Ursula had noted on previous visits that Victoria's Eve's 'personal assistant', Ruby, had a particularly voluptuous bosom and flaunted it wantonly. Ursula never liked to come in second in anything, so, like Cassandra, Ursula dressed carefully for the meeting. Cassandra hoping to catch Victoria's eye but Ursula was more focused on Ruby. They knew the instant they stepped out of the limo in front of their hostesses mountain-side villa that they'd both succeeded.

Victoria Eve's eyes had almost popped out of her head when Cassandra and Ursula bent over getting out of the limo and straightened up, as all four of their breasts almost tumbled out of their low-cut tops. To ensure they kept her attention, Cassandra gave a hard yank on the leash in her left hand and poor Liberty (her hands cuffed behind her) came skidding across the smooth leather seat, out the door to land with a grunt on her ass! Liberty was wearing a loosely wrapped dress, with nothing under it...as Victoria couldn't help noticing when Liberty's left breast popped out of her gaping open top and the full length front slit opened wide as she spead her legs to steady herself.

“Up...up on your knees Libby,” Vain growled, snapping the leash attached to a black leather choker collar on Liberty's throat. With a grunt, Liberty squirmed and wriggled around, getting to one knee, then both. It wasn't easy with her hands manacled tightly behind her but the loose dress Ursula had dressed her in was wide open above and below her waist - where it was cinched together by a thin gold belt – which made it easy for her to maneuver.

“My, my...” Victoria gasped...after she caught her breath. “So, this is the famous Liberty,” she mused as she slowly circled the kneeling blond former superheroine, examing her. “I'm impressed. You've done wonders with her,” she complimented Cassandra. Extending her hand, Victoria introduced herself to Cassandra whom she only knew by reputation up to now. “Victoria Eve, but then you knew that. I must say,” she sighed, “seeing you in person Miss Vain, is more exciting than I expected. Ursula's told me all about you....well, maybe not 'ALL' … a girl does need to keep some secrets after all. But still....Liberty AND Hope. Well done!”

Cassandra, in spite of herself, couldn't help grinning. She gave a tug on the leash and Liberty obediently followed the three women inside to Victoria's home office where a bottle of South African sparkling wine was on ice to toast their upcoming venture. “But first,” Victoria said. “Ursula mentioned something about the Ho... excuse me...the 'Ursula... Diamond'. May I see it?” she asked. Ursula Wolfe arched her back as she reached behind her neck to released her necklace, then pulled the huge sparkler up out of her deep cleavage where it had been nesting for the past week or so.

“Awesome,” Victoria purred as she reached out and cupped it in a slightly trembling hand. “Not just the cleavage...which you know I've always enjoyed,” she purred. “This stone is exquisite as well.” Ursula grinned and blushed with pride as Cassandra rolled her eyes. “What did you have in mind?” Victoria asked, picking up a blank order pad. “Resetting? Surely not cutting...something more?”

Ursula explained she wanted the former Hope Diamond remounted in a “titanium breastplate setting worthy of my bosom surrounded by parallel rings of progressively smaller stones. Something to celebrate my vanquishing that bitch, Hope,” she added, intently watching Liberty's face for the slightest reaction. Seeing none, she relaxed and poured herself another glass of Victoria's bubbly.

Victoria pressed her intercom and when a voice answered, said, “Ruby, come in here. There's someone I want you to meet.”

A moment later, the door opened and a short, busty, Black woman entered. Cassandra instantly felt herself straighten and take a breath to expand her chest. Ursula, who had been watching Vain closely, smiled as she recalled her own similar reaction at first meeting the “legendary Ruby, the jewel in my crown” as Victoria introduced her to Ursula the first time they'd met.

Ruby stopped short at the sight of Liberty on her knees beside Cassandra. Then Ruby's eyes went to Cassandra and slowly looked her up and down, as only one woman can study another. Apparently, Vain met with her approval for Ruby came forward and, looking up at Cassandra, offered her hand. “I'm pleased to meet the woman who vanquished the famous Liberty.”

As they shook hands, Ruby glanced down at Liberty who, after briefly looking up when the door opened, had kept her eyes down, her body slumped in a submissive posture. Ruby reached out and caressed Liberty's soft, blond, hair. “Amazing,” she gasped. “I hardly could believe it's really true. Liber-fuckin-tee, in the same room with lil' ol' Ruby. Who'da thunk it!”

Victoria gave Ruby the form she'd completed for Ursula's diamond order and told her, “Get it off to Pretoria. Ask them to have Jacques and Anna-Marie each prepare a proposal within a week. Tell them they can have the stone....” she looked at Ursula inquisitively.

“I expect you can have it in a month, six weeks at the most,” Wolfe said. “You'll get the estimate to me next week?” When Victoria nodded, Ursula smiled. “Good. I'd leave it with you now, but there are a couple of girls I want to show it off to before then, right Libbygirl?” she smirked.

“Speaking of your guest,” Ruby said, “would you like me to walk her? Give her a chance to stretch her legs after all that kneeling,” she grinned. “It'd give you three a chance to speak privately. Not that she could tell anyone.”

Cassandra raised a questioning eyebrow to Victoria who nodded. “Very well,” Vain said. “But I don't want her damaged in any way. She has an important role to play in what happens next and I'll need her at her... I almost said 'best' but, of course, it's too late now for that. In one piece will suffice. She'll have plenty of time to rest on the plane on the way to our next stop.” She handed Ruby the leash and the black woman took it, gave a quick, sharp, tug that tipped Liberty forward. Unable to break her fall with her hands cuffed, she fell to the carpet landing tits first and let out a grunt.

Ruby laughed but when she looked up at Cassandra, she wasn't smiling. “Oh, don't worry,” Ruby said. “I've got some very nice ointment in the back. I'll rub it all lover those lovely pale melons. It'll make her nips 'sit up and take notice'. Hey, while I have her in the back, how'd you like me to put a couple of studs in 'em? Or maybe rings? Rings'd be not only very attractive given her pale coloring, but they come in handy too. What'dya say Ms. Vain?”

Cassandra saw Liberty's face looking up at her and – after studying her closely for the last week or so - recognized the silent plea in her eyes. “Not just yet,” Vain said to Liberty's obvious relief. “But that's not a bad idea. Not bad at all. Tell you what, you give her a nice rubdown and when you bring her back, show me some samples. Rings. I think you're right about their usefullness. They'd not only look quite nice, but be handy in a variety of scenarios. You never know...down the road. Now, off with you, we don't have all day. We've business to discuss and Ursula, Libby and I have a plane to catch...”

After Ruby got Liberty on her feet and led her out of Victoria's office, Cassandra and Victoria got down to the business of getting to know one another. As Ursula listened to them chat, she examined the personal items on display in Victoria's home office. She was intrigued by a photo of a man in a German WW II uniform. As she studied it, her brow furrowed in thought. When there was a lull in the conversation, she held it up and asked Victoria in a tone some might think accusatory, “Who is he and why do you have his picture in your office?”

“He's my paternal grandfather, Franz Bauer,” Victoria said curtly as she walked over and took the picture from Ursula, returning it to it's rightful place on her desk. “He died long before I was born, but his second wife, my grandmother, is the one who raised me after my mother died. She often spoke fondly of him. And while I disagree with much of what he stood for - all that racial purity nonsense and blaming the Jews for Germany's trouble after World War I - he was steadfast in his duty even when it cost him the love of his life, his first wife Heidi. She was killed in a British bombing raid in 1943 and from what I was told, he never really got over the loss.

After the war he brought my father here to Africa as a small child and raised him alone until he married my grandmother in 1953. They only had a few years together before he died, but she took me in and raised me as if I were her own. She's the one who taught me all about the diamond industry, mining, timber, and other useful things.”

“Including how to apply pressure to your enemies, no doubt; am I right?” Cassandra said.

“Absolutely!” Victoria snapped, her green eyes flashing angrily as an unbidden memory intruded on her thoughts. She quickly pushed it back and turned to Cassandra, refilling her glass before offering a refill to Ursula, who declined with a shake of her head that was abrupt enough to send ripples through her big, soft, breasts which, as usual, were on full display in a low-cut, button dress with the first few buttons open giving Victoria a breathtaking view of her immense cleavage.

According to Cassandra's extensive staff research reports, Victoria Eve surrounded herself with highly capable, intelligent, hard-working, and driven women. The majority of her company's employees were female, though (Vain's research showed) she didn't hesitate to hire men if a more qualified woman wasn't available. Victoria liked her female staff buxom - though she herself was no more than a B-cup. Cassandra had asked a renown psychologist why and she speculated it could be that Victoria was envious, or perhaps the grandmother who raised her had been well endowed. The few photos Vain found of the grandmother couldn't confirm the second hypothesis.

Cassandra explained that she and Ursula planned a “Divide and Conqueror” strategy to defeat each member of the League of Superheroines – and their allies - in turn; then consolidate their ill-gotten gains to rule the world at the head of a League of Supervillians!

Victoria offered whatever help she could, primarily financial. But after hearing Cassandra and Ursula rave about how strong the 'serum' made them, Victoria asked for her own supply. She explained that she and Faith, the African member of the League of Superheroines, had had a long-running, natural, conflict. After a long discussion, with each side offering something the other wanted; each giving up something in exchange; they had reached agreement.

In exchange for the serum Victoria needed to defeat Faith, she would fully fund a third of the cost of their battle against the League of Superheroine's and Victoria would become one of the ruling council of the League of Supervillians once it got off the ground – under Cassandra Vain's leadership, naturally.

The hardest part of the deal for Victoria, was that Cassandra and Ursula insisted that she tell them everything she knew about the 'Jungle Force' and Faith. That's when Victoria made a critical mistake. She admitted, “Well, it didn't start with Faith,” she said, blushing deeply. So Cassandra and Ursula pressed her to tell them the story, the whole story... “and don't leave out anything,” Cassandra said, settling back in her easy chair. “I have to know every tiny little detail.”

Victoria took a deep breath and began, “I was just nineteen years old, long before I ever met Faith, when I had my first run-in with her mentor, a big, tough, mean, black bitch called Gaia. She was just a sergeant in the Jungle Force at the time...”

(Sadly, we must skip to the end of Victoria's story about her first fight with Gaia)

“And after she forced me to submit,” Victoria said blushing...she hesitated. “So now you know the story, I don't really have to tell you the rest. You can see how easy it was for her to beat me.”

“Oh, but you DO need to finish. Tell us everything!” Cassandra said firmly. “If it makes you so embarrassed, there must be more.”

“Something juicy, judging by the look on her face,” Ursula purred; lasciviously licking her lips as she studied Victoria. “Tell us, did she make you eat her?”

Victoria gave Ursula a cold glare, then looked at Cassandra for help. Vain said, “If we're going to supply you with serum to beat Faith, we need to know what happened. It's your choice, you can tell us or not. We'll give you this serum,” she said, holding up a small glass vial, “or not. It's up to you to decide whether we do...or don't.”

Victoria looked at the closed connecting door between her office and Ruby's, then back at the vial in Cassandra's hand. “And you won't tell anyone?”

“You have my word,” Cassandra said, crossing her heart – like it meant something!

“After she finished stripping me, she tied my hands behind me, hauled me over her knee and spanked me.”

“What else?” Cassandra prompted. “There's more than that. I can sense you're holding something back! This isn't 'truth or dare' this is about the future of the world. If I can't trust you to tell me the truth about this, how can I trust you on decisions of world domination.”

Victoria nodded. “While she was spanking me with her right hand, she....she....” Victoria took a breath, closed her eyes and continued - unable to meet Cassandra's steady, unblinking, gaze. “She masturbated me until I climaxed. It....it was the first time I'd ever had one. It was incredibly powerful...and while she was spanking me!. It's... it's... well, it's really....I don't know, hell! I've pleasured myself many times since, but it's never been the same!” She stopped and wiped away tears of shame as Cassandra and Ursula climaxed from the heated fingering they were giving themselves as they listened in rapt silence to Victoria as she humiliated herself for their gratification and amusement.

Ursula panted, “Dammit! She spanked AND fingerbanged you at the same time...I gotta meet this kinky bitch!”

“So, then what?” Cassandra asked.

“She stood me up and pointed toward my camp about a kilometer away. She forced me to walk naked with my butt bright red all the way back to camp. There, the native bearers ogled my naked body until one of them finally untied me. After I dressed, I went straight home and had every one of them fired! I told them if they spoke even one word about it, I'd have them all killed. Now you two are the only other ones who know my shameful past!”

Cassandra smiled. “You forgot. Someone else knows... Gaia.”

Victoria's breath caught in her throat. “Gaia....but....oh shit! She told Faith, didn't she? Who did SHE tell?”

Vain held up a paper from her briefcase; a printout of the computer file her Chinese hacker had stolen off the Jungle Force database. She tossed it on the table in front of Victoria. “Faith wrote a report on it and its in their files. You can keep that one, I made myself a copy. I had to be sure you'd tell me the truth. Now that I know you did, I believe I can trust you. Here,...” she carelessly tossed the vial to Victoria, who almost dropped it as she tried to catch it with trembling fingers.

“I'm glad I came clean,” Victoria sighed. “How soon can I get more of this?”

Ursula took a small cardboard box from her briefcase and set it on Victoria's desk. “The one Cassandra gave you is the early version of the serum. This is twelve vials of serum 2.0, the new serum. You won't have any trouble handling Faith – assuming you've had even rudimentary fight training – which our research says you've had for self-defense. If you applied yourself; kept up your training; you won't have any problem. According to Liberty, Faith, Hope and the rest, don't train, they just use their natural Amazon strength to overcome their opponents. But with my serum, PLUS TRAINING, we've become better than them!

Victoria had just locked her serum in her office safe when Ruby returned with Liberty. The Superheroine's face was flushed, her hair disheveled and her dress - which had never been 'arrayed' to start with, was now totally 'disarrayed' and barely clinging to her slumped shoulders .

Mistaking the three women's excited appearance for sexual arousal, Ruby didn't bother trying to explain Liberty's flustered appearance and got right to her own story. “You should have seen it,” she sighed. “I took Lib back to my office and after I sent off the work order to Pretoria, I thought what the hell. I gave her boobs a really good rubbing of a tribal herb solution the natives in Natal use on a bride's wedding night to get her 'in the mood'. Since this may be my only shot at Superheroine pussy....” she paused and inhaled deeply, expanding her already rapidly rising and falling bosom.

“Anyway, our little Liberty-tarian, here,” she ruffled Liberty's hair, “was almost as excited at the sight of my magnificent bosom as I was at the sight of her on her knees...handcuffed, collared, all hot and bothered as she was by then. I was already wet so...” she hesitated for a moment, then continued. “... whatever training you gave her worked like a charm! As soon as I dropped my panties she had her mouth on me like dog in heat. The girl licked up a storm; that talented pink tongue whipped my puss into sweet frothy meringue.”

Liberty stood silently blushing as Ruby spun one lie after another about their imaginary lesbian tryst. She wanted to say that Ruby had come on to her but she'd rejected her crude advance. She didn't want 'Mistress Cassandra' to think she had been “unfaithful” to her. But after her rejection, Ruby warned Liberty - using the most graphic of terms - of the horrible fates that would befall Hope and the other Amazons if she ever discovered Liberty had told anyone of her failure to seduce her.

So Liberty held her tongue and kept blushing prettily while Ruby spun her tall tale of lesbian seduction. When Ruby finished, Cassandra and Ursula had 'self-satified' themselves to yet another climax, but Victoria had listened stone-faced to Ruby's fantastical fairy tale.

Later, as their guests were leaving, Victoria hugged both Cassandra and Ursula, and they kissed each other's cheek. Then as Liberty bowed her head to get into the limo to sit squeezed tight between Cassandra and Ursula, Cassandra gave Liberty's butt a hard SPANK that propelled her facefirst onto Ursula's lap.

Just before the door closed behind her, Victoria overheard Ursula say to Cassandra, “I was shocked to hear about Ruby and Liberty. We're missing out.” And Cassandra reply of, “Something to look into on our flight. We've eight hours to....” was cut off when the limo door closed before it sped off to deliver the trio to Ursula's waiting jet.

“Ruby,” Victoria snapped angrily to her assistant as she took her by the elbow and roughly pulled her aside, away from the other execs who'd gathered to bid adieu to the distinguished visitors, “is there something you should share with me about your new BFF?”

“N...now, V...Vick,” Ruby stammered. “It's n....not what y...you th...think. I can uh..uh...explain.”

“I don't care what you and Liberty did, or didn't, do. I've got the serum and I want to get my hands on that bitch, Gaia. Call your contact at Jungle Force. I want to know where she is and where she'll be three days from today. Get back to me and we'll plot my strategy. You said you want to meet Gaia? Well, I'll give you a chance to do it; up close and very, very, personally...which I know you'll like!”

Four days later, Victoria - after getting a dose of Vain's serum - was walking alone in the bush, stalking an endangered species of gazelle - knowing she'd be too tempting a target for Gaia to resist...and she was right!

Wearing a loose, half-buttoned shirt, short-shorts and boots, Victoria was stalking a Thompson's Gazelle and was just about to shoot. As she tightened her trigger finger, the rifle was jerked from her hands by a long, black, bullwhip wielded by Captain Gaia...second in command of Faith's “Jungle Force” - the all female group of vigilante's who targeted poachers, protected the environment and otherwise made life difficult for law-breakers! There was a loud report as the rifle went off....the frightened gazelle bounded away, only grazed by the errant shot!

“You bitch!” the 34 y/o blond screamed, whirling to face the 40 y/o vigilante/Ranger. “That was my dinner!”

Gaia was dressed in the Force uniform: a tan shirt with an embroidered badge on the left breast, long dark brown pants and jungle boots. Around her waist she wore a belt with a 9mm automatic, plastic flexcuffs, a collapseable metal baton and a satellite phone. She was slowly re-coiling the whip she'd used on the barrel of Victoria's rifle to spoil her aim and save the gazelle.

“You should eat canned food when you're in my jungle,” Gaia said evenly, “instead of shooting defenseless animals. They have enough threats to their existance without spoiled bitches shooting them just because they're bored with their diet. Go back to your camp; consider yourself lucky I let you off with a warning...instead of using this,” she held up her bullwhip, “on your rich, spoiled, ass! If I did, maybe you'd remember what happens to those who break Faith's law of the jungle.”

“Hah!” Victoria snorted. “You aren't woman enough to use THAT thing on me...and if you so much as touch my ass with that...that thing....my attorney's will have your ass in jail within the week.”

Gaia glared at the tall, willowy, blond; then suddenly swung her right arm; her whip uncoiling like a snake striking as it flashed out and wrapped around Victoria's ankles. Gaia gave a hard yank and pulled Victoria's feet out from under her. The tall young blond dropped hard on her butt with her legs, still held fast by Gaia's bullwhip, raised in the air. Gaia walked over to Victoria and stood over her threateningly.

“You and your lawyers can't do a damn thing to us,” Gaia hissed. “We operate outside your law, we answer to no man!”

Victoria sat up to unwrap the whip from her ankles, and as she did, she slipped a small, razor-sharp, skinning knife from a sheath in her boot. As she rose, she lunged at Gaia and plunged the knife into her chest! As soon as Victoria raised her arm, Gaia recognized the peril and recoiled back, just managing to escape being stabbed. Even so, the knife sliced down the front of her shirt between her two huge breasts, nicking her bra between the cups. As she retreated, the front of Gaia's shirt flapped wide open, her heavy duty bra hanging in two halves with her bare breasts jiggling and swaying in the fetid jungle heat.

Victoria stopped in her tracks, gaping in awe at the sight! Before Victoria could recover from her surprise, Gaia's whip flicked out again, caught her knife and ripped it from her hand. The blade glistened in the sunlight as it sailed end over end through the air before disappearing in the brush. “No more surprises little one,” sneered Gaia as she advanced. “Now you feel what happens when you violate Faith's code.”

Victoria, her heart racing, recalled how Cassandra and Ursula had boasted about how the serum gave them increased strength and she wished they'd warned her that she could still pain every bit as much as before she took it. The blond backed up as Gaia came forward, looking around for some weapon she could use...not finding one. Victoria feinted to her left and Gaia moved to cut her off, then she juked right and, again, the nimble old Jungle Force Commander anticipated her and cracked her whip across Victoria's chest. In spite of herself, the blond cried out in pain.

Victoria had never fought against a whip and was intimidated by the distance Gaia could reach out to strike her. Seeing she had no other option, she threw herself at the older, heavier, ranger and drove her right fist into Gaia's face. The power of her punch knocked Gaia back onto her butt and while Gaia sat there trying to recover, Victoria picked up the whip and swung it overhead several times to get the feel of it, then she brought it down across Gaia's legs. But she wasn't trained with a whip and instead of stinging the Ranger Colonel, the lash simply fell limp across her legs and lay there.

Gaia grabbed the end of the whip and pulled, getting Victoria off balance. As she stumbled forward, Victoria let go too late to avoid falling on top of Gaia. The Ranger grabbed the blond and rolled, pulling her over with her. They rolled seveal times, but when they stopped rolling, Gaia was sitting up straddling Victoria's waist, trapping her body between her powerful thighs. Leaning over to pin Victoria's arms to the jungle floor, Gaia's heavy unfettered breasts heaved and swung beneath her open uniform shirt as she glared down angrily at Victoria's wide-eyed face.

“You made a big mistake little girl,” Gaia snarled. “You won't get a second chance. You should have just picked up your rifle and gone back to camp. Now I'll have the pleasure of teaching you what happens to skinny white women who go where they aren't wanted and try to shoot our wildlife!”

As Gaia was speaking, Victoria started to grin. Looking down, Gaia got an uneasy feeling at seeing Victoria's unexpected - and inappropriate – reaction to her predicament. Then Gaia felt her body start to rise in the air and was shocked to realize the white woman was powering her up using just her arms. Before Gaia could react, she let out a loud grunt when Victoria's legs swept up and clamped down tight about her waist! As Victoria tightened her scissors, Gaia felt the air slowly being forced out of her.

Gaia, an expert in Amazon-style hand-to-hand combat, smashed her right elbow down on Victoria's face...then again...and again! Over and over until Victoria used her hips to fling Gaia to the side and roll away, getting slowly to her feet...her head spinning and her jaw throbbing.

“Thank you,” Victoria muttered through clenched teeth, “I forgot how badly wanted to kick your fat old ass.”

Gaia looked around, found her whip and picked it up. Flexing her right arm, she made the rawhide dance and undulate like a stripper on Saturday night. “I welcome the chance to flay the flesh from your worthless body, you blond slut!” Gaia grunted.

As they circled, Gaia attacked Victoria with her whip, cutting and slashing at Victoria's nimbly juking body. In seconds, Victoria's shirt lay in tatters on the dirt; her small, pale, bare, breasts criss-crossed with red welts. Victoria knew she'd have to get inside the reach of Gaia's bullwhip before she got cut to ribbons, so she lowered her head and charged!

She slammed into Gaia, driving a shoulder into the older Black woman's belly, wrapping her arms around her hips, lifting her off her feet as she kept running until she slammed Gaia's back into a thick tree trunk. Victoria grinned at the loud grunt Gaia let out when she hit the tree. Victoria opened her arms and let Gaia's breathless body slide down between her and the tree trunk until they were face-to-face. Then Victoria clamped a bearhug around the Black Ranger and again lifted her off her feet, crushing her to her body as she bounced on her toes, her small bare breasts being engulfed by Gaia's far bigger, fuller, and softer ones!

Victoria's perky little breasts have never needed support and she enjoys going bra-less but that's not a good way to fight - as she learns to her discomfort! The sensation of her aroused, excited, nipples dueling with Gaia's, Victoria finds very disconcerting. Worse, she realizes Gaia – despite Victoria's powerful bearhug hindering her breathing – is clearly enjoying the contact far too much for Victoria's liking!

Victoria took a step back, then slammed Gaia back into the tree trunk again...again, the black woman grunted as air was expelled from her lungs. After two or three more times, Gaia hung limp in Victoria's arms, no breathing. Victoria hesitated...she wanted to kill this woman who'd humiliated her years before, but she also realized Gaia was only a means to an end...that being the defeat of Faith. Only then did Victoria open her arms and let Gaia drop to the ground at her feet.

Gaia wasn't breathing so, despite her strong desire to the contrary, she stomped on Gaia's chest several times until she coughed and started to breath again. Then she stripped off the rest of Gaia's uniform, her underclothes and her boots, leaving her barefoot and naked. After using Gaia's own cuffs to secure her hands behind her back, she picked Gaia up, threw her naked body over her shoulder and carried her to a nearby stream. There, she tossed her in and when Gaia rose spitting and sputtering to the surface, Victoria waded in and pulled her back to shore, dropping her facedown in the mud.

Straddling Gaia's naked thighs, Victoria reaches over her shoulder and slapped Gaia's face until the dazed Black beauty moaned and looked back over her shoulder. “Wha...what do you want from me?” Gaia gasped, still struggling weakly to get her breath.

Victoria's face wore an expression of hurt as she said, “You don't remember me? I'm crushed!” When Gaia revealed nothing, Victoria continued, “Many years ago, you caught me when I was innocently hunting. You beat me, stripped me...as if that weren't enough you spanked me and fingered me to an orgasm then sent me back with my hands bound behind my back so my native bearers could ogle my nubile, young, naked, body. You wouldn't know how humiliating it is for a white woman to be exposed to a bunch of ignorant savages like that, but I've never forgotten!” she said vehemently.

Gaia laughed. “You think having a bunch of 'ignorant savages' seeing you nude is humiliating? How about a dozen white men raping you for days....just because you reached puberty as a virgin. As soon as my breasts began to grow, the white boys started coming around, making offers; making demands. If that wasn't enough, their fathers...even grandfathers, began to come!

“Finally, after I rejected all of them, they came one night and took me! They raped me over and over for I don't know how many hours. When they were done, I was cast out by my family; left alone in the jungle to die. If Faith hadn't found me, I'd have died there...alone. So don't tell me how badly I treated you, you pathetic little white girl.”

“I want you to admit what you did,” Victoria snarled. “Then apologize. And finally, after you've done that, I want you...no, I need you... no, not need...MAKE you deliver Faith to me to face me on my terms.”

With that, Victoria took the handle of Gaia's whip in her right hand, and slowly forced the handle into Gaia's pussy. As she slowly pumped it in and out, twisting it a quarter turn with each push; she kept asking Gaia over and over, “Do you remember me?” Each time Gaia denied her, Victoria sent it deeper. It was over halfway in when Gaia, for the first time, groaned and said, “Little tits white girl, right?”

Victoria smiled for the first time. “Now we're getting somewhere. What's my name?” Gaia couldn't – or refused to – remember her name, so Victoria resumed pumping her pussy. It wasn't until after her third, or perhaps fourth orgasm....Victoria was so intent on her task she wasn't counting...that Gaia breathlessly gasped, “Vic...toree...yah....” and then passed out!

Her body streaked with sweat and with dirt clinging to her legs, Victoria leaned back, panting from exertion, and fumbled around in her discarded clothing until she found her satphone. “Ruby, bring up the helicopter. We're ready for phase two of our plan....”

Several minutes later, Victoria heard the thrum-thrum-thrum of her helicopter approaching just as she completed binding Gaia hand and foot. She struggled to her feet and heaved the buxom Black beauty over her shoulder, then with two handfuls of her big, round, black, bottom, Victoria carried her to the helicopter and as Ruby slid the door open, Victoria dumped Gaia unconscious at her feet.

As they took off, Ruby lifted Gaia's head by the hair and studied her face, and naked body. Grinning, she asked, “She's all mine now? You're not going to go back on your promise?”

Victoria shook her head. “I'm done with this one. She's all yours. As soon as we get back I want you to get on with the President and tell him we're ready to move to the next part of my plan. I want him to invite Faith to the Presidential Mansion this weekend for a party to celebrate him awarding her the....” she hesitated, unable to recall the name of the award she'd paid the Head of State to award to Faith for her conservation efforts. Unable to call it to mind, she shrugged and sighed, “...whatever the hell he calls it. I want her there in the ball room of the Presidential Mansion so I can take her down in front of him, the International press corp and all of the country watching it on live TV.”

After Victoria captured Gaia, the leader of the Jungle Patrol, she arranged for the President to host a gala celebration at the Presidential Palace where he would present Superheroine Faith with the country's highest honor, The Palme D'Or, in recognition of her efforts to protect African wildlife and the environment.

Aside from Victoria, Ruby and the President, no one else knew that Gaia had been subdued and captured by Victoria Eve, then confined to a cell in her headquarters where her “assistant” Ruby went to work. Ruby had access to the latest techniques for breaking a person's will and went about her task with single-minded devotion to her duty.

Gaia was bound hand and foot in a bed and for three days was injected with various resistance weakening drugs. Ruby bombarded Gaia with subliminal instructions to her brain thru earphones and by the end of her sixth day of imprisonment, Gaia was no longer the hardy, strong-willed, woman Victoria had faced in the jungle. She was no longer resisting; compliant, unable to muster any thought of resistance to any instruction Ruby gave her.

To further ensure Gaia's full and complete obedience, Ruby pierced Gaia's clitoral hood with a metal rod to which she attached electrodes she could activate remotely. They were powered by two small, but powerful, lithium batteries strapped to Gaia's upper thighs near her groin. (To ensure the batteries stayed in place, Gaia's hands were always bound, or cuffed, behind her back during her sessions).

It only took three or four strong shocks to her “privates” - reinforced by the subliminal instructions from her earphones - before Gaia was submissive to Ruby and Victoria and seemed eager to please. For her own enjoyment, Ruby put Gaia through a rigorous program of sexual subservience to test her training before turning her over to Victoria for the 'big show' at the Presidential Palace.

The award ceremony was held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Palace, and Victoria Eve was resplendent in a champagne color, off-the-shoulder, floor length, Yves St. Laurent gown she'd had customized to show off her newly muscular physique. In the ten days since her first dose of Ursula's serum, Victoria had added twenty five pounds of muscle, increasing her weight to a solid 150 from her usually trim and taut, 125 pounds. A welcome - though unexpected – additional benefit was that her bosom had grown a full cup size, from 36B to 38C!

“You look like a new woman,” President M'bobo whispered in Victoria's ear as he slipped an arm around her waist. “Please tell me you will share your new body with me later. I'd be devastated if you refused me,” he leered.

Victoria slid away, turned and glared. “You had better worry about your wife, Mr. President. If she hears you talk like that, she just may cut off something in the middle of the night you value even more highly than your office.” She smiled as he winced and his hand covered his groin.

“You are a witch!” he hissed to her. “That is not a funny joke.”

“I wasn't joking,” Victoria said gaily. “You put your hands on me again, the First Lady might get a phone call from 'a friend' late one night telling her what you're up to. I know I'm not the first woman you've propositioned...”

“But you're the first who turned me down,” he pouted. “You wound my pride.”

“You'll get over it,” she laughed. “There are many other fish in the sea.”

Victoria turned and headed across the room to join the Minister of the Interior who was going to give her the permits her company needed to start her new mining operation in the interior along a stretch of river long closed to mining. As part of the “search” for Gaia, Victoria had bribed the President to send two of his helicopters – which Victoria outfitted with state-of-the-art mapping equipment. As they were crisscrossing the countryside searching, they were also looking for the most likely places to mine more of her diamonds. Earlier today, quite unexpectedly, the prime parcel she'd identified was made available and her company snapped it up before anyone else knew it was on the market. Of course, the Interior Minister's Swiss bank account had grown substantially as a result!

Putting the signed contract in her purse, Victoria took a glass of French Champagne from a passing waiter and sipped as she studied the crowd milling about waiting for the ceremony to begin. A sudden bustle of activity drew her eye to the front and she caught her breath, her heart racing, as Faith come striding through the doorway. Victoria was a bit surprised that Faith arrived alone, but then realized Faith wouldn't have taken any of her Jungle Patrol off the search for their missing leader, Gaia.

Faith was wearing a traditional Amazon tunic, her right shoulder bare, the bodice falling loosely down across her bosom from left shoulder to right hip drawn in by a golden leather belt tied in front to give the Amazon heroine an distinctly hourglass shape. The belt helped the soft cloth emphasize her firm, full, breasts which – Victoria noted with a flash of jealousy – didn't need support. The short, mid-thigh skirt swished from side to side as Faith strode across the room, her tawny, muscular, thighs rippling beneath it with every step. Their eyes met and Faith's flashed angrily as she saw Victoria standing tall and haughty, sipping imported Champagne while millions of Faith's countrymen struggled to exist.

“I'm surprised you showed up,” Victoria purred cattily. “I thought you'd be out beating the bush with the rest of the natives looking for your girlfriend,” she sneered as she spoke the oft repeated rumor that Faith and Gaia were more than “friends.” Victoria was excited and pleased to see the sudden bloom of a crimson blush on Faith's cheeks at the accusation, a rumor Victoria had learned from Ruby that Gaia had not only confirmed, but had proven to Ruby's satisfaction during her 'debriefing.'

“I'm not surprised you are here,” Faith said thru clenched teeth. “Or were you dropping off another bribe to the President's cronies? I've heard your minions did all the heavy lifting for you.” Now it was Faith's turn to feel satisfaction as the implied accusation that Victoria was too spoiled to do real work herself made the blonde redden with anger.

Before they could take the matter further, President M'bobo and his First Lady Angelique - native born, but formerly a runway model in Paris - arrived to greet their honoree. “I am pleased you were able to join us,” he said with the smooth delivery of a practiced political liar. “I know you must be worried about your luh....” he almost said 'lover' but caught himself in time to finish, “...comrade in arms. We all pray for her safe return.”

“Thank you Mr. President,” Faith said. “I appreciate this honor, and I am grateful for the Presidential helicopters you loaned to assist our search. They proved invaluable in greatly expanding our search area. Now, if you'll pardon me, I want to take a few minutes before the ceremony to circulate and shake the hands of your supporters who have sent assistance to aid us. Is there time before the broadcast?” she asked.

“Oh surely. We will not begin for another half hour,” President M'bobo said. “And it won't take long for me to hang the decoration around your beautiful, smooth, neck,” he leered, his eyes straying well south of her 'neck' as he ogled the proud, firm, breasts whose dark nipples tented her lightweight dress.

The First Lady, ever vigilant of her husband's roving eye, elbowed him in the ribs and took Faith's elbow, leading her away from the lecherous older President. “Come, I want to introduce you to some important members of the loyal opposition,” she said. “They are strong supporters of my conservation initiative and the proposed program to educate our young girls - which, sadly, is bogged down in the lower house. Unless I can change the President's mind, it may never see light of day.”

As they disappeared into the crowd, President M'bobo took Victoria's hand and told her, “I want to see this Gaia. Where is she? I'm told she's quite lovely...for an older woman.”

Victoria knew President M'bobo preferred his women young - the younger the better. His wife... she couldn't remember if the current First Lady was wife number four or five... was thirty-five years younger than the sixty-three year old former Army General, now in his fourth term. Gaia, in her forties, wouldn't have interested him but for two things:

a) her role as head of Faith's Jungle Patrol, which had frustrated he and Victoria's plans to pillage the country' natural resources for their own profit; and

b) she was Faith's lover! The President had frequently taken (sometimes willingly, usually against their will) the wives, sisters or daughters of a political opponents as a way to show his power. Victoria assumed his interest in Gaia was similarly motivated...but didn't care.

“Ruby has Gaia upstairs in the Presidential Library,” Victoria told him. “I'll spring her on Faith as a surprise in the middle of her acceptance speech. I want to see the look on her face when I bring her out on a leash. Ruby is having a lot of fun with Gaia, she won't be pleased if you interfere with it. Still, come, I'll give you a preview,” Victoria said as they took the elevator to the second floor.

The President was stunned when, opening the door to his private library, he saw Ruby sitting with her feet up on his desk. He was about to protest when he saw a dark head moving up and down between the little woman's wide-spread legs. As he walked around the desk, he stopped and stared when he saw it was Gaia on her knees licking Ruby as if she really meant it!

He turned to Victoria and gasped, “Can that slut be the fearsome warrior Gaia?”

Victoria smiled and nodded, “Ruby is a treasure beyond price, Mr. President. She's done wonders with her in a very short time. Give her another three or four months and there's no telling what miracles she might produce.”

“Show me!” President M'bobo gasped, his hands unconsciously fumbling at the front of his trousers as he gaped at the nearly naked buxom black beauty on her knees.

Victoria smiled. “Gaia!” she snapped abruptly. “Come here to me.”

Gaia looked up and ran her pink tongue slowly over her upper lip and then, smacking her lips, she stood and walked over to stand before Victoria. Nervously, Victoria touched a sparkling diamond encrusted pendant she wore on her neck. “Nobody told you to stand! On your knees, bitch!” she growled.

When Gaia hesitated, Victoria touched a small button on the back of the pendant. Gaia let out a cry of pain as she dropped to her knees, her head bowed. With her hands cuffed behind her back, her body jerking and spasming as she squirmed and writhed until Victoria released the button.

“As you can see,” Victoria told the President proudly, “she's still in the early stages of training. Still, with a little more time and attention from Ruby, I think you'll see her make real progress. Remember, this is only day ten.”

“I want her,” President M'bobo sighed. “I want her right now.”

“Well, you can't have her,” Victoria said. “I've too much invested in this project for you to, literally, fuck it up letting your libido get in the way of my plans. Remember whose money keeps you in office,” she threatened. “Besides, how would it look if your wife walked in and caught you with your dick in Gaia's mouth...or worse! You stick to our bargain and I'll see you get what you want, as soon as my new mine reaches full production.”

Victoria reached down and grabbed Gaia's hair, tilting her head back so the President could see that defiance still burned in her eyes. “You don't want to put your presidential prick anywhere near that mouth until you're sure she won't bite it off. After all, what good is a dick-less President?” She laughed as President M'bobo's face almost turned white.

While Gaia went back to work keeping Ruby happy, Victoria and the President returned downstairs where the ceremony was about to begin. When they reached the stage, Victoria excused herself to join the rest of the dignitaries in the audience while Faith climbed to the dais and took her place next to President M'bobo. The President...after a long, dull, boring, speech... finally draped the medal around Faith's neck. Victoria couldn't help chuckling as the old lecher used the back of his hand to caress the Amazon's breasts as he gently laid the medal on her cleavage.

Faith was a third of the way through an impassioned plea to support her effort to save the wildlife and natural resources of Africa when Victoria exited a side door and met Ruby in the lobby. Ruby handed Victoria the leather leash attached to Gaia's collar and gave her a kiss, “For luck.”

Victoria put Gaia on her knees, then slowly led her out into the ceremonial hall. At first, Faith didn't see them, but as the crowd began to murmur and parted like the Red Sea to let Victoria pass, Faith realized something was afoot. As soon as she saw Gaia being led like an animal on a leash, something in Faith snapped and without considering the consequences, dropped her prepared speech and leapt off the stage to charge Victoria.

Reporters pulled out cellphones and began videoing; TV pool reporters and camera's turned from the dais to shoot the unexpected confrontation; print reporters whispered into pocket recorders or scribbled furiously on notepads as – red-faced - Faith stormed up to Victoria screaming, “Let her GO, you evil, bitch!”

Then all hell broke loose!

As Faith stood confronting her, Victoria casually fondled the diamond encrusted pendant on her neck. “Look who I found wandering around loose in the jungle,” Victoria said loud enough that everyone could hear and understand she was taking credit for 'finding' Gaia. “She must have slipped her leash,” she chuckled. “I would have thought you'd do a better job of controlling your animals, Faith dear,” she sneered. Then she pressed the button on her pendant and, with a bark of pain, Gaia dropped from her knees, back onto her haunches, slapping her thighs tight together against the sharp pain in her pussy.

Victoria released the electroshock control button and caressed Gaia's head like her pet and praised her performance. “That's my good girl,” she purred. “Sit and stay while I talk to your ex-girlfriend, then I'll have a nice treat for you later, hmmmmm?”

“You will regret this,” Faith snarled. “It is an insult to Gaia and to my Patrol,” she added as she tried to step around Victoria to get at Gaia to remove the humiliating collar and handcuffs that kept her arms secured behind her back.

But Victoria side-stepped to block her. “I should think you'd be grateful for my saving your lover,” the blond said, repeating the scurrilous rumors that had circulated for years about Gaia and Faith. “Instead, you insult me. I think you should apologize for your tone and also, get down on YOUR knees and beg my forgiveness,” she suggested with a questioning tilt of her chin. “But maybe you've lived too long in the jungle with women like this,” she stroked Gaia's head. “Here in civilized society we thank someone for returning our lost property.”

Victoria looked at Faith as if she expected her apology - secretly praying she wouldn't, but fearing she would...which would ruin her plan to provoke an incident to discredit both Faith and the Amazon's vigilante Jungle Patrol.

Victoria's prayers were answered! Faith reared back and SLAPPED her so hard, it knocked the tall blonde to the floor on her ass! She slid five or six feet across the highly polished wood floor before she came to rest against the legs of the First Lady who was standing beside the Interior Minister. Madam M'bobo leaned down to help Victoria up, and asked, “So, my dear, is everything going according to your devious little plan so far?”

Victoria angrily shrugged the hand away and stalked back over to Faith who was bending over trying in vain to unlock the clasp of Gaia's collar.

“HEY! Hands off! Finder's keeper's... isn't that the law of the jungle? You want her back, you'll have to fight for her,” Victoria said... evoking gasps of disbelief from on-lookers who wondered, 'Who does this young white woman think she is, speaking to an Amazon like that?' Several men in the crowd voiced support for Victoria, but most women... ones unafraid to speak up in front of a husband or the man keeping them as a mistress... silently prayed Faith would rip the golden hair from the blonde's head, and then mop the floor with her!

When Victoria turned around and handed Gaia's leash to Ruby, Faith sprang; her arms extended; strong hands reaching for Victoria's pale throat. She'd make short work of this insolent white bitch, then get back to the podium where, with Gaia returned to her side, she'd finish asking for support against the greedy despoilers of Africa's natural resources... pointing to Victoria's defeated body as 'the number one example' of what was wrong with her country.

That was in Faith's mind as she reached Victoria - and in the seconds she was sailing through the air before she crashed to the floor after Victoria grabbed her wrist and judo flipped her! Unlike Victoria earlier, Faith's body as it slid along the wood wasn't protected by a floor length evening gown, and her exposed flesh made a skweeeee sound as she shuddered to a painful stop. She rose, confused by what had happened. Not since Gaia had Faith met a non-Amazon with the power and quick reflexes of Victoria. She got to her feet and circled warily as the crowd surrounded the two women for what promised to be an interesting and entertaining contest!

But Faith didn't charge recklessly, instead she studied Victoria for openings or some weaknesses she might exploit. Amazons are taught from childhood to fight - both armed and unarmed - and hold regular competitions testing their fitness for leadership in trials by combat. Obviously, Victoria hadn't the benefit of Faith's experience sparring with Liberty, Hope, Glory, and other Amazons, so Faith was confident as she edged closer.

Victoria was also confident, but far from cocky. She'd taken Ursula's serum, but she hadn't had time to test its limits, or drawbacks, so she was cautious. Growing up as a child of wealth and privilege, she'd taken self-defense and martial arts training, but aside from Gaia she'd never fought anyone 'for real' and it was clear Faith was highly motivated to do her harm. Looking at Faith, it occurred to Victoria that Faith's Amazon sandals were better suited for a fight than her heels so she hurriedly reached back, lifted one foot, then the other, slipping taking off her high heels. But when she raised her second foot, the other slipped on the highly polished wood floor and she cursed being in stockings rather than bare feet.

Victoria's brief falter was the opening Faith had been waiting for! As Victoria wobbled trying to keep her balance, Faith charged, planning to tackle Victoria to the floor where the Amazon grappling technique would win her the day! But Victoria reacted in a flash and managed to pirouette to avoid Faith's tackle, then with a matador-like spin, came around to grab Faith as she passed. But she only caught Faith's bare shoulder and couldn't get a grip as Faith tore past.

Victoria's fingers snagged the shoulder strap of Faith's tunic and as Faith pulled away, Victoria pulled back. Faith was brought up short, then pulled over backward onto her back. Victoria kept pulling, dragging Faith across the floor as the Amazon kicked and squirmed, trying to roll, or turn around; anything to get her feet in front of her to stop Victoria from dragging her around.

Faith needn't have worried. After several long seconds, the lightweight tunic fabric began to tear and as soon as Victoria heard the first rending sound, she redoubled her effort. Seconds later, Victoria stumbled away with Faith's entire tunic, leaving the dusky Amazon sprawled on the floor with nothing but the Amazon equivalent of a g-string and the sandals on her feet.

Blushing, Faith scrambled up to face Victoria who was laughing. But Faith was no blushing ingenue who would run away screaming in tears. Amazons fought each other nude, so her lack of attire, while inappropriate for a Presidential Palace, didn't embarrass her - and she could see from President M'bobo's face that he wasn't the least bit offended. But Victoria, on the other hand...

Faith looked at Victoria, spread her arms wide and asked. “Why not join me? Or would you rather I strip you? I'll enjoy it to tell the truth, but it would delay our getting down to the business at hand.”

When Victoria hesitated, the First Lady quickly stepped behind her, grabbed the zipper at the back of her gown and hissed, “Let me. It would be my honor.” Before Victoria realized it, President M'bobo's wife had her zipper down to her waist. She had to grab the front to hold her dress up, but realizing her predicament, she gave a sigh of resignation and muttered, “Oh, what the hell.” She let the dress slither slowly down her body and as it pooled at her feet, she stepped out of it and gave the First Lady a malevolent glare over her left shoulder. “We need to talk in a day or two,” Victoria snarled. “Your role here needs sorting out,” she added coldly.

Madam M'bobo smiled insincerely and nodded at Faith, “It appears you've already someone needing your sorting out.” Then she sighed and added, “You'll find me in the Palace... whenever you want to 'chat'...maybe after she's done with you?” Then she turned and stepped away humming happily, thinking how much better her life would be after Faith put Victoria and her corporation in their places once and for all.

Victoria was left in a sheer white lace strapless underwire bra, matching bikini panties and garter belt which was holding up her stockings. Having already discarded her shoes, Victoria tested her stocking feet on the wooden floor and realized she had a traction problem. But Faith had waited long enough and was already closing on her when Victoria looked up. When Faith raised her clenched her fists in front of her, Victoria backed away. She'd never had formal boxing lessons and knew better than to start now!

As Faith advanced, Victoria retreated, constantly glancing over her shoulder with rapid, quick, peeks to avoid backing into a trap; unable to take her eyes off Faith for more than a split-second. Even then, two or three strides brought Faith in range and she snapped her left hand, cuffing Victoria's right cheek and knocking her head to the left. Before Victoria got her feet going, Faith slammed her right fist in under Victoria's left breast. The blond grunted and stumbled back until she bumped into the spectators. One grabbed her around the waist, which helped her stay upright, but also made her a stationary target for another right hand - just below her belly button!

Victoria doubled over as the air went out of her, but whoever was holding her didn't let her go and instead shoved her straight into Faith's waiting arms! The dusky Amazon wrapped her arms around Victoria's waist, swept her off her feet as she lifted and turned, then body slamming the winded blonde flat on her back! Faith landed on top of Victoria with her full 150 pounds and whatever oxygen was left in Victoria's lungs went with a loud WOOOF!

Faith sat up straddling Victoria's waist with her thick thighs, reached down, grabbed her sheer lace bra between the small, sheer, cups and yanked Victoria up in a sitting position; her arms dangling at her sides. Faith drew back and WHAAAP slapped Victoria so hard she rocked back to a 45 degree angle. Faith jerked her back up by the bra and CRAAACK backhanded her!

Victoria fell back again, but when Faith tried to pull her back up again, her fragile French lace bra couldn't take the stress and snapped apart! Victoria fell back, her head hitting the floor BONK and she lay gulping air; her perky breasts heaving as a red blush spread over the cheeks Faith's hand had their marks on!

Faith looked around and saw her tunic laying on the floor, so she went over and pulled her golden leather belt from the white cloth, then marched back to Victoria, raised her arm and criss-crossed the blonde's breasts with three rapid-fire back-and-forth slashes of the leather! Among the many skills Faith had learned from Gaia was how to use a whip, and her belt had often been a useful substitute for one on occasion.

“YEOOOOWWWCH!” Victoria screamed, crossing her arms over her bosom in a belatedly protective gesture as tears welled in her green eyes.

SPLAAT! “OHHHH....hhhhhhhhh!” Victoria cried out after Faith lowered her aim to slashed Victoria's exposed belly with her next stroke!

Victoria rolled over and started to scurry away on her hands and knees, but Faith walked along behind her whipping her big raised bottom with steady back-and-forth swipes of the tough leather belt. The crowd, even the men who made their fortunes from Victoria's illegal operations began to cheer Faith as she whipped the weeping blonde's ass. The sight was just too arousing for anyone but Victoria's most devoted followers to ignore.

Fortunately for Victoria, she had at least one devoted follower in the audience...Ruby. Victoria's assistant handed Gaia's leash to whoever was nearest, grabbed on of the chairs set up for the crowd watching the ceremony and ran up behind Faith. Just as the First Lady screamed, “Look ou...” Ruby brought the chair crashing down across Faith's shoulders and the back of her head! Faith took one or two faltering steps, dropped the golden leather belt, and crumpled to her knees. In a daze, she slowly raised her hands to her head - just as Ruby swung the two legs and back - all that she still held of the broken chair - and whacked her again.

Faith nosedived to the floor and lay still... Ruby rushed to help Victoria up and Gaia came crawling toward Faith on all fours. Ruby saw her and veered away from Victoria, grabbing the end of Gaia's trailing leash just as Gaia reached out to Faith. Ruby gave a hard yank that jerked Gaia back and up onto her knees with her head bent back. Ruby dug in her heels (figuratively, since it was a wooden floor) and began to drag Gaia backward, the collar around her throat choking her in the process.

Once she had Gaia under her control, Ruby pulled and tugged her over to Victoria who was now sitting on her haunches, holding her reddening breasts in both hands as her tears dribbled from her chin and dropped onto her thighs.

Everyone stood around wondering - who would recover first and what would she do? Ursula's serum helped Victoria recover faster than a normal woman and she struggled to her feet, her left hand cupping her left breast, her right rubbing her belly as she stumbled over and leaned on Ruby's shoulder. “Do you have any more serum with you?” Victoria whispered. “She's killing me out there.”

Ruby reached into a pocket and took out a small vial. “They say the effects fade over time. Maybe the jungle heat accelerated the process while you were hunting Gaia here,” she said, nudging Gaia's free-swaying bare breasts with her foot. “This should get you back to normal soon.” Victoria tossed down the contents of the vial, then turned to look at Faith who had rolled over and sat up, blinking.

“GET UP FAITH!” the First Lady pleaded with a malevolent stare toward Victoria and Ruby.

“YOU! Shut your mouth!”Victoria screamed, pointing angrily at the First Lady who recoiled in shock at being spoken to so disrespectfully. She looked to her husband for support, but the President just made a casual gesture like 'what can you do' then motioned with his right hand to Victoria, telling her to get back to fighting while adjusting the large bulge in his trousers with his left.

Faith groaned as she pushed up onto all fours while Victoria had risen to her feet and was rubbing a particularly red welt on her left butt cheek. Victoria walked over, grabbed a handful of Faith's hair and lifted her head, then drew back and sent her fist crashing down onto the side of Faith's jaw... at the same instant that Faith had driven her own fist up off the floor! Faith's knuckles smashed Victoria's camel toe just as Victoria's punch landed! Both women fell on the floor; Faith once more face down on the wood floor while Victoria sank back to her haunches again. Victoria was rocking slowly with both hands squeezed tight between her thighs; her head slowly shaking 'no' from side-to-side.

This time it was Faith who recovered first. She stood, grabbed Victoria by the wrist and began to drag her across the floor toward Gaia who was on her hands and knees in front of Ruby who was holding her leash. When Gaia looked up and saw Faith dragging Victoria toward her, she smiled - just a little. Ruby kicked her and hissed, “Keep your head down bitch if you know what's good for you.” Gaia instinctively bowed her head before Ruby could discipline her.

As Faith dragged Victoria over the wood dance floor, Victoria was finally getting the benefit of Ursula's serum and by the time Faith had dragged her over to Ruby and Gaia, Victoria was able to turn her arm, grab Faith's wrist and stop her forward progress in mid-stride. When Faith turned to look back at her, Victoria swung her right leg up and around to sweep Faith's feet out from under her. Faith landed on her butt beside Victoria who rolled onto her side and hammered another punch onto the side of Faith's head. The Amazon went down like she'd been pole-axed and lay without moving long enough for Victoria to get to one knee.

“Ready for more?” Victoria asked as she reached down and offered to help Faith up. Surprisingly, Faith took her hand and as Victoria pulled Faith to her feet, Victoria swung her left elbow around and ...

missed! Faith, expecting some trick, ducked and pounded Victoria's abs with a short right hand... then another... then a third! Faith slowly beat Victoria back across the wood floor one punch at a time until she was again backed up against the wall of spectators.

Suddenly, Victoria felt a surge of energy and as Faith tried to punch her for the sixth time, the blond caught her hand in mid-air and twisted her wrist, slowly forcing Faith to her knees in front of her. Faith tried to hit her with her left hand, but Victoria caught that one too, and repeated her move, twisting this wrist in the opposite direction, now forcing Faith up onto her feet, then up on tip-toes as Victoria turned on the pressure. Once she had Faith up on her toes, Victoria stepped back and PUNT... kicked Faith right between the legs!

The KICK lifted Faith off her feet and as she hung suspended momentarily, her feet tucked under her as her legs slapped shut an instant too late. She crashed to the mat on her knees with Victoria still holding one of her clenched fists in each hand. Victoria put a foot on Faith's chest between her naked breasts and pushed... forcing her backward until she tipped over onto her back with her knees in the air and her feet flat on the floor. Victoria slowly moved her foot from the middle of Faith's chest to her right boob, then began to twist and press down like she was putting out a cigarette on the pavement.

As Victoria twisted and ground down Faith's nipple, the rough soles of her stockings added to the pain Faith was feeling. After a minute or more, Victoria moved to Faith's left breast and repeated it. When she lifted her foot, both of Faith's firm, dusky, breasts weren't looking so firm, but had taken on a rosy hue and her nipples were hard and erect.

“Well, it's a start,” Victoria said as she lifted her foot and then STOMPED down just above Faith's g-string patch covering her pussy. Faith's torso jerked up, then flopped back down, her arms writhing and wiggling and squirming, but nothing she did could free her hands from Victoria's iron grasp. Victoria STOMPED her lower body again and again Faith reacted violently to the impact.

The third STOMP was even lower, with Victoria's heel slamming right down on Faith's camel toe, but instead of lifting her foot for more, Victoria kept her foot in place and leaned in with her full 150 pounds behind it, twisting and turning the reinforced heel of her stocking as she slowly worked the g-string into the opening beneath it until only the string was visible. Then Victoria raised her foot and STOMPED Faith's groin over and over; mindlessly; violently, until Faith's body no longer reacted to the impact of her foot. Only then did Victoria stop.

Victoria knelt and grabbed Faith's g-string at her hips and slowly pulled it down, working it from side to side under her butt, then over her muscular thighs to her ankles. She lifted Faith's legs using the g-string, then jerked it off, letting her feet drop on the floor with a dull THUMP. Twirling the g-string on her index finger, she walked over to the First Lady, and pulling it back like a slingshot, let go and shot it right in Madam M'bobo's face. “Next time you have sex with him,” Victoria hissed nastily, jerking her thumb over her shoulder in the direction of the President. “Wear that to remind him I'm still in charge. Now, get back up on the stage with your husband, before I lay you out next to that other whore!”

The crowd was stunned by Victoria's dismissal of their First Lady, but more by the sight of their Amazon heroine, laying flat on her back at the blondes feet, seemingly defeated! But Victoria didn't seem the least bit interested in following up her advantage. She walked over to Ruby and kissed her, then called over a waiter with a tray of Champagne. She helped herself to a glass and guzzled it down, then took two more and strutted over to where Faith lay flat on her back.

While sipping one glass of Champagne, Victoria started to pour the other on Faith's face, then continued drizzling it down between her breasts, over her stomach and finished emptying it onto her pussy. When both glasses had emptied Victoria handed them to the waiter and dismissed him with a flick of her hand and returned to Faith who had revived thanks to Victoria's theatrical abuse of perfectly good ice cold Champagne!

“Up you go, Princess!” Victoria said, hair-hauling the groggy Amazon up on rubbery legs; propping her up with her left hand between those two tawny flawless breasts as she drew back her right hand, looked over and winked at the First Lady and DRILLED Faith square in the little cloth triangle covering her groin. The power Victoria put into the blow took the breath away from most of those seeing it... the punch took Faith's feet off the floor and lifted her entire body almost a foot in the air and sent her several feet backward. The Amazon's big, black, booty hit the floor first, followed almost instantaneously by her back and finally the back of her head.

The solid THONK of Faith's head hitting the wood floor made the First Lady close her eyes and turn away. When she opened her eyes and looked back, she gasped. Faith lay spread-eagled on her back, her eyes closed, arms and legs spread wide open, her clean-shaven pubic mound on lewd display.

“I think we're done here,” Victoria said to Ruby. “Have your slave toss that sack of useless meat over her shoulder and take her back to the office. You know what to do with her when you get her there. I want her isolated overnight, then I'll deal with her face-to-face in the morning.”

“What about Gaia?” Ruby asked, reaching down to lay her hand on her slave's bowed head.

“After you lock our Amazon up tight, bring Gaia back here. There's one more task she will have to perform for me before I decide how to dispose of her.” Ruby opened her mouth to protest, but Victoria silenced her with a look and corrected herself. “I didn't mean 'dispose' as in 'get rid of',” Victoria said, calming Ruby's fears. “I simply meant, 'I have no more use for her'. If you want her you can have her. If not, I'm sure there are several ministers who would pay a good price for her. I know you have your favorite brothels too, that might be a better solution. Then you could visit whenever the urge moves you. In any case, deal with Faith first. Then we can come to a resolution on this one,” Victoria said, giving Gaia a hard kick in the chest, pancaking one of her big, soft, breasts.

“Oh, and after you've got Faith all cuffed and secure, call Cassandra and your buddy Ursula. Let them know we have an addition to their collection. Ms. Vain may soon be able to open her own Amazon Petting Zoo at the rate she's going.”

Two Days Later

Cassandra Vain and Ursula Wolfe came down the air stairs of their private jet and were greeted by Victoria and Ruby. After hugs and kisses all around, the four were driven to Victoria's corporate HQ where Gaia and Faith were waiting in their cells.

“I'm pleased with your success,” Vain told Victoria. “I can see real advantages in a cooperative relationship between you company and our two corporations,” she said, indicating herself and Ursula. “I don't know if we need to do anything formal, a handshake would suffice for us, right Ursula?”

“Sure,” Ursula said with a wolfish leer. “After all, I control the serum. She gives us any trouble we just cut off her supply and wait a week or two, then come over here and kick her pretty blond ass up and down the halls of her corporate office until she cries 'Uncle', right Cassie?” Vain grinned and nodded her agreement.

“Uh....I'm not sure,” Victoria said, suddenly realizing that after she turned Faith over, she wouldn't have much, if any, leverage. “Maybe we had better put something in writing...you know, to protect both sides in the event of a major disagreement. Plus, Ruby has grown quite fond of Gaia and I'd hate to separate them. Also,” she added, thinking of a way to get some leverage against Vain and Wolfe. “If you have Faith and I have Gaia, we can each threaten the other to ensure compliance. Gaia was Faith's mentor and - I have on good authority - her lover. That's a strong bond, but it's also a good way to keep them both in line,” she suggested hopefully.

Vain and Wolfe exchanged a look and Wolfe chuckled. “Told you Vicki was smarter than the average blond.” Vain unconsciously reached up and ran her hand over her own golden tresses as she eyed Wolfe's jet black hair. “Well, she does make a good point. Besides Victoria,” she said turning to her, “we would never cut off your supply of serum over something trivial. That was just Ursula's way of making a point. That we take our business seriously and won't put up with anyone messing with it. So if you want to join with us in bringing the entire world under our control we'd be happy to have you.”

Victoria relaxed a bit as she leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs, giving Vain a look at her powerful gams. “I understand completely,” she purred silkily. “You two want to call the shots. Well, I don't mind you taking the lead, after all you've done a bang up job so far. But one never knows what the future will bring. And if anything were to happen to either of you, or God forbid, both of you, I don't want to be left out in the cold.”

“What does that mean, exactly?” Cassandra asked, her right eyebrow arched.

“It means,” Victoria said. “I have just purchased a pharmaceutical company here. I want the serum formula so I can start making my own. You won't have to ship any to me and - should some disaster befall your supply, I would be there to backstop it. We both have a lot to lose and, should someone discover the source of our new-found power, we'll be vulnerable. I for one wouldn't want to be sitting around with no serum if, or when, the world's superheroines destroy Wolfe's factory and come looking for payback. I assume neither of you do either.”

After another hour of negotiation, a deal was hammered out and a memorandum detailing it signed by all parties. It was short, only two pages, but it included the (surprisingly short) formula for Ursula's serum as well as laying out the geographic “spheres of influence” each of the three corporations - and their CEO's - would control. The rest of the world was, as yet, unclaimed, but each woman had her own plans to acquire as much of it as she could. The biggest stumbling block would be those super heroines you have yet to be conquered.

In the coming weeks, two addenda were added to the agreement. The first, a list of all territories known to be under the “protection” of a super heroine; a list of each super heroine with all that is currently known about her (strengths; weaknesses; vulnerabilities - including two of their secret identities; virtues; vices, if any; etc.)

The second, an outline of how their still unnamed villainous 'mega-corp' would take down each of those super heroines; who was responsible for defeating each one; and how the 'newly liberated territories' would be divided up (natural resources, manufacturing, politicians, etc.) and finally how their new enemies the takeovers created (oligarchs displaced or bankrupted, politicians thrown out of power, etc) were to be dealt with (eliminated, banished, taken over, etc.).

After dinner that evening, Ruby and Ursula retired to Ruby's bedroom, while Victoria and Cassandra got to “know” one another better. Down in the dungeons, Gaia and Faith slept on the cold hard floor, unaware that their individual fates had just been decided by four powerful women who were at this moment, heatedly copulating twenty-seven stories high above them in the luxurious penthouse that Ruby and Victoria shared whenever they were in town together.

League of Superheroines part 3