League of Superheroines: Liberty

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Liberty (Charlotte McKinney): A decedent of a long lost Amazon race, Liberty has defended Central City for decades. The stunning blonde Superheroines strength, agility and grace have defeated countless threats and subdued many villains thru the years. Liberty is adored by Central City's residents, who recently erected a statue to honor the ageless wonder. Liberty holds watch over her people.

Cassandra Vain (Jeri Ryan): The longtime wife of a Central City crime boss, Vain has battled Liberty for years since Liberty captured the boss and saw him sentenced to life in prison. Since then, Cassandra has sought vengeance against Liberty. She hatched countless schemes to humiliate and destroy her enemy, but they all come up short. To make things even worse, Liberty hasn't seemed to age a day in 20 years while Cassandra daily imagines a new blemish or wrinkle! Vain is desperate to best her rival, but she fears time may be running out.

Sydra (Alice Goodwin): A world class assassin, Sydra was captured by Liberty while foiling her attempt on the Mayor's life. A master criminal, Sydra was dismayed and disheartened by how easily the Superheroine beat her and for the past five years, Sydra has trained rigorously while obsessing about getting a rematch with Liberty.

Sydra couldn't believe her luck! Someone had quietly orchestrated her release from Central City prison. She gathered her things and walked to the gates where a mysterious car waited for her. The big black haired woman opened the car door , wondering who had had sent it. Sydra was met in the back seat by Cassandra Vain. She knew Vain well... everyone did.

"Welcome to the world again, Sydra," Vain purred. "I couldn't have asked for a better specimen to work with." Cassandra smiled as she gazed on Sydra's intimidating form, a lean, muscular 5'8” build with an epic rack.

"Why am I here?" Sydra questioned with surprising directness...given her unexpected release.

Cassandra's explained her plan on the way to her palatial uptown estate, 'Vain Mansion.' "You're here because you hate Liberty almost as much as me... it's my goal to destroy her, and you are going to help me accomplish it."

Sydra smiled and nodded confidently.

Several years ago, Cassandra had heard rumors about a secret government program to develop a 'super soldier' serum. In the intervening years, she'd spent a fortune, and sacrificed the lives of some of her best operatives, in unsuccessful attempts to get her hands on the formula. But now Cassandra had finally managed to procure a single dose of the serum - whose formula was rumored give a normal human enhanced strength, agility, and speed... Vain knew the serum was the only way she could battle Liberty on even terms but it had taken her too long to obtain it! Now, Cassandra was too old, and even with serum, she doubted she could compete with the Superheroine Liberty.

So Vain searched the world for another woman, someone who - using her serum - could beat, and then break Liberty. Vain knew in her heart of hearts that Sydra was that woman!

Over the next six months, Cassandra and Sydra trained as they worked out a master plan. Sydra was given a shot of the 'super soldier' serum and, as expected, it increasing her already prestigious power and skills! The two villainesses carefully studied every fight Liberty had been in and noted her every move as Vain prepared Sydra for the battle of her life.

Cassandra became so confident of her protege that she decided Liberty's showdown with Sydra should be in public. Then after Sydra had vanquished Liberty, Cassandra would humiliate the star-spangled bitch in front of her adoring public. Liberty would be to humiliated to ever show her face in Central City again, Cassandra thought with a pleased grin.

When Liberty arrived for the unveiling of her statue, she was met by a sea of adoring fans. The Amazon was wearing her trademark red white and blue two piece outfit and white cape. In her speech, the blonde heroine thanked Central City, then removed the sheet to reveal her bronzed likeness.

“Wow... it's wonderful,” Liberty thought as she admired the workmanship.

Suddenly, from out of the crowd, Cassandra Vain emerged to interrupt the festivities.

"What do you want, Ms. Vain?" Liberty asked, not even trying to hide her obvious disdain for a woman she'd tried, unsuccessfully, for years to put in prison.

"I've come to challenge you to a contest, Liberty," Cassandra drawled smoothly as the crowd fell silent in hushed anticipation. "A one-on-one fight,” Vain said with a confident smirk. “Oh, and the loser has to leave Central City... for good."

Liberty threw back her head and laughed at the unexpected challenge. "HA! I accept. You've lost your mind Cassandra... but Central City will certainly be better off without you. Since I can't prove you've committed any crimes, I guess this is the next best way to get you out of circulation."

Just as soon as Liberty said the words, “I accept,” Cassandra was joined by another woman. The black-haired woman was slightly taller than Liberty, but her boobs were much bigger! I was Sydra and the crowd was awed by her muscular, Amazonian physique. "Oh it wont be me you'll be battling Liberty,” Cassandra announced. “Surely, you remember my friend Sydra.”

But truth to be told, Liberty barely recalled the woman who now stood in front her. It wasn't until Vain said her name that it jarred her memory and she remembered the years-ago arrest.

"Wow! Where'd you dig up this wannabe?" Liberty questioned. "I guess I'll just have to beat her again, but this time, I'll have the added joy of escorting you out of town afterward. Challenge accepted! I'll see you both at the Central City Arena Saturday night.”

Liberty turned her back to the two evil women to resume her speech, but at the sound of a thunderous explosion, she whirled around as there were loud gasps from the crowd. Liberty looked up and saw that Sydra had punched a hole through the bronze statue's tits with her bare fist!

"One last thing, you star-spangled slut,” Sydra snarled. “This match won't end until one of us quits! That's our only stipulation... if you want Cassandra Vain to leave town.” She giggled maniacally when Liberty nodded her acceptance. Then she blew Liberty a kiss and added, “See you there."

“Looks like this Sydra has been working out,” Liberty thought. “Good, it'll just make it that much more fun to dispose of her and finally put an end to Cassandra Vain's lawless days in Central City.”

Saturday night. The entire city was buzzing. The chance to see Liberty in action resulted in a packed house with media filling the ringside seats. The Star Spangled Banner began playing over the loudspeaker as Liberty appeared at the top of the entrance ramp and the people erupted in cheers as the blonde heroine basked in their adoration. After she climbed into the ring, Liberty stood and waved to all four sides or the stadium from each corner of the ring. Liberty's uniform had her epic breasts on full display and awash in stars and stripes. After she removed her cape, Liberty handed it to the ring attendant and began stretching while awaiting her opponent.

When Sydra and Cassandra cam running down the ramp, the arena exploded in loud boos. Cassandra was wearing a black sport coat, white blouse and a tiny black mini skirt. Sydra followed in a fearsome looking black leather bikini that struggled just to contain her massive jugs. Liberty was momentarily shaken by the sight of Sydra's muscular body... that, and the fact that she'd never been in the same room with a woman who had breasts close in size to her own... and Sydra's seemed to be even be bigger once she climbed into the ring and got closer!

Once the two villainesses entered the ring, Sydra went to her corner and began stretching, but Cassandra took the ring microphone from the announcer and told the crowd, "Enjoy the match. This'll be the last time you see your heroine Liberty," she hissed. Another raucous chorus of boos echoed throughout the packed arena.

Liberty smirked as the aging blonde villainess took her place beside Sydra as they strode to the center of the ring to meet Liberty face-to-face. Sydra was slightly taller than the statuesque blonde, but their breasts were a photo finish...although many sitting ringside later claimed they'd felt all along that Sydra's were superior.

"You've made a huge mistake Sydra," Liberty said with a smirk. “You'd be better off to quit now and save yourself the embarrassment of a loss."

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this...,” Sydra scoffed. “Oh, I'm so going to enjoy taking everything from you..." she growled, “...piece by piece.”

The bell rang and the battle began. The two women circled, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally, Sydra raised her hands and offered Liberty a Test of Strength. The blonde gladly accepted and locked hands with the dark haired vixen. Liberty expected little resistance when she exerted her power... but quickly realized she was sorely mistaken. The buxom blonde had to strain her mightiest simply to gain a few inches on the surprisingly powerful brunette.

"My God, how did she get so strong?" Liberty thought as Sydra fought her to a stalemate. In all her battles, Liberty had never met a foe that could match her might....

"Surprised BITCH?" Cassandra called mockingly from Sydra's corner.

Neither woman could gain more than that single inch until, suddenly, Liberty disengaged and punched Sydra in the stomach, stunning the big brunette. Liberty grappled with Sydra and sent her careening headlong into the ropes. As the villainess rebounded, Sydra was met with a Missile Dropkick to the head and the crowd popped when Sydra went down hard on her back on the mat.

Liberty seized the early advantage by taking control with two handfuls of Sydra’s dark hair which she used to drag the stunned villainess over to her corner where she slammed her head on the turnbuckle, leaving her further dazed and disoriented. Grabbing Sydra around the waist, Liberty lifted her into a Bearhug, then spun around as she leaped into the air and SPLASH....squashed her in the middle of the ring with a text book, JUG-TO-JUG, belly-to-belly, Suplex. The crowd exploded!

Sydra found herself flat on her back, shielding her face with her forearms as Liberty reigned down punches on her. Liberty was dominating exactly as most everyone predicted her too and she basked in the warm glow the crowds admiration for her as Liberty got to her feet and played to the cheering arena by turning to point at Cassandra standing open-mouthed in Sydra's corner.

“You're next,” she said. “I'm gonna give you the bum's rush out the door and stuff your ass in the luggage compartment of the next bus out of town.”

Liberty was enjoying herself so much taunting Cassandra, she forgot about Sydra who struggled to rise, using the ropes to support herself as she dragged herself to her feet. But just as Sydra came upright, something about the expression on Vain's face warned Liberty, who quickly spun around. Sydra only caught a glimpse of a soaring blonde heroine before Liberty blasted her with a Running Lariat that sent the a struggling villainess pinwheeling backward over the top rope, flying out of the ring where she came crashing down on the cold, hard, cement floor of the arena!

Sydra lay dazed on her back, struggling to catch her breath as Liberty ran across the ring and launched herself off the top rope. The city's beloved Superheroine flew through the air to finish the prone brunette villain but at the last second, Sydra raised her knees just before impact and Liberty's iconic big breasts took the whole impact! All the air was forced from the Superheroine's body and Liberty tumbled off the side holding her chest while Sydra sat up grinning at Cassandra.

Sydra seemingly found knew life after her desperate move which fueled her to get back to her feet while Liberty writhed on the filthy arena floor clutching her throbbing breasts and trying to fill her empty lungs with air!

Sydra went on the offense for the first time as she scooped Liberty up, pressed her overhead and they threw the blonde back over the top rope back into the ring where she landed on her back, again leaving her winded.

Sydra ran and dove under the bottom rope, sliding in on her belly, then popped up and attacked with a vengeance, sweeping over the breathless heroine like a tidal wave crashing against a shore. The black haired vixen pounded the blonde to her knees, then to all fours with a series of Double Ax-Handles to the back!

“Now we’re going to have some fun!” Sydra hissed in the heroine's ear as she pulled her head up by the hair and delivered a ringing Open Hand Slap to the busty blondes flushed face. Liberty was beginning to panic! She hadn't ever found herself on the defensive in a battle since she was a teenager, and now - much to Cassandra Vain's delight - she was having the fight taken to her.

“Show us what the sluts tits are made of!” Cassandra Vain yelled to her protege.

Before Liberty could react, Sydra had her jacked up in Cassandras corner where Vain held her up by the hair as Sydra blasted her breasts with vindictive fists, punching them over and over and over! Sydra used the stars on Liberty's bra as her targets and the arena soon echoed with the Superheroine's screams as Sydra pounded her boobs flat. Left, right, left, right... over and over Sydra smashed her heroic bouncing orbs, rocking them from side-to-side and up-and-down until Liberty's top was straining at the seams!

Cassandra's villainess pulverized Liberty's jugs in the corner until Liberty could no longer stand up... even with Cassandra Vain's handful of hair to help her. When the dark-haired villainess finally relented and stepped back, she and Vain both were laughing cruelly as Liberty slowly slumped down on her haunches on the mat and sat slowly rocking back and forth as she tearfully cradled her aching breasts in her crossed arms.

Sydra took the faltering heroine by the hair and dragged her on all fours out to the center of the ring where the villainess pulled her up on her knees and stepped behind her to lock on a Rear Choke Hold. As Liberty's face slowly turned red, from her corner Cassandra Vain screamed in delight!

This was the most trouble Liberty had ever been in, and for the first time in a fight, Liberty truly feared that she may lose. Panic went off in her head and she drilled a desperation elbow back into the gut of her brunette rival. Sydra grunted as she released the hold then attempted to pound Liberty with a Haymaker as Liberty stood up.

The blonde ducked the wild swing, staggered over to the ropes, and bounded off to deliver a stunning Hurincanrana! The crowd went wild as their heroine completed the move by dropping her leg across Sydra's massive chest.

The crowd erupted again when Liberty applied a Camel Clutch to the thrashing brunette. Liberty grunted as she hauled back on Sydra's chin as far as she could. Liberty knew she had the match won if she could hang on a few more seconds and…Sydra squealed as Liberty wrenched back with all she could muster. The villainess was just about at her breaking point as her outstretched hand grazed the rope. Just then, Cassandra Vain put her foot on the rope and leaned back, pushing the strand forward a few inches....just enough for Sydra's fingers to grip it!

Liberty’s heart sank when the ref enforced the rules and ordered her to break her hold. Both panting women struggled to their feet and separated, each attempting to catch her breath as she jogged around the perimeter of the ring while audience members roared advice and screamed support for their favorite.

The two warriors collided in the center of the ring once more... the SMACK of their jugs colliding echoed through the hushed arena as heroine and villainess smashed their bodies together. Locked in dueling Bearhugs... arms squeezing outside; tits battling between their sweaty bodies; crazed arena patrons on their feet....Sydra and Liberty battled for what seemed an eternity... their massive heaving breasts in their own private battle for mammary supremacy.

Despite all her pride and prestige, slowly Liberty realized her breasts were losing their contest against Sydra's more dominant pair. "Keep fighting, keep fighting.... you can beat her," Liberty thought as she struggled and strained against the dark haired bitch. Liberty gave it all she had, but every time she glanced down, she saw Sydra's breasts were slowly enveloping her own beleaguered boobs.

"Gawwwwwd No ... they're huggggggge..."

Sydra felt the moment when Liberty's faltering bosom lost the battle against her and her bulging breasts engulfed the Superheroines famous chest and overcame the last of their resistance. Sydra wrenched back and gave a triumphant shriek of primal rage that finally broke Liberty’s resolve. Sydra lifted the battered heroine off her feet and then swiftly crushed Liberty in a Belly-to-belly Suplex.

As she slammed down on her back on the mat, Sydra's massive breasts pancaked Liberty's wounded tits, then her body bounced into the air and her breasts came down on blonde’s face. Liberty could no longer find the strength to resist as she couldn't get any oxygen with her nose and mouth filled by the pliable flesh of Sydra’s overpowering, sweltering, breasts.

As Liberty's struggles slowed and then stopped, Sydra sat up, turned around, and planted her butt directly on the face of the blonde who lay spread-eagled in the middle of the ring. Sydra wiggled her hips, smiling proudly at Cassandra as Liberty's face was swallowed by the evil woman's overwhelming ass. The ref could have counted to 1000 but due to Cassandra's stipulation, the fight could only end in a submission by one of the participants.

The crowd despaired as they waited for the villainess to finish off their beloved Superheroine. But then, to everyone's shock Sydra rose off the prone heroine, turned around and STOMPED on Liberty's chest. The breathless Superheroine gave a loud gasp as her body scissored and she gulped in a breath of air. Sydra looked back at Liberty over her shoulder in disgust....then she left the ring! The crowd gasped in disbelief. Where was she going? Why was she leaving before getting her submission?

Liberty lay flat on her back trying to catch her breath and struggling to process what was going on. Sydra had crushed her, but she hadn't quit... the match must still be going on... so why did Sydra leave her alone the ring?

Liberty slowly sat up on the mat and looked around. She saw a grinning Cassandra Vain climb through the ropes and walk toward her. "You really thought I'd let Sydra have the glory of your destruction? Silly girl. I saved a little serum for myself...you're all mine now," Cassandra boasted to the stunned crowd.

The arch villainess delivered a brutal Round Kick to Liberty's face, knocking the weakened blonde back down flat on her back where she lay stunned while Cassandra removed her suit jacket, draped it over the top rope, then hitched up her skirt and sat down straddling Liberty's waist. "I've waited so long for this moment Liberty....it almost makes those years of embarrassment worthwhile..."

Before Liberty could process what was happening, Cassandra fired a Left Hook that pancaked her left breast, then a Right Cross smashed her right breast flat. "Oh Gawd, that felt good,” she sighed orgasmically. “Lemme try that combo again," Cassandra purred. She reared back and fired two more punches to the outsides of each of Liberty's world famous boobs, a left and then a right!

The Superheroine would've screamed if she could, but the pain was overwhelming it took her breath away. Cassandra kept punching, raining a series of powerful blows down on Liberty's pride and joy. Pausing for a moment, Cassandra looked the shattered heroine in eye and screamed, "YOU WILL NEVER SHOW YOUR TITS IN MY CITY AGAIN!"

Then Vain resumed blasting punches straight down, pulverizing Liberty's humming chest until Liberty's iconic top could take no more punishment and the strong materiel blew apart at the seams under Vain's relentless onslaught! The Superheroine's celebrated breasts flopped free at the same moment a scream escaped the heroine's mouth as she began to lose consciousness.

But Cassandra Vain wouldn't even allow her that small triumph. “NO!” Vain screamed. “Don't you DARE pass out on me, you bitch...” she yelled, slapping Liberty's face with both hands to bring her around. “You're not getting off that easy. You're going to quit out loud, right here in front of all your so-called fans,” Vain vowed. “You are finished in this town."

From ringside, Sydra tossed the microphone to Cassandra who pressed it to the beaten Superheroine's swollen and bloody lips. "Say the magic worlds, Liberty," Cassandra hissed. “Say it and the pain will stop and your humiliation will end.”

But Liberty was delirious. Not only had she never been defeated, she'd never been so soundly beaten both physically and emotionally. She simply couldn't focus her thoughts; her body was in too much pain for her to think straight.

"How? Why?" Liberty repeated over and over in her head. "Serum....?"

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her... relief! Liberty couldn't endure any more pain. "I....i....quit," Liberty panted into the microphone. You could have heard a pin drop throughout Central City when their heroine submitted to the hated Cassandra Vain who now sat straddling Liberty's beaten body wearing the biggest grin she'd ever had on her face.

"Just so you know... Sydra didn't do this for nothing,” Cassandra laughed as Sydra returned to the ring to join her. “Our deal was, I get Central City...” Cassandra said, “...and Sydra gets... you... Liberty!"

Her eyes widening in slow realization, Liberty moaned in disbelief, “No....no....no..."

"TIME TO END YOUR NIGHT STAR-SPANGLED SLUT!" Cassandra said as she tore open her blouse revealing her own titanic rack contained in a sheer black lace bra. Then she dropped her juggs like twin A bombs (D-bombs?) onto the face of the broken heroine. Liberty's world was eclipsed by Cassandras all-conquering tits.

As Liberty lost consciousness, her brain function sputtered and stuttered as it shut down. "How...how... could this happen...to ME... and why... why... why..." The darkness closed in and overcame her. Liberty's answer, if there was one, would have to wait for another day.

The arch villainesses Breast Smother was the exclamation point of her total victory over the pride of Central City. Liberty's body went limp as she lost consciousness. Her final battle, like her crime-fighting career, had come to a shocking and unfathomable end.

Central City was in utter shock. Their adored Superheroine. had been completely and utterly destroyed in front of the world by a pair of villainesses nobody thought had a chance, yet in the event, it had seemed all to easy.

"Get this trash out of my ring!" Cassandra ordered and Sydra gladly obliged. Sydra eagerly claimed her prize; grabbing the ruined blonde by the hair and, like some cave man, dragged the unconscious Liberty's body from the ring, up the ramp and out the exit. It was a sad sight for the people of Central City but a delight for Sydra who was already thinking about all the things she was going to do to the former “Champion of Justice.”

Cassandra collected Liberty's cape from the ringside attendant and symbolically tore the garment to pieces, then she addressed the stadium. "Say good-bye to your precious Liberty...Central City now belongs to ME! Stay tuned for future announcements."

The people of Central City wandered in shock from the arena, suddenly uncertain about their future and the future of their city. The legendary Liberty was no more; Cassandra Vain was now their Queen and whatever was coming, it was sure to be far different than what had gone before.

      • THE END OF CHAPTER ONE * * *