League of Superheroines: Glory  

League of Superheroines #4 Glory by Freefall

Glory's story picks up following Hope's defeat...


Liberty - Charlotte Mckinney

Glory - Brooklyn Decker

Hope - Chrissy Teigen

Cassandra Vain - Jeri Ryan

Ursula Wolfe - Kim Karsashian


Ivanka Payne- Irina Shayk - A Russian supervillainess returning for revenge

Grace - Lynda Carter, Matriarch of the League Superheroines; long retired from active duty, Glory's iconic outfit is an homage to Grace.

Faith - Beyonce - League of Super heroines member watching over the continent of Africa

Victoria Eve - Charlize Theron, Ruthless head of a blood diamond cartel

Ivanka Payne sat alone with her thoughts in the same cold Antarctic cell she'd had for the last 30 years. The KGBitch was the Soviet Union's answer to America's most powerful weapon... Glory, who'd given the West an insurmountable advantage for the cold war. The USSR wanted a superwoman of their own to even the odds and so they initiated “Project KGBITCH”.

Ivanka, already the most feared and ruthless agent in the KGB was infamous for her unmatched combat ability and merciless tactics. That made her the perfect candidate for the KGBitch project. After three years of genetic testing, experiments and training, she was given a top secret serum was developed to boost her strength, endurance, agility and other abilities. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union this serum was obtained by Cassandra Vain's criminal organization.

The program had been a success and Ivanka Payne became KGBITCH. The USSR believed no woman on Earth could match Ivanka, not even America's Glory. In 1985 the USSR introduced the KGBitch, proclaiming her “the worlds most powerful woman” and challenged NATO to prove otherwise.

Glory, who never backed down from a fight, gladly accepted the challenge. The two Superwomen met in Glorys adopted hometown of Washington DC and the epic battle took place in RFK Stadium in front of a live audience and millions watching on TV. Glory had never faced a challenger like the KGBITCH and Payne took her to the limit. But in the end, Ivanka fell to Glory who had survived the Russian but never wanted to see Ivanka Payne again. The League of Superheroines created a top secret prison in Antarctica to be maintained by Glory to hold the defeated KGBitch - and others too powerful or dangerous to be restrained in a regular prison.

Since the day Glory dumped her in the frozen cell, the Russian superwoman had fantasized about Glory's destruction. The super serum kept Ivanka young, strong, and angry, however there was nothing she could do except fantasize. Not until the day Cassandra Vain and Ursula Wolfe found the location of her prison!

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NO!" Glory shouted in disbelief.

Grace, the head of the League of Superheroines had just informed her they'd have to wait before moving against Ursula and Cassandra. "It's far too dangerous," Grace said. "We still don't know the extent of their capabilities and we can't risk losing another heroine."

The League was still in shock following Liberty and Hope's very public downfalls. All of a sudden, threats were popping up all over the globe. Grace had just met with Faith who was dealing with the Victoria Eve problem in Africa, among others. The superheroines were spread thin and Grace feared another defeat could mean disaster for the League.

"What about Liberty? We can't let her suffer. We've got to RESCUE HER!" Glory' argued. But her pleas fell on deaf ears as Grace held firm.

"Liberty knew the risks, they could be waiting for us to come after her... we need time to asses the situation, then act prudently." Glory was irate but grudgingly accepted the League matriarch's ruling. "In the meantime,” Grace ordered, “Go to Sun City and pick up Hope. When you get back, we'll have a plan ready."

Ivanka Payne couldn't believe her eyes... during her 30 year ordeal, her only contact with the outside world had been a small television on which she'd watched the League of Superheroines reign supreme. Each of Glory's successes put a knot in her gut. All she could do was watch and wait and plan. Ivanka had watched with bated breath as the first two Superbitches were taken down. Cassandra Vain's fists smashing Liberty's tits flat put the first smile on the Russian's face in 30 years while Ursula Wolfe tent-pegging Hope into sand gave her, her first laugh. The KGBitch needed no to Ursula Wolfe as, wearing Ursula's “Hope” Diamond, she and Cassandra Vain entered her cell.

For years the World had wondered what happened to the KGbitch. Her battle with Glory had been so epic most assumed she'd pop up again to challenge the heroine to a 'rematch'. No villain in the 30 years since had come as close to toppling the heroine. Ivanka was the only one, but in the end, she too fell to the blonde superheroine. Rumors were rampant of a secret prison holding the Soviet strong woman but no one knew for sure. After the collapse of the USSR, KGbitch faded from memory for all but Cassandra Vain. After years of looking, Vain had finally been able to track down the serum that powered Ivanka Payne.

Ursula and Cassandra knew they'd soon have to deal with the wrath of Glory, but they weren't sure they could beat her... even with serum. Hope and Liberty were formidable Heroines, they were simply not on Glory's level. The best chance to eliminate Glory was Ivanka Payne, but first they'd have to find her and only a handful of people on Earth knew where she was. Fortunately, one of those was chained to Cassandra's desk at this very moment.

It was almost sad how easily Liberty gave up the location of Ivanka's arctic prison. Cassandra had so thoroughly broken the Amazon that merely a threat of more pain got Vain more info than she could've dreamed of. Liberty not only revealed the secret prison site - now due to recent events most likely left unguarded – but also informed them that the cell could only be accessed with a retinal scan of a League member. Now Vain had both the coordinates and a member of the League of Superheoines. In a few hours Ursula, Vain, and the compliant Liberty were on Ursula's private jet to Antarctica - after a brief detour to do some business with Victoria Eve in Africa.

"Divide and Conquer," Ursula and Cassandra toasted as they clinked champagne glasses.

The journey had been long, with a productive detour to Africa, but the villainesses and Liberty reached the KGbitch's cell and Liberty shivered as the piercing cold nipped at her body still clothed in the tattered remains of her stars and stripes costume. Cassandra slammed Liberty's face up to the retinal scanner and smiled as a series of locks opened the vault to Ivanka's frozen cell. Ursula and Vain approached slowly, unsure what to expect.

Ursula had been 5 years old when Ivanka fought Glory, and even after watching recordings of the fight, she barely remembered the Kgbitch. This was all about Cassandra... Wolfe wanted Glory for herself.

"I thought you two vood neffer zhow," Ivanka said in her Russian accented English when her visitors entered.

"I'm Cassandra Vain,” Cassandra replied. “And this is Ursula Wolfe."

"I know who you are," Payne replied. She pointed to her ancient TV. "Efreevon knows who you are. And I kan guess vhy you are 'ere... Glory?" Payne's accented words were accompanied by a wicked grin.

"How do we know this bitch still has it?" Ursula asked and Ivanka sneered at her. Ivanka walked to Liberty, grabbed her throat in one hand and lifted her bodily in the air, then threw her across the prison. The blonde heroine lay gurgling as she struggled to get a breath...

"That's how we know!" Cassandra smirked.

Hope saw sunlight for the first time in days when Glory carefully pulled the shattered heroine out of her seaside grave. Wolfe had been right, no one in Sun City dared rescue her and risk Ursula's ire. Glory had no such fear. She wanted nothing more than to be in the same room with Vain and Wolfe... League rulings be damned.

"Die...dia... (sob)....she...took... my... diamond," Hope blubbered as Glory dragged her from the pit Ursula Wolfe had pounded her into like some buxom tent peg. Glory realized now that the woman who had been stuffed into that hole wasn't the same woman she pulled out. Glory held the quietly sobbing League member and carried her back to her Hope's island hideaway and put her to bed.

It had taken several days, but with Glory's help, Hope recovered some semblance of her former self-confidence...if not her self respect. The Superheroine came to terms with her defeat, and the loss of her precious Hope Diamond, but deep inside she knew that Ursula Wolfe had taken something from her she could never get back! Sitting in Hope's secret Island facility, Glory lobbied the slowly recovering Hope to join her in taking the fight to Ursula and Cassandra.

"We have to strike back...pay them back for what they did to you and rescue Liberty," Grace argued. "Liberty would, if it were us!" Memories of Ursula Wolfe's world-conquering ass still gave Hope terrifying flashbacks and each time she saw it, she would lose her breath and hyperventilate.

"No. Please Glory, not me. There must be another way. The League should help," Hope rambled.

Suddenly, a news flash popped up on Hope's computer. Glory stood helpless, fists clenched in anger, as images of Cassandra Vain and Ursula Wolfe appeared to taunt her. "Glory, if you want to see your sister Liberty again, we'll meet you in your hometown Washington DC and you can have her back."

Ursula chimed in, "I hear you dug poor Hope out of the hole I stuffed her and her pneumatic puppies in... bring her along, I've missed playing with her."

Cassandra resumed her challenge, "We'll be at Fedex Field Saturday... if you and what's left of Hope beat me and Ursula, you get Liberty..." The message cut off abruptly, but it had been loud and clear.

"I... I can't... Glory, it... it's too soon," Hope pleaded. "Please... listen to Grace. Don't do it... you don't know what they're capable of," Hope whimpered pathetically to the infuriated blonde. But Hope's plea fell on deaf ears and Glory stormed out thinking both the League and Hope, had let her down.

'To hell with them,' Glory thought as she headed to Washington DC.

Over 79,000 people were at Fed Ex field to see Hope and Glory take down the vile villainesses. On orders from Wolfe and Vain, a ring was set up in the middle of the field. To a chorus of boos, the hated duo made their entrance; Cassandra mesmerizing in a half-zipped black catsuit that displayed her abundant charms. Even her detractors had to admit the serum seemed to have reversed her aging, and her breasts were gravity defying!

Urusla wore her now infamous Wolfskin bikini with Hope's diamond adorning her intimidating juggs. The partners in crime soaked in the jeers bombarding them from every section of the stadium as the people nervously awaited the arrival of their beloved heroines.

Glory arrived during Vain and Wolfe's entrance and paused to take a calming breath, then marched out to do battle alone. The thousands in attendance gasped, then a stunned silence fell over them as they wondered, “Where's Hope?” By the time Glory stepped into the ring, it was clear she was on her own.

"Where's my little playmate Hope?" Ursula pouted. “I was looking forward to playing with her.” Wolfe really did seem disappointed at not seeing her old nemesis (but perhaps she just wanted something to do while Vain was kicking Glory's super ass around the ring?)

"I DON'T NEED HOPE TO DEAL WITH YOU TWO!" Glory pronounced sternly.

The famed heroine was stunning in her familiar blue bottom, red & gold Eagle chest plate and shiny tiara. "WHERE IS LIBERTY?" she demanded. Then, right on cue, the stadium announcer directed the crowd's attention to the South end of the stadium where the battered superheroine was led in, in chains, by the referee. Liberty was taken to Vain and Wolfe's corner where she had to kneel for her chain to locked to their corner stanchion.

'My God what've they done to her?' Glory thought, struggling to clear distracting thoughts from her mind as she prepared for combat.

The referee explained, “Since Hope has not appeared, this will be conducted under the rules of a handicap match. Only a pinfall, KO or a submission will count toward victory. That means that Glory would have to defeat BOTH opponents in order to win the match... and free her sister Liberty.”

With the rules clear, the referee got out the way, the bell rang, and the match began. Ursula began the match and wasted no time charging Glory like a raging rhino. Ursula moved quicker than Glory had anticipated and slammed the American Heroine back into her corner's turnbuckle. Glory's back hit the corner and she tried to cover up as Ursula fired fists into her trapped body.

'She's stronger than I expected,' Glory thought as she tried to parry Ursula's unrelenting attack. Ursula was stunned when the trapped Glory caught one fist out of the air and then shot a lighting quick strike to Wolfe's throat. Ursula backed off, pirouetted into the middle of the ring and stood gasping and holding her throat. Fed Ex field popped as Glory delivered a graceful Missile Dropkick to Ursula's back, launching the villainess bosom first into her corner where Vain stood watching open-mouthed.

Ursula's new-found power may have taken Hope by surprise, but Glory was on another level from the other League members. Ursula was in a shocked daze but took the opportunity to tag in Cassandra Vain who wasn't too ecstatic to be entering the match this early. Vain tepidly approached the blonde heroine, then decided to go on the offensive. She swung wildly, hitting only air. She swung again... and then again...

Each time, Glory danced and dodged, making the older and slower Vain look the fool. Ursula and Cassandra had the element of surprise on their side when they destroyed Glory's friends, but this was a different story. Glory stopped playing with Vain and exploded into the villainess and the crowd roared as Glory pounded Vain in the middle of the ring.

Cassandra couldn't defend herself, the serum had boosted her abilities... but the All-American heroine was too strong and too fast. Ursula could barely watch as Glory's offensive barrage left Vain almost out on her feet. Glory felt amazing as she took revenge on the woman who'd crushed her sister. In an instant, she swept Vain off her feet, lifted her high overhead and Glory strutted around the ring carrying her before she Powerslammed her crashing to the mat.

Just like that, it was lights out Vain!

Glory covered the KO'd woman as the referee slid into place 1......2......3 !!! The referee's count echoed through stadium speakers as Cassandra was counted out. Vain had been defeated and Glory had evened the odds. Liberty smiled for the first time in a long while as Vain's unconscious body was dragged from the ring. Now, only Ursula Wolfe stood between Glory and Liberty's freedom from the foul villainesses.

Wolfe re-entered the ring with her eyes fixed on the beaming Superheroine. They circled warily as each looked for a spot to re-engage. Ursula stuck first and grappled Glory into a wrenching side headlock, then Wolfe used their position in the ring to run Glory forward and the entire ring shook when she Bulldogged the blonde facefirst into the canvas matting.

Liberty's heart sank as Glory's head bounced off the mat. Ursula was up quickly to stomp the small of Glory's back as hard as she could... over and over and over. 'She kicks like a jackhammer,' Glory thought as she desperately tried to wriggle out from under the foot stomping by Hope's conqueror. But it was no use because Ursula grabbed Glory's foot and dragged back to the center of the ring where she leaped in the air to drop her infamous ass onto Glory's inflamed lower back.

The crowd was buzzing with renewed anxiety when Ursula locked Glory in a textbook Camel Clutch, planting her feet outside Glory's shoulders, then rearing back with her hands under Glory's chin to wrench the fading superheroine's neck and back backward into a 'C' configuration.

Glory's back felt like it may break any moment. She screamed in pain, rage and frustration as Ursula kept her in the middle of the ring staring up at the crisp blue sky above. She was too far away to reach the ropes and not since her battle with the KGBitch 30 years ago had Glory felt pain like this. She could only think of one way out of her predicament...

Wolfe again reared back, pulling Glory's chin with all of her serum-enhanced strengty. If the blond refused to quit, Ursula thought, then I'll just break her back and carry her off in a body bag. Glory flat out decided she would NOT be defeated! 'No, its not possible!' Wolfe thought as she felt Glory starting to power out of the Camel Clutch!

The people of Washington DC cheered as Glory slowly powered herself to all fours, then to her knees, as the villainess straddled her back hanging on for dear life. Soon, Glory was on her feet, and aided by the support and cheers from the people, she reached back, grabbed Ursula's head and flipped her over her head and slammed her to the mat flat on her back.

Glory's back pain disappeared with the adrenaline that rushed through her body and fueled her counterattack. Wolfe saw stars as Glory landed a massive Body Splash across the prone villainesses huge chest. Ursula wheezed gasping for air as the All-American Heroine hair hauled her to her feet, then slapped the taste out of Wolfe's mouth! Liberty slapped Ursula in the face twice more for good measure as Ursula stumbled punch drunk before Glory grabbed her and sent her for a ride, full force into the ropes. The Wolf skin clad brunette rebounded off the ropes right back to Glory where she was scooped up and sent crashing down by a ground-shaking Powerslam.

Glory knew she had the match won... she looked Liberty in the eye with a smile as she covered Ursula's faintly breathing body and the referee took a knee to count....1......2.......3! When the referee's hand hit the mat a third time, Fed Ex Field came unglued. Despite the League of Superhoine's orders, Glory had done it... she'd overcame both Super Villainesses; delivered justice for Hope; and she'd freed Liberty. Glory stood in the ring embracing her sister over Ursula's fallen body as Cassandra Vain slowly came hobbling around the outside of the ring.

"Glory I need to tell you something NOW," Liberty whispered to her victorious sister.

"Tell me later, sis. For now, let's enjoy this reunion moment," Glory warmly replied.

This shining moment would be the pinnacle of Glory's storied career. As always, the All-American Heroine had come through to save the day. In the midst of the heroine's celebration, however, a stunned silence fell over the jubilant Washington DC crowd as a long-forgotten figure from the past suddenly reappeared at ringside.

'Oh my God!' Glory thought as the two made eye contact. 'How is it possible?'

Glory could hear Cassandra Vain laughing as Ivanka Payne slowly climbed to the ring clad in her black battle bikini. She came through the ropes with an intimidating purpose. Everything became clear to the stunned All-American Heroine in a flash! Vain and Ursula never thought they could beat her; the entire match had been a ruse to lure the legendary superheroine to this spot, at this moment. Glory cursed her blindness...she'd swallowed Cassandra's bait hook, line, and sinker. Glory was about to come face to face with the woman she never wanted to see again...the KGBitch!

"I’m so sorry Glory... I... I tried to tell you," Liberty whimpered.

"It’s OK, Lib, I'll handle this... you're free ...get out of here... NOW!" Glory told her younger sister. Liberty started to protest but Glory immediately cut her off with, “I SAID NOW!" Then she added, "This is my fight."

Liberty grudgingly complied and left the area as Ivanka approached the waiting Glory. Cassandra and Ursula circled the ring like Hyena's mocking the stunned heroine.

"LEAVE!" Ivanka snarled at the two villainesses. "This is between me and her."

The two arch villainesses wisely heeded Ivanka's command and scurried off to the Wolfe Corps private box.

“I have for 30 years beeen alone wiz you, Glory,” Ivanka seethed. "Tonight, I break you."

"I’ve beaten you before... I'll beat you again... Maybe it’s time you focused on something else... have you tried knitting?" Glory smirked.

Behind Glory's confident words lay the tingling sensation of a new emotion...doubt! Ivanka Payne was the toughest challenge Glory had ever faced, and she hoped she was prepared to defeat this woman once more time. "Give me strength," Glory silently prayed as they faced each other. The time for words was over and Glory and Ivanka circled. Payne’s impatience was apparent when she wildly struck first.

The Soviet Superwoman exploded with a barrage of offensive firepower. Glory's defensive skills where put to a severe test as she dodged and parried a ferocious stream of fists and feet from Ivanka. Payne was landing with her strikes, but she wasn't getting the direct hits she wanted...and needed!

'She's strong, but not much stronger than Ursula,' Glory thought as Ivanka's fist penetrated her defense for the first time and bounced of her hard, flat, abs. 'She’s fast... faster than before.... faster than Wolfe and Vain,' Glory realized as she looked for an opening to attack.

Payne became frustrated and tried to decapitate the blonde with a massive Haymaker. Ivanka was quick, but Glory was lighting in a bottle. She saw Payne's KO blow a mile away and ducked. Ivanka's fist hit only empty air as Glory whipped around behind her, grabbed her around the waist and German Duplexed the ravaging Russian halfway across the ring. Fed Ex field shook as the KGBitch landed with a loud THUD on her back in a cloud of rosin dust.

Glory wasted no time pressing her advantage! She lifted the stunned Villainess high in the air and bought her crashing to the mat again with a textbook Suplex. Payne was writhing like a wounded badger as Glory pounced again.

"When will you villainesses learn.... a Heroine always comes out on top," Glory taunted as she raised the struggling Payne to her feet again.

The All-American Heroine scooped the KGBitch up and as she prepared to lift her into the air for a devastating body slam she felt a searing twinge of pain in her back when she got the stunned Russian halfway up. To Glory, it felt like she'd been stabbed when her back gave out under the weight of the supervillainess. They both collapsed to the mat with Glory clutching her inflamed lower back. Ursula Wolfe's stomping had apparently done more damage than Glory knew. The adrenaline coursing through her veins could only mask so much and now the heroine had to fight on in pain.

Ivanka Payne used her respite to refocus and analyze her opponent. A younger KGBitch would’ve used the sudden opening to launch a sudden offensive, but Payne was now wiser than the woman Glory imprisoned three decades before. Ivanka caught her breath as she watched Glory clutch her back like a natural predator. The All-American slut had a weakness, one Ivanka Payne was sure she could exploit.

Glory used the ropes to help herself to her feet and was immediately hit by the hard-charging Russian. Ivanka crashed into her and they both women fell in the corner. Glory tried to get her bearings, but Payne was all over her. She slammed Glory tits-first into the turnbuckle, then fired two hard punches low into blondes aching back.

Before Glory could react Ivanka took her by the blonde hair and Irish Whipped her to the opposite corner. BUH-BAM! Glory’s twin torpedo tits smashed into the far corner pad and Ivanka followed instantaneously. She launched herself from mid-ring, soaring high through the air and came down onto Glory’s body hanging in the corner.

MASSIVE IMPACT! The Earth shook when Ivanka crushed Glory's body between her and the thinly padded turnbuckle. Glory’s eyes bulged as she sagged slack deadweight to the mat gasping for air. Glory had never before lost a battle, and just moments ago, she'd reached the pinnacle of her crime fighting career.... and now she was fighting for her life against a long-ago forgotten foe.

The Washington DC crowd was stunned at the turn of events. The KGBitch punished the world’s greatest superheroine right in front of their eyes. On all fours, Glory tried to defend herself as Payne unloaded a wicked kick to her gut. Glory collapsed on the mat as Payne's kick pierced her abdominal muscles… The KGBitch played to the crowd as she stepped on, then walked across the faltering heroine's injured back. Glory’s moans of pain were music to the Russian's ears as she hauled the blonde back to her feet.

Glory was nearing delirium from shock and pain as Ivanka again Whipped her to the ropes. Ivanka readied her KO punch, a Running Lariat, when the big titted blond heroine rebounded off the ropes back toward her. Acting on pure instinct, Glory somehow ducked under Ivanka’s extended arm… and both women careened into the ropes going in opposite directions. Glory found a reserve energy she never knew she had and struck Ivanka with towering Splash in the middle of the ring. Payne's boobs were nearly knocked clear out of her black bikini top when she collided with the airborne heroine.

The stadium hit a fever pitch as Glory fought her way back into the match. Both women reached for the ropes to find their feet, Glory clutched her aching back as she regained her footing and Ivanka shaking cobwebs from her ringing head. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife as the two Superwomen collided once more in the center of the ring were the back and forth volleying of punching and kicking was unlike anything the crowd had ever seen.

Glory and Ivanka tore into each other with a furious passion… both combatants landed and received massive blows as they battled for superiority. The All-American heroine's punches where harder, and did more damage… but the KGBitch landed hers more often. Glory gave everything she had… but for the first time in her life she was facing a faster woman than herself. Ivanka’s fists found Glory's body again and again and as she wore down under the barrage, the blonde’s own offense became more and more erratic.

'No …this isn't possible... she’s too fast,' Glory thought as she found herself being overpowered and overwhelmed. The blonde’s arms felt heavy and her reaction sluggish. Punches she'd parried easily in the early minutes of battle now eluded her and battered her worn body. Ivanka grinned an evil smile as she realized Glory was collapsing under her unrelenting assault.

The KGBitch soaked in the sight of Glory struggling on her back as she circled the embattled Superheroine and gloated, “For 30 years I’ve dreamed of this moment Glory… of what I'd do to you if we met again… tonight I’m going to do it all!”

Ivanka’s ominous words gave the heroine's stomach a sinking feeling and she desperately tried to regain her focus and her confidence. The Russian nightmare again hair-hauled Glory up by her matted, sweaty, blonde hair and dragged to the ropes in the middle of the ring where she twisted the ropes and intertwined Glory’s arms in them… then Ivanka stood back to admire her handiwork as the All-American heroine hung limp in her ring rope imprisonment.

Ivanka hated Glory more than anything alive… but what really made her cringe with jealousy were Glory’s massively slutty Amazonian boobs. Glory’s chest dwarfed most women’s but it enraged the KGBitch that her 'Russian red rack' didn't compare to the American's 'red, white and blue boobs'. For decades Ivanka had lain awake at night imagining what it would feel like sinking her fists into Glory’s jugs. Now, thanks to Cassandra Vain and Ursula Wolfe, the moment was at hand (fist?) when she would find out and experience the sensation for real!

Fed Ex field echoed with Glory’s screams as Ivanka Payne's punches smashed into her gold eagle chest plate. Over and over, Ivanka pounded the iconic eagle made famous by the League of Superheroines matriarch Grace… Glory hung limp and helpless as Ivanka bared her fangs and smashed her fists into those proud boobs. Whatever protection Grace’s chestplate provided began to be lost when Ivanka’s fists dented, then cracked, the golden shield. The crowd gasped when an Ivanka scud missile right hand, aimed squarely between Glory’s heaving, sweaty, breasts… shattered Glory’s iconic gold chest plate on impact!

Ivanka briefly paused her assault to assess the awesome sight of Glory’s exposed breasts heroically resisting the steady pull of gravity. The All-American Heroine bit back her sobs and screams when Ivanka cupped her massive mammaries in her palms, hefted them as if assaying their worth, then slowly closed her fists and dug her claws deep in that proud, pale, prized, puppyflesh. But Glory couldn't staunch her tears and they ran in rivers down her cheeks to moisten the flesh bulging out between Ivanka's clawed fingers as she dug, twisted, pulled and punished those beautiful breasts!

“This is so much better than I ever imagined,” Ivanka panted excitedly in Glory’s ear as she leaned on her as her fingers tore into the blondes quivering bosom. Glory’s worst nightmare become real as Ivanka rained devastation down on her battered breasts. Glory struggled mightily trying to stay conscious as the brutal KGBitch pinched, punched, pulled, and pounded her jugs, turning the underlying tissue to jelly. Glory’s head lolled to the side as Ivanka's knuckles, over and over again, sank deep into her heroic rack.

The [b]SMACK[/b] of despicable fist against heroic boob echoed through the hushed stadium, broken only by an occassional sob or gasp from someone in the audience. Several women in the crowd fainted and were carried out by medical personnel, others became sick but refused to leave for fear of missing the inevitable comeback by the All-American heroine they 'knew' must be right around the corner.

“Don’t you dare pass out on me… YOU WILL FEEL EVERYTHING” Ivanka screamed as she bitch-slapped Glory awake when she dared pass out on her. The force of the KGBitch’s teeth rattling blow shook Glory loose from her rope entanglement. The withered heroine puddled on the mat, crouching in agony as her trembling hands cradled her devastated boobs.

As Ivanka worked into a steady rhythm, Glory mumbled as each punch landed. Soon, the pattern became audible to the audience thanks to the ringside microphones.

SPLAT "no...”

SPLAT “noo...”

SPLAT “nooo...”

Glory, her thinking growing fuzzy, her mind wandering, may have believed this was all a nightmare. 'This can’t be real... it can't be happening... not to ME' she thought. But as Payne stood tall over her, with a sinking in her stomach, Glory came to the realization that her battle was lost... the only question now was, how bad would it get... no matter what, she vowed to keep fighting... a superheroine never gives up.

Ivanka laughed with a wicked cruelty as Glory struggled to get her feet under her, straining to stand upright despite the binding of her arms by the ropes behind her. Glory was displaying the heart of a lioness. The All-American heroine wrestled her arms from out of the ropes, almost falling, grabbing the ropes for support, then raised her fists, trying to resume the doomed struggle against the Russian Nightmare. She called on her last remaining reserve of energy to launch a final desperate offensive.

The people in the crowd, those still able to watch, tried to cheer on their heroine as she swung wildly - but ineffectively - at the KGBitch. None of her blows landed... most didn't even come close. Not that it would’ve made much difference if they had! Payne grinned a revolting smile as she easily caught Glory’s fist in midair, twisted her hand and forced her to her knees.

"You will be break... Glory... tonight I will own your body... and your spirit." Payne's threat was heard over the multiple Jumbotron screens as she slowly closed her hand to crush Glory’s captive fist. The blonde, sat back on her haunches, her good hand holding her aching fist. Glory looked out at the sea of faces of the people praying to see Hope or Liberty rushing to her rescue... but there would be no one to save her... Glory was alone!

Ivanka roughly grabbed Glory by her disheveled hair, her lean muscles rippled with strength as she lifted the half-nude superheroine overhead. Glory kicked her legs and flapped her arms helplessy as Ivanka showed her off to the masses, then boasted in her heavily accented English, "LOOK AT YOUR HEROINE... SHE ISS NOTTINK!"

A pin could be heard dropping by the time Ivanka powered the All-American heroine down over her outstretched knee in a backbreaker! Glory’s brain exploded in pain... her eyes seeing sky rockets and pinwheels. A normal back would’ve snapped like a twig on impact. Ivanka held Glory with one hand crushing a battered breast and the other in her groin with a Crotch Claw as she kept bending the ruined blonde's body over her knee at an ever more sickening angle until Glory felt that her spine was about to snap... she had nothing left... at that moment a new word entered her lexicon... surrender.

"No... more..." the heroine pitifully gasped out between pained inhales of air through her agony and humiliation.

"I can’t hear you... louder... LOUDER! I want your fans to share in my moment of triumph," Ivanka demanded as she increased the pressure on her Vicious Backbreaker.

"No more.... please... no... no more... yuh... you... win..."

Glory’s shocking surrender over the stadium loudspeakers went out for the entire world to hear. Ivanka had done it! The Indomitable superheroine had quit! Glory had broken. Satisfied with the wrecked blonde’s submission, Payne released her and Glory flopped on the mat where she lay in a crumpled, sobbing, pitiful, heap. An overwhelming sense of absolute humiliation swept over Glory in a wave of uncharacteristic emotion as the enormity of her defeat began to sink in.

"KNEEL!" Ivanka commanded her beaten rival as she towered over the downed blonde. Glory could never have imaged surrendering... not to anyone...but she simply couldn't take any more pain. She gave in to the KGBitch’s demand and lowered her head in shame as she knelt before her.

"YOUR TIARA...” Payne’s words hit Glory harder than any fist but the crushed Amazon had no choice. She slowly removed her prized Tiara and, with her head bowed in shame, unable to make eye contact, held it up to Ivanka. Glory’s world fell apart when Ivanka Payne placed her precious tiara on her odious head. Pride was no longer necessary for the beaten woman and Glory's tears flowed freely down her red, flushed, cheeks. Hearing Glory’s pitiful sobs (almost) made Ivanka’s 30 years of captivity worthwhile although the Villainess would later say she'd do it again just to relive the moment.

"The age of Superheroines is at an end!" Ivanka announced to the 79.000 people in attendance and billions watching around the world.

As soon as Glory surrendered her tiara to Ivanka, Cassandra climbed into the ring carrying a new toy, The Violatrix! Taking the microphone, Vain explained to the beaten heroine and the rapt crowd, that Vain Inc., in coordination with Wolfe Corp, had created a device that when used on someone, the device will drain that person of any Amazon or Super powers and give that power to the one wearing the Violatrix.

“But enough talk,” Cassandra chuckled. “I'm sure you all want to see it in action. Witness for yourselves what it can do and see the potential for world-changing power transfers, power which will ultimately lead to a tectonic shift in the cosmic balance of power for all time.”

The only thing standing between Glory and her birthday suit were her blue, star-spangled bottoms, and even those were a bit worn down by the rigor of combat. Ivanka Payne picked Glory up and held her in a bearhug from behind, her hands clasped over Glory's massive melon breasts, crushing them until the flesh bulged out from beneath her clasped hands above and below.

Cassandra motioned for the ringside cameras to be brought into the ring while she stepped into the device which she wore like heavy leather bikini bottom. The most impressive thing about it was the long, thick, black, tube projecting a good two feet in front of her groin. Most would have thought it merely a giant dildo, but when Cassandra pushed a button on her hip, it began to glow, then throb and emitted a dull buzzing sound that was audible as interference over the stadium PA system.

Vain positioned the cameras where she wanted them, then directed Ivanka Payne to position Glory with her back to Cassandra. Glory tried, briefly, to resist, but she was too weakened by the battle and Payne was too strong. Once Glory was in position, Payne bent her over and put her head between Ivanka's thighs, then pulled both of Glory's arms backward up over her back, which had the effect of pushing her head down. Payne clamped her thighs trapping Glory's head between them, then again pulled on her arms which raised Glory's butt as she was forced up on her toes to relieve the pressure on her shoulders as her arms were levered higher.

The grinning Cassandra Vain stepped up behind Glory and hooked her fingers in the waistband at both sides of Glory's hips, then began to work her star-spangled buttom down over her bulging butt cheeks. Every few inches, Vain would stop to give Glory's newly revealed flesh a hard spanking until it was bright pink. Then she'd wiggle the bottom down a few more inches and repeat the spanking. It must have felt to Glory as if it would never end, but eventually the blue material had been lowered to just below the creases forming the bottom edge of Glory's fleshy butt.

Just then, Ursula Wolfe reappeared at ringside with a surprise. She was holding a chain which was attached to a collar around Liberty's neck. “Surprise!” Ursula chirped; the crestfallen expression on Glory's face said more than words what a terrible shock it was for her. “Look who I found wandering around behind the concession stands like a little lost puppy. I bought her a hot dog and she followed me home. I figured she may want to lend a hand to her sister, so I brought her along with me.”

“Nuh...no....uh-uh...” Glory moaned, shaking her head as best she could with Payne's muscular thighs crushing it. Tears ran down her cheeks as she pleaded, “Wuh...we... we had a deal...yuh...you... have to let her go... please...”

“Sorry hon,” Ursula chuckled. “That deal was with Cassandra. Besides, you don't look much like a winner standing there crying with your big old battered boobs and red hot butt hanging out. So I'm calling a do over. It's the rule of the jungle, Glory hole - finders keepers! I found this little filly, and dammit, I'm keeping her!”

Ursula jerked the chain and sent Liberty wobbling over to Cassandra who put her arm protectively around Glory's young sister's shoulder. Liberty looked every inch like a whipped puppy. All Cassandra needed was a rolled up copy of the Washington Post to complete the tableau. Instead, she hugged Liberty to her bosom and whispered something in her ear. Liberty recoiled, looking shocked, and shook her head 'no'. Cassandra repeated the order, this time adding, “If you don't, Glory will suffer even more than she already has. If you love her, do as your told. And, word of warning, things are going to be different for you from now on you better learn to follow orders or your life will be very, very, hard. Now, get to work....”

Sobbing, Liberty stepped up to Glory and took hold of her blue, star-spangled, bottom and as she began to pull it down her sister's legs, she whispered, “I'm sorry, Glor.”

When the bottoms reached her ankles, Cassandra shoved Liberty back to Ursula, took out a leather thong and whipped it back and forth across the back of Glory's thighs. The big busted beauty tried to pick her feet up to escape the torture, but they tangled in her bottom and she collapsed to her knees with her head still trapped in Payne's Scissors. The crowd let out a big groan as the camera got a closeup of the red stripes criss-crossing her pale flesh.

“That's good right there,” Cassandra said. “Now don't move...”

She knelt behind Glory and positioned the tip of the Violatrix at the slit between her tightly clenched thighs. Cassandra smiled as she slowly pushed forward, knowing that the tighter Glory clenched, the greater the sensations the Violatrix would create. She pushed and pushed, then suddenly, she fell forward as the shaft overcame Glory's stubborn resistance. Cassandra heard the sweet sound of Glory's startled cry of, “OHHhhhh... MYYYY GAAAaaaaawd! after she pushed the button to make the long shaft begin to throb, vibrate and slowly rotate on its axis. As it slowly turned, little rubber spikes randomly popped up, increasing the sensation and tickling the inner walls of her vagina in unexpected and unpredictable ways!

This wasn't a 'love' session, this was physical and mental torture on an unimaginable scale and Cassandra was loving every second!! With Payne restraining her arms, and with her head trapped between Ivanka's powerful thighs, Glory couldn't move since Cassandra was kneeling on her star-spangled blue bottom which trapped her feet. All she could do was take it for as long as Vain wanted to keep it up... and Cassandra was in no hurry!

Every few minutes, Ivanka would release one arm to clamp a hand on Glory's nose and mouth, cutting off her oxygen. She'd keep it there a minute, or more, and when she removed her hand, Glory had to gasp and take big breaths to restore her air. For those periods, her body was highly sensitive to external stimulus, making the Violatrix even more effective. When Ivanka wasn't holding her hand over Glory's air passages, she was abusing Glory's proud breasts, again as a way of distracting her mind from its job of trying to maintain control of her emotions.

After fifteen minutes, Glory felt the first tremors of sexual release and as she tried to focus her mind on her pussy, Ivanka cut off her air again! This time, Payne held her hand over Glory's nose and mouth until she climaxed and Cassandra let out a triumphant cry she felt the first small surge of increased strength and power flow into her body. Once Glory's dam had been breached, it quickly built into a tidal wave, one orgasm after another coming in rapid succession. Amazons are reknown for their discipline and control, but what's not as well known is that once lost, their emotions tend to rage out of control - one reason they're such fierce fighters!

But sexually, they are highly orgasmic and once their orgasm begin, many of them can continue to climax over and over for long periods. Glory wasn't anywhere near the most sexually responsive of all the Amazons, but she was among the strongest and once she got on a roll, there was no stopping her. Vain kept pumping the Violatrix and Glory kept exploding. After fifteen or twenty, Cassandra and Ivanka rolled Glory over on her back and Cassandra mounted her missionary style.

That gave the cameras a different view, one where they could shoot closeups of Glory's expression as she erupted. It also had a definate advantage for Cassandra Vain too. Cassandra was as vain as her name and she like to show off her own prodigious bosom. Standing upright, it wasn't nearly as impressive as when she was bent over or above Glory. Another benefit, was that with Glory on her back, her big breasts flattened, and slid sideways to they appeared less imposing, while the opposite was true of Cassandra's D-cuppers.

Two more orgasms, the most powerful yet, came rapidly in missionary position, then a third one quite literally rocked Glory's world. The ring shook as she dug her fingers and toes into the mat and shook from head to toe. The next day, newspapers reported a 2.2 on the Richter scale was recorded at the Naval Observatory at that same time!

Glory's orgasms continued to build until they were coming almost one on top of another even as their power began to fade. Cassandra could feel less and less power transferring to her and thought that the Violatrix 2.0 should include a meter to record the amount of power transferred. It would be interesting to see if she could discover the point at which an Amazon was completely drained of all her powers.

Two more climaxes was all Glory had left in her and she passed out after what later was estimated at over 100 total orgasms in less than an hour. Cassandra started to levitate off the ring, leaving Glory stripped and powerless. Ivanka kicked Glory over to the corner of the ring where she lay crumpled in a limp, sweaty, ball; barely breathing. Ivanka Payne would collect her later for “research” perhaps. But Glory's glorious career had come to an end as soon as her last climax shook the arena. Now, her power was coursing through Cassandra's veins!

Ursula Wolfe begged Cassandra to let her borrow the Violatrix so she could use it on Liberty, but Vain betrayed her and threw Wolfe out of the stadium, saying she, “prefers to do that one myself.”

The super-powered Cassandra Vain then turned around and started walking toward Liberty with her strap-on Violatrix thrusting out in front of her, jiggling, wiggling, and bouncing up and down; a scene at once both tantalizing in it's possibilities and yet disgusting in it's lewdness. All anyone watching needed to see was the look of complete hopelessness and and utter dismay on Liberty's face compared to the lusty smirk and lascivious delight on Cassandra's.

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