The Prison Princess 2  

By Brian Kim

The Prison Princess

Chapter 2

Written by Blade

The Characters in this story belongs to DC Comics and I am in no way making any money off of them.

Brady smiles as she releases the moaning the Amazon Princess who slumps to the ground. She quickly grabs Diana by the hair and makes her crawls to another room just one has a hidden camera as well but also four chains coming from the wall which was soon connected to Diana's wrists and ankles. The chains was soon pull taunt forcing her in a spread eagle position as Brady turns to the door as another guard walks in nodding to the wall as they attach a high power water hose to a water outlet. Brady nods as they turn on the water and points it at the back of the defenseless Wonder Woman who gasps feeling the cold water shoots over her bare skin which suddenly gets gooseflesh. The water washing over her bare skin causing her black hair to be wash away suddenly the water stops as Brady walks over and grabs her hair and pulls it up placing it in a holder hanging from the ceiling. Then the washing resumes as the guards goes up and down paying attention to her buttocks as if trying to get inside of her ass. They Brady signals and they quickly uncuff her and turn her around so they can shackle her so she can be facing them. One of the guards whistles walking over and cupping one of Diana's breasts working it in a full massage.

"This one has some full breasts, Chief, it will be fun to see what the prisoners do to her if they don't cut her up or do anything bad to her."

Brady smiles turning and nodding at the video camera giving the Warden the sign to start moving the criminal who will be in Diana's cell toward the wash room where Diana is. Brady then turns speaking to the guard.

"Let's finish washing her and get some lunch she still has to dry before we can transport her."

The guard nods regretfully releasing the breast and suddenly the water was turned back on as Diana screams feeling the cold water wash over her breasts causing her nipples harden as Brady smiles moving it up and down the naked superherione's body. She paid particular attention to her womanhood before turning the water off and nodding to the other guard who quickly speaks to Diana.

"It'll take you a couple of hours to dry but don't worry you won't be alone while we are gone. We have arranged for some…entertainment for you."

The guard smiles and exits out of the room through one door and from another door as a tall Mexican woman entered the cell her eyes blood red and a bit mad. She looked at Diana lustfully before walking over and smiling looking her up and down from her back to her buttocks.

She slowly leans forward not moving from behind the tied naked woman and speaks softly

"I'm going to enjoy playing with you every night and making this lovely body mine. I love breaking people like you who think you're better then me."

The Mexican reaches up and runs her calloused hands down Diana's back to her buttocks spreading them and looking at her small opening whistling softly.

"A small opening you have there, Princess, but I guess after I am done you will be able to take anything in both holes. Now let's see what you look like from the front."

The Mexican walks around and looks at Diana's front as Diana breathes heavily her head on her chest as the Mexican grabs her chins and jerks her head up to look at her. The Mexican smiles and leans forward kissing her. Diana's eyes widen before they close feeling the Mexican pushing her tongue in and finding Diana's own tongue.

The Mexican smiles breaking the kiss before she moves her hands down to Diana's breasts and begins to play with them pulling on the nipples and squeezing the breasts before she leans down and suckles on them. Diana gasps throwing her head back as far as she can her eyes closing as the Mexican uses her tongue to move a nipple around in her mouth before she frees one breast and then moves to another.

Then the Mexican licks down Diana's flat stomach stopping to stick her tongue into the small belly button and looking at Diana's womanhood. She slowly licks a finger and pushes it into Diana's womanhood smiling as Diana's insides squeeze the finger in welcome. The Mexican pulls her finger out and stands up speaking softly.

"Oh yes it will be fun playing with you since you have such a sensitive body, Princess, I will see you later."

The Mexican smiles kissing the naked Princess one more time before walking off leaving the Princess panting.

End of Chapter 2

The Prison Princess part 2