The Prison Princess  

By Brian Kim

The Prison Princess

Written: Blade


The characters in this story belongs to D.C. comics and I am in no way is making any money off of them. Also some of the rules used in this story are copied from Wonder Woman Undercover Princess edited by GW. I only borrowed the rules and changed some of them and kept some of them and didn't copy the whole thing. So I'm giving him credit in this author's note or this brief note so that way he doesn't feel left out if he reads this. GW, if you read this story I would like to thank you because your story was in part an inspiration in writing this also to the unknown writer who also wrote parts of GW's story thank you also.

The Head of the Department of Corrections sit in his office talking to one of his aides his coat off showing his white shirt and tie as he talks.

"So you're telling me that the last few agents we sent into New York Pen for Women has been killed or turned up missing?
The aide nodded her head holding up a sheet of paper from her folder her blonde hair in a bun and her body clothed in the usual clothes of a secretary.

"I do have a suggestion, sir, how about sending in a superherione? You like Wonder Woman or Super Girl?"

The Department Head rubbed his chin for a moment turning around and looking outside the window his brown eyes scanning the capitol.

"Very well, we'll send Wonder Woman in since it's easier to get in touch with her then it is Super Girl also she is used to going undercover in hostile territory."

A Few Hours Later

New York Pen for Women

The Warden sat with the Aide for the Head of the Department of Corrections nodding his head smiling for a moment rubbing her chin as she listened.

"So instead of sending in another agent they are going to send Wonder Woman in. This will be fun since most of the women prisoners if not all was put here by her also they do tend to get bored with the female agents that are still alive. The prisoners will have fun playing with her especially once she doesn't have her lasso or belt. I'm sure the Head is convinced that I'm on his side."

"Yes he is convinced that you don't know what is going on inside the prison and actually Wonder Woman should be meeting him right now. Also here is a list of things that might come in handy that I composed on my lunch break which should be helpful in breaking Wonder Woman."

The aide handed over a piece of paper with several rules written on it. The rules read as such:

"1. Wonder Woman, you will not use your super strength on anyone at, associated with or visiting the prison.
2. Wonder Woman, your amazon warriors' skills will completely desert you, if you attempt to use them on anyone at, associated with, or visiting the prison.
3. Wonder Woman, you will believe that submitting to the reform system will allow you to find the information you need to prove the misdeeds you suspect.
4. Wonder Woman, you will come to admire and crave the respect of the warden, guards, and other prisoners of the Prison.
5. Wonder Woman, you will come to realize that the punishment, while very humiliating and painful, is not dangerous or physically damaging.
6. Wonder Woman, as time goes by you, will slowly start to lose your ability to deny to yourself your own sexual urges.
7. Wonder Woman, as time goes by you those urges will become ever stronger, and will become impossible to repress.
8. Wonder Woman, you will become more sensual.
9. Wonder Woman, you will become more sensitive around your nipples, ass and pussy.
10. Wonder Woman, after a very short time you will wake up every morning will your panty crotch wet from your sexual secretions.
11. Wonder Woman, after a few days at the Prison, each time you are humiliated or commanded to submit to corporal punishment you will feel the overpowering need to masturbate.
12. Wonder Woman, as your sexual awareness grows you will become more ashamed each time you masturbate in private.
13. Wonder Woman, as your shame grows you will find yourself incapable of preventing your hips from rising to meet each punishment stroke or from spreading your legs enough for the person dominating you physically to see and feel your most private of places.
14. Wonder Woman, after this happens you will find it easier and have a desire to climax when being disciplined.
15. Wonder Woman, you will begin to dream about males, while enjoying submitting to females at the Prison.
16. Wonder Woman, you will never remember having your own golden lasso used on you by the Warden.

The Warden smiled placing the paper on his desk as she nodded to the Aide who smirked.


Wonder Woman sat in the Head's office listening to his report on the mission and nodding her head as she listened her blue eyes serious.

"So you want me to go into the prison and look around for information on the missing agents but also to see what is really happening inside there."

The Head nodded holding up a thick folder filled with reports as he speaks again.

"I have tons of reports of sexual battery and complaints from prisoners transferred and released from that prison and I have found odd that out of all my prisons it is the one that I have received most of my reports on. I have sent agents in there and all of them have either round up dead or missing. Now I can't send the FBI in there or someone else in and I immediately thought of a superherione like yourself or Super Girl. But the only thing is that you're easier to get in touch with then your colleague Super Girl."

Wonder Woman sighs for a moment running a hand through her silky black hair as she looks down speaking again.

"True she is hard to get in touch with and also I wouldn't trust her manager Lex Luther JR to let her go into the prison besides they are rough on blondes in prison. But how will I get in there since I am a superherione I can just fly there in my jet."

"The warden whom you will meet at his office has arranged that and also he will keep your costume and lasso since you will look odd going into prison wearing it. Also be careful inside there some of those women take lovers and you are a beautiful women so you might get hit on."

Wonder Woman simply stood up and waved her hand in a dismissal gesture smiling for a moment her blue eyes flashing.

"I was taught how to defend myself pretty well and also none of them will be stronger then me besides I won't be there long."

Wonder Woman slowly walked out as the Head made the phone call to the Warden.

End of Prologue

The Prison Princess

Written: Blade

Chapter 1

The characters in this story belongs to D.C. comics and I am in no way is making any money off of them.

Wonder Woman knock and then entered the office of the Warden of the New York Pen for Women who smile holding her hand out. Wonder Woman took and shook it as she sat down speaking softly.

"I've been assigned to investigate the missing agents and the ones who have turned up dead. Now the Head believes the best way for me to go about this is to go undercover."

The Warden nods her head as she slowly stands and walks over to a safe unlocking it speaking softly.

"You have my full support and the support of my Head Guard who is on her way here. But first we must have your costume, and tools so you will not stand out when we transfer you to the cell block where the agents disappear."

Soon there was a knock on the door and when the Warden opened it a tall red hair woman walked in dressed in a uniform of a prison guard. Her green eyes looked at the Warden who nodded at Wonder Woman who slowly stood before speaking softly.

"Ok since the Head can trust you I guess I can too and I'll leave my uniform here and my tools with you."

Wonder Woman slowly pulled off her tiara, earrings, and bracelets and placed them on the desk before looking at the Warden who spoke softly.

"You do understand that we have give you a shower before you enter the prison."

Wonder Woman nods slowly reaching behind her unzipping her brazier and slowly pulled it off showing her full breasts with soft pink nipples. The Head Guard smiled as Wonder Woman slowly placed the brazier on the desk and then begins to pull off her bottom off showing her flaring hips and her loins covered by a thin patch of black hair her well rounded buttocks are barely covered by her mane of black hair and her boots before she stood naked before the both of them. The Warden gathered up the costume and accessories and carried them the safe behind the nude superherione. She places all of the costume and accessories in the safe except for the lasso that she quickly placed around Wonder Woman's neck. Wonder Woman gasps in surprise feeling the lasso wrap around her neck as the warden smile speaking to her.

"Ok, Wonder Woman, I have the lasso around you and I know whoever uses the lasso on another person that person has to whatever that person tells them. I have some commands for you to remember and I want you to obey them. Is that understood?"

Wonder Woman nodded as if she was a slave girl as the Warden read the commands off the list that she had before removing the lasso and quickly placed it in the safe speaking to Wonder Woman again.

"We can't call you Wonder Woman in the cellblock so what should we call you?"

Wonder Woman thought for a moment before nodding her head for a moment before replying.

"Just call me Diana."

The Warden nodded to the Head Guard who quickly handcuffed Diana hands behind her and begin to lead her out as the Warden smiled taking the microphone and making an announcement.

"Attention prisoners in Cellblock A, we have a special show premiering in the lounge soon and I request all prisoners go there. This show involves the superherione Wonder Woman. She will be joining us as a" guest" and I request that we show her the benefits of what being a prisoner is all about."

The Warden smiled reaching over to a secret panel on the wall flicking it open showing a video control system and turning it on showing a camera in the processing room. She also flicked a switch turning on a TV in the lounge where the prisoners were entering so they could watch Wonder Woman being processed.

Diana gasped as she was shove into the room which consisted of a table with a box of latex gloves on it and a bottle of some type of liquid or lotion, and a set shackles hanging from the ceiling. The Head Guard quickly un-handcuffed Diana but then quickly shackled her hands to the shackles hanging from the roof. This left Diana's body completely exposed to view to the camera and to the Head Guard who circled around her speaking to her softly.

"My name is Brady and I think we should get some of the ground rules down, Diana, I run the prison and while you are here your body belongs to me but also to the prisoners I assign you to. I have to admit you have a nice body and I'm sure the prisoners will have fun playing with you."

When she said that Brady cupped Diana's breasts and begin to knead them her fingers playing with her nipples as Diana gasps her face flushing as she throws her head back her eyes closing struggling not to moan. Diana couldn't understand why the hands felt so good on her body and why she felt some warmness between her legs as Brady smile seeing the flush in Diana's face.

"Well enough checking your breasts I don't think there is no weapons there and they do seem to be real to me although I'm sure the prisoners will have fun playing with them. Now let's get down to the part I love."

Brady slowly walked over to the table and pulled on the gloves walking behind Diana and kneeled behind her. She quickly thrusted two fingers inside of Diana's pussy smiling as Diana let out a loud moan. Brady slowly begin to move her fingers in and out pretending to search for something while one finger rub Diana's clit. She then pulled her fingers out and slowly spread her buttocks looking at the small hole and quickly shoved a finger in rubbing inside of it. Diana shook her head breathing heaving laying her head down on her chest.

Brady smiled removing her finger and slowly pulled her gloves off and taking Diana's chin turning her face toward hers speaking to her.

"I look forward to our next encounter my friend and I'm sure we will have some fun next time."

Brady kisses Diana hard on the lips sticking her tongue in her hands moving down cupping Diana's breasts and kneads them like dough.

Brady slowly breaks the kiss and speaks softly to her licking her lips as Diana pants softly.

"I think it's time for a wash before the introduction to the cell block."

End of Chapter 1

The Prison Princess part 1