The Prison Princess 4  

By Brian Kim

The Prison Princess

Chapter 4

Written by Blade

The characters in this story belong to Dc Comics and I am in no way making any money of this story.

Diana moans waking her blue eyes looking as she begins to realizes that she resting on something hard and that she was still naked she also realizes that her hands was bound over her head and her legs was tied spread eagle. She then finally noticed that she was tied to a prison cot and she could hear someone sleeping above her in the bed built into the wall. Diana quickly kept her gasp quiet trying not to wake the person up as she remembers what happened a few hours ago and how the Mexican woman used her body like it was a puppet. And how she wasn't able to do anything when her body was being kneaded and fondle and suckle by the other prisoners as she closes her eyes it was then that she heard a noise above her on the bed and a pair of legs slowly begin to drop down as a slim Mexican woman drop down off of the bed and landed next to hers smiling. The Mexican woman was wearing a prison T shirt and shorts her black hair in a ponytail and her green eyes looking at the naked Amazon princess. She then spoke softly.

"Stop pretending, Princess, I know you're awake I heard you woke up 5 minutes ago."

Diana slowly opened up her eyes and pulled at the restraints holding her arms as the Mexican smiled sitting next to the tied Princess's side reaching out with a hand and running it along her stomach smiling at the skin quivering in anticipation at the touch.

Diana tried to pull away as she asks feeling the hand move close to her breasts as the hand cup one of her full breasts.

"Who are you and why am I tied up?"

The Mexican smiles kneading the breast watching the nipple harden and the soft mound take her fingers well as they sink into the flesh.

"I see you remember my touch on your skin and I have to say you have a beautiful body it is a shame you use it like you do. I'm lucky the Warden gave me you as a cell mate and I get to play with you. Oh right you ask me my name and I haven't told you yet. My name is Francesca and as you guess I'm the top cat of this cell and the person in charge of you. That means this body of yours belongs to me and what ever I want to do to it I can."

Francesca smiles leaning down and licking the soft slope of the breast with her tongue her hand going to the other breast and massaging it while her free hand moves down the Princess's body rubs and pulls at the soft hair covering the Princess's loins. Diana moans softly her eyes closing her hands closing into fists of frustration feeling the hand expertly massage her breast as the tongue rub her soft breast as the fingers pull at the soft hair covering her loins before it slowly found her hard clit and begins to rub it. Diana gasps arching her back her eyes snapping open feeling the finger rubbing the hard ultra sensitive clit which was poking out of its sheath like a mini penis. Francesca smiles slowly sitting up straight and moving to the foot of the bed and parts Diana's pussy lips smiling at the juices bubbling from it before she slowly leans down licking at it tasting the sweetness. She slowly begins to lick at the soft puffy lips moving her hands up to play with the bound woman's breasts squeezing them and moving them in circles. Diana gasps feeling the hands move her breasts as she moans softly her eyes closed feeling the tongue lick at her juices. Just when it was getting fun Brady banged on the bars pulling Francesca away and speaking to her softly.

Francesca then turns and begins to untie the naked superherione for the guards who walk in and quickly cuffs her as Francesca smiles speaking softly.

"Well, Princess, it seems we are in luck tonight is a special night and you are going to compete in what we like to call a special match of skill and sexuality."

Diana looked at her cellmate questionly but before she could answer a mask was pulled on her head and she was led out down several staircases and hall then she was pushed down onto what felt like a cold locker bench. The mask was removed and she looked up at Brady who handed her a star and stripes bikini smirking as she speaks softly.

"Hear put this on and listen carefully to the rules. I know you heard of Lesring well this is a bit different then that sport you will have a match with our current champion and the rules are simple the first woman who is stripped naked and who cums by any means necessary in the ring loses. But that's not around surrounding the ring is guests of the warden also there are lumberjacks just in case one of the wrestlers is thrown out and tries to escape. The lumberjacks are all males and they are naked they have until the count of 20 to throw you back in and during that time they can do whatever they want with if as long it doesn't involve fucking you in the butt or the loins also no stripping your clothes off. Also the lumberjacks that have caught you get to have their way with you after the match either in a room or during the last matches if no lumberjacks catches you then the person you wrestled will have you or one of our guests can buy your services from our warden."

Diana gasps hearing the rules as she stands taking the bikini and puts it on without asking why she shouldn't the bikini tight clinging to full breasts and the back of the bottom going up into her buttocks barely covering the back of her buttocks.

Brady smiles taking Diana's hair and putting in a ponytail with a ribbon before she turns and nods her head at the announcer who walks out.

"Ok you have thirty minutes to get ready we have other matches before you match with the champion."

End of Chapter 4